The connecting node of the engine and powertrain of a vehicle


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used for the production of tractors in terms of repair factories and workshops. The inventive connecting node contains a transition shaft 7 fixed to the flywheel 10 of the engine, and the plate 11 mounted on the casing 14 of the flywheel. To the flange of the adapter shaft 7 is mounted a supporting disk 17 of the clutch. The drive is mounted basket 18 clutch with pressure disk 19. The clutch is closed by a cover 23 which is fixed to the gearbox housing. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 2 Il.

The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used for the production of tractors in terms of repair factories and workshops.

Known vehicle, in particular a tractor, containing the engine, which is connected through a clutch mechanism, the transmission and transfer case with transaxles.

A disadvantage of the known devices is that the engine associated with the transmission through a specially designed for him by the clutch and gearbox. It is not possible to use the engine with the transmission of other structures, which as a major engine by increasing opportunities to connect with the transmissions of several designs and sizes.

For this transmission is equipped with the transitional shaft, which is attached on one side to the crankshaft and the flywheel of the engine by means of bolts and dowel pins, and on the other side to it is attached a bearing clutch disc and plate that is attached to the motor housing, and provided with holes for fastening of the clutch cover used transmission.

A specific example can serve as a connecting node of the transmission wheeled combat vehicle (BTR-PB) and diesel engine D-65, mounted on a wheeled tractor.

In Fig. 1 shows a tractor, a General view of Fig. 2 - connecting node.

The tractor includes an engine 1, which via connecting node 2, the clutch, the gearbox 3 and the transfer case 4 is connected with the driving wheels 5 through the axles 6 and final drives.

Connecting node consists of the transition shaft 7, which by means of bolts 8 and pins 9 secured to the flywheel 10 of the engine, and the plate 11. Plate by means of bolts 12 and dowel pins 13 attached to the housing 14 of the engine. To the flange of the adapter shaft 7 is fixed by bolts 15, and the positioning posts. The drive is mounted basket 18 clutch with pressure disk 19. In power the pressure and the reference clutch placed intermediate friction disk 22. The clutch is closed by a cover 23 which is fixed on the plate 11 by bolts 24 and mounting pins 25. The casing 23 is attached to the housing 3 of the transmission.

The device operates as follows.

Torque from the engine 1 through the transition shaft 7 is transmitted to the supporting disk clutch and through the friction plate when the clutch on the input shaft of the transmission. From the output shaft of the gearbox is transmitted to the transfer case 4, which is distributed between front and rear transaxles 6.

The transition shaft 7 allows you to connect with the crankshaft of the engine clutch used transmission together with the support plate 17 and the plate to attach the clutch cover, to which is attached gearbox.

Thus, the transitional design of the site allows you to connect the engine and any of the transmissions series-produced vehicles (BTR-PB, GAZ-52, GAZ-53, GAZ-66, ZIL-130, ZIL-131, BTR-70, BRDM, etc). While the details of the connector is designed with the possibility of making them universal equipment, which is confirmed by the experience of producing such a connecting node for wheeled tractors containing diesel engine D-the th disk made of the flywheel, to which is mounted the clutch used transmission. For this purpose, the flywheel is to reduce the moment of inertia cut off part of the material that is most remote from the axis of rotation.

1. The CONNECTING NODE of the ENGINE AND POWERTRAIN of a VEHICLE containing the adhesion to the support plate, which is fixed to the clutch with pressure disc and the intermediate disc placed on the splined shaft of the gearbox, the output shaft of which is connected with the transfer case, clutch cover, which is fixed to the gearbox housing, the front and rear axles, kinematically connected with the output shafts of the transfer case, characterized in that, in order to increase the versatility of the engine by increasing opportunities to connect with the transmissions of different designs and sizes, it is equipped with the transitional shaft, one flange of which is connected to the crankshaft of the engine and the other with a support disc clutch, and a plate attached to the motor housing, and the clutch cover fixed to the said plate by means of screws and dowel pins.

2. Site under item 1, characterized in that one of the flanges of the transition shaft includes a bore for ye pins and an outer cylindrical surface for centering with the crankshaft and flywheel of the engine.


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