Shipboard artillery mount magazine

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to weapons, specifically to shipboard artillery mount magazines. Magazine comprises revolving drum, two elevators, two reloaders, drive, ensuring drum continuous uniform rotation during firing, and loading device and re-ammunitioning. Revolving drum is connected to cradle by means of annular rotary support. Rounds reloaders are made in form of four link slider-rocker mechanism. Loading device and re-ammunitioning, ready for automatic firing, is made with provision of round transverse displacement at its entrance to said device and longitudinal displacement at exit from it.

EFFECT: enabling higher probability of ship artillery mount reliable service.

3 cl, 9 dwg



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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: power system of automatic gun consists of 3-sectioned magazine with output channels and arms for guiding cartridge belt, the flexible element and the neck, divided into two channels for supplying two cartridge belts. The magazine sections are arranged parallel to each other. Between the first and second magazine sections there is a flexible element made in the form of an upper and lower flexible arms, one ends of which are fastened to the receiving windows of the gun, and the others - to the vertically mounted necks. The necks are connected by flat curved guides with the output channels of the first and second magazine sections respectively. The second and third magazine sections are mounted adjacent to each other and interconnected from above by a curved guide.

EFFECT: reduction of the length of power paths, reduction of dimensions of power system, increase in reliability of the gun operation.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: multicharged weapon includes a barrel, a trigger mechanism, a belt receiver and a cartridge box. The cartridge box is located below the barrel and is displaced relative to the central cross section of input window of the belt receiver. The box is designed with the belt which links provide misalignment of a cartridge in output window of the box and input window of the belt receiver. The box is fixed at an angle to the specified plane of the central cross section of input window of the belt receiver. Angle is equal to admissible misalignment of used type of the belt.

EFFECT: decreasing weapon dimensions, improving its qualitative characteristics and ergonomics.

6 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, namely, to aircraft wing. Aircraft wing 4 is equipped with gun 8 and ammunition feed box 13 to feed ammunition 9 into gun 8 in cartridge belt. Wing 4 comprises compartment 20 to house cartridge belt fragment 54 to be attached to feed box load opening 14.

EFFECT: better ammunition feed without deteriorating aircraft aerodynamics.

12 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: proposed grenade launcher comprises barrel, breech box, bolt and chamber accommodating cartridge belt feed mechanism consisting on feed lever with feeder. Said lever has guiding groove. Guide is rigidly secured on chamber base and cover is hinged thereto. Upper and lower rollers are arranged on the bolt. Upper roller is arranged to interact with guiding groove, while lower roller interacts with the guide. Carriage with feeder is pivoted to feed lever.

EFFECT: reduced inertial loads, improved combat performances.

3 dwg

FIELD: weapons.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to defense equipment and may be used in gun turrets with tape munitions supply. Cartridge magazine of automatic grenade launcher consists of several compartments with covers that are formed by horizontal partitions. Compartments are formed with horizontal partitions. Partitions are hingedly fixed on magazine casing wall with their one end and with the opposite end fixed by spring-loaded axis-fixator, which is installed in horizontal slots arranged in magazine casing. Rotary rollers are installed between compartments. Cover of top compartment is provided with flanging that embraces cartridge magazine casing and is equipped with outlet orifice. Distance between top partition and cover, roller and lateral side of magazine casing provides for free passage of cartridge tape.

EFFECT: higher reliability of feeding system of automatic grenade launcher and makes it possible to use it in small-sized armor.

4 dwg

FIELD: small arms-machine guns with a belt feed for a shot of a great number of cartridges enclosed in cartridge cases the cartridge cases are tied together to form a belt.

SUBSTANCE: the machine gun has a great number of parallel barrels installed for rotation about the cartridges enclosed in cartridge cases, the mentioned trays are installed for rotation about the axis with the mentioned parallel barrels, in which the great number of trays in the operating position is aligned in axis with the respective barrels, body and a breechblock. The body and the mentioned trays in the operating position are engageable with the cartridge cases keeping the cartridges so as to form the cartridge chambers with the mentioned breechblock, the breechblock has a guide for engagement with the feed lever on the cartridges so as to insert the cartridge and the cartridge case in the barrel. In addition the machine gun has an ignition mechanism for initiation of the propellant charge in one or several cartridges held by the trays in the operating position.

EFFECT: enhanced of fire.

34 cl, 15 dwg

The invention relates to small arms and can be used to create more accurate structures of complexes, infantry and mounted on different carriers

The invention relates to equipment and can be used in small arms and cannon units tape Bohemianism

The invention relates to military technology, in particular to combat machines, armed artillery guns and automatic small arms with belt feeding

The invention relates to the field of military technology and can be used in the construction of automatic weapons, combat vehicles, including

Gun block retainer // 2541600

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: proposed retainer consists of the drive articulated by cam with spring-loaded locking rod. Said drive is composed of electrical translational mechanism. Mechanism rod is provided with cam interacting by its skewed surface with mate surface of locking rod, lengthwise axis of the latter being perpendicular to rod axis. Locking rod end has conical surface to interact with conical surface of spring-loaded sleeve secured in the bore of bracket arranged and gun unit. Cam rear part is constricted by slider displacing along rod axis.

EFFECT: decreased gun unlocking force, simplified design.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: automatic weapon is made in five versions. According to the first version two magazines - consumable and reserve - are installed transversely next to each other into one seat, the reserve one is pressed in direction of the consumable one, the consumable one at the other side is fixed by movable fixators, and in the weapon there is a wedge/wedges or cross-beam/cross-beams capable of interaction with the feeder of the consumable magazine and kinematically acting at fixators. According to the second, third and fourth versions the weapon comprises an arched magazine, and their difference consists in the form of the spring in the magazine feeder. According to the fifth version the weapon differs from the weapon according to the first version by the fact that there are wedges made on the movable fixators as capable of interaction with the consumable magazine feeder.

EFFECT: automatic disconnection of an empty magazine and its automatic installation in place of another magazine.

22 cl, 21 dwg

Ammunition feeder // 2502033

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: feeder of carriage-mounted automatic gun comprises intermediate and main magazines. Main two row magazine with one-row feed outlet crosswise in curvilinear path to lateral cartridge outlet. Said main magazine comprises hinged top cartridge extractor, top cartridge being locked under flutelike recess of neck with lateral cutout to extractor passage. Torsion or flexure spring is arranged at neck sidewall opposite said cutout and has breech hole to load the magazine. Neck semicircular cutouts and its contraction make thrusts for top cartridge case flute. Cartridge feeder has top sight hole and hook-like element arranged there inside to allow fast-detach connection with top loop-like end of loading road included in gun outfit and having hook to engage with retainer to set said loading rod to working position between coils of cartridge feeder reinforced spring and at aligned holes made at bottom cover and its lock plate.

EFFECT: higher reliability, ease of loading.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Ammunition feeder // 2491490

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: "bull-pup" type automatic rifle mounted on carriage is equipped with bottom fixed magazine and automatic retainer to be manually cutoff for rifle sliding fire element.. Device comprises box-like single-row magazine furnished with lever-type spring-loaded round feeder arranged at firing element lateral wall to feed round to cartridge chamber by breech block. Capacity of intermediate magazine corresponds to the number of shots in fixed burst fired in recoil from front position or after automatic loading of intermediate magazine from the bottom primary magazine. Said intermediate magazine is arranged at breech box to feed rounds to gun breech assembly in "from top to bottom and sideways" pattern by spring-loaded feeder arranged at barrel hinge arranged across breech end axis to act of rounds in intermediate magazine. Besides the device comprises curved rib arranged inside gun stock to make the component of intermediate magazine wall lateral side to allow its rounds to displace laterally toward breech assembly into bends of intermediate magazine outlet.

EFFECT: smaller lateral size, possibility to shoot from left shoulder.

6 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: automatic fire arms with magazine feed includes a barrel, a barrel receiver, magazine for cartridges. At the barrel receiver there fixed is a longitudinal frame closed by contour or divided into the front and rear component parts, in which there pivotally mounted is the magazine for cartridges capable of rotation around longitudinal axis. Magazine contains two or more compartments separated by the partition (partitions) with magazine fixing at any of compartments matching the channel of cartridges feeding into the barrel before firing.

EFFECT: improvement of military effectiveness of firing due to provision of possibility to select cartridges for certain military mission.

2 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: weapon with magazine feed of cartridges comprises a frame (1), a barrel (2) with a cartridge chamber (3), a lock (4), a double-arm lever (5) with a spring (6). On the lever (5) arm (7) spring-loaded towards the barrel channel, there is a guide element (8). At the end of the arm (7) there is a limiting ledge (9), having two support sites (10) and (11) for interaction in extreme positions between the end of the arm (7) of the lever (5) and appropriate support sites (12) and (13), arranged on the frame (1). The lever (5) has a turn handle (14), and on the second arm (15) of the lever (5) there is an element (16) for lock delay.

EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy of cartridge ramming into a cartridge chamber, higher grouping of shots.

3 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: device to feed ammunition comprises the main and an intermediate magazines installed on a small arms, such a carriage gun in a "bullpup" layout, equipped with an automatic fixator with the possibility of its manual disconnection. The main magazine vessel is equipped with an element for splint connection with a breech wall of a receiver with the possibility to anticipate rolling motion of the main magazine. A pusher of an upper cartridge is made in the form of a rigid element installed on a muzzle vertical hinged joint in a muzzle part of the main magazine neck and is equipped with a breech bevel flag facing upwards for a master ledge acting at the cartridge pusher with arrangement of the ledge at the lower part of the intermediate magazine surface facing the neck of the main magazine. The main magazine neck is equipped with a muzzle narrowing for stopping descent of an upper cartridge case with the possibility to anticipate deformation of a cartridge mouth and the possibility of bullet setting inside the upper cartridge case of the main magazine during its displacement under a fixing chute-like groove for locking a side cartridge output of the neck of the main magazine of the weapon.

EFFECT: higher reliability of ammunition feed device operation.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in catching an extracted tray of an explosive filler with a trap. According to the method, the tray is captured with the prestressed torsion. Then the trap with the tray is brought to the previously open exhaust hatch. The tray is removed into the exhaust hatch opening with the trap grip, driven by the energy of the stressed torsion. And the torsion is stressed with the torque for subsequent removal of another extracted tray. To ensure stability of trajectory of removal of the tray armoured objected extracted from the gun, the torque of the stressed torsion is measured, compared to the rated torque, and if the specified torques do not comply with each other, a correction torque is applied to the torsion until the measured and the rated torques become equal, and from the moment of equality achievement the torsion is fixed. The device comprises an exhaust hatch and a trap, comprising a frame hingedly fixed on the gun barrier, which includes the left and the right brackets, where the grip is mounted, as well as the torsion and a drive for the trap. The torsion interacts with its one end to the left bracket, and with the second end - to the grip. The left bracket is made of three parts, the first of which is rigidly fixed to the frame, and the second one is made in the form of a journal with a sliding support. The sliding support is fixed on the first part coaxially to the right bracket. The third part is mounted on the second part and is made with the possibility of forced rotation relative to the first part for correction of the torsion torque to the rated value with subsequent fixation of the required position.

EFFECT: invention provides for the rated torque of the torsion twisting after assembly of the device and installation into the tank, and also exclusion of collisions with the external equipment of the tank.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: lowering mechanism of cartridges of automatic weapon includes slide with tracer surfaces interacting with front and rear lowering devices which are arranged in slot of barrel receiver and in slot of back-plate of weapon. Cartridge lowering mechanism includes spring-loaded baffle interacting with shell of lowered cartridge and arranged in barrel receiver of weapon. Tripping device and spring-loaded restrictor interacting with slide is installed on rear lowering device. One end of tripping device is borne against restrictor and the other end interacts with the slope made on back-plate.

EFFECT: improving operating reliability of automatic weapon.

6 dwg

Feed system // 2399004

FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: feed system is intended for automatic and semiautomatic firearm. Proposed system comprises loaded magazine fitted in firearm chamber, magazine latch and feeder. System incorporates breech-block retainer and magazine latch linkage. Note here that magazine latch can open when magazine is emptied or has the last round, and lock with additional latch linked with ledge made on breech-block stroke path, or with elements intended for premature detachment of magazine from firearm.

EFFECT: simplified loading and shorter firearm reloading.

10 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: fighting vehicles, in particular, means a ammunition feed and charging.

SUBSTANCE: after expenditure of shots in the rotating conveyer, the latter is filled up by shots from the feeding device, which is made in the form of a chain conveyer. Before ramming of the shot to the cell of the conveyer the latter is fixed relative to the combat section. The axis of the conveyer is aligned with the feeding line of the shot feeding device unit by means of turning of the combat section.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of the fighting vehicle due to the increase of the load of artillery shots.

2 dwg