Elastic pneumatic cylinder

FIELD: the invention refers to pneumatic technique and may be used for pushing forward telescopic constructions of the type of mast and columns of high height without using lifting-transporting technique.

SUBSTANCE: the pneumatic cylinder has an elastic hose winded on a driving drum. The hose is provided with a pushing footstep bearing with an opening for feeding compressed gas and is leaning during the process of filling with compressed gas and moving from the driving drum on the driving supporting rollers locking the growing pole of gas for execution of the working move of the pushing footstep bearing with an effort equal to the gas pressure on the footstep bearing.

EFFECT: creation of a one-stepped pneumatic cylinder providing significant increase of the length of the move is achieved.

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The invention relates to pneumatic technology and can be used for extension telescopic constructs such as masts and columns of great height without the use of lifting and transport equipment, as well as for other purposes.

Numerous designs of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, such as hydraulic cylinders, lifting the telescopic boom road and rail cranes.

The main disadvantage of these cylinders is the complexity of their production and ensuring integrity in the operation, which limits the stroke length of the cylinder and, accordingly, the length of the retractable telescopic structures.

The purpose of the invention is to develop a design single-stage pneumatic cylinder, providing a significant increase in stroke length and capable of replacing a multi-stage cylinders.

This goal is achieved by the design of the pneumatic cylinder, which represents a sleeve, made of a durable elastic material, the walls of which are capable of withstanding considerable pressure compressed gas. Work pushing the end of such cylinder is equipped with a hard thrust bearing, through which the cylinder is supplied with pressurized gas. This sleeve is both a cylinder and a piston.

In the initial position p is KAV wound on a drum or compactly laid any other way, and in the process of filling a compressed gas, finishing, comes with a rotating drum and a thrust bearing, as the piston performs the requested operation, for example, puts forward a telescopic structure.

Analogs of this invention, the author is not known.

The drawing schematically shows an elastic pneumatic cylinder, applied for the extension of the telescopic column.

The proposed pneumatic cylinder includes an elastic sleeve 1, which is tightly connected with the upper section is raised telescopic column, to which the top hose, the length of which corresponds to the length of the sleeve 1, the supplied compressed gas.

In the initial position, the sleeve is wound on the drum 2, is passed through the supporting rollers 3 and the guide rollers 4 and 5.

The drum 2, the supporting rollers 3 and the compressor have the same drive that allows simultaneous operation of these mechanisms, the constancy of the increasing gas pressure in the cylinder and the lifting speed of the section of the column.

The said actuator and the compressor not shown, and the guide rollers 4 and 5, the drive does not have.

Upon admission of compressed gas into the segment of the sleeve 1, located above the support rollers 3, which are tightly connected in between the walls of the sleeves, this piece becomes the property of a rigid cylinder. After switching gears, the rotating drum 2 and the supporting role and 3, the sleeve 1, filled with compressed gas, rises above the supporting rollers 3 and, based on them, puts the upper section of the column, which in this case replaces the thrust bearing.

Fully nominated top section pulls the second section and so on until a complete lifting of the column.

The proposed elastic cylinder can work and from the hydraulic actuator, and work in inclined and horizontal directions.

The principle of elastic cylinder can have multiple variants of the structural design, high strength modern elastic materials will allow you to develop such cylinders significant driving force, and almost no limited length with guaranteed integrity will ensure wide use of elastic cylinders in various areas of technology.

Elastic pneumatic cylinder containing wound on the drive pulley elastic sleeve, provided with a pusher thrust bearing with a hole for the supply of compressed gas and resting in the process of filling a compressed gas and leaving the drive pulley to the drive support rollers, locking the rising column of gas, for the implementation of the stroke of the feeding thrust bearing with a force equal to the gas pressure at the thrust bearing.


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EFFECT: simplified construction of opening and closing drive for infusion chamber, reduced drive power, improved sealing of infusion chamber, and convenient receiving and removal of container with product.

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EFFECT: simplified design, improved reliability.

3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 dwg

FIELD: processes and apparatuses for pressing-in indenters in housing of drilling bits.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes two hydraulic cylinders mounted stationary and mutually communicating; duct for supplying energy carrier communicated with piston cavity of one hydraulic cylinder; pair of pistons and rods. Geometry axes of pistons of hydraulic cylinders are arranged eccentrically relative to common geometry axis of rods.

EFFECT: prevention of cranking rods, coaxial alignment at pressing-in indenters into housing of drilling bits.

1 dwg

FIELD: engineering of volumetric double-action hydraulic force engines.

SUBSTANCE: device contains, mounted in a profiled body with a lid: piston with rod and moveable barrel track support enveloping the piston and a part of the rod, drive limiters for the barrel and the piston. New feature is the addition of at least one coaxial hollow cylindrical insert to the barrel, which insert is rigidly connected to barrel and barrel track support, which support is made with possible movement relatively to the piston and the rod, while limiters of barrel drive are made in form of differently oriented shelves on the ends of cylindrical insert, which shelves are made with possible engagement with the piston and the barrel. Ratio of insert and barrel lengths is (0,5-1,0), and ratio of value of full hydraulic cylinder drive to length of its body within limits of drive and barrel length with track support is at least 0,72.

EFFECT: addition of steps of lesser length to barrel allows substantial strokes and prevents technological difficulties during processing of internal surfaces of hydraulic cylinder.

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EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurements, facilitated manufacture and operation, enlarged technological capabilities.

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FIELD: hydraulic and pneumatic drives.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic and pneumatic drives and devices for checking positioning of working member in hydraulic or pneumatic drives. Proposed cylinder contains housing 1 of cylinder with inlet and outlet channels 2 and 3, piston 4 with hollow rod 5. Measuring unit is installed inside hollow rod 5 and it contains optical unit 6 with radiation source 7, radiation receiver 8 and signal transmitter 9. Measuring unit has housing 10 coupled with rod 5 provided with at least one insert 11 inside forming inner surface with projections 12 arranged in succession inside which optical unit 6 coupled with cylinder housing 1 is arranged.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurements, facilitated manufacture and operation, enlarged technological capabilities.

21 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: valving systems.

SUBSTANCE: valve comprises housing with inlet passage for fluid and outlet passage, duct between the passages, movable valve made for permitting movement with respect to the duct, movable rod of the valve provided with a number of teeth, and stroke-arresting device. The stroke of the valve can be controlled from outside of the housing so that the teeth adjustment provides definite positions corresponding to the precise flow control. The device for arresting the stroke is additionally provided with teeth on the rod. The stroke arresting device also has yoke connected with the movable rod by means of a thread.

EFFECT: enhanced precision.

22 cl, 15 dwg

FIELD: positive-displacement hydraulic drives.

SUBSTANCE: proposed hydraulic drive has common hydraulic power supply system, hydraulic distributor, double-acting hydraulic cylinder connected to it and interlocking valve whose inlet is connected with one of working chambers of hydraulic cylinder and outlet is connected with user. Hydraulic drive is provided with bypass controllable valve made in form of hydraulic lock with piston chamber, rod chamber and valve chamber. Piston chamber is hydraulically connected in parallel with hydraulic distributor and other working chamber of hydraulic cylinder; rod chamber is connected with return line of hydraulic system and valve chamber is connected with interlocking valve outlet; it is made for parallel hydraulic connection with user. Besides that, hydraulic drive is provided with throttle valve mounted for hydraulic connection with valve chamber of bypass controllable valve and in parallel with interlocking valve outlet on side of inlet and for connection with user on side of outlet.

EFFECT: enhanced operational reliability of hydraulic drive due to avoidance of false operation of user, mast gear in particular under wave loading condition.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: equipment for launching complex.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises carriage provided with a drive and branch pipe provided with service lines. The branch pipe is mounted on the carriage and is provided with a mechanism for locking the joint between the branch pipe and detachable member of the block of detachable joints. The carriage is additionally provided with a drive. The drive is made of two cylinders. The cylinders are interconnected through a pipeline. The pipeline is provided with a controllable spray nozzle. The first cylinder has a piston, and the second cylinder has a piston with the rod. The rod cooperates with the stop of the carriage. The spaces of the cylinders are interconnected through a pipe line and are filled with liquid.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

4 dwg

FIELD: hoisting and transportation machinery, particularly to control and protect hoisting machines against overload.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises the first control means group installed on support structure or on equipment parts not to be separated from structure. The first control means group includes digital data processing unit 2 having output connected to executive and signaling device 4, 5 units, the first data input-output unit 3 linked to digital data processing unit with two-directional data exchange channel, crane 6 parameter sensors and power supply unit 1. Power supply unit 1 has one clamp connected to load-lifting machine body and another clamp secured to power supply system bus. The second control means group is supported by movable structure or equipment to be demounted and includes crane parameter sensors 10. The first and the second control means groups are linked one to another through two-directional radioline. The first control means group is provided with the first receiving/transmitting radio station, independent power source 15 and switchboard 16.

EFFECT: increased safety system reliability, simplified assemblage and installation thereof on load-lifting machine.

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