Device and method of cutting by measuring decorative tape paper and use of device for cutting device

FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention reffers to printing and relates to the device and method of cutting to a size of decorative paper tape, and application the device for cutting the tape. The device for cutting the segments of decorative paper tape, that have the coating, includes a flow line with means for decorating and impregnating endless belt paper for converting a ribbon of decorative paper and at least one device for lateral dissolution separating belt lengths decorative paper of a certain length of tape decorative paper . In the feeding direction, before at least one device for transverse dissolution there is at least one device for slitting to separate the decorative paper tape, at least two endless longitudinal tape decorative paper, and at least one deflecting device, which separates the two longitudinal tape relative to one another and leads, respectively, to a separate device for the cross dissolve.

EFFECT: invention provides a process of optimization of cutting pieces of decorative paper tape.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of printing and can be used in the manufacture of printed products. The method of processing the printed sheets is characterised in that each sheet is preliminarily cut in lines or columns. The sheets are laid in bundles. The bundles are cut in columns or lines. The bundles are cut perpendicularly in the direction of preliminary slits. The system of processing of printed sheets comprises a unit of cutting for preliminary treatment, a bundle-receiving unit, and a cutting unit for processing the bundles.

EFFECT: increased manufacturability of processing the printed sheets, the ability to obtain separate documents is provided.

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FIELD: printing industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to printing machines. Leading toe for feeding sealed material web split in longitudinal cutting device of printing machine at least into two sections of sealed material web, has the first section of connection, connected to longitudinal end of sealed material web and the second section of connection connected to installation of sealed material web feeding device in printing machine. Leading toe comprises two elements of leading toe, accordingly intended for one of at least two sections of sealed material web for its feeding and connection device that connects elements of leading toe to each other so that they may be separated from each other by earlier specified stretching force that has effect at connection device and consists of relative motion of sealed material web sections relative to each other.

EFFECT: invention provides for higher operational reliability of design.

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FIELD: manufacture of film packages.

SUBSTANCE: method involves manufacturing small-sized, thin, sheet articles from active film component 2, wherein active film component is obtained by forming of film material on substrate or by applying onto substrate; storing it on bobbin in conjunction with substrate or without it; removing film component from bobbin and cutting it. Active film component 2 is automatically removed from bobbin, separated from substrate, in case it is available, and fed in stretched state to zone of cutting into strips, where it is initially cut into narrow strips 7 of desired width, then said strips are connected in feeding direction and fed in such a state by means of additional feeding device 10 to cross cutting device 11 for cutting group of elongated strips 7 in predetermined intervals.

EFFECT: provision for producing of small sheets having maximally precise predetermined sizes.

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The invention relates to the lamination narrow web of polymeric sheet material and provides good impermeability to liquid or gas paintings, formed in a continuous mode for high-efficiency equipment

The invention relates to machines for slitting and rewinding film sleeves in the chemical industry and the foundry industry, where the development of low-waste technology of vacuum film forming the necessity of a single-layer film of a certain width

The invention relates to a rewinding cutting machine with anchor roller and automatic inlet sleeves

Winding machine // 2049032
The invention relates to techniques for longitudinal cutting of the ribbon at a monofilament which are then wound on a spool

The invention relates to a device for the longitudinal separation of the tape into several bands and coiling of these bands on a reel or two coaxial reel, containing situated between the scissors for longitudinal fission tape and reel control means regulating the movement of the strips individually for each band

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to production of assembly units and part made of thick rubber, over 20 mm, of various shape, and can be used in production of rocket engines. Shear die comprises plate with cutting element secured thereat composed of cutter unit, pusher to drive extractor for removal of cut parts and wastes. Note here that shear die is provided with extra lower side blade unit for cutting of parts from both sides arranged on mating side of upper blade unit. Two stiff thrust incorporated with said die guarantees the clearance which rules out contact between blade cutting edges to contact solely with rubber material. Blade sharpening angle is defined by claimed formula.

EFFECT: sharpening edges is decreased from 16÷18° to 6÷8°, ruled out breakage and blunting thereof, higher accuracy and quality of cut parts.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to separation of metal strips by separating discs. Device comprises the mechanism built in separation shaft for automatic positioning of separating discs at fixed separation shaft in compliance with cutting program. Besides, it comprises at least one transfer carriage to be displaced in separation chamber by electrical drive parallel with separation shaft axis. Said carriage comprises gripper to extend radially from separation shaft and to be pulled therein for gripping of separating disc transferred by said carriage to appropriate position of separation shaft. Said position is set by cutting program. Note that said gripper releases the positioned separating disc.

EFFECT: separation of narrow metal strips without application of extra devices.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of tire from spliced strips. First strip is cut-off and placed on unloading conveyor. After cutting of said first strip second strip is cut off and placed on said conveyor. Thereafter, said strips are spliced. Between cutting of first strip and placing of second strip on unloading conveyor, second strip is retained at unloading conveyor. Expected clearance between first strip end and second strip end to be spliced therewith is measured. Depending upon said measured clearance said first strip is displaced relative to second one so that first strip end stays at required position relative to second strip. Now, second strip is placed on unloading conveyor.

EFFECT: higher precision of splicing.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for preparation of hot or warm portions of liquid food products by way of cutting off a major-sized piece of food product maintained in a hot or warm condition. The device contains a heating chamber to accommodate a major-sized piece of food product maintained in a hot or warm condition, a mechanically driven cutting device for cutting slices off the major-sized piece of food product, a mechanically driven device for movement of the cutting device and the food product piece relative each other, a device for dispensing the slice cut off the food product piece from the heating chamber and a control unit. The control unit is required for setting the magnitude or weight of food product slices to be cut off and dispensed and for control of the movement device and the cutting device. The movement device is designed so that to enable adjusting the magnitude of the slice to be cut off the food product piece. The magnitude of the slice cut off corresponds to the food product portion.

EFFECT: ensuring the device performing portioning, cutting-off and dispensing in an automatic mode without service personnel contacting the food product.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises the base, cutting wires, a carriage with feeding mechanism; the device is equipped with positioning unit for a printed cable blank. The positioning unit for a printed cable blank contains two fixing devices installed at the base, at that one of them is capable of longitudinal movement. The cutting wires are fixed with tension at spring-loaded brackets mounted at levers tied up by the spring and installed at the carriage so that they may be moved apart and brought into contact by rollers interacting with master cams at the beginning and at the end of cutting. The levers are equipped with levelling screws contacting the thrust fixed at the carriage in the process.

EFFECT: high accuracy of cutting and improvement of the ready cable quality.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for disposal of main pipelines to be processed to hoop, mainly, rolled wire with application of mobile plant. Dismantled pipe is heated to 970-1150°C at its transfer through straight-through inductor at the rate of 30-150°C/s and cut in helical line at inductor exit. Strip blank results therefrom. Cutting is performed in cutting-off pass between two rolls their rotational axes being turned through an angle relative to the pipe lengthwise axis. Magnitude of said angle is predefined from cited equation subject to pipe radius and strip blank preset width. Then, blank is cooled in guide at the rate of 15-45°C/s to temperature of 950-860°C and fed to continuous rolling mill. Blank is rolled to rolled 5.0-12.0 mm diameter wire at 830-910°C. Then, rolled wire is cooled at accelerated cooling line to 320-560°C and coiled.

EFFECT: possibility of production of rolled wire in 2,0 t heavy coils, high mechanical properties, yield of 99,5%.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises processing of caprolon blanks. Blank and cutting tool are revolved for cutting while feed is performed in stepwise manner. Blank is subjected to heat treatment made at a time with cutting. Heating element is composed of ring fitted to slide ahead of bit to follow the blank relief inner surface.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of processing and physical-mechanical properties.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: according to the invention for a caprolon workpiece processing device comprising a workpiece, a turning lathe with cutting tools, a drive for workpiece rotation and a tool advance device, the turning lathe is equipped by a workpiece irradiation generator with the possibility to treat the workpiece by nanosecond electromagnetic pulses during its cutting, the generator is connected via electrodes to the cutting tool and a sliding element which are in contact with the caprolon workpiece and are isolated from the metal machine parts.

EFFECT: higher processing efficiency of a workpiece and better physical and mechanical properties of products.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of extruded plastic sections. Toothless disc cutter is used for cutting. Proposed cutter consists of the blade on inner circle and cutting edge on outer circle. Toothless disc cutter features the cutting edge with angle of tooth outline β=2°-6° for half-round blade or with angle of tooth outline α=4°-12° for two-edge cutter. Cutter is driven at linear speed of 20-100 m/min at feed rate of 0.3-0.7 m/min. At cutting, lubricant is sprayed onto disc cutter from sprayer nozzle.

EFFECT: noiseless and dustless cutting, longer life, higher quality of finished product.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device feed mechanism for intermittent feed of polymer film in film thickness direction. Thomson cutter bought in contact with polymer film at one side of the latter at short-term interruption of film feed. Rolling element is arranged to contact with polymer film and to roll there along and Thomson cutter at film opposite side to locate said film between said cutter and said rolling element for film cutting by said element and said cutter at production of plastic bags.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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FIELD: physics, optics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the technology of making complex holes using a laser beam, particularly a through hole for film cooling of a turbine component. At the first step, the internal part (7) of the hole (1) is made from the surface (12) to the opposite internal surface (13) of the substrate (4) using a laser (22) located in a first angular position (1) and simultaneously making a diffuser (10) part. The diffuser (10) residue (16, 18, 28) is removed at the next second and third steps. At the second step, the angular position of the laser (22) is changed to a position (II), different from angular position (I), and the laser is moved to the angular position (II) until the lateral side (17a) of the diffuser (10) is open and part of the volume (18) of the residue (16, 18, 28) remains. At the third step the angular position of the laser is changed from the angular position (II) at the second step so as to remove said residue (18). The angle in the angular positions (I, II, III) is defined as the angle between the middle line of the laser beam (25) and the surface (12) around the film cooling hole (1).

EFFECT: using a laser in three different angular positions relative to the processed substrate significantly simplifies the making of complex holes in the substrate.

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Coordinate device // 2535434

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to coordinate device and can be used in high-precision processing hardware, primarily, for processing of articles by laser tools. Bed 1 supporting coordinate axes 2, 3 has the cavity that makes a spark-quench chamber 9 with openings 8. Working zone is communicated via openings 8 and spark-quench chamber 9 with gas-dust bend pipeline 7. Spark-quench chamber 9 openings 8 are communicated with working zone 6 by throttling device. At laser processing, air from working chamber and combustion products flows via throttling device in spark-quench chamber 9. Note here that flow rate drops to make combustion product particles settle in said chamber. Combustion products are discharged from spark-quench chamber via hatch. Plugs are used to adjust air intake from chamber part accommodating head with laser tool to allow air flow rate control for efficient removal of combustion products.

EFFECT: efficient removal of combustion products.

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