Vibration weakening strips to discharge liquid for aircraft turbine engine fan housing acoustic protection

FIELD: engines.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft gas turbine engine fan housing acoustic protection. Aircraft fuselage acoustic protection device comprises acoustic protection panel (6) with strips (10), weakening vibration. On one side strips are pressed to panel (6) outer surface (6a), and on other side is to fan housing inner surface. Each weakening strip (10) has two opposite edges (14), each of which has upstream and downstream ends, located at distance from each other along central axis (2) direction. One of two strips (10) opposite edges (14) has such shape, that liquid, present on this edge, could flow by gravity in direction of any one or both of its upstream and downstream ends.

EFFECT: invention improves aircraft engine reliability.

10 cl, 7 dwg



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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shaft is balanced during balancing of a rotor assembly of a centrifugal compressor, and impellers are balanced on a balancing mandrel with a conical mounting surface, thus determining and marking on the shaft and hubs of impellers the places of maximum radial beating of mounting surfaces; impellers are put on the shaft with a preload, thus combining marked places on the shaft and on the hub. An impeller is put on the balancing mandrel with a preload so that a cover disc can face towards increase of diameter of the conical mounting surface.

EFFECT: improving balancing accuracy due to minimisation of mounting imbalance of a rotor impeller, which is determined by its deformation at installation.

2 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to machine building and can be used at mounting of rotor assemblies of gas compressor units. When a rotor is assembled, a shaft and all its elements are balanced, the assembled rotor is balanced and fixed to the shafts of a motor and a compressor, mounting disbalances are corrected by weight units, their weight is determined on the basis of the weights of the rotor assembly parts whose disbalances are corrected in these planes, the values of balancing rotor surfaces' beating and the distance from the point of the weight unit installation to the rotation axis. Four points are chosen and marked on every control rotor surface, they are arranged pairwise diametrally oppositely in mutually perpendicular planes. Radial beating of control surfaces is measured in the marked points in respect to the zero point after rotor balancing and after the balanced rotor is attached to the shafts of the motor and compressor. The results of both measurements are recorded, the weight units are mounted on the prepared points in the measurement planes, the weight and points for the weight units are determined on the basis of the proposed dependencies.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improving the rotor assembly balancing accuracy due to the minimisation of local mounting disbalances determined by the eccentricity of installation.

5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used for designing and assemblage of rotors of centrifugal compressors of transfer units. Rotor of the centrifugal compressor containing shaft and installed on it elements, thrust disc installed on the shaft with clearance and interacting with shaft by means of the cone surface and adjacent cone bushing located from the side of shaft collar, pressing ring installed at opposite side of the disc, retaining ring; at that in the shaft (or disc) body a channel is made to connect the clearance between the shaft and disc with the pressure source; at that in it on the seating surface of the disc from the side opposite to the collar a cone surface is made, in it a ring cone element is installed, it interacts with the pressing ring; at that conicity of their surface is higher then conicity of the bushing from the shaft collar side, and ring cone element has end surface interacting with the similar surface of the thrust disc.

EFFECT: invention improves accuracy of rotor assemblage.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: diagnostics method implies that vibration level in information points of the machine body within the informative frequency band is measured, trends of vibration variations in time are drawn up, the obtained values are compared to the rejection limits and the state of the machine parts is estimated on the basis of the comparison results. Change of the vibration trend within the whole service life of the machine is monitored, vibration jumps in time are sorted, trends of vibration overshooting amplitudes are drawn up as well as those of their ratios and increments, stages of machine part damages are stored in memory.

EFFECT: prevention of machine breakdowns under continuous operation by improving the reliability of detecting the machine parts' degradation due to the registration of defects of vibration overshooting amplitudes at early stages that helps to draw a conclusion on the availability of fatigue breakdown process in the machine parts.

2 cl, 7 dwg

Auger wheel pump // 2539934

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed pump comprises housing 1, drain chamber 2, discharge pipe 3, rotor shaft 4, auger 5, wheel 7 and impeller 8, said shaft 4 being hollow. Shaft hollow part is communicated via bore 6 with auger blade channel while by bore 9 with impeller chamber. Impeller chamber is communicated via slit gap in shaft 11 with drain chamber 2.

EFFECT: expanded range of pump cavitation stability, higher efficiency, decreased weight and sizes.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: vibrating-damping strap (10) is to be fitted between blower blade (6) body (12) and blower disc (2). Said strap has radially outer surface (18) provided with at least one plate (16a, 16b) in contact with blower blade body and radially inner surface (20) composed by upstream surface (22) facing the disc (2) and downstream surface (24) separated from the latter by ledge (26). Said upstream surface is located radially inward relative to downstream surface. Upstream surface (22) has zone (101) extending radially inward starting at somewhat distance from its upstream end (22a). Upstream surface (22) of radially inner surface (20) starts from recess (103) from upstream end (22a) to change over to ledge (105) radially levelled in direction of inner area wherein extending zone (101) originates.

EFFECT: decreased wear and scoring of contact surfaces.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used for assembling and balancing of modular rotors of compressors of gas transfer units. According to the method of balancing of the modular rotor the shaft is balanced using the plains of correction unbalances at the ends of the shaft and its coupling and the assembled rotor is balanced, meanwhile the flapping of connecting flanges of couplings with reference to their balancing surfaces are measured, the places of the maximum radial flapping of flanges are determined and marked. Then the marked locations are mated and couplings are joined, the assembly is balanced first with correction of the main vector in the plain of the joint, and then with correction of the main moment of unbalances in plains located near balancing surfaces. After that, couplings are disjoined, the rotor is assembled with arranging of the marked locations in one plain, and it is balanced using the plains of correction of unbalances at the ends of the shaft.

EFFECT: invention is aimed at improvement of precision of rotor assembly.

3 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in rocketry, turbopump units of liquid-propellant and nuclear rocket engines. Turbopump unit comprises pump 1, turbine 2 running in bearings 4 and 5, shaft 3 supporting turbine 2 wheel 6 and impeller 7, case 8, separation chamber 9 with shaft 3 seals 10 and 11, chamber 12 arranged downstream of seal 11 between separation chamber 9 and pump 1, and chamber 13 downstream of impeller 7. Seals 10 and 11 separated turbine 2 chamber from pump 1 chamber. Separation chamber 9 is connected with high-pressure chamber 13 via channel 14. Chamber 12 behind seal 11, between separation chamber 9 and pump 1, is integrated with chamber 13 downstream of impeller 7.

EFFECT: higher reliability of engine starting owing to improved cavitation properties of the pump.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: shaping method of a rotor deviation signal in magnetic suspension systems of a rotary machine with current control by means of pulse-width modulation (PWM control) in an electromagnet consists in supply of PWM control signals to input of power amplifier 1. From amplifier 1 output the signals in the form of polygonal shaped voltages are supplied to electromagnet 3. At the same time, current signals are supplied to current converter 2 of electromagnet 3 with further extraction of a variable component of sawtooth current. Further, it is converted to a signal proportional to curvature of sawtooth current signal at the switching interval of a PWM control signal, and its further conversion to a rotor deviation signal.

EFFECT: simplifying a self control scheme and creating a simpler sensorless magnetic suspension device, which will allow simplifying the structure of supports of a rotary machine and increasing interference immunity of magnetic suspension systems.

11 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: casing is composed of central part and appropriate end parts. Note here that said parts have holes distributed over the entire surface except for area around the impeller. Soundproof coat is located at said casing and outer casing to cover the while asst.

EFFECT: decreased noise.

4 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: soundproof panel comprises a bearing coating and a sound-absorbing porous material fixed on the specified coating. The structure of the porous material is chosen from the group, including: foams, foamed materials, thick felts, and also materials containing combinations of small-size elements, and the porous material itself is selected from the group, including: polymer, metal, ceramic, composite materials and carbon foam. On the side opposite to the bearing coating the soundproof panel comprises a plate, which partially covers the specified panel, besides, an aligning element is fixed on the plate. Another invention of the group relates to an inner fixed structure of a turbojet aircraft engine nacelle, comprising the above soundproof panel. Another invention of the group relates to design of an air intake comprising an edge of an air intake and a pneumatic anti-icing chamber. The edge of the air intake is equipped with the first soundproof panel, comprising a bearing coating, and a porous material fixed on the bearing coating. The first soundproof panel on the side opposite to the bearing coating comprises a plate partially covering the soundproof panel, besides, an aligning element is fixed on the plate. The anti-icing chamber is formed by the specified edge and the inner partition, closing the anti-icing chamber and comprising a bent element fixed by a rivet on the specified plate. The first soundproof panel comprises a porous material with open pores. The air intake design is made as capable of displacement relative to the jacket for performance of service works.

EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to simplify design of a soundproof panel and to provide for alignment of an air intake structure relative to an aircraft engine jacket.

13 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: design of a wall with noise-absorbing insulating properties for an air intake header of a gas turbine plant comprises the first facility for mechanical attachment of an external sheet, which tightly separates spaces at both sides of the wall, and also the second facility for fixation of a noise-insulating material between spaces at both sides of the wall. The first facility includes several l-beams installed on one common plane with their ribs perpendicularly to this common plane, an external sheet attached to the first flange of l-beams. The second facility comprises a noise-absorbing insulating material, which fills the space between l-beams. The noise-absorbing insulating material is enclosed into the space between the external sheet and the perforated sheets attached to the second flange of l-beams. L-beams and the external sheet are made of carbon steel, and perforated sheets are made of stainless steel. The other invention of the group relates to a gas turbine plant, comprising a compressor, air into which arrives via an air-intake header, which includes the above walls.

EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to simplify design of a wall of an air-intake header without reduction of its strength and stiffness.

10 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed assembly comprises first and second elements and connector arranged there between to protect the surface of second element. Said connector comprises structure-forming skin secured to first element and porous material applied on said structure-forming skin and coupled with said second element. This assembly can be arranged in nacelle air intake of turbojet equipped with pneumatic deicer.

EFFECT: decreased weight, possibility of application in high-temperature zone.

22 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: complex air cleaning device (CACD) of gas-turbine plant (GTP) includes a protective cap made from translucent cold-resistant non-metallic material on load-carrying rib-stringer frame, under which filtering elements of accumulating type are mounted on their own power frame on prismatic supporting structures with equally truncated triangular bases. Developed surface made in the form of truncated pyramid is provided on edges of protective cap along its perimetre. The specified additional surface has two design versions: stationary design - without any possibility of changing the surface area of CACD inlet section, and adjustable design - with possibility of changing the specified surface area in one of the design versions. As per one of the design versions, the change of surface area of CACD inlet section is performed by making the developed surface in the form of shutters controlled by means of hinged lever parallelogram actuating mechanisms. Surface of shutters is made in the form of louvre controlled with other parallelogram actuating mechanisms.

EFFECT: increasing operating efficiency of the device owing to improving the operating conditions of filtering elements; reducing the level of hydraulic losses and metal consumption; improving personnel labour conditions; reducing the power consumption for performance of routine maintenance.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: deafening structure may be jointed with cellular structure to produce deafening coating to be jointed to aircraft nacelle.Note here that deafening structure comprises, at least, one porous layer 34 and, at least, one reinforcing structure 36 glued together. Note also that amorphous glue is applied on said reinforcing structure 36 wherein holes or micro holes are made. One porous layer is layer is applied on reinforcing structure side coated with amorphous glue.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

8 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: coating for acoustic treatment applied on the front edge of an air intake of an aircraft gondola, comprises an acoustically resistive layer, a cellular structure and a reflecting layer. The cellular structure comprises many channels, exiting at one side at the level of the first surface and at the other side - at the level of the second surface. The cellular structure comprises cuts or holes arranged at the level of side walls of several channels, making it possible to establish communication between adjacent channels so that a network of communicating channels is established to isolate one or a group of non-communicating channels. At least one of communicating channels is connected with a hot gas input. The other inventions of the group relates to a front edge of an aircraft and an air intake of an aircraft gondola, comprising the above coating for acoustic treatment.

EFFECT: inventions make it possible to join a coating for acoustic treatment with an anti-icing system.

10 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed noise killer comprises walls to shape air intake that are, at least, partially formed by noise killers designed to muffle sound frequencies generated by compressor. Gas turbine engine comprises compressor and channel to feed air thereto with open front end outer opening defined by engine metal housing. Air intake walls are made up of annular parts with inner and outer ends. Inner ends of said annular parts are jointed to metal housing along channel outer opening. Another invention of the set relates to helicopter gas turbine engine equipped with said noise killer.

EFFECT: efficient noise killer.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: when making a coating for acoustical treatment for the leading edge of the inlet of a nacelle of the aircraft, comprising a reflective layer, a cellular structure and an acoustically resistive layer, first the form of cellular structure is represented in digital form. Next, the location of the first row of the first strips that do not intersect each other is determined in a virtual way, and the location of the second line of second strips that do not intersect with each other in order to determine their geometry. The first strips overlap with the second strips to form a channel between two first adjacent strips and the second two adjacent strips. Each strip is cut in accordance with their previously defined geometries. In each strip the cutouts are made to ensure connection of the strips to form a cellular structure with shapes corresponding to the front edge, and a reflective layer, and an acoustically resistive layer are installed. Other inventions of the group relate to the coating for acoustic treatment by means of the above-mentioned method and the nacelle of an aircraft, having such coating.

EFFECT: invention enables to simplify manufacture of coatings for acoustic treatment of the front edge of an air-intake of the nacelle of an aircraft.

8 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: panel contains at least one honeycomb core covered by air-tight coating at one side while at the other side inner coating is perforated. Honeycomb core is formed by end-to-end connection of a number of blocks (B1, B2) with honeycomb core. Method includes the following steps: a) before end-to-end connection of blocks (B1, B2) with honeycomb core cells (A1, A2) are opened at edges of connected blocks; b) blocks (B1, B2) are butted so that opened cells (A1, A2) overlapped each other.

EFFECT: improvement in efficiency of acoustic absorption.

7 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, namely, to turbojet aircraft nacelle. Proposed nacelle comprises air intake to direct airflow towards turbojet blower and central structural element 5 that includes housing 9 embracing said blower and jointed to air intake. Noise absorbing appliance 13 is arranged on a part of said air intake to envelope said housing. Note here that clearance 14 is allowed for between said appliance and housing.

EFFECT: reduced vibration of nacelle.

11 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device is arranged at air intake lower section and comprises extending panel. Lower panel rear section incorporates two small panels that can reciprocate in opposite directions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of protection.

3 dwg