Device and method for grouping articles

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: device is for grouping flat articles (10), such as diapers, conveyable one after another on feed conveyor (19) and supplied to grouping conveyor (12). Grouping conveyor (12) has compartments (13) for each group (11) of articles (10), made with possibility of placing objects in standing position in close proximity to each other. Articles (10) are fed by feed conveyor (19) across conveying direction of grouping conveyor (12) and are conveyed by cone-shaped conveyor (24) in direction of conveying grouping conveyor (12) to form group (11) articles in compartment (13). Cone-shaped conveyor (24) is configured for rotation. Articles (10) during their conveyance by means of cone-shaped conveyor (24) are adjacent thereto in region of outer side surface (26) thereof.

EFFECT: reduced dimensions of grouping device.

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The invention relates to a device and to a corresponding method of separation of bundles or groups of flat products, each of which contains a given number of items and is fed continuously to send, for example, to a packaging machine

FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing and can be used in the manufacture of securities. The method of processing bundles of securities comprises the steps of processing the stacks of sheets, forming intermediate set of bundles, sequential extraction of bundles and their transportation. The stacks of sheets are processed in sequential sets of bundles. The intermediate sets are formed by stacking bundles on each other. The extraction of bundles is carried out from the base of the intermediate set. The device for processing the bundles comprises the device of processing the stack of sheets, means of forming the set of bundles, the ejector for extracting the bundles, and the conveyor. Simplicity and reliability of separation from each other and transporting the bundles are achieved.

EFFECT: invention ensures efficiency in large-scale production.

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FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to device for transportation of objects across the direction of their arrival and can be used, for example, in paper industry for transportation of sheet stocks. The device for transportation of objects across the direction of their arrival contains two continuous transporting elements performed with the possibility of rotation. Each element has independent drive. Transporting elements are located opposite each other with formation of dividing joint with supposed middle axis. Note that the objects are transported to both sides of the said device. In addition, device for objects transportation includes sets of enveloping rollers for directing, tensioning and leveling of transporting elements, movable element for changing of transport and return area, and levelling element for transport and return area changing compensation. Note that, movable and levelling elements are performed as separate elements.

EFFECT: device structure simplification and provision of more flexible arrangement of arriving stocks.

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The invention relates to a method of unloading one or more stacks of sheets, in particular of securities on the output of the machine, which is part of the installation for the production of securities, as well as to a device for unloading such stacks of sheets

FIELD: textiles, paper.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a paper sheet processing device. A paper sheet processing device in accordance with the present invention comprises: a unit of image formation, made with the ability to capture an image of a paper sheet and to generate an image of a paper sheet; an identification unit made with the ability to identify symbol of each digital position included in the serial number from the serial number area of the image of the paper sheet; an output unit made with the ability to output an image of the part corresponding to the serial number part of the paper sheet image, when there is a digital position which symbol can not be identified by the identification unit; a display unit made with the ability to display each symbol identified by the identification unit, and the image output from the output unit; and the input unit made with the ability to receive input of each symbol corresponding to the digital position which symbol can not be identified by the identification unit.

EFFECT: improving performance in identification of the symbol.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed set of inventions relates to written correspondence automatic processing. Device to stack flat articles O1-On edgewise contains frame 10 with support pad 24, 24' installed on it where the stack P is formed of flat articles O1-On as the flat articles O1-On are fed and moved edgewise one by one by pushing force in main direction D with overcoming the force of stack holding element 18 located at front end of this stack. Stack holding element 18 is made movable relative to the frame 10 and is connected with devices made so that it could act by return force on a stack of flat articles O1-On thus providing its holding. Support pad 24, 24' contains at least one smooth band 24, 24' wrapped around row of rollers 221, 22n, installed on the frame 10 being capable of free rotation, and is installed with possibility of free movement relative to the frame 10 in main direction D. Movement in this direction D is synchronised with holding element 18. Additionally, synchronisation element 26 is installed, separate from support pad 24, 24', connected in translational movement in main direction D at the same time with holding element 18 and with support pad 24, 24'. The synchronisation element 26 represents toothed band 26 installed with possibility of free movement on the frame 10. Holding element 18 contains projection 18' made capable to interact with two adjacent teeth of this toothed band 26. Also, post sorting machine is proposed containing described device to stack flat articles O1-On.

EFFECT: set of inventions provides laying flat articles in stack of significant length without its collapsing, convenient use.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises main intake flute, intake zone and slewing drive. Stack of flat articles is formed in intake zone. Slewing drive can push flat articles at overcoming the stack retainer resistance. Said drive comprises at least one element intended for protection of the last element of stack being formed. Said protective element can fit in between the stack last article and article fed from intake flute.

EFFECT: universal device, integrity of article at stacking.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to sheet stacker and method of its operation. Proposed device comprises collector, stacking appliance, pressure surface, feed shaft, clamp and sheet feed line. Feed shaft comprises, at least, one transfer surface and resilient longer elements. Said longer elements extend radially outward, beyond transfer surface. Pressure appliance presses sheet to transfer surface. Stacking appliance displaces sheet by, at least. A part of its surface. Sheet feed line is composed of first and second guide. In placing sheets in stack, one sheet is available in collector. First sheet extends beyond collector into sheet feed line to stay in contact with stacking appliance. Second sheet is displaced to contact with stacking appliance with first sheet. Stacking appliance surface is displaced to shift sheets to make first sheet fit completely in collector. Cycle is repeated for next sheets.

EFFECT: decreased probability of sheet jam.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: multigrip head (1) comprises a support element (11) adapted for the rotation around the first axis with which two grippers (12) are coupled and can turn. Rotation of every gripper is independent from other grippers. Every gripper is adapted for rotation around its symmetry axis (β) and for rotation around the rotation axis (α) of the support element to which they are coupled with the possibility of turning. An installation comprising the multigrip head includes a belt conveyor (3) and a mechanical arm (2) to which the multigrip head is coupled with the possibility of turning.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of the installation, its ability to handle packages of different size is improved.

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FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to grouping of packages. Leveling element 45 and pushing element 50 move along first and second paths, respectively, driven by first and second transfer means, 48, 53. Working sections of said first and second paths partially coincide.

EFFECT: simplified design and higher efficiency.

12 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device end stop 13 arranged above one end roller 3 of conveyor 1 that transfers articles 6 , and stop plate 11 that moves up and down relative to conveyor. Conveyor comprises deflecting roller 7 arranged on conveyor bottom part 15 and deflecting element 15 on conveyor top part 4. Conveyor end roller can move to inclined conveyor part downward from deflecting element.

EFFECT: fast and reliable packing of articles into sets.

7 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport, package.

SUBSTANCE: assembly (1) for grouping packages (20 along their transportation line (T) comprises receiving station (6) for groups (3) formed by preset number of packages (2), moving transporting surface (9) whereto packages (2) are fed at preset time intervals and in amount equal to that of packages in every group (3), and at least one moving element (35) with leveling surface (36) for packages (2) of every group (3) ahead of element (35) to rest on and be leveled in at least one line perpendicular to transportation line (T), and pushing surface (40). Moving element (35) is fed along working pass (R) that has at least one section (R1) parallel to line (T). Assembly has decelerating appliances (32) acting on said packages (2) of every group (3) to decelerate before pushing by said moving element (35). Moving element (35) in at least interacting with said packages (2) continuously moves at speed, practically, equal to that of said transporting surface (9).

EFFECT: simplified design.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: conveyors.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises rotary cradle (13) arranged above the conveyor (2) that carried the objects. Rotary cradle has two through passages (8), each with (5) and outlet (6). Said rotary cradle is furnished with stop (9) arranged to turn between outlets of aforesaid through passages (8).

EFFECT: simple and fast withdrawal without damaging objects.

8 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: device contains rotated by drive (10) closed bearing facilities (5) with multitude of bays (3), charging area (13) for products' introduction into each bay, unloading portion (14) for unloading of products' piles from several bays, and section of opening and closing of bas, arriving into charging area. Movement of bearing facilities takes place along the straight line astride from place, where bays must be opened. Bearing facilities pass through the three running pulleys in place of opening area placement, herewith mentioned pulleys include running pulley, providing curvature of bearing facilities in the direction of charging area, and a couple of running pulleys from side opposite of bearing facilities, constraining bearing facilities to round the first pulley by circular arc, so that bearing facilities allows bend in place of being of opening area.

EFFECT: it is provided laying of products into piles.

15 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: conveyor construction industry.

SUBSTANCE: parts feeding (6) is performed in a form of ordered sequence by device (100) containing traffic center (1) with sockets (43, 53), conveyor unloader on which parts move with specified pitch, and transfer unit (2) operating between traffic center and conveyor unloader (3). Traffic center contains first belt (4) and second belt (5) arranged near each other and equipped with independent engines (M1, M2). Note that the sockets are arranged in the first and second groups. Each group contains specified quantity of sockets disposed at constant pitch (p1) and connected, correspondingly, with the first belt (4) and second belt (5) with the possibility of these groups interlacing along specified path (P). Transfer unit contains elevating platform (19) by which the parts are removed from the sockets and transferred with equal intervals to conveyor unloader. The engines of the first and second belts are connected with control unit with the possibility of synchronisation of each socket pass for alignment with part removal action performed by lifting platform.

EFFECT: provision of parts feeding ordered sequence, simplification of device structure and its multifunction.

14 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: transport; package.

SUBSTANCE: device includes first, second, third and fourth package pushers intended for moving of packages in direction from reception facility intended to receive packages from package machine to delivery facility. Said pushers are placed in pairs and are made so as to turn alternatively in first and second direction around central axis. First direction is direction of movement. First and third pushers and second and fourth pushers are in diametric opposition to each other around common central axis. Mode of package supply from package machine consists of stages of acceptance at reception facility adjacent to packing machine when first lot of at least one package is accepted between first and second package pushers. First pusher is in pair with third pusher and second pusher is in pair with fourth pusher. First and third pushers and second and fourth pushers are respectively in diametric opposition to each other around common central axis. Said pushers may turn around central axis and move said at least one package by pushers turning in direction of movement around central axis to delivery facility. First pusher moves behind and second pusher moves ahead of at least one package and the first pusher returns to reception facility after at least one package reaches delivery facility. The second pusher is moved by turning around central axis so that the fourth pusher approaches reception facility and first and fourth pushers are ready to accept the second lot of at least one package.

EFFECT: quick and reliable supply of packages.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: device for distributing an unregulated stream of objects into several passageways, in which the objects are transported individually, one after the other, using a transportation device for the objects, consists of one or more operating conveyer belts and lateral barriers, with a divider on the passageway. The divider consists of several mobile dividing devices, which separate the stream of the transported objects. The divider on the passageway has a frame on which are mounted dividing devices, which move back and forth in the direction of transportation and perpendicular to it. The frame of the divider, in the passageway on the lower end of the stream, is mounted in such a way that it can rotate about a centre of rotation. On the lower end of the stream, the frame is mounted in such a way that, it can be displaced by a short length in the direction of transportation.

EFFECT: invention provides for prevention of mutual jamming and blockages in an unregulated stream of objects.

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The invention relates to a work site, in particular to the node to move the products in the machines for the processing of tobacco products

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises horizontal and inclined chain conveyors mounted at wheelset. Said conveyors are driven by reduction gear mounted on wheelset shaft engaged via chain gearing with drive shaft of horizontal conveyor drive chain.

EFFECT: device is coupled with baler to load bales on carriers.

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FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: installation consists of multitude of soaking baths (4) arranged successively and equipped with rotary drums. The drums are furnished with a device for temporary fixture of treated parts. Axes of the said drums are set horizontally for rotation facilitating immersion of most part of each drum into processing liquid. Liquid is contained in a corresponding bath. Further, the installation consists of transport line (14) designed to supply each drum with parts subjected to treatment and for removal processed parts from the said drum. Parts are transported along main axis (ZZ'). Additionally axes of the drums are mutually parallel and parallel to main axis (ZZ') of the transport line.

EFFECT: upgraded treatment of parts surface and their improved transportation.

11 cl, 5 dwg