Cable input

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular, to cable inputs, operating in liquid and gaseous media, where tightness and reliability of design are required. Cable input comprises cable (1) in polymer shell, on which metal housing is arranged. Housing is made detachable and consists of two parts (2.3) with inner smooth (4) and threaded (5) cylindrical surfaces. Housing parts are connected by thread with formation of annular closed cavity, in which sealer is arranged between spacer rings with possibility of pressing, made from crude rolled rubber. On side of housing outer ends clamping locking assemblies are arranged.

EFFECT: invention enables increasing cable input reliability and tightness of structure at operation under high pressure, manufacturability.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: insulator is assembled as circular dielectric sections placed between the insulator cover and flange; the above sections have identical in construction and geometric dimensions and alternate with identical electroconductive graded rings and elastic sealing cups and distribute voltage in even way between the above sections by means of voltage divider; thickness of dielectric section is defined preliminary.

EFFECT: method allows reducing insulator dimensions and simplifies assembly process and insulator construction significantly.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: insulator is assembled as dielectric sections identical in construction and geometric dimensions alternated with identical electroconductive graded rings, which are placed between two electrodes; a negatively charges cover of the insulator is used as one electrode while the earthed flange is used as the other electrode; at that the cover, the above sections, graded rings alternating with them and flange are tied up in one construction by means of dielectric ties and voltage between the above sections is distributed evenly by means of voltage divider; electroconductive graded rings are equipped with cylindrical electroconductive screens, which inner diameter is equal to inner diameter of the graded rings.

EFFECT: method allows more than double increase in electric strength of the construction at the same dimensions of insulators manufactured as per the claimed method in comparison with original method.

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Feed-through plate // 2538093

FIELD: instrument engineering.

SUBSTANCE: feed-through plate consists of an outer housing in which at least one non-metallised insulator is mounted, inside which one or more current leads are placed, and between each current lead and each insulator, each insulator and the outer housing the gaps are formed filled by capillary flow by active copper-titanium soldering, by which all elements of the feed-through plate are connected. The current lead is made in the form of a hollow tube with the central contact placed and tightly connected to it, at that on the opposite side of receipt of the solder in the outer housing and the insulator the annular grooves are made, which diameter is greater than the internal diameters of the outer housing and the insulator, made of materials, which temperature coefficients of linear expansion are close to the temperature coefficient of linear expansion of the solder.

EFFECT: possibility of obtaining the reliable solder joint, simplification of design of the feed-through plate with simplification of technological process of manufacturing.

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High-voltage device // 2531259

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to a high-voltage device to ensure electrical insulation of the conductor passing through the device. The device comprises a hollow isolator; a conductor passing through the hollow isolator; an assembly to reduce field gradient that consists of a capacitor core and a voltage grading screen. The capacitor core and the voltage grading screen are placed around the conductor inside the hollow isolator so that the voltage grading screen is placed around at least a part of the capacitor core.

EFFECT: invention ensures voltage grading effect with ability of use of less capacitor core due to available voltage grading screen.

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Bushing // 2525227

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: bushing comprises an electric conductor, a dielectric layer and a fastening unit. The layer of dielectric is made using elastic dielectric material and is placed between an electric conductor and a fastening unit. The fastening unit comprises at least one element to compress the dielectric layer, besides, the thickness of the dielectric layer between the compressing element and the electric conductor is less than the thickness of the dielectric layer in this area measured at lowest operating temperature after removal of the compressing element.

EFFECT: invention provides for mechanical strength and tightness during operation in wide range of working temperatures.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electrical conductor (S) is intended to pass rated current in a high-current bushing insulator of a power plant transformer mounted in the current circuit between the generator and primary windings of the transformer at the generator circuit-breaker. The conductor has the main section (30) passing along the axis (A) and a shell with a cylindrical surface and two electrical leads (10, 20), at that the first lead (10) has two parallel contact surfaces (11, 11'). According to the invention the second lead (20) out of two electrical leads (10, 20) is coupled without connection to the main section (30) of the conductor and the first electrical lead (10) is made hollow and placed perpendicular to the axis (A), it has an oval shape with two longitudinal front faces, which form two contact surfaces (11, 11'). Between the first electrical lead (10) and the main section (30) of the conductor there is a hollow section (40) of the electrical conductor that connects the electrical lead (10) to the main section (30) of the conductor forming a smooth transition from two contact surfaces (11, 11') of the first electrical lead (10) to the shell surface of the conductor main section (30).

EFFECT: inventions allow reduction of power losses in the electrical conductor with maintenance of its compact design.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: cable lead-in includes a metal cylindrical housing with holes for electrical conductors, is equipped with current-carrying contact rods and their fixing nuts, insulating sleeves and centring sleeves. Each of the centring sleeves is welded into one of the holes of the metal cylindrical housing. To the hole of each centring sleeve there introduced is in insulating sleeve, into the hole of which there introduced and pressed is a current-carrying contact rod. Free space of the hole between each current-carrying rod and the metal cylindrical housing is filled with insulating compound.

EFFECT: invention improves sealing efficiency of a cable lead-in.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: gas-proof measuring input has insulator body (7, 7a) penetrated by measuring lead (8, 8a) in direction of the main axis (3). Insulator body (7, 7a) is surrounded by the frame. The frame has the first part (1) and the second part (2). Parts (1, 2) of the frame are pressed to each other while insulator body is located between them (7, 7a) and cover insulator body (7, 7a) in circumferential direction in relation to the main axis (3). Measuring lead can be located, for example, at part (20) of the housing of gas-insulated distribution device thus providing data transfer through wall of the housing part (20) from inner space of gas-insulated distribution device to outer space of gas-insulated distribution device.

EFFECT: simplified version of gas-proof transfer.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: insulator contains a base and four radially connected rectangular ribs which are installed symmetrically along the base length. Through holes are made in top elements of the ribs. V-shaped grooves perpendicular to each other with depth of 5-10 mm are located at both sides of the base, at its butt ends, between rib holes and in the base centre. The insulator structure isolates the current-conductive wire from earth wire and atmospheric precipitation and takes force of conductor tension affecting compression of the base and ribs.

EFFECT: improving mechanical strength of the insulator.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of high-precision instruments and electronic components. Solder wire composed of single-row helical spiral with the number of turns wherein total volume of solder exceeds that of annular clearance for forming of soldered seam between parts, spiral ID is sized to allow coil stringing on one of parts being soldered together. In compliance with proposed method, turns are cut in radial direction to mirror axis of turns by cutting length with several turns from spiral. Note here that volume of cut turns corresponds to amount of solder sufficient for making seam between parts being soldered together. Hermetic connector has inner isolator that allows stringing, before seam formation, of solder spiral thereon. Note here that outer and inner isolators make two different-diameter annular clearances.

EFFECT: lower costs, higher reliability and quality in operation in severe conditions.

6 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: passing cable conduits through stuffing arrangements into ionized radiation area isolated by hermetically sealed wall.

SUBSTANCE: proposed passage has cylindrical housing with conductors (cables) secured in its butt-ends through sealed joints, shielding casings, and biological shielding members made in the form of thickened bottoms of casings with ducts used to pass conduit cables outside, as well as rods installed coaxially to bottom ducts in a spaced relation to the latter for passing conductors to bottom ducts, diameter of rods being greater than that of ducts.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability, effectiveness of biological shielding, as well as simplified design and constant size of passage.

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Sealed bushing // 2256970

FIELD: power engineering; switchgear of electrical power installations, primarily high-voltage ones.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sealed bushing has bushing insulator with central bore whose external butt-end surface is inwardly tilted; current system incorporating series-connected external contact lead 7 with annular surface-mounting surface at the same time closing insulator central bore; tubular thin-wall central contact member 4 with outward flanging 5 at same angle as insulator butt-end surface to form circular supporting surface that functions on other end as internal contact lead 17 of bushing; external contact lead 7 and thin-wall tubular central contact member 4 are tightly pressed together and to external butt-end surface of insulator through their annular supporting surfaces with aid of spring-loaded central rod 11 provided with articulated joint 12 that rests on internal butt-end of insulator through brackets of bushing internal support 13; there is circularly enclosed wave-like bulge 6 in central region of annular contacting surface of thin-wall central contact member 4 flanged at certain angle, circle height being equal over perimeter; its surface shape in any radial section gradually changes at points of its turning from flat surface to bulge at minimal possible radius concerning manufacturability and maximal physically possible radius at wave-like bulge top with physically possible greater width of bulge part having this maximal radius within adopted width of flanging. In addition, one or more parallel-operating thin-wall current-carrying parts may be introduced in current-carrying system of bushing where they are to be disposed inside tubular central contact member and provided with respective surfaces contacting external and internal contact leads. External contact lead of bushing may be provided with protective cylinder rigidly fixed thereto over external diameter, enclosed on external butt-end, and disposed so that clearance is formed relative to diameter of contact lead and to equal diameter of insulator, flexible gasket additionally sealing top part of bushing being placed in this clearance. Contact leads may be additionally provided with through strips having copper middle part and aluminum parts functioning as bushing leads.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of sealing, reduced input of magnet wire and auxiliary materials, reduced size of bushing.

4 cl, 2 dwg

Sealed cable entry // 2259608

FIELD: electrical engineering; stuffing conductors to enter them in hermetically sealed premises or spaces at nuclear power stations or other projects.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sealed cable entry has cylindrical case incorporating flanges with holes wherein metal-sheathed mineral-insulation covered seven-conductor cables are soldered at its butt-ends, this metal sheath being electrically connected to case flanges. Conductors are disposed about central cable conductors to form screens and are electrically connected to screens of leading-in cables; central conductors of mineral-insulation covered cables are connected to those of leading-in cables. Every conductor of common-screen leading-in cable is electrically connected to one central conductor of mineral-insulation covered seven-conductor cable, and leading-in cable screen is connected to all external conductors of cable around central conductor.

EFFECT: enhanced noise immunity of screened-conductor leading-in cables in radio-frequency data transmission range.

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FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed clamp that can be used for connecting copper and aluminum conductors disposed in stationary installations and on mobile vehicles has body made of tracking-resistant material and clamping mechanism; the latter has carrying bridge, contact strip, screws with hold-down C-clips, threaded members, and spring members preventing spontaneous loosening of screws.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of conductor clamping.

1 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering, in particular, explosion-proof electric equipment.

SUBSTANCE: waterproof pass isolator consists of conducting rod and porcelain isolating bushing, reinforced on the outside by metallic flange. At portions of conducting rod, positioned inside aforementioned isolation bushing, except the portion, reinforced by metallic flange, compensating bushings, tightly pressed to rod, are provided. Hollow between compensating bushings and isolation bushing (in ends of bushing), between conducting rod and isolation bushing (at the portion of porcelain bushing in area, reinforced by metallic flange) is filled with epoxide compound.

EFFECT: increased reliability and lifetime of waterproof pass isolator.

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FIELD: electrical engineering; basic components of electrical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: proposed bushing insulator that can be used for high-voltage metrological gas and vacuum capacitors has current-carrying stick with spherical bulge whose diameter amounts to 1.5 to 3 diameters of current-carrying stick, center of the latter being spaced ±1.5 diameters of this stick from supporting surface of flange. Insulator incorporates provision for eliminating unpredicted displacement of current-carrying stick relative to supporting surface of flange under impact of thermal deformations causing thermal expansion of its length.

EFFECT: enhanced operating reliability independent of temperature conditions.

1 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: manufacture of column-shaped high-voltage bushing insulators.

SUBSTANCE: proposed bushing insulator has symmetrical hollow cylindrical external insulator 1 with lead-through head 2 supported by one of its butt-ends and designed for connection to high-voltage supply. Resting on opposite end of insulator is lead-through base 3 designed for connection to ground potential. Proposed method involves sequential fitting of lead-through base 3, external insulator 1, and lead-through head 2 on drawing frame 5; lead-through base 3 rests in this case on insulating case 6. Lead-through base 3 and lead-through head 2 are tightly fitted to one another through drawing frame 5 that mounts insulating case 6. Clamping member 21 made for shifting in axial direction is installed on flange 22 of lead-through head 2 prior to fitting the latter on drawing frame 5; head flange 22 and clamping member 21 are pressed against one another to produce pre-tensioning force. During next fitting of pre-tensioned lead-through head 2 clamping member 21 is secured on end of drawing frame 5 passed through insulator 1, and then clamping member 21 is taken off head flange 22 to form negative allowance.

EFFECT: enhanced economic efficiency in manufacturing high-voltage bushing insulator.

7 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electrical and power engineering; sealed entries for passing conductors into pressurized premises or locations.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sealed cable entry designed to pass Lead-in cables into pressurized premises or locations has cylindrical metal body with flanges attached to its butt-ends by way of electric-arc welding for passing through them mineral material covered and insulator-terminated cables; insulators are made of oxide ceramics with titanium evaporated on them at solder points for better wettability of AgCu and ceramic surface. Proposed manufacturing process is characterized in that insulators are joined to metal sheath of mineral insulation covered cables by way of active soldering with AgCuTi system in vacuum furnace.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of soldered joints, simplified design of sealed modules, reduced number of process operations.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Sealed cable entry // 2291508

FIELD: electrical and power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed cable entry that can be used to pass conductors into sealed premises or locations, for instance to connect biaxial cables when specifications require that radio-frequency cable screens should not be in electric contact with sealed entry body, has cylindrical body with flanges welded to its butt-ends and provided with holes wherein mineral-insulation covered and metal-sheathed ninety-core cables are welded, this cable sheath being electrically connected to body flanges. Conductors disposed about mineral-insulation covered central cores of cables form screens and are electrically connected to first screens of lead-in cables. Mineral-insulation covered central cores of cables are connected to those of lead-in cables and conductors of mineral-insulation covered cables around seven central cores form second screen and are connected to second screens of lead-in cables. Each core of double-screen lead-in cable is electrically connected to one mineral-insulation covered central cable conductor. First screen of lead-in cable is connected to six cable conductors disposed around central conductor; second screen is connected to twelve conductors disposed around seven central conductors.

EFFECT: enhanced noise immunity of screened-core lead-in cables in data-transfer radio-frequency band.

1 cl, 1 dwg

Bushing insulator // 2308107

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed bushing insulator has electricity-conductive stick 1, tracking-resistant silicone resin insulation 2, supporting bush 3 coaxially enclosing mentioned insulation and made of nonmagnetic metal, its length being minimum half of that of current-conductive stick. Supporting bush ends can be made expanding over circle arc. Bush is enclosed with silicone rubber insulation that may have annular ribs. Concentric ribs are separately produced and attached in the course of their production to insulation to form nonsplit part.

EFFECT: improved design.

5 cl, 4 dwg