Beverage delivery pod and methods of use and manufacture

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pod containing one or more beverage ingredients, pod comprising generally rigid outer member (12) having an open top and an outlet opening in lower part, internal filter (16) adjacent to lower part of outer member, one or more beverage ingredients disposed above filter, and lid (14) closing open top. Outer member has outer peripheral sidewall (20) defining open top and extending downwardly from open top toward lower part and inwardly converging toward outlet opening. Lower part of sidewall defines plurality of ribs (36) extending inwardly in interior of outer member toward outlet opening. Beverage outlet flow paths are disposed between adjacent ribs and directed toward outlet opening. Filter is supported above outlet opening and beverage outlet flow paths by ribs.

EFFECT: also described is a method of dispensing a beverage prepared from beverage ingredients, in any pod made according to invention, and a method of producing any pod made according to invention.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a capsule for dispensing the food product by injecting the pressurised fluid into a capsule which is placed in a container of the device for preparing a food product. The capsule comprises a chamber for ingredients formed by side walls, a flexible lower wall and an upper wall. The device for dispensing a beverage has a dispensing opening extending through the lower wall, and comprises a pressure-maintaining element for dissolution and/or extraction in the chamber for mixing with the injected fluid with the ingredient, located next to the flexible lower wall outside the chamber. The pressure-maintaining element comprises at least one protrusion. The protrusion is aligned with the dispensing opening so that it is located in the corresponding opening and restricts its section when the fluid is injected into the chamber, pressures on the flexible lower wall and moves the said flexible lower wall in the direction of the pressure-maintaining means.

EFFECT: invention provides the ability to control the flow coming out of the capsule with the maintenance of constant pressure in the capsule.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: capsule comprising a dose of the substance (2) for preparing a beverage, comprises a cup-shaped main body (6) forming the accommodating chamber (7) for the substance (2). The main body enables the water and the beverage to flow through it only after it is broken or pierced by the piercing means. The main body (6) comprises a lower wall (8) forming the bottom of the bowl, and a side wall (9) extending from its lower part (10) connected to the lower wall (8) to the upper part (11), limiting the opening (12) for access to the accommodating chamber (7), the coving element (17) rigidly attached to the upper part (11) of the side wall (9) for closing the opening (12) of access. The capsule comprises extending means (18), which after the increase of the internal pressure in the capsule (1) allows the movement of the lower part (10) of the side wall (9) and a lower wall (8) connected to it from the covering element (17).

EFFECT: group of inventions enables to use the capsule in different types of machines and improvement of reliability due to lack of bottom deformation.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: portion capsule for beverage preparation includes a capsule body with a bottom and a filling side. Between the capsule body and the filling side, a hollow space is provided for accommodation of powdered or liquid beverage substrate. Between the beverage substrate and the capsule bottom, a filtering element made of non-woven material is positioned within the capsule bottom area. The non-woven material is provided for on the capsule bottom with the possibility of its tensioning and/or piercing with the perforating means penetrating through the capsule bottom.

EFFECT: capsule is space-efficient and has simple design.

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Capsule for syrup // 2555675

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed capsule contains a body intended for storage of fixed syrup quantity and designed to have a shape ensuring the body placement onto the top of the bottle filled with carbonated water. Additionally, the capsule contains a mechanism for syrup outlet into the bottle by the controllable method; the capsule is designed to have a shape ensuring excess gas outlet into atmosphere. Additionally, one describes a method for syrup outlet from the capsule into the bottle filled with carbonated water.

EFFECT: method involves the capsule placement on the bottle edge and exposure of the capsule to a force directed downwards and ensuring the possibility of excess gases outlet into atmosphere with the help of the said capsule.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: cartridge containing one or more beverage ingredients contains: an inlet for letting water medium into the cartridge, an outlet for the beverage produced from the said one or more beverage ingredients and a flow path connecting the inlet to the outlet; additionally, the cartridge contains a filter (400) positioned within the flow path; the filter contains multiple holes, each having a maximum surface area, on the filter upstream side; additionally, the cartridge contains a hole positioned downstream relative to the filter and made to create a beverage jet in the course of operation; the maximum surface area of each hole on the filter upstream side exceeds the surface area of the said hole positioned downstream the filter.

EFFECT: holes diameter enables through passage of elongated and agglomerated particles which results in prevention of the hole locking; the milk jet is saturated with a greater quality of air which positively affects the foamed milk quantity.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: capsule for preparation of a food product in the device fit for liquid delivery into the capsule contains a compartment with food ingredients being mixed with the delivered liquid for the food product preparation, and a filter intended for removal of impurities contained in the liquid. The filter is represented by a filtering appliance consisting of a filtering membrane and an outlet wall whereon the filtering membrane relies. In the outlet wall, there is a liquid outlet hole communicating with the said compartment. The capsule contains a body limiting the compartment and a filter seat for accommodation of the filtering appliance therein; the filter seat is positioned upstream the compartment. Additionally, the invention relates to a filtering unit.

EFFECT: prevention of the filter deformation as a result of pressure of liquid supplied into the capsule.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: portion capsule for beverage preparation has a capsule body with a bottom and a filling side. Made between the capsule bottom and the filling side is a hollow space for accommodation of powdered or liquid beverage substrate. Between the beverage substrate and the capsule bottom a filtering element is positioned. The filtering element contains felt and/or unwoven material with open pores. In the first area turned towards the beverage substrate the felt and/or non-woven material has the average first pore size while in the second area turned towards the capsule bottom it has the average second pore size, the first pore size being less than the second one.

EFFECT: inventions group provides for preparation of beverage without foam.

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Beverage cartridge // 2544134

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a beverage cartridge that is used in a beverage dispensing system. The cartridge contains a body and a container (intended for accommodation of fluid food substance and the driven element, the container positioned inside the body) a driving hole (through which torque is transferred to the driven element) and a fluid medium outlet hole (through which fluid substance may be removed from the cartridge. The fluid medium outlet hole and the driving hole are positioned on the same side of the body.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensures easy and reliable replacement of cartridges in the machine.

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a capsule for production of infusions such as espresso coffee or beverages from water soluble products; the capsule contains an inner output flow channel and is designed so that to enable tight sealing by means of a sealing element; though water injection under pressure into the capsule the sealing element is raised thus becoming separated from the upper part of the inner output flow channel and opening the inner through hole of the inner output flow channel so that the infusion or beverage flows to the outside through the inner through hole. Additionally, this invention elates to a machine for application of the capsule as per this invention; the machine contains an accommodation means for accommodation of at least one capsule during the dispensing phase and injection means for injecting water under pressure into the capsule through the side wall of the capsule so that to obtain an infusing or beverage flowing from the capsule through the inner through hole of the capsule.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: personal appliances.

SUBSTANCE: presented is a batch capsule for preparing a beverage having a primary unit substantially shaped as a truncated cone or a cylinder and provided with a hollow space for beverage raw materials, and a membrane closing the hollow space. A wall segment of the primary unit has a number of grooves.

EFFECT: capsule provides the beverage raw material wash throughout the capsule for providing more effective extraction, possesses the increased mechanical stability, easy to detach from a wall of a brewing chamber.

25 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: food-processing industry, in particular, capsule, which may be used for producing of espresso-coffee.

SUBSTANCE: portioned capsule has constructional member arranged between capsule bottom and substance and/or between capsule cover and substance and provided with plurality of openings and channels defined by embossment relief for water distribution or for collecting of prepared beverage.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by uniform washing with water and, as a result, improved extraction of substance.

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FIELD: packing equipment, particularly containers disposable after usage thereof or adapted to store substance which is infused or solved in situ.

SUBSTANCE: container 1 comprises inlet orifice 4 to supply aqueous medium into container, compartment 8 with beverage ingredient and outlet orifice 5 for ready drink. Container has beverage channel. Container also comprises jet forming means 16 disposed inside the channel in front of outlet orifice or located inside it, as well as at least one air inlet orifice 18 and liquid jet pressure reduction means 17. Air supplied through at least one inlet orifice 18 aerates the beverage in the form of a great number of small bubbles. Container enables to prepare espresso coffee under low pressure, for instance under pressure of not more than 2·105 Pa.

EFFECT: increased simplicity of coffee preparation, reduced pressure necessary for espresso coffee preparation.

20 cl;, 7 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for preparing drinks. Proposed pack is closed flexible cartridge providing extraction under pressure and contains powder for preparing drink. Cartridge consists of first and second sheets of round, oval or polygonal form, between which space is left for powder and which are welded to each other along outer edge. First sheet is made of filter paper or nonwoven material. Second sheet is made of filter paper or nonwoven material or composite material. First sheet is made to pass water at atmospheric pressure or when is pierced by means of piercing device, and second sheet is made to pass water only if gauge pressure of 0.1 to 3 bar is built inside cartridge in process of extraction.

EFFECT: improved extraction, preparation of coffee with good foam.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: packages, particularly for beverage preparation.

SUBSTANCE: capsule 8 adapted to be extracted under pressure in extraction device contains component 12 for beverage preparation in closed system. Installed in the closed system are capsule opening means, which provide capsule opening at the time of its use and allowing beverage pouring out due to fluid pressure increase in chamber.

EFFECT: prevention of beverage contact with extraction device.

29 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tight cartridges and can be used in devices intended for preparation of drinks. The cartridge contains one or more drink ingredients and is made of air- and watertight materials. The cartridge contains or can form, at least, one inlet to feed water inside it and, at least, one outlet. Water flows through the cartridge radially inside from, at least, one inlet towards, at least, one outlet.

EFFECT: higher extraction of drink ingredients.

23 cl, 37 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: food products, mechanics.

SUBSTANCE: cartridge contains one or more beverage ingredients and is substantially made of air- and waterproof materials. The cartridge comprises a storing chamber for one or more beverage ingredients and a collecting chamber. The collecting chamber actually encircles the chamber peripherals. The cartridge is fitted with a hole through which one or more ingredients can be placed into the storing chamber. The hole is closed with a cover having two sectors: one of them covers collecting chamber and the other - storing chamber. The first cover sector is pierced when using so that to let in the water flow into the collecting chamber. The cover is pierced so that to let out beverage flow produced by interaction of water and one or more beverage ingredients in the storing chamber.

EFFECT: punches are not clogged up when using the cartridge.

28 cl, 46 dwg

FIELD: mechanics, foodstuffs.

SUBSTANCE: proposed cartridge contains one or several drink ingredients and is made of air- and water-tight materials. The said cartridge comprises a water inlet and a prepared drink outlet. The aforesaid cartridge includes an outer and inner elements, the latter being fitted in the former and an appliance to produce strongly-gasified drink jet. The aforesaid appliance has a hole made on drink way from inlet to outlet constricted by the inner and outer element opposed surfaces.

EFFECT: reliable structure sustaining increased inner pressure.

23 cl, 37 dwg

FIELD: transportation, packing.

SUBSTANCE: cartridge intended for beverage preparation in a car. The cartridge comprises one or more beverage ingredients and is made of air- and water-tight materials. One or more of the beverage ingredients is a liquid chocolate ingredient, the said chocolate ingredient has a viscosity of 70 to 3900 mPa·s at the room temperature. The cartridge has an inlet opening for the introduction of water medium into the cartridge, and an outlet opening at the same side of the cartridge that the inlet opening, for the discharge of the beverage made of the liquid chocolate ingredient. The cartridge has at least one inlet opening for air and means for beverage stream pressure reduction so, in the process of use, air in the form of many bubbles is introduced into the beverage from at least one of the said openings. The ingredients may be soup, juice, or may be based on dairy or coffee products.

EFFECT: development of container, which is safe to operate while resulting product has good taste.

41 cl, 37 dwg, 2 tbl

FIELD: drinks preparation apparatuses.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drinks preparation apparatuses, particularly to cartridges incorporated with appropriate machine, from example, those to prepare coffee, tea, cappuccino etc. Proposed cartridge contains one or more drink liquid ingredients and is made from air- and watertight materials. It comprises liquid inlet, compartment to accommodate liquid ingredients and outlet to force prepared drink out. Aforesaid compartment includes the device decelerating dilution of at least a portion of the said ingredients on feeding water into the said compartment. In operation water way passes from inlet to outlet, while aforesaid dilution decelerating device comprises a gate constricting ingredient flow into water flow.

EFFECT: easy and reliable operation, chances to produce wide range of drinks.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metered dispensing of substance from container filled with single portion of aforesaid substance. Proposed system comprises container containing single portion of substance and comprising deformable body. Dispenser comprises container receiver and allows opening the container. Aforesaid receiver comprises variable-volume chamber to receive container. Container housing features bottom, wall running from aforesaid bottom and flat peripheral edge arranged around the hole. Aforesaid edge is made integral with wall and extends outward, while hole is covered by a layer tightly jointed to said peripheral edge with the help of sealing peripheral seam. Aforesaid receiver comprises thrust surface interacting with rear side of aforesaid peripheral edge rear side, and cover that serves to support aforesaid layer. Dispenser includes also body flattening means arranged in compression chamber for contact with container bottom. Container is furnished with substance identifier. On flattening the container, aforesaid layer bulges to get into recess for container to be opened.

EFFECT: no need in special cutting tools.

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