Arrangement of wheeled propulsor for amphibia

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: wheeled propulsor for amphibian includes rotor with blades and casing with inlet and outlet holes. The rotor is made inside driving wheel which is attached to amphibia body using suspension. Wheel spokes executing the role (function) of rotor blades are made as propeller blades. The casing is installed and fixed on wheel suspension in position where its outlet hole made in size approximately equal to wheel rim diameter is brought into proximity with wheel rim with minimum allowable clearance, and guiding channel of outlet hole is turned towards aft, wake direction of amphibia.

EFFECT: simplification of design and higher operational durability of wheeled amphibia.

5 dwg


The invention relates to the production of propulsion of wheeled amphibians, intended for transportation of people and goods by land and water surfaces.

Wheeled amphibian waterproof body car, boat or pontoon type equipped with two propellers. For movement on land as amphibious propulsion uses a driving wheel motor of the type which is connected to the body by means of charms. Such a thruster is contained in the labour movement the main engine amphibian with the transmission. To overcome water obstacles on the underside of the vehicle is amphibious, in a special niche, is propeller or water jet, which are contained in the labour movement through additional transmission main or auxiliary engine amphibian.

The combined presence of two different types of propulsion devices with two transmission systems in one wheeled vehicle complicates the manufacturing process the manufacture of amphibians and professional service, poses a risk to the operational viability of the propeller and jet propulsion in operation amphibians on roads with a coating of low quality and contaminated or shallow water bodies with rough or rocky bottom surface of the ground.

The invention excl which includes the above-mentioned disadvantages, inherent in the existing on a technical level, the device is wheeled amphibians.

The invention is aimed at equipping all types of wheeled amphibians universal wheeled vehicles, comprising all the propulsion properties of automotive wheels, propeller and jet propulsion in a single compact, multi-functional unit.

The technical result of the invention improves (makes present) the design, simplifies the design and improves operational survivability wheeled amphibians.

Analogue of the invention for the device, but not on purpose, can serve as a centrifugal impeller pump (fan) to move air or gas, which is used for ventilation of the space, creating a draught in the furnace devices, ventilation and cooling of the heated units (radiators, condensers, motors, and so on). Cm. "A brief Polytechnical dictionary" Professor Y. A. Stepanova, page 136, Gosizdat technical-theoretical literature, Moscow, 1956

Centrifugal impeller pump (fan) includes a rotor with radial blades on it. The rotor rotates in ulitmatebet casing (housing). Air is drawn in through the inlet hole located on the side surface of the casing, keen and discarded due to the centrifugal forces of the rotor blades in the region of idealnoi surface of the housing, where is unwound, and having met in its path outlet, made in the form truncatetable channel, is thrown through it under high pressure in the surrounding space or continues the path for connected the pipeline in a given direction.

The essence of the invention lies in the fact that the rotor of the device similar to the device of the centrifugal impeller pump, located inside the rim of the drive wheel amphibians, rotor blades replaced on the blades of the propeller, and oligopoly casing is installed and fixed on the suspension that connects the drive sprocket amphibians with her body.

The essence of the claimed device wheel mover amphibians is that spokes connecting the hub with the rim of the drive wheel amphibians made in the form of propeller blades, and the shroud mover with oligopotent circuit including input and output holes, installed on the suspension of the drive wheel amphibians and fixed so that its inlet opening, having a diameter close to the size of the diameter of the wheel rim, close to the wheel rim, with a minimum gap, and the hole made in the form of a tubular channel maximized (aims) in feed, Wake side of amphibians.

The drawings depicted the rim 1, the hub 2, the blade 3, the suspension 4, the casing 5, the inlet d1, the output of the slot d2, truncatetable channel 6 and the brake disk 7.

In Fig.1 shows a General side view of amphibians.

In Fig.2 depicts the water-jet node wheeled propulsion amphibians, side view.

In Fig.3 is a perspective bottom view of amphibians with two leading wheels when its wheel thrusters operate amphibians on water. The arrows indicate the direction of movement of the working flow of the water.

In Fig.4 is a perspective bottom view of the amphibious four-wheel drive in the moment of its maneuvering on the water with the front pair of wheel movers. The arrows indicate the direction of movement of the working flow of the water.

In Fig.5 is a perspective bottom view of amphibians with four driving wheels at the time of braking on the water or when maneuvering in the back (aft) direction.

Wheeled mover performs the movement of amphibians on earth in the traditional mode of motor drive wheel. Wheel propeller rotating in the earth, brings amphibian, for example, to the river, plunges its waterproof, has a positive buoyancy of the body in the water and, without stopping, spinning in the water. Rotating in the water, the blades 3 of the propeller located in the opening between the hub 2 and the rim 1 of the wheel propulsion, start raking in the water mass, guiding them through the gap between the rim and brake the claim 7 of the wheel, then through the inlet d1 inside the casing 5, where the water due to centrifugal forces, with the help of blades of the propeller, pressed and raskruchivayas around the radial surface of the housing, gaining speed, meeting on his way truncatetable channel 6, rushes to him and under pressure, in the form of a jet through the opening d2 is thrown in the aft (Wake) direction (see Fig.2). So, using water-jet effect, wheeled mover performs the movement of amphibians, for example, to the opposite shore of the river. Amphibian, breaking the water flow with a rotating wheel propulsion comes ashore and continues its path in a given direction.

Management amphibious propulsion is carried out on the land and on the water traditional automotive way. Speed control using the throttle, adjusting the flow of fuel into the cylinders of the internal combustion engine or other power supply, for example electric, the electric motor of the electric vehicle is amphibious. Management and direction of travel on land and on the water by turning the wheels with the steering device. In the case when the rotary wheel are leading the drive and converted into a universal wheel drives, motion control amphibians on water becomes more efficient (see Fig.4). Back on the water for the implementation of the is, as on earth, by switching the direction of rotation of the wheel movers amphibians in the opposite direction (see Fig.5). In the same way, switch the direction of rotation of the wheel movers on the opposite is the damping rate amphibians up to its full stop on the water.

When sealing and balancing positive buoyancy, most of the models of cars can be turned into amphibians, without breaking the circuit model design (see Fig.1) the body of the device.

Wheel propulsion amphibians, including the rotor blades and the casing with an inlet and outlet, wherein the rotor is constructed inside the drive wheel, which is attached to the body of the amphibian with the suspension, the wheel spins in the role (function) of rotor blades made in the form of propeller blades, the casing is installed and fixed to the suspension of the wheels in the position in which its inlet, is made with a size close to the size of the diameter of the wheel rim, close to the wheel rim, with a minimum gap, and the guide channel of the outlet is turned in the direction of feed, Wake direction amphibians.


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EFFECT: higher speed and safety in planning, braking on ice and snow.

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EFFECT: expanded operating performances.

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EFFECT: simple manufacture, assembly and operation.

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EFFECT: increased operational reliability of a vehicle propeller.

1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: on peripheral portion of wheel rim ring there are grousers which can be made in the form of waved band on outer generatix of toroidal rim ring and/or in the form of closed cylindrical spring. In this structure, supporting and side surfaces of toroidal rim ring may be rubberised up to or together with mounted grousers on toroidal rim ring and/or around it.

EFFECT: better gripping properties of toroidal hubless wheel with simultaneous simplification grouser mounting process.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular to vehicle driving wheels actuator design including wheelchairs. Vehicle wheel contains central wheel of external gearing and kinematically connected with it via satellites wheel-rim of internal gearing . Gearing devices of central wheel and wheel-rim are made as ring support with fixed in the support toothed belt of structurally and technologically feasible standard size, and satellites are pulleys of structurally and technologically feasible standard size.

EFFECT: simpler design and manufacturing process of vehicle with wheels of different standard sizes which vehicle is used on various grounds including grounds with poor carrying capacity.

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EFFECT: higher stability and capacity.

2 cl, 1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: wheel consists of rim composed of the solids of revolution with their axles running in one plane in bearings and fitted with the help of spokes on vehicle axle. Solids of revolution are composed of wheels, at least eight in quantity, fitted on wheel rim part of the vehicle configured as a ball bearing. Adjacent wheels are connected by levers making a four-link anti-parallelogram with hinges articulated with axles mounted equidistant in pairs in planes of appropriate wheel rims. Wheel stator part incorporates actuator that makes a solid periphery in wheel bearing part from at least two parallel wheels. Note here that said solids of revolution can be completely evacuated.

EFFECT: higher stability and capacity.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524281

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim with multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes in which pneumatic spheres like sports balls are fixed by their nipple sections. Between pneumatic spheres, toroidal pneumatic cameras of reasonable size are installed which cameras are fixed on the drum of consolidating camera from inside by elastic band fixed at each nipple between pneumatic sphere and drum.

EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel, as well as increase in riding comfort.

1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524280

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim with multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes via which interleaving rings of springs are passed - of outer spring functioning as grousers and of inner spring functioning as gear wheel. Herewith, outer spring can contain resiliently flexible tire inside itself. The outer spring can be rubberised and/or covered with elastomeric material.

EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel.

3 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524279

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim on shaft and multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes along generatix for elastic grousers formed by endless spring the rings of which are passed through drum holes and have inner gearing with wheel drive gear. In this system, distance between rows of holes is selected so that endless spring rises over the drum not less than for 50 and not more than for 75% of its diameter in ring. Herewith, endless spring-grouser rising over the drum can be rubberised and/or covered with elastomeric material.

EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; wheel.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of wheels for road vehicles for increasing their cross-country capacity, and in case of amphibian vehicles, for improving maneuverability and steerability afloat. Said wheel contains rim in form of four rods arranged at side of square. Two-side section of tire is fitted on each rod for turning, one side of tire being rounded off to wheel radius and the other is made flat. Section consists of several parts independently locked in any of two positions, in one of which rounded-off side of tire section is pointed to periphery of wheel, and in other position, its flay side is pointed to periphery. Wheel has round configuration in one position, and square in other position.

EFFECT: increased cross-country capacity and propulsive efficiency of wheel and its reliability and strength.

12 cl, 32 dwg