Transformable clothing


(57) Abstract:

Transformable clothing jacket with vest, which narashima connected by the neck. In the arms of the jacket and on the bottom of the vest are textile zipper"lightning". When the fastening buckles-zippers at the shoulders and zipper"lightning" at the bottom of the vest is converted into a hood that provides enhanced operational and functional capabilities of the product. 4 Il.

The invention relates to the products of the clothing industry. This invention allows you to convert vest jacket in the hood.

The purpose of the proposed solutions is expanding the operational capabilities of the products.

Known solution transformable clothing, consisting of a jacket with vest [1].

However, this solution does not allow you to change the functionality of the garments.

Converting vest jacket in the hood as follows. In Fig. 1 presents the jacket 1 jacket 2, narashima United neckline. Shelves and back of the vest is connected on the side seams. The sections of the arms and the bottom of the vest is equipped with textile zippers".

Hoisting vest upwards (Fig. 2), removing the sleeves curproposed in the hood 5 (Fig. 4).

The vest is made with two layers, the wind flap consists of two parts: the top 6 and bottom 7. The lower part of the wind-shelter lath serves as a visor hood, the upper part bends and is fastened on the side of the hood by means of buttons.

This design allows for the changing weather conditions without removing the product to convert the vest in the hood.

The so formed the hood is quite extensive, which makes the product user-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

Product design is economical in terms of material and labor costs. The product is designed for unified processing methods on standard equipment.

Sources of information

1. U.S. patent 4217663, CL A 41 D 1/04.

Transformable clothing jacket with the jacket, wherein the jacket with vest narashima connected on the neck, shoulders and bottom hem of the vest are textile zipper"lightning", and when the fastening buckles-zippers at the shoulders and zipper"lightning" at the bottom of the vest is converted into the hood.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency by providing creation of complicated models of clothing and simultaneously allowing module members to be used for creation of domestic articles, developing games and toys, domestic animal costumes and patterns.

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FIELD: light industry, in particular, creation of clothing for various ranges of groups of clothing.

SUBSTANCE: set of modules for forming clothing models through the use of various complete or partial combinations thereof has rectangular strips, triangular piece, large-sized square and small-sized squares, said strips and pieces being manufactured from fabric; forming rectangular strips large-sized, average-sized, small-sized, and large-sized with semi-circular recess to which one part of textile zipper fastener is attached, other part of said zipper fastener being secured to sleeve aperture or collar throat. All modules have at least two layers of fabric and are provided along straight lines of perimeter with stitched line spaced from edges of module, with textile Velcro fastener being attached to bent portion of fabric for securing of modules to one another. Set of modules also includes squares and rectangular strips pierced with members through which cord is passed.

EFFECT: wider range of clothing models and reduced manufacture costs.

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FIELD: sewing industry.

SUBSTANCE: multiple-function skirt consists of front and rear panels non-detachably connected with one another, belt with elastic band positioned in lateral portions of belt, right-hand and left-hand sling side pockets detachably connected to skirt belt by means of buttons and loops. Right-hand sling side pocket has patch flap pocket. Sling pockets have horizontal members fastened by means of buckles. Strap details are fastened to belt of skirt front and rear panels. Skirt may be transformed by means of buttons and loops on skirt panels, side sling pockets, patch pocket, strap details into tunic, vest, and skirt with apron.

EFFECT: wider functional capabilities of clothing and wider range of articles produced by transforming of skirt into tunic, vest, skirt with apron, which may be adjusted as to user's sizes and stature.

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FIELD: articles of personal and domestic utility.

SUBSTANCE: multifunctional article of clothing-convertible corresponds linen, implemented in the form of pentagon, formed by means of cutting off one of corner pieces of rhombus horizontally with forming of pentagon basis. Vertical diagonal of rhombus is an axis of symmetry, and angles of rhombus are located in range from 80 till 110 degrees. Distance from center of diagonal crossing of rhombus till basis of pentagon is not less than length of front side till waistline, and to side angles of rhombus - not less than arm length plus 15 centimeters. At horizontal diagonal of rhombus there is located central slit, length of which is equal to distance between top corners of axillary crease. From ends of central slit symmetrically are located top and bottom slits. Bottom slits are located at line, connecting ends of central slit and basic corners of pentagon, just before one comes to ends of central slit for 7-10 centimeters. Top slits are symmetrical to bottom slits relatively to horizontal diagonal. Central, top and bottom slits and rhombus sides are treated by piping, allowing at corners free ends.

EFFECT: expansion of product line row of clothes at the expense of transformation principles.

9 dwg

FIELD: items of personal and household use.

SUBSTANCE: multipurpose item of clothing represents a rectangular piece of material made so as to form a skirt, dress, trousers, blouse or dress with a hood. The smaller side of the said piece should be more or equal to chest girth. Edges of big sides are furnished with buttons from one side and loops from the other side, respectively. Edges of the smaller sides have self-belts. In the centre of the piece, an oval aperture is made which big axis is parallel to the bigger side of the rectangular, with the sizes of the greater semi-axis being not less than 20 cm and those of the smaller semi-axis not less than 10 cm. Edge of the oval aperture features slugs with a tape passed therethrough, while edges of the smaller sides have lines of buttons arranged on an inner side.

EFFECT: wider functionalities of the item of clothing due to the use of transformation principles.

8 dwg

FIELD: household objects and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: multifunctional article of clothing represents rectangular piece of cloth. On rectangle large sides there are buttons on one side and buttonholes accordingly on the other. On edges of smaller sides there are drawstring casings. There is also vertical drawstring casing and two symmetrical oval openings located in the center of every half above horizontal axis of rectangle symmetry. Along edges of oval openings, vertically down from oval openings to short side of rectangle, drawstring casings are provided. Drawstring casing is also provided 4-5 cm higher than oval openings parallel to smaller side of rectangle. Cord with clips at ends is passed into every drawstring casing.

EFFECT: widening of clothes product line due to transformation principles.

6 dwg