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Assembly on printed circuit board // 2614387
FIELD: physics, computer science.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the assembly on the printed circuit board. It is achieved by that, the assembly on the circuit board includes: a bottom layer; electronic components, which are divided into categories, at that, each component is attached to the bottom layer by means of fasteners, having a specified temperature of thermal tripping, depending on to which category applies the mentioned component.EFFECT: invention provides creation of an assembly on a printed circuit board and the assembling method of such assembly on a printed circuit board, in order to facilitate separation and collection of different electronic components, mounted in an assembly on a printed circuit board, at the end of its service life, and additionally facilitating the reuse of electronic components and / or recycling of substances, from which the electronic equipment wastes consist of.12 cl, 6 dwg

Pulsed neutron generator // 2614240
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the pulsed neutron generator comprising a neutron tube, a storage capacitor and a high voltage transformer with the multilayer secondary winding and interlayer insulation, arranged coaxially in the sealed body flooded with liquid dielectric, projecting beyond the rows, formed on the frame, and an additional coil parallel to the secondary transformer winding, wound with the wire of high resistivity and high magnetic permeability, neutron tube is provided with an additional controlled three-electrode ion source, the target electrode is placed in the middle of the neutron tube body and has two symmetrical targets saturated with single or different hydrogen isotope, the secondary transformer winding and the additional winding are formed as two symmetrical truncated cones having a common small base, wherein the end turns of the windings located on the small base, are connected to the target electrode, while the end windings located on the large grounds, are connected to the neutron generator body.EFFECT: enhancing functional and performing features of the neutron generator.1 dwg

Pyrolysis reactor for producing synthesis gas // 2614168
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: internal reactor cavity is charged with raw material with the fraction of up to 50 mm: biofuel, solid household or agricultural waste, coal slurry - by means of the charging unit 3. The reactor comprises a screw compactor 4 and the scraper 5 for removing slag. An odd number of magnetrons 2 creating the temperature of 1000-1500°C by means of microwave radiation is mounted on the reactor housing 1 in the same horizontal plane at the equal distance from each other. Synthesis gas and slags resulting from the raw material pyrolysis are removed from the reactor through the unloading port 9, separated and purified from admixtures. The housing 1 is made three-layered: the inner layer 6 made of ceramic tiles, the intermediate layer 8 is heat-insulating, the outer layer 7 is of stainless steel with the openings for the free passage of microwave radiation from the magnetrons 2.EFFECT: expanding the functional capabilities of the reactor.8 cl, 2 dwg

Printed circuit boards with reserve circuits arrangement method // 2614156
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in the printed circuit boards arrangement method, comprising a mutual arrangement of redundant and backup boards, redundant and backup boards arrangement and trace, the reference conductor is in the form of separate layers on the redundant and backup boards; the redundant and backup boards are glued with a dielectric layer having a relative dielectric capacity higher than that of the dielectric substrates of the redundant and backup boards; corresponding to each other routes of the redundant and backup circuits are arranged parallel to and under each other in the gluing dielectric layer; redundant and backup radio-electronic components are placed on the opposite glued sides of the redundant and backup printed circuit boards. In case of failure of a redundant circuit, the same technical result will be achieved in the backup circuit.EFFECT: reduction of redundant circuit sensitivity to external conductive emissions and reduction of the conducted emissions level from the redundant circuit.5 dwg

Test container // 2614155
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: in the test container (10, 40, 70), which includes like a rectangular parallelepiped the container (12, 42, 72), disposed therein electrical components (14, 16, 90, 94, 96) of the transformer checking system, which in the test mode are like the corresponding heat source, and a cooling system, at least with one heat exchanger (18, 20, 44, 46, 114), there is a moving device (22, 24, 48, 49) by means of which, at at least one heat exchanger (18, 20, 44, 46, 114) can move from a transport position inside the container (12, 42, 72) to the operating position, which is located at least partially outside the container (12, 42, 72).EFFECT: providing a test area system and thus, test area system components for testing of high-voltage transformers, that make possible a particularly simple transportation, assembly and disassembly of the test area system and prevent the use of the rotating converter.14 cl, 6 dwg

Led lighting fixture having power control device // 2614143
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting fixtures, equipped with light-emitting diodes (LED), in particular, to head lamp with LED power control device. Result is achieved by fact, that head lamp comprises light source, containing one or more light-emitting diodes, power supply unit to supply electric power to said source, wherein control over said unit is performed by means of control information or control signal, and control unit for light level setting emitted by light source, upon that control unit includes image sensor, capable to generate, at least, one image of point illuminated by said light source, and said image processing device in order to generate control information or control signal. Lighting fixture also comprises images processing processor, capable to perform image complex analysis, including recognition of rope, detection of fog, etc.EFFECT: technical result is providing of lighting fixture having adaptive control mechanism, as well as increasing battery service life.16 cl, 13 dwg

Led lighting fixture containing light beam geometry control device // 2614044
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting fixtures, equipped with light-emitting diodes (LED), in particular, to head lamp with variable geometry beam forming device. Result is achieved by fact, that lighting fixture comprises light source, containing one or more light-emitting diodes (LED), power supply unit (100) to supply electric power to said light source, wherein control over light source brightness is carried out by first control information or first control signal; control device (306) to control over generated by light source light beam geometry as response to second control information or second control signal and control unit (200) for generating of first and second control information or first and second control signals, upon that control unit (200) includes image sensor (210), capable to generate, at least, one image of point illuminated by said light source, and said image processing device (230) in order to generate first and second control information or first and second control signals.EFFECT: technical result is providing of lighting fixture having adaptive control mechanism, as well as increasing battery service life.14 cl, 16 dwg

Light source control device and light source control method // 2614037
FIELD: physics, control and alarm system.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a light source control device and method for light sources control. The technical result is the creation of light sources control device capable of providing a continuous radiation of a light source, even if any of the multiple light sources connected in parallel is faulty. The result is achieved by determination whether the parallel connected light sources (11-1 to 11-m) include a failed light source by means of the controller (900). If a defective light source is detected, the controller (900) controls at least one of the current supply unit (100) and the switching control unit (140) so that the current is continuously supplied to the normal light sources included into the number of light sources (11-1 to 11-m), except for the defective light source.EFFECT: invention can control multiple parallel connected light sources, ensuring their continued operation.5 cl, 5 dwg

Red narrowband light emitting coated fluorosilicates for semiconductor light emitting devices // 2613963
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: lighting device includes a light source configured to generate light source light, and luminescent material in particulate form, adapted to convert at least a portion of the light source light into luminescent material light. The light source comprises a light emitting diode (LED). The luminescent material in particulate form comprises particles with cores. These cores include phosphor containing M'xM2-2xAX6 doped with tetravalent manganese, where M' is alkaline earth cation, M is alkali cation, x - 0-1, A is tetravalent cation containing at least silicon, X is monovalent anion containing at least fluorine. The particles further comprise a metal phosphate coating, where the metal is selected from the group consisting of Ti, Si and Al. A method for luminescent material obtaining is described.EFFECT: luminescent material provides improved long-term stability in water and moist air at effective absorption in the blue region and absorbed light transformartion into red.15 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Lacquer composition // 2613915
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laquer composition with high electric insulating properties and low moisture permeability, designed to protect printed circuit boards and radio electronic equipment (REE) components, and can be used in aircraft, missile and aerospace, mechanical engineering and other industries. The lacquer composition comprises a semi-finished laquer product and a hardener. The semi-finished lacquer contains fluorocopolymer - product of trifluoroethylene monomer copolymerization with alkyl vinyl and hydroxil vinyl ethers at a ratio of 22.4:8.8:8.8, a polyorganosiloxane modifier K-9, grade A, an organic solvent xylene. As a hardener, the lacquer composition comprises polyisocyanate biuret, at the following component ratio, wt %: 60-85 of fluorocopolymer, 4-14 of modifier, 5-25 of hardener, 5-30 of organic solvent. The lacquer composition is a cold-curing composition, the curing process takes place at a temperature of (20±2)°C for not more than 5 hours.EFFECT: composition has specific volumetric electrical resistance increased by 5-10 percent, dielectric characteristics increased by 15-20 percent, and water absorption reduced more than 1,5 times, provides high adhesion and physical and mechanical properties, allows formation of a high-quality coating.1 dwg, 2 tbl, 5 ex

Driver device and driving method for driving load, in particular led unit // 2613524
FIELD: lighting engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering, particularly to drive device (50a-50e) and corresponding driving method for driving load (22), in particular LED unit, comprising power input unit (52) for receiving input voltage (V20) from external power supply and for providing rectified supply voltage (V52), power conversion unit (54) for conversion of said supply voltage (V52) into load current (I54) for powering load (22), charging capacitor (56) for storage of charge and powering load (22), when power is insufficient for powering load (22) and/or power conversion unit (54) extracted from said external power (20) at present moment, and control unit (58) for controlling charging of said charging capacitor (56) with said supply voltage (V52) to capacitor voltage (V56), which can be considerably higher than peak voltage (V52) of said supply voltage, and for powering load (22).EFFECT: higher power factor, efficiency of service life of lighting device.13 cl, 6 dwg

Flexible electric heater // 2613497
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flexible electric heaters creating the temperature of up to 150°C, which are used to maintain the desired temperature of the onboard equipment of space vehicles, structural elements of air, sea and land transport, temperature control in spacesuits, and for domestic use. A flexible electric heater comprises a resistive element disposed between two sheets of electrically insulating material, and conductor wires. Wherein the resistive element is made of metal or alloy and without kinks, and is secured on an additional sheet of electrically insulating material located between the two said sheets. Moreover, the sheets of insulating material are composed of one or more dissimilar flexible thermally and radiation resistant highly electrically insulating materials with low outgassing in vacuum, and have a flat or curved shape.EFFECT: invention provides high uniformity of temperature on the electric heater area, high electrical strength of the insulation, the possibility to be mounted on curved surfaces, and high resistance to storage and operating factors.4 cl, 2 dwg

Cylindrical resonator device of plasma chemical deposition of glass material from vapor phase on inner surface of substrate in form of tube // 2613252
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for plasma chemical deposition from vapor phase. Cylindrical resonator of device of plasma chemical deposition from of glass material vapor phase on inner surface of substrate in form of tube comprises outer cylindrical wall, made with resonant cavity passing in peripheral direction around cylinder axis, side wall with parts enclosing resonance chamber in direction of cylinder axis and slot structure located in peripheral direction around axis of cylinder providing access of microwave energy from resonant chamber radially inside said tube. Slot structure comprises slotted sections mutually shifted towards cylinder.EFFECT: deposition of material with considerably smaller or even zero heterogeneity of thickness and/or refraction index is provided.17 cl, 8 dwg

Sim card fixation device and mobile communication terminal // 2613196
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: disclosed invention relates to SIM card fixation means and mobile communication terminal. SIM card fixation device is made in terminal, provided with SIM-card, and comprises: card tray to support SIM card, card holder to support card tray, when card tray is installed in terminal, and card tray fixation locking mechanism, wherein card holder is provided with first resilient component, made with possibility to apply pushing force in direction from terminal to card tray, when SIM card is withdrawn, locking mechanism containing pressure component, locking rod and second resilient component, locking rod is equipped with lock closer, while card tray is provided with closing part, and when card tray supporting SIM card, is installed in terminal, lock closer and closing part form interface resistance, preventing card tray extraction, pressure component is provided with drive surface in contact with locking rod. Drive surface is made with possibility to push locking rod to move when pressing on pressure component, thus actuating lock closer on locking rod to move, to extract card tray, eliminating interfacing resistance between closing part and lock closer, and second resilient component is connected with locking rod and made with possibility to return locking rod into initial position after, that card tray is removed. Locking mechanism additionally comprises third resilient component, corresponding to pressure component, and made with possibility to return pressure component into initial state under action of its elastic force of third after pressing on it. Said device is part of corresponding mobile communication terminal.EFFECT: disclosed invention enables to increase ease of SIM card insertion and removal.9 cl, 16 dwg

ethod and device to determine electrode material consumption during electric furnace operation // 2613004
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to metallurgy and can be used in determining electrode material consumption during steel manufacturing in an electric arc furnace. In the method, the weight is measured of at least one electrode column located in an electronic arc furnace or introduced into it without removing it from the furnace using at least one weighing device capable of continuous or quasi-continuous measurement of the column weight with a time resolution of 1 to 500 Hz. Furthermore, the present invention refers to the device in which the weight device is capable of continuous or quasi-continuous weight measurement of at least one electrode column located in an electronic arc furnace and is integrated into transport device for conveying and holding the electrode column.EFFECT: invention provides for the possibility to accurately and reliably determine electrode material consumption for any time interval selected arbitrarily short.13 cl, 2 dwg

Light-emitting diode // 2612732
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: light-emitting diode relates to information equipment and lighting engineering so that, for example, it can be used in design of large-size matrix screens and other visual data display facilities. Light-emitting diode comprises on substrate along with light-emitting diode chips unit for controlling radiation of crystals, one input is connected to the anode terminal, the other input is connected to the cathode terminal, and the outputs are connected to transistor bases, wherein the collectors of transistors are connected to cathodes of light-emitting crystals, anodes of which are connected to each other and connected to the anode terminal, herewith the emitters of transistors are connected to each other and connected to the cathode terminal.EFFECT: invention provides the possibility of controlling selected light-emitting diode crystal by two external contacts (anode and cathode).5 cl, 5 dwg

Circuit assembly for selective power supply to distributed loads // 2612646
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Circuit assembly for selective power supply to distributed loads (D1-D7, 220-226, 213a-213e) comprises plurality of load segments (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70), each of which is electrically connected with, at least, one power supply output to receive variable voltage, wherein each load segment (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70) comprises, at least, load unit (D1-D7, 220-226, 213a-213e) and proximity sensor (11) unit, connected to load unit and containing, at least, one reactive device (L1-L7, L1a-L7a, C1-C7, C1a-C7a, 214a-214e, 215d), having reactive resistance, wherein reactive resistance depends on proximity to detection object (100, 102).EFFECT: technical result is increase in efficiency of interactive power supply to loads.15 cl, 6 dwg

Electronic device // 2612414
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic device, suitable for displaying. Achieved by fact, that electronic device includes: housing having two sides facing each other, having accommodation space inside it and having opening on one of two sides; and electronic device contained in accommodation space. Housing is made from first and second elements, which are separated in direction of housing opposite sides plane, and has opening for device insertion, at least, on one of first element and second element opposite sides.EFFECT: increasing strength and reducing weight of device.8 cl, 17 dwg

Hearth electrode for dc arc furnace // 2611635
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrothermics, in particular can be used as anode supply to DC arc furnaces. Hearth electrode includes steel head coupled with a copper case of conical shape, expanded to the bottom, arranged on its side surface fastening flange, contact disk and the cooling unit with water supply and is equipped with a thermocouple arranged in copper body near the joint with steel head, thus, the cooling unit is made in the form of pressure chamber filled with water under pressure and drain chamber with removal of water, and a copper case in the lower part is made with copper sole of cylindrical shape, in the lower end part of which by drilling cylindrical cells are formed in which there are inserted connected with pressure chamber nozzles with a gap with walls of cells to withdraw water to the discharge chamber.EFFECT: invention allows improvement of cooling conditions of hearth electrode and increase its resistance.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of power control in eaf and ladle furnace group // 2611605
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method of power control in EAF and ladle furnace group relates to electrical engineering, namely to electrometallurgy, and also to the power control methods in group of EAFs and ladle furnaces. At the start of each ready-to-start electric arc furnace with the holding time not exceeding the duration of the melt period of the electric arc furnace formerly started, within the allowed adjustment range, when excessing the allowed active power value in the start of each ready-to-start ladle furnace with the holding time within the allowed adjustment range corresponding to the lowest value of active power consumption per a fixed day hour.EFFECT: increased capacity of EAF and ladle furnace group, reduced maximum active power consumption per a fixed day hour.6 dwg

Adjustable flyback converter or intermediate buck converter // 2611577
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used to control a flyback converter or an intermediate buck converter. Device and method for reducing distortions and increasing distortions power coefficients in flyback converters (21) and intermediate buck converters (22) includes assembly (1) for adjustment of control signals generated by controllers (2) to control switches (3) of the converters. Assemblies (1) increase or decrease time durations of the conducting state of switches (3) in response to increased or decreased amplitudes of voltage signals from sources (4) of voltage for powering the converters. In the preferred version the said durations, in fact, are proportional to sums of the voltage signals amplitudes and rated parameters. These rated parameters can represent amplitudes of other voltage signals, such as output voltages. Assemblies (1) are provided for controllers (2), which can provide only fixed durations, as well as for controllers (2), which can provide adapted durations by adaptable external elements.EFFECT: technical result is elimination of undesirable losses in the network and in power generators and lower cost of single-cascade converters.12 cl, 7 dwg

Gas and liquid mediums electric heater // 2611429
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: heater comprises a housing 1. The outer surface of housing 1 is provided with heat insulating material 24, a closed protective housing 25. Within the housing concentrically with clearance to the walls, a spiral node is positioned in the form of two spirals 4 and 5, intended for passing therethrough a heated medium flow and forming two spiral tubular coils 6 connected in parallel with each other. The heater comprises electric heating elements 7, coaxially arranged in said node 6 of coils, the ends of which are provided with current leads 8. Current leads 8 of electric heating elements 7 may be connected to inlet joint box 20, which can be installed at one end of housing 1. Free ends 9 and 10 of spirals and 5 and 5 of coils are respectively connected from ome side of spiral assembly 6 with input medium reservoir 11.EFFECT: increase operational safety by avoiding direct contact of the heated medium with electric heating elements, while providing sufficient efficiency and uniformity of the medium heating at different delivery flows.6 cl, 4 dwg

Solid-state lighting device brightness control system and method // 2611428
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over solid-state lighting devices. Result is achieved by fact, that determination of light output value from solid-state lighting (SSL) device based on dimmer settings includes stages, on which determining dimmer adjustment during reading mode by means of power signal analysis, received from illumination control, dimmer adjustment indicates required level of illumination, determining power, required on SSL device input leads, so that SSL load generated required level of light output, and determining value of correcting signal for correction of power on SSL device input terminals during power receiving mode at least partially based on dimmer determined setting, to make SSL device to generate required level of illumination.EFFECT: technical result is possibility to provide continuous, stable operation of solid-state lighting (SSL) device during illumination adjustment operations and output level of illumination, corresponding to setting.15 cl, 15 dwg

Control device and method of load control with polarity-dependent voltage divider circuit // 2611427
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to load control device, in particular, light-emitting diode unit, having one or more light-emitting diodes. Result is achieved by fact, that device (60) includes input terminals for receiving input voltage (V10) from external power supply source (16) for load power supply (12), connection device (64) for connection of input terminals to each other and to create current path (66, 68), depending on input voltage polarity (V10), wherein device (64) comprises first current path (66) for connection of input terminals in first direction of current and second current path (68) for connection of input terminals in second direction of current, opposite to first direction of current, wherein each of first and second current paths (66, 68) comprises current control unit (88, 90) to control voltage divider current (I3, I4) in corresponding current path (66, 68) and wherein each of first and second current paths (66, 68) comprises disconnection device (92, 94) to lock voltage divider current (I3, I4) in corresponding current path (66, 68) in reverse direction, opposite to corresponding current direction.EFFECT: technical result is creation of load control device, particularly by light-emitting diode unit containing one or more light-emitting diodes, which is compatible with various dimmers, in particular, with phase cutoff dimmers.15 cl, 10 dwg

etal can capping method with laminated cover and device for such method implementation // 2611156
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method comprises inductance coil 7 introduction into can metal housing 1, through which alternating current is passed for flange 4 heating. Then coil 7 is removed from can 1, and flange 4 is overlapped with laminated cover. Heating system for method implementation comprises induction coil and coil power supply unit.EFFECT: group of inventions ensures higher leak-tightness.10 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of impact compression of bodies with low density, apparatus and reactor for realising said method // 2610865
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of high dynamic pressures and temperatures generation and may be used for chemical reactions, changes in the crystal structure of solids under high pressure and temperature, in particular for producing artificial diamonds (diamond powder), to compress the DT-ice to obtain a neutron source for inertial confinement fusion. The appartus for impact compression process of low density bodies contains the appartus shell 2 and a compressible body 1, installed at the front part of the apparatus shell. The hollow cylinder 5 can be mounted at the apparatus shell, the tail of which may joins a thin-walled hollow cylinder 7 with bar 9. The reactor for the execution of low density bodies impact compression consists of the reactor chamber and two accelerating devices for the apparatuses (cannons), looking toward each other. Inside the reactor chamber a porous layer of a porous metal is installed . The foam metal , tightly packed layer of thin-walled metal tubes, thin-walled boxes layers or cells can be used instead of a porous metal. The summary of the impact compression process of low-density bodies consists of axial compression of each compressed body by solid rear portion of the apparatus shell at frontal collision of two identical apparatuses in the reactor chamber. Thus, there is also impact compression by impact wave and the interference can be used, as well as focusing of reflected from the compressed bodies separation borders and apparatus shells of the impact waves. Also it can be carried out the radial compression of compressible bodies, converging towards the axis of apparatuses by circular liquid or plasma flow, obtained as a result of collision of two hollow cylinders. The interference of two impact waves can be used, resulting from the impact of bars at rear parts of the apparatus shells.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the final compression , pressure and temperature ratio, while the dynamic compression of low density bodies.13 cl, 17 dwg
Lift-off photolithography method // 2610843
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lift-off photolithography and can be used, when obtaining of a working pattern from active material (metal or semiconductor) by selective chemical or plasma-chemical etching via a photoresist mask is difficult or inappropriate due to high chemical resistance to etching of the active material. Disclosed is a lift-off photolithography method, comprising application of polymer photoresist layer on the substrate and its drying, selective exposure of the photoresist layer, obtaining, by development and drying, the photoresist mask with an image, reverse relative to the working pattern, applying, under high-temperature conditions, a layer of active material on the whole surface of the substrate and formed photoresist mask with subsequent removal of the photoresist mask with applied layer of active material, by dissolving the polymer photoresist, located under the layer of active material, the dissolving the polymer photoresist is accompanied by its swelling and forming of the working pattern from the remaining layer of active material applied on the substrate surface. To ensure high-temperature shape stability and heat resistance of the photoresist mask in the initial polymer photoresist, made of phenol-formaldehyde resin and derivative orthonaphthoquinone diazide, additive of a polyhydroxyl-containing compound, selected from glycerine and polyethylene glycol with a molecular weight from 380 to 650 units, is being introduced in amount of 1–11 % of weight of the derivative orthonaphthoquinone diazide.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of lift-off photolithography due to improving its technological effectiveness.3 cl, 10 tbl, 2 ex
ethod of electronic modules thermal protection // 2610715
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to microelectronic equipment protection against external destructive factors, such as long-term high-temperature effects. Achieved by fact, that heat absorption is carried out by means of heat protection composition and structure, consisting of two types of composite mixture: first type is highly porous material (85–90 % of open pores) with powder-fibrous structure based on amorphous silica in form of fine particles and nano-fibres. Then above mentioned mixture is pressed into prefabricated tooling. Second type of composite mixture is obtained by mixing of fine polymer material and mineral filler. External layer used with respect to protected module is arranged first type of composite mixture, which is heat flow barrier, and inner heat-absorbing layer is second type of composite mixture, inside of which protected object is arranged, both type of pressed composite mixtures are in direct contact, virtually without air space between them.EFFECT: technical result is development of efficient heat-absorbing method of electronic module heat by increase of thermal protection specific heat-absorbing capacity.1 cl

ethod for generation of deceleration radiation with pulse-by-pulse energy switching and radiation source for implementation thereof // 2610712
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention is a method for deceleration radiation generation with pulse-by-pulse energy switching and a source for implementation thereof with independent regulation of the radiation dose for each type of energy. The source is based on an accelerating structure with a standing wave, supplied by multibeam klystron. Pulse-by-pulse energy switching of an accelerated electron beam energy between the two values is achieved by switching of the high voltage pulse amplitude, that supplies the klystron from pulse to pulse. At that, the input RF klystron power pulses for low and high energy have the same amplitude and are genrated at the same frequency which varies in accordance with variation of the resonance frequency of the accelerating structure. The required dose power is provided by switching from electron gun control electrode voltage pulse to pulse.EFFECT: increased service life of the klystron, increased stability of the accelerated beam parameters for each energy type and reduced energy consumption of particle accelerator.21 cl, 4 dwg

Portable computing device // 2610581
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cases of portable electronic devices. Such result is achieved by that portable electronic device includes a single seamless case with an upper hole and a coating inside upper hole and connected to seamless housing without a rim.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of a light and strong case of a portable electronic device.24 cl, 35 dwg
ounted in racks incomplete width computing devices // 2610445
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to server rack, which, in its turn, contains many servers and associated computer equipment. Technical result is achieved by that computing device comprises chassis with width, equal to or less than half width of rack standard slot. Assembly of printed circuit board with, at least, one processor is basically horizontally attached to chassis. One or several storage devices rows (such as hard disks) are attached to chassis. At least one of storage devices rows includes storage devices stack.EFFECT: technical result is reducing amount of unusable space, higher density of computing devices installation, in order to use all resources available in rack, such as data transmission ports, electric power or cooling efficiency.15 cl, 14 dwg

Presence detection using split beam luminaire // 2610426
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of lighting systems and, more specifically, to method and system for detecting an object in a region, ambient lighting device with split light beam. Result is achieved due to that lighting device (200) includes first light source (203), second light source (205) and sensor (216). First light source (203) is capable of emitting first light beam (204), adapted for lighting a first given area. Second light source (205) is configured to emit second light beam (206), adapted for lighting background area surrounding first given area. Sensor (216) is capable of detecting reflected first light beam (210) and reflected second light beam (212). Method includes determining whether objects are present in area (207), surrounding lighting device (200), based on comparison of information, indicating signal level of detected reflected first light beam (210), and information indicating signal level of detected reflected second light beam (212).EFFECT: reduced power consumption of lighting systems.15 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of forming interlayer junctions in multilayer metal-ceramic board // 2610302
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of radioelectronic equipment. The technical result is high reliability of metal-ceramic boards in the region of interlayer junctions, smaller dimensions of the latter and high packing density thereof in the metal-ceramic boards - achieving filling of via-holes by covering walls of via-holes with a layer of a low-viscous metallisation paste with subsequent filling of the holes with metallised walls with a high-viscous metallisation paste, which prevents breakdown of the metal-ceramic board during thermal treatment. A thin annular metallisation interlayer is applied faster than the main metallisation and offers additional compressing action on the side of the ceramic on a densely sintered conductor with a cylindrical shape, thereby reducing structural stress in the ceramic substrate and preserving integrity of the structure. This enables to form via-holes close to each other and thereby increase packing density of interlayer junctions.EFFECT: invention increases reliability of metal-ceramic boards, reduces the size of inter-layer junctions and increases packing density thereof in metal-ceramic boards.3 dwg

Neutron-generating target // 2610301
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in order to generate optimum neutron flux using the 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction in the disclosed invention, instead of using 3-layer targets comprising: a neutron-generating layer, a proton beam absorbing layer and a heat-removing layer, which also provides mechanical strength of the entire structure, the proton beam absorber is merged with the heat-removing layer and is made of tantalum. To provide mechanical strength and small temperature drop during heat removal, the neutron-generating target is made from 20 tantalum tubes with diameter of 5 mm with wall thickness of 0.2 mm, length off 113 mm, arranged in two rows and soldered into a copper housing (shell).EFFECT: longer service life, low level of undesirable accompanying radiation and high efficiency of heat removal in order to maintain the lithium layer in a solid state.3 cl, 2 dwg

Two-wire electric controller // 2610299
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: subject of invention is electric controller (1) containing: two unified connecting terminals (2A, 2B), power unit (10), said power unit (10) control unit (40) and control unit (40) synchronization unit (100). According to invention, said synchronization unit (100) includes: unstabilized cascade, which is made with possibility of unstabilized synchronization signal supply, synchronized by electric voltage supplied to said input terminal; stabilized cascade containing buffer filter, followed by stabilizing filter, and made with possibility of periodic stabilized synchronization signal supply, which is synchronized by electric voltage supplied to said input terminal, and which is then filtered by buffer filter and stabilizing filter; and selective cascade for selecting one or other of said stabilized and unstabilized synchronization signals.EFFECT: providing stable operation regardless of load type.17 cl, 8 dwg

Vaccum-insulated tandem accelerator // 2610148
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to acceleration engineering and can be used to obtain charged particle beams for ion implantation, neutron capture cancer therapy or for detecting explosive and narcotic substances, as well as calibration of detectors of weakly interacting dark matter particles and other applications. In the disclosed tandem accelerator, between the low-energy negative hydrogen ion channel and the accelerator there is a metal ring, a cooled metal diaphragm, coated on the accelerator side by a mesh at negative potential, a vacuum pump, and at the output of the accelerator, the surface of the vacuum tank is covered by a mesh at negative potential.EFFECT: reduced parasitic streams of charged particles in the acceleration channel, improved resistance of the accelerator to full voltage breakdown and high proton beam current.3 dwg

odular system for data processing centre (dpc) // 2610144
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to modular computer system for data processing centre (DPC). Achieved by that, modular computer system includes one or more DPC modules, comprising rack-mounted computer systems. At least one electric module is connected to DPC modules and provides power supply of computer systems, located in DPC modules. One or more air conditioning modules are connected to DPC modules. DPC module may include two prefabricated parts, each of which includes a row of racks, including two or more rack-mounted computer systems, common passage on front side of a row of racks, rear passage on rear side of a row of racks, air inlet in a common passage and return air outlet in rear passage. Two parts of computer module, relating to DPC modules, can be connected to each other to form a computing space.EFFECT: technical result is providing initial DPC of computational power or its expansion, high efficiency of heat removal, providing protection from fire.14 cl, 10 dwg

Composite consumable components of torch for welding with plasma arc consumable components torch for welding plasma arc // 2610138
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrode for use in a torch for plasma arc welding. The electrode includes a body, which has a front portion, middle portion and rear portion. The front portion includes the electrode working end comprising first conductive material; the working end of the electrode includes: 1) a contact area for an auxiliary pilot arc across the nozzle plugs and 2) emitter. The middle portion comprises a second material and limits the proximal end for mating with a front portion and a distal end for coupling with the rear portion. Material density, inherent for the second material is at least half the density of the material, that the first material has. The electrode also includes a conductive path, extending from the front portion to the rear portion of said body.EFFECT: improved burner maneuverability and ease of use for manual operations.58 cl, 6 dwg
All-weather thermal cabinet // 2609773
FIELD: control systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-electric values control or adjustment systems, in particular, to climatic protection devices of equipment placed in them, for example, television, security, instrumentation. All-weather thermo cabinet (TC) is equipped from inside with insulant with reflecting layer, includes mounting panel, automatic circuit breaker, at least, one heater and alarm system. Additionally contains ventilation system, consisting of fan with filter and outlet filter, climate control unit with heaters switching on and off electronic control circuit, fan and equipment cold start-up, wherein alarm system is made in form of tamper contact and serves for warning on unauthorized access, cabinet also has DIN rail with terminals, end retainers and insulators, flange-panel with cable glands. TC additionally also contains emergency alarm, electronic testing system. Insulation reflecting layer is made of dielectric polymer, and heat insulation material self-adhesive side is made netted, which prevents insulation “wrinkling” or unglue at high temperature drops inside and outside TC. Heater has built-in bimetallic switch, limiting heater radiator surface temperature to +90 °C. TC comprises external electronic temperature sensor measuring temperature inside TC. TC also has apron protecting against precipitation (rain, snow), and made with possibility of attachment both to wall, and to round or square supports.EFFECT: creation of efficient and reliable climatic protection device for equipment placed into it.10 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl

Communication protocol for lighting system with embedded processors and system operating with said protocol // 2609207
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates in general to communication between embedded processors in a lighting system. Result is achieved due to that system (100, 200, 300) includes lighting unit, (120, 220, 320), optical insulator (230, 330) and a primary processor (110, 210, 310). Lighting unit includes lighting module (250, 350) and lighting driver (240, 340), which supplies power to lighting module. Lighting module includes: one or more light sources (252-1/252-2, 352-1/352-2), one or more sensors (254, 354) for reading data, including one or more working parameters of lighting module, and secondary processor (156, 256, 356) which receives read data. Primary processor and secondary processor are coupled to each other through optical insulator in accordance with communication protocol based on messaging, where each message forwarded between primary processor and secondary processor has identical message format (500) and includes command field (530) and response field, wherein response field (550) is provided for indicating a response to a command.EFFECT: providing feedback and control of electronic power supply systems and particularly in lighting systems.20 cl, 5 dwg
Light source and light sources strip // 2609150
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED light source (105) contains at least one light-emitting component (112) and reflector housing (110), surrounding light-emitting component (112) at least in transverse direction, wherein reflector housing (110) has reflector surface (111) and recess, which side walls form reflector surface. Light-emitting element (112) is located in reflector housing (110) recess, and said recess is, at least, partially filled with transparent protective material (113) so, that light-emitting component (112) is, at least, partially located inside said protective material. Light-emitting element (112) is, at least partially, protected by transparent protective material (113), which contains aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), wherein aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used directly on light-emitting component (112) surface. Light-emitting element (112) is diode, emitting blue or white light.EFFECT: technical result is increase in emitted light quality.9 cl, 5 dwg

Driver for connecting light-emitting diode to electronic ballast // 2609130
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a driver for excitation of a light-emitting diodes circuit. Result is achieved by that provided is driver (1) with first circuit (10) for a detuning resonator of electronic ballast (3). First circuit (10) comprises a serial connection of capacitor (11) and bidirectional switch (12). Serial connection is connected with electronic ballast (3) to receive an AC signal. Driver (1) is provided with second circuit (20) for providing a DC signal to circuit (2) of light-emitting diodes. Second circuit (20) contains a rectifier with input leads connected with the serial connection and output leads connected to circuit (2) of light-emitting diodes. Besides, driver (1) is provided with third circuit (30) to provide a control signal to first circuit (10) for control over the level of power supplied to circuit (2) of light-emitting diodes.EFFECT: technical result is the possibility of replacement of the electronic ballast of a fluorescent tubular lamp or a similar lamp with a LED circuit without removing the electronic ballast.14 cl, 5 dwg

Device for preparation of single crystals of high-melting fluorides // 2608891
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for preparation of single crystals of high-melting fluorides of horizontal directional crystallization from melt. Device comprises vacuum chamber 1 accommodating heat unit 2, consisting of coal-graphite heat-insulating modules 3, top 4 and bottom 5 heaters and heat shields 15, graphite container 6 with charge of material to be crystallised, installed with possibility of moving into a vacuum chamber 1, inert gas supply nozzles 10 and evacuation system and/or pumping of gaseous products 9, inspection window 11, wherein upper flat belt L-shaped heater 4 and bottom belt U-shaped heater of inverted shape 5 are made in form of graphite mono-blocks integrated with buses, on one side fixed with water-cooled current leads of vacuum chamber by means of detachable connection.EFFECT: simplified and improved manufacturability and reliability of heating assembly, including by eliminating effect of thermal expansions on heaters.3 cl, 2 dwg

Electronic fabric with wastes sorting facilitating means // 2608832
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic fabric. Electronic fabric (1) contains electronic structure (3), including conducting wires (4), at least partially spaced from each other, and one or more electronic components (5) connected to conducting wires. One or more gaps (14) are formed in electronic structure between at least partially spaced conducting wires. Electronic fabric additionally contains web structure (2), including two web sections (10), wherein electronic structure is arranged between web two sections. Additionally two web sections are connected together according to binding pattern, which includes binding segments (8), wherein binding segments are arranged in one or more electronic structure gaps so, that electronic structure is held in required position in web structure by binding pattern.EFFECT: technical result is electronic fabric improved durability, tensile strength, as well as simplification of electronics separation from web.15 cl, 7 dwg

Light-emitting diode driver controlled by pulse overlaid on power supply signal // 2608828
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a driver for exciting LED circuits. Result is achieved by that a driver for exciting circuits (10, 20, 30) of light-emitting diodes is provided with first and second outputs (1, 2) for receiving a voltage signal from source (5) and first switching circuit (11, 12) connected to second output (2) and to third output (3). First and third outputs (1, 3) should be connected to electrodes of first circuit (10) of light-emitting diodes. First switching circuit (11, 12) contains first switch (11) and first circuit (12) of timing for activation of first switch (11) to switch on first circuit (10) of light-emitting diodes in response to the first pulse signal, which is added to the voltage signal. Sequential pulse signals can be used for sequential switching on circuits (10, 20) of light-emitting diodes.EFFECT: technical result is avoiding the need for synchronizing signals, separation of wiring for power supply from wiring for the driver control, as well as avoiding the need for using three-output light-emitting diodes with control electrodes.14 cl, 7 dwg
Electric circuit for electric arc furnace // 2608746
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric circuits of electric arc furnaces of alternating current and discloses an electric arc furnace and a method to control resistance of one or more phases of the secondary circuit of an electric arc furnace in order to limit asymmetry of phases, which comprises transformer (31); a secondary circuit with variable resistance of one or several phases, (F1, F2, F3); rigid fixed connection (32) for each phase (F1, F2, F3), connected to the transformer; flexible cables (33) with the first end attached to rigid connection (32); electrode holders (34) attached to the second end of flexible cables (33); conducting electrodes (35) fixed in corresponding electrode holders (34). Rigid fixed connection (32) of phase (F1, F2, F3) contains at least one coil (11), wherein to obtain the required value of resistance the resistance is either continuously or discretely controlled.EFFECT: invention provides the possibility of adjusting resistance irrespective of a position of the electrode holders, the length of the electrodes and other external factors.13 cl, 2 dwg

Electrically charged particles collection device and method // 2608577
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrically charged particles collection device and can be used in production of radioisotopes or neutrons. Device includes first casing and second casing concentrically arranged around first casing. Each of casings respectively is divided into first half of casing and second half of casing. Between first casing first half and first casing second half first switch is arranged. Between first casing second half and second casing first half second switch is arranged. Second casing first half has through hole.EFFECT: technical result is enabling particles energy recovery penetrated through target, as well as improved energy efficiency.14 cl, 3 dwg

End cap for tubular light source // 2608560
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. End cap (104) for a tubular light source (102) comprising: first housing portion (202), two connector pins (208) at least partly arranged outside of first housing portion (202) and adapted to fit in socket (108), and a switch assembly comprising a switch element, wherein switch assembly is adapted to form a conductive path between socket (108) and tubular light source (102) through a depression of switch element in combination with a relative rotational motion of first housing portion (202) in relation to tubular light source (102) as tubular light source (102) is mounted in fixture (106).EFFECT: high safety during installation by improving safety mechanism.13 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for operating electric arc furnace and melting plant having electric arc furnace operated according to said method // 2608558
FIELD: furnace and plate.SUBSTANCE: method for operating alternating voltage electric arc furnace (2), as well as correct installation with electric arc furnace (2), operating according to said method, comprises detecting structure-borne sound signal (S) arising at a wall of electric arc furnace (2), from which is calculated parameter K which characterises flicker properties of electric arc furnace (2), and using calculated parameter K, controlling at least one parameter of process of electric arc furnace (2).EFFECT: invention enables to automatically take into account when controlling process parameters of electric arc furnace occurrence flicker effects.6 cl, 3 dwg

Lighting device with rf antenna // 2608552
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Lighting device comprises light source (7), arranged on lighting device base (2), wherein light source has main forward radiation direction (12). Lighting device comprises reflector (9), made with possibility to reflect light from light source outside lighting device in direction away and backwards in relation to main forward radiation direction, radio frequency (RF) antenna (10) made with possibility to receive signals, to control lighting device and placed on reflector.EFFECT: technical result is improved reception of radio frequency signal.13 cl, 2 dwg