Details (H05K1/02)

Thin and flexible semiconductor elements on three-dimensional surfaces // 2644941
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: ophthalmic electronic device comprises: a rigid three-dimensional substrate of a circular shape that is configured and sized to be positioned in a contact lens arranged to be positioned on the eye; electrical contacts made on the surface area of the rigid three-dimensional substrate; and at least one electronic element comprising a thin flexible semiconductor attached and fixed to the electrical contacts. The rigid three-dimensional substrate contains a surface region that is non-planar at the macroscopic level along its length and contains a plurality of valves with a space between adjacent valves that provides their flexibility. At that, the rigid three-dimensional substrate comprises a central portion for the electroactive optical portion. A thin flexible semiconductor is matched to a macroscopically nonplanar surface of the rigid three-dimensional substrate. Method for obtaining of an ophthalmic electronic device includes the steps of: formation of a rigid three-dimensional substrate, attachment of electrical contacts to the surface area of the rigid three-dimensional substrate and attachment and fixation of an electronic element.EFFECT: application of this group of inventions will allow expanding the arsenal of technical means.15 cl, 1 tbl, 12 dwg

Flat lighting device // 2635406
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a flat lighting device (1), comprising of a carrier (2) which includes a heat-conducting layer (7), at least one solid-state light source (3), located on the front side of the carrier (2), and an electroinsulating cover member (5a, 5b), which is in heat contact with said front side and the rear side, which is opposite to said front side. The cover member (5a, 5b) is adapted to transfer heat from said carrier (2) from the lighting device. The cover member (5a, 5b) comprises of an optical structure (4) disposed on the carrier in front of at least one light source (3) and configured to direct light, emitted from at least one solid-state light source (3).EFFECT: increased efficiency of control of thermal processes.22 cl, 3 tbl, 17 dwg

Substrate for mounting a plurality of light emitting elements // 2615149
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a light output device. Light output device comprises a substrate (1), having first segment (5a) for connection of first light emitting element (2a) and second segment (5b) for connection of second light emitting element (2b), wherein the substrate is provided with at least one through-hole (6a-c), that extends from edge (8, 9) of the substrate to a point within the substrate, such that a relative movement, in a plane of the substrate, can be achieved between first segment (5a) of the substrate and the second segment (5b) of the substrate by applying a mechanical force to the substrate. Light output device additionally comprises an optical system (10) comprising first optical element (11a) for receiving light from first light emitting element (2a) and second optical element (11b) for receiving light from second light emitting element (2b), wherein each of the first and second light emitting elements are arranged to align with first and second optical elements (11a, 11b), respectively, by applying a mechanical force to said substrate.EFFECT: invention makes very accurate alignment to a multiple cavity optical system possible without adjusting the optics, thereby enabling a more convenient and time efficient process in production.10 cl, 11 dwg

Assembly on printed circuit board // 2614387
FIELD: physics, computer science.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the assembly on the printed circuit board. It is achieved by that, the assembly on the circuit board includes: a bottom layer; electronic components, which are divided into categories, at that, each component is attached to the bottom layer by means of fasteners, having a specified temperature of thermal tripping, depending on to which category applies the mentioned component.EFFECT: invention provides creation of an assembly on a printed circuit board and the assembling method of such assembly on a printed circuit board, in order to facilitate separation and collection of different electronic components, mounted in an assembly on a printed circuit board, at the end of its service life, and additionally facilitating the reuse of electronic components and / or recycling of substances, from which the electronic equipment wastes consist of.12 cl, 6 dwg

Circuit board, particularly for power electronic module, comprising electrically-conductive substrate // 2605439
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a printed circuit board, in particular, for power electronic module. Printed-circuit board, particularly for a power electronic module, comprises an electrically-conductive substrate which consists, at least partially and preferably entirely, of aluminium or an aluminium alloy. On at least one surface of electrically-conductive substrate, at least one conductor surface is arranged in form of an electrically-conductive layer applied preferably using a printing method and more preferably using a screen-printing method. Conductor surface is in direct electrical contact with electrically-conductive substrate.EFFECT: achieving direct electric contact of conducting surfaces or conducting paths with substrate and use of substrate as electrical conductor.15 cl, 11 dwg

ethod of manufacturing of led matrix and device containing led matrix // 2596800
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting devices. Mentioned technical result is achieved due to the fact, that it is equipped with, maintaining integrity, conducting plate (150) of multiple component areas (111), connected to each other with winding connecting tracks (116), mount multiple LED (120) to the respective component area thus forming assembly (100 '), cut and stretch assembly, thus rectifying connecting tracks, as a result, at the stage of stretching a matrix of m×n LED conductors.EFFECT: technical result is improved method of LED array making.11 cl, 11 dwg

System of linear drive with means for detection of fire // 2596026
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: linear actuator system comprises at least one linear actuator, a power supply, control means and an operation device. Linear actuator system comprises at least one printed circuit board having multiple layers comprising at least one electrically conductive circuit. At least one of layers of printed circuit board is a detection layer for detecting a leakage current in electrical circuit, including electronic components mounted on printed circuit board. Output voltage is applied to detection layer, said voltage falling outside of voltage range in which electrical circuit works.EFFECT: high reliability of linear drive with means for detection of fire.11 cl, 13 dwg
Rotary electrical machine and related assembly method // 2582665
FIELD: machine building; electricity.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a rotating electrical machine and assembly thereof. Rotating electrical machine includes an electronic module comprising a printed circuit, a plurality of SMD electronic power components and a plurality of SMD electronic signal components, a plurality of PTH electronic components. SMD electronic power components, SMD electronic signal components and PTH electronic components are positioned on a first side of printed circuit. Electronic module comprises multiple conducting paths, having a plurality of contacts for installation of PTH electronic components placed on second side of printed circuit board, opposite first side. Said multiple conducting paths form a plurality of electrical connections between SMD electronic components and PTH electronic components.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability.6 cl, 9 dwg

Composite with copper foil, moulded product and method for obtaining thereof // 2574461
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composite with copper foil, containing copper foil and laminated on it polymer layer, satisfying equation 1: (f3×t3)/(f2×t2)≥1, wherein t2 (mm) represents copper foil thickness, f2 (MPa) represents copper foil tension with relative elongation 4%, t3 (mm) represents polymer layer thickness, f3 (MPa) represents polymer layer tension with relative elongation 4%, and equation 2: 1≤33f1/(F×T), wherein f1 (N/mm) represents 180° peel strength between copper foil and polymer layer, F (MPa) represents strength of composite with copper foil with relative elongation 30%, and T (mm) represents thickness of composite with copper foil, where chrome oxide layer with amount of applied layer from 5 to 100 mg/dm2 is formed on the surface of copper foil, opposite to the one with the applied polymer layer.EFFECT: composite with copper foil has excellent moulding ability, with simultaneous prevention of copper foil rupture in it, even if deep deformation, different from unidirectional bending, is caused by stamping.7 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl

Composite with copper foil, moulded product and method for production thereof // 2570030
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composite is obtained by laminating copper foil and a polymer layer. A thin layer with thickness of 0.2-0.3 mcm is formed on the surface of the copper foil. Parameters of the composite material are determined using mathematical expressions.EFFECT: producing a composite with copper foil, having excellent mouldability, which prevents peeling of the copper foil even during ultimate deformation, has excellent processability, corrosion resistance and stable electrical contact characteristics for a long period of time.7 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 1 ex

ethods and device for formation of electric connections on ophthalmological devices // 2565483
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of medicine. The method contains: formation of a three-dimensional substrate base with a diameter from 6 mm to 16 mm from the first insulating material, the three-dimensional substrate base has the central optic zone and peripheral zones, with the central optic zone being connected with an optic zone of an ophthalmological device; application of a conducting film on a part of the surface of the three-dimensional substrate base with the formation of a homogeneous from 0.25 to 1.0 micron thick layer of the conducting film; and the formation of a conductor, providing an electric connection, on the peripheral zones of the three-dimensional substrate base from the conducting film by the laser ablation of a surrounding material of the conducting film, introduction of the three-dimensional substrate with electric connections into the ophthalmological device. In another version of the method realised are: formation of the three-dimensional substrate from the first insulating material; formation of a three-dimensional mask from the second material, with the three-dimensional mask being capable of tight adherence to the three-dimensional substrate; formation of holes through sections in the three-dimensional mask by laser ablation; placement of the three-dimensional mask on the three-dimensional substrate; and application of the conducting film on the combined three-dimensional mask and three-dimensional substrate, introduction of the three-dimensional substrate with the applied conducting film into the ophthalmological device.EFFECT: formation of reliable compact structures of electric connections on the three-dimensional surface for the ophthalmological device.15 cl, 16 dwg

Electronic board and aircraft with said electronic board // 2467528
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electronic board which is meant, for example, for integration into on-board equipment of an aircraft. Offsetting insulating areas of one layer relative the other enables to bring the working conducting area of one of the two layers "closer" to the peripheral area of the other layer. Insulating areas, which are bad heat conductors, are no longer stacked on one another, thus the heat barrier effect associated with layering in the same zone of these insulating areas is significantly reduced. This is achieved due to that the electronic board has at least two conducting layers (2') stacked on each other with an insulating layer (3') between two conducting layers (2'), wherein each of the two conducting layers (2') has a working conducting layer (7'); an insulating area (8') lies between conducting areas (6', 7'), wherein the insulating area (8') of the first of the two layers (2') is offset from the insulating area (8') of the second of the layers (2'). The aircraft has a chassis (10') on which at least one electronic board is mounted.EFFECT: design of an electronic board which is reliable and has improved characteristics in terms of heat dissipation.18 cl, 2 dwg

Circuit module and device of communication along power transmission line // 2432721
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit module is mounted with an integrating circuit, which modulates and demodulates a signal with several carriers. The circuit module has a multilayer circuit board, which is equipped with multiple conducting layers inside laid with insulating layers between them, and the integrating circuit, which is equipped with multiple grounding outputs, which are to be grounded. From multiple conducting layers a conducting layer, which is closest to the integrating circuit, forms a grounding layer, which is electrically connected with multiple grounding outlets.EFFECT: increased reliability and protection against noise.16 cl, 39 dwg

Circuit module and device of communication in power transmission line // 2395180
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit module is mounted with integral circuit (IC) which modulates and demodulates the signal with several carriers. Circuit module has multi-layer board which is equipped on the outside with many conducting layers laid with insulating layers between them and IC which is equipped with many earthing outputs which shall be earthed. The conducting layer which is the closest to IC of many conducting layers forms the earthing layer electrically connected to many earthing outputs.EFFECT: improving reliability and increasing noise protection.16 cl, 39 dwg

Hybrid integrated microwave circuit // 2390877
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: hybrid integrated microwave circuit includes dielectric substrate on the front side of which there located is topological metallisation pattern, and on rear side - screen earthing metallisation, at least one metallised mounting platform connected to screen earthing metallisation, at least one transistor, at least two capacitors on both sides of transistor. At that, at least one of the transistor outputs is electrically connected to upper coatings of capacitors, at least two other outputs are electrically connected to topological metallisation pattern, lower coatings of capacitors are electrically connected to metallised mounting platform and through it to screen earthing metallisation. Transistor with outputs, two capacitors and electric connections of one of transistor outputs to upper coatings of capacitors are made in the form of at least one crystal of monolithic integrated circuit, which is located on one metallised mounting platform. At that, both capacitors are film-type, upper coatings of capacitors, outputs of transistor and electric connections of one of transistor outputs with upper coatings of capacitors are provided in one metallisation layer of crystal of monolithic integrated circuit. At that, in crystal of monolithic integrated circuit immediately under lower coatings of capacitors there made are through metallised holes for electric connection of lower coatings of capacitors with metallised mounting platform.EFFECT: improving electrical and mass and dimensions characteristics, improving reliability, reducing labour input of manufacturing process.6 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex

Detector for system of hardware protection of sensitive electronic modules of data processing against external manipulations // 2387110
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in system of hardware protection for sensitive electronic modules of data processing against external manipulations has accordingly matched topology.EFFECT: improves manufacturability.12 cl, 8 dwg

System for protecting hardware in form of printed circuit boards, formed by deep drawing in half-cup // 2382404
FIELD: physics; computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: tachograph for highly sensitive processing and protecting data which includes a system for protecting hardware for a protected circuit has a substrate which has a central region projecting backwards, where the central region is surrounded by regions which project forward. Due to this, the system for protecting hardware is particularly made in form of a half-cup. Also the system for protecting hardware has conducting structures placed on and/or in the substrate for detecting access to the protected circuit.EFFECT: design of a system for protecting hardware which can be integrated into an electronic module, which provides reliable detection of attack on hardware.5 cl, 3 dwg

Vessel for electronic ballast resistance // 2348123
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electronic units, namely, to simplification of such units. In particular, invention is related to electronic ballast resistors for gas discharge lamps, at that such ballast resistors have higher scattering of heat, reduced amount of components, minimised mechanical stress in electric components and improved suppression of electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Electronic unit having vessel is arranged with sealing against effect of environment, with possibility to suppress EMI and proper thermal connection between hot electric components and external heat radiator contained in unit.EFFECT: improvement of electronic units operation, improvement of electronic ballast resistances operation for gas discharge lamps, reduction of mechanical stresses in such devices, lower EMI emitted by these devices.4 cl, 6 dwg

Field device assembled with printed circuit board as screen for protection against effect of environment and against electromagnetic field/radio interference // 2347333
FIELD: physics, control.SUBSTANCE: present invention is related to electron field devices such as transmitters of technological processes parameters used for monitoring (routine inspection) of these processes. In particular, the present invention is related to electron field devices used in environment of technological plants, which may produce high level of electromagnet interference. Field industrial device (200) for operation under severe conditions comprises body (208) with electroconductive walls that surround cavity (206) with open end. Cavity may contain electronic module (292) based on printed circuit boards. Device comprises ready-fitted printed circuit board (270), which represents multilayer printed circuit board with through electric contacts and hidden layer (350) of grounding, which is electrically connected to body (202) for screening of electronic module (292) against electromagnet interference and provision of electronic module protection against effect of environment.EFFECT: creation of body designs for transmitters of technological processes parameters, which possess improved resistance to effect of moisture and substances that pollute the environment, and also provide efficient filtration of electromagnetic field and radio interference.30 cl, 9 dwg

Damped board // 2332817
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: damped board contains printed circuit board and damping unit consisting of reinforcing layer made of structural material bonded with printed board by layer of viscoelastic material. Damping unit is performed as two-layer frame passing through fixing points of printed board and containing reinforcing layer and layer of viscoelastic material.EFFECT: providing of printed boards damping with maximum saving of useful area; minimal increase of board mass and keeping damping properties in wide temperature range.3 cl, 7 dwg
ultilayer printed circuit board with protection coat // 2324306
FIELD: electronics; printed circuit boards.SUBSTANCE: multilayer printed circuit board consisting of signal dielectric layers comprising topological patterns of the printed wiring and interchanging with screening layers having the form of a grid provided with printed conductors reflecting the topological pattern configuration of their nearest signal layer. Top layers of said printed circuit board are covered with a protection coat that consists of a mixture of ferrite powder and plastic binder based on protective varnishes or compounds and is applied by means of spreading, immersion or spraying.EFFECT: enhancement of the quality of printed circuit board protection against effects of EMI.
Electronic board // 2280967
FIELD: electronics, tool-making industry, namely, engineering of electronic boards.SUBSTANCE: result is achieved because in electronic board as substrate the body of device is utilized, and conductive pattern is made of solder.EFFECT: lower laboriousness and simplified manufacture of electronic boards, decreased losses during manufacture, possible processing of electronic board after expiration of service time.

ethod for wiring multilayer power conductors (ribbon cables or printed-circuit boards) when laying three-phase conducting communication lines to suppress noise due to electromagnetic pickup caused by self-induction in power circuits // 2258969
FIELD: printed-circuit boards, multilayer conductors, and ribbon cables.SUBSTANCE: proposed method involves spatial disposition of conducting communication lines which makes it possible to compensate for electromagnetic pickups in three-phase power circuits caused by self-induction and is based on compensating effect attained by superimposing electromagnetic inductances shifted in phase due to phase shift of currents carried by three adjacent conductors; novelty is that only positive (forward) currents carried by three adjacent layers and shifted in phase through 120 deg. are used in three-phase circuits. Passing three-phase current of same amplitude through three adjacent conducting tracks disposed strictly in parallel one on top of other in these three adjacent layers where columns built of conducting tracks occurring in three layers are formed we shall obtain equal-amplitude vectors in each layer using cyclic phase transfer; these vectors correspond to harmonic oscillations on vector diagram from all three phases (A, B, C).EFFECT: maximized compensation of noise caused by self-induction.4 cl, 3 dwg

Radio-electronic block // 2257021
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: device has electronic boards block with radio-elements thereon and with radial grooves made in them, electric connectors of electronic boards and arc shields separating boards with sockets for bodies of radio-elements, connected to electronic boards by frame fixing, central bushing and rods. Along peripheral line of each arc shield slits are made, combined with radial grooves of each electronic board. Electric connectors of boards are made in form of shields curved around side surface for console portions of boards, current-conducting drawing of which is made in form of circular sectors, positioned between shields slits.EFFECT: higher resistance to physical impact.2 dwg

The electronic unit // 2234205
The invention relates to electronics and can be used in blocks of electronic equipment to improve cooling efficiency, in particular in the aviation lights - multi-function remote control

Electronic unit // 2233566
The invention relates to the field of electronic structures of blocks that can be used in miniature transceiver devices and control systems

Electronic unit // 2233565
The invention relates to the field of electronic structures of blocks used in missiles or portable launchers

A method of manufacturing a contact pad thin-film chip // 2231237
The invention relates to the electrical industry in particular to thin film microelectronics

Electronic unit // 2224388
The invention relates to the field of electronic equipment, the design of electronic units, in which the electrical connection of printed circuit boards is carried out using electrical connectors without backplane

Printed circuit board for electrical devices with rf components, in particular for mobile radio communication devices // 2219686
The invention relates to a printed circuit Board for electrical devices with RF components, in particular for mobile radio communication devices

Electronic unit // 2216886
The invention relates to electronic equipment, namely, blocks design batch containing PCB and plug-in electric connection, and can be used in computing and similar units

Electronic unit // 2216885
The invention relates to the construction of electronic blocks that can be used in equipment subjected to significant mechanical impact

Transition strip and method of its manufacture // 2215384
The invention relates to the design and manufacturing technology transition pads and printed circuit boards and can be used in electronics, instrumentation and other engineering fields

ounting plate // 2210197
The invention relates to the production of woven products, namely manufacturing flexible circuit boards designed for switching both within and between the electric and electronic units

odule e // 2210196
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in the construction of electronic equipment with the set of plug-in modules, operating in conditions of high mechanical stress during military operation

Highly stable microstrip design // 2210144
The invention relates to electronic devices, particularly to devices of the microwave, and can be used in the design of a highly stable filters for various purposes, resonators, matching and decoupling devices and t

Electronic unit // 2208919

The insulating circuit board and a power semiconductor device using it // 2199794
The invention relates to a method of manufacturing an insulating substrate, and more particularly to a printed circuit Board, which can provide insulation inside the case, for example, power semiconductor devices

Board wiring // 2176857

The structure of the compounds of the elements of high-frequency circuits (options) // 2158992
The invention relates to the field of technology of high-frequency circuits, in particular to the inter-element connections of these chips

Printed circuit board for plug connectors // 2150799
The invention relates to a printed circuit Board to plug in a symmetric distribution networks for information and communication technology

Resistor printed circuit board output transformer line scan // 2134497
The invention relates to the output transformers line scan for supplying a high voltage to a cathode-ray tube display of electronic equipment

ultilayer switching fee (options) // 2133081
The invention relates to the development and production of equipment on the basis of microelectronics and semiconductor devices, and can be widely used in the manufacture of multilayer printed circuit boards, as well as switching structures for multichip modules

Printed circuit board with components with pins on all four sides of the housing component // 2047947
The invention relates to the design of printed circuit boards with components and can be used in the construction of assemblies of electronic equipment at the bilateral and multi-layer printed circuit boards

Printed circuit board with the same type of hinged elements // 2032286
The invention relates to electronics and computer engineering and can be used in the design of printed circuit boards, mainly cards storage devices (storage)

ounting plate // 2013032
The invention relates to the technology and design of electronic equipment, namely, mounting boards, designed for installation and electrical connections of radio electronic elements, and can be used in electronics, instrumentation, computer science, the inventive circuit Board includes a dielectric substrate, on which surface is made of the signal and direct the conductors