Off-road vehicle

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to off-road vehicles using an air cushion, for instance, in open pits after blasting works. Vehicle comprises a body, a bottom, a flexible barrier of the air cushion cavity made along the perimeter of the body bottom, nozzles to supply compressed air, a suction air intake of an air blower, relief pipelines, a cargo container. Besides, outside the perimeter of the flexible barrier of the air cavity, the bottom is equipped with a looped elbow with nozzles to suck in loose material. Besides, the looped elbow by means of relief pipelines is equipped in series both with the cargo container to collect loose material and to clean air from it, and an air intake.

EFFECT: invention provides for collection and transportation of dust generating loose material from soil surface.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for dust suppression during earth excavation. The device includes chassis, jib pivotally connected to chassis rear end, cutting component fixed on the jib, casing at least partially covering the cutting component, vacuum source having fluid connection with casing inside and serving for suction of dusty air from this space, air cleaner for removing dust from air sucked by vacuum source from casing inside, dust barrier which protrudes down from the casing. In this system, the said dust barrier goes along at least portion of casing perimeter and has structure being permeable for chips created by cutting component. This structure provides gradual limiting of air flow entering inside through dust barrier as the dust barrier goes down from the casing.

EFFECT: device provides maintaining constant air flow through gap between casing and ground, and lets chips to pass through dust suppressing device without damaging it.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: self-contained system for damping of dust in hot dust-gas emission zone includes an in-series connected high-pressure pump, a start-up gate valve, a manifold located on a mobile transport base and self-deployed under action of water high pressure of a folding pipe line. The manifold has the possibility of connecting at least one water flow control to it. The folding pipe line includes a section made of pipe lengths with spring-loaded hinge articulations and the second section of pipe lengths with telescopic articulations, which rests on a wheel mount. The pipe line end is equipped with a Segner wheel with ejector water sprayers. Besides, the wheel mount is connected via two ropes passed through eyes of pipe lines, with right and left drums of a mechanical winch that is actuated from the transport base engine.

EFFECT: improving dust suppression efficiency of hot dust-gas emission zone; improving safety and environmental protection.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes dust collection unit at least with one suction pipeline. At that, device is equipped with a hopper interconnected with dust collection unit that is made at least in the form of one cyclone-type vacuum cleaner, each of which is connected to the corresponding suction pipeline, and device for movement of the hopper and the above unit on the monorail along the mine working. Besides, device for movement of hopper and unit can include diesel locomotive, trolleys with hydraulic actuator, which are intended to arrange the hopper and each vacuum cleaner respectively, and suction pipeline of vacuum cleaner has the possibility of cleaning the mine working walls.

EFFECT: providing qualitative carry-over of the collected dust, as well as excluding the necessity of using the additional equipment for dust carry-over from mine working without stopping its cleaning process.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed separator comprises box-like housing, nozzle, sludge extractor accommodating zigzag-like plates bent to form dihedral angles and sludge remover. Mesh sprayer representing a truncated right pyramid is arranged inside said housing between the nozzle and sludge extractor at some 25-30 cm, mesh width making 8-10 mm. Zigzag plates are bent at four points to form dihedral angles of 120 and arranged at 7-14 cm from each other so that dihedral angle apices are located in one plane. Said plates are furnished with eyebrows arranged on the angles outer sides all over their height and sharpened, their width making 0.05-0.10 of the distance between the plates. Sludge remover represents a truncated pyramid with face inclination of at least 60 and is attached to sludge extractor.

EFFECT: higher quality of air and gas flows purification.

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FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: task of invention is ability of usage dust extractor in gas stream with temperature higher 60C, and also simplification of its technological service. For decision of assigned task driving motor is taken away from gas pipeline, in structure it is used lamellar dust moisturiser, meshy gas scrubber, washer-cyclone direct-flow, which is communicated to mouth with bin for withdrawal of sludge. For simplification of technological service dust extractor consists of separate sections, waterproof joined to each other by flanges.

EFFECT: reliability growth of dust extractor operation.

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FIELD: ventilation technique for preventing of air within working space from contamination, may be used for removing of dust from movable bulk material handling equipment such as retractable conveyors.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has conveyor, throw-off drum with shelter, trough, and dust catcher with draft activator. Baffles are provided at discharge opening of trough, which is equipped with local suction device formed as chamber arranged around discharge opening of trough. Said chamber is connected through air duct with shelter air duct of throw-off drum. Dust catcher is made in the form of woven cellular filter provided with pulsed blower and opening for throwing-off caught product onto conveyor.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by localizing released dust in handling of bulk material, treatment of removed air according to maximum contamination level norms, and reduced capital and operational costs.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly to provide dust control in different processes by ejecting dust-laden air and entraining dust particles with liquid spray cone inside device and by separating the formed sludge.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with inlet and outlet orifices, injector nozzle, sludge trap and sludge removal pipe. Spray nozzles communicated with sludge trap through orifices of the body are arranged along inlet orifice perimeter. Sludge trap has floating valve arranged in bottom sludge trap part and installed in sludge removal pipe. Device also has dust catching sheets arranged between inlet and outlet orifices and defining working space for spray cone generated by injector nozzle shaped as expanding diffuser, which provides free spray cone penetration into sludge trap and air suction into inlet orifice. Dust catching sheets located near inlet orifice are inclined from body periphery towards spray cone axis and dust catching sheets arranged near outlet orifice are inclined from spray cone axis to body periphery.

EFFECT: increased capacity and efficiency, possibility of rational wetting liquid utilization.

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The dust collector // 2090758
The invention relates to the field of gas purification and can be used in the training systems of the air before it enters the turbocharger gas turbine unit (GTU) in air conditioning systems in different climatic zones in the steel, energy, pumping, mining, chemical industry

The invention relates to techniques for removing dust from conveyors and can be used in promstroymateriali, mining, chemical and other industries

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ecology and environmental protection. For cleaning filtering system is erected and used on soil slope surfaces. Filtering system is composed of the slope soil top layer processed with aqueous solution of polyelectrolyte complex. The latter comprises the mix of hydrolysed polyarcylonitrile and polyethylene polyamine at the ratio of 1:3.5-1:4.5, wt %. Processed soil sorption capacity saturated, said soil is removed and disposed or recovered.

EFFECT: simplified cleaning, higher erosion resistance of run-off surfaces.

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FIELD: ecology.

SUBSTANCE: plant comprises a base vehicle 1 with a platform and equipment installed on it. Equipment comprises a reservoir 2 charged with water, a hydraulic manipulator with an ejector pump 4, a facility of mechanical removal of contaminants 3 and a facility of cleaned material discharge 5 in the form of a scraper conveyor. The reservoir 2 is made with windows in the upper part and side compartments for collection of contaminants. In the bottom of the reservoir 2 there are facilities of mechanical cleaning 3 in the form of acoustic radiators, which are connected to a power generator. The generator is installed on the base vehicle 1. The scraper conveyor is installed in the cavity of the reservoir 2, having a window for discharge. On the platform of the base vehicle 1 there is an expansion tank 7 with water and a transfer pump 6. The base vehicle 1 is equipped with a subsystem of automatic control, which controls level of reservoir 2 filling with water. The transfer pump 6 connects the expansion tank 7 with the reservoir 2. The automatic control subsystem comprises water level sensors 8, an input device 9 connected to sensors, an output device 10 and a control unit 11. Level sensors 8 are installed in the reservoir 2. The input device 9 converts an analogue signal into a digital one. The control unit 11 is connected to the input device 9 and the output device 10. The output device 10 converts a digital signal into an analogue one and is connected to the transfer pump 6.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the process of soil cleaning from oil.

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FIELD: ecology.

SUBSTANCE: : invention relates to environment protection, in particular to purification of rubble and/or asbestos rail ballast from pollution with oil and can be used on rail transport. Siftings of rubble and/or asbestos rail ballast are loaded into device for washing. Washing of ballast siftings is carried out by mechanical mixing with detergent solution. After washing ballast siftings and polluted detergent solution are removed together and separated. During separation ballast siftings are separated into fractions and removed in order to be used in proper way. Separated polluted detergent solution is supplied through nozzles into precipitation tank of centrifugal type for pollution by separating phases. From precipitation tank separated oil products, detergent and sludge are removed in separate flows. Sludge is dehydrated and after that neutralised using chemical reagents. Detergent solution is subjected to purification from heavy metal salts and residual oil products. Formed deposit of heavy metal salts is periodically removed to the stage of sludge neutralisation. Purified detergent solution is supplied again to the stage of mechanical washing of ballast siftings. Before supplying detergent solution to the stage of washing, technical detergent which does not require water heating is introduced into it.

EFFECT: high degree of ballast siftings purification is achieved with simultaneous efficient phase separation, reduction of dangerous wastes formation and energy consumption for the process.

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FIELD: ecology.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to environment protection, in particular to purification of rubble and/or asbestos rail ballast from pollution with oil and can be used on rail transport. Installation contains receiving reservoir for supply of polluted ballast siftings for processing, device for washing, connected with pipeline for detergent supply. Device for washing is made in form of closed tub, is equipped with worm, loading device and device for joined removal of ballast siftings and polluted detergent solution. Installation includes unit of vibration sieves for separation of polluted detergent solution from ballast siftings and for sieving it into fractions, precipitation tank of centrifugal type with nozzles for supply of polluted detergent solution, pipelines for separate removal from precipitation tank of separated oil products, detergent solution and sludge, belt filter-press for sludge dehydration, reactor for chemical sludge neutralisation, galvanic coagulator for removal of heavy metal salts and residual oil products from detergent solution. Galvanic coagulator is connected by pipelines to device for washing and pipeline with reactor for chemical sludge neutralisation.

EFFECT: high degree of ballast siftings purification is achieved with simultaneous efficient phase separation, reduction of dangerous wastes formation and energy consumption for the process.

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The invention relates to the protection of the environment, in particular to the cleaning of sand, soil, gravel and crushed rock from oil pollution, and can be used in all industries where used, transported or stored crude oil and petroleum products, as well as to clean sandy beaches

The invention relates to the environment and energy and can be used for air purification of exhaust gases of vehicles and electricity generation

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air-cushion vehicles and pertains to creation of extra dynamic support for their hulls. Proposed apparatus has hull, operator cab, central AIR intake with guide vanes to houses axial air blower, receiver with skin, double annular channel communicated with receiver, engine coupled via disengaging clutch with axial air blower, front and rear propulsors of horizontal motion, front and rear vertical jets communicated with receiver, wheeled landing gear, and control mechanisms. Aerodynamic platform is secured on vertical struts, atop and at a distance from said hull, made up of two rectangular plates made from light and strong material, overlapped and bolted together. Square cells are made on top plate upper surface and arranged in lengthwise and crosswise directions. Each said cell represents bell-like recess with two opposite vertical surfaces between which arranged are two opposite surfaces inclined inward at an angle to each other and furnished with through vertical slot-like channel with depth equal to that of cell and plate attached atop it at a distance therefrom. Lengthwise channels are made on bottom plate top surface intercommunicated by webs and communicated with top plate cell vertical slot-like channels. Outlets of aforesaid channels are communicated with central outlet of bottom plate communicated, in its turn, with central air intake. Apparatus spatial control mechanisms are articulated with front and rear vertical jets. Apparatus motion control mechanisms are coupled with horizontal motion propulsor shutters. Deck for freight container is arranged atop top rectangular plate. On aforesaid struts. Flexible guard is secured to bottom rectangular plate.

EFFECT: higher lift and capacity and flotation ability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: device contains the main pipeline with extreme sides furnished with working platforms for loading of cargo containers, and a drive to accelerate and decelerate the movement of cargo containers interjointed by couplers to make a train. The working platform represents manifold accommodating cargo containers. The mentioned drive represents locomotives, each furnished with a propeller for forcing air, and representing a casing housing two capsules, fitted one into another with a gap filled with heat-insulation material. The container body casing edges feature supports and seals with perforation made there between. The container casing inner spaces communicate between themselves all along the train with the locomotive propeller rotation zone to create an air cushion. The manifold end is provided with control gate and safety valve, while is end is furnished with two turbojet propulsors. One of them is intended for start the train, the other one moves the first propulsor into the manifold start part.

EFFECT: increased volume and speed of transporting oil products in main lines.

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The invention relates to icebreaking operations

The invention relates to icebreaking operations