Method, system and computer-readable data medium for grouping in social networks

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to facilities of grouping in social network. Obtaining data on first user friends relationships, wherein data on friends relationships contain one or more friends-nodes. Determining of each of friends-nodes weight coefficient based on obtained data on friends relationships. Forming first circle of friends using first friends-node, having highest weight coefficient among friends-nodes; viewing friends-nodes to find first optimum friend of first circle of friends. Adding optimum friend to first circle of friends and repeat steps of viewing and adding until, all optimum friends of first circle of friends are added to first circle of friends. Determining of each of friend-node weight coefficient based on data on friends relationships and performing grouping by means of weight coefficients.

EFFECT: technical result consists in increase of friends grouping speed.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of aggregating a microblog single message. The method includes receiving a user instruction; sending a triggering message to aggregate a microblog single message to a server, according to the user instruction; receiving or obtaining aggregation data of the microblog single message from the server; and displaying the aggregation data of the microblog single message, wherein the relaying process of the microblog single message is displayed by using an independent message page with an entry of the microblog single message. When the independent message page contains a message, the source of the message is displayed. When the message includes a dialogue message, the original text of the dialogue message is further displayed. When the message includes a relaying message with or without comments, and the relaying number of the relaying message with or without comments is greater than or equal to a preset number, relaying original text and the relaying number are further displayed.

EFFECT: shorter time for finding the required message.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: in the device, the output of an input realisation storage unit is connected to the input of a frame selection unit, the output of which is connected to the first inputs of switches; the output of an arithmetic adder is connected to the input of a frame storage unit, the output of which is connected to the input of a frame averaging unit, the output of which is connected to the input of a useful component estimate storage unit.

EFFECT: enabling filtration of moving digital images in limited a priori data volume conditions.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: system has a control level which includes a topology generating element for generating a topology that describes a set of input multimedia streams, one or more input multimedia stream sources, a sequence of operations performed over multimedia data, and a set of output multimedia streams, and a media processor for controlling transmission of multimedia data as described in the topology, and controlling execution of the sequence of multimedia operations over the multimedia data to create a set of output multimedia streams. A nucleus level includes input multimedia streams, input multimedia stream sources, one or more converters for handling multimedia data, stream receivers and media receivers for providing a set of output multimedia streams.

EFFECT: improved management of multimedia data and solving the issue of filter-dependency during communication between multimedia components.

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FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: general mechanism is provided to store data objects in data bases without significant dependence on underlying data storage. Instead of using expertise programmer to find out, how structure of data base may look like, types of data are defined and complemented with attributes by programmer, and the attributes prompt how according data will be used, and without identification of data base structure by programmer, which will be used to store data. Afterwards data base is created dynamically to satisfy demands coming from complemented attributes. In particular, some number of various tables is created in compliance with planned demands for realisation of access to data. When doing this, optimised data base may be created, in order to provide desired results, without request to programmer to have any special knowledge relative to data bases and according schemes of data bases.

EFFECT: provides for optimised approach to storage of arbitrary structures.

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FIELD: computer science.

SUBSTANCE: method includes processing all different parameters using a computer considering their type, mutual influence and contents in such a way, as for all information to have differentiating signs, excluding interference of solution variants, taken by analyst on basis of multi-parametric objects state. Transformation operation is performed by forming at output of mathematical models of phrase functions, activating generation of word-logical interpretations, showing complex estimation of multi-parametric space of intersection between classes of state of objects on basis of data of telemetric control or information, inputted from terminal systems.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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The invention relates to computing, and in particular to systems, data mining

The invention relates to a system and method involving the use of working with the cards of the mobile stations, in particular the use of the service cards subscriber identity module (SIM block) digital mobile telephone network (GSM network) is intended for services that require effective data protection

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to searching and preparing documents for publication on an information portal. A data preparation system for an information analysis system, comprising an authorisation module, a search module unit and document database, connected to each other to allow data communication, is characterised by that it is provided with a keyword module consisting of a keyword preparation module and a keyword database connected to each other, and a document export module; the document database is configured to form a list of found documents, a list of selected documents, a list of working documents and a list of documents to be exported, wherein the keyword database is built into the link between the authorisation module and the search module unit, and the document export module is linked to the document database and is configured to send documents to be exported to the information analysis system for further publishing of selected documents on the portal of the information analysis system, wherein the keyword database is provided with a submodule having a function for selecting keywords linked with previously selected keywords.

EFFECT: faster selection of relevant documents and preparation and publication thereof on the portal of the information analysis system.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method includes, using time curves, detecting a period of maximum variation of each parameter; for one of the parameters with the highest gradient from the start date of the aircraft to said period of time, counting a whole number of day periods of variation of the parameter associated with solar activity on the surface of the Earth (illumination); determining probable dates of detecting a hydrodynamic phenomenon; with an interval of several hours during each of said dates, restoring the horizontal two-dimensional structure of the field of the parameter over a limited water area; establishing spatial correspondence of field anomalies and the region of detecting a hydrodynamic phenomenon; obtaining the date of detecting the hydrodynamic phenomenon.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining the date of a hydrodynamic phenomenon detected on an image.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: method for automatic iterative clusterisation of electronic documents according to semantic similarity includes converting each electronic document into a corresponding multidimensional vector in multidimensional space, the number of dimensions of which is determined by terms contained in the electronic document; finding the measure of proximity of the obtained vector to each of the vectors already existing in the clusters, which combine semantically similar documents processed previously; supplementing the cluster for which the found proximity measure is minimal with the document to be processed; determining a new vector for the additional cluster; taking as the term of the additional cluster the name of the document in said cluster for which the proximity measure of its vector to the determined new vector is minimal. Thus, when new electronic documents are input, existing clusters are processed as separate documents and not as a set of documents.

EFFECT: simple and faster processing of processing electronic documents and search in a clustered set of documents which are relevant to a search request.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and specifically to intelligent automated assistant systems. Disclosed is method of operating an intelligent automated assistant. The method is carried out in an electronic device having a processor and memory which stores instructions for execution by the processor. The processor executes instructions on which a user request is received, wherein the user request includes a speech input received from the user. Based on the representation of user intent, a plurality of relevant task parameters are identified for the task flow, wherein the plurality of relevant task parameters includes at least one task parameter explicitly expressed in speech input and at least one task parameter logically derived from context information associated with the speech input.

EFFECT: high accuracy of presenting a user with relevant information by taking into account task parameters logically derived from context information.

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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to creation and operation of data base of vacancies and manpower resources. Search system for every selected data element defines its rating and processes data of data base and includes structuring in relational view of data on structure, terms and interrelations as to official characteristics with allowance for taxonomy and ontology of subject area as well as compilation of the rating of indices making the matrix and their ranging. Clients-physical persons define the priorities of criteria for fulfilled job and selection of a company. Besides, they enter the obligatory magnitude of criteria and varying ranged indices for selection of vacancies to be automatically processed by the system in scoring mode. For this, these are ganged after determination of their mean arithmetic value. Client-physical person defines the obligatory values of criteria and varying ranged indices for personnel selection. The latter are processed by the system in scoring mode. For this all candidates selected in compliance with used complex of search criterion after definition of their mean arithmetic value get the rating in the list of resumes of selected candidates for client-physical person the make the decision on.

EFFECT: accelerated search at ranging of data on personnel or vacancies.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer networks, namely to client-server computer networks. The technical result is achieved due to the use of pre-processing on the server for expansion of static views of electronic documents in a computer network. The electronic document can be published from the client computer on the first server computer in a computer network. During the publication the first server computer can create static view of the electronic document and the application for viewing of static view of the electronic document on the client computer. The first server computer can keep static view of the electronic document and the viewing appendix on the second server computer for delivery to the client computer.

EFFECT: increase in network productivity and minimising of delay of delivery of electronic documents requested by users.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: it is indicated that the first set of updates is subject to binding to the first reference point. The need in recording of data of the reference point is determined, which belong to the first reference point, in the repository of the file system that uses copy-on-write to update data of the file system. It is indicated that any updates that occur after the first set of updates are subject to binding to the next reference point. The plans of recording for the first set of updates are generated, and each plan of recording indicates at least the scheduled location in the repository for data representing at least one of the first set of updates. The metadata are updated to specify the data of file system allocation, as well as locations in the repository for file system objects, modified according to the said plans of recording. The logical copy of the metadata is created.

EFFECT: decrease recovery time.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to perfection of road info and to control over vehicle drive proceeding from said info. Proposed method comprises application of road info for control over vehicle drive with the help of electronic control unit that bots the access to road info contained in different sources A, B, C thereof and to location pickup P. Said sources comprises digital map A, carrier company data base B and vehicle local base C. Electronic control unit can select between road data arrays contained in sources A, B, C. Selection is performed in compliance with the quality index of road info in sources A, B, C.

EFFECT: perfected road info.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: information search apparatus comprises N≥2 mask storage units 11-1N, N selection units 21-2N, a frequency divider 3, a time interval generator 4, a search strategy register 5, a transition mask address generating unit 6, a display unit 7, N selection search time controllers 81-8N, a main search time controller 9 and a clock-pulse generator 10.

EFFECT: high probability of timely information search in packet switched data networks, inquiry systems, based on dynamically corrected values of the maximum search time for each search query.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering. A method of providing information support, which includes search on microcontroller specifications, RSS servers and web servers, providing context help on graphic interface elements of the software development environment, where structure is retrieved from each microcontroller specification file, and elements of said structure are merged according to predefined rules into general partitions, followed by creating an entry in a database, creating an index file, wherein the structure of the microcontroller specification and the index of its text content are stored separately on a database server and an indexation server, respectively.

EFFECT: faster process of developing microcontroller software by improving the quality and speed of providing information support to the developer.

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FIELD: data access technologies.

SUBSTANCE: method includes assignment of simplified network address, recording URL and converting numbers into storage system with net access, inputting assigned number into computer, transferring inputted number to storage system, converting number to URL, receiving page matching URL, and displaying it. Method for use in operation systems for message transfer include intercepting system level messages to certain objects and forming pseudonym messages during that. Systems realize said methods.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.

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FIELD: computers.

SUBSTANCE: system has entries memory block, words memory block, control block, substitutions block, n blocks for searching and replacing.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.

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FIELD: computers.

SUBSTANCE: system has nine registers, four address selectors, triggers, AND elements, OR elements and delay elements.

EFFECT: higher speed.

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