Air control valve with variable flow rate

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of ventilation and can be used for creation of microclimate in different purpose rooms as supply air distributor. Air control valve with variable flow rate comprises housing equipped with inlet branch pipe and perforated panel with air outlet holes and overlapping them control elements, wherein housing inner walls are equipped with noise absorbing panels, perforated panel is made from reinforced synthetic woven material, and control elements represent semi-oval tabs cut in fabric of reinforced synthetic woven material.

EFFECT: technical task of disclosed invention consists in creation of air control valve with variable flow rate, allowing to change air flow rate value while maintaining air speed at air distributor outlet in specified range, having minimum number of movable elements and with minimum level of noise generation.

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Fan // 2555638

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the fan and fan nozzle. Fan nozzle to form the air flow containing internal passage to receive the air flow and to divide it to multiple flows, and multiple output holes for air intended for air flow release via the nozzle, forming hole via which the air flow from outside the nozzle is pulled in by the air flow released via the output holes for air; at that the internal passage is located around the hole; and in it the device for heating of the first part of the air flow and device for deflection of the second part of the air flow from the heater are installed; at that multiple output holes for air include at least one first output hole to supply the first part of the air flow, and at least one second output hole for supply of the second part of the air flow.

EFFECT: invention ensures creation of the safe bladeless heating fan with uniform air flow.

28 cl, 12 dwg

Assembled fan // 2555636

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the assembled fan and to nozzle of the assembled fan. The assembled fan containing device for air flow formation, device for heating of the first part of the air flow, device for deflection of the second part of the air flow from the heating device, and enclosure containing multiple output holes for flow supply from it, and having ring outside surface creating hole via which the external air enters by means of the air flow released via the output holes for air, at that multiple output holes for air contain at least one first output hole for supply of the first part of the air flow via the holes, and at least one second output hole for supply of the second part of the air flow via this hole; specified at least one second output hole is made with possibility of directing of the second part of the air flow above the specified outside surface of the enclosure; and specified at least one first output hole is made with the possibility of directing the first part of the air flow above the second part of the air flow.

EFFECT: invention ensures creation of the safe bladeless heating fan with uniform air flow.

26 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: waste heat recovery unit includes a heat transfer surface in the form of heat transfer plates, alternating slot-type ducts for hot and cold heat carriers, horizontal bottom and cover plate with gaskets from elastic material, inlet and outlet branch pipes with fairings located in them and closing the corresponding ducts, a frame consisting of horizontal and vertical braces and hold-down planks, spacing pieces in the ducts, holes made at the bottom, the cavities of which are connected to a drainage header. Inlet and outlet branch pipes for hot and cold heat carriers are located in pairs on sides of vertical edges of the heat-conducting plates; vertical edges have angular cuts, and the heat-conducting plates have sections bent in semi-circles, which are alternated with straight sections and together forming coil bands, or sections of the heat-conducting plates bent as to semi-circles and quarter parts of the circles are connected in series so that spirals are formed.

EFFECT: increasing heat transfer intensity, reducing overall dimensions and material consumption; providing continuous work of waste heat recovery unit during winter period and improving its thermal effectiveness.

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Natural conditioner // 2538520

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: natural conditioner using the cold of ever-frozen grounds, comprises a coil located in ever-frozen ground at the depth up to 3-5 m and connected to the air exchange close-loop pipeline, fitted with inlet shutter and arranged along the perimeter of cooled premises. Meanwhile the circulation of cooled air over the pipeline is performed using the pump with the automatic ambient temperature on-off controller, embedded into the integrated cooling system.

EFFECT: present invention ensures efficient air conditioning in premises in summer time at insignificant power costs of cold generation.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: exhaust ventilation of the welding area of the industrial enterprise, comprising air-ducts, an exhaust hood, an exhaust fan, an automatic control device, a temperature sensor, and a sensor of concentration of harmful substances. It also comprises a photosensor; all sensors are mounted near the area of welding operations on the exhaust hood; the algorithm of the system operation is based on registration of the light emission with the appearance of the electric arc during welding operations and the exhaust fan turning on for a certain period of time, which enables to accelerate removal of harmful substances from the working area due to faster turning on the exhaust ventilation; hereinafter the microclimate parameters are maintained by the sensor of concentration of harmful substances and the temperature sensor.

EFFECT: improvement of microclimate of the working area during welding operations due to accelerated removal of harmful substances from the working area.

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FIELD: heating, ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a method for replacement of at least some part of air at least in some part of a building containing an inside room and a floor. The method involves supply of the first air volume from the first station to the inside room of the building or to space interconnected through the first air duct, and/or removal of the second air volume from the room of the building or from the space to the second station through the second air duct. Cross-section of the first air duct is reduced in the direction from the first end of the first air duct to the second end of the first air duct, and/or cross-section of the second air duct is reduced in the direction from the first end of the second air duct to the second end of the second air duct. A system of cubicles includes at least two sections of cubicles. A system of ventilation passages includes the first air duct, the second air duct, the first suction, pumping or blowing device and the second suction, pumping or blowing device. The first end of the first air duct faces to the second end of the second air duct or to the first end of the second air duct. The first and the second air ducts are located at some distance from each other or have a common wall. The system can be used for optimisation of total animal transportation distance so that the shortest possible distance of transportation is provided.

EFFECT: providing ventilation of rooms due to ventilation units having favourable effect both on an animal and a human being.

44 cl, 14 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: disinfection method of plenum ventilation and air conditioning systems involves supply of disinfecting agents in the form of aerosol to plenum ventilation system outlets. For the period of sanitary processing, plenum ventilation system is wholly changed over to the plenum ventilation operating mode owing to changing rotation direction of a fan impeller, or owing to changing connection points on a fan of suction and delivery branch pipes, or owing to using portable vacuum plants with plugs, and aerosol of disinfecting agent is fed to ventilation system outlets. Group of inventions also refers to a version of the above method, according to which the plenum ventilation system is changed over in parts to plenum ventilation operating mode by means of portable vacuum plants and plugs in order to perform disinfection.

EFFECT: increasing disinfection safety and ecological properties due to complete exclusion of penetration of disinfecting agent aerosol to rooms with people present in them.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pit and mine ventilation and may be used to increase validity of determination of ventilation parameters in developing entries of coal mines and pits, in particular, aerodynamic and mechanical parameters of a flexible deformable air duct. In the mine they install an air duct with air leaks that do not exceed 5%. Blowdown with a fan is carried out, and they measure air flow and pressure. Diameters and length of the air duct are measured, Produced data is added depending on specific aerodynamic resistance and elasticity modulus of an air duct material.

EFFECT: increased validity for determination of impact of deformability of flexible ventilation air ducts at its aerodynamics, its forecasting in process of arrangement of a developing entry.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a system of ventilation ducts, providing to minimise air pollution in a livestock building and/or around it. The system is located at least partially at least under one surface for keeping animals and comprises means for receiving waste. The system comprises the first air duct with a first inlet end and an outlet end opposite to the first one, and at least one first ventilation opening for communicating with at least with the means for receiving waste. The system further comprises the second air duct with a second inlet end and a second outlet end, and at least one second vent for communication with at least the means for receiving waste. A method of reducing air pollution in the construction includes ensuring the availability of the system of ventilation ducts, creating the second air stream and the second air pressure in the second duct, creating a curtain of air flow across the waste receiving means. Using the method and system for removal of ammonia in air over the surface for keeping of animals. The system is used in the livestock building, made with minimum total distance for general transport of animals measured for a cycle of development from birth to death and/or from insemination to insemination.

EFFECT: ensured retention of ammonia concentration on the floor and in cesspools, improving indoor air quality.

53 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction and may be used in construction and reconstruction of residential areas and industrial zones as a multifunctional complex within a school sports ground and a public building with an underground parking. The multi-functional structure comprises an underground floor in the form of a parking lot divided into sections with boxes for parking of cars and with a roof arranged above the level of the surrounding territory, and stadium sports grounds placed on the roof of the parking lot, and also at least one public building adjacent to the stadium along its long side with several floors, on the first stage of which there is a ventilation chamber with fans of exhaust ventilation of the underground floor, connected with at least one ventilation shaft of exhaust ventilation of the underground floor, taken via floors of the public building onto its roof to outlet pipes, orifices of which are arranged at the height of at least 15 m from the level of the stadium. Sections of the underground floor are equipped with windows of plenum ventilation and dropped ducts of exhaust ventilation, the latter are connected with the specified ventilation chamber, at the same time on the roof of the public building there is a chamber of smoke removal system with fans, smoke-receiving devices of which are arranged in sections of the underground floor, and exhausts are placed above the roof of the public building.

EFFECT: provision of environmental safety of sports grounds from exhaust gases.

15 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: air consumption stabilisation device contains a housing 1, with a control valve designed as a fixed cylinder 2 with cuts in a lateral surface 3 and a plunger 4 with a limit stop 5 installed in the cylinder 2 with a possibility of reciprocating movement. The air flow pressure makes the plunger 4 move inside the cylinder 2. The cylinder is installed on the orifice 6 which is rigidly fixed on the housing 1. The elastic element 7 is fixed by one end on the plunger 4, by another one - on the tension adjustment screw 8 installed on the stand 9 fixed in the housing. The tension adjustment screw 8 adjusts the necessary tension of elastic element.

EFFECT: simplification of design and exception of spatial orientation of the air consumption stabilisation device, operation without external power source.

1 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: cooling method of motors of an air conditioner consists in cooling of an electric motor of an axial fan with air of a unit part, and cooling of a motor of a centrifugal fan with air of an air cooling part. A heat-insulated compartment is created in the unit part, a motor and a compressor is placed into the heat-insulated compartment, an air cooling part is heat insulated, an air cooler outlet is connected to an inlet of the centrifugal fan by means of an air pipeline; two auxiliary flows are branched off a recirculating air flow; the first auxiliary air flow is branched off the recirculating flow before cooling in the air cooler and supplied in series to the heat-insulated compartment and to the recirculating flow for cooling in the air cooler, the second auxiliary air flow is branched off after the centrifugal fan and supplied in series to the air cooling part in the location zone of the centrifugal fan and to the recirculating flow before the centrifugal fan. Auxiliary air flows are supplied to the heat-insulated compartment and the air cooling part with a possibility of flow control.

EFFECT: possible operation of an air conditioner at the ambient air temperature of up to 100 degrees with use of motors of general-purpose industrial production.

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FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: blowing ventilation valve consists of a box tightly enveloping the window frame. One part of the box enveloping the window frame protrudes outside the building, has an inlet opening into which the filter and the air intake grid are mounted. The second part of the box enveloping the window frame protrudes inside the building and has an outlet opening. The main part of the box has an opening which is closed by a lid. Between the inner cavity of the box, the inlet and outlet openings of the parts enveloping the window frame there are jumpers, in which there are also correspondingly inlet and outlet openings. Inside the box an adjustable shutter is mounted, which is pressed against the surface of the box and the jumpers by the pressing plate and the springs. The adjustable shutter can move in the gap between the surface of the box and the pressing plate, while simultaneously opening or closing the inlet and outlet openings of the jumpers of the box. On the inner surfaces of the lid and the pressing plate the plates of noise-absorbing material are mounted.

EFFECT: blowing ventilation valve design is simple and technological, has an adjustable shutter capable of simultaneously opening or closing the inlet and outlet openings, which excludes its freezing and heat loss during severe frosts, provides an effective adjustable ventilation and reduction of street noise.

2 cl, 4 dwg

Air distributor // 2512070

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air ventilation and conditioning and can be used in rooms of different purposes. Amount of ejected air is controlled by means of a cover-flap moving in a vertical direction by means of an actuator, on the shaft of which a disc with a friction tape on its side surface is fixed; with that, the disc is in a close contact with the cover-flap, thus forming a friction pair. The actuator receives commands for the shaft rotation to this or that side from the temperature control, to which a temperature sensor is connected which is located at the device air outlet, and the outlet device at the air outlet is made of several coaxially installed diffusers and provides breakdown of an outlet air flow into several quickly damping inlet jets.

EFFECT: proposed design of an air distributor allows quick dissipation of inlet air jets in a room; with that, temperature control of inlet jets is performed in an automatic mode owing to using adjustable addition to the air supplied from an air pipeline of the air from the room due to ejection of the latter through an ejection hopper.

1 dwg

FIELD: heating.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical devices of thermal, wind and light protection together with an exhaust fan, which are used in ventilation systems installed in poultry and pig breeding areas. A thermal protection module containing a housing made in the form of a box and two flaps equipped with a spring for closing; with that, the module housing is solid-cast, with a shape of an inlet opening without any acute angles and flaps of the module, which are made from foam polyurethane, have an aerodynamic shape and provide tight connection to the module housing.

EFFECT: module allows considerably reducing air ingress at a non-operating fan, thus increasing a heat insulation degree, and reducing a noise level at an operating fan and improving fan capacity due to absence of gravitational louvres.

5 dwg, 3 tbl

Air distributor // 2490562

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: air distributor body is made of a set of overlapped and spring-loaded plate tabs, supported from inside with a control support plate moved on the stem along the axis due to action of a magnetic coil. Changing of the position of the stem and the support plate achieves installation of one of two versions of air release - in a fan or compact jet. Jet parameters are controlled in automatic mode, depending on signals of control elements of a supply plant.

EFFECT: expanded functional possibilities of an air distributor with controlled jet parameters in systems of ventilation and conditioning with varied air flow, increased range of jet opening angle variation, and automation of its parameter control mechanism.

Air distributor // 2479797

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: air distributor includes a casing with a diffuser at the outlet and a cylindrical branch pipe coaxially arranged with the casing, to which an air pipeline through which the air is supplied from the air conditioning system is connected tangentially, thus forming vortex jets. Air is supplied from the room to the casing through another air pipeline connected to the casing tangentially as well and equipped with an axial fan, and swirls in the same direction; the amount of air can be changed depending on temperature difference between the air of the room and plenum air, which is fixed with two temperature sensors, one of which is installed at the outlet of the air distributor, and the other one is installed in the room. Signals from the sensors are supplied to a comparison device that supplies commands to a frequency convertor to change the frequency of the voltage supplied to the axial fan electric motor, thus changing the number of revolutions of the latter, and therefore, its capacity.

EFFECT: automatic control of temperature difference between plenum air and recirculating air till the specified value of that difference is achieved by changing the amount of air from the room, which is added to plenum air; providing mixing of both air flows and quick damping of velocities of vortex air jets leaving the air distributor.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: energy-saving two-stage heat pump includes two units connected to each other and separated on the inside with a horizontal partition wall into isolated paths of plenum air and exhaust air. Air purifying filters, primary heat exchangers connected to each other by means of pipeline with a plate-type heat exchanger, a pump and solenoid-type valves, which are arranged on it, are installed in the first unit in the air flow direction in both paths. An additional heat exchanger and an adiabatic humidification plant are installed in the exhaust air path before the primary heat exchanger. A heat exchanger, an adiabatic humidification plant, a heater and a suction fan are installed in series in the air flow direction in the second unit in the plenum air path, and a compressor, a four-way valve, a heat exchanger and a fan are installed in series in the exhaust air path in the air flow direction. Heat exchangers in the second unit are interconnected in the paths.

EFFECT: increasing thermotechnical efficiency of the first utilisation stage at heating of plenum ambient air; eliminating the possible formation of ice on heat exchanger surfaces in exhaust flow; possible use of the first stage during the warm season of the year for cooling of plenum ambient air.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: ventilation.

SUBSTANCE: ventilation valve comprises a base with a central hole in it, on the inner end of the base there is a seat, where a plate is installed with the possibility of pressing, being hingedly fixed on the axis on a rotary double-arm lever connected to the base, at the same time the lever by its one end with a ball joint is hingedly connected with the plate. On the other end of the lever there is a cavity, in holes of upper and lower walls of which there is an adjustment screw interacting with a counterweight, at the same time the counterweight is installed on the lever as capable of displacement relative to the lever. The base is equipped with a flange of valve fixation, a fixator installed in the flange bracket, and the second fixator in the form of an eccentric installed on the axis arranged in holes of the specified bracket, and has a groove, in which the first fixator is installed. A spring is connected to the flange by one end, and its other end is connected to a flag of the second fixator, the lever is connected with the axis by means of the screw, and the screw is installed in the specified lever and rests with its end against the groove on the axis.

EFFECT: higher reliability of automatic valve actuation when relieving air through it from one room into another in one direction, higher sensitivity of a valve and accuracy of its setting.

3 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises ventilation unit with filter, pressure air ducts, air distribution boxes with holes and air heater. Said air distribution boxes incorporate regulation mechanism to vary airflow direction in both horizontal and vertical plane. Said mechanism represents arc-like and horizontal pressure interconnected air ducts. Arc-like pressure air duct communicates with air distribution box and is arranged to turn it through required angle. Ventilation unit and air heater represent fan and cab heater radiator, respectively, and use pressure air ducts to be connected to heater.

EFFECT: simplified design and ease of use.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: natural ventilation systems utilizing air funnels and used in livestock enterprises.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises louver grid. Air flow velocity sensor is arranged inside air funnel. The sensor is made as plate secured to rod so that the plate may cooperate with end switch electrically connected with executive mechanism, which rotates louver grid blades. One rod end is connected to inner air funnel wall. Adjustable weight is fastened to opposite rod end.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of air funnel capacity stabilization and regulation.

2 dwg