Sensor for checking valuable documents

FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: sensor is made to download both adaptive data and software into sensor from outside of sensor. Valuable documents checking sensor includes: nonvolatile memory device, which is permanently installed into sensor and in which firmware is installed, but not stored neither valuable documents checking adaptive data nor valuable documents checking software, measuring device for valuable documents measurement data recording, processor for control over sensor, volatile memory device allowing temporarily store software for valuable documents checking and/or adaptive data for valuable documents checking, communication interface allowing to load valuable documents checking adaptive data and/or valuable documents checking software into sensor from device located outside of computer sensor, wherein sensor is incorporated. At that, valuable documents checking adaptive data and valuable documents checking software, obtained from computer, with which sensor is connected through communication interface, are loaded into sensor only when sensor must be used for valuable documents checking, and temporarily stored in sensor non-volatile memory device, but not stored in sensor permanently.

EFFECT: invention relates to valuable documents checking sensor, as well as to device with sensor and method of sensor operation.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valuable document processing means. The device and method employ multiple processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13) such as, for example, a loading module (2), an operator's module (3) and an output module (4). Upon detecting a fault which requires the interference of the operator in the processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13), each of the processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13) has at least one cover (6) which, depending on such a detected event, opens automatically without the interference of the operator.

EFFECT: faster determination of faults during processing.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: container is fitted with an external case, a door, attached with a possibility of opening and closing to the external case, lock, which locks the door in the closed condition with reference to the external case, and a part for fixing a seal, which seals a door closed with reference to the external case, indicating, that the door is closed with reference to the external case, and locks a door in closed condition with reference to the external case. Respectively, it is easy to confirm, whether there is a probability that the door was open irrelevantly, depending on, whether a seal is still fixed to a part for seal fastening at the moment of lawful removal of the seal. The door interlocking with a seal can be also kept even when the door interlock by the lock has been removed irrelevantly.

EFFECT: improvement of security protection of storage containers for paper sheets.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of banknotes. Banknote transfer path comprises at least first inlet/outlet to receive or to discharge banknotes from pay system and can displace second transfer inlet/outlet to be connected with assemblies arranged over the transfer path length. Said second transfer inlet/outlet comprises moving carriage to displace in said path.

EFFECT: continuous transfer of banknotes between transfer path and automatic pay system assemblies.

11 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sheet processing means. Proposed device comprises sheet gripping unit, first unit to define the type or state of sheet to gripped, unit for collection of data on processing volume for sheet types or states. It includes second unit for determination of final place of sheets distribution proceeding from the data on processing volumes. Distribution unit distributes the sheets on the basis of sheet distribution final place. Stacking unit consists of multiple cassettes for stacking of distributed sheets. Data collection unit receives the data on sheets processing volumes with the help of external sheets processing unit.

EFFECT: change of store position in compliance with type and amount of sheets.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of maintenance of data carriers such as banknotes. Proposed accumulator comprises carriers accumulation table, resilient element supporting said accumulation table and accumulation table detector to reveal accumulation table lowering. Detected is that accumulation table inclined to lifting and lowering directions lowers below preset position to define is carries are accumulated at said table. This carrier accumulator allows definition of carrier accumulation irrespective of accumulation table position.

EFFECT: higher reliability of storage.

15 cl, 35 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a stacking device (64a, 64b) with a predetermined number of sheets of paper on the stacking unit, the wrapping device (68) made with the ability to wrap a tape on the pack of stacked sheets of paper, and a transport carriage (80, 82) made with the ability of receiving and transporting the pack of sheets of paper to the wrapping device which comprises a gripping assembly, a driving mechanism of grippers made with the ability to open and close the gripping assembly in the position of stacking the pack of sheets of paper, as well as the reciprocating motion of the gripping assembly at right angles to the direction of stacking, and a taping device made with the ability of winding the wrapping tape around the pack of sheets of paper, retracted in the position roping.

EFFECT: increase in speed of operation of the device.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to payment terminals. An apparatus for receiving means of payment in an automatic machine for performing transactions, which receives unsuitable means of payment and means of payment not taken by a user, having a housing and a partition wall which divides the inner space of the housing into a first receiving chamber for storing counterfeit means of payment and a second receiving chamber for storing means of payment not taken by a user, wherein said partition wall has a stacking surface in contact with the bottom surface of the second receiving chamber and tilted to stack means of payment; and a protruding supporting surface which is joined to one end of the upper portion of the stacking surface to prevent means of payment currently being staked from colliding with already stacked means of payment; wherein the housing has a reflecting portion formed by a reflecting surface opposite the partition wall which is tilted downwards towards said partition wall and on which means of payment fall first when fed in the direction of the partition wall; said reflecting portion further includes a continuing surface which extends from said reflecting surface towards the bottom surface of the second receiving chamber, and a stepped portion is formed on the portion where the continuing surface is joined to the reflecting surface.

EFFECT: higher capacity of the receiving compartment.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unit for storage of documents such as banknotes in stack. The device contains a support plate assembly for the documents stack shifting towards the aperture in the body of the documents storage unit. The body may contain an auxiliary mechanism promoting the documents stack shifting in the process of a newly obtained document stacking. Additionally, the device includes a setting mechanism designed so that to enable motion between the closed and the opened positions while the closed position prevents the shearing mechanism from application of a shearing force.

EFFECT: banknotes stacking convenience enhancement due to uniform stacking.

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Protection device // 2523966

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valuables transportation means. Device for storage or transportation of valuables includes internal magazine (30) for accommodation of valuables and external casing (10) where internal magazine can be fitted (30). In this structure, the internal magazine (30) contains mean (102) for communication with external casing (10), mean (100) for detecting impact on the internal magazine (30) and valuables damage device (50), and the external casing (10) contains mean (82) for communication with internal magazine (30) and mean (80) for detecting impact on the external casing (10). In this system, valuables damage device (50) is made capable to be actuated in case when mean (100) for detecting impact on the internal magazine detects impact on the internal magazine (30) or in case when mean (80) for detecting impact on the external casing detects impact on the external casing (10).

EFFECT: higher safety of transportation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to document processing device being actuated by modular drive gear which can actuate multiple various modular actuators connected with possibility to be actuated and disconnected from drive gear. The modular device contains validator with conveyor to move document along passage, and housing to accommodate conveyor; packer containing carrier device; drive gear with driving unit consisting of drive, power transfer and displacement devices, intermediate channel, front and rear gear wheel, support frame and a pair of articulated joints, and housing to accommodate the driving unit.

EFFECT: simplification of driving and actuating devices assembling, dismantling, servicing, checking and replacing; continuous feed of documents from validator using driving device to packer due to the fact that validator and packer are connected with possibility to be actuated and disconnected from driving device.

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FIELD: engineering of devices for processing banknotes.

SUBSTANCE: device and method for processing banknotes, mainly used for one at a time dispensing of banknotes for processing, counting them, sorting and checking authenticity, have capability of such processing in several working modes, while for selecting and displaying working modes, display is provided with sensor screen.

EFFECT: higher comfort of operation due to visualization of functions, performed by device, and possible change of configuration of working modes, appropriate for different functions of device.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engineering of devices for storing and transporting banknotes.

SUBSTANCE: banknotes, positioned in pallet, are moved on pallet inside banknote receiver, wherein lever, affecting plunger, opens gate in lower portion of pallet for moving banknotes into container, positioned in lower portion of receiver. Receiver has frame inserted with tightness into its upper portion, which is also provided with gate, bent downwards during movement of money to inside of receiving sack, made of elastic material, enveloping the frame. After that closing plate seals the frame, which may then be extracted from container for following transportation, to bank, for example.

EFFECT: greater protection of container from unsanctioned access, simplified process of container use and decreased possibility of receiving traumas during use of container.

2 cl, 30 dwg

FIELD: engineering devices for feeding stacks of elements like banknotes, checks, blanks and the like to machine for further handling of aforementioned elements.

SUBSTANCE: device includes loading aperture 10, through which stacks of elements are fed into machine from the outside; tool 11-12 for feeding one element at a time onto transportation route 11-13-14 inside the machine, and means 20 to provide customers with instructions and information concerning correct handling of machine. Between unloading aperture 10 and means 11-12 for transfer an auxiliary tool 16-17 is positioned, which is provided for transportation of elements to device 11-12 for feeding one element at a time. Device also includes tool 11-12-17-10 for possible return of a stack of elements back to loading aperture 10 at the same time when tool 20 for dispensing instructions provides instructions to customers to properly arrange the returned stack of elements.

EFFECT: possible automatic feeding of squeezed banknote to prevent jamming of machine, no need for presence of personnel for cleaning the machine from damaged elements.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: automatic teller machines, in particular, banknote cartridges.

SUBSTANCE: cartridge contains a set of moveable buttons - indicators of cartridge information, each button may be turned around its axis for changing its position. Buttons may be moved along axis in outward or inward direction relatively to body of cartridge by their rotation. Different plans of positioning of buttons along the axis display appropriate various characteristics of cartridge content. Cartridge may be inserted into ATM, where button positions may be read by ATM.

EFFECT: unused buttons may be kept in the cartridge, button locations may be changed without opening the cartridge.

33 cl, 72 dwg

FIELD: technology for calibrating banknote handling machines.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, during realization of method, at least one usable banknote is selected, at least one unusable banknote is selected, selected banknotes are subjected to processing in banknote handling machine, recording data into memory, which data are received by means of at least one sensor, and on basis of results of processing of data stored in memory, received by means of at least one sensor, at least one threshold value is set for banknote parameter measured by at least one sensor.

EFFECT: automatic setting of threshold values of parameters of banknotes, measured by sensors, without operator participation.

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FIELD: banknote processing machines.

SUBSTANCE: banknote processing machine has a body of machine for transporting banknotes and storing banknotes, differing from unloaded banknotes, and detachable box having an installation section, mounted detachably on supporting section of machine body for storage and unloading of banknotes. Machine body contains a device for determining whether a banknote is unloaded banknote, device for transporting banknotes in normal and reverse direction between determining device and supporting section, and storage section for accumulated banknotes for storing banknotes differing from unloaded banknote, transported by transporting device. Detachable box has section for storing unloaded banknotes.

EFFECT: prevented cases of stuck banknotes, accelerated banknote processing operations.

6 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: automatic teller machines.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, automatic teller machine contains mechanism for receiving objects being deposited. Objects being deposited may be inserted into teller machine in envelopes, which are firstly dispensed to the user from the envelope storage area in teller machine by a transportation device and then dispensed to the user through an aperture. The device for storage and dispensing of envelopes only gives one envelope to a user. Then the user may place deposited objects into dispensed envelope. Deposited objects pass through an aperture and are positioned in container for deposits. Deposited objects may be marked by markings, corresponding to transaction or properties of deposited objects, when an envelope is originally given to the user for placement of deposited object inside it.

EFFECT: creation of automatic teller machine, providing recording of information about properties of objects being deposited, including measurement and recording of thickness thereof.

10 cl, 70 dwg

FIELD: engineering of banknote processing devices.

SUBSTANCE: banknote processing device has transportation system with several transportation sections (9, 11, 24, 99, 100, 107, 109) for moving banknotes. Transportation system has distribution pointer device with transportation section (109) positioned between two branches of transportation sections, driven in two directions for movement of banknotes in it in two mutually opposite directions. Distributing pointer device represents a distributing pointer module (33) with at least four inputs/outputs (34-37), which is a separate unit, made primarily detachable and/or opening.

EFFECT: simple and flexible solution to structural realization of device.

24 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: polygraphy.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method for sorting documents. The method for sorting banknotes presented in both arrangements with a face sheet upwards and a face sheet downwards, implies the use of a banknote sorting device. The device has three output magazines. The method involves stages whereat banknotes are sorted by arrangement of face sheets and orientation by different magazines. The total number of all banknotes sorted into output magazines is counted and displayed to the user. The method additionally involves stages whereat banknotes sorted into one of the three magazines are extracted, turned over to be placed in the opposite arrangement, and repeatedly loaded into the banknote sorting device for further sorting. The second version features a method for sorting banknotes presented both in a direct and opposite orientations.

EFFECT: improved design of the device for sorting documents.

2 cl, 47 dwg, 4 tbl

FIELD: physics; computer facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns to electronic system and method of performance of banking transactions. The method of performance of banking transactions through a communication network for the electronic banking transactions, containing the central block of data processing (2) and set of electronic terminals (3) with which help the user can carry out banking transactions and which are related to the central block of data processing through a communication channel (4), includes generation of a unique code which starts procedure of a randomisation during performance of banking operation.

EFFECT: increase of safety and reliability of operations of draw of rates.

5 cl, 3 dwg