Method of using effect of pulse charging, device therefor and method of modifying unit with piston compressor

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to units using piston compressors in oil and gas industry, in particular, for structural use of pressure pulsations. Apparatus comprises a device for gas circulation and a controller. In device for gas circulation there is a channel through which gas circulates between piston compressor and receiver, serving as a damper, which separates piston compressor from installation. Device for gas circulation is made so that its resonance frequency is substantially equal to frequency of execution of compression cycles in piston compressor. Controller is configured to control time of switching of valve, located between piston compressor and device for gas circulation.

EFFECT: higher volumetric efficiency of piston compressor.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method consists in cyclic alternating decrease and increase of the volume of a working chamber due to travelling of a working member in it. At the volume increase the working chamber is connected to a source and at the decrease - to the customer of working gaseous medium with the help of self-acting suction and discharge valves fitted by movable cut-off elements. During an arbitrarily chosen cycle, period of time is measured from the moment when the working member passes a chosen control point and the moment when the valve starts to open and/or close tOP. Afterwards during the arbitrarily chosen number of working cycles, forced opening and/or closing of the valve is performed in the period of time t0t from the moment when the working member passes the chosen control point, according to the formula: t0t=tOP-tIN-tEL, where tOP - period of time from the moment when the working member passes a control point and the moment when the valve starts to open and/or close due to the action of pressure difference at a cut-off element, measured in an arbitrarily chosen cycle; tEL - actuation time of forced valve opening and/or closing mechanism; tIN - time delay of opening and/or closing of the valve determined by inertia forces influencing the cut-off element.

EFFECT: method allows for almost ideal opening and closing of valves, almost complete elimination of vibrations at their cut-off elements, resulting in reduced losses of mechanical cycle operation in suction and discharge modes.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: switching mechanism for these pumps comprises shaft (21) fitted to slide in bores (22) at opposite surfaces of dual diaphragm chambers (23). Ring-like recess (24) is made at the centre of shaft (21) between two diaphragm chambers (23) to receive lever (25) extending from U-shape carcass (26). The latter is articulated with the top of valve plate (27) with bores (28). Valve closing component (29) is arranged opposite the surface of valve plate (27). This component can slide across said surface for selective closure of multiple holes (28). Valve closing component (29) is retained at working position by wire pusher (30) hinged in grooves (31) arranged parallel with extension of U-like carcass (26). Linear expansion springs (32) connect hinged wore pusher (30) with U-like carcass (26). Springs (32) shift valve closing component (29) opposite aforesaid valve plate (27) to out-of-centre position.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: each cylinder is connected through an inlet opening closed with its associated inlet damper to a prefill tank. Each cylinder is connected through an outlet opening closed with its associated outlet damper to a transportation pipeline, in which pasty mass is transported from the prefill tank to the appropriate tank during cylinder suction stroke at the open inlet opening and the closed outlet opening, and pasty mass is transported to a transportation pipeline during cylinder discharge stroke at the open outlet opening and the closed inlet opening. A piston speed during suction stroke is higher than that during discharge stroke. At the end, near the end or immediately after the end of the suction stroke, the inlet opening is closed by means of the inlet damper; after that, pasty mass is compressed in the cylinder before the outlet opening is opened.

EFFECT: continuous uniform transportation of pasty mass and satisfactory sealing of the inlet opening is provided.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: volumetric pump includes, at least, one piston (1), located inside cylindrical cover (2), and device of relative linear reciprocating movement that appears between cylindrical cover (2) and piston (1) for creating volumetric pump piston stroke. Additionally this pump includes turn disc (4) performed with the possibility of turning in two angular directions and acting as a valve that alternatively connects, at least, one inlet and, at least, one outlet (5, 5'), to at least one pump chamber (6, 6') located inside the cover (2), and actuating mechanism that is designed for, at least, partial separation of two-directional angular movement of turn disc (4) and relative linear reciprocating movement of the cover (2). Actuating mechanism is performed in such a way that turn disc (4) achieves angular position when it opens and/or closes inlet and/or outlet (5, 5*), when there is no relative linear reciprocating movement between cylindrical cover (2) and piston (1).

EFFECT: structure dimensions are decreased by means of larger angle of valve switching, the accuracy of fluid metering is provided.

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FIELD: hydraulic machinery.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains round section chambers arranged in one plane and interconnection by distributing unit made in form of truncated cone with bypass channels, and movable objects in form of pistons tightly fitting walls of chambers placed inside chambers. Distributing unit rotates on axle arranged at right angle relative to central axle of piston-like movable objects. Guide slot is made in distributing unit in cylindrical surface of each chamber parallel to axle. Piston-like movable objects are made free, being provided with projection on cylindrical surface in form and size in cross section following guide slots of chambers I cross section and tightly fitted in slot. Each movable object is provided with through hole parallel to axis of cylindrical surface and overlapped by throttle valve. Ring chamber is made on base of cylindrical surface. Guide slots of shape, arranged and sizes corresponding in cross section to guide slots of chambers are made in bypass channels of distributing unit. Control unit and radio signal receiver and transmitter are provided. Electric drive is connected with shaft of distributing unit. Radio signals radiators and receivers are installed on movable objects. Electric drive is connected with radio signal receiver installed on each movable object and with throttle valve.

EFFECT: improved reliability in operation.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to coupling drive hydraulic pumps. System for distribution of torque between front and rear axles of all-wheel drive vehicle and/or between LH and RH wheels comprises one coupling joint of increased internal resistance that has disc unit and piston for its actuation which is actuated by hydraulic pump device. Said device incorporates motor to drive the hydraulic pump and rotary regulator to control the overpressure valve connected with hydraulic pump oil outlet. In particular, this device comprises axial piston pump with piston cylinder arranged in pump housing to turn therein and including several axial pistons. The latter can reciprocate. One centrifugal lever is secured to piston cylinder to turn thereat and valve part connected with said centrifugal level and arranged to interact with oil discharge channel in piston cylinder to make the overpressure valve.

EFFECT: simplified design.

6c l, 10 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to compressor industry, namely, to refrigerating units and can be used in valve-and-piston units of sealed refrigerant compressors. A valve-and-piston unit comprises suction and delivery silencers fixed on the cylinder casing by a fastening bracket with L-shaped grips and connected via a gasket to the valve plate installed in the end face surface of the cylinder casing. The said plate is fixed by a cylindrical cover and closes the working cavity of the cylinder with the piston set in it. The cylindrical cover is connected to the cylinder casing by a dead threaded connection, and the fastening bracket with L-shaped grips is fitted by a spring lug fixing the suction silencer. The mounting faces of the suction and delivery silencers are provided with protrusions along the perimeter of their inlet holes, and the protrusion height does not exceed the gasket thickness.

EFFECT: simplified design, improved repairability and higher reliability of a seal at the connection to the delivery silencer.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to determination of frequency components of damper to be secured to compressor at testing its sound wave length. Proposed method comprises the steps whereat compressor (20) cavity sound spectrum is defined without attachment of said damper to compressor (20). Cavity acoustic wave length is calculated. Damper near nozzle length is defined to calculate, proceeding from cavity acoustic wave length and damper near nozzle length, the frequencies related with damper near nozzle and compressor cavity. Damper near nozzle make the compressor near nozzle when damper is secured to the compressor (20).

EFFECT: attenuation of vibrations and/or reduction of noise.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: method of mutual conversion of mechanical energy and potential energy of compressed gas consists in cyclic change of gas volume in above-piston and/or below-piston cavity at reciprocating motion of a piston inside a cylinder. Gas in the said cavity is periodically renewed through gas supply and withdrawal channels. The cylinder and/or the piston are rotated around the axis parallel to the direction of the piston's reciprocating motion. The piston is installed in the cylinder with a minimum radial gap. The cylinder is partially filled by fluid. The action of centrifugal forces provides for the formation of free surface of the fluid. Difference of static fluid pressures in the above-piston and below-piston cavities, provided by the difference of radiuses of the fluid free surface, compensates the gas pressure difference in these cavities.

EFFECT: higher efficiency factor of the process due to reduced losses by friction and approximation of the compression process to the isothermal process.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: compressor includes slide made by means of this method. Compressor slide manufacturing method involves slide workpiece manufacturing stage, resin application stage and machining stage. At compressor slide manufacturing stage the slide workpiece 25 from material on the basis of iron, in which at least one property of ultimate tensile strength and tensile modulus is more than that of cast iron with temper graphite, is made using the mould provided for this purpose. At the resin application stage the slide workpiece is not subject to machining, but layer 25a of resin coating is formed on the part of or the whole workpiece of the slide. At machining stage only the layer of resin coating is subject to machining, and finished slide is obtained.

EFFECT: reducing the manufacturing cost of compressor slide.

19 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device includes compression mechanism, valve plate combined with compression mechanism and having at least one channel having fluid connection to compression mechanism and manifold located near the valve plate. Cylinder can be formed in manifold and piston can be located in manifold and can have the possibility of being moved relative to the manifold, between the first position in which it is detached from the above valve plate and the second position in which it is engaged with valve plate. Valve element can be located in the piston and can have the possibility of being moved relative to piston and manifold. Valve element can have the possibility of being moved between open position in which it is detached from valve plate and allows the fluid flow through the channel and to compression mechanism, and closed position in which it is engaged with valve plate and prohibits the fluid flow through the channel and to compression mechanism.

EFFECT: invention allows compressor operation in wide range of loads and controls the capacity taking into account the change of environmental conditions.

74 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: in compressor with cylinder (21) and piston (25) performed with the possibility of oscillating movement in the cylinder (21) and having a gap across movement direction, the end face (31) of piston (25) limits compression (26) chamber in the cylinder (21), the piston (25) has diameter that reduces towards the end face (31).

EFFECT: invention ensures piston leaning with good radial stability at low consumption of compressed gas.

9 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed sealed electrical compressor 1 has normally-open pressure switch 7 and fuse 6. Said pressure switch 7 is arranged in tight casing 2 connected in parallel with main winding 3A of motor 3 and short-circuits main winding 3A at excess pressure of coolant in tight casing 2. Fuse 6 is connected in series with main winding 3A and auxiliary winding 3B of motor 3 to interrupt current flow to said motor at over current that originates when pressure switch 7 short-circuits main winding 3A.

EFFECT: protection of element an engine operated at high pressure.

6 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system comprises inlet pipeline with air flow temperature gage, air cylinder with spring-loaded piston provided with tie rod connected with pipeline before elastic section along inlet airflow, and gage control unit. Pipeline inner surface is provided with curved guides with curvature of positive screw line rotation direction after elastic section. Pipeline inner surface is provided with curved guides with curvature of negative rotation direction before elastic section. Pneumatic cylinder piston underside chamber communicates intermittently with source or atmosphere via electrically driven three-way valve. Transducer control unit incorporates electric drive rpm controller made up of electromagnetic couplings and electronic control system including temperature controller incorporating connected comparator, setter and nonlinear communication circuit, as well as electronic and magnetic amplifiers. Electronic control system is connected with airflow temperature controller Inlet pipeline section, up to elastic section, is made of bimetal. Bimetal material inner surface features thermal conductivity factor 2 to 2.5 times higher than that of bimetal material outer surface.

EFFECT: rated efficiency in variable ambient conditions

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Compressor // 2411394

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: compressor with gas bearing and compression chamber (1). Gas bearing is self-powered gas bearing in which the supply pressure does not depend on the working pressure. There is gas holder (25) with supply pressure of bearing. Between compression chamber (1) and gas holder (25) there is channel (40) with anisotropic resistance (41) of the flow.

EFFECT: improved compressor.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: procedure for manufacture of compressor slide consists in stage of slide work piece fabrication, in stage of slide coating with resin and in stage of mechanical treatment. On the stage of compressor slide manufacture work piece of slide (25) is fabricated with implementation of a cast mould designed for this purpose. The work piece is made out of material on base of iron where at least one property of tensile strength and modulus of tensile elasticity are higher, than these of iron with flocculant graphite. At the stage of coating with resin the work piece is not subjected to mechanical treatment, but layer (25a) of resin coating is formed on a part or on whole work piece of the slide. At the stage of mechanical treatment only layer of resin coating is subjected to mechanical processing, thereby producing finished slide (17, 23, 34, 26, 39, 60). At the stage of fabrication of a work piece of the slide it is manufactured by thixo-casing or rheo-casting.

EFFECT: reduced cost of compressor slide manufacture.

4 dwg, 20 cl

Piston compressor // 2244161

FIELD: power engineering.

SUBSTANCE: piston compressor has cylinder provided with sucking and pressure valves, lid, and piston set in the cylinder for reciprocation.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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Thermal switch // 2301472

FIELD: electrical engineering; overheat and burn-out protection of sealed compressors and their electric drives.

SUBSTANCE: proposed thermal switch 1 has case 2 incorporating sealed metal container 4 and contact mechanism installed within the latter, holder 3 incorporating base 3A with locating surface 3L for electric motor 10 on its winding lead 11, retaining section 3B disposed on base surface opposing locating surface and holding switch case 2 whose base is large enough to prevent its projection beyond this base. Retaining section has wall perpendicular to base with through hole to pass current-carrying lead connecting current-carrying conductor that retains switch case on holder; locating surface abuts against upper side of winding lead for connecting thermal switch to the latter by means of fastening thread; current-carrying conductor is connected to mentioned lead so that holder is retained between sealed container and current-carrying conductor.

EFFECT: preventing transfer of conductive and radiant heat from winding lead to thermal switch case when the latter is connected to winding lead.

6 cl, 8 dwg

Compressor plant // 2305206

FIELD: mechanical engineering; compressor plants.

SUBSTANCE: proposed compressor plant consists of compressor set into operation by electric motor, air intake and receiver. Oil filter is arranged in air intake, and receiver is form of cylindrical vessel, of capacity equal to at least 20-fold capacity of compressor cylinders and it serves and oil separator and air cooler. Check valve installed before receiver prevents reverse flow of compressed air when compressor is stopped or pipeline is broken. Water and oil drain cock is arranged in lower part of receiver. Safety valve installed in upper part of receiver opens automatically when pressure in receiver rises above preset value.

EFFECT: improved reliability of plant.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Compressor plant // 2343313

FIELD: engineering industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to engineering industry. Compressor plant consists of at least one multi-stage piston-type compressor, suction and discharge pipelines, and vertically located intercoolers and aftercoolers. Plant is equipped with at least one damping device which connects two coolers to each other by means of connecting elements. One end of connecting element is attached to the part of damping device, and the other end - to upper part of cooler's casing, which includes the area of connection of discharge pipeline inlet end to the cooler. All coolers of the plant are connected to each other with damping devices and connecting elements and combined in a unique damping system. Connecting elements are made in the form of brackets located horizontally. Connecting elements are attached to coolers' casings by means of clamps equipped with threaded rods. Damping device can be made in the form of viscous-elastic damper. Damping device can be made in the form of dry-friction damper.

EFFECT: reducing the probability of occurrence of acoustic and mechanical resonances.

6 cl, 2 dwg