Rack-type race bicycle

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle with reciprocating pedals. Pedal 23 is fitted on pusher 21 provided with gear 20. Spring-loaded rack 16 has teeth on its both sides to engage with overrunning coupling 13, 14 and gear 20. Extra rack 22 is a stationary element. Gear 20 interacts with stationary rack teeth and those of spring-loaded rack 16. In pedal downward travel, spring-loaded rack stroke is doubled due to addition of two motions. Pusher translation with gear 20 and rotation driven by engagement od gear 20 with fixed rack 22.

EFFECT: increased speed.

3 cl, 4 dwg


The invention relates to transport machinery, and more specifically to vehicles driven by human muscle force, - the rental.

Widely known bike with krugobaikalny muscular drive with the wheel, frame, saddle, two running wheels, leading and driven sprockets, gear mechanism, a brake mechanism acting on the rim of the traveling wheels.

However, for well-known bike is characterized by the variability of the torque transmitted by the pedals on leading asterisks, as torque increases from "zero" at the top of the pedal position, to "maximum" in the middle, and is reduced to "zero" at the bottom of the pedal position.

Cyclist to increase torque at overcoming steep slopes, having risen from the seat, acts on the pedal its weight, since the force of muscles of the legs while sitting less than the weight of the cyclist.

This bike has the speed is limited by the number (and connection) leading and trailing asterisks.

Also known bike rack (patent RU №2122958, WM 1/04)containing a drive mechanism with a spring-loaded toothed racks, each of which is installed in the roller guide with the possibility of reciprocating motion in a cross beam mounted on the frame, one end of each rail is installed is edal, and each drive mechanism is made of a toothed rim associated with placed inside the sleeve, having a crown gear and a hub mounted on the shaft sprocket and between the gear hub and the crown placed spring-loaded rollers, each of which is mounted with the possibility of escape from the inner side of the crown, which from the outside is connected with a toothed rim that interacts with a spring-loaded toothed rack, the chain covering the driving and driven sprockets are made with rubber-roller, and includes a brake pedal mounted on the hinge can be rotated interlocked with the spring-loaded foot for interaction with the stub-roller chain.

This bike has a complex structure roller guide spring gear racks and gear wheels overrunning clutch, gear racks and their springs are not protected from dust and dirt.

In addition, the speed of this bike may change (increase, for example) with the combination (Union, size) kinematic pairs: wheel-driven sprocket and the gear rim overrunning clutch - toothed rack and moving the pedal down for a certain length of spring-loaded toothed rack moves to the same length. This sprocket is rotated by the angle corresponding to this item is remeshing.

The aim of the invention is to increase the speed of the bike.

This goal is achieved by the fact that the drivers supplied are installed inside buildings still additional gear rack, and with the possibility of reciprocating motion of a plunger mounted on its lower end a gear which engages with the teeth of the additional rack and the teeth, additionally performed on the opposite one with respect to the teeth surface of the spring toothed rack, and the pedal is mounted on the upper end of the pusher. A spring-loaded toothed rack mounted inside the housing in the guide-type bearings, the upper ends of the spring-loaded gear racks protected from dust and dirt covers, and the lower ends of the cups, inside which is placed the spring.

1 shows a General view of the bike rack and pinion race; figure 2 is a kinematic diagram of the bike at the top position of the left pedal and the bottom position is right; figure 3 - General view of the drive mechanism at the lower position of the right pedal and the upper - left pedal; figure 4 - cross section a-a in figure 3, where L is the pedal, 2L - stroke spring-loaded rack.

Bike rack racing includes a frame 1, a steering wheel 2, a seat 3, a front 4 and rear 5 wheels, mechanism switch to the Oia gear 6, brakes 7, acting on the rims of the front and rear wheels. On the axis of the rear wheels 5 are mounted the driven sprocket 8 associated endless sleeve-roller chain 9 with the leading stars 10. Leading sprocket 10 mounted on a shaft 11 that is installed in the frame 1 for rotation. At the end of a shaft 11 fixed inner race 12 overrunning interacting with the inner surface 13 of the outer casing 14 overrunning by spring-loaded rollers 15. The rollers 15 are mounted in the longitudinal grooves of the inner casing with the possibility of covering the inner surface 13 of the outer casing 14. On the outer surface of the shroud 14 is made teeth cooperating with the teeth of the rails 16, spring-loaded by a spring 17. Springs 17 are placed in the cups 18. The glasses are also capacity for lubrication. On the opposite with respect to the teeth surface of the gear racks 16 are made the same teeth 19, which interacts with the teeth of the gears 20 mounted on the lower end of the pusher 21. Gear 20 are in engagement with racks 22. On the upper end of the tappet 21 is fixed to the pedal 23. The outer casing 14, spring-loaded toothed rack 16 and the pushers 21 are mounted in housings 24, each of which is attached to the cross beam 25, fastened to the frame 1. Moreover, the outer casing 14 mounted with the possibility of the awn of rotation, gear sprung slats 16 and the pushers 21 - reciprocating motion up and down in guides 26 type bearings and toothed rack 22 is stationary. The upper ends of gear racks 16 and pushers 21 are protected from dust and dirt rubber covers 27 (not shown in the figure), and the lower ends of the spring-loaded gear racks 16 - cups 18.

The work of the bike is as follows.

When the pressure of the cyclist's foot on one pedal 23 (or, having risen from the seat and pressing on the pedal its weight) pedal, squeezing rubber case 27, moves the plunger 21 down on the length L (figure 4). During this time, during which the plunger 21 is moved by the length L, the gear 20, interacting with the teeth of the fixed toothed rack 22 and spring (two-sided toothed rack 16 moves past the length 2L. This is due to the addition of the two movements of the gear 20 and - forth, together with the plunger 21, and rotating around its axis from the interaction with the stationary gear rack 22, as by moving the plunger 21 to the length L of the gear teeth 20 being in engagement with the teeth 19, move and retaining the rack 16 also on the length L. at the same time the gear 20, due to the interaction with the stationary gear rack 22, is rotated around its axis by an angle suitable for the store it moving, equal to L, fixed on a rack 22. Each point dividing the circumference of the gear 20 follows a path equal to L, giving movement and spring-loaded toothed rail 16, also equal to L. Thus a spring-loaded toothed rack 16 performs the labor movement, is equal to 2L. While a spring-loaded toothed rack 16 rotates the outer race 14 overrunning clutch on the corner, two times more than when you move the pedal on the length L of the prototype, drawing the inner surface 13 of the spring-loaded rollers 15. The rollers 15 jam the inner ring 12 and rotate twice as quickly bonded with her shaft 11 (right scheme). Therefore, the sprocket 10 mounted on the shaft 11 by means of a bushing roller chain 9, also rotates at twice the sprocket 8 drive wheel 5 of a Bicycle. Each toothed rack 16, having reached the lower position, the limited compressed rubber cover 27, returns to the original under the action of the spring 17, while the second will be to make a working stroke, etc.

We offer design, ceteris paribus (the force on the pedal and the torque transmitted to the axle of the rear wheel), allows comparison with the prototype to increase the maximum speed of the bike.

1. Bike rack racing, containing frame, saddle, handlebar, front and rear wheels;
leading, installation is slowly on the shaft, and led, mounted on the axis of the rear wheel, sprocket, interacting with the stub-roller chain;
brakes acting on the wheels of the rear and front wheels;
mounted in attached to the frame buildings of the driving mechanism with the clutch and spring gear rack installed inside the housing with the possibility of reciprocating movement in the guide;
characterized in that the drivers supplied are installed inside buildings:
still additional gear rack,
and with the ability reciprocating motion of a plunger mounted on its lower end a gear which engages with the teeth of the additional rack and the teeth, additionally performed on the opposite one with respect to the teeth surface of the spring toothed rack;
when this pedal is mounted on the upper end of the plunger.

2. Bike racing rack and pinion according to claim 1, characterized in that the spring-loaded rack mounted inside the housing in the guide-type bearings.

3. Bike racing rack and pinion according to claim 1, characterized in that the upper ends of the spring-loaded gear racks protected from dust and dirt covers, and the lower ends of the cups, inside which is placed the spring.


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EFFECT: reduced friction between geared sectors of wheels and geared racks.

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EFFECT: facilitating specified rigidity for shaft of steer rack in its radial direction and in axial direction of drive gear; also facilitation of movable support with low friction resistance in axial direction of shaft; reduced effect of relaxation of stresses due to creep strain and heat prehistory.

9 cl, 10 dwg

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EFFECT: reduced skidding of engaged profiles.

5 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tooth rack gear, transforming rotary motion into forward motion and on the contrary. It can be used instead of usual involute gear of rack-and-gear mechanisms in linear drives of stands, in devices of auto steering control, and also in load-lifting technology (rack-and-gear jack and suchlike). Rack toothing for linear drive contains wheel (1) and rack (2). Wheel is implemented with one tooth with profile in transverse section of wheel in the form of circumference (3), off-centre displaced from pivot pin of wheel (1). Skew tooth is formed by successive and continuous turn of transverse sections around wheel's axis with formation of helical surface. Rack (2) allows helical teeth (4) of cycloidal profile, conjugated to helical surface of wheel (1). In the second option wheel (1) allows also one tooth and composed from certain crowns, each of which allows profile in the form of off-centre shifted circumference. Teeth of rack (2) are composed also from several cycloidal crowns. Adjacent wheel crowns and racks are phase shifted relative to each other for pitch of corresponding crown, divided for number of crowns.

EFFECT: invention provides creation of small-capacity rack toothing and increasing of its load-carrying capacity.

4 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to steering mechanisms of wheel transport and traction machines, and may also find application in motor industry, tractor construction, machine-tool construction, instrument making, production of weight-lifting machines, where mechanisms are required with preset patterns of their separate work members movement. Steering mechanism comprises tooth gear with master gear (1) and tooth rack (6). Tooth rack (6) is made in the form of two parallel parts that move one along each other. Teeth (7) of racks are installed with the possibility of alternate engagement with gear in radiuses of its dividing circumferences, which makes it possible to obtain an alternation transmission ratio.

EFFECT: makes it possible to improve controllability of transport vehicle due to provision of optimal pattern for variation of transmission ratio of rack steering mechanism, and also to increase traffic safety.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in systems with piston, slider and other units. Proposed mechanism has housing, guides 2, slider 3, output shaft 4 with circumferential section 5 of gear rim alternately engaging with two sections 6, 7 of rim (racks) arranged from side of slider 3 with teeth orientated in opposite direction. End working teeth of edges of rim sections 5-7 are made with body truncation surface having at least one bend and orientated with tilting at acute angle by one extremity to surface of point and by other extremity, square to one of end faces. Surface of truncation of tooth body together with cut of top surface on opposite sections 5 and 6 or 5 and 7 of rim is orientated so that corresponding pairs of working teeth are aligned with ridges at insignificant clearance at opposite relative displacement.

EFFECT: reduced level of vibrations, eliminated possibility of wedging.

6 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lever-tooth mechanisms with rack and it can be used to drive mechanisms of slotting machine, automobile windshield wiper, brush cleaner of screens of grain-cleaning machines, in automatic machines, etc. Proposed mechanism contains base, toothed wheel and crank hinge-mounted on base for rotation, and toothed rack engaging with toothed wheel. Lever with guide member is hinge-mounted on axle of toothed wheel. Guide member engages with rear side of toothed rack forming translational pair. Guide member is made in form of roller hinge-mounted for rotation on axle installed on free end of lever provided with thread. Axle of roller is provided with through cross hole to pass threaded end of lever. Roller is held on lever by nuts arranged from outer and inner sides of roller to adjust and fix radial clearance in meshing between rack and toothed wheels.

EFFECT: improved operating characteristics of mechanism.

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EFFECT: higher speed, no need in constant shoving off road.

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EFFECT: producibility and usability of said therapeutic scooter, introducing game element in therapy and prevention of talipes in children.

4 dwg

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EFFECT: improvement of riding qualities.

6 cl, 16 dwg

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