Hydraulic control system for vehicle

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Hydraulic control system for vehicle having engine, contains oil pumps, oil reception part, oil channels and check valves. First oil pump is mechanical pump and driven by vehicle moving force source. Second oil pump is electrically driven pump and driven by electric motor. Oil channels connect oil pumps with oil reception part. First check valve is located between combination point and first oil pump. Second check valve is located between combination point and second oil pump. Combination point is part, where first oil channel and second oil channel are combined with each other. Combination point and second oil pump are connected by means of third oil channel. Third oil channel includes throttle mechanism.

EFFECT: enabling improving of hydraulic control system operating characteristics.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over automatic gearbox shifting process. Proposed process involves the application of electronic gearbox control device. Note here that control device receives maximum engine rpm (EGSmax)from engine control device and compares engine current rpm (EGSakt) with maximum engine rpm. Then, low to high shifting is executed if EGSakt ≥ EGSmax is x, the latter being the calibrated shift.

EFFECT: comfortable motion, decreased wear of engine.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid vehicle control. Controlling unit for hybrid vehicle control which includes the first and the second transmission mechanism; the first and the second engagement and disengagement mechanism and air conditioner compressor. The controlling unit controls transmission so that when vehicle moves at extremely low speeds being driven by electric motor, in case when battery charge becomes low or when air conditioner compressor rotation speed is lower than specified rotation speed the power from internal combustion engine could be transmitted to output shaft by means of engagement of the first engagement and disengagement mechanism.

EFFECT: more optimal movement mode.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheeled vehicle brakes control. Proposed device comprises power supply fault detector, electric power storage battery state controller, means for locking the wheels at parking provided that vehicle speed allows locking of wheels by said means when storage battery state defined by said controller reaches the lowest limit of storage battery charge which guarantees operation of clocking mechanism.

EFFECT: parking at fault of power supply by cheap control means.

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FIELD: automobile production.

SUBSTANCE: system includes a gearbox circuit with an actuating mechanism, a control switch of electric current flow via the gearbox circuit, a control circuit, and a control element. The actuating mechanism actuates an electromagnetic valve. The control circuit allows actuation of the switch. The control element has the possibility of performing alternating actuation of the gearbox circuit and the control circuit. The method consists in the fact that the control element is activated. At activation of the control element alternating actuation of the gearbox circuit and the control circuit is performed to control electric current flow in the gearbox circuit.

EFFECT: preventing movement of a transport vehicle at short circuit in the transmission switching control system.

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FIELD: motor industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes stages, at which an engine torque is established, as well as angular acceleration of an input shaft of a gear box. The gear box condition is determined on the basis of the torque and angular acceleration. The ratio is established between the torque and the angular acceleration. It is determined, whether the ratio matches with the moment of inertia of the input shaft of the gear box. The device comprises a facility to determine vehicle engine torque, a facility to determine angular acceleration of the gear box input shaft, a facility to determine condition of the gear box, a facility for establishment of the ratio between torque and angular acceleration, a facility to determine, whether the ratio matches the moment of inertia of the gear box input shaft. The vehicle comprises the above device.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of a vehicle.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: propulsion plant (2) for vehicle includes output shaft (14) of internal combustion engine (4), input shaft (27) of transmission (8), electric machine (6) which contains stator (24) and rotor (26) and planetary gear mechanism (10) which contains movable components (18, 20, 22). Clutch mechanism (38) can move between the first and the second positions where in the first position the output shaft (14) of engine and input shaft (27) of transmission can rotate at different speeds by means of planetary gear mechanism (10), and in the second position clutch mechanism (38) firmly connects output shaft (14) of engine with input shaft (27) of transmission by means of planetary gear mechanism (10). Output shaft (14) of engine is connected with central gear wheel (18) of planetary gear mechanism. Also, propulsion plant control method is proposed (2).

EFFECT: higher reliability, operational safety, compactness of design.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: motion mode selection controller for hybrid electric vehicle which moves while selecting motion modes contains state-of-charge detection unit; unit for detection of output power requested by driver; unit for correction of output power requested by driver. Selection control unit sets output power low threshold while state-of-charge is lowering thus changing conditions for switching from the first mode of motion to the second mode of motion.

EFFECT: fuel consumption optimisation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: control device for hybrid vehicle contains engine; motor functioning to output vehicle moving force and to perform engine starting; the first clutch element inserted between engine and electric motor; the second clutch element inserted between electric motor and driving wheel. Also, there is device for moving force transfer system load determination. The device also contains unit for control over actuating with engine/motor frictional sliding for engagement with sliding of the first clutch element with engine and for engagement with sliding of the second clutch element with electric motor when rotation speed is lower than predetermined rotation speed.

EFFECT: lower electric motor torque.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle comprises the source of setting in motion. The element of friction engagement engages at selection of the range of driving. Besides, it includes the input rpm control means and means for evaluation of engagement beginning to perform evaluation in response to initiated engagement of friction engagement means. Said response displays that said parameter exceeds or equals the preset threshold value set for the clutch control initiation. Note here that said response varies as the drive rpm changes. Said means for evaluation of engagement beginning starts evaluation after waiting for fulfilment of aforesaid predefined requirement after clutch initiation beginning.

EFFECT: accurate evaluation of the beginning of clutch engagement.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to charge of accumulator batteries of hybrid automobiles. Accumulator batteries charging system for hybrid electrical transportation vehicle comprises high-voltage battery; generator; voltage converter; low-voltage battery and charging generator with drive from power unit. The system includes a control unit, which measures charge state of high-voltage battery; energy flow from generator to high-voltage battery or from high-voltage battery to traction engine. Control unit regulates low voltage of voltage converter so that it is higher than voltage provided by charging generator at high charging level of high-voltage battery or when energy is supplied to high-voltage battery. Control unit also regulates low voltage of voltage converter so that it is lower than voltage provided by charging generator at low charging level of high-voltage battery or when energy is transmitted from high-voltage battery.

EFFECT: increased operational life of high-voltage battery.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly to transmission. Working vehicle comprises engine, transmission, hydraulic pump/motor, accumulator and actuator. Hydraulic pump/motor is engaged between input clutch and output clutch. Accumulator can be charged by hydraulic pump/motor for energy accumulation at vehicle braking. Actuator is connected with accumulator to be drive thereby.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of transmission.

20 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: tractor contains internal combustion engine, generator connected with it, two electric motors mechanically connected with final reduction assemblies, track unit and attachment drive. Electric equipment system has DC segment and power electronic controllers. Low voltage part of this system contains accumulator battery, lighting devices, control instruments and other current consumers. In braking mode controllers provide changeover of electric motors into generator mode and generator - to electric motor mode. In this mode, kinetic energy of tractor motion is converted into electric energy and further transmitted to accumulator battery of electric equipment system low-voltage part, to drive of attachments and power-takeoff shaft, or dissipates in the form of heat in electric motor and generator.

EFFECT: effective service braking of track-laying tractor electromechanical driveline when its assemblies and aggregates are used without employment of additional devices specially intended for its braking and without special devices for accumulation and recovery of excessive energy generated in driveline power network during tractor braking, higher tractor reliability.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid transport facility storage battery controller. Proposed method comprises the steps that follow. Making of the first ICE temperature control circuit. Making of traction battery temperature control circuit. Heating of said traction battery by heater arranged in said second circuit in line with the pump, radiator and traction battery. Besides, it comprises the step of electric power transfer to heater via converter in first temperature control circuit from the motor when storage battery temperature drops below preset level. Proposed system comprises two temperature control circuits. First circuit heater makes the part of second circuit. Said heater is supplied via converter from aforesaid motor.

EFFECT: simplified design.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: machine contains internal combustion engine (ICE), hydraulic pump and driveline generator, two driveline hydraulic or electric motors and triple final reduction gears the first passes of which are made cylindrical and the last - planetary located inside track contour, as well as controllers of electric equipment system. In different machine design versions, additionally following can be implemented: optimisation of length to diameter ratio for driveline hydraulic or electric motors with respect to this ratio influence on clearance and specific pressure of track unit on ground, optimisation of length between drive sprocket axle and bottom surface of hydraulic or electric motors, execution of turns using ICE full power and required ratio between output torques of hydraulic or electric motors, control and limitation of each track slippage and their ground dipping amount, limitation of amount or speed of hydraulic or electric motors torque build-up at the beginning of track-laying machine movement or during its acceleration, as well as electric equipment system devices sealing.

EFFECT: higher cross-country capacity of track-laying machine.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid transport facilities. Proposed vehicle comprises ICE, motor, electric power accumulator, automatic transmission, electric power accumulator residual power detector, required motive power generator, motor motive force generator and control element to define the motor rpm highest step. Besides, it comprises rpm control card and discharge zone differentiation element as well as two converters.

EFFECT: optimum rpm and speed selection.

8 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: rear wheel drive unit includes motors (2A, 2B) to drive the vehicle, hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) installed on drivelines between motors (2A, 2B) and rear wheels, electronic control unit (45) and one-way clutch (50) installed in parallel to hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) between motor and brakes. The one-way clutch (50) is engaged when forward torque is transmitted from motors to wheels and released when reverse torque is transmitted from motors to wheels. Herewith, the one-way clutch (50) is released when forward torque is transmitted from wheels to motors, and engaged when reverse torque is transmitted from wheels to motors. The electronic control unit (45) performs application of hydraulic brakes (60A, 60B) in such a manner that to couple motor sides and wheel sides when forward torque is transmitted from motor side to wheel side.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

20 cl, 25 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle with front and rear wheel drives. Vehicle comprises first and second drive motors and first and second rpm reducers. First rpm reducer decreases first motor rpm. Second rpm reducer decrease second motor rpm at rpm reduction factor smaller than first rpm reducer rpm reduction factor. Said factors of the first and second reducers are set to make rpm of certain front and rear wheels higher than that of other front and rear wheels.

EFFECT: decreased weight and overall dimensions.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle contains combustion engine and power train. Drives of wheel and track mover are provided with electromechanical transmission. Traction electric motors of wheel reducing gear drive and on-board gears of track mover, and generator are connected by electric cables. Accumulator battery, electronic accelerator and recuperative electric brake is connected with traction electric motors control system. Amount of delivered electric power determines traction force on driving wheels and is regulated depending on movers load and road-surface conditions. Control unit regulates energy storage via controlled coupling.

EFFECT: increase in vehicle flotation, its fuel economy, lowering toxicity level, improvement of power transmission efficiency.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hydrostatic transmission contains pumping station consisting of high-pressure pumps and make-up pumps, variable-capacity hydraulic motors to drive vehicle wheels coupled with high-pressure pumps by main hydraulic lines forming circulating hydraulic circuits, force-controlled valves for communicating hydraulic circuits of vehicle extreme wheel drive with hydraulic circuit of middle wheel drive. Bypass hydraulic lines are connected in each hydraulic circuit with main hydraulic lines. Bypass lines are provided with relief valves. Space of relief valves before shutoff member communicates with one of main hydraulic lines, and space behind shutoff member communicates through restrictor with the same main hydraulic line, and through check valve, with drain hydraulic line. Pilot valve is arranged in drain line is controlled by electric device connected with power source by electric circuit in which switching element of relay is arranged which is connected with electric control circuit of pneumatic valve communicating parking brake cut-in pneumatic chambers with source of compressed air and to which electric devices for changing working volume of hydraulic motors of all hydraulic circuits are connected through diode.

EFFECT: improved safety of operation of wheeled vehicle hydrostatic transmission.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; automobiles with positive displacement hydraulic drive.

SUBSTANCE: proposed transmission includes constant-capacity guided-vane hydraulic pump mechanically connected with vehicle engine communicating through pressure, drain and suction hydraulic lines through hydraulic distributor enclosing pressure and drain hydraulic lines and playing the part of reversor with at least one constant-capacity reversible guide-vane hydraulic motor to transmit torque to one or two driving wheels of automobile. Spaces of suction and drain hydraulic lines communicate with space of hydraulic tank. Suction hydraulic line passes through adjustable hydraulic restrictor whose control lever is mechanically coupled with automobile accelerator pedal.

EFFECT: simplified design of transmission, reduced fuel consumption and weight of transmission and its cost, and increased efficiency of automobile.

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The invention relates to Electromechanical traction drive vehicles