Outer wall heat insulating structure

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and can be used when solving the tasks of heat insulation of external walls of existing buildings from inside. This invention will allow to adjust the dew point position and continuously maintain the temperature difference between the inner surface of the outer enclosure and the room air temperature within normal limits. Technical result is achieved due to that the outer wall heat insulating structure providing the standardized temperature difference between the inner surface of the outer wall and the room air temperature differs by that, according to the invention, on the inner surface of the outer wall temperature sensors are installed, on top of the temperature sensors a heating infrared film is fixed, to the inner surface of the outer wall a wooden frame is fixed providing an air layer between the heating film and fixed on it gypsum plasterboards with arranged inside the air layer a moisture sensor, a temperature sensor on the surface of the gypsum plasterboards facing into the room, a room air temperature sensor, readings of which are entered into a computer, all providing switching on the heating film in case of exceeding the rated temperature difference between the temperature on the inner surface of the gypsum plasterboards and the room air temperature, as well as when the temperature drops below the dew point between the heating film and the outer brick wall surface.

EFFECT: technical result of the proposed solution is providing the rated temperature difference between the inner surface of the outer wall and the room air temperature, which means no possibility of freezing the wall and the heat insulation material, condensation, providing the favourable microclimate maintenance.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: barrier element with solar collector includes the inclined tight air slots along its height emerging from external to internal surface of the element, and each inclined tight air slot has variable cross section which decreases towards the internal surface. The element is fitted with the heat-insulation layer implemented as twisted bunches located vertically between external and internal surfaces of the element and with variable length from inclined surfaces of inclined tight air slots.

EFFECT: maintaining of pre-set heat-insulating properties of the barrier element with solar collector, both in presence of solar radiation, and after its effect.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to external insulation systems of buildings. The insulation system comprises insulation elements (1), covered by finishing boards (2), fixed on a combination of shapes (5), installed on a wall subject to insulation (0). Insulation elements (1) and shapes (5) are retained by cantilevers (3), comprising substantially the flat first part (31) of the support and fixation to the wall subject to insulation (0) and substantially flat second part (32) of support, retention and fixation at the adjusted distance from the specified wall for the first substantially flat part (51) of shapes, which contain the second substantially flat part (52) of support for finishing boards (2). Cantilevers are made of material with thermal resistance of not higher than 0.5 V/(m·K). The invention also relates to the cantilever (3) for this insulation system.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify assembly of an insulation system and to improve properties of a building facade.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device for additional heat insulation of external walls of premises in operated buildings includes an air layer filled with a frame and formed by an external wall and facing coated from outside with a reflecting material in the form of aluminium foil. The frame is made from sheet corrugated aluminium foil laid in waves horizontally to all volume of the layer and attached to the facing by wave ridges. The facing is made of composite material, including hard material, for instance, an aluminium plate, heat insulation fibre from basalt material and aluminium foil. The hard material at the side of the room is coated with heat insulation fibre attached to aluminium foil. Composition of the aluminium foil with high coefficient of heat conductivity and fibre from basalt material with low coefficient of heat conductivity they create bimaterial along with the flow of heat flow. Heat insulation fibres from basalt material are arranged on aluminium foil in the form of a row of bundles extended bottom up. Each row of a bundle of basalt fibre is zigzag-shaped and is in pairs made up by serially alternating diffusers and confusors.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce thermal losses from premises via external walls.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system and method of additional facade insulation. The system of additional insulation of the initial facade comprises two or more sections, at the same time each section comprises an insulating material resistant to compression, attached at least to one load-bearing element, besides, each section has an inner side made as capable of placement in direction of the initial facade, and an outer side, made as capable of placement with inversion from the initial facade; an intermediate insulating material made as capable of placement in one or more gaps between the specified sections; a facility of system attachment to the initial facade, besides, the cross section of at least one load-bearing element is T-shaped, which supports the fastening facility.

EFFECT: increased stability, simplicity of insulation system fixation to a facade.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method includes installation of heat insulation pads onto a joint of building structures. Pads are made of foaming material in the form of a profile having a cross section that creates a cavity inside a pad installed on the joint of building structures. The cavity along the width is separated into three parts by two additional shelves, which are inside the profile and have height that is 3…5 mm higher than the height of side shelves of the profile. The pad is installed on the joint of building structures, it is pressed to the surface of joined structures with ends of additional shelves and fixed relative to this surface. Cavities between side and additional shelves of the pad are filled with sealing foam. Excessive foam that leaked through the gap is removed, and the foam left in the gap is protected with a tape. Sections of pads form tight cavities, air in which provides for improved heat insulation.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase heat insulation of joints of building structures and to reduce labour intensiveness of its erection.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: dowel for insulation material, designed to install heat and sound insulation material, has a spacer plastic rod, which is placed into a plastic shell, which on its outer surface has guides, spacer and fastening elements, which are divided into separate zones (A, B, C, D). The lowest end guide zone (A) ends with a cone, and the highest upper zone (D) forms a flat head. To achieve better deepening of the flat head into the material in the shell above the lowest end guide (A) there is a middle transition spacer zone (B), and above it - an upper wedge zone (C), besides, in the middle transition spacer zone (B) the shell comprises a spacer lug or, as an alternative, the transition spacer zone (B) by means of rupture links is connected to the wedge zone (C), in which wedge plates are installed.

EFFECT: improved design.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely to insulation and protection of external walls of residential and industrial buildings against precipitation. The method consists in the installation of thermal insulation panels on the wall, characterised by the fact that the double-layer insulation is produced of composite sandwich panels, mainly with polystyrene insulation and inserts, basalt stone, made in the factory, which is fixed on the surface of the wall anchors or self-tapping screws, joints between combined with sandwich panels are foamed, on the joints and edges of sandwich panels there are flashings installed using the sealant.

EFFECT: insulation and protection from precipitation for exterior walls of residential and industrial buildings and structures, simple installation works for new construction and for insulation and protection of buildings and facilities operated, easy replacement of an insulation facade after the end of life, an insulated facade may be mounted in any climate conditions and temperature conditions at both high and very low temperatures; work done without scaffolding.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: inner space of a panel is lined with foil and filled with hollow foil tubes with diameter of 30 mm or hollow foil channels with dimensions of 30×30 mm laid along the barrier in several rows along the panel width, at the same time the number of rows of tubes or channels is not limited, and is determined by necessary requirements to thermal resistance of the external barrier.

EFFECT: energy resource saving, higher efficiency of external barriers Design of a construction external barrier of high thermal resistance includes a bearing hollow panel.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method for heat insulation of semi-recessed and protruding balconies using a threaded fastening agent includes installation of boards, laying of guides for gypsum plasterboard or another material. A hole is drilled in the guide together with the insulant layer, thread is cut, the threaded fastening agent is screwed until stop, fixed to a brick or concrete wall. Then verticality of guide position is controlled. The guide is fixed. Further the cavity of the threaded fastening agent is filled with polyurethane foam, and the fastening element is cut aflush with the guide surface.

EFFECT: method improvement.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: design of a power efficient heated building comprises heat-resistant barrier structures, a heat-resistant foundation, a water tube boiler with a furnace gas feed heater, a system of heat recuperation between flues and plenum air, and also a system of heat recuperation comprising an attic room, a system of air ducts placed inside heat-resistant barrier structures and a heat-resistant foundation. With the purpose of efficient use of not only heat of ventilation air, but also furnace gases in the heating season for regions with cold climate, a gas mixer is installed in the attic room for mixing of the main gas - ventilation air, convectively arriving from building rooms into the attic room and auxiliary gas - furnaces gases convectively arriving along a ventilation channel equipped with a bypass ventilating exhaust from the water tube boiler feed heater.

EFFECT: reduction of fuel burnt for heating of a building and environmentally hazardous gas and air exhausts, higher level of comfort of building rooms, higher durability of bearing parts of barrier building structures, maintenance of necessary technical and sanitary level of moisture in barrier structures and in a heat inertial space under a building.

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FIELD: building, particularly to produce heat insulation mats.

SUBSTANCE: method involves filling mold with peat mixture; arranging reinforcing net in peat mixture; compressing the mixture and drying thereof. Reinforcing net is tightened by superposing two mold halves. Lower mold half is first filled with peat mixture in layers and the peat mixture in lower mold is compacted up to filling the whole volume of lower mold half. Reinforced net is then placed on upper face of lower mold half so that reinforced net is arranged on peat mixture surface. Then upper and lower mold halves are superposed and connected in superposed state with fastening means so that reinforcing net edges are tightened and jammed due to applying load of upper mold half weight and friction force between reinforcing net and mold halves. After that new peat mixture layer is placed and compacted in mold. Device for above method implementation is also disclosed.

EFFECT: simplified technology and increased strength.

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FIELD: manufacture of building materials on base of polymer compositions; structural material for heat-insulated plates of poly-functional purpose, wall panels for example.

SUBSTANCE: proposed heat-insulating composition contains 70-90 mass-% of polyurethane and 10-30 mass-% of filler; used as filler are sol micro-spheres of combustion products of solid slag disposal with size of particles of 1-10 mcm, no more than 20 mass-%, with size of particles of 30-40 mcm, no less than 65 mass-% and with size of particles of 80-100 mcm, no more than 15 mass-%. Composition has density of 51 kg/m3, compressive strength of 1.36 Mpa and heat conductivity coefficient of 0.124 W/m*K.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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FIELD: building, particularly composite and cast-in-place building erection, for outer load-bearing structure heat insulation due to elimination of cold penetration through joints of reinforced concrete floor structure with load-bearing walls and/or columns.

SUBSTANCE: envelope wall structure includes end surfaces of load-bearing members arranged between cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor panels and blocks fastened one to another with concrete and arranged between floor panels. The structure also has heat insulation. The blocks project outwards with respect to end surfaces of load-bearing members for a distance of not less than 1/6 of block width. The heat insulation is arranged in depressions. Depression walls are defined in vertical direction by end projected surfaces of blocks and load-bearing members and in horizontal direction by lower and upper projected surfaces of blocks and end surfaces of reinforced concrete floor panels.

EFFECT: simplified structure and reduced costs of wall envelope structure, increased thermal properties and elimination of cold joints between floor structure and load-bearing walls.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: expansion bolt comprises polymeric fastening member made of a rod provided with longitudinal opening and locking member made of nail with head. The rod is made of the head zone having pressing plate at its end and main zone. The locking member is set in the longitudinal opening in the rod for permitting the head to be placed in the head zone and the body, in the main zone of the rod. The ends of the head are made of two disks whose cylindrical surfaces are in a contact with the cylindrical surface of the longitudinal opening in the head zone of the rod. The head is provided with finning ribs connected with the disk ends. The cylindrical sides of the disks are provided at least with one chamfering or one longitudinal groove.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of panel junction and simplified assembling of the bolt.

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FIELD: front isolation tile.

SUBSTANCE: surface of tile is useable for direct application of layer of plaster on it. Fibers of tile are packed or compressed in process of manufacture prior to hardening for purposes of forming pressed tiles of mineral wool. Larger part of fibers is oriented in direction, appropriate for thickness of sheet of mineral wool, located on production conveyor. As mineral wool, glass wool is used of biologically unstable fibers with ratio of alkaline components to alkaline-earth components greater than 1. Glass wool is subjected to hydrophobization, so that its moisture absorption on one unit of area in average would not exceed 1,0 kg/m2 after 4 hours have passed and 4,0 kg/m2 after 28 days have passed.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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FIELD: building materials, particularly heat-insulation materials used for all-purpose building frame filling structure erection.

SUBSTANCE: heat-insulated modular structure comprises multilayered shell defining inner cavity and made as plastered reinforced net. Filler is placed in the cavity. The shell is made as rectangular parallelepiped with height h equal to b or 2b, where b is parallelepiped width. Parallelepiped length is equal to b, 2b or 4b. The shell is covered with air-tight heat-shrinkable film. Modular structure comprises stiffening members made as ribs extending along diagonal lines connecting cavity corners and crossing each other. The ribs are provided with slots formed in rib centers to insert the ribs one into another to connect the ribs in cross structure.

EFFECT: facilitation of structure sides mating, increased efficiency of heated building and building structure space filling, improved rigidity and manufacturability, as well as storage and transportation ability.

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FIELD: construction, particularly multilayered walling structures for building erection, namely load-bearing structures of low-story building and self-supporting structure of high-story building and building structure.

SUBSTANCE: multilayered walling structure comprises outer facing layer and inner load-bearing layer arranged between inner and outer ones. Walling structure may have any shape and profile. Outer facing layer has reinforced gunite covering applied on inner surface thereof. Tie members are preferably formed as horizontal bars and connected with reinforced gunite covering.

EFFECT: increased rigidity, stability and strength, improved heat insulation, waterproofing and frost-resistant properties, enhanced manufacturability, decreased labor inputs and material consumption due to total concrete and reinforcement strength usage, extended functional capabilities due to possibility of structure shape and profile change, as well as concrete grade and heat-insulation material choice.

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FIELD: construction, particularly to erect heat-insulated walls of brick, blocks and thin wall panels.

SUBSTANCE: method to erect building wall including spaced apart inner and outer parts involves simultaneously constructing two wall parts, namely inner and outer ones spaced certain distance apart, wherein as wall parts are erected the parts are fastened to each other; filling space defined by inner and outer wall parts with concrete mix including milled modified industrial anhydride, mix setting accelerator, milled expanded polystyrene and water. Mix includes following components (in parts by volume): milled modified industrial anhydride - 0.5-1.5; mix setting accelerator - 0.005-0.015; milled expanded polystyrene - 0.5-4.5; water - 0.2-0.3.

EFFECT: improved service characteristics, extended life and stability of heat-insulation properties.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention deals with structural component for building wall or roof consisting of at least one surface layer and one insulating layer made from mineral fibers, preferably, mineral wool. The insulating layer is implemented in the shape of plate or sheet having two big surfaces located at a distance from each other. The surface layer covers the large surface. Besides the insulating element is made up from mineral fiber sheet laid in weaving manner. It forms partitions directed at a straight angle to the large surface and joined together by their turning points in the area of large surface. In addition, mineral fibers in the partitions are installed at a straight angle, but tilted or parallel to the large surfaces of insulating elements in their turning points. The insulating element surface adjoins the surface layer and mineral fibers are mainly placed in rectangular manner in that area. The insulating element surface is represented with felted cloth at least in some parts of the surface. The invention also discloses the second version of structural component.

EFFECT: improvement of structural component so that it can be produced cost-effectively avoiding increased costs and using simple method of achieving high resistance to insulating element compression.

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FIELD: construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to heat insulation and namely to fastening devices and can be used for fixing heat-insulating materials on concrete surface and brick masonry. Expansion drive dowel consists of a nail with a head, an expansion sleeve, and a dish element. Head is equipped with a core. Dish element includes a clamp plate and a hollow guide part provided with a metal washer. Pin is made from polymeric composite material of one-directional reinforcement with an annular reinforcement winding forming the shaped nail surface. The core contacts polymeric composite material of one-directional reinforcement in non-detachable way. Nail head is located in hollow guide part of dish element with a gap.

EFFECT: achieving reliability of the attachment, manufacturability, and simplifying the dowel erection.

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