Measuring hopper to supply powder and binder into welding zone

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to surfacing powders mixing devices and can be used in parts reconditioning and hardening by electric contact welding and other methods of recovery, in which surfacing powders are used. Measuring hopper comprises hopper for powder with bottom discharge funnel and drive mounted outside of it, kinematically connected with vertical rod located inside powder hopper connected with powder shutoff valve. On powder hopper axis binding substance container is arranged, made in form of vertical cylinder, which lower end is made in form of truncated cone, which is powder shutoff valve in mentioned bottom discharge funnel, and upper end is provided with cover. Rod is installed on binding substance container axis. Rod upper end is connected with drive via hole in container cover, and its lower end is binding substance shutoff valve in hole in vertex of said truncated cone. On rod stopper is fixed.

EFFECT: invention enables to perform simultaneous supply of powder and binding substance, and control and batch their supply.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: device contains the housing with a loading window, a supply channel and a nozzle, a feeding screw with drive, and a bin. The bin is attached to the loading window of the housing and fitted with the regulator of the cross section of the loading window. The regulator is implemented as a tray fixed in the bin with a possibility of movement along the loading window. The supply channel is executed with a constant diameter along the whole length of the channel. The screw is installed in the supply channel with a gap 1-2.5 mm with reference to the channel wall. The screw is made with a variable pitch with reduction of pitch towards the furnace charge supply.

EFFECT: detail surface hardening.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of welding, in particular, to a device for assessment of joint surface quality, and may be used in metering control of quality of welded joints produced by soldering or any available welding method, in process of formation of which there is a liquid phase of joint material crystallised in the field of gravity forces, assessment of quality of welding materials and welding equipment. The device additionally comprises a computing unit, where on the basis of values received from the reading device they detect borders of a welded joint in the direction transverse to the axis of the welded joint, detection of welded joint width, building of 2D image of the welded joint surface for each step of reading device movement, building 3D image of welded joint surface from the produced 2D images, detection of the shape of reference surface by normative values of height and width of the joint, comparison of produced 2D and 3D images of the welded joint surface with the shape of surface of the reference and detection of the value of welded joint surface shape deviation from the shape of the reference surface.

EFFECT: technical result consists in provision of qualitative assessment of welded joint surface, which results in increased accuracy of assessment.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding. Proposed process comprises application of cyclic vibratory load to welding pool crystallisable metal, load frequency being varied in an application cycle by linear law from 50 to 250 Hz. Pattern of oscillation input by vibratory device is defined proceeding from part sizes and geometrical features.

EFFECT: more efficient removal of residual strains developed in welds, higher strength and reliability of welded structure on the whole.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: processing of sealing surface at stop valve connection pipe end comprises the steps that follow. Valve top part and body built-in elements are remove from stop vale body to clear the body bore. Clamp counter-support is placed via body bore (14) into connection pipe or the other connection pipe and secured to its inner wall. Machining tool with support is fitted into the body and placed on said counter-support. Said tool process the sealing surface. This tool is withdrawn from counter-support and the body via its bore. Aforesaid clamp is detached from connection pipe and withdrawn via body bore. Valve top part and built-in elements are places at the body. Proposed device comprises clamp with counter-support, fastener (47) to interact with connection pipe inner wall, machining tool with support to be mounted at counter-support.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of processing.

17 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of plastic bags. Heat sealing plate has intake seat (7) to accommodate insert (8) locked thereat. Coupling rod (16) of heater (1) should be fitted in extra seat (11) and, then, through axial passage (10), into axial recess (9). Heater (1) comprises drive to displace said coupling rod (16) along its axis so that rod head (17) engages with internal ledge (18). Coupling rod (16) and insert (8) interact with each other for fitting heat sealing plate (2) at heater (1).

EFFECT: simplified fitting and withdrawing of heat sealing plate (2).

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in ship building, aircraft engineering, chemical machine building, etc. Proposed method comprises setting and fastening of welded joint and its machining by rotary tool arranged at angle a displaced in lengthwise direction relative to welded joint arranged at weld backing. Said backing has a groove arranged along tool displacement path, said tool being composed of cylindrical mill with ledge at its end face. Machining is effects at feeding the mill ledge to welded joint parent metal to depth f=0.05-0.5 mm. Cylindrical mill setting angle is defined such that removal of welded joint excess magnitude by mill face part is made in mill lengthwise displacement and joint plastic straining by said ledge to parent metal level. Invention covers the tool design and relationship of its parameters.

EFFECT: decreased force at tool at large welded joint convexity and irregularity of plastic strain over joint length.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding, particularly, to contact butt fusion welding. Proposed method comprises fitting an clamping the articles to be welded in welding jaws, preheating by current, controlling temperature distribution, heating of particles and fusion and upsetting. Sticker strips are applied to the end of made-to-measure specimen opposite the welded end. Temperature distribution is controlled by colour variation or sticker strip fusion. In case colour leveling or fusion of all sticker strip, preheating time is memorised to output instruction for fusion and welding of ends with fixing of preset heating time in welding. Now, articles are welded together with allowance for set time.

EFFECT: higher quality of welded joints.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to blanks intended for cold forming of structural parts, in particular, car body components. Proposed blank consists of parts welded of steel sheet, band or strip selected proceeding from strength and formability. Components of the part are composed of figures welded in straight lines. Welded seams are arranged in the lines of projection along welded seams of said components on blank side with shorter seams. Blanks feature sizes with machining allowances at the edges to be welded. To optimise cutting-to-length, the components are shaped to figures formed by straight lines with extreme points that feature regular shape (rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, right triangle) with due allowance for shape of sheet, band or strip.

EFFECT: higher strength.

4 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to blanks intended for cold forming of structural parts, in particular, car body components. Proposed blank consists of parts welded of steel sheet, band or strip selected proceeding from strength and formability. Components of the part are composed of figures welded in straight lines. Welded seams are arranged in the lines of projection along welded seams of said components on blank side with shorter seams. Blanks feature sizes with machining allowances at the edges to be welded.

EFFECT: decreased wastes, lower labour input, higher strength.

4 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding, particularly, to method of removing residual strain originating in welded parts. Vibration oscillations are applied in lengthwise direction in vertical plane perpendicular to welded seam axis bi two vibrators operated in counter phase at 50 to 300 Hz with amplitude of 0.8-1.0 mm and arranged in symmetry about welded seam axis on both welded edges.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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FIELD: local vibration treatment of welding seams.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the devices for a local vibration treatment of welding seams and may be used for removal of residual stresses in the metal details mainly having a closed loop of type of pipes, rings, shells made with application of welding. The exciter of vibrations place in symmetry to the plane the welding seam in a zone of the heightened levels of the residual stresses and fix by means of a pin. On the flanges of the body of the vibration exciter by means of covers fix the elastic shell to form a working chamber. The working medium through a coaxially located channel and conjugated with it radial holes is fed in the working chamber. Onto the inlet of the device for vibration treatment of the welding seams by means of the working medium a periodically varying in time pressure is fed from the pressure pump. The pressure developed at that is transferred through the elastic shell to a treated component. The device ensures a purposeful action on those components of the tensor of the residual stresses, which have the greatest levels of stresses and determine the intensity of a stressed state in the dangerous cross-sections. In addition the offered device ensures uniformity of the action along a pipe cross-section perimeter.

EFFECT: the invention ensures determination of levels of the stresses intensity in the dangerous cross-sections as well as uniformity of the action along the pipe cross-section perimeter.

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FIELD: attachments for protecting faces, eyes, respiratory system of welding operators during welding procedures, namely masks and method for making them.

SUBSTANCE: mask includes three-dimensional body of composition material formed by front, lateral, upper and lower walls. Front wall is rectangular one; upper and lower walls are in the form of isosceles trapezium; lateral walls are trapezoidal ones. All walls are formed of one blank. In cavity of mask there is unit for securing it to head of welding operator. In mean zone of front wall there is box frame extending outside and made as one piece with said wall. On inner surface of mask body along each angle formed by walls there are embossed portions or grooves for reducing flexure resistance of walls. П-shaped in cross section rigidity ribs are formed on outer surfaces of front, lateral, upper and lower walls, ribs are shifted relative to embossed portions or grooves and designed for increasing flexure resistance of walls. Flexure portion of wall is arranged between faces of rigidity ribs closed along perimeter of each wall. Lateral, upper and lower walls, upper and lower portions of front wall are convex outside. Mean central portion of front wall around box frame is flat one. On outer surfaces of lateral walls there are thickened portions arranged crosswise, supporting axle of mask mounting means and having concentrically formed radial grooves for fixing member of mask mounting means.

EFFECT: enhanced ergonomic properties, improved strength, small mass of mask.

4 cl, 19 dwg

Video sensor device // 2274527

FIELD: welding processes and equipment, namely video sensor device that may be used at electric arc welding of arbitrary configuration seam by means of industrial robots.

SUBSTANCE: photographic camera 4 is mounted on welding torch 3. Camera 4 includes photo-detector 5 of welding arc irradiation reflected by angle from lightened stripe crossing joining line near welding zone for receiving three-dimensional information related to welded joint, gap or cross section of seam dressing and edge rising; interference filter 6; lens 7 and changeable inlet window 8. Photo-detector 5 is made on base of CCD -matrix. Converter of arc irradiation to lightened stripe is in the form of screen 1 secured to welding torch 3 and forming slot between screen and welded article for passing arc irradiation, reflection of said irradiation from welded article and its coming on photographic camera 4.

EFFECT: possibility for welding different-configuration seams.

3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; plastic metal working.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to forming of butt welds on pipes, at production of pipe studs and U-shaped bundles using localized hot plastic deformation of weld and adjoining near-weld zones. Preparatory operations are carried out on pipes 1 to be connected. Pipes are assembled with provision of contact at end faces. Intermediate member 2 in form of bushing made of filler material is arranged on outer surface of assembled pipes symmetrically relative to butt. Radial compression force is applied to outer surface of bushing to form contact residual stresses between members to be connected. Bushing material and pipe material are welded to each other. Hot butt is subjected to radial upsetting in mandrel to finally form inner surface of butt joint by mandrelling.

EFFECT: provision of quality butt weld without defects and near-weld zone of required structure and mechanical properties.

7 dwg

FIELD: plastic working of metals, namely processes for forming butt welded seams on tubes at making tube studs of U-shaped tube bundles using effect of localized hot plastic deforming of welded seam and near-seam zones.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of preliminarily working tube ends by expanding them from cylinder to cylinder; assembling tubes with use of mandrel and placing intermediate member of additive material between joined end surfaces of end portions of tubes sized by expansion and end surfaces of step ring. Welded seams are formed by argon-arc welding due to melting material of intermediate member at its both sides adjacent to tube ends. The intermediate member is heated up and it is subjected to hot radial squeezing while concentrating its initial deformation in surface layers according to position of ring steps, welded seams and near-seam zones on mandrel for providing size of their outer diameter equal to initial outer diameter of tubes.

EFFECT: improved quality of welded seams.

8 dwg

FIELD: welding engineering.

SUBSTANCE: housing is made of a chute-like member and comprises front, side, top, and bottom walls. The walls forms a housing opened from the back side provided with closed back edge. The intermediate part of the front wall is provided with a window defined by the frame projecting outward and having a means for locking the glass in the window. The sides are inclined at an angle of 35-45° one with respect to the other . The top and bottom walls are inclined to the front wall at an angle of 30-45°. The intermediate part of the front wall is provided with a hollow formed by the top, side, and bottom chamferings arranged around the frame. The top chamfering is inclined to the top wall at an angle of 90-110°, and the bottom chamfering is inclined to the bottom wall at an angle of 90-130°. Each side chamfering is composed of bottom side and top side chamferings. The angle between the plane of the front wall and the plane of the bottom side chamfering is equal to 35-45°. The angle between the top side chamfering and bottom side chamfering is equal to 110-130°, and the angle between the top side chamfering and top chamfering is equal to 100-130°.

EFFECT: improved design.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of protecting optical system components against raising dust in electron beam welding and can be used in welding units with optical or optic-electronic process control means. Optical system comprises electron gun (1) with mirrors (2 and 3) fixed thereon, light source (4) in case (5) and video camera (6) in case (7). Mirrors (2, 3) deflect optical axis (8) of light source (4) and optical axis (9) of video camera (6) from directions (arrows (10 and 11), respectively) of line of sight of welding bath (12) from locations of said elements through angles α1 and α2. Light source (4) in case (5) and video camera (6) with case (7) are turned through angle of deflection of its optical axis by said mirrors to screen both elements from direction of line of sight of welding bath.

EFFECT: simple and reliable protection.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: station is intended for facing and welding of hard-to-reach areas of lengthy products, for instance chambers of air cooling devices. Station is equipped with device in the form of column (3) with welding console (4) of large length and small cross section. Column (3) is equipped with movable base and adjustment mechanisms for setting position of console prior to welding permanent relative to weld seam. For displacement of product (17) in process of welding, on frame (1) there is self-propelled trolley (2) is installed with joined rotary supports. On supports inside console (4) there is a guide tube fixed with welding burner at the end for location of systems for supply of welding current, protective gas, welding wire and cooling liquid to burner. Guide tube of cantilever (4) is joined to mechanism of welding burner oscillation. Panel (24) is intended for control of all station mechanisms.

EFFECT: station provides for high quality of weld seam with expansion of technical possibilities.

6 dwg

Welding tool // 2410218

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises holder for electrode of contact welding, device for positioning of tape pulled by electrode for production of image (20) of welding point, and for analysis of image (20) there is a data processing device (22). Device (22) is arranged with the optical unit (23) of data collection, comprising camera (24) that consists of at least registering device (25) and lens (26). Data collection unit (23) comprises lighting device (27) with diffuser (28) for scattered and homogenous illumination of image (20) of point welding on tape (10).

EFFECT: invention provides for accuracy of welding point monitoring, provides for the possibility of automated monitoring directly on section of welded area.

23 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed complex comprises working tool drive made up of boring bar or dielectric shaft with facing head, carriage to support boring bar rotation drive and feed mechanism provided with appropriate motors, and, at least, two supports fitted on machined part, one being designed to allow accommodating carriage thereon. Proposed complex is provided with fast-release taper joint between carriage and bearing support that comprises collet clamp arranged in the support rotary sleeve.

EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy, longer life.

8 cl, 7 dwg