Method of controlling railway track skeleton displacement

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over the state of track, particularly, to control over displacement of welded railway rail skeleton section displacement. Proposed method consists in defining the position of markers on rail skeleton relative to fixed objects (reference sleepers). Welded butts are used as said markers. Relative arrangement of selected welded butt with respect to selected reference sleeper is defined by the data of flaw detector car magnetic control channel so that signals from, say, bird pad and welded but can be unambiguously identified on defectogram. Besides their relative spatial position can be unambiguously identified by the data received from track transducer (coordinate meter) of flaw detector car. Magnitude of displacement is defined by comparing current data with that obtained before.

EFFECT: instrumental control over displacement.

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The invention relates to the field of condition monitoring of railway track, in particular to methods for measuring and controlling the movement of sections of rail lashes railroad tracks, and can be used to determine whether the offset sections of rail lashes with respect to stationary objects (lighthouse sleepers). Currently, the great length of the main ways of Russian Railways used seamless path, where the rails are connected to each other in long lashes by welding. One of the most pressing issues for jointless tracks is its maintenance and operation in a period of significant changes in air temperature, which lead to increase of the longitudinal stresses in the rails (tensile winter and compressive in the summer), which is in violation of the production technology track work and maintenance of paths leads to rupture of the rod or rail to the ejection path.

The known method of control theft rail lashes on labels put oil paint on a feather foot of the rail and on the lining on the lighthouse (fixed) sleeper (section 4.2 of the Technical instructions for the device, installation, maintenance and repair of seamless path of TU-2000, approved by the Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation V.T. Semenov 31.03.2000).

The disadvantage of this method is the need for visual con the roll offset labels directly by a person or automated system, implementing this method of control (for example, patent RF №2174082, B61K 9/08). Visual inspection performed by a man, has a very low performance and can only be performed in the daytime and only if there is no snow cover. Known automated systems that implement the visual inspection method, also have several disadvantages, for example, false positives and perform control when there is snow or in the case of significant pollution of special marks.

The known method of control theft of rails on the mutual position of the bolted joint and terminal-bolt connection (the description of the invention to author's certificate No. 1786220 A1, E01B 35/00). However, the disadvantage of this method is to bind to bolted connections that, in the case of continuous welded rail way, does not make sense because of the impossibility of determining theft of the path in the middle part of the scourge. In addition, the ends of the lashes can be "breathable"and their longitudinal movement when the temperature changes are the norm.

The technical result, which directed the inventive method is the use of non-visual method of control bias rail lashes relatively lighthouse sleepers, devoid of the above disadvantages.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that DL is control shift rail lashes relatively lighthouse sleepers use magnetic data channel control car flaw detector (for example, Lysyuk B.C., Bugaenko V.M. damage to the rails and their diagnostics. - M.: ICC called "Akademkniga", 2006). It is known that magnetic control channel rails captures not only the signals from the defects, but also signals sleeper pads, as well as signals from the welded joints of rails. Using modern data processing methods of these signals can be uniquely identified. Because rail inspection car is equipped with an encoder (device coordinates), it is possible to determine the position of two objects (stationary sleeper lining and welded joints of rails), which are sources of signals relative to each other.

The proposed solution is illustrated in figure 1, which presents the spatial position of the signals 1 and 2, respectively, of the stationary tie lining lighthouse sleepers 3 and welded joints of rails 4 by changing the position of the rail scourge relatively lighthouse sleepers 3.

Consider the example of the method of control theft rail lashes railroad tracks.

The inventive method of control theft rail scourge involves obtaining primary data after laying the scourge and pinning it on continuous mode of operation. Thus determine the position of the lighthouse sleepers 3 signals 1 on the defectogram and select signals 2 coming to these sleepers welded joints 4, the Les which determine the distance L 0from the selected weld joint 4 to the lighthouse sleepers 3. In subsequent passages of the car measured length L1for a given pair of welded joint - lighthouse sleeper" compared to the L0. The difference ΔL=L0-L1will comply with theft of rail scourge regarding this lighthouse sleepers 3.

A method of measuring theft of rail lashes welded rail track based on the position of "labels" on the scourge relative to stationary objects (lighthouse sleepers), characterized in that as a "label" use of welded joints, and the determination of the relative position of the selected weld with respect to the selected lighthouse sleepers carried out according to the magnetic control channel of the flaw detector car, because the signals from objects of type "sleeper lining" and "welded joint" can be uniquely identified on the defectogram, and can be uniquely defined by their spatial position relative to each other by using the data received from detector (meter coordinates) of the flaw detector car, the magnitude of the value of theft scourge is determined by comparing the current data of the travel of the carriage with the data obtained previously.


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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to track safety control and serves for remote detection of changes in track conditions caused by rail structure faults and occurrence of dangerous objects in groundwork. Proposed method comprises recording of vibroacoustic pulses in rail resulted from interaction of wheel pairs with rail joints at equal opposite distances therefrom. Signals registered on train passing said rail joints are filtered out and accumulated. Note here that after passage of first train over known-good track said signals are converted to maximum affinity to conserve parameters of correcting circuit. In passage of the next train of track section - signal generator result of comparison is compared with preset threshold. In case it is exceeds decision is made about availability of affected track ahead of running train.

EFFECT: higher reliability of remote detection in real time conditions.

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SUBSTANCE: Invention relates to railway transport, particularly, to determination of track irregularities and other defects. Propose method consists in defining the level controlled track section of electromagnetic radiation by video control appliances in shifting electromagnetic radiation receiver along said section. Measured level of electromagnetic radiation is used to define track wear and defects. Track image is locked in visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in polarisation filter with rotary gating axis and processing of images by estimation of Stocks parameters.

EFFECT: determination of track whatever defects and irregularities by whatever processing means.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flaw inspection and nondestructive checks. Invention consists in using pulses of surface electromagnetic waves radiated forward and/or backward relative to train direction, registering reflection of said pulses from irregularities of the track and defining type of track and/or rolling stock defects from character of said irregularities.

EFFECT: detection of dangerous macroscopic defects at distance exceed stopping distance and registration of derailment.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instruments intended for testing health of tracks. Proposed method consists in mounting flaw detectors, surface irregularities metres and rails video surveillance devices on transport facility at preset relative points.Transport facility is displaced along rails to measure its speed and position relative to rails and continuously measure rails heath by all said devices. Obtained results are combined to relate them to the same rail cross-sections and analyse in said combination. Current and future rails health is estimated.

EFFECT: higher validity of estimation.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in this method for determination of longitudinally-stressed state of rail strings for continuously-welded track following is performed: periodical measurement of rail string portions temperature, determination of temperature longitudinal stresses of portions with simultaneous determination of longitudinal strains of portions caused by external force impacts or changes in track condition. From this longitudinal stresses of portions between control marks are determined taking into account changes in their length and amount of longitudinal stresses. Additionally, strains within reference portions including several portions of rail strings are determined, correction factor is determined as ratio between sum of distances of rail string portions within reference portion and reference portion length, and actual longitudinal stresses for each portion of rail string are determined with regard to this factor.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of determination of longitudinally-stressed state of rail strings, lower operation and diagnostics costs of continuously-welded track.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous control over continuous welded rail track by track measuring devices. Proposed method comprises defining averaged curvature in the limits of circular curve on basic length defined by regulations and defining averaged curvature on preset length of short irregularity. For every circular curve, defined is designed minimum temperature of fixture min tf to define deviation of actual temperature Δt"рих". New temperature of assembled rails and tracks fixture in the curve by the following formula: t"о.рих"=t3-Δt"рих", where tf is temperature of assembled rails and tracks fixture, °C. Then, stability of circular curve defined by the formula: t"о.рих">mintf and determined crosswise stability margin within the limits of circular curve (ΔΔt"рих") defined by the formula: ΔΔt"рих"=t"о.рих"-mintf, are used to decide on state of assembled rails and tracks.

EFFECT: higher accuracy.

2 tbl, 2 dwgl

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to controlling continuous welded rail track rail lengths. Prior to laying rail length, stress concentration zone (SCZ) is defined from intrinsic magnetic scatter field (IMSF) by using magnetometer pickup to scan along rail head. Magnetic field scatter gradient Hp (dHp/dx) is defined in SCZ, where Hp is magnetic field intensity, A/m, x is analysed line of SCZ, and obtained data is stored as initial data. Then, rail length is again diagnosed in SCZ to define above said parameters after 50-150 mln t of freight is carried on track and obtained data is stored as data on 50-150 mln t of freight transportation. Obtained data is compared with initial data to define maximum parameters. Said zones are defined as most predisposed to failure. Revealed SCZs are subjected to additional intermittent control. Zones most predisposed to failure are subjected to additional control in case rail length temperature is 50-60 degrees below or 10-15 degrees above that of laying rail lengths. In case defect is detected, it is to be eliminated.

EFFECT: higher quality and validity.

3 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport and may be used in complex diagnostics of track, for example, in rail detector cars. Proposed method consists in that measurement intervals are synchronised with rolling stock speed, interfering instruments are spaced apart and/or scattered in time, instantaneous measurement results of all instruments are delayed with due allowance for relative position and displacement speed so that said instruments are related to unique cross sections of the track, revealed defect is displayed in due time, current track section is displayed in 3D images as well as defects revealed in track transverse sections by all instruments. Fast decision about track conditions are made by one operator proceeding from analysis of produced image.

EFFECT: higher quality of diagnostics.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed machine comprises frame resting on bogies, tie tamping device and lifting-straightening device, measuring tool and platform coupled with said platform, test bogie and video cameras to observe track top structure. Test bogie is equipped with controller, track geometry pickup, equipment to process global navigation satellite system signals, optoelectronic measurement system and video data processing unit. Said optoelectronic system comprises, at least, one radiation source, data processing unit and photo receiver. Reference mark makes radiation source. Said reference mark comprises modulated LED, LED control circuit, photo receiver and self-contained power source. Photo receiver comprises two receive-and-analyse systems, inclination transducer and control module including data signal processor and photo receiver. One on the inputs of data processing unit is connected with inclination pickup, second input is connected with receive-and-analyse systems and third input is connected with data signal processor.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of track location measurement.

6 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of measurement equipment and can be used for control of the geometrical dimensions of the railroad gage. The unit contains a meter of the geometrical dimensions and control equipment that are mounted on the vehicle support. Laser devices are located above the corresponding rails of the road. The unit is equipped with a support swivel drive group in the vertical plane. The support is made with a swivel load-bearing part connected with the help of a pin to its fixed part. The record and satellite image processor, the image send group and the display are connected to the microprocessor that is installed in the vehicle cabin, for example, of the diesel locomotive. The navigation aerial for determination of location of the laser devices from the satellite is installed on the support.

EFFECT: extension of the functionality related to determination of the geometrical dimensions of the gage in front of the transportation vehicle thus ensuring its travel safety.

2 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; measuring facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to special purpose devices for measuring separate geometric parameters of reinforced concrete ties, i.e. propelling and canting of rail flats on reinforced concrete ties. Proposed device contains housing 1 with fitted-on transport handle 2, right-hand support 3 and left-hand support 4. First support screw 5 and second support screw 6 are installed on right-hand support 3, third support screw 7 and fourth support screw 8 are installed on left-hand support 4, right-hand catcher 9 and left-hand catcher 10 are installed on ends of housing 1, sensor 11 is secured on first support screw 5. Housing 1 carries also right-hand orientation handle 13 with pushbutton 15 and left-hand orientation handle 14. Base 16 is fastened in central part of housing 1, controller 17 and supply compartment 18 being secured on base 16. Device for measuring rail flat canting contains housing 1 with fitted-on transport handle 2, right-hand support 3 and left-hand support 4. First support screw 5 and second support screw 6 are installed on right-hand support 3. And third support screw 7 and fourth support screw 8 are installed on left0hand support 4. Right-hand catcher 9 and left-hand catcher 10 are installed on ends of housing 1, first sensor 11 is secured on first support screw 5, and second sensor 19 is installed on fourth support screw 8. Housing 1 carries right-hand orientation handle 13 with pushbutton 15, and left-hand orientation handle 14. Base 16 with fitted-on controller 17 and supply compartment 18 is secured in central part of housing 1. Moreover, support 21 is connected to housing 1 through vertical rods in central part.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of measurements, increased accuracy and provision of operative measurement of parameters under checking.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of diagnosing condition of railway and street car tracks. Proposed device contains detectors designed for measuring deviation of gauge and position of track by level of sags, humps and cavities connected with contact members. Device contains also vertical parallel, inner and outer posts, rollers made for interaction with side working inner surfaces of side track, rollers made for interaction with upper working surfaces of rail track, jambs some ends of which are connected with roller races and others, with corresponding posts. One of detectors is made in form of dial indicator, being arranged on one of inner posts and coupled with roller-type contact elements made for interaction with side working inner surfaces of track. Rod of said indicator is in contact with upper end of other inner post. Springs are placed between inner post. Springs are placed between inner posts in upper and lower parts, mounted on upper surface of two pairs of bosses fitted on one axle. Holes are made in inner posts. Axle with bushing is placed in inner posts. Bracket is connected by one end to bushing, and other end of bracket serves for fastening to floor of test car. Second detector is made in form of metric rule secured to inner post, and two pointers secured on upper end faces of outer posts. Two pairs of slots are made on outer posts. Slots are arranged on one axis and they accommodate pins installed for movement. Pins are provided with stops from outer and inner parts of posts.

EFFECT: improved reliability of device, reduced cost, possibility of reading results of measuring directly from detectors.

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FIELD: railway transport; permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of noncontact inspection of profile of ballast base passing square to longitudinal direction of track. Inspection is carried out together with recording of deviation of track in level and in position. Depending on recorded defects as to level (a) and profile of ballast base 13 obtained for said level, amount of crushed stone for lifting track 4 to preset level and uniform ballasting is determined. To find amount of crushed stone required for ballast base 12, recorded profile of ballast base 13 is applied to preset profile of cross section 14.

EFFECT: improved ballasting of track.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of grading of existing bed of railway in which cables and/or pipes are laid beyond the limits of rails, and to laser measuring device to read bed profile. According to proposed method, operator removes material of bed by sucking through definite steps along bed to form pits or cross trenches at each side of track, and using laser camera, checks profile near pit and position of buried cables or pipes and stores obtained information. Then, using information kept in memory, operator controls device for mechanical digging of material from both sides of track without risk of damage to buried cables or pipes and profile of graded bed. Laser measuring device is mounted on railway motor car with cross guide beam 12 and carriage with laser camera which can be moved along guide beam. Laser camera is pointed with its lens downwards to read distance from ground, being connected with computer to record position of bogie on rails and distance from camera to ground.

EFFECT: provision of safe, quick and cheap method of railway bed grading with use of laser measuring device.

6 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; permanent way testing facilities.

SUBSTANCE: method of pulling contact system cable comes to the following: each rail 6 is read off by means of distance pickup 16 placed over rail and moved continuously in longitudinal direction of track and scanning in plane 20 passing square to longitudinal direction of track. Problem points of measurement 25 on rail defining geometry of switch are recorded as measurement values in polar system of coordinates. Polar coordinates for measurement values are converted into Cartesian coordinates and information is recorded in memory at continuous measurements of distance by means of measuring wheel after which lateral section for switch 1 is calculated basing on recorded measurement values. Actual measurement values are compared in definite points of measurement 25 with preset values of at least two of enumerated parameters kept in memory, namely, width of clearance between counter-rail and running rail, through clearance or state of tongue as to its wear, minimum width between edge of guide rail and side edge of running rail in curve, width of gauge and/or distance between counter-rails or guide surfaces and deviation of obtained values from preset values. In device for noncontact measurement of lateral section or rail-to-rail distance of track, each pickup 16 is arranged in area over corresponding rail 6 being essentially laser scanner 17 for reading problem points of measurement 25 defining geometry of switch which is made for reciprocation at angle of scanning (α).

EFFECT: provision of quick and accurate determination and evaluation of measurands of vital importance for switch.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; track maintenance.

SUBSTANCE: geometry of track is measured by using high-accuracy measuring circuit with two mechanically coupled test trucks forming transport and mechanically coupled test trucks forming transport and mechanical part of measuring system and including covered distance meter and truck tilting level sensors relative to horizon and at least one radiating mark (optical radiation source) rigidly installed on first test truck in direction of movement and providing pressing of flange of wheel to inner head of base rail, and optical electronic receiving-and-analyzing system rigidly secured on second truck. Second truck is double axle, with flanges of corresponding wheelsets pressed to inner surface of head of base rail, thus forming measuring base identifying position of base rail in points of contact of corresponding wheelsets.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurement at simplification of process.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device for checking condition of switch tongue includes movable and fixed members in form of tongue includes movable and fixed members in form of tongue and ties with adjoining and second stock rails secured on ties and it contains one tongue position pickup relative to adjoining stock rail designed for shunting track circuits of automatic block system. Device is furnished with stop shoe secured on fixed member of track and designed for limiting displacement of tongue along adjoining stock rail. Tongue position pickup is made in form of stationary and movable contacts. Used as stationary contact is said stop shoe which is electrically connected with adjoining stock rail and is electrically insulated from second stock rail. Movable contact is electrically connected with second stock rail being electrically insulated from adjoining stock rail and installed for power interaction with tongue and forming electric connection with stationary contact.

EFFECT: improved safety of traffic, enlarged functional capabilities of device.

5 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for diagnosing condition of rails using combined ultrasonic and magnetic nondestructive testing devices of higher resolving power. Proposed rail track mobile testing device includes vehicle on frame of which flaw detector bogie is mounted with system for pneumatic and manual lifting of bogie I to traveling position. Tracking ski secured on frame of flaw detector bogie is provided with ultrasonic testing converters unit. Mobile device is provides also with pneumatic system for forced pressing of flaw detector bogie to rails made for adjusting force of pressing in vertical axis and with lateral stabilizing device consisting of roller carriage with flexible damping support. Series magnetizing coils of magnetic control device whose inductive sensor is installed after converters unit in rear part of tracing ski in direction of movement of flaw detector bogie, said coils being fitted on axles of wheel-steps of flaw detector bogie and connected to each other. Said magnetizing coils are installed on bearings and are arranged I protective hood secured on frame of flat detector bogie. Housing of converters unit, protective hood and frame of flaw detector bogie are made on nonmagnetic material. Wheels of flaw detector bogie are installed for independent rotation.

EFFECT: increased resolving power at diagnosing condition of rails, increased dynamic stability of device in movement along rails, reduced mass and dimensional characteristics.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: railway transport.

SUBSTANCE: method comes to measuring vertical and horizontal accelerations of meter body and those of left-hand and right-hand axle boxes of one of its wheelsets, determining values of measured accelerations and components of vertical accelerations of axle boxes for preset fixed running speed, and comparing obtained values with tolerable values and determining minimum value of maximum running speed of meter on particular section of rail track. Proposed device contains covered part transmitter, initial data packet shaper, accumulator, filter unit, operator's panel, acceleration meters, speed meter, board time system, scaling unit, path irregularities detector, wheel out-of-roundness detector, body vibration intensity detector, maximum speed meter and report date packet shaper. Group of inventions provides determination, with high accuracy and reliability, values of accelerations appearing in main members of meter-path system and obtaining complex characteristics of dynamic interaction of rail track and running train.

EFFECT: simple design of device, low cost.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: railway transport; permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of checking and forecasting condition of rail track. According to proposed method, running course of body of track-testing car is measured by means of inertia navigational system installed under pivot of test bogie, and running hunting angle of test bogie relative to body is measured by means of angular displacement transducer. Then, using axle box-rail transducers, distance from flanges of corresponding wheels of bogie to rail heads are measured. Basing on obtained information , running courses of rail lines are calculated as running course of body minus running hunting angle of test bogie relative to body minus running angle of parallel misalignment of flanges of wheelsets of test bogie and heads of rail lines. Then running values of horizontal irregularities of rail lines are found as product of bogie base by deflection of running course of rail lines from running averaged courses of rail lines on bogie base calculated from courses of rail lines. Running radii of curvature of rail lines are found by dividing bogie base by measured increment of course angles of rail lines on bogie base.

EFFECT: provision of chordless (single point) method of checking leveling of rail lines.

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