Line for producing multilayer panels

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to lines for producing multilayer panels to allow their proper package and reliable protection during transportation and storage. Line for producing multilayer panels comprises interconnected: an assembly to supply reels of lining to a deep shaping assembly, a filler laying assembly, a segments loading assembly, a pressing assembly, a panels cutting assembly, a pile of panels forming assembly and an assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Herewith the said assemblies are interconnected with the possibility of shaping incoming linings, subsequent laying a filler between the shaped linings, cutting segments from the filler and further pressing the shaped linings together with the segments down to a required thickness, cutting the linings with the segments into separate panels, forming a pile of panels from individual panels and packing the pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Line is additionally equipped with a protective coating forming assembly located before the assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film and including a mechanism to apply a protective coating onto the formed pile of panels along the length of the pile of panels in the direction of its movement along the line, made in the form of a shaft with a rolled protective material placed on it, and a mechanism for cutting the protective material.

EFFECT: technical result is higher reliability of packing the formed pile of panels directly in the process of its production.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of development of structures of heat insulation of walls in construction and repair of buildings, designed for reduction of heat arrival from a room into wall thickness, as heat insulation panels are installed inside the room, or to protect walls against impact of negative atmospheric processes, as panels are installed at the outer side of the building. The panel for additional heat insulation of walls comprises sheets forming face and rear planes of the panel, with air layer between them, each of limiters providing for preservation of minimum thickness of air layer, and also the possibility of multiple dismantling and installation of the entire panel or only its face plane, is made in the form of at least four cells connected into a single structural part and having in the central part, where stiffening ribs of cells meet, a channel for insertion of a fastening part, designed for attachment of the face plane to the limiter, and stiffening ribs of each of the limiters are sunk into the mass of plastic material, from which they form a sheet forming a rear surface of the panel before the start of its hardening, as a result of which they produce a solid joint of each limiter with the rear plane of the panel made as capable of attachment of the wall using fastening parts, besides, sheets of panels are structurally grouped in packages of eight pieces with a stiff joint between them by rear and face planes and the ninth in the centre, which is capable of horizontal displacement relative to the wall due to attachment of a vibrator with a drive and a displacement speed controller to its face surface, a temperature controller connected with an air temperature sensor, arranged inside the panel, at the same time the temperature controller includes blocks of comparison and setting, electronic and magnetic amplifiers, an unit of non-linear feedback, and a displacement speed controller is made in the form of an unit of powder electromagnetic couplings, besides, the fastening part is made in the form of a rod with double-sided threaded joint, besides, with one end the rod is rigidly connected to the fastening channel in the central part of the limiter, and with the other end it is connected with the face plane of each panel sheet as capable of free joint and stiff joint, besides, on the rear surface of panel sheets grouped structurally as eight pieces in each group, there are curvilinear grooves with the opposite direction of tangents on each pair of panel sheets, at the same time on the first sheet of the pair the tangent of the curvilinear groove has a clockwise direction, and on the second sheet of this panel pair the tangent of the curvilinear groove has a counterclockwise direction. At the same time the displacement speed controller is connected to a moisture controller, comprising a moisture sensor, arranged inside the panel, besides, the moisture controller includes blocks of comparison and setting, electronic and magnetic amplifiers, an unit of non-linear feedback, besides, the magnetic amplifier is connected with a displacement controller in the form of an unit of powder electromagnetic couplings, and the moisture sensor is connected to the block of comparison.

EFFECT: maintenance of normalised strength parameters of barrier structures and panels for additional heat insulation of walls under changing weather and climate conditions of building operation by automated control and regulation of ventilated air moisture.

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Wall panel // 2541686

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction and can be used for design of load-bearing enclosing structures of civil and industrial buildings. The wall panel includes inner and outer support layers and the intermediate insulating layer. The intermediate insulating layer is made as a heat-insulating material filling the interior cavities of ceramic or slag glass ceramic tubes arranged in parallel with respect to each other, and the outer and inner support layers are made from cured slag cast during the manufacture on the outer surface of said ceramic or slag glass ceramic tubes.

EFFECT: improvement of insulation, as well as reduction of the cost of the structure, reduction of installation cost and complexity of the design.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to ship compartment finishing. Layout of compartment sealing panels onto joint comprises clamping channel secured by fastener to sealing panels and decorative channel. Fastening of decorative channel is executed with the help of "Velcro" textile fastener with one half glued to clamping section and another half secured to decorative channel. Note here that both decorative and clamping channels follow the joint geometry event and angles.

EFFECT: higher reliability of fastening.

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FIELD: automobile production.

SUBSTANCE: manufacturing method of sandwich panels containing at least one layer of a warmth-keeping material, mainly foamed plastic and a reinforcing layer from glass fabric involves connection of the reinforcing layer and foamed plastic by means of a glued connection. Besides, there additionally used is at least one matrix form, the working surface of which is pre-treated with a releasing agent for resins; then, the working surface is filled with resin, mainly epoxy resin, with a layer of preferably 0.5-1.5 mm and left till it is dried; after that, an additional reinforcing layer in the form of a glass fibre matt layer and a reinforcing layer in the form of a glass fabric layer are laid in turns onto the resin layer; after that, the glass fibre matt and glass fabric layers are soaked with a self-expanding polyurethane adhesive with microspheres and the warmth-keeping material is laid onto the glass fabric layer; then, the layers being attached are pressed and dried, and mainly under pressure by means of a vacuum table; after complete drying of the layer the matrix form is removed.

EFFECT: improving heat-insulation and strength characteristics.

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Structural panel // 2534289

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to building construction and can find application during the construction of bearing-wall houses. Structural panel includes the reinforcing elements made of longitudinal reinforcing concrete bars, embedded in constructive heat-insulating material of panel filling and mounted at the boundaries of extreme quarters of width of the panel cross section, designed of channel section and having openings in the wall, through which transverse reinforced concrete bars of rectangular cross section pass through alternately in the level of top and bottom, the ends of which are attached to the extreme longitudinal reinforced concrete of rectangular cross section; in this case the height of holes in the walls of bars of channel section is equal to the triple thickness of transverse bars of rectangular cross section, in this case the holes in the walls of reinforcing concrete bars of channel section are made in the form of four-sided truncated pyramid, besides for each pair of reinforcing concrete bars of channel section, the smaller base of truncated quadrilateral pyramid is arranged for the first from pair from the outer side toward the pass of reinforced concrete bar of rectangular cross section, and for the second - from the inside, moreover, taper angle of the truncated pyramid is of 8÷12 degrees. Panel is equipped with bimetal strips, which are installed in the joints of longitudinal and transverse reinforced concrete bars of rectangular cross-section, in this case the material of bimetal from side of longitudinal reinforced concrete bars has the thermal-conductivity factor 2.0-2.5 times higher, than the thermal-conductivity factor of the material from side of transverse reinforced concrete bars.

EFFECT: maintenance of thermal-insulating properties of structural panel when exposed to freezing temperatures of the environment by eliminating the effects of "cold bridges" by creating the zone of high thermal resistance in joints of longitudinal and transverse reinforced-concrete bars.

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Spacer // 2533784

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to spacer, preferably for fabrication of wall panels or sandwich wall panels. A hollow or sandwich wall panel comprises at least two located spaced wall panels, at least one of which contains concrete and between which a spacer at least partially passes, and this spacer contains at least three rods, each of which contains at least two bearing parts formed by located opposite to each other rod end parts, meanwhile the rods are rigidly connected to each other at the section located at a distance from the rod end parts, and the bearing parts of the rods are spaced and thus form two bearing planes located opposite to each other, thus the rods form between them a sharp angle, and at least two, preferably three rods are contacting. Also the spacer is described, as well as the version of the wall panel and the method of its manufacture.

EFFECT: improvement of strength of wall panels, improvement of accuracy of their manufacture.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: high-speed method of manufacture of building products with high void ratio provisions the volumetric vertical moulding of building products at separate forced filling of meshes with heterogeneous mixes with alternating use of vane mixers with slotted gates. Some meshes of the moulds with partitions are filled, while others are overlapped. And the meshes intended for formation of longitudinal voids, are temporarily filled with neutral cementless pulpous mix, and the meshes intended for moulding of products, are filled with liquid multicomponent concrete mix. During extraction of partitions from the mould give they are oscillated at high frequency in vertical direction, and after drying of products they are washed from pulp. Building products, such as wall panels obtained by the given method, have longitudinal voids and at least one channel intended for moulding of a concrete column of a monolithic frame of a building, and are designed with stops on side walls for installation of window openings. The process line for manufacture of building products with high void ratio is also described.

EFFECT: increase of productivity of the process line, increase of rate and quality vertical moulding and of building products from heterogeneous mixes, simplification of manufacture, tumbling and transportation of products.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method of explosion protection of industrial buildings is that the installation of explosion-proof elements is carried out in the envelope of the buildings, where the explosive and flammable equipment works; explosive and flammable equipment is installed on the building foundation, and in the lateral and upper fences of the industrial building the explosion-proof elements are installed, besides the explosion-proof elements in the form of safety breaking structures of a building fence are mounted for the lateral fences, and for the upper fences - in the form of explosion-proof plates on the roof or the building camp ceiling with the explosive objects located therein.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of personnel work in explosion-hazardous premises.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to woodworking industry and may be used for making slats. Said composition includes for inner layer 10-40% of rotten blank waste chips and 20% of wastes after roundup lumber chips as well as 40-70% of chips produced from pulp chips of PS grade with the help of binder based on low-molecular urea-formaldehyde resin and emulsion. Note here that said binder consists of low-molecular urea-formaldehyde resin of 60-62% concentration and aqueous solution of ammonia chloride of 20% concentration. Emulsion consists of the following components, in wt %: paraffin - 21, brown coal wax - 14, emulsifier - 1, water - 64.

EFFECT: lower material input, power savings, higher efficiency of equipment, lower toxicity.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials, particularly, to light three-ply boards including foamed polymer filler. Proposed board comprises top and bottom plies with filler glued in place there between. Filler reinforced discrete elements shaped to stiffness are arranged at areas to sustain increased loads. Areas reinforced with discrete elements inside shaped plies are composed of hollow cases located in definite order above bottom ply with glue layer. Invention covers also the production of said boards.

EFFECT: higher hardness, longer life.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises a device of internal radial 2 coil strapping 1, wrapping the coil 1 with polyethylene film 3 on the outer side with bending of the film to the end surfaces and in the hole of the coil, installation of outer 7a, 7b coil strapping. At that on top of the film the protective metal sheet 4 is mounted along the outer circumference of the coil 1, on the top of the sheet 4 circumferentially the outer strapping 7a, 7b is mounted, on the mating surfaces of the end surfaces of the coil and the protective metal sheet 4 the metal corrugated angle bars 5 are mounted, which are strapped with the outer strapping 7a, 7b circumferentially. In addition, in the hole of the coil 1 onto upper and lower semicircles the plastic sheets 6 are mounted, and the outer radial strapping 7a, 7b is mounted on the coil, and the connections 8 of all outer strapping are carried out by means of locks, cutting-outs or spot welding.

EFFECT: improvement of protection of rolled wire from mechanical damage and corrosion and shape retention.

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FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises, at least, one film magazine, film feed head and appliance for fitting said film onto stack. Note here that said head is furnished with film feed drive, two guide walls to make film or film bag guide slot tapering in direction of feed. Head comprises also one blower to feed air onto film provided its is directed and/or stretched in film feed direction. Note here that said blower serves to force airflow in direction in which film is fed via aforesaid slot along, at least, one of said guide walls, preferably, along both walls and on outer side, preferably on both outer sides of said walls.

EFFECT: higher accuracy.

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FIELD: packing industry.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises a film-feeding head to supply the first or second film, a wrapping device to wrap the first or second films on top of the stack, and the first and second reserves of the film. The feeding head comprises a driving roll and the first and second pairs of reverse rollers. Besides, optionally either in contact with the roll during intermediate connection of the first film there is the first pair of rollers introduced, and the roll and/or at least one roller is made as capable of feeding the first film, or in contact with the roll during intermediate connection of the second film there is the second pair of rollers introduced, and the roll and/or at least one reverse roller is made as capable of feeding the second film. The method consists in wrapping of the stack with the film by means of the head feeding optionally the first or second film. At the same time the feeding head is arranged identically to the above.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.

15 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: packing industry.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises at least one reserve of a film, a film-feeding head and a tightening device. Besides, the film is fed from the film reserve to the head made as capable of displacement both in direction of wrapping and against the wrapping direction. Besides, between the film reserve and the head there is an accumulator installed to collect or accumulate the film as the head is moving, and the head and the tightening device are arranged as capable of displacement only along two vertical supports. The method of this device operation consists in the fact that the film fed by the head is pulled with the tightening device above the stack of products, besides, the head is displaced in direction of tightening. At the same time as the head is moving, the film is collected or accumulated in the accumulator arranged between the film reserve and the head.

EFFECT: group of inventions provides for simplification of maintenance and reduction of labour intensiveness.

15 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: technological processes; packing.

SUBSTANCE: wrapping contains single sheet of wrapping material, which has bent portion for product reception. Wrapping is sealed with single welded joint that runs along trajectory, the ends of which are installed in the bent portion and which surrounds the product.

EFFECT: invention provides high extent of sealing in combination with extreme design simplicity and low cost of production.

17 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to packet making and sealing devices, particularly to such which fasten made packets of strip. Proposed device contains packet making unit, fastening unit which attaches packets made in unit to strip. Fastening unit contains transfer mechanism which directs packets made in unit diagonally downwards, and attachment mechanism which attaches packets to strip after transfer of packets by transfer mechanism. Proposed packet making and sealing device includes also cross welding mechanism to weld vertical ends of packets. Said mechanism contains pair of welding members gripping end of packet and applying heat and pressure to end of packet for welding during downwards movement. Said pair of welding elements releases end of packet in release position which is fixed in said device irrespective to distance through which pair of welding elements travels in downward direction with gripping of packet.

EFFECT: increased capacity of device, reduced height, facilitated adjustment or design of packet attachment mechanism.

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FIELD: protective materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology for preparing thermal shrinkage polyethylene films that can be used as package material. Film has thickness from 5 to 500 mcm and prepared from polyethylene representing a mixture of homopolymer and copolymer of ethylene, and showing molecular-mass distribution value in the range from 5 to 40 and average-mass molecular mass at least 100 kDa. Invention provides preparing films satisfying for requirements with respect to the melt strength, strength in cold state and other mechanical properties at stage of hot and cold shrinkage and after shrinkage also.

EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of film.

23 cl, 3 tbl, 3 ex

FIELD: packing means, particularly for door leafs.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming package by placing item on packing member; moving item together with packing member and wrapping unit including packing member and item with film. Layer with information if formed on packing member surface before item placing. Item is placed by pulling packing members on the item, substantially on side and end door leaf surfaces, wherein each packing member is made as hollow profile with end wall formed from one end thereof. Door leaf and packing members are wrapped with heat-shrinkable films by welding thereof with the use of welding means along longitudinal door leaf sides under 170є-210є C temperature and by rolling them up to packing member edges. Door leaf and packing members are moved with speed of not more than 6 m/min. Packing member is formed of polymeric composition and have information carrying layer including letters, figures, signs or combination thereof, formed on packing member surface.

EFFECT: simplified production, increased convenience of door leaf transportation, improved appearance, increased reliability and air-tightness, increased safety during door leaf transportation and storage.

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The invention relates to a packaging technique, in particular to machines for packaging of various products, as well as for making bags

The invention relates to a method of packaging one or more items (12), arranged in one or more series, in shrink film

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials and can be used for reconstruction and designing of brick soft-mud forming plants. Proposed line comprises extrusion press, open-frame automatic cutter, brick automatic stacker and drier. Note here that, additionally, this line is equipped with drying frames with T-like pillars and automatic stacker to place frames with bricks on drying frames. Automatic stacker consists of transition roll table, step conveyor, grouping conveyor and lifter with arms. Drying frames with bricks are fed into driers by means of stackers over smooth floor. Note here they are arranged in two tiers inside drying chamber over it height onto t-like pillars of said drying frames.

EFFECT: reduced production floor and amount of automatic hardware, lower metal input.

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