Manipulative control device

FIELD: nuclear power.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manipulative control devices (MCD) of nuclear reactor. MCD comprises gantry for repeated connection to reactor housing (1) with telescopic post (2). Portal (1) has central part (1.1) and at least three bearing brackets (1.2), attached to it, arranged regularly along outline of central part (1.1) and designed for repeated connection to reactor housing. Central part (1.1) of portal (1) is equipped with rotary device (1.1.1) with hole in middle and drive for turning telescopic post (2), wherein said rotary device (1.1.1) is equipped with flange for repeated connection with telescopic post (2), while telescopic post (2) contains guide post (2.1), outer post (2.2) and telescopic inner pole (2.3), located in it, designed for mutual displacement inside each other. Guide posts (2.1) are equipped with connecting element for repeated connection with flange of portal (1), while inner post (2.3) at lower end is equipped with transverse way (3) with at least one carriage, intended for arrangement of probes, and distributing box for cabling to probes.

EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of inspection of open reactor housing.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of one-time check and permanent monitoring of pipe bend of the process channel in the nuclear units which being operated at limited access. The device contains a flexible measuring pole (2). The pole consists of the sections (3) which are interconnected by couplings (4). The end face of the section (3) is made narrower and freely located in the interfaced section where it is connected with a binding body. The body is passed inside the pole and is connected with the motion sensor (7). The sensor is moved by the binding body (5). The sensor is zeroed before the monitoring. The pole is placed in the unloaded pipe (1). In case of change of intersection bend of the bar in the joint by the angle α the bend is forced into the linear shift Δ of the section end. The shift Δ is translated into the proportional shift of the sensor. After start of the reactor the further pipe bending is monitored.

EFFECT: technical result consist in improvement of sensitivity of the device to bending of a process channel and increase of informational content of the method of measurement at continuous monitoring.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to testing of the state of a steam generator. An inspection system of the internal part of the steam generator includes the first arm and the second telescopic arm, the closer end of which is hinged to the first arm, and on the peripheral end there is a supply capsule forming a storage compartment. The inspection system includes the first moving robot-aided testing device corresponding as to dimensions to the storage compartment of the supply capsule and that forming the storage compartment; the inspection device includes a drive system, at least one inspection chamber and at least one illumination system, a cable system attaching the first moving robot-aided testing device to the supply capsule. The inspection system also includes the second moving robot-aided testing device corresponding as to dimensions to the storage compartment of the first inspection device.

EFFECT: effective inspection of internal difficult-to-access sections of a steam generator.

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FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on gas content change registration in a first loop in case of a leak at heat exchange surface of steam generator and heat carrier bubbling with steam and water mix. In stationary operation of reactor plant, shielding gas (argon) used to compensate for heat carrier expansion is treated to remove vapours and sprays and pumped through a metering vessel, gas temperature and pressure are measured in sequence, and spectrometric measurement of 41Ar component activity is performed in the metering vessel, 41Ar activity per volume rated for standard conditions is calculated, its stationary value is determined. Further, heat exchange surface leaks in steam generator are diagnosed by 41Ar activity overshooting its stationary value.

EFFECT: enhanced sensitivity of leak detectors at heat exchange surface of steam generator of reactor plant with heavy liquid metal heat carrier.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: method and device are designed to one-off inspection and continuous monitoring of bend in pipes 1 of process channels in nuclear plants. The device comprises a flexible metering rod 2. The rod 2 comprises sections 3 serially connected by couplings 4. The end of the section 3 is made from current-conducting material. An indicator 5 comprises a part of the section 3 placed inside the coupled section for the length L. A sensor 6 has alternating inner resistance. Before start of monitoring the sensor 6 is set for zero elevation. The rod 2 is placed in the pipe 1. Under impact of bending of the pipe 1 the bend between sections in the joint of sections 3 changes by the angle α in azimuthal direction θ. The indicator 5 moves along the surface of the sensor 6. They record resistance of the indicator 5 and the sensor 6 in the point of contact. They determine the start and end position of the indicator 5. They determine the value of displacement Δ of the indicator 5. The bend angle is calculated according to the formula α=Δ/L. The azimuthal direction θ is determined, as well as the bend level. The reactor is started. They monitor dynamics of displacement of the indicator 5. Simultaneously they determine α, θ as well as the depth of the bending level. Increased information value of the measurement method with continuous monitoring.

EFFECT: increased universality of a device.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: indication device contains multisection probe installed in the reactor channel. The probe is in form of connected with each other hollow cylindrical sections, in them the electrode passing through all sections is installed on the electric insulators. The electrode is mechanically weakened at places selected for bend monitoring between the electric insulators. The multisection probe is inserted in the reactor channel for the operation period. During operation the fact of the reactor channel distortion is determined by short circuit of the electrode inside the probe sections against the internal surface of one or several sections.

EFFECT: improvement of channel bend indication.

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FIELD: physics, atomic power.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to monitoring nuclear power facilities. The risk monitoring device comprises a memory device for storing at least one minimal fault cutset (MFC) array and probability values for each event in each MFC, and a data input device to input in the risk monitoring device data about status changes of the facility; a formation unit for forming at least one MFC matrix; a memory device for storing said at least one MFC matrix; a formation unit for forming at least one parameter matrix; a memory device for storing said at least one parameter matrix; a modification unit for modifying elements of said at least one parameter matrix; and a risk evaluation unit.

EFFECT: risk evaluation for a nuclear power facility.

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FIELD: physics, measurement.

SUBSTANCE: invention of flexible stem in assembly of rotary probe is used as carrier of eddy current rotary probe for flaw detection of pipes and is mainly designed for application on rotary probe for flaw detection of pipes (with internal diametre of 13 mm) in steam generators of nuclear power plants of WWER type. Flexible stem in assembly of rotary eddy current probe with high index of flexibility, comprising flexible stem from tearproof wire and wound electroconductive coaxial cables, on top of which flexible sleeve is arranged, besides flexible stem is installed with the possibility of rotation in flexible sleeve, and mentioned coaxial cables are fixed on stem via equal distances by thermosetting tubes.

EFFECT: development of device, which has high flexibility index with the possibility of pushing-pulling and simultaneous rotation.

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FIELD: physics; nuclear physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to use of channel-type nuclear reactors, particularly ADE-type reactors, and can be used for continuous control of bending of fuel channels. The device has a flexible rod-shaped element, assembled from bushings, which interacts with a sensor, fitted in the upper part of the fuel channel. The bushings are joined by fastening sleeves using pins with a gap between butt ends of the bushings. There is filling material in the upper part of the rod-shaped element. The bearing sleeve is made in form of a cup with a hole at the bottom.

EFFECT: design of a simple device, which enables continuous control of change in bending of fuel channels during transient processes and on the stationary level of the reactor power, providing for reliable additional control of the state of the graphite stack of the reactor, which increases safety of its operation.

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FIELD: in-process check and measurement technology.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device for in-process checking and servicing process channels of nuclear reactors has housing that mounts drive, probe, and coupling line. The latter is made in the form of multiple-section flexible coupling. Electric coupling circuit is disposed inside flexible coupling. One end of coupling line is attached to probe shank. Other end of coupling line is inserted in housing and passed through guide roller of drive. Each section of multiple-section flexible coupling is joined with next section by means of axle. The latter is perpendicular to longitudinal axis of multiple-section flexible coupling. Each section of multiple-section coupling is free to turn relative to next section in plane perpendicular to plane of turn of preceding section.

EFFECT: ability of eliminating disadvantages of multiple-section flexible coupling while retaining its advantages.

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FIELD: nuclear engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method for periodic checkup of supporting structures hot pipelines covered with heat insulation in nuclear power stations includes visual check, excitation of free natural oscillations of pipeline section under check by applying single force pulses, analysis of these oscillations to obtain natural dynamic characteristics of pipeline, installation and rigid fixation of hollow barrels, each incorporating lid and at least two plates for mounting measuring transducers, and installation of heat insulation on pipeline; free natural oscillations are excited by force applied to upper lids of hollow barrels, spectrums of natural oscillation frequencies obtained during initial operating period of pipeline and by moment of checkup are compared, and microdefects in supporting structures of hot pipelines, if any, are judged from results of this comparison.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of checkup.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: main housing of the converter has an oscillating plate at the exposed face; the plate is curved at the side-view and the matched surface with a larger diameter formed at the bend of layered part. At the oscillating plate in the converter main housing shaped as a matrix in direction of the bend and width there is a variety of placed piezoelectric generators. In each group of the generators the control unit switches the piezoelectric generators to transmitting and receiving piezoelectric generators in turn, in the direction of width, as per the earlier set model of transmission/transfer and processes the signal received from the piezoelectric generator according to aperture synthesis method.

EFFECT: potential implementation of high signal-to-noise ratio and increasing accuracy of fault detection.

8 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: device for obtaining information on a subject comprises an acoustic conversion unit configured to receive an acoustic wave generated when the object is illuminated with light and convert the acoustic wave into an electrical signal, and a processing unit configured to obtain surface distribution of light intensity or surface distribution of luminosity from light incident on the surface of the subject, based on information on the shape of the surface of the subject, obtain distribution of light intensity inside the subject based on the surface distribution of light intensity or surface distribution of luminosity and obtain distribution of optical properties inside the subject based on the electrical signal and distribution of light intensity inside the subject. A method of obtaining information on the subject and a non-volatile computer-readable data medium storing a program enable operation of the device.

EFFECT: use of the invention enables to accurately determine distribution of values of optical properties in a subject.

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FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: this invention can be used for ultrasound control. Ultrasound control system comprises multiple receiver and transmitter units. Every said transmitter unit can generate ultrasound oscillation at object surface and/or in said object. Every said receiver unit can perform optical measurements of object surface oscillations. Receiver unit can receive the light falling thereat from measurement zone. One measurement zone corresponds to one receiver unit for it to receive the light falling thereat from measurement zone. Note that every transmitter unit creates a spark gap. The latter generates ultrasound oscillations on object surface or there inside. Shield is arranged between spark gap and measurement zone. Receiver unit incorporates illumination laser to illuminate to surface in measurement zone and LED system to radiate laser light in its first position into first measurement zone and into second measurement zone in its second position. LED system splits laser light to radiate in one or another measurement zone.

EFFECT: higher SNR at low pulse rate, higher efficiency of conversion of electric power to ultrasound power.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ultrasonic devices and can be used in a medical therapeutic or diagnostic system. Disclosed is an ultrasonic device, having an ultrasonic waveguide, an ultrasonic transducer lying at one end of said ultrasonic waveguide and an ultrasonic receiver lying on the other end of said ultrasonic waveguide for receiving said ultrasonic wave. The ultrasonic waveguide has at least one electroconductive section having a first acoustic impedance Z1 and at least one electrically insulating section having a second acoustic impedance Z2. The electroconductive section is acoustically coupled with the electrically insulating section. The electroconductive and electrically insulating sections are assembled alternately.

EFFECT: high accuracy of diagnosis owing to use of a waveguide in magnetic-resonance medium conditions.

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Ultrasonic probe // 2419388

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, namely to ultrasonic probes for alive body diagnostics. Ultrasonic probe, in the first version of implementation, contains multitude of piezoelectric elements and acoustic matching layer, on one surface of the multitude of piezoelectric elements, which is formed from elastic India rubber material. Sound velocity in acoustic matching layer is lower or equals 1650 m/s, and acoustic impedance of elastic India rubber material is lower than acoustic impedance of piezoelectric elements, but higher than acoustic impedance of the object. In the second version, additionally, acoustic matching layer includes, at least, three acoustic matching layers, each of which is located from one side of multitude of piezoelectric elements. The third acoustic matching layer has acoustic impedance within from 1.8 to 2.2 MRayl and sound velocity equal 1650 m/s or lower, and the first and the second acoustic matching layers are located between the third acoustic matching layer and the multitude of piezoelectric elements. In the third version, the second and the third acoustic matching layers are located on one surface of the multitude of piezoelectric elements and also have the velocity of sound in the layer equal 1650 m/s or lower. The first acoustic matching layer is located between the second and the third acoustic matching layers and the multitude of piezoelectric elements. In the fourth version of implementation the fourth acoustic matching layer is located from the side of one surface of the multitude of piezoelectric elements and has velocity of sound equal 1650 m/s, and the first, second and third acoustic matching layers are located between the fourth acoustic matching layer and the multitude of piezoelectric elements. In the fifth version probe has a load-bearing element in form of padding, and the multitude of piezoelectric elements are arranged on the upper surface of the load-bearing element in form of padding. In addition, the first polymer film is located between the load-bearing element and the multitude of piezoelectric elements and is provided with electric leads, matching the corresponding piezoelectric elements. The first acoustic matching layer is arranged in such a way as to match the corresponding piezoelectric elements. In addition, on the upper surface of the first acoustic matching layer there is the second polymer film and the second acoustic matching layer on its upper surface. The third acoustic matching layer is made on the upper surface of the second acoustic matching layer and is formed from elastic India rubber material, with sound velocity in it lower or equal 1650 m/s. In the sixth version of implementation, at least, piezoelectric elements, the first acoustic layer and the second polymer film are separated many times.

EFFECT: application of the invention makes it possible to obtain ultrasonic images with high resolution.

17 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a magnetic array, made from flexible components and materials, the shape of which can be easily changed to match the contour of different curved surfaces and structures.

EFFECT: electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EAT) which contain such magnets, in addition to the fact that they are flexible, can have less volume than traditional magnets of electromagnetic acoustic transducers, and therefore can be easily fitted onto complex structures with limited access; also flexible multipolar magnetic arrays can be easily and cheaply turned into various shapes and configurations, resulting in their versatility and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional rigid structures of magnets.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: physics, measuring.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns transformers for the control of integrity of metal products by means of ultrasound, for example, for the control of pipelines. Electromagnetic ultrasonic transformer has one or set of magnets for appendix DC of a magnetic field to a controllable material and the electrical winding fed with a radiant alternating-current, for maintenance the AC of a magnetic flux in a controllable material. The transformer contains the attrition-resistant plate intended for slide along a surface of a controllable material. The attrition-resistant plate is made of an electrospending ferromagnetic material and has cuts. Thus, and a DC field, and an AC stream can get into a controllable material and to raise ultrasonic oscillations of this material.

EFFECT: increase of efficiency of ultrasonic transformer.

17 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of nondestructive control, namely to devices of determination of textural anisotropy, thickness and deflected mode of structures and rolled metal, such as tapes, strips, tubes, etc. Electromagnet-acoustic transducer contains magnet system with two coplanar dissimilar poles and flat coil of rectangular shape installed in plane parallel to poles at minimum distance from them, at that within limits of coil turns extended part area there are projections of poles onto coil plane. Additionally in transducer second flat coil of rectangular shape is introduced, which is also installed in plane that is parallel to poles at minimum distance from them and the first coil, at that part of the second coil extended coils area is installed within limits of projection of one of magnet system poles onto coil plane, the other part of the second coil turns area stays in space between projections of poles onto plane of the second coil, and turns of the first and second coils within limits of their extended part area are mutually perpendicular.

EFFECT: expansion of transducer functional resources.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: quality control; acoustic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has magnetic means (6)movable relative to ferromagnetic test material (2) for exciting ultrasound in it, magnetizing superficial layer of the material, electric winding (8) fed by alternating current source. Magnetic means (6) and electric winding (8) are in turn applied to the test material (2). Electric winding (8) is placed near the material after being magnetized by magnetic means (6). Variable magnetic flow produced by electric winding (8), interacts with residual material magnetization, producing ultrasonic oscillations of the material.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of quality control.

9 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: nuclear power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device primarily designed for checking geometrical parameters of process channels of type RBMK reactors has measuring probe incorporating transducer and signal transmitter communicating with signal receiver, means for moving probe lengthwise of channel, and power supply; transducer is, essentially, hydraulic unit made in the form of jet-pipe transducer and signal transmitter is acoustic unit; nuclear reactor refueling machine is used as probe moving means, working medium of channel and channel walls or working medium of channel and walls of mentioned machine body function as communication line; power supply is hydraulic unit made in the form of throttle mounted on bottom part of measuring probe and vertically mounted pressure header whose inlet is disposed below throttle.

EFFECT: ability of metering geometrical parameters of sealed channel in the course of refueling operations.

1 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: ultrasonic diagnostics; piezoelectric transducers for univariate medical probes (echoencephalographs, ocular ultrasonographs).

SUBSTANCE: proposed piezoelectric transducer has piezoceramic strip inserted in acoustic isolation bushing, and also damper holding different-size particles distributed along damper axis in compliance with their size. In addition it has flat inductance coil installed on acoustic isolation bushing on side opposing piezoceramic strip. Different-size particles of damper are, essentially, mixture of piezoceramic powder and granules made of piezoceramic powder. Non-hardening material is used as binder. Inner surface of acoustic isolation bushing is covered with magnetostrictive metal layer.

EFFECT: enhanced attenuation factor, sensitivity, and shielding reliability, facilitated manufacture.

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