Powder feeder for plasma-powder surfacing

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of plasma deposition of products with powder filler material, in particular to powder feeders of plasmatrons or similar devices. Powder feeder comprises casing with outlet chamber and dispensing hole, as well as overlapping element of dosing hole, made in form of shutoff needle. Feeder additionally comprises tube-separator with holes in its lower part and drive, connected with shutoff needle, wherein said needle is placed inside tube-separator and has weight, providing closing of dosing hole with shutoff needle, while there is no drive effect on shutoff needle. Drive may be made in form of electromagnet, fixed relative to casing, and is equipped with vibrator.

EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of quality of welding and stabilization of thickness of built-up layer.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the machine building, and can be used during the fusion welding of the complex steel structures. Under the suggested method the welding is combined with heat treatment with use for this of the heating element in form of the ceramic pad-heated connected via the current switch to the welding power source. Besides, the device contains the electronic and bypass switches, programmable regulator, and thermoelectric converter located on the welded structures.

EFFECT: invention reduces power consumption during post-welding heat treatment, increases strength and reliability of the critical welded structures.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding and can be used for securing of hemispherical structure parts at welding of circular seams. This device comprises reduction gearbox with inclined rotational axis and built-in current feed device with sliding contact and positioning device of hemispherical structure of aluminium alloy arranged to spin at reduction gearbox driven shaft. Reduction gearbox conical gears are engaged via mid teeth pitch diameter with axial squeezing without radial and lateral clearances by means of springs fitted coaxially with rotary pins coaxially with conical gears. Said current feed device with sliding contact is insulated by appropriate sleeves fitted in conical gear hubs, reduction gearbox housing and at drive axle.

EFFECT: higher quality of the weld, decreased residual strain internal stress of welded parts.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the device for electrode replacement in welding device electrode holder. The device has container for spent electrodes with hole, on which an assembly is installed containing throughput channel (7) with longitudinal axis (X), the channel connects with the container the socket (46) holding the electrode holder end ensuring the mandrel. This axis (X) is approximately vertical. Device also contains equipment (46) for the electrode holder mandrel tightening or loosing, equipment (54) for electrode securing in the specified device, and equipment (28) for the spent electrode discharge in the container enabling or disabling.

EFFECT: device simplifies new electrode installation instead of the spent electrode, and reduces time for electrode replacement.

25 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrode replacement device in welding system. This device comprises first part (12) to house the electrode holder (2). Said first part (12) comprises tool electrode holder retainer Second part (14) is arranged around said first part (12) to cover electrode part (8) extending from said first part (12). Second part (14) can be detached from first part (12) at sliding along electrode and revolve relative to fixed part (14) at surrounding it. Second part (14) comprises clamping or releasing means of mandrel (6), and electrode and second part retainer (36) to withdraw it from mandrel (6) when first part (12) and second part (14) are separated.

EFFECT: perfected design.

21 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding. Proposed system (34) comprises heating inductor (36) arranged nearby welding torch or plasma cutter unit (16). Power supply induction source (38) of heating system (34) is configured to generate AC. Step-down transformer (42) is connected with said source (38). Inductor (36) is connected with step-down transformer (42) to receive AC and to induce eddy currents in part (32) to be welded for its heating ahead of moving welding arc or plasma cutter to homology temperature making at least 0.5. Said homology temperature is the relationship between material actual temperature and material fusion point, both being expressed in absolute units of temperature.

EFFECT: higher welding rate, increased penetration and higher mechanical properties and quality.

18 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding. Wire carcass 26 is locked by wire inlet nozzle 27 in butting device 29. Wire inlet nozzle 27 is connected by fastening device 31 to butting device 29, said fastening device being composed of cylinder with at least one spline 36 to make at least two moving jaws 37. Fastening device 31 is arranged at the end opposite the wire inlet element 32 with oval jumper, higher than cylindrical zone.

EFFECT: reliable locking of carcass in welding device.

8 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding equipment, particularly to current feed nozzle for welding to narrow cut at welding of 300-500 mm thick vessels operated at pressure, etc. Current feed nozzle comprises flat casing with welding wire feed channels and those for pendulum tip cylindrical rod and flexible lead-in. Said tip is articulated with said casing and consists of fixed pendulum contact plate and movable contact plate. Symmetric rectangular slots with semi-cylinder grooves are made at lateral surfaces of the casing and pendulum fixed contact plate mating surface. Flexible lead-in consists of several twisted conducting wires fitted in said semi-cylinder grooves and locked by pressure plates having appropriate semi-cylinder grooves tightened by threaded elements.

EFFECT: longer life, higher quality of welding.

7 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding wire feed mechanism casing 10 and casing separator 40. Casing 10 comprises front and rear sides, top and bottom, opposed side holes spaced apart by casing width to receive side panel and separator 40 arranged, preferably between front and rear sides, top and bottom to extend through the center of casing width to divide the casing inner volume into working side 20 and user's side. Separator 40 is composed by the panel with one or several reinforcing elements 60 extending vertically outward from the panel side surface in immediate proximity to spindle mounting position. Said separator is made integral with one or several reinforcing elements.

EFFECT: perfected design.

26 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over welding set 1 and to welding set. Proposed welding set comprises electrochemical storage 2, torch 7 for arcing 6 connected with device 4 of control over I/O device 5 for adjustment of welding current and power section for conversion of electrochemical storage power. Said control device 4 computes estimated magnitude of residuary welding time for arcing 6 depending of the capacity of said electrochemical storage 2 and steady-state welding current. Besides it comprises display 27 to indicate computed residuary welding time.

EFFECT: control device 4 corrects residuary welding time proceeding from actual welding current magnitudes.

13 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device 27 for protection of welding set housing element 26. Proposed device 27 is composed of plate 28. Outer side 29 of plate 28 has ledges 30. Note here that plate 28 is secured to housing 26 so that said outer side 29 interacts with the surface over which housing 26 displaces in changing of its position.

EFFECT: optimised protection.

9 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: welding, namely apparatuses for surfacing inner cylindrical surfaces, possibly electric-arc corrosion protection flux surfacing.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for belt type surfacing of cylindrical surfaces of small-diameter openings is in the form of surfacing attachment and it includes guiding duct for passing welding material. At outlet of said duct there is electric current supply mouthpiece with pressing device. Guiding duct is rectangular one, it has shaped working surface. Contact surface of belt and pressing device is arranged over level of contact surface of belt and current-supply mouthpiece without their direct contact. Width of working surface of electric current supply mouthpiece and pressing device is less than that of fed belt. Pressing device is in the form of pressing roller or pressing plate whose working surface is rounded.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of surfacing, enlarged manufacturing possibilities of surfacing head, improved stability of belt feed, enhanced quality of surfaced coating due to optimization of constructional members of attachment.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: attachments for protecting faces, eyes, respiratory system of welding operators during welding procedures, namely masks and method for making them.

SUBSTANCE: mask includes three-dimensional body of composition material formed by front, lateral, upper and lower walls. Front wall is rectangular one; upper and lower walls are in the form of isosceles trapezium; lateral walls are trapezoidal ones. All walls are formed of one blank. In cavity of mask there is unit for securing it to head of welding operator. In mean zone of front wall there is box frame extending outside and made as one piece with said wall. On inner surface of mask body along each angle formed by walls there are embossed portions or grooves for reducing flexure resistance of walls. П-shaped in cross section rigidity ribs are formed on outer surfaces of front, lateral, upper and lower walls, ribs are shifted relative to embossed portions or grooves and designed for increasing flexure resistance of walls. Flexure portion of wall is arranged between faces of rigidity ribs closed along perimeter of each wall. Lateral, upper and lower walls, upper and lower portions of front wall are convex outside. Mean central portion of front wall around box frame is flat one. On outer surfaces of lateral walls there are thickened portions arranged crosswise, supporting axle of mask mounting means and having concentrically formed radial grooves for fixing member of mask mounting means.

EFFECT: enhanced ergonomic properties, improved strength, small mass of mask.

4 cl, 19 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; welding.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to extension of input of torch for gas-electric welding and plasma mechanical machining which contains pipeline with distal end and proximal end. Distal connecting element is arranged on distal end of pipeline, and proximal connecting element is arranged on proximal end of pipeline. Distal connecting element is made for engagement with connecting element of torch input secured on proximal end of torch input. Proximal connecting element is made for engagement with connecting element of supply source. Distal connecting element and connecting element of torch input form quick-release joint, and proximal connecting element and connecting element of supply source form quick-release proximal joint. So, torch input extension can be quickly installed between input of torch and supply source and disconnected from input of torch and supply source.

EFFECT: possibility of welding on objects arranged at distance from supply source of torch.

71 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: welding engineering.

SUBSTANCE: housing is made of a chute-like member and comprises front, side, top, and bottom walls. The walls forms a housing opened from the back side provided with closed back edge. The intermediate part of the front wall is provided with a window defined by the frame projecting outward and having a means for locking the glass in the window. The sides are inclined at an angle of 35-45° one with respect to the other . The top and bottom walls are inclined to the front wall at an angle of 30-45°. The intermediate part of the front wall is provided with a hollow formed by the top, side, and bottom chamferings arranged around the frame. The top chamfering is inclined to the top wall at an angle of 90-110°, and the bottom chamfering is inclined to the bottom wall at an angle of 90-130°. Each side chamfering is composed of bottom side and top side chamferings. The angle between the plane of the front wall and the plane of the bottom side chamfering is equal to 35-45°. The angle between the top side chamfering and bottom side chamfering is equal to 110-130°, and the angle between the top side chamfering and top chamfering is equal to 100-130°.

EFFECT: improved design.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: welding jobs.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to Electrode holder for manual electric arc welding (versions) and electrode magazine for aforesaid electrode holder and can be used in machine building for producing welding parts. The proposed electrode holder comprises a clamp, handle and magazine. The said clamp represents two two-tooth or four-tooth forks turning relative to each other. Clamp opening brings about a forced removal of electrode calcine from the clamp opening. Note that the electrode holder can be reloaded blindly, not touching the electrode. Note also that the magazine van be detached from the electrode holder and used independently.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of welding.

7 cl, 39 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to welder inverter source and may find application in electrical engineering. Source body includes base, front and back panels with ventilation grates, detachable cover with side walls, and separating panel installed horizontally relative to base. This panel is fixed between front and back panels, which are joined to base and detachable cover to create an upper compartment. High-voltage and low-voltage electronic components are installed in upper compartment. Lower compartment is arranged in the form of air duct, which is equipped with fan and at least the first and second radiators for cooling of the following components installed in it - power transformer, throttles and power rectifying modules. Separating panel has an opening for installation of the first radiator with its flat horizontal surface inside the upper compartment. The first and second radiators are installed with vertical location of fins relative to base and are fixed on separating panel with longitudinal installation of fins relative to air flow direction from fan. The second radiator is fixed with vertical displacement relative to separating panel with creation of gap. Power rectifying modules are installed in specified gap on flat horizontal surface of this radiator.

EFFECT: higher reliability of source operation.

9 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device and method of measuring protective gas 8 in arc welding by analysing it after escape from gas nozzle 27 of torch 10. To analyse protective gas, external instrument incorporates, at least, one pickup 31. Said pickup 31 is arranged at distance 38 from torch 10 equal, in fact, to distance 38 between torch 10 and part 16 in welding to allow simulation of protective gas escape and effects like in actual welding conditions. Pickup 31 is connected with processing unit 32 and, via said unit, with welding apparatus.

EFFECT: fast, accurate and efficient estimation of protective gas effects.

43 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: cleaning device 1 comprises, at least, two coils 4, 11 and opening 3 for mounting torch 5, power supply 7 connected with said coils and, if required, with device to apply washing fluid on torch point 5. All components are arranged common case 2 and controlled one control device 8. To up the cleaning quality and increase cleaning zone, coils may be fed independently by said power supply. Cooler 14 is used to cooling coils 4, 11.

EFFECT: higher quality of gas cleaning.

13 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding guns for welding by metal electrode in atmosphere of active or inert gas. Gun comprises handle. Said handle has body 1 and stick 2. Stick 2 is arranged to turn relative to body 1 to extend partially through the length of said body. End of said stick may turn relative to body 1 through the distance that allows hand to be located between body 1 and stick 2 and body 1 to be located above hand. With stick end interacting with body 1, both stick and body make handle for hand.

EFFECT: ease of use.

5 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: contact assembly 1 comprises lengthwise axle 6, case 7, first contact device 32, second contact device 33 and third contact device 25. Third contact device 25 is arranged between first contact device 32 and second contact device 33 to displace relative to both. First contact device 32 features elongated shape to be fixed in case 7 and extend from first edge 24 located between case first edge 8 and second edge 9 to second edge 31. Second contact device 33 features elongated shape to be suspended by spring in case 7 and extend from first edge 17 located between case first edge 8 and second edge 9 to second edge 18.

EFFECT: uniform pressure on both welding wires.

23 cl, 7 dwg