Apparatus for generating seismic waves in water medium

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: operation of the disclosed device is based on using repulsive forces arising in an impulse force exciting source placed in a sealed housing and moving in the investigated medium in the form of pressure pulses, while exciting elastic vibrations in the required direction in said medium. The value of the pressure pulses and the direction of propagation of the elastic vibrations is provided due to that the corresponding shape of the sealed housing enables to use the surrounding water medium as a supporting surface which generates resistance to the movement of the sealed housing towards the surface of the water medium. The apparatus comprises a floating means, a sealed housing in which an actuating pulse source is placed and a windlass. The sealed housing is made of two parts, capable of relative movement along the vertical axis in opposite sides, and the upper surface of the housing has a much larger area than the lower surface.

EFFECT: high quality of the obtained information.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in seismic survey in icy water, streamers are towed behind a vessel under the water surface to avoid collision with ice. GPS readings may not be consistently obtained because the ice prevents a tail buoy with a GPS receiver from trailing from the streamer on the surface Instead, a device is towed on the streamer under the water surface. The absolute position of the streamer is tracked by intermittently bringing the towed device towards the surface so that GPS readings can be obtained. The absolute position of the streamer can then be used in conjunction with compass readings and can correlate various seismic sensor signals obtained along the streamer during the survey. The compass readings can be corrected for declination using declinometer readings, which can be compensated for iron effects from the vessel or other device carrying the declinometer.

EFFECT: high accuracy of survey data.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used in seismic exploration to detect oil and gas deposits. The invention discloses a method and an apparatus for marine seismic survey using one or more movable marine seismic vibrators. The sweeping function for the vibrator is based on the criterion of allowable degradation and is a nonlinear function which performs frequency sweeping from top downwards. The obtained data can be used directly without cleaning or can be easily cleaned.

EFFECT: high accuracy of survey data.

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FIELD: physics, geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used for sea seismic works. Claimed are seismic streamer and related method of evaluation of the shape of seismic streamer controlled in transverse direction. This seismic streamer is divided into several adjacent sections of seismic streamer by control devices in transverse direction. Heading transducers arranged fore and aft of every section generate the data on heading. Every section is simulated as a rectangular fore and curved fore section. Section shape is evaluated in compliance with this model from the data on heading towards the section.

EFFECT: higher precision of trial data owing to precision of seismic streamer shape evaluation.

19 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a small-size bottom seismic module, connected by a hydroacoustic link to a control station and consisting of a sealed housing, a hydrophysical module, a device for detecting geophysical signals, which includes a bottom seismometer, information storage means, a spatial orientation sensor, a radio buoy, a ballast, a ballast release, a release timer, a flash beacon, a radio beacon, an external communication socket and a power supply. The sealed housing has the shape of a hemisphere which is linked to the base of the sealed housing which is in the form of a plate, on the upper diameter of which there are mechanical elements of the ballast release, which are in the form of straps which are linked to the ballast, tightly adjoining the base of the sealed housing on its lower diameter. The means of communicating with the control station are in the form of a single-relay hydroacoustic link. The spatial orientation sensor consists of an electronic 3D compass, three accelerometers and three angular velocity measuring devices, rigidly linked to the bottom seismometer, and the bottom seismometer is in the form of a wideband molecular-electronic sensor.

EFFECT: high reliability of detected seismic signals.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: acoustic signal is emitted toward sea bottom. Signal of sound reradiation from water column is received. Gas flares are isolated from receive signal. Gas flare inclination is used to evaluate the stream velocity profile and direction. Density of gas flare sources on sea bottom and methane flow direction in water for every flare are calculated. Obtained data allows the determination of methane concentration in water column in the area of methane discharge.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and accuracy of evaluation.

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FIELD: instrumentation.

SUBSTANCE: offered invention relates to measuring equipment and can be used for development and manufacture of oceanological multichannel information and measuring complexes and development of new measuring oceanological channels. The hydrological-optical-chemical complex contains a unit of hydrophysical measuring channels, a central controller, the first and second modems of the electric communication line, a conducting rope with electric and fibre-optical communication lines, a rotating electric transition, an electric winch, an operator workstation, a unit of optical measuring channels, and a unit of normalising controllers is added to it, and each hydrophysical measuring channel through the corresponding normalising controller is connected to the central controller, besides, the first and second multiport optical modems and the rotating optical transition are added, and each optical measuring channel is connected to the corresponding input of the first multiport optical modem connected through the fibre-optic communication line of the conducting rope to the rotating optical transition connected to the second multiport optical modem connected to the operator workstation. The information from the measuring channels of the hydrophysical module is processed by the normalising controllers, and in compact way by the central controller through the multiport modem is transferred to the onboard device of the probe, and also in creation of conditions for development, manufacture, laboratory and natural studies of new optical measuring channels for identification and registration of quantity of a mineral suspended matter and the weighed organic substance in sea water, integration of currently existing measuring oceanologic channels, creation of the combined channel of the electric and fibre-optical communication line between submersible and onboard devices.

EFFECT: integration in a single hydrological-optical-chemical complex of all available measuring channels of oceanological parameters.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydroacoustic equipment and to the creation of deployment-retrieval devices (DRD) of flexible extended trailing antennas (FETA) on submarines and on surface ships. The invention proposes a DRD structure in which the deployment of the antenna to the stream in case some part of the antenna is wound on a winch, and its other part is arranged in a tubular storage unit, is provided by the creation of excess pressure in the tubular storage unit by means of a centrifugal pump, a sealing device on the end face of the tubular storage unit, which is close to the winch, is made in the form of a cylindrical module of the same inner diameter as the tubular storage unit, which is rigidly and tightly attached to it, and the suction pipeline of the centrifugal pump is made of two branch pipes, one of which is directed outboard and the other one is tightly attached to the inner volume of the tubular storage unit with an additional conical flange coaxial to the tubular storage unit and installed near its fore end face between the conical flange connected to the pressure pipeline and the sealing device of the fore end face of the tubular storage unit, the conical flange of the pressure pipeline is oriented with its constriction to the aft part of the tubular storage unit, and the conical flange of the suction pipeline is oriented with its constriction to the fore part.

EFFECT: increasing the safety of deployment and retrieval of flexible extended trailing antennas, some part of which is wound on a winch of deployment and retrieval devices, and some part is located in the tubular storage unit, without its damages or stops.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for measurement of geophysical parameters in bottom area of seas and oceans. Substance: seismic module comprises a tight body (1), inside of which there is a hard disk drive (5), a unit (7) of a hydroacoustic communication channel, a ballast (2) breaker (8), a timer (9) of the breaker (8) of ballast (2), a flashing beacon (10), a joint (11) of external communication, a source of power supply (12), a hydrophysical module (13), a radio beacon (14), a seismic sensor (15), a unit (20) of spatial orientation. Besides, the unit (20) of spatial orientation comprises an electronic 3D compass, three accelerometers and three meters of angular speeds rigidly coupled with the seismic sensor (15). The seismic detector (15) is made in the form of a wideband molecular-electronic sensor. The tight body (1) is made in the form of a hemisphere with a base in the form of a plate, along the upper diameter of which there are mechanical elements of the ballast (2) breaker (8) installed. Mechanical elements of the ballast (2) breaker (8) are made in the form of slings (3), which are coupled to ballast (2) and tightly adjoin the base of the tight body (1) along its lower diameter. The hydroacoustic communication channel for connection of the seismic module with the dispatching station is made as single-relay.

EFFECT: increased validity of recorded data.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ship building, particularly, to surface scientific and research vessels. Scientific and research icebreaking vessel is proposed for carrying out 3D seismic technology exploration irrespectively to ice conditions which vessel has a hull where seismic equipment is located, as well as a shaft for bay cable laying. To move source of acoustic waves untethered unmanned submersible is used which bases on a vessel and is dropped and lifted via separate vertical shaft using running - pulling tool.

EFFECT: improved operational performance of scientific and research vessel for seismic exploration.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used in marine seismic prospecting. Disclosed is an underwater seismic recording system for reducing noise in seismic signals caused by reflected ghost waves or movement through the water. The system comprises two motion sensors. One sensor has a first response and sensitivity to noise caused by movement of the platform, as well as to acoustic waves. The second sensor has a different structure, which insulates the sensor from acoustic waves such that the response is primarily associated with noise caused by movement. Output data of the responses of the two sensors are combined to eliminate the effect of the noise caused by movement. Upon further combination with a hydrophone signal, noise caused by reflected ghost waves is reduced.

EFFECT: high accuracy of prospecting data.

14 cl, 19 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: pulse non-explosive seismic vibrator with an electromagnetic drive includes a stiff plate emitting seismic waves, a balance weight, dampers, an electrical power supply system consisting of a charging device and a capacitor battery, and an electromechanical converter. An emitter is made in the form of a hollow box with a flat bottom. Inside the box there arranged in the centre is a balance weight of variable mass, and on both sides of the balance weight there arranged is a charging device and a capacitor battery. The electromechanical converter is made in the form of a short-stroke pulse electric motor consisting of an armature and an inductor, which represents an integral part of the balance weight. The inductor has slots on the side facing to the armature, in which an excitation coil is arranged. Between the armature and the inductor there are arranged plates with a possibility of controlling a working gap between the armature and the inductor, the charging device with the capacitor battery is connected via a power cable to the excitation coil.

EFFECT: higher operating efficiency of a seismic vibrator.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an electrical seismic vibrator, which comprises a base plate with ground lugs, an inertial mass, an electrodynamic power pulse former, shock-absorbers and a power pulse hydraulic transformer. The electrodynamic power pulse former is in the form of a shell-type power transformer with a primary winding on the middle core, and the secondary power winding is in the form of a rectangular short-circuited current-conducting coil. The rectangular short-circuited current-conducting coil is supported through its lower end by a non-current conducting plate, which is placed on a power platform a small-diameter hydraulic-cylinder rod with a small-diameter piston. The small-diameter hydraulic cylinder is placed on a large-diameter hydraulic cylinder. The cavity between the pistons is filled with a high-pressure hydraulic fluid. The radiating platform is provided with hollow bars placed in the inertial mass, inside of which the large-diameter hydraulic cylinder is attached in the lower part, and the magnetic core of the shell-type power amplifier is attached in the upper part. The magnetic core with the primary coil and the short-circuited current-conducting coil is filled with a liquid coolant. The inertial mass in the lower and upper parts is provided with shock-absorbers and dampers.

EFFECT: high efficiency of the seismic vibrator owing to improved frequency and amplitude characteristics of the generated vibrations.

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S-wave pulse source // 2534000

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: S-wave pulse source comprises a weight (9) supported through wheels (7, 8) to a rigid oscillating slab (2) with inductance coil (10) of an inductive dynamic engine. The engine armature is made as a plate (5) of conducting material and is fixed at the lateral side of the front column (4) of the slab (2). The rear column (6) is inclined to the slab (2) and the weight (9) can be moved along it with lifting of its centre of gravity. The lower surface of the slab (2) is equipped with teeth (3) with their potential submersion to the ground (1).

EFFECT: improving performance data and seismic efficiency of the source.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used in seismic exploration. Disclosed is a non-explosive pulsed surface seismic vibrator having a rigid base plate, a protective cover supported by said base plate, a dead weight and an inductive-dynamic motor with a power circuit, placed between the base plate and the dead weight to generate an pulsed force between the base plate and the dead weight. The seismic vibrator is protected by the cover from the environment and has improved technical and operational characteristics.

EFFECT: high accuracy of exploration data by reducing noise waves generated by the vibrator.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used in seismic exploration. The seismic vibrator has a rigid base with cavities on its surface, a tightening weight resting on the base and an induction-dynamic motor, the exciting coil of which is placed on the bottom surface of the tightening weight and rests on an armature plate, made of electroconductive material, mounted on the base. The armature plate has holes which link the cavities with the gap between the base and tightening weight, which reduces rarefaction of air in the gap between the armature and the exciting coil of the motor, and increases mechanical action of the base of the seismic vibrator on the ground.

EFFECT: high efficiency of the seismic vibrator.

4 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a pulsed seismic vibrator for a water environment, having a sealed housing, the bottom of which is in form of an elastic membrane, and an inductive dynamic motor inside the housing. A seismic wave is generated when the membrane is deflected by the motor armature. The housing of the inductor of the motor is able to more inside the housing of the seismic vibrator.

EFFECT: reduced noise waves generated by the seismic vibrator and high seismic efficiency thereof.

3 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a pulsed non-explosive seismic source having a sealed housing with a bottom in form of a diaphragm. Inside the housing there is a pulsed inductive-dynamic-type motor whose armature is separated from the diaphragm by a gap. During operation of the source, the armature is accelerated by the magnetic field of the motor, selects the gap and acts on the diaphragm with a force greater than the force of the motor.

EFFECT: high seismic power radiated by the membrane into the water.

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Seismic vibrator // 2476910

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a seismic vibrator having a radiating platform connected to a vehicle by elastic members, mechanical force generators and a ballasting inertial mass. The mechanical force generators of the seismic vibrator are each made in form of at least two electrical coils connected in anti-parallel and stacked on each other in the horizontal plane in the middle part of an R-wave mechanical force generator, made from two dielectric rectangular plates which can move relative each other and have teeth and grooves in their outermost parts. At least one pair of vertical electrical coils, also connected in anti-parallel and generating S-waves, are placed in the grooves. The teeth of the upper and lower dielectric rectangular plates can move relative each other and are rigidly connected by the upper dielectric rectangular plate to the ballasting inertial mass, and by the lower dielectric rectangular plate to the radiating platform.

EFFECT: improved connection of the radiating platform with the ground for generating S-waves and, as a result, improved functional capabilities of the disclosed pulsed seismic vibrator.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: seismic vibrator has an antenna board, a tightening weight supported by the antenna board and a pulse motor which generates force between the board and the tightening weight. The seismic vibrator also has a damper whose rod is supported by the tightening weight. Between the chassis of the damper and the board there is an elastic member which reduces repeated shocks on the board generated by the tightening weight and dynamic loads on the damper. The elastic element can be in form of a compression spring.

EFFECT: high efficiency operation of the seismic vibrator.

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Test vibroplatform // 2470275

FIELD: test equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to test equipment and can be used during testing of objects of mechanical engineering, construction industry, household appliances and other products for vibration strength and vibration resistance. The proposed test vibroplatform includes the base fixed on the foundation, horizontal table for arrangement of test products on it, and the table supports fixed on the base. Table supports provide the possibility of its horizontal vibrational displacement relative to fixed base. Vibroplatform also includes hydraulic actuator (vibration exciter of the platform), pump unit, electrohydraulic supply system of controlled flow of working fluid to vibration exciter (actuator), electric control system of vibroplatform operation and measurement of parameters of the table vibrations, pipelines and communication cables of hydraulic and electric units of vibroplatform. Table supports are made in the form of posts fixed on the platform base and vertically oriented flexible links, the upper ends of which are fixed on the posts, and lower ends are fixed on the table.

EFFECT: increasing the platform stability, uniform distribution of vibration parameters along the whole working surface of the platform and compactness.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: measurement engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method and vibroprobe can be used for detecting hidden masses or objects as well as for search of non-uniformities being disposed close to surface, for example, non-metal and metal objects (bricks, pipes, artificial fillings) in ground at small depth (till 0,3 m) as well as parts of ground with damaged or changed density. For the method the test signal generator, vibration source, measurement system and recognition system are used. Test signal generator form wideband signal with preset band pass. Measurement system defines oscillations of vibration source. Presence of non-uniformity is determined not by changes in signal reflected from the non-uniformity but by changes in vibration source oscillation amplitude depending on frequency of signal applied to the source. Resonant frequency of vibration source oscillations is defined by several factors, including density and elasticity of ground under the source. Presence of non-uniformity in ground changes its physical and mechanical properties which results in changes in resonant frequency of vibration source. Method is realized by means of vibroprobe which has test signal generator, power amplifier, vibration source, seismic receiver, and seismic receiver spectral analysis device and recognition system.

EFFECT: improved precision.

3 cl, 8 dwg