Device for schepelyavaya continuously obtained, in particular in a cascading flow, rectangular printed products


(57) Abstract:

Of the invention: device for schepelyavaya continuously coming into a cascading stream of rectangular printed products mine has a square shape, limited support straps, and a conveyor consisting of two located in the same plane plots tape, ramashkevich conveyors for feed production in the mine. Wherein the longitudinal axis of the second section of the conveyor is at an acute angle to the longitudinal axis of the first section of the conveyor, and the side wall of the shaft is formed with the longitudinal axis of the second leg of the conveyor specified acute whoa BSA f-crystals, 8 ill.


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FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to device for transportation of objects across the direction of their arrival and can be used, for example, in paper industry for transportation of sheet stocks. The device for transportation of objects across the direction of their arrival contains two continuous transporting elements performed with the possibility of rotation. Each element has independent drive. Transporting elements are located opposite each other with formation of dividing joint with supposed middle axis. Note that the objects are transported to both sides of the said device. In addition, device for objects transportation includes sets of enveloping rollers for directing, tensioning and leveling of transporting elements, movable element for changing of transport and return area, and levelling element for transport and return area changing compensation. Note that, movable and levelling elements are performed as separate elements.

EFFECT: device structure simplification and provision of more flexible arrangement of arriving stocks.

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FIELD: printing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing and can be used in the manufacture of securities. The method of processing bundles of securities comprises the steps of processing the stacks of sheets, forming intermediate set of bundles, sequential extraction of bundles and their transportation. The stacks of sheets are processed in sequential sets of bundles. The intermediate sets are formed by stacking bundles on each other. The extraction of bundles is carried out from the base of the intermediate set. The device for processing the bundles comprises the device of processing the stack of sheets, means of forming the set of bundles, the ejector for extracting the bundles, and the conveyor. Simplicity and reliability of separation from each other and transporting the bundles are achieved.

EFFECT: invention ensures efficiency in large-scale production.

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FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for handling bags combined into bundles and for feeding bags to a packaging machine (versions) and device for implementing method (versions) are substantially characterised by that bags in several bundles are prepared in a magazine related with packaging machine. Bundles are arranged on bag carriers such that bag carriers extend through bag suspension holes. Bag carriers with bags located thereon are fed from magazine to packaging machine and transferred directly to receiving pins of a cyclically driven conveying of packaging machine and then loaded into packaging machine.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

15 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: packaging industry.

SUBSTANCE: device is for grouping flat articles (10), such as diapers, conveyable one after another on feed conveyor (19) and supplied to grouping conveyor (12). Grouping conveyor (12) has compartments (13) for each group (11) of articles (10), made with possibility of placing objects in standing position in close proximity to each other. Articles (10) are fed by feed conveyor (19) across conveying direction of grouping conveyor (12) and are conveyed by cone-shaped conveyor (24) in direction of conveying grouping conveyor (12) to form group (11) articles in compartment (13). Cone-shaped conveyor (24) is configured for rotation. Articles (10) during their conveyance by means of cone-shaped conveyor (24) are adjacent thereto in region of outer side surface (26) thereof.

EFFECT: reduced dimensions of grouping device.

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FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: gripping device has at least two gripping elements for gripping a sheet material stack. The gripping elements are made with the possibility of moving towards each other for gripping the sheet material stack. At least one gripping finger of one gripping element is made with the possibility to tilt from an initial position into an inclined position. In the rest position, the finger is oriented substantially parallel to the stack surface. The finger in the tilted position is inclined relative to the stack surface.

EFFECT: providing the possibility of the reliable and trouble-free extracting of sheet material stacks from the container and holding them against the action of gravity.

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