Magnetic field exposure indicator

FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for prevention and detection of improper use of meters, to indicate unauthorised magnetic field exposure on meters. Present invention consists in that indicator of magnetic field exposure includes: housing 100 (600, 700) with cavity 1010 (6010, 7010), open on one side, where on inner walls 1020 (6020, 7020) of housing 100 (600, 700) formed by said cavity there are support ribs 1030 (6030, 7030); lock 200 (300, 800), having on one of its sides located mainly flush with upper part of said cavity 1010 (6010, 7010) lock crossbar (2010, 3010, 8010), and on sides – fixation petals 2020 (3020, 8020) configured for interaction with said support ribs 1030 (6030, 7030) of housing 100 (600, 700) in order to prevent extraction of lock 200 (300, 800) from said cavity 1010 (6010, 7010) after locking; wherein housing 100 (600, 700) and lock 200 (300, 800) comprise aligned holes 1050 (6060, 7060) and 2040 (3040, 8030) for passing a flexible element, and lock 200 (300, 800) has slots to accommodate flexible element deformed during locking. Magnetic field exposure indicator also comprises at least one display element 2030 (3030, 6050, 7050) in form of magnetic strips arranged: either on at least one mainly flat side of lock 200 (300), and/or on at least one mainly flat side of housing 600 (700) inside said cavity 6010 (7010); wherein in all cases housing 100 (600, 700) is made from non-magnetically sensitive material and is transparent.

EFFECT: increased reliability of indicator of magnetic field exposure and providing protection against unauthorised opening, removal of immediate vicinity of controlled object or re-installation of magnetic field exposure indicator.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device for verification of electricity metering by induction electricity meters consists of in-series assembly of pulse power diode and electrolytic capacitor with active loaded permitting operation at direct current connected in parallel to the capacitor, at that the assembly is placed downstream the verified electric meter. Capacitance value C of the electrolytic capacitor is calculated as per the formula C≈T/2η(1+η)R, where T is alternating current cycle in the mains provided that ratio of charge time η to discharge time of the electrolytic capacitor is many times less than one, for example of about 0.01, where R is active resistance of the load connected in parallel to the electrolytic capacitor and the pulse power diode should be rated for pulse current of IPULSE≈2IR/η, where IR is rated current in the load with resistance R.

EFFECT: simplified design of the device for verification of electricity metering by induction electricity meters in comparison with the known devices intended for the same purpose at operation with active loads permitting operation at direct current.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: counter of mains electrical energy and leaks contains current sensor 1, the outputs of which are connected with the first current-voltage multiplier 3, which, in turn, is connected to the first current-pulse frequency converter 4, current transformer 5 with two primary windings, one of which is connected with phase conductor of the measurement network, while another one - with a zero conductor and with one secondary winding, on which the signal is proportional to a difference of currents of primary windings, while the outputs of the current transformer 5 are connected to second current-voltage multiplier 6, which, in turn, is connected to the second current-pulse frequency converter 7.

EFFECT: possibility for registering of leaks of electrical energy.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device includes accumulation capacitor and power transistor controlled by HF pulse generator with adjustable pulse frequency within 1-5 kHz. Charge circuit of accumulation capacitor switches step-up HF transformer by direct current at negative half-waves of network voltage; primary winding of the step-up transformer is connected in series to the network via power transistor, and secondary winding is linked to accumulation capacitor via high-voltage diode. Control base-emitter transition of power transistor is connected into transformer circuit via first limiting resistor with step-down pulse generator with adjustable interruption frequency of accumulation capacitor charge current in 1-5 kHz range, and discharge circuit of accumulator capacitor connects inductance coil and power thyristor in series with accumulation capacitor back to network, where the thyristor is switched on at positive half-waves of network voltage from step-down winding of LF transformer connected to power network, via a sequence of power thyristor actuation diode and second limiting resistor.

EFFECT: simplified device.

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FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: remote acquisition of data on power consumption at closed object on consumer side is performed by IR imager imaging of heat field directly nearby appropriate outer surfaces of said object and to output said data to imager display. Obtained heat field images are compared. AC current circuit electric power meter is connected to consumer power supply feed wires, without breaking the circuit, outside the consumer side. Data of power consumption on consumer side is received from aforesaid meter to decide on unauthorised and uncontrolled power consumption on the basis of the data on power consumption on consumer side received from said meter and appropriate heat filed images.

EFFECT: simplified process at lower heat losses required for determination.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: analyser comprises reservoir capacitor charged at 1st and 3rd quarters of supply voltage periods by intermittent current. Their discharge occurs smoothly in time at 2nd and 4th quarters of supply voltage periods. Note here that said capacitors are connected in pairs to phase and zero conductors of electric circuit via diode and transistors connected in series therewith with allowance for polarity of said connection of electrolytic capacitors. The latter make two bridge circuits operating in turns in positive and negative half-waves of supply voltage. Thyristor and throttle are connected in series to bridge circuit diagonal to connect every pair of reservoir capacitors for their smooth discharge back into circuit. Note here that windings of both throttles are fitted on common magnetic core with its flux reversal. Transistor and thyristor are ON/OFF by control unit timed by supply voltage.

EFFECT: compact and high-efficiency device.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: calibration device for induction-type electric meters of active energy includes transistors switching capacitor discharge current and controlled by modulated HF pulse generator. The device features bridge design, with first and second branches connected in parallel to electric network and switching a series of capacitor and bidirectional transistor switch out of two similar transistors connected in parallel opposition. The first branch of bridge circuit is connected to phase conductor of network by bidirectional transistor switch, the second branch is connected by capacitor, and diagonal of the bridge circuit includes controlled symistor (bidirectional thyristor), four transistors and symistor are controlled by control unit synchronised by network voltage.

EFFECT: enhanced precision of calibration.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: storage capacitor is used in a device as a load, and its intermitting charge at negative half-periods of the supply mains is made from a stepping up high-frequency autotransformer with a high-voltage high-power diode. At that the autotransformer is connected to the supply mains downstream of the surveyed induction electricity meter through an in-series power transistor and the high-power diode, which passes current only when negative half-periods of the supply voltage occur. Current rate switching for the storage capacitor by the power transistor is made by delivery to its base-emitter junction of a periodical sequence of pulse signals from the generator with an adjusted oscillation frequency, for example, in the range of 1-5kHz, with a power amplifier, while smooth in time discharge of the storage capacitor back to the supply mains is made during positive half-periods of the supply voltage through a thyristor switched on at the beginning of positive half-periods of the supply voltage and an in-series connected inductance coil, which L value is matched to the C value of a capacity as per the formula (L·C)1/2≈10-2 s.

EFFECT: possibility to install the rate of load current interruption, at which the electricity meter of an inductance type has the worst error in correct metering of consumed power.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device contains connected in-series a verifiable electricity meter, calibrated active load and an alternating current ammeter. At that the above measuring circuit with the verifiable electricity meter of induction type is connected to the alternating current mains through a bidirectional transistor current switch controlled from pulse generator with variable pulse-repetition rate through a high-frequency transformer which separated secondary windings are coupled through current-limiting resistors to control base-emitter junctions of a pair of power transistors back-to-back connected by their collector-emitter junctions as a part of the bidirectional transistor current switch. The pulse generator with variable pulse-repetition rate is connected to a frequency meter.

EFFECT: simplification of calibration device for induction electricity meters.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a rotary aluminium disc with rotation axis with W-shaped electromagnet installed at its one side with a voltage coil connected in parallel to the mains input, and the opposed U-shaped electromagnet installed at the other side with a current coil coupled to the mains phase circuit in series to the load, as well as a register of the electricity meter coupled to the rotation axis. At that at the U-shaped electromagnet there is an additional current winding, both current windings are coupled to input phase conductor at the mains input through two high-voltage high-power diodes related to the phase conductor by different polarities while the other ends of current windings are interconnected thus forming an output phase conductor coupled to the load. Two circuits of parallel electrolytic capacitors and low-voltage diodes suppressing extra currents excited by the transformer in current windings are coupled to both current windings separately. Polarities of these low-voltage diodes, electrolytic capacitors and high-voltage high-power diodes match each other for each of the two phase circuits; and current windings are coupled so that they generate in the U-shaped magnet core a magnetic field with frequency of the mains.

EFFECT: provision of protection for induction electricity meters from incorrect registration when high-frequency interruptions of operating current occur in active loads capable of such interruptions.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: scheme for testing of inductive electric meters is based on a transformer with stepping-up and stepping-down secondary windings, to the primary winding of this transformer powered-on by the alternating current mains a circuit is connected which is composed of in-series storage capacitor and thyristor, the capacitor through a hi-voltage diode is coupled to the stepping-up secondary winding of the transformer and charged from it at negative half-periods of the mains voltage, and a control junction of the thyristor is connected to the stepping-down secondary winding of the transformer through the opposite in-series stabilitron and diode, as well as a resistor, at that the thyristor is opened during positive half-periods of the mains voltage with a certain time delay from these half-periods beginning.

EFFECT: provision of nonsymmetrical composite load for negative and positive half-periods of the mains voltage which allows testing of inductive electric meters with rotating discs in order to check their protection from reverse motion of the above discs.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method is based upon connecting commercial users to power line through user control devices, transmitting commands of switching load off for all the user control devices. After switching off load of all commercial users from power line, consumed power of power supply line is measured and compared with calculated value of consumed power of line.

EFFECT: higher speed of revealing of non-controlled usage of energy.

FIELD: electric engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has protection automatic machine, flow meter, current converter with two primary windings and disconnecting means. Zero wire of circuit for connection of flow meter is connected to one primary winding of converter at cable input and to second primary winding after flow meter. Secondary winding of converter is connected to disconnecting means, disconnecting a user.

EFFECT: prevented unsanctioned use of electric energy.

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Electricity meter // 2254582

FIELD: electric measurement engineering.

SUBSTANCE: electricity meter can be used for measuring electric energy in ac circuits. Electricity meter has current detector, current by voltage multiplier, current-to-pulse frequency converter, current transformer provided with two primary windings and rectifier. One primary winding of transformer is connected with phase conductor of measuring circuit, and the other winding - with one zero conductor and with one secondary winding at which winding the signal is proportional to difference in currents of primary windings. Outputs of transformer are connected with current-to-pulse frequency converter through rectifier.

EFFECT: protection against burglary.

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FIELD: measurement technology; instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: commercial consumers' load is connected to power supply network through actuating user's devices. Any mentioned unit is subject to remote control through radio channel. Instant values of voltages and currents are measured. Effective values of voltage and consumed load current within one period are calculated on the base of measured values. Data is recorded into memory upon receiving command transmitted by radio channel from center. Simultaneously instant values of voltages and load currents are measured in all the points of connection of consumers to power network. Effective values of voltage and consumed current are calculated within one period taking measured values in to account. Measured values are memorized in memory of units. Measured values of voltage and load currents are read out, total resistances of users' loads are calculated on the base of measured values and phase voltages are calculated in all the points of connection of loads by using power network substitution circuit. Differences in calculated and measured values of voltages are calculated at any unit of network. Sites of non-controlled consumption of electric power are revealed from maximal values of difference between calculated and measured values of phase voltages and value of non-controlled consumed power.

EFFECT: widened functional abilities.

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FIELD: the invention refers to the field of electric measuring technique particularly to the field of accounting of consumption of electric energy and detection of facts of its misappropriation and may be used for definition of facts of temporary unsanctioned switching of the users of electric energy to the lines of electric lighting.

SUBSTANCE: for achieving such result a system of accounting of electric energy is applied for definition of facts of temporary unsanctioned switching of users of electric energy to the lines of electric lighting. At that comparison of measured values of power with nominal values of power is made.

EFFECT: expands functional possibilities.

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FIELD: measuring equipment engineering, possible use for preventing theft of electric energy in two-cable electric networks.

SUBSTANCE: for achieving technical effect, modulating code is generated, containing code of consumer, amount of consumed electric energy, type and time of theft, harmonic oscillation is phase-manipulated in accordance to modulating code. Power of complete complex signal is amplified, and then broadcasted. At control station, signal search is performed within given frequency range by readjusting heterodyne frequency. Received signal is transformed by frequency, its phase is doubled, spectrum width of received signal is measured at main and doubled intermediate frequencies, these are then compared to one another and in case of significant difference, fact of detection of complex phase-manipulated signal is established.

EFFECT: increased reliability.

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FIELD: electric engineering, possible use in industry during consumption of electric energy from electric networks mainly by consumers in homes of individual site development (in the country, city type settlements, horticultural establishments and the like).

SUBSTANCE: for achieving the result, branching of air power line is made isolated by two-strand cable. Place of connection of phase conductors of branching from air electric power line and of injection is preliminarily isolated, and enveloping of isolating PVC strap in place of connection of phase conductors of branching of air power line and injection is made in such a way as to prevent shifting of sealing wire from place of isolation of aforementioned connection.

EFFECT: prevented theft of electric energy by placing a conductor onto branching phase conductor from high voltage line - 0,4 kW, and also reduced costs of conversion of the circuit used for feeding electric power to consumer.

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used in individual and collective control systems. The device, as per invention, incorporates a counter, load cutoff circuit-breaker incorporating a cutoff coil, two identical current transformers wire-interconnected and arranged on opposite ends of the supply cable, all mounted inside a sealed power control box. The said transformers and cutoff coil are connected the power consumption control circuit so that with the misbalance originating in the transformers secondary, due to unauthorised connection of loads, the cutoff coil disconnects the user circuit. The first current transformer is connected to the phase of the power supplier circuit in the area of electric power transmission support, while the second current transformer, along with the load circuit-breaker and the counter, is mounted in the said sealed power consumption control box. The current transformers are connected by a small-section flexible insulated wires within the visibility range of controlling subjects.

EFFECT: possibility of disconnecting the user circuit in unauthorized power consumption.

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FIELD: measuring techniques.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises an earthed or zeroed protective cover with a clamping screw (common bus) on the protective cover of the meter. The meter is connected through screw terminals to the monophase network and signalling element. The clamping screw on the earthed or zeroed protective cover is connected to one terminal of the signalling element, and the other terminal of the signalling element is connected to the zero screw terminal of the meter. The signalling element is in the meter under a cover or clamping cover with an opening for the signalling light. The clamping screw on the earthed or zeroed protective cover coincides with the mounting hole of the holding case of the meter.

EFFECT: wider functional capabilities.

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FIELD: physics, measuring.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measuring equipment and can be used for preventing deliberate disruption of a single-phase meter. To achieve the result connect using clamps the single-phase meter to the network parallel to the winding of resistance and the sequential load of the current winding. Connection of the meter is checked. The generating station is earthed or connected to zero and the operating side with a clamp. Clamping case of the meter is closed and sealed. It is fixed and sealed from unsanctioned separation of the clamp which is earthing or connecting the wires to zero from the side of the earthing device.

EFFECT: increase in functionality.

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