Bicycle car

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drive and can be used in amphibious bicycle cars, attractions, toys, etc. Closest to wheel pedals axes (10) by one side are rigidly fixed on wheels (14) with eccentricity equal to crank (12) radius, and by other is on pedal shaft crank (12). Each pair of pedals crankshafts (18) are installed in bearing supports (8) on amphibious bicycle car semi-frames concentrically to wheels axes. On front semi-frame (1) control handle (4) is installed connected to reducing gear worm (6), and on rear semi-frame (2) reducing gear worm gear (3) is rigidly fixed concentrically to semi-frames rotation axis. For motion and manoeuvres in water on front wheels (14) and rear wheels (15) blades (17) are installed.

EFFECT: invention facilitates control, simplifies assembly and provides use of wheels without central hub and spokes.

1 cl, 1 dwg



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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: transport includes chassis consisting of pneumatic driving running wheels installed at boards of frame. On board running wheels tracks are mounted. Power transmission of transport is provided with foot drive consisting of lever-type pedals with ratchet gears and drive gear unit. Driven sprocket of left board secondary shaft is made in one unit with driven gears of lower and higher gears immovably mounted on the shaft. Driven sprocket of left board rear shaft is also immovably mounted on the shaft. At the left board, driving running wheels are mounted on secondary and rear shafts. Driven sprockets of secondary and rear shafts are entrained about by endless chain. At the right board, drive running wheels are also mounted on secondary and rear shafts. On secondary and rear shafts, on left and right boards, on splines the cam clutches are installed. Driving running wheels are fitted with free-wheel clutches. Transport movement is performed by means of operator action on pedals by reciprocating movement of legs. Transport control is provided by cam clutches using control levers of left and right boards which levers engage and disengage torque transmission via shafts to driving running wheels of boards. To remove snow from territory attachments with delivery chute with worm and worm gear wheels are mounted on transport frame. To remove yard waste from territory attachment with shaft-type utility brush with drive wheel is mounted on transport frame. Through rotation of drive wheel against running wheel of transport by friction by treads during transport movement, waste is displaced towards wayside by brush rotation. Putting equipment into operation is performed by manual operation of lever of the first kind. For: tillage, harrowing, mellowing, cultivation of ground areas and weeds removal and if necessary - for cargo transportation following attachments are hitched to the transport: plough, harrow, cultivator or load trolley.

EFFECT: transport movement on lower and higher gears is possible without tracks.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: bicycle drive includes pedal unit, frame connected with at least one drive package. In the first version, the drive package is made in the form of profiled disk of variable radius which disk is installed on rear wheel free play unit, flexible component and driving disk installed on pedal unit. In the butt end of disks, a channel for flexible component laying is made which component by its one end is secured on rear wheel disk at the point of minimum radius, and by its other end is secured on driving disk of pedal unit at its upper point. In the second version, the drive package represents free play units with the same profiled disks of variable radius installed on left and right rear wheels. In the butt end of disks, channels for flexible components laying are made which components by their one end are secured on the mentioned disks of rear wheel, and by their second end are connected with corresponding left and right driving disks of pedal unit.

EFFECT: higher reliability and lower weight of bicycle drive.

11 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to muscular drives with plane-parallel movement of foot levers with use of human gravity when human being is in vertical position and with device facilitating to pass dead positions of drive leverage. The muscular drive of a vehicle and/or muscular exerciser includes chain transmissions, freewheel clutches connected with chain transmissions sprockets fixed on frame. Pedal elements are located on the frame with possibility of frame plane-parallel movement due to muscular force and human gravity. The pedal elements are connected with mechanical drive representing leverage. The pedal elements can move over trajectories maximally approximated to trajectories of human's feet during walking, herewith, there is possibility to apply additional force of human's arms to muscular drive.

EFFECT: higher vehicle and/or exerciser movement steadiness, lower dynamic loads, higher effectiveness.

6 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push cycle with pedal drive. Push cycle comprises cam clutch to run engaged with drive gear and fitted between drive and driven gears to drive rear wheels by transfer of can rotation to drive gear and drive gear. Cam clutch can be engaged with either low gear wheel or second gear. First and second connecting gear run in engagement with low gear wheel or second gear and are fitted on extensions of countershaft. Transfer gear is fitted on both extensions of countershaft to receive rotation from first and second idlers via countershaft and engaged with driven gear for rotation. Low and second gears are fitted on axle with cam clutch. Cam clutch cams are fitted on said clutch, low and second gears so that transfer gear can engage with spinning cam clutch. Cam clutch end has gearshift lever to engage cam clutch with low or second gears.

EFFECT: lower control force, speed change by gearing.

8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed carrier comprises frame and wheels, two interconnected flutes arranged on both sides of said frame to turn about carriage, two rollers displacing in appropriate flute and turning on axle with slide block flange. Axle with pedal flange is secured to that slide block. Slide block can displace in the groove of block fitted on carriage axle.

EFFECT: uniform wear of wheels.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives with reciprocating feet levers and can be used in bicycles, bicycle cars, catamarans, etc. Drive comprises pedal axle (1) supporting the one-way motion transfer mechanisms and drive sprocket (2) interacting with driven sprocket (4) via endless chain (3). Cranks (5) and (7) with pedals (15) and (16) are fitted on bodies of one-way motion transfer mechanisms. Besides, this drive comprises reversing-synchronising shaft (9) with transfer links composed by sprockets or pulleys. Cranks interact via sections (12) and (13) of extra flexible member interacting with at least one adjusting roller (14). Crank locking device is composed of retainer-type (5, 7) limiters (19) and (20) or by overrunning clutch (25).

EFFECT: smaller muscle force to pedals, ruled out dead points, higher reliability and friendly use.

7 cl, 4 dwg

Cycling vehicle // 2523864

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle actuated by human muscle force. The cycling vehicle includes frame with spatial support, propel and steering systems, muscular drive system, muscular drive and electric dive control systems, as well as cowl-cabin and adjustable seat. Steering system includes interconnected steering fork and handle bar. Muscular drive system is made as connection rods located on torque axis. The ends of connection rods are kinematically connected with driven and bypass sprockets. On the driving shaft there are running wheels and flywheels with clutch system elements, as well as driving gear connected with electric machine. The rear spatial support is made as bracket with axle for connecting rods and is aligned with cowl generatices. Muscular drive control system is made as lever with clutch and brake control rocker which lever is installed on axle.

EFFECT: higher coefficient of efficiency and manoeuvrability.

4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: mechanism of kinematical connection of lever pedal elements with drive axle is provided with bushing rigidly mounted on drive frame. Holder is immovably installed on drive axle inside metal bushing. Between immovable metal bushing and drive axle holder there is movable bushing capable to rotate in one direction. The drive axle holder is provided with hole into which plug is inserted, and on the movable bushing at one side ratched wheel-sprocket is rigidly mounted and at the other side ring ratched wheel is rigidly mounted. On the drive axle at both sides bushings are installed which are friction bearings for main conical gears in slots of which keys are located providing connection of bearings with pedal levers. On protruding cylindrical portion of plug bushing is installed which is friction bearing for intermediate conical bearing. Ratched wheel-sprocket and ring ratched wheel provide kinematical connection of pedal levers with link of chain transmission to driving wheel. Kinematical connection is implemented via arrestor catches installed in holes of pedal levers and equipped with compression springs. Drive axle is provided with two locking plates one end of which is rigidly fixed on frame, and on the other end holes are made by which the locking plates fix drive axle by flattened surfaces made on it.

EFFECT: higher drive power.

2 dwg

Push-bicycle // 2520634

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: push-bicycle includes frame with footrest and steering column, front wheel with freewheel clutch, rear wheel, drive. The drive includes drive cross-member with steering handles attached to frame and made in the form of transverse relative to steering column lever pivotally connected with front wheel yoke in its upper part with possibility to rotate in vertical plane matching the plane of front wheel. Drive cross-member is kinematically connected with freewheel clutch by flexible coupling which represents opened chain. One end of chain is attached to drive cross-member being capable to move along it in the space between steering handles and steering column articulated joint. The other end of chain is fixed with possibility of freewheel clutch reverse rotation and reverse chain movement.

EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency of motion.

5 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drives of bicycles with foot pedals reciprocation. Proposed drive comprises drive sprocket, chain gearing with crank, drive sprocket , slider (pedal) with guide and con-rod. In straight stroke of slider-pedal crank turn angle exceeding 180 degrees. In reciprocation and at whatever opposite positions of pedals-sliders of depression of one of them drives the bicycle while zone of transition from one slider-pedal to another makes the zone of their combined operation.

EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to vehicle suspension system and pneumatic system implementation versions. Vehicle contains frame, front and rear suspension assemblies where one of suspension assemblies includes pneumatic spring, seat, steering assembly, engine., air compressor connected with the frame and communicating with pneumatic spring via fluid, control module electrically connected with air compressor, and auxiliary air outlet. During operation, the air compressor draws air from atmosphere and the same time feeds air to pneumatic spring. Auxiliary air outlet is located under seat and communicates via fluid with air compressor for selective air feeding from air compressor to device other than pneumatic spring. The seat is made removable or swivelling to provide access to auxiliary air outlet. According to the second version, vehicle contains the third suspension assembly, and the first wheel of the first suspension assembly/ the second wheel of the second suspension assembly are located on one end of frame, And the third wheel of the third suspension assembly is located on opposite end of frame. The first and the second valve connect air compressor with the first and the second pneumatic spring via fluid. In the third version, the air compressor is located higher than the centre of front and rear wheels.

EFFECT: possibility to use vehicle air compressor with auxiliary air outlet.

29 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: drive and trailed bicycle gangs are three-seat drive bicycle gang with three bicycles integrated in signal gang and integrated by common steering control. Six-seat towed gangs are coupled by ball joint therewith to allow following in one track. Said gang consists of six monocycle of unique design, three of which are arranged in the front triplet and rear triplet. Every bicycle and very monocycle are equipped with friendly soft seats, three-speed con-rod-chain gearings with pedals to integrate biological energy of all cyclist for common drive power. All wheels of said gangs are reinforced and equipped with spring-oil 100 mm stroke shock-absorbers to damp shock caused by road irregularities. Besides they are equipped with spacious luggage racks. Brakes, flash lamps and brake lights allow for safe motion on motor roads.

EFFECT: simplified design, reduced force at negotiating of slopes.

8 dwg

Veloelectromobile // 2518790

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: velomobile includes a chassis frame, at least one wheel, the driver's seat, control pedals, a motor, a gear box, a circuit transmitting motion to the generator, the generator, the first diode bridge coupled to the generator, a generating system switch coupled to the first diode bridge which supplies power to the electric motor through a current controller and the electric motor transmitting power to at least one wheel. By means of a socket the generator is connected to a charger, which by means of the first accumulator switch is connected to a package of accumulators. The package of accumulators is connected through the first accumulator switch to a current converter, which is coupled through the second diode bridge to the second accumulator switch, the latter is also connected through the current controller to the electric motor, besides the electric motor is coupled to the switch ensuring forward and reverse motion of the velomobile.

EFFECT: saving energy of the accumulator.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates range rovers. Proposed range rover comprises frame, four wheels, seat steering assembly and cargo body articulated to the frame. Cargo body includes body carcass with front wall, two sidewalls, first bottom jointed with bottom end of front and two sidewalls, partially open rear side, second bottom and rear swivel side. In compliance with first version, second bottom is selectively retained in cargo body above first bottom. Second bottom, when retained above first bottom, separates cargo body carcass rear side between first open section extending from first bottom to second bottom and second open section extending from second bottom to sidewall top end. Rear swivel side closed selectively one of first and second open sections. In compliance with second version, second bottom is retained in cargo body above first bottom. Rear swivel side selectively closes open rear side. First cargo space is formed partially between front wall, pair of sidewalls, first bottom, second bottom and one rear swivel side. Second cargo space is formed partially between front wall, pair of sidewalls, first bottom, second bottom and one rear swivel side.

EFFECT: cargo body with double bottom.

20 cl, 13 dwg

Convertible bicycle // 2436702

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tricycle that may be converted into baby buggy. Two front wheels 12 and one rear wheel 14 in tricycle configuration are transformed into two rear wheels and one front wheel in baby buggy configuration. Note here that rear wheel 14 turns about frame pivot 102 in transformation from tricycle into baby buggy configuration.

EFFECT: simple and fast conversion.

4 cl, 31 dwg

Balanzbike // 2410279

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed balanzbike comprises frame whereon mounted are rear drive wheels 8 and front turning wheels 9, chain transmissions with pedals 19, seat 23, and handle bar 12 coupled with front turning wheels 9. Frame consists of two vertical frames 1 jointed together by transverse beam 5 to turn relative to each other and to front beam 2 and rear spring tie axle 3. Rear drive wheels are fitted on drive semi-axles 7. Front drive wheels 9 run in sleeves of torsion bar 4 arranged to rotate inside front beam 2. Vertical frames 1, at bike front, are arranged with toe-in angle of 5-6 to the frame longitudinal axis. Steering trapezoid tie rod 10 is arranged ahead of front turning wheels 9 provided with brakes 16. Steering tube 13 is articulated relative to the frame and provided with tension fork 17 interacting with braking drive.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

5 cl, 1 dwg

Tricycle // 2302970

FIELD: transport engineering; microcars.

SUBSTANCE: each of three supports of tricycle consists of two wheels arranged in tandem. Rear wheels 12, 13 and side wheels 14, 15 are axially paired. Engine 4 with coaxially connected generator-starter 5 are arranged longitudinally in pylon 3, their bodies being parts of load-bearing structure of pylon. Body 1 is provided with rear end face 16 rigidly connected with longitudinal beam 17 arranged in guide rollers 28-30. Steering gear of front wheels 6, 7 has turnable posts 8, 9 rigidly coupled with half-forks. Place of coupling of turnable posts 8, 9 with half-forks is located between hinge joints of posts 8, 9. Windows of body are round, with twin contacting glasses provided with similar holes which can be aligned at rotation of glasses.

EFFECT: provision of uniform distribution of load among wheels to increase cross-country capacity and stability at braking.

4 cl, 8 dwg

Wheeled vehicle // 2274577

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cars with transmission and friction roller engaging with periphery of driving wheel. Drive of driving wheel 2 is either hand and/or mechanical, being secured on load bearing frame by lever. Guide wheel 13 is used for hand drive with outer surface in form of torus and made of friction material, and for mechanical drive, in form of profiled roller 14 with outer surface made of friction material. Driving wheel 2 is provided with rim 12 of drive which is made for hand drive in form of ring with concave part, and for mechanical drive, outer surface of driving wheel 2 is used as rim. Load-bearing frame 16 secured on base 5 is provided with bent upwards posts 17 made of section material. Lever arranged on one of posts 17 is secured from side of driving wheel 2 to thrust against section web of post 17, both when guide wheel 13 of guide roller 14 is released from drive rim and pressed to drive rim. Steering wheel 7 is fitted on posts 17 of load-bearing frame 16 for turning around vertical axle, being furnished with control arm arranged horizontally.

EFFECT: reduced force required for rolling the car.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foot drive of electric transmission. Proposed small-size vehicle for individual use has base 1 with two driving wheels 3 connected through belts 29 of variable-speed drive with two electric motors 27 supplied by battery 8 and/or generators 11 with possibility of recuperation. Base 1 is hinge-connected with one- or two-axle bogie 4 with two generators 11. Generator armatures are rotated by pedals 14 provided with spiral rods 17 with pull-back springs 17 or equipped with levers and gears for rotating the armature.

EFFECT: increased distance covered without charging.

12 cl, 5 dwg

The invention relates to a muscular vehicles

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foot drive of electric transmission. Proposed small-size vehicle for individual use has base 1 with two driving wheels 3 connected through belts 29 of variable-speed drive with two electric motors 27 supplied by battery 8 and/or generators 11 with possibility of recuperation. Base 1 is hinge-connected with one- or two-axle bogie 4 with two generators 11. Generator armatures are rotated by pedals 14 provided with spiral rods 17 with pull-back springs 17 or equipped with levers and gears for rotating the armature.

EFFECT: increased distance covered without charging.

12 cl, 5 dwg