FIELD: mast devices.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mast devices. Mast consists of a hollow barrel with a cross-section shaped as the Reuleaux triangle resting on a central foundation and anchor stays fixed in anchor foundations. Anchor stays are secured to the mast barrel in the Reuleaux triangle angles zones. Mast barrel in the plane is installed with one of the Reuleaux triangle angles opposite to the direction of the rose of winds main vector.

EFFECT: higher stability, rigidity and the degree of streamlining by wind air flows of the mast structure.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a segment (1) of wind power plant tower. Tower segment (1) is made in the form of side wall segment and feature reinforced concrete housing with two joint elements (6) matching joint elements of another tower segment. In the reinforced concrete housing, at least one connection element is embedded and anchored in each link (6) area to engage with connection element (12) of adjoining tower segment. Connection element (12) features fastening wall (14) basically parallel to respective joint element (6) and absorbing tensile load directed across the joint element (6) and across fastening wall (14). At least one reinforcement bar (20) attached to the first fastening wall (16) is tilted against reinforcement bar (22) connected to another side wall (18) by a definite angle (26).

EFFECT: prolonged life of wind power plant or maintenance periods.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: support consists of a stand-alone vertical rack, a support platform and guy ropes for maintenance of the rack in vertical position. Yokes for wire suspension are fixed at the support. The rack height consists of interconnectable sectional parts with different sizes of cross-section and length. The support frame in assembly has four sections of the same type and is coupled to the ground by supporting nodes. Diagonal ties are used to ensure rigid connection of the support platform with the rack. A supporting node of the support platform section and diagonal ties is made as a ring clamp with lugs inserted into a gap between locking plates and diagonal ties. The supporting node is mounted to sections of the support platform; it consists of a pipe riser, a lug, a supporting plate with openings to fix the supporting node by screwing spirals to the ground. Sections of the support platform are made with a plug, a lug and a pivot shaft with a limiter, which is inserted into the respective bushing at the end of the support platform section.

EFFECT: support is manufactured, mounted and dismounted in a simple way; it may be installed at uneven ground; it has low weight, it is characterised by rigidity and stability of design in longitudinal and transversal directions as the load is distributed in comparatively even way along all sections of the support platform in the support.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: tower body of overhead transmission line contains a pyramid-shaped body consisting of two segments; each of segments is flexed from steel sheet thus forming half of pyramid lateral surface which two opposite edges are formed by two pairs of opposite outermost areas located at the tower foundation; at least two units spaced at the tower body length in order to fix the body at the pile and two compensating pipes. Body segments are interconnected rigidly at areas from the top up to the closest unit for body fixing at pile; at that pairs of the outermost body segments are interspaced at least at areas where units are located for tower fixing at the pile and between such areas. Each of the units for body fixing at pile has two strainer units located at opposite sides of the housing, each of which is designed as, at least, as one pair of segments, rigidly fastened on contiguous extreme sections of the housing of thrusts designed with a possibility of retraction to each other by threaded elements. Each compensating pipe is made in the form of two opposite parallel faces coupled by areas with an arc shape in the cross section of compensating pipe, while the compensating pipes are located at opposite sides of the housing with couplings located at ends opposite to parallel faces with thrust units.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of fixing of the tower body of overhead transmission line on the pile, expansion of inventory of tower bodies.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power transmission line support comprises concentrically connected hollow internal and external concentrically arranged elements, joints of which are arranged with a shift along the vertical line and as inclined. The technical result is achieved by exclusion of the necessity to control force of tension during assembly of the structure, reduced shift stresses in the joint area due to making element ends in the connections as inclined.

EFFECT: increased manufacturability of production and simplified assembly of support structure.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: application of an airship with a wind farm as a multifunctional tower consists in arrangement of equipment, which is usually installed in a multifunctional tower, on a special site of the airship with a wind farm, arranged at the bottom of the airship vessel, the airship is fixed with three fastening ropes to a prepared concrete foundation, via three electric hoists installed in tops of the equilateral triangle on earth and designed with a margin, to hold the airship on one fixture, the second ends of ropes are fixed to the rotary standard fastening unit, which is arranged at the bottom on the site for equipment installation. Equipment is fixed with a detachable fixture and is arranged in horizontal and vertical projections, whenever such arrangement is required. Power supply to equipment, signal lights and lifting hoists is carried out by electric accumulators charged by a wind farm. The soft shell of the airship body, which consists of several isolated compartments for safety purposes, is filled with inert gas and raises the airship with equipment to the necessary height.

EFFECT: possibility of usage practically anywhere within a short period of time for low cost and without operating expenses.

Mast // 2473762

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: mast comprises a shaft mounted on a shoe placed on a foundation, with plates rigidly fixed to the shaft along tiers, ties. The mast shaft is comprised by three pipes serving as meridians to a separate hyperboloid with a neck tier on top and an equatorial tier at the bottom of the hyperboloid, plates are arranged in the form of flange discs with three peripheral holes in each one for passage or for fixation of ties in them, equidistantly mounted in respect to pipes of the mast shaft on the shoe.

EFFECT: simplified design and improved manufacturability of mast operation.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to erect a support of an aerial cableway includes erection of a foundation from an inert material and fixation of equipment on a metal conductor frame, besides, erection of the foundation includes laying and fixation of a double-crimped net onto a landscape surface with the help of brackets, then in the geometric centre of the fixed double-crimped net a conductor frame is installed, arranged in the form of a vertical double-crimped net limited with the lower support and upper mounting plates connected to each other in a rigid and stable manner using rods and bolt joints used as reinforcement, which is filled inside with stones of the specified lumpiness, and a vault is erected from the same stones outside that creates a barrier surface of the foundation, an angle of vault inclination to the horizon is steeper than the angle of natural slope of the laid stones, besides, the metal conductor frame is fixed to the double-crimped net on the landscape surface with the help of brackets by their lower support part, and on the upper mounting plate a support metal structure is installed, in which a longitudinal axis stretched through the centre of mass of the section of the mounted structure is arranged perpendicularly to a tangent in a point of maximum curvature of a steep rope as it bends a roller battery installed on the mounting support.

EFFECT: reduced application of machines, mechanisms and special equipment in rugged hard-to-reach areas with a complex landscape, reduced labour inputs for direct arrangement of foundations, reduced timing of assembly, production of works irrespective of weather conditions and seasons, protection of supports and stations against possible mud flows, landslides and snow avalanches.

4 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to strengthen power transmission line support comprises arrangement of strengthening elements to this support. Besides, it is strengthened with guy lines or cross braces, which are fixed to a yoke arranged above the weaker zone of the support and to screw piles deepened into soil, and the yoke is installed with an elastic circular pad between itself and the support.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity, reliability and durability, reduced timeframes and lower cost of strengthening works, elimination of power transmission line disconnection.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to replace a damaged reinforced concrete support of a power transmission support with a metal support includes concreting, at the level of the reinforced concrete support embedding into soil, a case with elements for metal support fixation. Then the damaged reinforced concrete support is cut at the level of the case top, and the metal support is fixed to the case elements, in order to use the underground part of the reinforced concrete support as the foundation.

EFFECT: reduced cost, labour costs and less time required to carry out works.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: tower of collapsible design for antenna systems comprises a support-lifting device (SLD) with a working platform adjacent to it at the side, which have frames arranged with the possibility of installation in a fixed position on the appropriate first embedded parts of the prepared site, a mast in the form of a spatial collapsible structure from transportable support sections, which are serially detachably connected to each other as the tower is erected with the help of the SLD and the working platform in the area of the tower development. The tower is detached with the help of guy cables, which are installed between the mast and the second embedded parts of the prepared site. The tower is equipped with detachable guy lines arranged with the possibility of installation between the upper part of the SLD and the third embedded parts of the prepared site, the SLD and the working platform are interconnected to each other in the area of the tower development. At the same time the SLD is detachably connected to the mast and serves as the tower base in its working position, on the upper section of the mast, in the area of the tower development, there is a collapsible platform of the antenna system fixed detachably, where a device is mounted to level the antenna system, which is arranged with the possibility to install the antenna system support-lifting device on it. The collapsible platform is arranged with the possibility of installation of a radiolucent shelter on it. Besides, the SLD and the working platform are arranged with the possibility of arrangement on transport platforms, frames of which are structurally combined accordingly with the SLD and the working frame frames, are arranged with the possibility of detachable connection to the appropriate wheel sets and with the possibility to be installed on the specified prepared site as the wheel sets are disconnected, at the same time in the transport position the working platform serves as a loading platform of the SLD detachable elements.

EFFECT: improved technical and operational characteristics.

6 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: industrial building, particularly for erecting towers, masts, poles, chimney stacks and water-towers.

SUBSTANCE: method involves testing metal chimney divided into i=1 - Kc zones, where Kc is total number of chimney zones counting from ground surface to determine outer diameter Di, m of chimney case zone, length Li, m of the chimney zone, height Zi, m from ground surface to lower section of chimney zone, chimney case thickness ti,p, m in the given chimney zone, wherein p=1 - Nmes, where Nmes - is number of performed measurements, deviation from circular shape, for instance in local flexed section, for value increasing design thickness ti,d, m and years of chimney operation beginning from year of chimney putting into operation up to year of test performing and calculating parameters of metal chimney, reinforced concrete chimney and brick one.

EFFECT: extended capabilities of safety estimation, provision of safe chimney operation.

20 cl, 3 tbl, 17 dwg

Telescoping device // 2265111

FIELD: telescopic structures having predetermined profiles and used as mast for sailing ships, jib or propeller blades.

SUBSTANCE: telescoping device is formed as rolled resilient strip provided with engagement means located at edges thereof. The strip is arranged in body having engagement key. When strip is pulled out from the body engagement means secure strip edges one to another.

EFFECT: possibility to create non-sectional telescopic device having predetermined configuration.

2 dwg

Antenna tower // 2280137

FIELD: towers, masts, poles, chimney stacks, water-towers, particularly antenna towers for communication service adapted to mount different wireless antennas and for lighting and other industrial structures.

SUBSTANCE: antenna tower is made as multi-sided shell with cross-section varying along tower length and increasing in top-down direction. The shell has cross-section shaped as rectilinear dodecahedron and has solid walls or includes several sections. The lower section is solid, another sections are made of several segments connected with each other and obtained by serial three-dimensional bending of trapezoid blanks so that ribs and faces are formed. The segments have inner flanges. The sections are connected one to another so that the sections are turned one relative another and inner flanges of each next section segments are shifted 60° in horizontal plane with respect to that of previous section segments.

EFFECT: increased reliability and resistance to wind, reduced labor inputs for antenna production and mounting, as well as improved vandalism protection of electrical communication lines (feeders, cables and so on).

3 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly to erect antennas, observation meteorological and parachute towers and to provide elevation to upper atmosphere.

SUBSTANCE: building structure to be erected in Earth troposphere includes a number of sections suspended in air with the use of carrying balloons filled with light gas and spaced predetermined distance from Earth surface. The first balloon is fastened to ground, next ones are secured to neighboring balloons through stabilizing cables. Each section has equipment mounting plate. Equipment is supported by pad made as integral part of carrying balloon frame and adapted to arrange equipment, which receives lift from under section and equipment, which moves the lift to upper section plate. The pad also carries pump for balloon filling with gas and control cabinet to operate above lifting equipment and pump. High-rise building structure erection method is also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased building structure height.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: towers, masts, poles, chimney stacks, water-towers, particularly power transmission line support structures.

SUBSTANCE: single-circuit support comprises pole fixed in ground by lower end thereof and two cantilevers connected to upper pole part and located from opposite sides thereof. The cantilevers are adapted to receive fastening units, which secures suspension insulator strings for cable fixation. The support also has brace retained in ground by the first brace end and to pole by another end thereof. The brace is located in plane defined by cantilevers and transversal to cable suspension plane. Cantilever located from brace side is above that connected to opposite pole side. Brace is fastened to pole below cantilever connection level from the side of brace connection and is over cantilever secured to opposite pole side. Another support embodiment is also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability, reduced material consumption and, as a result, decreased cost.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transmission line support structures.

SUBSTANCE: support comprises post having lower end fixed in ground and fastened to foundation, bracket arms for cable nonconductor connection arranged from opposite post sides, as well as bracing strut having the first end fixed in foundation in ground and the second end connected to the post below the bracket arms. The support includes at least two sections arranged one over another and connected with each other. Lower section widens in cable suspension direction towards ground and is composed of two parts joined along longitudinal support axis in bracing strut plane. The bracing strut is located in vertical plane passing through longitudinal support axis transversely to cable suspension line. Foundation system for above support is also disclosed.

EFFECT: decreased bending moment caused by load application in support plane.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction, particularly towers, masts, poles, chimney stacks, water-towers and methods of erecting such structures, namely support structures for high-voltage transmission lines.

SUBSTANCE: support structure comprises mast with upper and lower bracket arms connected to the mast and adapted for cable retention. Lower mast end is divided into two sections in direction transversal to transmission line axis. Each above mast section defines inclined masts supported by separate foundation. Support structure also has ground wire peak to provide necessary lightning protection of transmission line cable. The inclined masts are rigidly connected to lower end of upper mast section at height below lower bracket arm connection height. All masts are symmetric or non-symmetric about transmission line axis. Upper mast section located between lower and upper bracket arms is inclined with respect to vertical axis passing through connection area, which connects inclined masts with lower end of upper inclined mast section and is extension of one inclined mast. Ground wire peak is parallel or inclined with respect to above vertical axis passing through connection area, which connects inclined masts with upper inclined mast section.

EFFECT: decreased metal consumption along with increased reliability of transmission line operation under wind force to be applied obliquely to transmission line axis in operation conditions and decreased transmission line corridor width.

1 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: power industry, particularly to repair overhead transmission lines, namely to replace damaged poles by new quickly-assembled ones.

SUBSTANCE: overhead transmission line pole comprises at least one free-standing post with cross-arms connected thereto. Post is composed of telescopically butt-joined conical sections in post height direction. The sections are connected by inserting narrow end of one conical section in wide end of another one with predetermined force. Butt-join length lj of pole sections to be connected is selected from (1.75÷1.85)×dsj. Section taper is within (0.015÷0.035). Force N necessary for prior telescopic section butt-joint compression is calculated from the following equation: N=5.0×Q×lj/dsj, where Q is crosscutting force, kgf, lj - section joint length, cm, dsj is mean cross-sectional diameter of pole sections to be connected with each other in section joint area, cm.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability of overhead transmission line poles, decreased maintenance time and elimination of temporary pole construction.

1 tbl, 6 dwg

FIELD: building structures, particularly crossing piles for 110 kV power transmission lines adapted to provide passage from overhead transmission line into underground cable one.

SUBSTANCE: crossing pile comprises lower trapezoid section installed on foundation and upper section connected to lower one. Crossing pole also has ground cable peak. Secured to upper section are aligned cross-bars arranged in several layers. Power line wire lead is formed in each cross-bar. Beam carrying cable sleeve and excess-voltage suppressor is secured to each cross-bar. Cable lead-in is connected to pole members. Upper layer consists of linear cross-bars provided with power line wire leads formed at ends thereof. Number of aligned cross-bars is defined by total number of power line wires. Lower layer includes cable cross-bars. Each cross-bar supports beam carrying cable sleeve and excess-voltage suppressor. Power line wire lead-in members of linear and aligned cross-bars, as well as beams connected to aligned and cable cross-bars are correspondingly arranged in staggered order. Holders for cable position fixation in turning areas and fixing members to secure cable at pole faces are installed in cable lead-in direction.

EFFECT: possibility of cable leading out to any pole face, possibility of optimal cable installation regardless of consumer location, increased cable montage quality and extended span between the poles.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction, road construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to the filed of assembling trussed bearing structures. The technical outcome is the increase in effectiveness due to lowering of transport losses along the whole way from the manufacturing factory to the site of installing the poles, and due reduction of labour intensiveness of assembling the supports in the construction. There is maintenance of the condition for parallelism or inclination and coaxiality of the section during assembly. That way, the fixed components are assembled under factory conditions. The support section for poles is in the form of a spatial trussed structure in the form of a parallelepiped or a truncated pyramid, formed by four bearing girdles, made from rolled metal or pipes, joined to each other by braces or bars. The spatial trussed structure is made in the form of two flat all-welded steel frames with a rectangular or trapezoidal shape, which present themselves as opposite borders of the section, and consisting of each of the two bearing girdles, joined to each other by welded braces or bars, as well as from separate frames. The frames have a rectangular or trapezoidal shape, and are fitted with braces or bars. The bearing girdles of the flat all-welded frames have openings or weld onto the strapping girdles with openings for assembling flat all-welded frames into the volume quadrangular in the cross-section of the structure, through mounting of separate frames onto the bearing girdles of the all-welded flat steel frames, with joining of these frames to each other using bolts.

EFFECT: increased effectiveness of trussed bearing structures with simplification of their assembly.

1 cl, 2 dwg