FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: sprengel comprises a carrying solid cylindrical rod of high-strength composite material with the surface laying of ring filaments under tension and with fastening nodes at the ends, made in the form of conical bulges for mounting in the bounding sleeve; an inset element in the form of a cylinder with a cone at the inner base made of a material having the characteristics as per mechanical strength and heat resistance not lower than the corresponding characteristics of the polymeric material of the rod. The composite material of the carrying solid cylindrical rod fixed in a bounding sleeve by blocks and shoulders, is made on the basis of roving of glass, basalt or carbon fibers impregnated with an epoxy compound cured afterwards, and the sleeve is provided with a plug and a fastening element; the inset element is additionally provided with a cone at the outer basis of its cylinder and surrounded by straight filaments of roving fibers tightly adjacent on all sides to form an extended area of straight filaments at the ends of the rod at a distance to the cone larger than the cylinder base diametre, the material of the inset element and the roving of straight and ring filaments having equal values of thermal expansion factors and the ring filaments area being impregnated by topcoat based on an epoxy compound and a roving fiber powder.

EFFECT: increasing the design durability and reliability under the conditions of exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation.

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Irrigation system // 2535158

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: irrigation system comprises self-propelled carriages with drives, a water supply pipeline with sprinkler nozzles. The water supply pipeline is made of polyethylene pipes that are placed on spans of the carriages, made in the form of bridge-type stress volume frame of triangular section, which are pivotally attached with their ends to the self-propelled carriages. The diagonal rods forming the sides of the triangle are attached to the longitudinal angle at the top of the frame, so that their ends are above this angle, forming the staging, in which the polyethylene pipes are placed and attached, connecting with their flanges with short pipes on the self-propelled carriages. This design of spans of the water supply pipeline enables to mount on the carriages of the system of the frame first, and then to place the pipeline on these frames.

EFFECT: simplifying the dismantling of the pipeline for the purpose of its repair or replacement, and simplifying of mounting the pipeline on the system.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: system designed for prevention of tangling of multiple communication lines routed along compensation sliding joint includes well completion means having compensation sliding joint, multiple communication lines and communication line ranging device installed on compensation sliding joint to support multiple communication lines in location place near external surface of compensation joint and adapted for prevention of tangling of multiple communication lines, thus allowing sufficient movement of multiple communication lines for adaptation for elongation and reduction of compensation sliding joint.

EFFECT: prevention of tangling and knotting of multiple communication lines; easier use of well completion means in combination with multiple communication lines.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device consists of chain holder of wire deforming in plane of winding and protecting and directing said wire. The chain holder of wire is connected with the first bracket on one side and with the second bracket on another side. The first bracket is pivoted relative to the opened window and rotates around a pivoted axis parallel to displacement at opening. The second bracket is pivoted relative to the bracket of the window and rotates around a pivoted axis in essence parallel to displacement at opening. The first and second brackets have cross section in form of angle.

EFFECT: reduced hazard of wire compression causing faults in instrument operation and disturbances.

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FIELD: rocketry and space engineering; devices for discharge of gas from cryogenic stages.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device has two pipes interconnected by means of adapter. According to first version, adapter of these pipes is secured on inter-tank truss of rocket cryogenic stage. Free end of each pipe is secured on said inter-tank truss by means of support which includes cylindrical guide with adapter member arranged inside it. According to second version, adapter of pipes is secured on lower bottom of oxidizer tank of rocket cryogenic stage. Each pipe is provided with angular displacement compensator. Free end of each pipe is secured on inter-tank truss by means of support which has pin with sphere and limiter. Pin sphere is received by passage of pipe adapter member. Axis of adapter member passage is perpendicular to longitudinal axis of adapter member.

EFFECT: reduction of relative displacement of attachment areas; reduction of mass.

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The invention relates to the field of engineering, construction, and can be used to avoid cyclic rocking flexible pipelines

The invention relates to protection devices mains, cables and other lines

The invention relates to the construction of intra-city and inter-settlement gas pipelines aboveground installations

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials. Process line with device for twisting of composite reinforcements has forming assembly for simultaneous making of two bundles of roving threads. Helical winding device is available is dual version to perform simultaneous synchronous helical winding of two bundles of roving threads and simultaneous making of two bearing cores of composite reinforcements.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the technology of production of polymer fibres, in particular, polypropylene fibres, which can be applied as a reinforcing for cement, gypsum, concrete, etc. The fibre is obtained by moulding from a melt and further processing by ionising radiation. The fibre is 0.1-40 mm long, has a diameter of 5-170 mcm and the melt flow index higher than 500 g/10 min, measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1133.

EFFECT: application of the obtained fibres provides an increase of fire resistance of the concrete products.

5 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials. Line for production of composite reinforcement with bearing core and helical winding from roving threads impregnated with thermosetting binder comprises bobbin carrier with reels with roving threads, said winding being composed of bundles and/or tapes of winding roving. It comprises also, the roving pre-drying assembly and impregnation bath with stretching and squeezing devices. Forming assembly includes helical winding device and heating assembly. Besides it comprises pull and-cut assemblies, and at least one device to twist the core from roving threads arranged ahead of forming assembly. Said twisting device comprises bed, drive, roving threads bobbin, bobbin drive, twisted core guide flute and clamp to stretch twisted core and to direct it at roving thread bundle in the bearing core of composite reinforcement.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely, to equipment for the production of composite reinforcement. To increase the efficiency of a process line and to provide for the possibility to manufacture the composite reinforcement with improved consumer properties, a turning device for the composite reinforcement in the process line for manufacturing of the composite reinforcement from the composite reinforcement roving threads impregnated with a polymer thermosetting binder with a bearing rod and a spiral winding with plaits and/or tapes of a winding roving is made as capable of dosed turning of the composite reinforcement bearing rod roving threads in a direction opposite to the direction of the spiral winding of the composite reinforcement bearing rod by the plaits and/or tapes of the winding roving.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the process line.

13 cl, 1 tbl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: spiral flow device first in production line in process flow is designed for operation with thin roving, device for applying an adhesive coating is installed between the last spiral winding device and polymerisation camera, in this case each of spiral winding device and device for applying an adhesive coating are configured with the possibility of activation/deactivation during operation, the following is located at input into the impregnation apparatus and after the squeezing device: guide combs designed in the form of tensioner elements, squeezing device comprises at least two drums installed in series, designed with the possibility of sequential deactivation, and impregnating apparatus of impregnating bath comprises a series of sequentially installed guide rollers, one of which is placed at the bottom of the bath and installed with gap between its generating line and bottom surface in its lower part within 4-1 mm, besides the lower part of impregnating bath is placed in heating reservoir with water.

EFFECT: creation of high-performance production line for continuous production of high-quality composite reinforcement of the wide range of diameters, design and operational performances using different types of compounds that do not depend on fluctuations in ambient temperature and status of production facilities, work reliability and design available for reproduction and replication.

8 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: composite reinforcement comprises resin impregnated yarns from fibres, abradant particles are applied onto the reinforcement surface. The yarns are interconnected by twisting around each other and fixing by the hardened resin in this position. Recesses are provided between the yarn turns, fibres of each yarn are stretched in a longitudinal direction of each turn, pressed to each other and twisted around the yarn longitudinal axis so that in the zone of their contact along the whole reinforcement length they form a common screw-like joining course from the hardened resin and the fibres of two yarns. In the cross section the reinforcement is formed by a pair of yarns contacting with each other via the joining course, each of the yarns is oval in the cross section, the cross section area of each yarn is chosen within the range 40-49% of the total area of the reinforcement cross section, the cross section area of the joining course is chosen within the range of 20-2.0% of the total area of the reinforcement cross section. A rough crust made from the conglomeration of the abrasive material particles and hardened resin covers the outer surface of the reinforcement, the crust area in the cross section is chosen within the range of 2-15% of the total area of the cross section of the yarns and the joining course.

EFFECT: improved reinforcement strength and strength of its adhesion to concrete.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: composite reinforcement has harnesses made of fibres, impregnated with resin, the harnesses are interconnected by twisting them around each other and fixation in this position by the cured resin, recesses are formed between the coils of the harnesses, fibres of each harness are stretched in the longitudinal direction of each coil, pressed against each other and stranded between each other around the longitudinal axis of the harness, so that they form a common spiral adjoining a layer from the cured resin and the fibres of two harnesses in the zone of their contact along the entire length of the reinforcement. In the cross section the reinforcement is formed by a pair of harnesses contacting each other via the adjoining layer of harnesses, each of which has an oval shape in the cross section, the area of the cross section of each harness is selected within 40-49 % from the total area of the cross section of the reinforcement, the area of the cross section of the adjoining layer is selected within 20-2.0 % from the total area of the cross section of the reinforcement.

EFFECT: increase of the reinforcement strength and strength of its connection to the concrete.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: composite fibre-glass reinforcement made of fibre-glass impregnated with a plastic binder comprises a bearing rod and a spiral winding. In this case the bearing rod is made of fibre-glass roving strands twisted around the central axis.

EFFECT: increase of the tensile and bending strength of the rod.

16 cl, 1 tbl, 10 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: production line of fibre from polymer mass in the process direction includes an extruder, an extrusion head for formation of a thread from polymer mass, which has a cross section of the specified shape, a thread cooling bath with cooling liquid, a withdrawal-roll set containing at least one upper roll and one lower roll with S-shaped threading, a thermal plastification chamber, the main tension set containing at least one upper roll and one lower roll with S-shaped threading between them, main thread drawing zone, a corrugating device and a cutting mechanism for thread cutting into equal pieces - fibre. The line includes an additional tension set containing at least one upper roll and one lower roll with S-shaped threading between them, which is installed after the main tension set, an additional thread drawing zone formed between the main tension set and the additional tension set, heaters for heating of the withdrawal-roll set, heaters for heating of the thermal plastification chamber, heaters for heating of the main tension set, as well as fans with outlet nozzles for removal of residual moisture from thread, which are installed in a zone between the withdrawal-roll set and the thermal plastification chamber.

EFFECT: improving strength and quality of produced fibre.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of reinforcing power constructions, which have existing or predictable collapsing sections, by means of strips of composition material. As strips used is woven or non-woven reinforcing filling agent from glass, basalt, synthetic polymer or carbon fibres. Said fibres are impregnated with polymer composition in amount 3060% from composite weight, providing their adhesion to power constructions and further hardening from +5C to +100C for from 5 minutes to two days. Polymer composition contains in wt %: epoxy resin 100, active epoxy diluent 5130, hardening agent 15110, thickening agent 550, pigment or dye 0.550. As gardening agent it contains product of interaction of amine component with monocarboxylic acids. as amine component used is mixture, consisting of primary aromatic amine or mixture of aromatic amines (A), secondary aliphatic amino alcohol (B) and tertiary aliphatic amino alcohol (C) in weight ratio A:B:C from 98:0.2:1.8 to 80:5:15. Monocarboxylic acid (D) is introduced in form of 2580% solution in monoatomic aliphatic or aromatic alcohol, or their ether with mono- or dicarboxylic acid, in ratio (A+B+C):D from 90:10 to 60:40 counted per 100% acid with further interaction by mixing in reactor at temperature from 50 to 130C for from 20 to 120 minutes at rate of mixer from 100 to 3000 revolutions per minute.

EFFECT: increased adhesion of reinforcing strips from composition materials to the surface of constructions and their more effective reinforcement are provided.

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FIELD: building, particularly rods made of mineral fibers to reinforce concrete structures including structures for mounting current conducting components.

SUBSTANCE: rod is formed of mineral fiber roving bonded by hardened polymeric binding agent along the full length thereof. Rod has anchoring catches formed as conical-and-cylindrical bosses. Maximum dimension of boss cross-section is 1.5d - 2d, dimension between catches is 50d - 200d, where d is rod diameter. Plant for rod production includes bobbin carrier on which bobbins with roving are installed, tensioning devices, heating chamber, impregnating bath having wringing means installed at bath outlet, forming unit with extrusion nozzle assembly, transverse winding means, polymerizing chambers, drawing and cutting mechanisms. All above components are connected in single technological line. Drawing and cutting mechanisms are located at the end of technological line. Plant is provided with fixing means which forms anchoring catches located in front of transverse winding means, measuring means arranged in front of cutting mechanism, receiving and packing device installed behind cutting mechanism, remote computer-based control-and-regulating device linked with all above components and mechanisms by tie cables.

EFFECT: increased service performance.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: building reinforcement members, particularly rods of composite material, namely of glass-reinforced plastic.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming pipe of fibrous material previously impregnated with polymeric binding agent; inserting core member, which defines cross-sectional rod shape in the pipe; laying stressed annual fibers; polymerizing and cutting the rod. Part of outer surface of rod to be cut in area of annular fiber location is subjected to local linear moving contact pressure before annular fiber laying. The local pressure is applied transversely to fibers and may be aligned in correspondence with current rod cross-section change. Contact area width is not less than annular fiber winding pitch. Device for above method realization comprises bobbin carrier, impregnating unit, annular pickup, crimping die, core member, swivel to provide transversal annular fiber winding, polymerization path, pulling means and cutting mechanism. The device is provided with local linear movable contact pressure application means, which applies local linear movable contact pressure to part of outer surface of rod to be produced, wherein the means may regulate necessary contact pressure to be applied. The means comprises loop-like flexible working member passing over rod surface to which compressed medium energy source pressure is acted. The energy source is formed as hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Above means comprises at least two flexible working members spaced apart in rod cross-sectional plane to provide balance of forces acting relatively longitudinal axis thereof. Each working member may rotate about rod to be produced and is provided with compression spring or tension spring or torsion spring. Each working member may be formed as curvilinear rod brought into contact with rod by concave surface thereof or each working member is made as straight bar or as bar having ends provided with plate extending obliquely to bar axis or with straight or curvilinear convex surface facing rod. Above means may be arranged in front of swivel and has independent drive to rotate rotary working members and each working member has fulcrum parallel to rod axis. Above means may be connected to the swivel and fulcrums of each working member are transversal to longitudinal rod axis.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities due to provision of stable rod quality, uniform composite material structure over rod length and cross-section, increased rod strength and provision of demanded rod cross-sectional configuration regardless of current rod diameter change due to maintaining immovability of longitudinal composite material fibers in radial direction when annular fibers are in stressed state.

11 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly production of pre-stressed reinforcing elements of material other than metal.

SUBSTANCE: production line comprises bobbin carrier with bobbins wound with roving, leveling device, annealing chamber, impregnating bath with tightening means, squeezing means, forming unit, transversal winding means, polymerization chambers, reinforcement reeling-on and cutting units and pulling means. The forming unit is made as matrix having longitudinal channels, arranged upstream of transversal winding zone and spaced a distance equal to (1-10)d from braid thread winding point, wherein d is reinforcement diameter. The squeezing means is made of elastic resilient material and is installed downstream of impregnating bath having tightening means. The tightening means is provided with tightening mechanism and is arranged in impregnating bath over polymeric binder surface. The leveling device is of comb-like type and has number of slots, which is not less than number of matrix channels. Matrix includes 2-10 channels uniformly distributed around central guiding means. Matrix guiding means is made as a cone or truncated cone and provided with additional channel. The squeezing means is made as a plate of elastic resilient material having cuts, wherein number of cuts is equal to number of matrix channels. The leveling device is formed of metal wire. Tightening means control mechanism is installed over impregnating bath. Production line also has winding braid removal unit, which takes winding braid from load-bearing rod. The removal unit is arranged downstream of polymerization chamber. Extrusion nozzles with heating members are eliminated from the production line.

EFFECT: simplified structure, increased output, provision of non-metal reinforcement with distinct periodical profile, increased mechanical-and-physical and reinforcing properties, accelerated forming operation due to prevention of friction between roving and extraction nozzle surfaces.

7 cl, 5 dwg