Composite profile and preparation method thereof

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to composite profile made of aluminium, plastic using secondary raw material. Described is a composite profile, comprising a core made of mineral substances, vegetable fibres, additives and plastic of a single type, characterised by that plastic core consists of plastic wastes, as additives contains maleic anhydride MA, and on external surface of core there is a protective layer, which fully covers outer surface of core and is formed by a layer of not used plastic of single type, wherein plastic protective layer and plastic core are related to same type, wherein core and protective layer are made on principle of coextrusion, wherein core and protective layer are integrated with each other only due to production on principle of coextrusion, wherein outer side of protective layer on opposite side of composite section is lined with decorative layer of aluminium foil. Also described is a method of making composite profile.

EFFECT: technical result is obtaining high-quality construction profiles by coextrusion, which have strong connection, long service life, are durable and are widely used.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laminar materials used as components of adsorbing articles, various packages etc, particularly, to painted thin-sheet material including multiple discrete elements. Said material comprises dye built in said thin-sheet material or located at least on one surface of thin-sheet material. Discrete long elements include thinner sections at its distal ends and/or sidewalls. Thinning of said sections is sufficient to create impression other than that created by no thinned sections. Discrete long elements feature diameter of 75 mcm and include at least about 95 discrete long elements per 1 cm2 with height-to-diameter ratio of about 0.2.

EFFECT: better consumer properties.

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FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to self-adhesive multilayer labels and relates to removable plate for a multilayer label, as well as the method of manufacturing the separating layer of the removable plate and to the composition of the separating layer. The method comprises formation of substantially continuous separating layer with adjustable thickness on the substrate of the plate from a composition comprising at least a separating material and an inductive filler, heating the separating layer to cure the separating material. Heating is performed at least partially based on the electromagnetic induction heating of the inductive filler.

EFFECT: invention enables to create a removable plate containing multicomponent separating layer and to optimize the curing process of the separating layer of the removable plate for multilayer label.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: laminated structure includes a layer containing a thermoplastic polymer and a layer containing a thermoplastic polymer and a black pigment as a laser radiation sensitive additive. The layer containing a thermoplastic polymer is free of laser radiation sensitive additives and the layer containing a thermoplastic polymer and a black pigment as a laser radiation sensitive additive has a thickness of 5-30 mcm and contains 40-180 ppm of the black pigment.

EFFECT: font information or an image, the definition and resolution of which are better compared to existing systems, can be incorporated into the disclosed laminated structure by laser engraving without deterioration of visual colour effect caused by intense grey colouring of the base material.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the chemical industry and can be used for obtaining heat-insulating coatings with anticorrosion and sound-absorbing properties on different surfaces. A coating is made from a polymer composition, including a polymer water-suspension composition, containing a binding in the form of a water polymer composition, if necessary auxiliary target additives, and a mixture filler in the form of a mixture of particles and granules of aerogel, ambigel or xerogel based on amorphous silicon dioxide and/or alumina with the bimodal distribution of the particle size in the range from 1 to 10000 mcm and the bulk density in the range from 600 to 60 kg/m3, or their mixture with hollow microspheres, differing from each other in size in the range from 3 to 500 mcm and the bulk density in the range from 700 to 50 kg/m3. The microspheres are selected from the group, including hollow glass microspheres, hollow ceramic microspheres, hollow technogenic (ash) microspheres, polymer microspheres. The ratio in the mixture of microspheres and particles of aerogel in the mixture filler constitutes from 1:99 vol.% to 99:1 vol.%. The ratio between the binding polymer composition and the said mixture filler, vol.%: the binding polymer composition 5-95, the said mixture filler 5-95. The method of obtaining the heat-insulating double-layer coating is also described. First, a layer of the composition, containing as the filler only aerogel with the bimodal distribution of particles in the range from 1 to 10000 mcm, is applied, after which, the coating, containing as the filler only the mixture of hollow microspheres, is applied.

EFFECT: provision and improvement of simultaneous heat-insulating, anticorrosion and sound-absorbing properties of the coatings, in particular of pipeline surfaces, and simplification of the coating obtaining technology.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a sheet (1) with counterfeit protection suitable for gravure printing. The sheet comprises a coextrusion substrate (2) which is made of at least one polymeric material and has an inner layer (10) and at least one surface layer (11, 12). The inner layer (10) has pores (14), and the imprint (20) is attached to the sheet by the method of gravure printing, at that the height of the imprint relief formed with gravure printing exceeds 20 microns.

EFFECT: sheet with counterfeit protection can comprise different protective elements and optical means which enables to obtain the sheets with original appearance and a greater degree of protection.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: film incorporates first and third layers of fluorocarbon polymer moulded from the mix with water or other solvent and powder filler. Second layer is made from polyimide, polycarbonate, titanium, steel or aluminium. Films are used in electronic devices where electronic component and film are packed together.

EFFECT: higher dielectric rigidity, water resistance, opacity and reflection capacity.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: multilayer structure comprises at least one barrier layer made from a composition comprising at least one vinylidene chloride polymer, at least one UV protective layer based on a polymer of ethylene and at least one reflective layer based on ethylene polymer, at that none of these layers serves as a sealing layer. At that the reflective layer comprises a white or metallic pigment or their combination, and the UV protective layer is preferably pigmented with dark pigment. The multilayer structure and products from it can be obtained by co-extrusion. In addition the multilayer structure according to the invention has a lesser tendency to cracking or the formation of microscopic through holes in the barrier layer than foil.

EFFECT: invention enables to store foods, such as milk, for a long period of time without cooling.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to packing systems with sealing section for making peel sealing seam. Peel seam comprises first and second layers each having appropriate sealing surface. One or both layers have at least one or several folds or crimps. Note here that first surface can contact second surface for making sealed seam. Temperature of sealing initiation of at least of one of said layers makes 170F (76.7C) to 350F (176.7C). Modulus of elasticity of at least one of said layers in tension makes 500 MPa-2000 MPa. Note also that at least one layer of said both layers comprises thermoplastic and organic clay dispersed in at least the part of thermoplast. Organic clay comprises plate that feature mean peel magnitude of at least 20 angstroms. Seal layer features mean surface roughness of 1500-5000 angstroms.

EFFECT: reuse of food products, ease of package opening.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multilayer painted thin-sheet material containing multiple discrete long elements to be used as a component of adsorbing articles, various-purpose packages, etc. Said multilayer painted thin-sheet material contains at least 95 long discrete elements per one cm2. Diameter of said elements makes about 50 mcm. Element height-to-diameter ratio makes about 0.2. Said elements have open proximal end, open or closed distal ends and sidewalls. Distal ends and/or sidewalls have thinned sections. Thinning of said sections is sufficient to create impression other than that created by no thinned sections.

EFFECT: better aesthetic, palpable and visual perception.

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Under-roof cover // 2469862

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: cover comprises a layer providing for free diffusion of a water vapour, a metal layer arranged on it. The metal layer for prevention of corrosion is coated with a protective layer, which contains a synthetic material with addition of amorphous SiO2. The layer providing for free diffusion of water vapour is arranged from a spunbonded web and/or film.

EFFECT: mechanical reflection of rain and snow, possibility to control transfer of water vapour between inner space of a roof and environment, and possibility to reflect thermal or infrared beams.

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FIELD: laminated material for manufacture of packaging containers by folding and thermal sealing and packaging containers for liquid food products manufactured from said material.

SUBSTANCE: packaging material 10 has central layer 11 of paper or cardboard and layer 12 of polyolefin with mineral filler on one side of central layer. Layer 12 with mineral filler has thickness of from 30 micron to 100 micron and has mineral particles in an amount of from 40% to 70% by weight of layer 12 with mineral filler. Both sides of central layer are provided with water-impermeable coating of polyolefin.

EFFECT: increased rigidity and provision for manufacture of containers with improved capturing properties.

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FIELD: manufacturing multi-layered films.

SUBSTANCE: film comprises base made of bi-axially oriented polypropylene film and polyolefin film. Before laminating, the polyolefin film is colored. The multi-layered film is oriented in transverse direction or longitudinal direction and transverse direction after laminating. The thickness of the multi-layered film ranges from 8 μm to 26 μm. The method of producing the multi-layered film is also presented.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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FIELD: packing laminated plastic, and also folding roller, including the means for applying patterns of bending lines onto packing laminated plastic, and also to layer for usage in packing laminated plastic.

SUBSTANCE: packing laminated plastic contains one of layers, composition of which includes metallic magnetizable particles, acting as information carriers. Roller contains means for application of pattern of bending lines onto packing laminated plastic, and also additionally contains means for application of magnetic fields. Device for performing technological operation over laminated plastic additionally contains device for applying magnetic field for magnetization of magnetizable particles in laminated plastic.

EFFECT: creation of layer in packing laminated plastic, by means of which it is possible to apply decorative patterns to whole surface of package without necessity to keep free spaces for guiding marks; decreased risk of damage to said marks caused by mechanical influences; it is possible to use whole surface of package as information carrier.

5 cl, 7 dwg, 6 ex

FIELD: food industry; packing.

SUBSTANCE: proposed packing material contains main layer of fibrous material, at least one gastight polymeric barrier layer protecting packed product and at least one polymeric thermosealing layer as surface layer of material. Thermosealing layer includes light-absorbing black pigment protecting product from visible light and white pigment. White and black pigments are mixed with thermosealing polymer thus forming thermosealing layer to impart gray color to layer. Invention contains description of pack for food product formed from said packing material and method of food packing.

EFFECT: provision of packing material of improved barrier layer impermeable to light and resembling aluminum foil.

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FIELD: manufacture of gas-permeable materials containing layer of low-stretchable fabric and microporous coat for use in construction engineering.

SUBSTANCE: microporous coat contains composition of crystalline polymer and filler. Method of manufacture of gas-permeable material includes extrusion of coat on layer of low-stretchable material. Coat is made from composition of crystalline polymer and filler. Tension of non-woven material layer is increased.

EFFECT: enhanced strength or stiffness of non-woven material layers; facilitated procedure of process.

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FIELD: polymer material.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polymeric multilayer fluorescently stained particles widely applicable for distribution of visible information and provides sheet-shaped fluorescence-emitting articles. These have at least two film layers, each of which contains fluorescent dye in polymer matrix. Stained film of the upper layer is characterized by higher resistance to UV emission than stained sublayer film, and article itself has specified fluorescent coloration differing both from coloration of said stained fluorescent sublayer film and from coloration of said stained fluorescent upper layer. Manufacturing process for such articles is also described. Articles may optionally contain light-returning elements suitable as warning signs such as pedestrian crossing signs and signs indicating school zones, which emit fluorescent yellow color.

EFFECT: ensured resistance to weather conditions, increased color durability, and improved coloration characteristics regulated by industrial standards for particular conditions.

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FIELD: polymer items possessing fluorescent properties and property of reflection in opposite direction; information and signaling appliances.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sheet item has sublayer of film coated with fluorescent paint at concentration of from 0.001 to 1.5 wt-% relative to polymer matrix of sublayer, film of overlayer coated with fluorescent paint at concentration of from 0.001 to 1.5 wt-% relative to polymer matrix of overlayer. Fluorescent film of overlayer coated with paint possesses higher resistance to light as compared with sublayer film. Sheet of painted fluorescent film of overlayer lies over sheet of sublayer fluorescent film. Sheet item has selected fluorescent color different from color of overlayer fluorescent film and from color of sublayer fluorescent film. Specification gives description of production of such items.

EFFECT: enhanced resistance to action of atmospheric conditions; enhanced durability of color; wide range of color.

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FIELD: chemical industry; methods of production of the multilayered microporous films.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the multilayered microporous films and, in particular, to the microporous films including at least two microporous film layers and to the method of production of the multilayered microporous films. The film layers may be produced with the controlled size of the pores to meet the needs the customer or for optimization of the different properties of the multilayered films. The technical result of the invention consists in creation of the improved microporous films and specially in development of such microporous films, in which may be achieved the combination of the desirable properties, and also in the method of production of such films. The indicated problem is being solved due to the fact, that the multilayered microporous film includes the first and the second coextruded film layers, where each film layer gains the microporosity at its drawing. At that the first film layer is made out of from the first polymeric composition containing the ethylene polymeric compound and the first pore-forming filler and has the first maximum size of the pores; and the second film layer is made out o the second polymeric composition containing the polypropylene compound and the second pore-forming filler and has the second maximum size of the pores differing from the first maximum size of the pores. At that the second layer containing polypropylene has no the free surface in the multilayered film and so the multilayered microporous film is impermeable for the liquids at the atmospheric pressure. The problem also is being solved due to usage of the different versions of the multilayered microporous films and the method of production of such films.

EFFECT: the invention consists in creation of the improved microporous films, specially in development of such microporous films with combination of the desirable properties and in the method of production of such films.

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Multi-layer product // 2309851

FIELD: multi-layer plastic products.

SUBSTANCE: multi-layer product is made of plastic with strong reflection of infrared radiation, strong shine and selectivity coefficient above 1,15, and includes three layers A, B and C, where layer B is between layers A and C, and layer A contains transparent thermoplastic plastic, layer B has thickness ranging from 15 to 250 micrometers and contains transparent thermoplastic plastic and pigment which consists of transparent carrier material and titanium dioxide layer with thickness ranging from 150 to 200 nanometers applied to it, and where layer B contains transparent thermoplastic plastic. As transparent thermoplastic plastic included in composition of A, B and C layers, polycarbonate may be used. The product which contains aforementioned multi-layer product may be used for cladding walls, barriers, ceiling cover, suspension ceiling, cladding glass for greenhouses, cladding glass for winter gardens, cladding glass for bus stops, ceiling, cladding glass for weakening passing light, replacement of paintwork covers and thermal isolation product.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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FIELD: technological processes; chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in application of alternating layers of liquid-ceramic coating and layers of glass fiber cloth on surface that might have been heated previously. At that substrate may be first coated with liquid-ceramic coat from polymer composition that contains binder, mixture of hollow microspheres that differ in size and auxiliary target additives, then layer of glass fiber cloth is applied on still wet coating, and then again layers of liquid-ceramic coating, and if necessary - a layer of glass fiber cloth again. Coating may be produced by another version, when substrate is first coated with glass fiber cloth, and then liquid-ceramic coating, and later again a layer of glass fiber cloth, if required. Number of alternating layers is defined by necessary coefficient of heat conductivity.

EFFECT: high heat insulating properties of coating.

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