Drill string, components having multiple-thread threaded joints

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to drilling components and systems and, in particular, to drilling tool threaded joints, having higher strength, as well as resistance to jamming, cross threading and wedging. Drilling string threaded component includes hollow housing having first end, opposite second end and central axis, passing through hollow housing. There are two threads located at hollow housing first end and having front ends, which are arranged along circumference at distance of 180 degrees from each other near hollow housing first end front edge. Each of said two threads includes number of helical turns, extending along hollow housing first end from its location near hollow housing first end front edge in direction to hollow housing second end. Each of said two threads has thread recess, thread top, permanent thread pitch and thread width. Each of said threads under pressure has lateral side negative angle of inclination.

EFFECT: technical result is improvement of threaded connections reliability.

28 cl, 6 dwg



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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: surface area of a thrust face of a coupling of a threaded connection in a maximum worn-out state is equal to surface area of a critical section of a nipple, which is multiplied by a coefficient of optimum stress of pre-tightening and at the same time, the surface area of the thrust face of the nipple, due to which optimum values of the main parameters of the connection are provided.

EFFECT: improving reliability and efficiency of functioning of a drill column both at drilling and during performance of lowering and lifting operations.

3 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a drilling bit for percussive drilling of mine rock and to its use. A drilling bit includes a drilling head, a connecting coupling having the first end and connected to the drilling head with the first end, a bore passing axially through the connecting coupling from its second end to the first end and provided with an internal cylindrical female thread for connection to the corresponding external cylindrical male thread of a drilling stem, and an impact surface to be borne against an end surface of the drilling stem, which is made at the bore bottom and passes perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the drilling bit. Each cross section of the bore between the impact surface and some part of the bore, where the female thread has a full profile, has a surface area that is less than the cross sectional area of the bore on the bore part where the female thread has a full profile.

EFFECT: increase of strength and elimination of weakness of a bit connecting coupling.

13 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: sealed threaded connection for casing pipes from unplasticised polyvinylchloride comprises a male element and a female element with trapezoid thread profile, the female pipe end comprises an elongated socket with the inner diameter being less than the outer male element diameter by double height of the thread profile. The thread on the male and female elements is fitted by cone sections, the pipe section before the first thread turn is additionally fitted by a lead-in rib made as a cone. Additional leakproofness of the threaded connection is achieved due to a rubber packing ring set after the outer thread of the male element and adjoining the smooth cylindrical part of the lead-in rib on the inner thread on the female element.

EFFECT: improved strength and resistance of the threaded connection to axial and radial loads and the improved leakproofness of the threaded connection.

4 dwg

Threaded joint // 2530689

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to threaded joints for exploration works or for operation at hydrocarbon wells. A threaded joint comprises the first component including a male end with threaded zone placed at the component's outer periphery surface, and the second component including a female end with threaded zone placed at the component's inner periphery surface. The threaded zone of the male end is screwed into the threaded zone of the female end. The threaded zones comprise the respective male and female thread turns including base, tip, connection lateral side and loading lateral side. The loading lateral side of the threaded zone at the female and/or male end is provided with a groove respectively near the base as well as with a protrusion protruding from the loading lateral side of the threaded zone at the male and/or female end respectively. Near the tip the said protrusion comprises a convex surface and a concave surface. When the joint is connected, there is a radial gap between the concave surface and the groove and an axial gap between the protrusion end and the groove bottom.

EFFECT: invention provides for higher reliability of a threaded joint.

20 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to couplers of pump rods for screw pump drive. Said coupler comprises captive nut with inner ledge on one side and internal thread on opposite side, rod body, captive nut and locating nut. Rod body has external thread, wedge-like slit and wedge-like ledge at opposite end. Note here that captive nut and guide captive sleeve are fitted on the rod of wedge-like ledge, locating nut being fitted on the body to contact with its inner ledge. Wedge-like ledge can be arranged in wedge-like slot of adjacent rod at its coupling with the guide captive sleeve.

EFFECT: higher torsion strength and breaking point.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling engineering and refers mainly to threaded connection of drill pipe joints used for geological surveying and oil well drilling. The threaded connection consists of a sleeve, a nipple and a slotted spring installed between the sleeve lip and thrust face of the nipple. At that a gap is formed between the sleeve lip and the nipple thrust face, this gap is liquidated in process of the connection tightening and spring compression and it is equal to the spring pitch and according to its parameters it corresponds exactly to the preset axial load to the inner thrust joint. Upon tightening of the connection the exact axial loads is provided to the outer thrust joint. Reliable functioning of both thrust joints allows increasing axial force of the threaded connection 1.5 times and improving its statistical strength and cyclic life.

EFFECT: provision of the exact preset loads to the inner and outer thrust joints, maintenance of their ratio within the whole operational period.

1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to a pipe component for a threaded joint. The joint on one end is fitted with a thread zone formed on its outer or inner periphery surface depending on the type of the threaded end: male or female. The said end comes to the end surface, and the thread zone along of at least one section comprises thread turns which, if considered in the longitudinal section passing through the pipe component axis, comprise the thread turn vertex, the thread turn base, a loaded side and a striking side. The width of the thread turn vertices decreases in the direction to the end surface while the width of the thread turn bases increases. If considered in the longitudinal section passing through the pipe component axis, the profile of loaded and/or striking sides comprises a central section of a continuous curve fitted with an inflection point. The said profile is convex at the thread turn vertex and concave at the thread turn base. Threaded joint is described as well.

EFFECT: higher reliability of threaded joint.

16 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: connection of shaped tubes of well shutters includes shaped tubes with cylindrical ends, which are equipped with sleeved and nipple thread on mutually facing surfaces. Besides, there are sealing devices of the connection, which are made in the form of two elastic rings. One of the rings is installed in an expanded annular coupling end on the side of internal joint of thread between the mutually facing cylindrical surfaces of the threaded and annular sections. In the nipple end there is a constriction for the second elastic ring on the side of an external joint of thread between the mutually facing cylindrical surfaces of the threaded and annular sections. The external joint is made in the form of tightly adjoining and mutually facing conical tube surfaces. Above and/or below the threaded connection on the cylindrical section there is a constriction in the form of alternating annular bulges and cavities. An elastic cuff is welded on the outer surface of the constriction flush with the cylindrical section.

EFFECT: reducing stiffness of the connection cross section and excluding liquid flow between walls of the shutter and the well.

2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: on the entire length of useful thread there are two or more turns of the complete variation curved thread, in which tension along the average diameter of turns for specified value of fit tension is more than tension along the average diameter of turns of the appropriate reference standard conical thread. The side of the variation bent thread profile is a bent arched surface. The invention also relates to methods and devices for manufacturing of the external thread of the input pipeline, made as capable of tight fit, and also to the pair of fittings with thread of the input pipeline, made as capable of tight fit.

EFFECT: production of a tight threaded joint without usage of seals.

12 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: connection includes "nipple" and "coupling", first elastomeric seal ring that includes integrated L-shaped metal reinforcing ring and second elastomeric seal ring between nipple and coupling equipped with reinforcing ring. First ring is located in first depression near coupling neck. Second ring is located in second depression inside the coupling located between first depression and coupling threaded part.

EFFECT: simplicity and reliability of assembly, increase of efficiency in the course of operation.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: connection and element include at least one mostly cylindrical outer thread and respectively mostly cylindrical inner thread. Outer thread is made at pipe portion, making up a solid whole with component of drilling bars. Threads include side edges and recesses placed between them. Recesses of cylindrical outer thread are placed mostly at a distance from appropriate vertexes of cylindrical inner thread, one of portions with decreased cross-section is partially composed of layer of material with higher electrode potential, than that of steel, made of nickel, chrome, tin, cobalt, titan or alloys thereof.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

2 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

Drilling bar // 2248438

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has bushing and sleeve with inner conical thread on free end connected to the latter, and nipple with outer conical thread at free end, connected to bushing. Thread is made special locking with step p=(10..12) mm, with profile angle α=40°..70° with profile height h=(7..12) mm, while diameter of greater cone base dp is connected to outer diameter of bar D by relation D≥1.05dp with values of D from 63 mm to 245 mm, and inner diameter of bar d is connected to diameter of greater base of cone by relation d≤(0.8..0.9)dp. On outer surface of bar close to each of its ends two couples of mutually perpendicular flats are made.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of metallurgy and mechanical engineering, in particular, to development of the corrosion-resistant steel for percussion boring with improved properties concerning resistance to the corrosive fatigue. These properties are realized in the in the elongated member for the percussion boring, which has a threading and a flushing channel. The corrosion-resistant steel used for production of the boring equipment has the martensite structure with the share of the martensite from more than 50 and up to less than 100 mass % and contains Cr ≥11÷ mass % and 0.1 mass % ≤ C + N 0.8 mass %. The steel may additionally contain Mo ≤5 mass %, W ≤5 mass % and Cu ≤ 2 mass %. The composition of the steel meets the value of the index of the equivalent of resistance to a pitting corrosion (ERPC) > 10, determined according to the formula: ERPC = Cr + 3.3 (Mo + W) + 16 N, where Cr, Mo, W and N correspond to the contents of the indicated elements (in mass percents). The content of the martensite in the steel makes from 75 up to 98 mass %. The standard service life of the drill rods used for the core drilling at boring a rock - mainly from granite has increased up to 2189÷3299 drilled meters.

EFFECT: the invention ensures significantly increased standard service life of the drill rods used for the core drilling at boring a rock - mainly from granite(in drilled meters).

8 cl, 2 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: oil and gas well forming.

SUBSTANCE: joint includes male and female tubular members with conical or cylindrical threads and thrust ends, outer and inner sealing surfaces. Inner surface of female member has conical part made as a chamfer and is terminal thread section. The end is of conical shape and tilts towards outer surface of female member relative vertical plane extending across female member axis. The conical surface mate to that of male member end and has area of transition from complete thread area to inner conical sealing surface having apex on female member axis. Transition part connected to complete thread area is cylindrical and has diameter exceeding that of thread or as a groove with triangular cross-section. One groove wall is terminal thread section. Another embodiment of the joint is also disclosed. Method for forming threaded joint adapted to connect hydraulic pressure tested oil field pipes having union nipple ends involves machining union nipple ends by cutting sealing end, turning outer conical sealing surface and outer tube surface for thread forming; cutting the thread; boring pipe to obtain fixed inner pipe diameter. One pipe end is heated by induction heating device up to t=950-980°C and upsetting tools are heated up to t≈250°C. Before upsetting the tools are lubricated with mixture containing graphite and axle oil taken with ratio of 1:8. Then heated swage and matrix perform combined upsetting of above end from inner and outer pipe surfaces. After the upsetting end plug is inserted in pipe from end to be further processed and upset surfaces are grinded for following machining. The machining process additionally includes turning thrust ledge and outer chamfer. Depression made in the form of groove with diameter less than thread diameter is formed at thrust end of union nipple. Another variant of threaded joint forming method is also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased reliability and air-tightness, improved testability and joint strength during assembling-disassembling and operation thereof.

4 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly for oil and gas extraction from underground formation, namely to join drill pipe sections with the use of strut included in threaded pipe connection.

SUBSTANCE: metal item forming method involves mechanical deforming metal strip, for instance slotted strut formed of alloy selected from group containing Cu/Be, Cu/Sn, Cu/Ni, Cu/Ni/Sn, Cu/Zn, Cu/Si, Ni/Cr, Cu/Al, Al/Ti, Al/Mg, Al/Zn to obtain formed blank including hollow section made as truncated cone without helical slot; mechanical deforming conical section to form helical slit in it.

EFFECT: prevention of plastic threaded connection deformation, increased reliability of drill pipe connection, simplified strut production technology.

34 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: oil industry, particularly to connect casing pipes or production strings.

SUBSTANCE: connection comprises pipes with outer cylindrical thread arranged at ends thereof, coupler with inner thread and sealing means. Pipes are provided with screw grooves located beyond the thread and having pitch equal to thread pitch. Coupler comprises shoulder extending from center of inner surface thereof and with inner cylindrical surfaces abutting the shoulder. Coupler also has ring-like or left-handed screw grooves having diameters exceeding cylindrical thread diameter. Ring-like or screw grooves are located on inner surface between thread and coupler ends. Sealing means is made as resilient rings and resilient bushes. Resilient rings are installed at coupler shoulder on inner cylindrical surfaces and may contact with end surfaces of the pipes. Resilient bushes are installed on ring-like or screw grooves of the coupler and may contact with screw grooves of the pipes.

EFFECT: increased corrosion resistance of thread exposed to well fluid.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly coupling means to connect casing pipes or tubing strings in oil and gas wells.

SUBSTANCE: coupling to connect pipes provided with tapered threads at ends thereof comprises clutch with cylindrical recess and elastic bush. Inner bush surface may cooperate with tapered thread run-out and with outer pipe surface. Outer bush surface may cooperate with cylindrical recess surface of the clutch. Metal ring is installed in joint at clutch end. The inner metal ring surface is provided with bead adapted to engage elastic bush arranged in the metal ring. Outer bush surface may cooperate with inner surface of metal ring after pipe and clutch screwing together. The bush is installed to provide cylindrical clutch groove filling.

EFFECT: prevention of sealing lubricant forcing-out, increased coupling protection against corrosive medium and electrochemical corrosion, increased reliability of well operation and reduced material consumption.

2 dwg

Threaded connection // 2287659

FIELD: threaded connection for percussion drilling on ledge rock.

SUBSTANCE: connection is made between drill rod and bushing, connected to drilling bit. Drill rod on one end has external thread, and on other end - first external surface of constant diameter, and also second external surface, positioned in axial direction between first external surface and thread. Bushing is made with internal thread and has internal end stop surface and second circular end surface. Between second end surface and internal thread, cylindrical internal surface is positioned. Second end surface of bushing is positioned in axial direction behind the end of external thread or behind a gap in thread. Internal diameter of bushing is equal to diameter of second external surface of drill rod and is less than diameter of first surface of rod. First imaginary cylinder, formed by continuation of internal surface of bushing, intersects with drill rod. Second imaginary cylinder, formed by continuation of external surface of bushing, passes outside the drill rod.

EFFECT: decreased generation of vortices during percussion drilling due to minimization of difference of dimensions between drill rod and drilling bit.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas well construction, particularly threaded couplings and joints between rod and bit, or between rod and rod.

SUBSTANCE: air-tight threaded connection includes male and female pipes with conical threading and conical seat surfaces. The first conical surfaces cooperate with each other and are correspondingly made on outer surface of female pipe end as conical surface oblique along pipe axis and on inner surface of female pipe between conical threading and pipe body. The second conical surfaces are created on male pipe as end conical surface with oblique angle defined in pipe axis and mating end conical surface made on female pipe in transition pipe section between the first conical surface and the pipe body. Conical threading has 1:16 obliquity. Conical seat surfaces formed on outer surface of male pipe end and on inner surface of female pipe end have 1:10 obliquity in pipe axis direction. Conical end surfaces have 15° angle of taper in direction of conical threading made in corresponding pipe. Annular groove for oil forcing is made in female pipe in transition section between conical threading and pipe body. Conical Battress-type threading having 13° threading angle has threads with cross-section defining unequal-sided trapeze. Support edge of each thread extends at increased angle to load application direction.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly percussion rock drilling.

SUBSTANCE: male drill rod section has areas with decreased cross-sections, thread for percussion rock drilling having end and formed at male section end. Male section end has joining surface to transmit shock waves. Male section comprises the first cross-sectional area defined in zone of full thread profile and the second cross-sectional area located directly beyond the thread end. The second cross-sectional area exceeds the first one. Area length is defined as length of cylinder beginning from impact surface plane. Cylinder diameter is equal to outer thread diameter. Ratio between length and outer thread diameter is within 1 - 2. Drill bit and threaded connection between male drill rod section and drill bit are also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased fatigue resistance in area having decreased cross-section and at drill member thread bottoms.

8 cl, 8 dwg