High-rise building with central bearing shaft

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly to multi-storey buildings with central shaft and cantilever floors, and can be used in construction of tower type buildings in seismic areas and in constrained urban or mountain conditions. High-rise building includes foundation, bearing shaft with cantilever belts, made in form of covering shaft frames resting on belt by edges of walls, spatial floors structures from radially arranged walls and floors. Cantilever belts are rigidly connected in pairs with walls end edges, on which floor slab panels are supported, joined to each other into discs. Foundation, bearing shaft with cantilever belts and floors discs in plane view are made in form of Reuleaux triangle. Number of radial walls is multiple of three, main of which are located along axes of Reuleaux triangle corners. By one of corners building is installed opposite to wind pattern main vector direction.

EFFECT: invention enables to increase multistorey building structure stability, strength and degree of streamlining by wind air flows.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: spatial cellular sections with hexagonal cross section are installed. The structure is formed, at least, by one section module comprising three mutually formed cellular sections. Assembly is started from the central cellular section of the second layer the lower shelf of which is installed on an adjustable rack, then it is attached by inclined panels of adjacent peripheral cellular sections of the first layer assembled with pre-attached seats then the common for central and peripheral cellular sections inclined panels assembled are attached. Then the lower shelves and seats are fixed by peripheral cellular sections of the first layer. To the latter the inclined panels are attached outside and under them adjustable racks are installed. On the lower shelves of peripheral cellular sections two other adjustable racks are installed on which the top shelves of peripheral cellular sections are placed and to them outside inclined panels are attached, completing by obtaining of a hexagonal form of peripheral cellular sections from which adjustable racks are removed. Then to the central cellular section of the second layer one inclined panel assembly with a seat is attached and the top shelf is attached to it which is installed on the adjustable rack placed between it and the lower shelf. After that the inclined panel assembly is attached with obtaining of the finished hexagonal form of the central cellular section. Then all adjustable racks are removed and the formation of the lower section module is finished. Then similarly the subsequent layers of the structure are assembled. The named cellular sections are formed by panels so that adjacent panels of cellular section are the common between them and form sidewalls, floor and ceiling. Inclined panels are arranged at the angle 60 with reference to the horizontal panels and seats connected to them. Inside the cellular sections between seats the tables are attached to the floor, and cellular sections from one end face are fitted with protective decorative guards. The lower shelf - is a floor of the top and its adjacent sections of each underlying layer of the structure is extended towards another end face to the width of the stairs flight fitted with the staircases made on similar extensions of the lower parts of internal inclined panels, adjacent to the central cellular section, and interfaced on the lower entrance section to the floor horizontal panel. The stairs flights are fitted with decorative guards up to which the external inclined panels of peripheral sections and seats attached to them are extended. When installing the structure of more than one section module in the open location it is fixed by the fasteners to a bearing surface designed as flexible extensions or anchor elements. Inclined panels of the top section module are limited by adjacent top shelves.

EFFECT: invention allows to improve operational possibilities of the design, simplify technology of assembly, increase structural strength.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to the framework-tent constructions. Steel tent construction comprises the frames, made in the form of joint spans, containing the tubular load-bearing elements along the longitudinal sides, interconnected by the lathing and mounted on the foundation, couplings, door, PVC tent. Frameworks are interconnected by beams. Each framework is designed in the form of support columns, straight and arcuated spans connected by means of guide tubular load-bearing elements. At least one support column of each framework is pivotally connected to the foot bearing mounted on the foundation. To prevent deformation of tubular load-bearing elements of support columns, straight and arcuated spans, the assembly of their bolt connection is made antideformational and thrust by mounting into the cavity the tubular load-bearing elements of two plates, connected with each other via at least one sleeve with the made holes for the bolts. The PVC tent is fixed on the outer surface of the load-bearing elements of racks and spans.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the operating reliability of the construction and simplify its mounting.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: this arch consists of load-bearing oval tubes delineated by parabola, tightening tube, suspension and triangular grate. Proposed method consists in that arch skewbacks rest on load-bearing beds of two columns to couple the latter with top belt with heads of columns. Flexible concrete lies are connected to arch tubular elements pipes. Pump station control board is used to force and inject, from top to bottom, the fine expanding concrete into the arch tubular cavities. Every arch gets transformed from two parabolic triangles to monolith composite arch structure. Said structure is pre-stressed by aforesaid suspension. Turn-buckle makes a stressing element.

EFFECT: lower material input.

12 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: low-rise individual residential building in the shape of polyhedron includes the load-bearing peripheral, central and radial walls, partitions, overlaps made of trapezoidal elements, stairwell unit, roof, foundation, and at least one porch, as well as power and water supply systems, sewerage and heating systems. Stairwell unit has central staged cargo openings. Radial walls are mounted with angle pitch of 90 degrees. Trapezoidal elements of each overlap have an angle between the lateral sides of 30 degrees and formed of at least two different sizes in length - non-console, providing formation of stairwells, and console, the inner ends of which form the staged sections of cargo opening. Part of promises between the adjacent radial walls is formed by two radial partitions with angle pitch of 30 degrees or one radial partition, forming the angle of 60 degrees with one of adjacent radial walls.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the functionality of the building, limit the amount of types of building elements of simple configuration used during its construction, ensure the production effectiveness of their production and simplify the installation.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to house construction, particularly to modular spatial caged element that can form tetragonal closed space suitable for room construction when combined with other similar elements. Spatial caged building module for house building includes elements of caged spatial tetrahedron type and tetragonal panels for walls, floors and ceilings and is made out of standard elements in the tetrahedron form (I) where two tensioning devices (11 and 12) or supports of given length are attached to tetrahedron vertexes of each element to comprise the building module. One building module allows for construction of at least one room per storey. Two tetrahedron vertexes are attached to the basement, one of the tensioning devices or one of the supports is attached by one end to one of tetrahedron vertexes while the other tensioning device or support is also attached to another vertex of the same tetrahedron so that the tensioning devices or supports installed in parallel are oriented along vertical direction of the structure. A tetragonal panel forming a part of floor is positioned between each respective end of each tensioning device or support and tetrahedron vertexes attached to the basement; besides, the room includes wall panels, at least one of which features holes, and a ceiling panel attached to the structure. To build more rooms in one storey, similar units are attached to the sides, with alternating tilt of outer rods of module units; their tetrahedron vertexes are interconnected to form separate units of reinforcement rods. In addition, invention claims method of building construction out of such modules, and house structure.

EFFECT: enhanced strength and seismic parameters of construction.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: construction module (1) is proposed, comprising a construction floor (2), bearing walls (3) and a construction ceiling (5) and designed for installation of other construction modules (1) on them in a multi-storey building. Bearing walls comprise a bearing frame (4) and light concrete (20) between elements of the frame. Concrete is cellular concrete with entrained air, having density within 400 kg/m3 - 600 kg/m3. Concrete is poured between elements of the frame, fully filling cavities between them along the plane of the wall. Construction walls have such shape, so that when two modules are installed next to each other, a composite wall is formed, having a cavity between these modules. Construction walls (3) at least at one side may be lined with panels (21), containing magnesium oxide, at the same time light concrete and panels provide for two hours of fire resistance. In the corner of the module there may be a vertical seat made (32) for insertion of a locating pin (33) of the upper or lower module into it. The module may have a connection board (30) at the corner for attachment to multiple other modules. The connection board (30) has a through opening to accept the locating pin (33) of the adjacent module.

EFFECT: improved design.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to assemble a carcass of a steel tent structure includes installation of a carcass on a foundation, connection of carcass elements to each other and tightening of a PVC tent. The carcass is assembled by sections, comprising at least two arcs each, by means of hinged connection of bases of each arc on support heels of one longitudinal side of the foundation. Afterwards on each of the bearing element of the arc bases they fix bearing elements of arched and rectilinear flights in the specified order, which end with the second base, which is fixed on the support heel of the opposite side of the foundation. Connection of flights of each section of arcs is carried out in series at the height accessible for an assembler, raising each time the assembled elements of the structure to the required height due to hinged connection of section bases with foundation heels, afterwards arcs and sections of the carcass are connected to each other with the help of transverse beams.

EFFECT: increased strength of a structure.

6 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to quick-erect building structures. A multifunctional construction complex comprises structural elements and devices with an electronic system of monitoring and control. Elements and devices are made in the form of telescopic vertical and horizontal beams, trusses, elements and devices. Vertical beams and trusses are installed along the perimeter of an erected building structure and are connected to each other by horizontal telescopic beams and trusses, are fixed in required positions with the help of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical equipment.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce time of building structure erection.

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Combined shell // 2533961

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: combined shell is made from a layer adjoining a medium with lower pressure, and an inner layer in the form of a cellular structure. The combined shell comprises a source of gas formation, values of excessive pressure discharge and a spring device placed inside for its opening and filling. Stiffness of each subsequent layer adjoining the medium with lower pressure is less than the stiffness of the previous layer.

EFFECT: use at large depth and in space.

26 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device to deliver cargoes to pneumatically supported structure comprises a cargo hatch in the form of flexible tube, installed tightly in the form of torus, having an elastic filler. Elastic torus-shaped insert is used as elastic torus filler, the surface of which is covered with antifriction lubricant, and the diameter of inner hole of insert is equal to the diameter of the folded inner walls of torus. Torus is secured with the possibility of its unscrewing during cargo release and hermetization of aperture in case of return to the initial position. In case of release of bulky cargoes by continuous flow, the device is provided with rigid funnel.

EFFECT: increased reliability of device.

5 dwg

FIELD: construction, particularly collapsible building structures.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible structure comprises at least two connected sub-structures composed of tubular members. Tubular members are connected in pairs by scissors-type connections and have ends installed in universal connection units. Universal connection units have parallelepiped shapes and each connection unit includes four sockets created in one face thereof for pivotally receiving tubular members. Formed at edges of above face are depressions extending parallel to face edges. Depressions may cooperate with C-shaped profile fasteners adapted to couple two butted universal connection units.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for connecting two or more sub-structures.

9 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly small modular buildings, especially public transport facilities.

SUBSTANCE: waiting shelter comprises canopy and sectional wall members formed as panels of transparent material and installed on load-bearing support posts. Each load-bearing support post is formed of doubled arch-shaped members, namely of inner and outer ones connected one to another by stiffening ribs spaced equal distances one from another along the full length of load-bearing support posts. Arch-shaped member bases are arranged in common line and are secured to foundation frame. Transversal member is welded to lower part of arch-shaped inner members. Inner arch-shaped member lengths exceed that of outer ones for value equal to distance between two stiffening ribs to form canopy. Radius of inner arch-shaped member is determined as R1=(0.6-0.8)H1, where H1 is shelter height defined by inner arch-shaped member. Radius of outer arch-shaped member may be determined as R2=(0.6-0.8)H2, where H2 - shelter height defined by outer arch-shaped member. Upper ends of inner and outer arch-shaped members are connected one to another by cross-pieces.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of territory use, improved passenger servicing, increased reliability and stability of waiting shelter structure under unfavorable weather conditions, namely under strong wind, snowfalls and so on.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly structures composed of units comprising at least considerable parts of two sides of a room.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using three factory-made standard members, namely well member including two facades and floor, roof member including part of ceiling structure, roof slope part and roof ridge part, and service member extending at two levers and including access means, which open access to upper lever, or sanitary or cooking equipment. Each member comprises frames connected one to another. Central orifice of each frame is closed with solid panel or glassed member as appropriate.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs.

5 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly multi-story building structures including comfortable dwelling rooms, as well as business, industrial, medical, service, repair and other rooms.

SUBSTANCE: structure comprises three-dimensional blocks installed one upon another so that ledges are created between the blocks, which impart pyramid shape to the structure. The three-dimensional blocks include separate rooms united in sections and define inner spaces for staircase, lift shafts and multipurpose rooms. Each section comprises skeleton rods and skeleton posts provided with skeleton fastening units and inner mono-honeycomb having alternating long and short cell posts and rods, which are parallel to skeleton posts and skeleton rods. The section also has honeycomb fastening members for wall panel securing, which create main room in central mono-honeycomb part and provided with honeycomb fastening units. Connected to the first sides of honeycomb fastening units are honeycomb connection beams. The second sides of honeycomb fastening units are connected one to another to create mono-honeycomb apex. Honeycomb fastening units have honeycomb fastening members for upper and lower floor panel connection and to create auxiliary rooms in upper and lower parts of mono-honeycomb. When blocks are installed one upon another short honeycomb posts of each mono-honeycomb are arranged at apexes of mono-honeycombs of each lower story.

EFFECT: extended design and planning capabilities, improved service properties and increased structure safety.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly structures covering a large free area, whether open-sided or not.

SUBSTANCE: structure, particularly quickly-assembling framed structures namely covered pavilions, hangars and cafes, comprises arch-shaped frame installed on movable ballast supports so that rain water drainage channels are defined between the arches. Arch assembly with two parts of awning side surfaces is substantially shaped as hyperboloid paraboloid and cylinder defined in-between and acts as wind tunnel. The wing tunnel has two flow-compression sections and flow-expanding section located in cylindrical structure part. Above sections compress/expand wind approaching front or rear arches.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of rain water removal, improved conditions inside the structure in hot sunny weather, when sun heats roof of the structure.

5 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly pre-fabricated quickly mountable framed awning structures, namely covered fields, pavilions, hangars, summer cafes, awnings and tents.

SUBSTANCE: flexible awning roof is pulled onto four side arches so that the structure defines gutters arranged between arches and extending downwards from structure center. The gutters are adapted to drain water from structure roof.

EFFECT: increased ability of rain water drainage from awning roof via gutters defined by adjacent frame arches.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly pre-fabricated quickly mountable framed awning structures, namely covered fields, pavilions, hangars, summer cafes, awnings and tents.

SUBSTANCE: awning structure is pulled onto arches so that the structure defines gutters arranged between arches and extending downwards from structure center. The gutters are adapted to drain water from structure roof.

EFFECT: increased ability of rain water drainage from awning roof via gutters defined by adjacent frame arches.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: folding compartments.

SUBSTANCE: proposed folding panel construction contains horizontal platform, ceiling and articulated panels. Said folding panel construction is installed in body-container. Guides are provided on ceiling along which vertical axles are moved to which wall panels are hinge connected for turning around vertical axle and fixing in definite places on horizontal platform and ceiling.

EFFECT: simplified design, reduced labor input at mounting, improved convenience in operation.

2 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly movable transformable container-type building structures, which may be used as residential cabinets, namely temporary cabins for seasonal worker living and vending kiosks, as well as covers for manufacturing equipment storage and operation.

SUBSTANCE: container unit is collapsible. Container comprises frame including rectangular ceiling and floor frames and vertical posts, which connect ceiling and floor frames with each other at frame corners. The container also includes side and end walls formed of separate vertical panels connected one to another by side ends. Upper structure, which defines container ceiling, and lower structure, which creates floor thereof are formed of separate horizontal panels joined with each other by side ends. Longitudinal frame beams are length-adjustable and are provided with parallel longitudinal guiding slots created on beam sides facing each other and divided with partition. Vertical side wall panels and horizontal panels of upper and lower structures are inserted in outer or inner guiding slots of longitudinal frame beams and may slide along the slots. The container unit is provided with additional vertical side wall panels and additional horizontal panels of upper and lower structures, which are installed in inner or outer guiding slots of longitudinal frame beams so that the panels may slide along the slots.

EFFECT: extended operational capabilities due to possibility of inner container room volume regulation as desired.

8 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: laboratory equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to modular laboratory complexes for examination of volatile and dangerous substances, including chemical warfare agents and for destruction of chemical weapons. Proposed complex contains laboratory, recreation and technical modules. Laboratory module is separated from other modules by air lock chamber and it is equipment with emergency shower and face washer and modular laboratory equipment. Recreation module is provided with sanitary equipment and rest room. Technical module is provided with power supply, lighting, air conditioning, plenum-and-exhaust, water supply, water preparation with water cleaning and sewage systems. Complex is provided with emergency exit. Exhaust ventilation system contains additionally reserve system of absorbing filters with fans, and laboratory instruments and equipment are arranged in working zone of one exhaust hoods of modular design. Said hood consists of isolated sections installed with possibility of intercommunication. Volume of working chamber can be changed to correspond to tasks of examination.

EFFECT: provision of possibility of safe multioperation examination of volatile and dangerous chemical warfare agents.

11 cl, 2 dwg