Method of forming fibrous product

FIELD: hygiene.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to method and device for forming fibrous product, involving following steps: 1) passage of formed fibrous product through calender, comprising vacuum drum and opposite calender shaft, on surface of which, at least one groove is located, configuration of which allows to give volumetric contour to formed fibrous product; 2) embossing calendering of fibrous product in embossing calender between first and second rollers without use of bearing layer. Thus produced fibrous product can be used as layer of absorbent core of disposable hygienic products, such as sanitary napkins, daily linings, diapers, etc. Present invention also relates to disposable hygienic products, base for making of which is formed fibrous product, made in compliance with principles of present invention.

EFFECT: use of bearing layer complicates production of products, and if bearing layer must be added to end product, it may cause increase of cost of end product and(or) negatively affect hygroscopic properties of product, therefore method and device for forming fibrous product allows to avoid above disadvantages.

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The invention relates to light industry and relates to endless formatted tape, made basic weave and weft threads, and the main and weft threads made by weaving basically reps 2/2 from P - aramid yarn linear density 58.8 to 120 Tex on the basis of and 29-129 Tex on a duck, the number of weft threads in the tape 10 cm 35 - 367, and the twist of the yarn is 100 - 150 kr/m

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to medicine. What is described is an absorbent product comprising an upper sheet, a lower sheet, an absorbent core between the upper sheet and the lower sheet, and a cyclodextrine complex containing cyclodextrine and at least three components bound to the cyclodextrine complex. The absorbent product has a total chromatographic peak area of the components released from the cyclodextrine complex into a closed space at the moment of time of 0 min is no more than approximately 0.50108, a total chromatographic peak area of the components released from the cyclodextrine complex into the closed space at the moment of time of 30 min is at least approximately 1.00108 and a total chromatographic peak area of the components released from the cyclodextrine complex into a closed space at the moment of time of 240 minutes is at least approximately 2.70108.

EFFECT: absorbent product provides the effective release of the components of the cyclodextrine complex to reduce a body fluid odour.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cutting the material off the web. This method is used in production of impregnating article and includes the steps that follow. Web is fed and retained relative to bearing surface. Material to be cut off is retained at bearing surface lifted from said bearing surface at the feed of said retained material. Material lifted from the web is cut off by blade spaced from said bearing surface. Proposed device comprises: Displacing bearing surface for web feed in machine direction, web material lifting element, blade to penetrate through lifted material retained in lifted position. Note also that said blade should be spaced from bearing surface to allow cutting said material off the web.

EFFECT: perfected design.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: claimed invention relates to an absorbing product, which contains the first zone of interaction with a liquid and the second zone of interaction with the liquid, providing the better interaction of the product with flowing secretions of an organism. The absorbing product contains an upper sheet, a back sheet and an absorbing core, located between the upper sheet and back sheet. The absorbing product contains the first zone of interaction with the liquid, characterised by the first distance of the liquid movement in the transverse direction, and the second zone of interaction with the liquid, characterised by the second distance of the liquid movement in the transverse direction.

EFFECT: first distance of the liquid movement in the transverse direction is at least by 50% larger than the second distance of the liquid movement in the transverse direction, which makes it possible to obtain the absorbing product, having better characteristics of interaction with the liquid and reduces a risk of an incidental leak of flowing excretions of the organism on the user's underwear.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine. Described is a wet product from a non-woven material, soaked with a substance for personal hygiene, which is applied in household or for local processing for medicinal purposes. The non-woven material represents a bonded fibrous cloth, possessing hydrophilic properties, or a fibrous cloth, to which hydrophilic properties have been applied by processing with moisturising additives.

EFFECT: wet product possesses the high absorbing property and increased ability of releasing a substance, possessing the absorbing ability, and its transfer onto the surface.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: absorbing article with element applied thereon to make a definite shape. Absorbing article comprises its fastener to secure it to pants or stiffening element to make stiff zone of absorbing element and to prevent absorbing element part inclined to flattening to shape absorbing element as required. This process comprises step whereat first and second flat components are made to compose a curved part in view in plan. First and second components with their curved parts are laid on absorbing element to shape it as required. Said first and second components are arranged at absorbing article on both sides from mirror axis to produce mirror images thereof.

EFFECT: decreased amount of wastes.

17 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: absorbing product, possessing improved leg cuffs. Absorbing product contains upper sheet, rear sheet, connected to upper sheet, and absorbing core, located between upper sheet and rear sheet. Absorbing core has longitudinal edges and end edges. Absorbing product contains leg cuff, made extending along each of longitudinal edges of absorbing core. Leg cuff has elevated position and flat position; height, width, length, volume, upper surface, internal barrier, external barrier, lower surface and transverse section, which has on the whole quadrangular shape in elevated position, with said transverse section being formed by upper surface, internal barrier, external barrier and lower surface. Leg cuff is fastened only with upper sheet of absorbing product, with leg cuff being fastened with upper sheet of absorbing product on periphery of absorbing product.

EFFECT: increased protection from side leak is provided.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an article having, as a component, a piece of nonwoven fabric formed primarily from polymer fibres. The piece of nonwoven fabric can have a configuration of fibre-consolidating fastening points stamped on its surface. The fastening points can have the shape of at least one figure, and such a figure can have a periphery with the greatest measured length and the greatest measured width. The periphery can have a curved part and a ratio of the length to the width of at least 2.5. The fastening points also have a certain density of arrangement and orientation relative to the direction of movement of the fabric in a machine and a cross direction. The shape of the fastening point reflects the shape of the corresponding fastening protrusion on a fastening roller.

EFFECT: shape, density and orientation of fastening protrusions influence the flow of air through the fastening gap, and said flow can be used to improve elevation of fibres of the obtained fastened nonwoven fabric.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fixing and bearing device for disposable adsorbing sanitary towel used for incontinence. Device contains hip belt, fixed on itself in a detachable way by means of fixing elements, on which sanitary towel can be fastened in a detachable way. Hip belt includes anterior abdominal area, posterior back area and left and right side area, valve section, which on its body-facing side contains fastening elements, interacting with detachable meshing with respective fastening elements on facing away from the body side of sanitary towel. Hip belt is made openable and fixable only in one area. Secondary fastening elements, which can be used to adjust circumference length of hip joint in such a way that, at least, anterior valve section can be positioned symmetrically to user's perineum, are included. Some components of secondary fastening elements are located on section of material, fixed to hip belt, the other components are located on external side of hip belt. Respective valve section is made as one whole with abdominal area and/or with back area of hip joint.

EFFECT: simplification of device manufacturing, easiness of putting on and increased comfort in the process of wearing are provided.

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FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: individually packaged absorbent products comprise an absorbent product folded in three, having two end portions and a middle portion, as well as an envelope comprising the absorbent product. The absorbent product has a pair of wings projecting from the main portion; a surface of each wing facing the underwear is coated with an adhesive layer for attaching the wings to the underwear when in use; the absorbent product also has at least one slip of release paper above the adhesive layer to protest the same until the product is in use The envelope is configured and packed so that the user can open the envelope in such a manner that a surface of the middle portion facing the underwear opens before a surface of the first end portion facing the underwear and a surface of the second end portion facing the underwear A sheet material is connected to a slip of release paper than enables the user opening the envelope and removing the slip of release paper at the same time.

EFFECT: providing the correct attachment of the absorbent product to the underwear and eliminating the contamination of the adhesive layer attached to the underwear before the product is attached.

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Absorbent core // 2541300

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: structure of an absorbent core for disposable absorbent products. The absorbent core for the absorbent product contains a first layer, which contains first and second surfaces of the first layer; an absorbent polymer layer, which comprises first and second absorbent polymer layers; an adhesive layer. The adhesive layer comprises first and second surfaces of the adhesive layer. The absorbent polymer layer is arranged between the adhesive layer and the first layer. The second surface of the absorbent polymer layer faces the first surface of the above first layer; and the first layer of the absorbent polymer layer faces the second surface of the above adhesive layer. The structure of the absorbent core comprises a second layer, having first and second surfaces respectively and arranged so that the second surface of the second layer faces the first surface of the adhesive layer. The first layer of the absorbent core is characterised by the thickness of 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm, while the second layer of the absorbent core is characterised by a permeability of at least 200 Darcy and a porosity of at least 0.85.

EFFECT: providing an increase of absorptive capacity, low re-soaking, fast fluid collection with a small thickness of the product.

24 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine, hygiene.

SUBSTANCE: the suggested product contains the mixture out of thermoplastic hydrophobic and absorbing fibers. Absorbing fibers are present in the quantity being sufficient to efficiently absorb liquid from external surface of combined covering and transmitting layer at no competition with absorbing middle layer to provide quick penetration of liquid at minimal reverse wetting.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

19 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.

SUBSTANCE: invention describes absorbing articles for individual hygiene, such as diapers and articles for adults suffering with enuresis, and methods for applying including application of absorbing article on which effective amount of substances is applied for binding skin-irritating substances. The applied agent consists of the substance with non-modified particles binding skin-irritating substances and lipophilic and favorable for skin health agent. The non-modified agent consisting of particles and binding skin-irritating substances can be represented by clay, such as bentonite or laponite. The lipophilic and favorable for skin health agent can be represented by stearic acid, isoparaffin, vaseline and their combination. Absorption of indicated skin-irritating substances allows prophylaxis for their penetration in skin wherein they can cause damage and inflammation.

EFFECT: improved binding method, valuable hygienic properties of article.

20 cl, 7 dwg, 3 tbl, 7 ex

Medicinal bandage // 2245164

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dressing materials based on polymeric compositions and can be used in surgery and traumatology for closing wounds of different etiology. The polyol component-base medicinal bandage based on propylene oxide or ethylene oxide comprises water, catalyst for urethane formation and isocyanate complex consisting of isomers of diphenylmethane diisocyanate. High-molecular simple polyetherpolyol with molecular mass 3000-10000 Da is used, and isocyanate complex comprises additionally oligourethane isocyanate based on low-chain oligoetherpolyol with the content of isocyanate groups 26.0-29.5 wt.-%. Also, the bandage comprises activation additive consisting of polyurethane chain lengthener, foam-opening agent and foam-hardening agent. Bandage provides exclusion additional pain senses in the patient, enhancing absorption effect and provides absence of skin sticking.

EFFECT: valuable medicinal properties of bandage.

7 ex

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has flocculated fibers glued to one or several internal surfaces of absorbing article having coating layer, absorbing layer and lower sheet. Any surface taken from internal surface of coating, surfaces of central absorbing layer or internal surface of the lower sheet can be taken as the abovementioned internal surface.

EFFECT: wide range of functional applications.

13 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: flocked fibers are used for producing absorbing gas-permeable films and manufacturing absorbing articles, bandage materials and skin care plasters.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of skin care.

19 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device is thin (the thickness is less than 5 mm), highly absorbing, having transverse flexibility providing controllable deformation, when being used, with W-shaped relief being assumed. The device has zones of preferential bending arranged along longitudinal axis of the pad and two longitudinal sticking zones mounted on water-proof barrier layer of the hygienic pad. The zones overlap with zones of preferential bending. The longitudinal sticking zones join the hygienic pad to underwear article in places where the hygienic pad is thought to undergo lateral contraction.

EFFECT: provided bending in desired way; assuming required three-dimensional deformation pattern.

13 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has corrugations fittable in shape all over the whole structure to allow user to attach it to pants as needed.

EFFECT: wide range of functional applications.

6 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device shows resistance to deformation within the limits of 205-450 g with folds being formed. The device has absorbing core having at least two absorbing layers possessing different rigidity properties.

EFFECT: high quality of the article.

11 cl, 2 dwg, 8 tbl

FIELD: wound-healing materials.

SUBSTANCE: invention is first designed for disaster medicine, in particular for primary treatment of wounds and damaged zones. The task of invention is to develop therapeutical materials cutting short pain syndrome, accelerating healing processes, and reducing treatment time thanks to atraumatic change of treatment conditions without replacing bandages. Prolonged-effect layered material is made from hydrophilic textile material coated with at least two layers of biocompatible and biodegradable polymer with immobilized therapeutical substances. Inside layer, adjoining textile material, contains antimicrobial agent and wound-facing outside layer contains anesthetic and antimicrobial agents. Inside layer may further contain anesthetic agent and/or antioxidant, and/or an agent stimulating epithelization of sound tissues and outside layer may additionally contain hemostatic agent.

EFFECT: enhanced and prolonged therapeutical effect.

18 cl, 1 tbl, 19 ex

FIELD: medicine, hygiene.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an absorbing structure in absorbing article, such as swaddling cloth, diaper, preserving agent in enuresis, hygienic laying. Indicated absorbing structure comprises foam-structure with opened cells and pore walls of indicated structure comprise liquid-retaining material that is able to hold above 7% of synthetic urine as determined by CRC method. Absorbing porous structure comprises pores of foam-structure that comprise hydrophilic fibers wherein at least part of hydrophilic fibers is fixed tightly in pore walls of foam-structure, and the fiber amount is at least 10% by mass of the total foam mass with opened cells in dry state. Also, invention relates to an absorbing article comprising such absorbing structure. Absorbing structure has good capacity in retaining liquid and good distribution of liquid.

EFFECT: improved and valuable properties of structure and article.

15 cl, 8 dwg