Garbage chute and control method thereof

FIELD: recycling.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to collection and processing of garbage. Garbage chute comprises a grinding unit, casing, a storage bin and a mixing unit. Method of controlling garbage chute comprises connecting connection hole of storage bin with outlet hole of casing. Connection hole is opened by means of rotation of mixing unit. Grinding unit grinds wastes. Wastes are fed to inlet hole. Connecting hole is closed by means of rotation of mixing unit. Wastes are dehydrated in storage bin by means of rotation of mixing unit and storage bin. Rotation is carried out with first rotation frequency while maintaining closed state of connecting holes.

EFFECT: minimising amount of wastes in grinding unit.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: system contains network of feeding and conveying pipelines to convey wastes from one or more feeding points, room for wastes and/or container for wastes or transportation container placed in transport tunnel, predominantly in underground tunnel or in the vicinity of it, or there is transport connection from them to tunnel through which wastes are evacuated. Also, the system contains bogie for wastes transportation or garbage removal truck running in the tunnel where container for wastes/ transportation container is conveyed.

EFFECT: invention provides higher safety, cost cutting and better environmental conditions.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: gate for a rubbish chute comprises a body installed on a support nozzle fixed on the body with the help of axles and a rotary valve suspended on stands with a manual drive of displacement and fixation, a fire and smoke splitter installed inside the gate body, equipped with a counterbalance and a heat lock, and also a unit of solid domestic wastes fall speed suppression arranged in the lower part of the body, arranged in the form of a valve closing throughput section of the support nozzle, on the free part of which there is a counterbalance fixed as capable of dosing and controlling the mass of the solid domestic wastes.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of rubbish chute operation, its fire safety, and also development of good sanitary conditions and provision of lower noise level in residential and public buildings.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: house garbage hopper consists of a refuse chute shaft that expands down from a garbage collector at the third floor until its exit from a refuse collection room ceiling, where it is closed with a cover having two rods at its edges, rotating around the axis of one rod placed in bearings of the garbage hopper at one side, and retained in closed position by two hooks of the garbage hopper at the ends of the other rod at the other side. It is equipped with an electric motor and a gear drive to open or close the cover, with two manual control buttons and two devices to receive signals from a mobile phone with electromagnets that act at the appropriate button of cover opening and closing in case of remote control, with a water pipeline for flushing and disinfection and a drainage pipe to sewage, and to limit vehicle movement towards the house, there is a stop installed for vehicle wheels. Also there is a version of the garbage hopper described.

EFFECT: improved environmental science, reduced cost of garbage removal, increased convenience of operation.

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FIELD: construction, particularly arrangements in buildings for the disposal of refuse.

SUBSTANCE: refuse chute for multistory building comprises shaft with loading gates at each story and damping device, which reduces gravitational speed of solid refuse loaded in the chute. The damping device is installed along chute axis at intermediate building story and retained with support. The damping device is shaped as semi-loop smoothly bending from chute shaft axis. The semi-loop has diameter and flexure equal to shaft diameter. The semi-loop is formed of separate singly-type branches provided with flanges to connect sections with each other, refuse chute and support.

EFFECT: decreased gravitational speed of solid refuse and, as the result, decreased noise propagation over building and improved safety, as well as increased simplicity and reliability and reduced costs.

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FIELD: building, particularly vertical solid waste transportation in building and building structure by gravity.

SUBSTANCE: refuse chute shaft comprises at least two three-layered pipes to be installed along common vertical axis. Inner and outer steel pipes are formed by spiral wound lock-seaming operation. Seam of inner pipe faces outwards and has bent folded upwards. Seam of outer pipe faces inwards.

EFFECT: increased reliability and service life of connection between shaft layers and air-tight connection of three-layered pipes one with another along common vertical axis.

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FIELD: firefighting, particularly to combat fires in refuse chutes.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using shutoff device with cuts to be aligned with orifices of chute gates in the absence of fire.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of fire-extinguishment inside refuse chutes and prevention of smoke spreading into living rooms.

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FIELD: municipal engineering, particularly to industrialize refuse chute structures.

SUBSTANCE: refuse chute comprises metal inner case formed of a number of stacked shells with funnel-shaped ends, inlet pipe, fire-resistance and soundproof outer facing. Each shell is composite. Upper shell comprises flange rested upon intermediate floor structure through antivibration pad and support frame. Shells are assembled by mutual connecting funnel-shaped ends provided with tension bands having packing members, wherein shells are arranged so that upper shell may be displaced relative lower one. Connection pipe is made as a single whole with lower shell.

EFFECT: simplified assemblage and improved service performance.

1 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: refuse disposal means, particularly refuse chutes for multistory buildings used for directional refuse movement to refuse collection and removal area.

SUBSTANCE: refuse chute section includes inner and outer metal shells and binding material filler located in-between. Binding material provides stiffening core of refuse chute section. Inner shell has longitudinal extension arranged on outer surface thereof. Outer shell is provided with spiral extensions formed on inner surface thereof. Above extensions extend in stiffening core and rigidly connected with it. Inner shell has projected edge located in lower part thereof and made so that lower end of inner shell is below lower ends of stiffening core and outer shell. Upper section end has bell part for receiving identical section to be connected with it. Formed under bell part are mounting orifices located from opposite sides of upper section end.

EFFECT: increased strength, reduced material consumption and labor inputs for refuse chute assemblage, enhanced ecology.

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The invention relates to fire extinguishing systems, in particular to the sprinkler systems in the trunks of garbage disposal

The invention relates to utilities and designed for damping of gravitational falling velocity of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the trunks of garbage disposal high rise residential and public buildings

FIELD: purification constructions.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of sanitary equipment. Device of control of sanitary equipment water discharge includes installed in discharge hole discharge element connected with swivel drive element. Discharge element is made in form of grid interacting with blade element connected with swivel drive element. In addition blade element is made in form of impeller of axle pump, on whose fans blades interacting with grid are fixed.

EFFECT: increase of device operation efficiency.

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FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: product is subjected to fine dispersion milling to produce vegetable powder. The milled product is dehydrated in a reduced pressure vessel. The product particles are dried and milled due to the particles concussion in the mixing column. The milled product is sucked from the mixing column and milled with a crusher hammer. Air entering the packing together with the powder is dehydrated. The powder is packed into a container.

EFFECT: method ensures the product milling with preservation of the product food properties, convenience, environmental friendliness and simplicity of usage.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: method involves stages providing the drying gas heated up to the pre-set temperature in a hot gas generator, supply of heated drying gas to a coal mill, injection of run-of-mine coal to the coal mill that pulverises run-of-mine coal to pulverised coal, collection of mixture of drying gas and pulverised coal from the coal mill and supply of the mixture to a filter that separates the dried pulverised coal from the drying gas, collection of dried pulverised coal for further use and supply of drying gas from the filter to a discharge pipeline. After that, the drying gas leaving the filter is collected and some part of the collected drying gas is supplied to a recirculation pipeline for supply of recirculation drying gas to a hot gas generator. The stage that provides the drying gas includes supply of waste gas of a drying furnace at variable speed to the hot gas generator via the waste gas pipeline of the drying furnace; with that, amount of waste gas of the drying furnace, which is used as drying gas, is brought to maximum. Drying gas pressure in an inlet gas branch pipe of the coal mill is controlled by regulation of waste gas flow velocity.

EFFECT: improvement of pulverised coal quality.

15 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises the following jobs: heating of drying gas in hot gas generator 26 to preset temperature, feeding said gas to coal mill 20 and feeding raw coal to mill 20. Note here that said mill pulverizes coal. Besides it includes collection of drying gas and coal dust therefrom and feeding said mix to filter 34. Note here that filter 34 separates dried coal dust from drying coal, collects said powder and feeds drying gas from filter to circulation line 34 for return of drying gas to generator 26. Oxygen content in drying gas and its comparison with preset threshold value are defined and estimated. Oxygen content in drying gas is set at grinding cycle. Note here that heated drying gas is fed via mill 20 while raw coal is fed therein. In case preset amount of oxygen in grinding exceeding preset threshold water is injected to heated drying gas prior to its feed into mill 20. Note also that injected water volume is calculated to reduce oxygen content to below preset threshold.

EFFECT: oxygen level reduced to tolerable level, ruled plant damages or switching off of grinding and drying units.

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Drier-grinder plant // 2453373

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and may be used for production of fodder grass or wood flour. Proposed plant comprises housing 1 to accommodate drying chamber 2 with mixer 3 equipped with vanes 4, grinding elements 5, heat exchanger 6, loading device 7 and discharge chamber 8. Besides, it incorporates pre-drying chamber 9 with mixer made up of rotor 12 and vanes 13, kiln 14 with inclined interconnected bidirectional guides 14 and lifting device 16. Grinding elements 5 double as drying agent and are made up of moving bodies made from strong heat conducting material. Vanes 4 represent interconnected arc-like plates with screw surface. Perforated disks are arranged between arc-like plates. Note here that drying chamber 2 is made up of two chutes 17, 18. Beginning of said first chute 17 is communicated with pre-drying chamber 9 and kiln 14 while its end is communicated via bypass hole with the beginning of second chute 18 located above discharge chamber and connected with lifting device. Heat exchanger 6 is made up of communicating chambers.

EFFECT: continuous production of fodder.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for granulometric sorting and/or drying of materials that serves to process suspended mineral particles wherein, at least 90% of total mass make particles with size under 60 mm. Device is formed by vertical gas tube with upflow that comprises gas inlet arranged at the base, bottom outlet and top opening while material feed opening is arranged there between. Note here that part of material or so-called, "fines" may flow together with gas off via top opening due to upflow bearing capacity while another part of more coarse-grained material is not entrained by said gas flow and falls down into bottom opening. In compliance with this invention, proposed device comprises elements to create turbulence facilitating separation of grains of different size and changing into suspended state of material not trapped by gas flow at the point of entry. Said elements are arranged between bottom opening and tube feed opening and made up of, at least, partially, upflow obstacles made up of horizontal vanes rigidly jointed with gas tube inner wall and arranged with angular shift in height on, at least, two sequential ledges, that is, staggered to allow horizontal overlap. Said device may be used in drying module. Note here that gas inlet is communicated with preset temperature gas source. Continuous crusher with closed circuit, for example, for cement plant, comprises crusher of roll or ball type with inlet for material to be crushed and crushed material outlet, sorter-drier comprising granulometric sizing and upflow drying device including bottom outlet communicated with crusher inlet and volatile material outlet. Feed opening is arranged between aforesaid outlets to feed material. Crusher comprises also dynamic separator with, at least one inlet communicated with, at least, said volatile material outlet, selected material outlet and other material removal outlet communicated with inlet in crusher, filter to filter out material contained in gas communicated with dynamic separator outlet. Crusher outlet is communicated with, at least, one inlet of material in said dynamic separator and/or sorter/drier feed opening. Besides, is comprises, at least, one unit to feed material in said inlet of crusher and/or in sorter/drier feed opening.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of processing.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of dry crushed construction material from diatomite raw stock. Proposed line comprises raw material receiving hopper, plate-type feeder, crusher, drier, fan a set of cyclones, filer, flue-gas pumps, screw conveyors and elevator. Crusher represents swing-hammer mill with furnace connected thereto. Drier represents a gage relief connected to swing-hammer outlet. Drier top is furnished with rotor separator and chute to discharge coarse fractions of material from drier housing. Rotor separator outlet is connected with the set of cyclones, while discharge chute is communicated with plate-type feeder.

EFFECT: higher quality of finished construction material due to ruling out additional drying jobs.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: woodworking industry.

SUBSTANCE: retort for grinding of wood and drying of wood flour for composite material comprises body, horizontal knives, discs, engines, shaft, system of initial raw materials supply, pneumatic dryer, system, of hot coolant supply, system of wood flour cleaning. In body on single shaft there are horizontal flat knives installed, and discs are fixed to body, on both sides of upper discs there are vertical knives with separate electric drives, and in fixed discs there are conical openings. Size of lower diametre of the first disc opening matches size of upper diametre of conical opening of the second disc, and lower diametre of conical opening in the second disc matches upper diametre of conical opening in the third disc, conical openings are calibrated for required sizes of wood grinding, and batcher of wood flour, which is connected to pipe of pneumatic drier, is used to load with flour spiral of drier, ends of which are connected to cylinders, and pneumatic drying pipe with its one end through conical opening is connected to radiator. It in its turn is connected to high pressure fan, having electric drive, and the other end of drying pneumatic pipe has conical nozzle above transporter of finished goods and outlet pipe for hot coolant.

EFFECT: reduced cost of wood grinding process.

5 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be used in bioenergetics. Initial wood raw material via gate 6 is supplied to pneumatic line 3, along which it is transported with the help of air flow created by fan 4. In process of transportation, wood raw material gets into upper part of device, where vertical auger 2 rotates. In lower part of shaft 7, where auger 2 is installed 2, cutting knives 8 are placed with different quantity of blades. Wood raw material comes to cutting knives 8, is ground and pushed with the help of auger 2 and pneumatic line head through calibrating holes 10 of fixed disks 9. Through feeder 12 crushed wood raw material gets into drying chamber 13 and to helical fixed spiral 14.

EFFECT: reduction of construction and erection works, reduced number of servicing personnel, increased efficiency of pellets and granules.

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FIELD: processes for grinding of solid particles, including grinding of oxidizer in production of mixed solid rocket fuel for obtaining of ultradispersed fraction.

SUBSTANCE: method involves continuously grinding suspension in two-rotor grinder; feeding suspension to grinder by means of pump from the bottom to the top; draining ground suspension from grinder through readily detachable filter via one channel by alternatively changing-over suspension flow for feeding into emptied mixer whose bottom valve is closed, and for consuming of suspension from filled mixer, whose bottom valve is opened. Remote and simultaneous changing-over of suspension flow and bottom valves is performed upon pressure drop occurred downstream of pump.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and safe grinding of solid particles.

1 dwg

FIELD: crushing or grinding materials.

SUBSTANCE: complex comprises crushing installation provided with input and output chutes and mounted at 50° to horizontal plane on the bearing-foundation frame. The discharging transporter for transmitting the crushed mass to the intermediate transporter underlies the outlet chute of the crushing installation. The device for separating iron is mounted at the end of the discharging transporter. The side transporter underlies the discharging end of the intermediate transporter and is used for feeding the crushed mass to the screen where it is divided into three fractions and enters the hopper provided with three sections. The complex has the second crushing installation for crushed mass that does not pass through the screen and moves down under the action of vibration of the screen to the receiving chute of the second crushing installation and further through the outlet chute of the second crushing installation enters the return transporter and through the side transporter again to the vibration screen.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

2 dwg