High-rise building

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of high-rise buildings. High-rise building includes rectangular in plane view facilities, made with glazed walls sections installed radially and interconnected by ends with formation of central core, external transparent coating and external transparent wall enclosure, made continuous along perimeter and in plane view in form of constant-width figure. Transparent coating and wall enclosure are attached to facilities with creation of internal enclosed yards between them. External transparent wall enclosure in plane view is made in form of Reuleaux triangle. By external ends facilities bear against Reuleaux triangle corners. In plane view by one of corners building is installed opposite to wind pattern main vector direction.

EFFECT: invention enables to increase multistorey building structure stability, strength and degree of streamlining by wind air flows.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to satisfaction of human vital needs, in particular - structural design of rooms and their peculiarities intended for dress changing, storage and drying of clothes, headgear and footwear with the help of directed air mass flows, in particular, in drying modules. The personal wardrobe system is designed in the form of a hollow rectangular prism each edge whereof is made of metal sheets attached within a rigid welded frame made of metal profile. The prism is no more than 2050 mm high, no more than 1300 mm wide and no more than 1500 mm deep one of the edges is designed in the form of a sliding door equipped with a lock. Positioned inside are furniture elements such as: a chest of drawers, a two-level section with a panthograph equipped with a bar and a shelf, two built-in sections (one of them equipped with an automatic control unit capable of contact with the heating unit), a tip-up seat.

EFFECT: development of a module capable to provide for an individual changing dress, drying and storage of their special clothing and personal protection equipment, possibility of performing the actions simultaneously in the same room and automatic control of the drying process.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: spatial cellular sections with hexagonal cross section are installed. The structure is formed, at least, by one section module comprising three mutually formed cellular sections. Assembly is started from the central cellular section of the second layer the lower shelf of which is installed on an adjustable rack, then it is attached by inclined panels of adjacent peripheral cellular sections of the first layer assembled with pre-attached seats then the common for central and peripheral cellular sections inclined panels assembled are attached. Then the lower shelves and seats are fixed by peripheral cellular sections of the first layer. To the latter the inclined panels are attached outside and under them adjustable racks are installed. On the lower shelves of peripheral cellular sections two other adjustable racks are installed on which the top shelves of peripheral cellular sections are placed and to them outside inclined panels are attached, completing by obtaining of a hexagonal form of peripheral cellular sections from which adjustable racks are removed. Then to the central cellular section of the second layer one inclined panel assembly with a seat is attached and the top shelf is attached to it which is installed on the adjustable rack placed between it and the lower shelf. After that the inclined panel assembly is attached with obtaining of the finished hexagonal form of the central cellular section. Then all adjustable racks are removed and the formation of the lower section module is finished. Then similarly the subsequent layers of the structure are assembled. The named cellular sections are formed by panels so that adjacent panels of cellular section are the common between them and form sidewalls, floor and ceiling. Inclined panels are arranged at the angle 60 with reference to the horizontal panels and seats connected to them. Inside the cellular sections between seats the tables are attached to the floor, and cellular sections from one end face are fitted with protective decorative guards. The lower shelf - is a floor of the top and its adjacent sections of each underlying layer of the structure is extended towards another end face to the width of the stairs flight fitted with the staircases made on similar extensions of the lower parts of internal inclined panels, adjacent to the central cellular section, and interfaced on the lower entrance section to the floor horizontal panel. The stairs flights are fitted with decorative guards up to which the external inclined panels of peripheral sections and seats attached to them are extended. When installing the structure of more than one section module in the open location it is fixed by the fasteners to a bearing surface designed as flexible extensions or anchor elements. Inclined panels of the top section module are limited by adjacent top shelves.

EFFECT: invention allows to improve operational possibilities of the design, simplify technology of assembly, increase structural strength.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to house construction, particularly to modular spatial caged element that can form tetragonal closed space suitable for room construction when combined with other similar elements. Spatial caged building module for house building includes elements of caged spatial tetrahedron type and tetragonal panels for walls, floors and ceilings and is made out of standard elements in the tetrahedron form (I) where two tensioning devices (11 and 12) or supports of given length are attached to tetrahedron vertexes of each element to comprise the building module. One building module allows for construction of at least one room per storey. Two tetrahedron vertexes are attached to the basement, one of the tensioning devices or one of the supports is attached by one end to one of tetrahedron vertexes while the other tensioning device or support is also attached to another vertex of the same tetrahedron so that the tensioning devices or supports installed in parallel are oriented along vertical direction of the structure. A tetragonal panel forming a part of floor is positioned between each respective end of each tensioning device or support and tetrahedron vertexes attached to the basement; besides, the room includes wall panels, at least one of which features holes, and a ceiling panel attached to the structure. To build more rooms in one storey, similar units are attached to the sides, with alternating tilt of outer rods of module units; their tetrahedron vertexes are interconnected to form separate units of reinforcement rods. In addition, invention claims method of building construction out of such modules, and house structure.

EFFECT: enhanced strength and seismic parameters of construction.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: in one version, the low-rise building with possibility of transformation of the inner and outer space is characterized by the fact that the outer walls and roof are designed integrally from panels located at an angle to the base and towards each other and have the same size and shape of right triangle. Panels lean by the vertexes of more acute angles upon the angles of the square foundation. In this case, panels are joined in pairs by minor sides with formation of the roof ridge and with formation by pairs of mayor sides of facades-frontispieces. Sides-hypotenuses of panels are joined with the sides-hypotenuses of other pairs of panels. In another version, the building is characterized by the fact that the outer walls are made of panels located at an angle to the base and towards each other and have the same size and shape of isosceles triangle, leaned by the vertexes of more acute angles upon the angles of foundation, having a shape of regular polygon in plan view. Vertexes of other angles are joined with the vertexes of similar angles of other panels, forming the perimeter of horizontal roof. Equal sides of neighbour triangles-panels form facades-frontispieces, having full glazing with possibility of closing tightly with the help of flexible panels-shutters.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the security of homes, reduce the construction terms of low-rise buildings and modular complexes of them.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: residential and industrial complex includes residential 1, plant-growing 8, cattle-breeding 9 and power blocks connected to each other by material and energy flows. And the plant-growing 8 and cattle-breeding 9 blocks are located in temperature-controlled premises. Residential zone 1 is separated from other blocks which are forming industrial zone 6, and is equipped with the system of waste collecting and milling 3 with the homogenizer 4. The waste treatment block 7 enters the industrial zone 6, connected by inputs through pipelines with the output of the homogenizer 4 and by outputs of wastes of plant-growing 8 and cattle-breeding 9 blocks, and by outputs - with the system of technical water of the residential zone 1 and of all blocks, by inputs of ground supply and stimulators of development of the plant-growing 8 block including the water treatment system 14, device for waste treatment in environmentally clean black soil and concentrated soil solution 15. Meanwhile the plant-growing block 8 includes devices for growing of greenery 16 using environmentally clean black soil and device for cultivation of energy plants 17 using the concentrated soil solution. The output of the device for greenery cultivation 16 is connected to inputs of power supply of the residential zone 1 and cattle-breeding block 9, and output of the device for cultivation of energy plants 17 through the device of fuel preparation 10 is connected to input of fuel supply of the power block 11. The power block 11 comprises the electric power generators 12 and heat generators 13, and the output of exhaust gases of the power block 11 is connected with the plant growing block 8.

EFFECT: decrease of water consumption, amount o unprocessed wastes, increase of independence of the complex from environment conditions.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of low-rise energy-producing buildings, also on permafrost soils, relates to non-conventional power engineering with usage of natural sources of energy and may be used primarily under conditions of moderate and cold climate. The difference is in the fact that when walls are made of wooden elements, logs of smaller diameter are used, starting from 15 cm. In the invention the main elements of the building, such as walls and roof, serve as elements of a wind-solar plant. At the same time the wind generator installed in the building roof starts producing electric energy at wind speed of 0.5-0.8 m/sec.

EFFECT: technical result and substantial differences of a building compared to available ones consist in the fact that a building is a source of electric and thermal energy, is equipped with an anti-precipitation device, wind-gripping vertical partitions placed on external surfaces of the building wall, a solar power plant, solar panels of which are arranged along the entire surface of the flat roof, a plant of atmospheric water supply, a device for air cooling in the building with usage of thermal energy of soil, a plant for automatic removal of snow from the surface of the roof, a device for prevention of ice formation in rainwater pipes and the method of erection of piled footings and operation of low-rise buildings under conditions of permafrost soils.

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Lookout tower // 2524221

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: lookout tower includes viewing armoured cabin made in the form of convex double-layer polyhedron at least one face of which being cabin floor is parallel to ground surface. Exit is located in one of the faces of lower part of cabin. The cabin is mounted on support provided with device for lifting and lowering a human being. Cabin floor is connected with cabin body with possibility of detaching and attaching, lifting and lowering device is made in the form of elevator, connected with support and cabin with possibility of lifting and lowering along the support.

EFFECT: better masking of assembled tower, higher safety of sentry, tower mounting simplification.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular, to a structure having multiple used levels and the method of its erection. The structure comprises multiple sets of construction sections. Each set of the construction section is structurally autonomous and has at least one side wall, a floor and a roof. The method includes the following operations: lifting of sets of construction sections into the specified position in the structure, so that each level of the structure comprises the specified number of sets; connection of adjacent sets with each other at each level; and connection of sets at one level with appropriate sets at least at one adjacent level, which is vertically higher or lower than this level. In accordance with one structural version the set of the construction section comprises a construction section, which comprises two side walls, the floor and the roof with segments of the frame structure attached to it.

EFFECT: development of a flexible assembly system.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: automatic teller machine is arranged in a service area and fixed to power elements of a pavilion frame in this area, and the front part of the ATM is taken out of the opening in the partition into the client area. To replace the ATM, they use a transition frame and a superimposed frame. The superimposed frame is made in the form of a solid or composite design U-shaped frame, at the same time the superimposed frame is made with an inner opening, which follows the external size of the ATM in plan, and with elements of bolt joint at the side of the service area to the partition. The transition frame is a supporting horizontally arranged design with holes for bolt elements of connection to power elements of the pavilion frame in the service area and with holes for bolt elements of ATM connection.

EFFECT: improved operating manufacturability for banking devices of different dimension types, without making changes to design of a bank pavilion.

1 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: automatic teller machine is arranged in a service area and fixed to power elements of a pavilion frame in this area, and the front part of the ATM is taken out of the opening in the partition into the client area. To replace the ATM, they use a transition frame and a superimposed frame. The superimposed frame is made in the form of a solid or composite design U-shaped frame, at the same time the superimposed frame is made with an inner opening, which follows the external size of the ATM in plan, and with elements of bolt joint at the side of the service area to the partition. The transition frame is a supporting horizontally arranged design with holes for bolt elements of connection to power elements of the pavilion frame in the service area and with holes for bolt elements of ATM connection.

EFFECT: improved operating manufacturability for banking devices of different dimension types, without making changes to design of a bank pavilion.

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FIELD: information and advertisement facilities and exhibition equipment, may be used in displaying stands, booths for displaying and buying of goods, at exhibitions and in educational classes.

SUBSTANCE: store window has at least one frame with one or two front walls, and is further equipped with fastening members for mounting outside, directly on trading equipment, or with immovable or movable members for positioning on sites directly adjoining trading equipment. Frames are manufactured from metal, plastic or wood. Store window is equipped with illumination or other equipment for producing light effects.

EFFECT: wider operational capabilities and convenient use.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: construction engineering; construction of waiting pavilions for passengers of urban public transport facilities.

SUBSTANCE: proposed waiting pavilion is installed longitudinally on side-walk or platform in parallel with roadway. Waiting pavilion is used as shelter for passengers. Proposed pavilion includes metal reinforcement holding at least one wall panel and at least one cover panel, thus forming covered space. Wall panel or one of wall panels is made in form of separating partition located on front part of pavilion opposite direction of motion of transport facility. Longitudinal separating wall is installed near roadway. Longitudinal separating partition does not fully cover front part of pavilion forming passage for passengers to transport facility. Part of covered space bounded by longitudinal separating wall forms protected waiting zone. Pavilion is fully or partially open on one side.

EFFECT: optimization of pavilion space; comfort for passengers; improved protection against bad weather.

178 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction, particularly collapsible building structures.

SUBSTANCE: collapsible structure comprises at least two connected sub-structures composed of tubular members. Tubular members are connected in pairs by scissors-type connections and have ends installed in universal connection units. Universal connection units have parallelepiped shapes and each connection unit includes four sockets created in one face thereof for pivotally receiving tubular members. Formed at edges of above face are depressions extending parallel to face edges. Depressions may cooperate with C-shaped profile fasteners adapted to couple two butted universal connection units.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs for connecting two or more sub-structures.

9 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly rapid construction of movable collapsible structures having high protection against tamper and breaking-in, as well as resistance to seismic affection and explosions and adapted to store bank, museum and other valuables.

SUBSTANCE: depository comprises collapsible multilayered panels having equal widths, which form depository floor, ceiling and walls. Panels comprise frames made of tubes and located on back sides thereof. Front orifices made as slots and lesser side indexing holes are arranged in pairs correspondingly on face and side frame surfaces. Frames for wall and ceiling panels have additional threaded bushes located on front surfaces thereof. Interpanel connection means (of bolt-nut and bolt-threaded bush types) are mounted by insertion thereof through corresponding side indexing holes and threaded bushes inside frames of adjacent panels.

EFFECT: simplified delivery to application site, increased building speed, increased resistance to breaking-in, increased reliability and mobility.

14 cl, 31 dwg

FIELD: sanitary equipment, particularly public one.

SUBSTANCE: sanitary appliance includes at least one sanitary device. Each device has human excretions receiving means communicated with sewage system. Sanitary facility has body with the first body part located under ground surface, the second body part inserted in the first one and drive providing telescopic movement of the second body part between underground and main overground positions. The second body part has at least one sanitary device with above receiving means. The receiving means are connected with sewage system through discharge pipes.

EFFECT: improved vandal-proofness, possibility to immerse the facility in ground.

10 cl, 5 dwg

Multistory building // 2263752

FIELD: building, particularly to built multistory buildings.

SUBSTANCE: multistory building has roof with cold or heated through attic, air shaft with vent channels and common head crossing the roof and provided with cowl. Installed in air shaft head is clack air draught regulator to regulate draught of air passing from rooms through vent channels to change effective cross-section of the head in dependence of cold air temperature. Regulator has clacks of roofing steel having rotary pins. The first ends of rotary pins are welded to steel frame embedded in hear masonry along perimeter thereof.

EFFECT: provision of air draught regulation in air shafts and stable ventilation in multistory buildings.

2 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly small modular buildings, especially public transport facilities.

SUBSTANCE: waiting shelter comprises canopy and sectional wall members formed as panels of transparent material and installed on load-bearing support posts. Each load-bearing support post is formed of doubled arch-shaped members, namely of inner and outer ones connected one to another by stiffening ribs spaced equal distances one from another along the full length of load-bearing support posts. Arch-shaped member bases are arranged in common line and are secured to foundation frame. Transversal member is welded to lower part of arch-shaped inner members. Inner arch-shaped member lengths exceed that of outer ones for value equal to distance between two stiffening ribs to form canopy. Radius of inner arch-shaped member is determined as R1=(0.6-0.8)H1, where H1 is shelter height defined by inner arch-shaped member. Radius of outer arch-shaped member may be determined as R2=(0.6-0.8)H2, where H2 - shelter height defined by outer arch-shaped member. Upper ends of inner and outer arch-shaped members are connected one to another by cross-pieces.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of territory use, improved passenger servicing, increased reliability and stability of waiting shelter structure under unfavorable weather conditions, namely under strong wind, snowfalls and so on.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly multi-story building structures including comfortable dwelling rooms, as well as business, industrial, medical, service, repair and other rooms.

SUBSTANCE: structure comprises three-dimensional blocks installed one upon another so that ledges are created between the blocks, which impart pyramid shape to the structure. The three-dimensional blocks include separate rooms united in sections and define inner spaces for staircase, lift shafts and multipurpose rooms. Each section comprises skeleton rods and skeleton posts provided with skeleton fastening units and inner mono-honeycomb having alternating long and short cell posts and rods, which are parallel to skeleton posts and skeleton rods. The section also has honeycomb fastening members for wall panel securing, which create main room in central mono-honeycomb part and provided with honeycomb fastening units. Connected to the first sides of honeycomb fastening units are honeycomb connection beams. The second sides of honeycomb fastening units are connected one to another to create mono-honeycomb apex. Honeycomb fastening units have honeycomb fastening members for upper and lower floor panel connection and to create auxiliary rooms in upper and lower parts of mono-honeycomb. When blocks are installed one upon another short honeycomb posts of each mono-honeycomb are arranged at apexes of mono-honeycombs of each lower story.

EFFECT: extended design and planning capabilities, improved service properties and increased structure safety.

6 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly to erect low buildings.

SUBSTANCE: low building comprises foundations, frame including metal columns, metal girth rail arranged in two directions and forming frame cells, metal ties located in column sections, flooring panels, outer enclosure, sloping roof and staircase. The outer enclosure includes heat-insulation layer and shell made as vented facade layer including tile members. The building has spot-like foundations with strip inserts arranged between spot foundations along at least outer building contour. Columns and girth rails are made of roll-formed and/or roll-formed and welded sections. Each floor panel is formed of metal frame, lower cement-shaving panel, heat- and sound-proof layer and upper cement-shaving panel. Gaps between girth rails and cement-shaving panels are filled with heat- and sound-proof material. Columns, girth rails and ties are provided with anticorrosive coverings. Columns and girth rails have T-shaped or U-shaped profile. Outer enclosure comprises inner decorative layer connected to metal columns, girth rails and ties from inner girth rail and tie sides, outer metal frame connected to metal columns and girth rails from outer sides thereof. Heat-insulation layer is permeable for vapor and comprises netted bags having lengths divisible by d, where d is dimension of one tile member side. The heat-insulation layer also has heating granular non-combustible material with closed pores or mineral panels having lengths d, as well as fastening members. The heat-insulation layer is arranged inside outer metal frame. Outer metal frame has horizontal and/or vertical cross-bars of T-shaped or H-shaped profile so that pitch equal to d is defined between the cross-bars. Tile members of venting facade layer have L-shaped fastening members to connect thereof to T-shaped or H-shaped cross-bars. Methods of low building erection are also disclosed.

EFFECT: improved economic parameters, reduced material consumption and labor inputs due to reduced weight of load-bearing frame members and due to elimination the usage of cement-sand mortar for wall erection and facade layer connection.

13 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: building, particularly to erect dwelling houses with the use of existent production facilities.

SUBSTANCE: building comprises load-bearing longitudinal and transversal wall panels connected to floor panels and outer self-supporting walls. Floor panels adapted to cover rooms with bay windows have thermal joints made as orifices filled with heat-insulation material and formed by panel edge perforation. Outer bay window wall parts are made as masonry composed of insulation blocks and supported by panel end. Load-bearing longitudinal and transversal wall panels are additionally connected with each other in at least two points located along panel heights. Outer self-supporting walls are divided into several floors. Floor panels located over rooms with bay windows have widened peripheral zones. Parts of outer walls defining rooms without bay windows are combined and include load-bearing cross-bars with thermal joints made as orifices in cross-bar flanges and masonry formed of unit heat-insulation blocks.

EFFECT: increased spatial resistance, increased service life and heat-insulation properties, reduced time and costs of building erection, possibility to use existent production facilities and improved building frame resistance to accidents.

4 dwg