Multi-purpose balloon

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: balloon has an envelope filled with a gas lighter than air and/or with a hot air, a rigid carcass carrying the said envelope, a nacelle, slings to suspend the nacelle and anchor cables. The nacelle is tightly coupled with the envelope and features a funnel-like widening at its top and a central channel along its lengthwise axis to limit air intake into the envelope. The balloon envelope can be made from conducting material to make an electrode in a storage battery intended for utilisation of atmospheric electricity, or can be used as an antenna, or can house a particular antenna for communication purposes.

EFFECT: expanded potentialities.

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The invention relates to aviation and telecommunication technologies, namely the use of aircraft lighter than air for the purpose of mobile communication, meteorological observations, observations of the earth surface and water spaces, as well as the electric power source.

Know the use of aircraft lighter than air for placement of antennas (U.S. patent 3,045,952 (class U.S. 343/706); 3,979,753 (class U.S. 343/706; 343/714); 3,142,063 (class U.S. 343/706); 3,893,123 (class U.S. 343/706; 343/758); 4,903,036 (class U.S. 343/706); 4,999,640 (class U.S. 343/706), where the aircraft used balls, balloons, airships. It is also known the use of the aircraft as discharged from aircraft capsules for operational research of the atmosphere, land surface and ocean (RF patent 2254600 MK G01W 1/08).

In the available literature there is no information about the placement on aircraft, means for generating electricity and the use of aircraft as an integral part of the system to produce electricity. There is also no information about the use of balloons for observation of the terrain, roads, reserves and other areas of high risk and a higher degree of protection.

Famous balloon having an envelope filled with gas lighter than air or hot air, hard Karka is, where is the envelope, gondola, straps for attaching the gondola and anchor ropes.

The disadvantages of the known ball is the impossibility of long-term Autonomous power equipment inside and outside of the ball, the lack of monitoring area, leakage of the shell and gondolas, which leads to the need for frequent heating of the internal air volume in the balloon (when filling the shell with hot air).

The task of the invention is the creation of a long-running design with minimal cost to support her work in the specified modes.

In use of the present invention meteorological service has become a reliable source of information for any kind of short-term forecasts, which are usually difficult to determine; services safety and security services of the Ministry of interior to acquire the round-the-clock monitoring over large areas in real time; mobile communications country gets unlimited access and use of different transfer protocols to transfer information in any locations.

In the present invention the balloon consists of an external flexible and airtight membrane with multiple circular bands of durable material for fixing the sling is different from owney. Slings are rigidly connected to the different levels of the gondola to improve its dynamic vertical stability.

In the upper part of the envelope has a flap made from breathable fabrics for flask excessive amounts of warm gas inside the balloon. The valve is made manageable by local and/or ground-based remote device. Next to the valve placed the lightning rod that has its own stand-alone cable.

In the case where a ball is used as the source of solar energy, the balloon all or partially completed items, solar panels, and batteries accumulated per day of power are located on the earth's surface. In any case, the part of the shell or all of its surface can possess the properties of electrical conductivity for use as a lightning rod and/or electrode multilevel (or different height) atmospheric batteries for recycling of atmospheric electricity at a sufficient potential difference. Similarly, electrically conductive shell of the ball can serve as an antenna for receiving and transmitting information in the valid range of frequencies. Similarly, the membrane can act as a container for certain types of antennas, including directional, for the appropriate form of communication.

The outer shell of the ball has provisions for sakralen the equipment and devices of monitoring and measuring equipment.

Part of the outer shell can be used for the purpose of advertising, for the same purpose can serve a special device outside of the shell.

The inner shell of the ball is made of insulating and/or reflective material, including from the thinnest films with a mirror surface. These internal membranes longer helps to keep heat inside the bowl and to lengthen the intervals between turning on heating systems, and apply a heating system less power, reducing their weight.

Under cover of the ball is a rigid frame of lightweight and durable material, which may be conductive or deprived of it. To increase the rigidity in the frame are mounted the elements of the stiffness of different configurations with suitable strength characteristics. The stiffening elements perform in some cases the role of the antennas of the respective communication type.

The frame is rigidly connected to the gondola and has a low degree of mobility relative to the gondola or completely deprived of this mobility. On different floors of the frame are additional sources of heat and gas to maintain the required parameters of the internal environment of the ball. The floors and frame are separated by multi-beam spacers, which are the base elements of the equipment is designed and devices inside the bowl.

Basket (gondola) is rigidly and tightly connected with the frame of the ball to reduce wind deviations of the axes of the radiating antennas. This compound is also dramatically reduces or eliminates the flow of air inside the ball in the application of sealing materials and devices at the connection points of the gondola and the balloon. The penetration of air inside the balloon is carried out mainly through the Central vertical channel gondola.

The gondola of the balloon extends up funnel-shaped and has a Central vertical channel. On the surface of the funnel-shaped extensions are powerful sources of heat of any nature, including gas, electric, etc. and the fastening elements of the shell to the gondola. The outer surface of the nacelle and its funnel-shaped extensions are powerful insulating layers from any lightweight materials, including from the thinnest films with a mirror surface.

Cables and control cables are made with heat shield. The same applies to the elements of control systems and smart energy accumulators. The main batteries are accumulated per day of electricity (to power the equipment in the dark) are located on the earth's surface. On cloudy days is feeding electricity from the earth.

Anchor ropes securing the balloon to define the authorized height and a definite place, radvilas at the approach to the ball, joined at two points, one of which is located at the base of the gondola, and the second on the upper circular band for sling attachment. Extending from the anchor rope challenge himself in turn is fixed by stretching. This fixation of the balloon anchor ropes and elbows him increases vertical stability. The earth end of the anchor line attached to ground anchors, which may also perform other functions, for example be the location for the equipment, laboratories, warehouse, etc.

Anchor ropes are performed by enabling the power transmission resonance methods to reduce the weight of the conductors of electrical energy. In some cases, the anchor ropes made in the form of tubes for filing with the earth's gases and gas mixtures for changing the lifting characteristics of the ball as a direct presence in its cavity gases (e.g. helium)and power gas burners (for example, with methane, propane and the like).

On one or more levels of the framework are directional and omnidirectional antennas appropriate form of communication (for example, mobile communication, radio and/or television). Antenna directional actions are performed by elements of the spatial stabilization and/or orientation with regard to wind deformation of the ball at different wind strength.

For the purposes of meteorology as an omnidirectional antenna, as a matter of choice, can be used in marine omnidirectional antenna helical type antenna cable and system for antenna installation, system unit and plementation GPS 30. This antenna does not require orientation and stabilization in the direction of the artificial satellite of the earth and can work on reception and transmission with a strong rolling gondola.

The invention shown in figures 1, 2, 3, 4.

Figure 1 shows the balloon 1 to anchor the ropes 2, attached to ground anchors 3. The upper end of the anchor line has an outlet 4 with the fixed stretching 5.

Figure 2 presents in more detail the external appearance of the ball.

The outer shell 6 has multiple circular bands 7 of durable material for fixing rafter 8 different levels. The upper portion 9 of the shell is made in the form of a valve with a local and/or remote control. The upper part 10 of the balloon is made with elements of solar panels.

Gondola 11 in the lower part of the balloon has a funnel-shaped extension 12 and the Central channel 13.

Figure 3 presents part of the interior design world.

The balloon is on the hard inner frame 14, with the stiffening elements 15 different configurations. Along the Central axis of the ball there is a Stabi is Itachi 16 communication antennas 17 and/or television cameras with their local coordination system 18 in space.

In any part of the frame is made teplonasosnye elements 19 Autonomous control systems and vehicles inside the ball. Control cables and cables 20 are made with terms of thermal insulation and fire safety. In the upper part of the ball made the lightning rod 21.

Figure 4 presents a plot of areas with difficult terrain, which can easily be subjected to monitoring and to provide telemetry data using the proposed balloons. Balls with ground bases 22, one of which is located near the town centre 23 from passing through it by rail 24 and highways 25 and the other is on a hill 26, allow the user to monitor the roads over a large area, the bridge 27 across the river 28.

This type of monitoring areas can not only provide the community a good relationship, but to effectively search for stolen cars, hiding criminals and to fight terrorists, we have to exercise the necessary control over the countryside.

When the hanging height of the balloon, equal to 3000 meters, ground base balls can be located at a distance of 15-25 and even 35-40 km from each other, which justifies the use of the invention even for only one mobile communication.

The proposed invention operates as about what atom.

The shell 1 is filled with gas lighter than air for the initial lifting of the ball to working height and to facilitate placement on the surface of the ball measuring and telemetry equipment, and to check cables and connections. Before lifting the ball to working height includes the heating elements of the gas mixture inside the bowl to increase the lifting power design and verification system of internal heating gases. Check the work valve system (in particular, the valve 9 and the flow of air through the Central channel 13. During smooth lifting of the ball at working height scanned antennas, telecommunication equipment and internal devices of the ball elements (such as stabilization of the 16 provisions of the antennas and their coordination 18 in space). After removal of the balloon to working height starts remote checking and adjusting the operation of solar cells 10. Fully tested and debugged complex balloon starts to operate in the specified mode for a long time.

Description is given concerning one form of the aircraft lighter than air balloon. It is important to bear in mind that in Russian ball is called the air due to the semantic habits, but it does not determine the composition of the gas mixture inside the bowl and is not the quality of the defining characteristic in the form of the subject. On the spot of the ball can be a balloon, airship and including, a huge cigar-shaped object (bag balloon), which can be positioned both horizontally and vertically.

1. Multifunctional balloon having an envelope filled with gas lighter than air and/or hot air, a rigid frame on which is the envelope, gondola, straps for attaching the gondola and anchor ropes, characterized in that the nacelle is connected to the shell is sealed and has a funnel-shaped extension on the top and a Central channel along the vertical axis for a limited inflow of air into the shell, and the balloon may be electrically conductive and serve as an electrode in the battery for disposal of atmospheric electricity, and can also be used directly as an antenna or antenna receptacle of the appropriate form of communication.

2. Ball according to claim 1, characterized in that the balloon all or partially completed items, solar panels, and batteries accumulated per day of power are located on the earth's surface and on cloudy days nourishment equipment electricity from the earth.


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EFFECT: simplified construction of balloon stable to wind load.

3 cl, 4 dwg

Captive balloon // 2271303

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SUBSTANCE: proposed captive balloon includes gas-carrying envelope with hole at lower pole and vertically oriented hose made from gastight elastic material whose edges are secured to edges of hole in lower pole of envelope forming gastight joint. Hose is located inside envelope which has hole at upper pole whose edges are connected with edges of other end of hose forming gastight joint. Balloon is provided with rod whose ends are passed through holes at upper and lower poles of envelope. Two movable washers freely mounted on rod are rigidly connected with edges of hose over perimeter at point of attachment of edges of hose to edges of hole. Hose is widening from center to ends. Located on the outside of envelope on side of upper and lower poles are aprons whose peripheral sections are fastened with envelope by means of elastic rods; central section is rigidly connected with one of rod ends.

EFFECT: retaining of envelope shape at change in volume.

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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and reliability of system in upper layers of troposphere.

2 cl, 2 dwg

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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and reliability of system in upper layers of troposphere.

2 cl, 2 dwg