Modular wind-driven power plant

FIELD: energy.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering, particularly to a wind-driven power plant (WDP) using wind rotors of drum type. Modular wind-driven power plant containing a vertically mounted rotating mast with fixed on it two parallel beams, ends of which are interconnected with vertical bars, and at least one wind module consisting of four wind rotors combined in pairs and installed on both sides of the mast. Wind rotors are equipped with generators and are fixed perpendicular to the mast and to the vertical bars. Wind rotors located on the same side of the rotary mast are able to rotate towards each other, and axes of rotation of the wind rotors located on both sides of the mast intersect at a certain angle. Wind rotors rotational axes located on both sides of the mast intersect at an angle within the range of 120–140°.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at higher efficiency of converting wind energy and simplifying the WDP design.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to renewable power engineering and can be used for development of new types of wind turbines of different capacity operating in free air flows. For creation of compact design and compensation of large overturning forces formed by blades the generator with the multiplier, and the rotary console fastener with blades are displaced with reference to additional fixed bearing housing towards the running air flow and are installed on the top platform of the inclined rotary frame. The frame is rigidly joined below with the central vertical shaft which is placed in the bearing housing on bearings, and this central vertical shaft is slowed down by a worm reducer which is kinematically connected through a pair of conic gear wheels with DC reversive electric motor controlled by the weather vane and the contact group of switches placed on the top end of the central shaft.

EFFECT: invention provides the creation of compact, steady to overturning, silent and safe wind turbines allowing to place them on roofs of buildings and decks of the non- self-propelled watercrafts capable to float during unlimited time without consumption of hydrocarbon fuel and without sailing equipment, and also to be used as small mobile and independent power plants.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power plants and methods of power production. The main element of the wind power plant is aerodynamic surface in the form of a wing, in the body of which there is a channel that connects opposite surfaces of a wing. Air sucked into this channel rotates the turbine and the power generator connected to it. The plant may be stationary or mobile.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: transmission and guide system preventing kinking is presented; it contains at least one first and second ropes passing in parallel along axis (X-X) and tensioned between the appropriate reeling on and reeling off system, and at least one output guide and transmission assembly of such ropes; at that at least one ropes guide and transmission assemble preventing kinking is installed between the reeling on and reeling off system, and output guide and transmission assembly. Rotation of the guide and transmission assembly preventing kinking around axis (X-X) ensures the ropes reeling on in form of the spiral cylinder along the axis (X-X) of rotation without contact points of friction between ropes.

EFFECT: improved design.

8 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: power-generating system (20) comprises an air electric generator (30), a safety tether unit (40) configured to transfer electric energy from the air electric generator to the ground. The safety tether unit comprises the first tail end (42) coupled to the air electric generator and winch unit (50) that includes a drum (52), table and a transient unit. In the first variant the safety tether control method includes stages whereat altitude is gained for the air electric generator, the air electric generator is piloted downward, electric energy is generated by the air electric generator so that electric energy is passed via the safety tether to the ground station and then the air electric generator is piloted to the ground. In the second variant the safety tether control method contains stages whereat the air electric generator is deployed, the safety tether is wound and clamped by a clamping unit, the first positions are tracked along the safety tether and the safety tether is clamped in the second positions along the safety tether.

EFFECT: group of inventions is oriented towards optimization of aerodynamic drag.

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FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: flag-type wind generator includes a wind receiver made in the form of strings located in wind flow between posts, and a converter of oscillations of strings into useful energy. Strings drawn tight between posts include cloths hanged on them in the form of flags so that they divide a string between posts into equal halves. The converter of energy of oscillations to useful energy is installed between the centre of strings and the point of the surface, on which posts for their attachment are located, and which is a projection of the centre of strings onto the above surface.

EFFECT: invention allows improving efficiency and reliability of a wind generator.

14 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: energy industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind energy and can be used as a independent source of power supply. The cycloidal wind turbine comprises a support mast, hollow oval pipes with vertical rotary blades mounted at their ends, a planetary gear with restrained central bevel gear, a generator, a reversible electric drive, a vane with contact group of switches for self-aligning of blades on wind, an anti-storm eccentric pennant with a movable flared sleeve, and the breakers of kinematic connections of the blades. The rotary blades are made single with their balanced alternating placing at the top and bottom at the outer circumference of the wind wheel. The multi-pole generator with multiplier, a transfer gearbox, a reversible electric drive and a vane with the contact group of switches are located at the bottom inside the bearing housing mounted on the vertical rods. On the movable flared sleeve a spring-loaded bracket with pushers is attached, and a rod of the solenoid electrically connected with an off-carriage remote control of emergency or preventive stop of the wind wheel.

EFFECT: wind turbine is mainly oriented to the possibility of installation on roofs of multi-storey buildings, as well as on the decks of marine non-selfpropelled watercraft, and can be effectively used as an independent source of power supply of remote coastal touristic, fishing and other infrastructures.

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FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power plant with low noise level comprises front and rear fairings fixed on the axis, a rotor located between them in the form of a bushing with blades of the main wind turbine and a circular diffuser accelerator. The circular diffuser accelerator is fixed on fairings by means of fixed stands and blades of a guide vane. Downstream the main wind turbine in direction of the flow there is at least one additional wind turbine. The additional wind turbine is located inside a circular shell, the diameter of which is less than the inner diameter of the circular diffuser accelerator. Blades of the additional wind turbine are fixed on the bushing of the rotor of the main wind turbine. The circular diffuser accelerator is made in the form of three circular wings arranged along the axis one after another and having serially increasing diameters.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce noise level.

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: infrastructure is described for a troposphere eolian generator, comprising a rotary base; at least one aligned lever; at least one system for maintenance of at least one wing; and a driving system of wing-control ropes. Also it additionally comprises at least one ventilation plant. At the same time the specified ventilation plant is adapted to produce, with no atmospheric wind, the entire volume of artificial wind, required to execute wing takeoff, or is adapted to produce, with atmospheric wind available, a share of artificial wind, required for realisation of wing takeoff.

EFFECT: invention provides for takeoff and achievement of working heights of a device independent on wind condition on earth.

12 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to wind power engineering. High-altitude wind-driven power plant includes sail, power cables, aerostat and drums. Power cables are connected to sail. Each drum is connected to its electric machine. Aerostat is connected through auxiliary cable to the sail and to power cable located on the first drum. The rest power cables are connected to auxiliary cable located on the second drum. Drums are arranged on turntable platform.

EFFECT: simplifying wind-driven power plant design, providing the stability of the sail movement and reducing the area occupied with the plant.

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Wind-driven unit // 2461733

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: in wind-driven unit containing rotor that includes blades connected to each other by means of traverses and the rotation axis of which is located across flow direction the blades are made in the form of a spatial spiral of segment profile; at that, inner edge of segment profile adjoins the surface of imagined rotation body, and its straight-line part coincides with continuation of radius of rotation body the geometrical axis of which is rotation axis of the rotor connected in elastic manner to foundation with possibility of being inclined to different sides.

EFFECT: simpler design and higher efficiency of wind-driven unit.

6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive windmills. Windmill rotor comprises shaft and pole-forming elements. The latter are composed of crossed parallelepipeds with bore for shaft made at the center of every parallelepiped. Lower parallelepiped is located in lower stator area while upper parallelepiped in arranged in upper stator area.

EFFECT: better manufacturability.

3 dwg

Power plant // 2555090

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power energy, and can be used as wind(hydraulic)-generator without blades. The invention is based on new principle of designing of the power plant based on the aerodynamic element (1) in form of a wing. The aerodynamic element (1) has symmetrical profile with ejection slits (2) at its convex surfaces. Inside the aerodynamic element (1) the channel with input (3) at its end face is formed, it is connected with the ejection slits (2). The channel is made with possibility of supply of the flowing air to the turbine connected with one or multiple electric generators.

EFFECT: decreased negative environmental effect of the power plant.

3 cl, 1 dwg

Wind engine // 2551444

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for construction of wind-driven power plants with a horizontal rotation axis and an incoming air flow. A wind engine includes a horizontal shaft, a multiblade wheel fixed on it and provided with internal and external shells, between which the main blades of the first power level are located. The number of the main blades of the first power level is equal to diameter of the external shall in metres, and on the inner surface of the external shell there additionally fixed between the main blades are blades of an intermediate power level, which are connected with a locking ring.

EFFECT: use of the invention allows considerably reducing diameter of the wind wheel with a view to installed capacity of the wind-driven power plant.

2 cl, 4 dwg

Wind engine // 2550993

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering and may be used to produce mechanical and electric energy. The wind engine with a vertical axis of rotation comprises a wind turbine. The wind turbine comprises at least one section. S-shaped blades are installed in the section. The section is equipped with a frame in the form of a polygonal prism with rotary wind-guiding screens. Wind-guiding screens are installed on each side of the polygonal prism as capable of provision of smooth air overflow from them to the S-shaped blades of the wind turbine. The wind engine is made in the form of a tower. Wind-guiding screens are made as rotary with the rotation angle from 0 to 90° being capable of serving as the louvres and closing each side of the frame. At the corners the wind-guiding screens are equipped with locks. In the lower part of the tower there is a turbine room and an operator room.

EFFECT: technical result consists in increased strength of design, higher capacity of a wind engine and lower noise.

3 dwg

Vertical rotor // 2548699

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric power generation and can be used in windmills with vertical spinning shaft. Vertical rotor comprises vertical shaft, active blades engaged by flexible ties with said shaft. Attachments of said blades are additionally interconnected by extra flexible links.

EFFECT: simplified design, higher reliability, better manufacturability.

2 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: vertical-axial wind plant comprises a hub, where a power generator and a rotor are placed, and the rotor comprises a row of vertical blades rotating around the vertical axis. On the hub there is a stator, the outer surface of which is shaped as a cylinder, at the same time it is covered with a cylindrical cavity of the rotor. Stator slots, where winding coils are placed, are located at the outer side of the stator and open towards the cylindrical cavity of the rotor that faces them. The inner surface of the rotor cavity facing the stator is equipped with a circular ledge with a slot, where an inductor is mounted, which comprises planks aligned along the longitudinal axis of the rotor, made of permanent magnets, to form a composite magnet ring. At the same time planks are magnetised so that between radially magnetised magnets there are tangentially magnetised magnets, with the possibility to produce a magnetic Halbach circuit. The bearing unit of the electric machine comprises magnetic radial bearings placed in gaps between edges of end shields of the power generator and rotor surfaces facing them, and also comprises magnetic thrust bearings placed in gaps between surfaces of end shields of the power generator and rotor ledge surfaces facing them.

EFFECT: improved resource of a wind plant and its power generator, reduced friction in bearings, increased circumferential speed of power generator inductor, self-unwinding of the rotor at low wind speeds.

5 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power plants and methods of power production. The main element of the wind power plant is aerodynamic surface in the form of a wing, in the body of which there is a channel that connects opposite surfaces of a wing. Air sucked into this channel rotates the turbine and the power generator connected to it. The plant may be stationary or mobile.

EFFECT: design improvement.

9 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: vertical-axial wind unit contains a hub rigidly secured in space, located in centre of rotation, where electric generator and rotor are arranged. The rotor contains a cylindrical shaft, from it radially in horizontal plane the power cross-arms exit, they are closed in aerodynamic fairings, at their ends there are vertical blades. The cylindrical shaft with possibility of rotation passes through the guide sleeve rigidly secured at end of the vertical mast. The electric generator contains casing, in its plane the laminated core secured to hub is installed, it has slots in which the winding coils are located. In stator cylindrical cavity the electric generator rotor is located with possibility of rotation. The rotor contains inductor made with possibility of Halbach magnetic circuit creation or with possibility of radial or tangential magnetizing. The electric generator casing is equipped with the first and second shields made with possibility of rigid engagement with the appropriate end edges of the electric generator casing.

EFFECT: invention use results in increased service life and operation reliability of the wind unit and its electric generator due to significant friction decreasing in bearings, increased generator efficiency, reduced weight of the rotating parts, increased rotational speed of the electric generator inductor.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: wind-driven power plant on a continuous wind flow includes multiple wind-driven units comprising wind wheels with a power generator, a heating element and a wind tunnel. Wind wheels with a power generator are installed in underground tunnels connected to a tower, where gas burners are arranged, which develop continuous air flow. In the centre of the tower there is a perforated thin-walled ceramic pipe and a water supply system with nozzles inside, gas burners heat the ceramic pipe, and its diffused infrared radiation is actively absorbed by water vapours, which together with spent heated gases move upwards and heat air in the wind tunnel faster, which develops temperature gradient with environment required for draught, further the flow is reinforced due to difference of atmospheric pressure at the ends of the wind tunnel.

EFFECT: usage of the invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of operation of a heating element, which, in its turn, results in increased efficiency of a wind-driven power plant.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: vortex power plant of a gas compressor unit (GCU) of a compressor station includes a housing of hyperboloid shape (6), which is installed above exhaust pipe (1) of the gas compressor unit; in the housing centre along its axis there arranged is electric generator (8), gas/air flow guide vane (9) and single-stage turbine (10). The upper part of the housing is connected through a bearing support with an exhaust system - Venturi pipe (12) with guide vane (13), which is installed in wind direction; in the lower part of the housing there arranged is an air flow inlet guide vane; walls of its tangential channels are formed with curved panels consisting of gas cooler tubes (4) connected with metal strips; upper ends of the gas cooler tubes are connected to pipeline (7) of hot gas compressed in GCU pump, and their lower ends are connected to collecting pipeline of cooled gas (2).

EFFECT: increasing electrical power of a unit.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Windmill // 2245455

FIELD: wind-power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed windmill has horizontal-shaft rotary carrier-frame, brackets, and sail sheets revolving by means of control gear of 24- and 48-teeth sprockets and chains at speed twice as slow as horizontal shaft; when in upper position, they operate into full wind head and in other positions they are traversing; windward positioning flap vane is suspended from rear part of frame for tilting aerodynamic fairings installed in any inclined part of frame provided with reset springs by means of cables; these fairings function to release air stream above sail sheets and main axis and to stabilize main-shaft speed.

EFFECT: enhanced critical destruction speed and extended service life of windwheel.

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