Fastener for joining parts


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to light industry, particularly to fasteners for clothing. This invention solves the problem of increasing ease of use and preserve the integrity of the material. The clasp is of elastic material in the form of X-shaped, with the extreme elements can be made of different lengths, and the length of the Central element can be made longer than outer. 1 Il.

The invention relates to light industry, in particular to fasteners joining parts made of cloth.

Known fasteners for connection of clothing, containing made from a material with elastic properties of the Central element and placed on either side of him, the means for fixing details.

This invention solves the problem of improving the usability and integrity of the material at the connection joints.

The drawing shows the types of fasteners X and S-shaped and fastening with clothing.

Clasp (a, b, C) consists of three elements. Two extreme 1, 2 and Central 3. Clasp X-shaped (Fig.1 g) has two elements is as follows. Between one extreme element 1 and the Central 3 clasp secures one of the clothing 4. Then, with very little effort the second piece 5 is inserted between the other extreme element of the fastener 2 and the Central element 3. Different lengths extreme and Central elements allow to use it as a single-breasted and double-breasted styles of clothes. When using the X-shaped fastener parts are fastened between the petals of the elements 1 and 2.

The use of this type fasteners will allow to reduce time of mounting them on the details of the service and to prevent damage to the tissue, because the mount prevents the violation of the integrity of the material.

Fastener for joining parts, containing made from a material with elastic properties of the Central element and placed on either side of him, the means for fixing the parts, characterized in that it is made shaped.


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