Cradle to combine with a child's bed removable type (cradle "baby")


(57) Abstract:

Usage: as children's furniture. The invention: the bed frame is suspended from the cradle with the possibility of oscillatory movement by means of elastic elements. Cradle stabilized to the horizontal plane using a spring-loaded slider mounted on the cradle and in the future may serve as a playing field and storage space for toys. The vibrational movement of the cradle may be provided with a spring-loaded slide without elastic elements. 2 C.p. f-crystals. 2 Il.

The invention relates to baby furniture, Cribs, chemo combined with beds.

Famous cradle having a rigid platform removable type, combined with a child's bed (French patent number 1019031, A 47 D 9/02 from 1953)

However, this cradle requires a specially made bed, cuddling the infant is due to the rotation of the cradle around the longitudinal axis, which causes the rolling body of the baby, the cradle does not have means for fastening over the baby toys can be used as an independent subject and requires storage space when necessary oitation qualities of the cradle.

This task is solved through the following actions.

The cradle is in normal pediatric beds, oscillatory motion of the platform can be made only in the vertical plane due to the elastic elements of communication and horizontal stabilizer position for attaching toys on the baby and maintain canopy features a removable racks with strained between them by the cord. Platform cradle is used as an independent subject in the quality of the playing field and/or storage space for toys, with a permanent place of storage of the mobile platform space under the bed.

In Fig. 1 shows the cradle in combination with conventional baby bed, General view, Fig. 2 means for stabilizing the platform of the cradle in a horizontal position.

Cradle to combine with removable bed type includes (Fig.1) the platform 4, the elastic connecting elements 5, and 14, means facilitating the movement across the floor 6, removable stands 7 stretched between them by the cord 8 to maintain the canopy and mounting of toys over the baby, the slider 9.

To the platform 4, in the corner areas, attached elastic link elements 5 at one end. Others are attached to the back or side walls of a child beds (Figes elastic coupling element 14 rests on platform beds, covering the front of the headboard 3, another in the platform 4 of the cradle. The location of the elastic connection elements 14 may be different, for example in the corner zones. Perhaps a combination of elastic elements of communication 5 (type of elastic deformation tensile) and 14 (type elastic compression). This is reflected in Fig. 1.

Means facilitating the movement of the platform cradle on the floor 6, are mounted in the corners of the platform. It can be spheres, hemispheres, wheels, etc.

The slider 9 tools stabilization platform cradle in a horizontal position rigidly secured to the lower planes platform cradles and covers the vertical element of the bed design, for example one of the racks 3 (Fig. 1. ). The slider 9 is composed of a base 10 (Fig. 2), which is rigidly attached to the platform 4 and the head 11, which screws 12 is attached to the base 10. In the body of the base 10 and the head 11 is made of the total hole 13, the diameter of which allows you to move the reciprocating slide 9 in the vertical plane. The role of the guide performs the vertical structural member of a bed, for example, hour 3 of the headboard (Fig. 1.). You may use as guides other vertical structural members of the bed, thus calculated with a strained between them by the cord 8 on the short ends of the platform centerline in the nest.

In cot 1, (Fig. 1), is placed a removable cradle with the platform 4. Elastic elements of communication cradle 5 and 14 hold the cradle in limbo with the possibility of oscillatory displacement due to elastic properties of the elements of communication.

When application of the pulse of efforts aimed vertically down causes the reciprocating movement platform cradle only the vertical plane, since the slider 9 (a means of stabilizing the platform in a horizontal position), is fixed on the platform through the opening 13 (Fig. 2) is connected with the vertical element of the bed stand 3 to move along the rack i.e. in the vertical plane. Thus, the platform cradle is constantly in a horizontal position, which prevents the descent of the baby and its possible loss.

Canopy nakalyaetsya on the cord 8 if necessary, on the same cord 8 is attached toys that the baby plays.

1. Cradle to combine with a child's bed removable type, containing a rigid platform having means of its connection with the body of the bed with the possibility of oscillatory movements, characterized in that the platform is provided with a means Stabi who interacted with vertical elements, beds, forming guides for the slides, and means of communication platforms with the body of the bed, providing the possibility of oscillatory movements of the platform in the vertical plane, formed by elements with elastic deformation of the tension or compression, or a combination thereof.

2. The cradle under item 1, characterized in that it is equipped with removable, mounted on the platform, vertical posts with cord for placing toys or maintain canopy.

3. The cradle under item 1, characterized in that the platform is equipped with means to facilitate movement across the floor when used as a game object or storage for toys.


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