Control method in image capture system, control apparatus and computer-readable storage medium // 2607774
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to imaging and a method of controlling an image capturing system, comprising first and second image capture apparatus. Method includes determining whether likelihood of a recognised object in an image captured by image capture apparatus exceeds a predetermined likelihood. If likelihood of recognised object does not exceed predetermined likelihood, area of visual representation of second image capture apparatus is controlled so that area of visual representation of second image capture apparatus becomes wider than when likelihood of recognised object in image captured by first image capture apparatus exceeds a predetermined likelihood.EFFECT: technical result is shorter time for searching for a target object.12 cl, 6 dwg

Control device, image forming system, control method and record medium // 2606214
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an image forming device, which controls the image forming range. Proposed device comprises: a display control unit to control a display unit for displaying part or the entire image displayed by means of the display unit in the first area on the display screen, herewith the said image indicates the range of image forming, within which the image forming device can form images by means of changing the range of image forming; a changes control unit for changing position or size of the image, which must be displayed in the first area, with the help of the display control unit on an image indicating the range, within which the image can be formed by the image forming device; and an output device to output a command for prescription for the image forming device to form an image from the range of image forming corresponding to the range, which is indicated by an image displayed in the second area, which is part of the first area.EFFECT: technical result is enabling the user to determine a required range within the range, in which the image forming device can generate an image (for example, a required location on a panoramic image).19 cl, 8 dwg

ultifunctional circuit with multiturn coil, and method and device for control of multifunctional circuit with multi-turn coil // 2604655
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multifunctional circuit with multi-turn coil, method of such circuit control in mobile device. Disclosed is multifunctional circuit with multiturn coil, containing multi-turn coil, switch, NFC matching circuit and additional camera board, wherein switch has common port, first port and second port, multiturn coil is connected to common port, NFC matching circuit is connected with first port, and additional camera board is connected to second port. In presence of camera control signal second port changes into conducting state so, that multiturn coil acts as camera focus adjustment coil for camera on camera additional board, and with absence of camera control signal first port changes into conducting state so, that multiturn coil acts as NFC antenna in NFC matching circuit. Alternatively NFC antenna is directly built-in into main board, thus preventing incomplete contact of NFC antenna contact pads caused by frequent removal of storage battery cover.EFFECT: technical result is higher stability of near-field communication (NFC) antenna operation.8 cl, 3 dwg

Image forming device // 2604057
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an image forming device, particularly to a digital camera, which controls the image data in association with each other. Disclosed is an image forming device, which records separately taken two images as one image file, comprises a clips image recording mode , which creates one image file, having one separately taken two images as an auxiliary image for the other one of separately taken two images as the main image.EFFECT: technical result is enabling control of two different image data in the form of auxiliary images data and of the main images data as one image file by adding auxiliary images data in image file of main images data.10 cl, 12 dwg

ethod and system of calibrating camera // 2601421
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of calibrating a camera. System and method for calibrating a camera are disclosed, comprising an energy source and a camera to be calibrated, wherein at least one of energy source and camera is mounted on a mechanical actuator so that it is movable relative to other. Processor is connected to energy source, mechanical actuator and camera and is programmed to control mechanical actuator to move at least one of energy source and camera relative to other through a plurality of discrete points on a calibration target pattern. Further, processor controls camera at each of discrete points to take a digital image and determines parameters of lens distortion on each image. Focal length of camera is determined including any lens connected to camera and an extrinsic camera position for each image is then determined.EFFECT: enabling efficient calibration of camera.20 cl, 2 dwg

Image capturing device // 2599628
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to image capturing and processing devices. Result is achieved by that image capturing device, capable of replacing lens unit, includes a processing unit configured to perform image correction processing based on data obtained by obtaining unit. In image capturing device, obtained data include information of a first capturing condition, configured in a discrete manner, information of a plurality of second capturing conditions provided for each information of first capturing condition, and correction information corresponding to combination of information of first capturing condition and information of second capturing condition.EFFECT: technical result is correction of image deterioration caused by optical characteristics of lens unit.12 cl, 24 dwg

ethod of photographing controlling, device and terminal // 2599177
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention describes method of photographing controlling, device and terminal. Method includes the following actions: obtaining object movement speed on picture to be taken by terminal; determining whether movement speed is within predetermined range of velocities; and focusing on object, if speed is within predetermined range of velocities. According to this method object speed on the picture to be taken, can be supplied as feedback, focusing process can be controlled; therefore, when object is on picture to be taken, is moving, terminal chamber can automatically follow object and be focused on object, that makes process of focusing to be more automatic and less time-consuming.EFFECT: technical result is faster focusing and higher moving objects image quality.15 cl, 11 dwg

Image stabilisation apparatus, control method therefor, data medium storing control program therefor, as well as image capturing device equipped with image stabilisation device // 2591845
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an image stabilisation device, as well as an image capturing device equipped with said image stabilisation device. Result achieved by that selection unit makes a transition from first IS mode to second IS mode to great effect IS, when jitter detected value is maintained below first threshold value over first determination time, and jitter value is not maintained below second threshold value being lower than first threshold value over third time determination, which is shorter than second determination time, and makes a transition from first IS mode to third IS mode with lowest effect IS, when jitter value is maintained below second threshold over second determination time, which is shorter than first determination time. Control unit controls IS unit, which corrects image blur with jitter values in selected IS mode.EFFECT: technical result is to prevent change of viewing angle due to inappropriate change of mode when image stabilisation (IS) mode is selected from a plurality of modes of image stabilisation according to value of jitter of image capturing device.12 cl, 8 dwg

Image capture devices // 2585235
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to image capture devices. Result is achieved in that image pickup device includes photographic lens that forms image of object block of photoelectric conversion, which is located in projected image plane of photographing lens, display unit which displays photographed image obtained by block photoelectric conversion unit controlling display of images, which displays photographed image by imaging unit after receiving photographed image using block of photoelectric conversion unit for acquiring information about distance, which receives information about distance to photographed image, and correction unit erosion, which carries out correction of blurring of photographed image based on distance information received information about acquisition of block away. Image display control unit displays the photographed image, where multiple distances in the photographed image are focused.EFFECT: technical result is correction of blurring based on distance information of object included in photographed image.22 cl, 25 dwg

ethod and system for reducing positioning error of ptz chamber // 2584816
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video surveillance, in particular, to video surveillance using rotary (PTZ) cameras. Disclosed is a method of reducing positioning error of PTZ camera, characterised by that it comprises obtaining a target position of camera rotation, then determining at least one intermediate camera and its coordinates based on data on target position of camera rotation, after which camera is successively rotated to target position through said intermediate positions.EFFECT: reduced positioning error of camera and increasing repeatability of positioning.21 cl, 4 dwg

On-board image recognition device // 2573110
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in a detection sensitivity control module (50), which controls detection sensitivity such that it increases according to the level (U) of white haziness, detection sensitivity of a vehicle detector (70) (a module for executing an image recognition application), which detects another vehicle (6) (a moving object), present in the surrounding region of the vehicle (5), with predetermined detection sensitivity from an image obtained by an imaging module (10) situated in the vehicle (5) configured to observe the surrounding region of the vehicle (5) through a lens (12) and convert the light signal of the observed surrounding region of the vehicle (5) into an image signal, is corrected based on the adhesion level M of a substance, such as dirt or water droplets, stuck to the lens (12), which is calculated by an adhesion level computing module (26).EFFECT: accurate detection of a moving object from an image, even when the lens is dirty.7 cl, 31 dwg

Real-time image capture and display // 2570354
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: imaging device comprises i) an image sensor having a radiation-sensitive matrix for capturing an image, ii) a reading circuit connected to the radiation-sensitive matrix for reading an image, iii) a signal processor for processing an image, for obtaining a processed image and iv) a display device for displaying a processed image, wherein the radiation-sensitive matrix is composed of sensor pixel lines and the display device is composed of display device pixel lines, and wherein the reading circuit is a sliding gate circuit for sequential reading of sensor pixel lines, for sequentially providing pixel subsets; the signal processor is configured to, in the presence of one of the pixel subsets, process the pixel subset to provide a processed pixel subset, and the display device is configured to, in the presence of a processed pixel subset, display the processed pixel subset on the corresponding pixel subset of the display device, for displaying a processed image sequentially on pixel lines of the display device.EFFECT: designing a device for imaging and displaying images in real time with reduced delay, with accessibility of the image in digital form at the intermediate stage to enable signal processing.15 cl, 12 dwg

Image capturing device, control device, control method and computer-readable data medium // 2568290
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image capturing device comprises image capturing means, receiving means for receiving at least one of a first instruction to turn a captured image, obtained by the image capturing means, and a second instruction to turn the coordinate system used to represent the image capturing direction of the image capturing means, and control means for performing control, if the receiving means receives one of the first instruction and the second instruction, so as to execute the first instruction and the second instruction.EFFECT: enabling changing of the orientation of the captured image.37 cl, 25 dwg

Shooting device, shooting system and control over shooting device // 2562918
FIELD: physics, video.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shooting devices. Proposed device comprises the unit to define the scene to be filmed. It includes the unit to select shooting procedure with application of bracketing of multiple films with parameters varied by known processes on the basis of filmed scene defined by aforesaid unit. Said shooting unit exploits the bracketing process and selector unit. Note here that the latter selects one shooting process with the use of bracketing even in the case when shot scene defined by scene selector is suitable for at least two shooting processes with the use of bracketing to be selected from multiple such processes.EFFECT: enhanced performances.14 cl, 9 dwg

Network control device and method of controlling said device, communication device and method of controlling said device // 2555223
FIELD: physics, communications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to network control means for controlling a photography network in a suitable manner. A plurality of devices, which includes a master device which outputs a control command to control a photographic operation, and a slave device which executes the control command belong to a photography network. The network control device preferably defines, from the plurality of devices belonging to the photography network, a master device as a candidate device which will become the new network control device when the network control device is disconnected from the photography network controlled by the network control device itself.EFFECT: high stability of operation of the network.16 cl, 1 tbl, 8 dwg

Image capturing device and control method thereof // 2549143
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is an image capturing device which captures a plurality of primary images in continuous capturing mode. The image capturing device includes an image capturing means configured to capture a plurality of auxiliary images during the interval between capturing a primary image and capturing the next primary image. The device also comprises a means of determining a primary object configured to determine a primary object. Furthermore, the device comprises first and second object tracking processing means. The first object tracking processing means is configured to detect an area where an object identical to a primary object exists, from a first area which is part of a first auxiliary image, from a plurality of auxiliary images.EFFECT: high accuracy of the object tracking function of an image capturing device during continuous capture owing to elimination of time delay between detection of an object and obtaining focus information at the position of the object.10 cl, 12 dwg

Device for remote control in research "hot" radiation-protection chamber // 2546669
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: this device comprises electrical drive of remote control, motion transfer system, actuators and at least one video observation chamber. Besides, two electrical drives located at operator room transmit rotation by shafts through radiation protection wall to research "hot" chamber. Note here that first motor drives via worm gearing the remote control device. Second motor displaces flat rack with video camera in circle in plane perpendicular to horizon.EFFECT: expanded range of video observation.4 cl, 1 dwg

Camera system, video sampling device and video sampling method // 2546568
FIELD: physics, video.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transmission of packetised video data. The camera system comprises a plurality of camera devices and a relay device, which includes: a receiving unit having input ports, each connected to corresponding camera devices for receiving packetised video data from the corresponding one camera from the plurality of camera devices, wherein each port has an address; an output means having at least one port connected to a destination device and having an output port address; a control unit for determining sampled packetised video data from a specific one of the plurality of camera devices based on a destination address included in said packetised video data, wherein the control unit has a switching table for communication of the input port address with the output port address; and a switching unit which responds to user input for sampled change of the input port address, associated with the determined output port address, or for changing the output port address associated with the input port address, and for sampling and outputting at the associated port sampled packetised video data based on frames.EFFECT: simple interconnection using IP and facilitating system modification.14 cl, 12 dwg, 4 tbl

Auto-focus control using image statistics data based on coarse and fine auto-focus scores // 2543974
FIELD: physics, photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to digital imaging devices. The result is achieved due to that statistics logic may determine a coarse position which indicates an optimal focus area which, in one embodiment, may be determined by searching for the first coarse position in which a coarse auto-focus score decreases with respect to a coarse auto-focus score at a previous position. Using this position as a starting point for fine score searching, the optimal focal position may be determined by searching for a peak in fine auto-focus scores. In another embodiment, auto-focus statistics may also be determined based on each colour of the Bayer RGB, such that, even in the presence of chromatic aberrations, relative auto-focus scores for each colour may be used to determine the direction of focus.EFFECT: determining an optimal focal position using auto-focus statistics.19 cl, 4 tbl, 97 dwg

Camera device, camera system, control device and programme // 2542943
FIELD: physics, video.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to camera control means. The method comprises acquiring first information used to control a first area specified within a full image captured by a camera unit; acquiring second information used to control a second area specified within the full image; controlling mechanical movement of the camera unit based on the first information input; acquiring an image of the first area from the full image captured by the camera unit and extracting an image of the second area from the first area based on the second information.EFFECT: high range of the obtained image.18 cl, 20 dwg

ethod and system for processing images with doubled image sensor // 2530009
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image processing system may include a control circuit configured to determine if a device is operating in single sensor mode (with one active sensor) or double sensor mode (with two active sensors). When operating in single sensor mode, data may be provided directly to a pixel preprocessing unit from the sensor interface of the active sensor. When operating in double sensor mode, image frames from the first and second sensors are transmitted to a pixel preprocessing unit alternately. For example, in one embodiment, image frames from the first and second sensors are recorded in memory and then read in the pixel preprocessing unit alternately.EFFECT: wider range of technical capabilities of an image forming apparatus, particularly image data processing.19 cl, 79 dwg, 4 tbl

Camera, system having camera, camera operating method and method for deconvolution of recorded image // 2529661
FIELD: physics, optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a camera and a system having a camera, wherein the ratio of the distance between the lens and the sensor to the focal distance varies during exposure. The invention also relates to a method of deconvoluting image data. A variation frequency which enables to form an image which is invariant with respect to movement is set.EFFECT: reduced blur due to movement.17 cl, 24 dwg, 1 tbl

Image capturing device // 2525034
FIELD: physics, photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to image capturing devices. The result is achieved due to that the image capturing device includes a photographic lens which forms an image of an object, a photoelectric conversion unit located in the predicted image plane of the photographic lens, a display unit which displays the photographed image obtained by the photoelectric conversion unit, an image display control unit which displays the photographed image through the display unit after obtaining the photographed image through the photoelectric conversion unit, a distance information acquisition unit which obtains information on distance in the photographed image, and a blur correction unit which corrects blurring on the photographed image based on information on distance obtained by the distance information acquisition unit. The image display control unit displays the photographed image, where multiple distances in the photographed image are focused.EFFECT: correcting blurring based on information on distance of an object included in the photographed imaged.13 cl, 25 dwg

Camera platform system // 2520574
FIELD: physics, video.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a video surveillance and camera control system capable of performing panoramic turning and tilted turning of the camera. The camera platform system has a camera which captures an object image to generate a frame image, camera platforms which turn a camera about a panning axis and a tilt axis and image processors which generate a visual image based on the frame image. When a camera passes through a predefined angular position for turning about the tilt axis, an image processor generates a first visual image corresponding to the image formed by turning the frame image by an angle greater than 0 degrees but less than 180 degrees about the panning axis in a predefined angular position before generating a second visual image corresponding to the image formed by turning the frame image 180 degrees about the panning axis.EFFECT: reducing unnaturalness of change in direction of movement of an object in a visual image in order to reduce errors when tracking an object.8 cl, 15 dwg

Image stabilisation device // 2517347
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out using, in a displacement metre, a correlator which performs the function of determining the variance of signal increments based on squaring difference values of correlated signals from linear photodetectors in digital form, and an interpolator is made in form of a unit which performs interpolation using the formula: χ^=Δm(D−1−D1)/[2(D−1−2D0+D1)], where D-1, D1, D0 denote signal variances, χ^ is displacement, Δm is the pixel size of the auxiliary photodetector.EFFECT: reduced image displacement measurement error.4 dwg

Device and method for high-resolution imaging at built-in device // 2512130
FIELD: physics, computation hardware.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with this invention, sequence of images including multiple lower-resolution images is contracted. Vectors of motion between reference image in sequence and one or several nest images in sequence are defined. The next forecast image is generated by application of motion vectors to reconstructed version of reference image. Difference between next actual image and next forecast image is generated. Image in sequence from set to set is decoded and SR technology is applied to every decoded set for generation of higher-resolution image by rime interpolation and/or spatial interpolation of reference and difference images. Compression of sequence of images includes steps of determination of vectors of motion between reference image and at least one of extra image of sequence of images. Note here that obtained vector of motion is applied to forecast at least one extra image to calculate difference in mages between at least one extra image and forecast of at least one extra image, respectively.EFFECT: high-resolution imaging by superhigh resolution technology.13 cl, 5 dwg

System and method for efficient use or recorder // 2510895
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to system and method of recording procedure for recorder. Proposed system comprises time code generator for time code generation for synchronisation of electronic data. Recorder transceiver executes wireless communication of time code to multiple cameras. Cameras fix video and audio data while appropriate camera time data dispatchers combine receive time code with recorded said data to be transmitted via wireless communication line for writing in recorder memory. Recorder can receive and memorise audio data from warning system while computer can communicate with recorder for appropriate editing of stored camera data and warning data to obtain edited data.EFFECT: efficient use of recorder.14 cl, 11 dwg

Digital camera // 2510866
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to digital camera with moving mirror. Proposed camera comprises microcomputer 110 that features live scan mode to control images generated by CMOS-sensor 130 or image data obtained by pre-processing of said image data so that these are displayed on LCD 150 as moving images in real time. Note here that when trigger button 141 receives live scan automatic focusing switch-on instruction, microcomputer 110 controls said moving mirror to displace it on optical path to measure by AF-transducer 132 and out of it thereafter to live scan mode.EFFECT: expanded operating performances for digital camera with moving mirror.28 cl, 41 dwg

Image processing method and image processing device // 2508604
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: brightness distribution is determined for each of multiple image data portions, the characteristic value of each brightness distribution is calculated from said brightness distribution and a correcting value is found for tonal correction, which is carried out with respect to the combined image data based on the obtained characteristic value of brightness distribution.EFFECT: carrying out tonal correction to obtain a combined image, having suitable brightness and contrast.10 cl, 6 dwg

Image capturing device // 2490715
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device has an image sensor which includes an array of a plurality of image forming pixels and a plurality of focus determining pixels which receive light rays passing through exit pupils of image forming lenses while they are partially shielded, a vertical output line, a vertical summation unit which sums, in the vertical direction of the image sensor, signals from a plurality of pixels, aligned in one column, and a control unit which performs control so that the vertical summation unit is always off when the focus determining pixel is included among pixels having signals to be summed, when summing signals from a plurality of pixels in the vertical direction and reading said signals through the vertical summation unit.EFFECT: enabling mixing of signals of image forming pixels and focus determining pixels.7 cl, 32 dwg

Video system on chip for image stabilisation // 2486688
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: video system 10 on a chip for image stabilisation has a main photodetector array 11 and two secondary mutually perpendicular linear photodetector arrays 12 and 13 (with a larger pixel area), first and second random access memory 14 and 15, inputs N1…Nk of which are connected to corresponding outputs N1…Nk of the secondary mutually perpendicular linear photodetector arrays 12 and 13, outputs N1…Nk of which are also connected to inputs N1…Nk of first and second controllers 16 and 17 for calculating correlation, respectively, the second inputs M1…Mk of which are connected to corresponding outputs of the first and second random access memory 14 and 15, wherein outputs of the first and second controllers for calculating correlation are connected to inputs of a control unit 18.EFFECT: high sensitivity to image shift, wider range of compensated shifts and shift accelerations, accuracy of measuring shift and size and weight characteristics of the device.2 dwg

Image capturing device, control method thereof and data medium // 2456654
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image capturing device has an image sensor for capturing an image signal generated by a photographic optical system which includes a focusing lens, a detecting unit for detecting the object region based on the image signal captured by said image sensor, a first generating unit for generating first information associated with the focusing state of the photographic optical system based on the image signal captured by said image sensor, a second generating unit for dividing optical flux from the object into two in order to generate two images and generate second information associated with the value of relative positional shift between the two images, and a control unit for controlling the execution of at least one of first focusing control using first information and second focusing control using second information. The control unit is configured to restrict execution of second focusing control when said detecting unit detects an object region.EFFECT: ensuring stable focusing on an object at a high rate without creating inconvenience for the photographer.20 cl, 15 dwg

Digital camera with triangulation autofocusing system and method related to it // 2447609
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: at least one light spot is projected on target object; the first image of target object is captured with at least one light spot, in response to step in which light spot is projected; distance from target object to digital camera is programmatically determined using image spot with at least one light spot, and distance triangulation factor of at least one light spot in the image; and digital camera lens is automatically focused based on the step in which distance from target object to digital camera is determined.EFFECT: providing possibility for triangulation automatic focusing of camera.39 cl, 21 dwg

Video surveillance method and apparatus // 2436255
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a video surveillance method using a video camera with a video recorder, an infrared sensor for detecting movement of the object under video surveillance and a device for interfacing the motion sensor and the video camera with a video recorder. Video surveillance is carried out with possibility of turning the video camera in the azimuthal plane by a multiphase turning angle of the video image synchronously with reception of infrared radiation by the motion sensor from an infrared radiation generator mounted on the object under video surveillance, by scanning with a drive with the interfacing device in the azimuthal plane of the corresponding phase turning angle using clocked pulses with fixed frequency higher than 10 Hz. The phase turning angle is scanned in a code via successive approximation of the normalised value to the measured value by algebraic summation of reverse phase increments, recorded in form of differences between measured and normalised values.EFFECT: high metrological efficiency of panoramic video surveillance owing to automation of video surveillance with regulated accuracy of the normalised measure of the turning angle phase in the azimuthal plane.2 cl, 6 dwg

Information processing device, information processing method and programme // 2434260
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: information processing device has a display; input operation receiving apparatus; display control apparatus designed to control the display so that an image on an image map conforms with an object imitating the real map which displays the verification image which denotes a shape in which a plurality of image maps are superimposed on to each other on the display which displays one of the images corresponding to a specific image, and information which denotes the image in a partial or complete region of the map with the specific image, when the verification operation is received, which denotes an instruction to verify the map with the specific image, and which changes the display state of the display from a first state, in which is displayed an image which corresponds to the map with the specific image, when a selection operation is received, which indicates that the map with the specific image was selected.EFFECT: wide range of device functionalities.9 cl, 42 dwg

Apparatus and method of estimating displacement due to arm shake and device using said method and apparatus to obtain images // 2433563
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses apparatus for estimating displacement and a method of estimating the common displacement vector of an image due to arm shake by using scaling information and focus information, involving the following steps: the captured image is divided into multiple image blocks; a step for determining the weight coefficient value for the displacement vector of each of the multiple image blocks based on focus information and magnification information; a step for predicting the displacement vector for each image block; and a step for estimating overall displacement by applying the weight coefficient value defined for the displacement vector for each image block to the predicted displacement vector.EFFECT: high accuracy of estimating displacement due to arm shake.15 cl, 11 dwg

Image forming device and method of controlling said device // 2430482
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: image forming device includes an image forming module configured to output the image signal of the captured object, a processing module configured to process the image signal, the processing module including a cyclic noise reduction module which is configured to reduce image signal noise, a parameter changing module configured to change the parameter of at least one image formation through the image forming and signal processing modules, and a coefficient changing module configured to change the cyclic coefficient of the cyclic noise reduction module.EFFECT: wide range of device functionalities.13 cl, 6 dwg

Recording and creating stereo images and stereo video in real time using monoscopic low-power mobile device // 2417548
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: low-power mobile device for capturing images can create a stereo image and stereo video in time from one fixed type. For this purpose, statistics from an auto-focusing process is used to create a block depth map of one fixed type. In the block depth map, artefacts are suppressed and the depth map of the image is created. 3D left and right stereotypes are created from the depth map of the image using a 3D surface reconstruction process based on the Z-buffer and a mismatch map, which depends on the geometry of binocular vision.EFFECT: providing a simple calculation process for detecting and estimating depth information for recording and creating stereo video in real time.29 cl, 24 dwg

Photographic camera for electronic device // 2417545
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: digital photographic camera has a support structure, an objective lens held by the support structure and having an optical axis, a sensitive element held by the support structure under the objective lens and having a certain number of adjacent pixel rows, where each pixel row contains a certain number of pixels, and each pixel includes an image sensor, and the image signal processor connected to the sensitive element includes an image scaling device which is configured to scale each pixel row in accordance with the scaling factor which differs from the adjacent pixel row. The image scaling device is configured to correct the oblique angle between the sensitive element of the photographic camera and the objective lens, the image of which is being captured.EFFECT: avoiding geometrical distortions caused by the position of image capturing apparatus relative the object whose image is being captured.25 cl, 16 dwg

Digital camera // 2384968
FIELD: physics, photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to image capturing devices. The result is achieved due to that the digital camera includes a microcomputer (110) having a "live" display mode which controls such that image data generated by a CMOS sensor (130) or image data obtained through predefined processing of image data generated by the CMOS sensor (130) are displayed on a liquid-crystal display (150) as a moving image in real time. When the down button (141) receives an instruction relative the beginning of the automatic focusing operation in "live" display mode, the microcomputer (110) controls the movable mirror such that it enters the optical path in order to measure trough an AF sensor (132) and then enable the movable mirror to come out of the optical path in order to return the digital camera to the "live" display mode.EFFECT: display of a subject image of a frame in "live" mode through an electronic view finder in a digital camera with a movable mirror.7 cl, 41 dwg

Image stabilisation method (versions) // 2384967
FIELD: physics, photography.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to television and digital photography and more specifically to image stabilisation methods. The result is achieved due to that two additional linear photodetectors of considerably smaller area, made in form of rows (columns) are placed on a single crystal together with the main photodetector matrix, a signal is read from the additional two linear photosensitive devices with horizontal frequency many times greater than the frame frequency of the main photodetector matrix. The pixel size along the linear photodetector is selected such that it is several times less than the pixel size of the main matrix. To main equality of sensitivity of the main matrix and the additional linear photodetectors, in the latter the pixel size in the direction across reading is increased in proportion to reduction of the longitudinal size and reading time. Further, three video data streams are picked: one main one and two auxiliary ones, from which the shift of the crystal relative the image formed by the lens is calculated.EFFECT: compensation for the effect of the shaking of the hands of the operator.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of calibrating machine vision system consisting of three video cameras and device for realising said method // 2382515
FIELD: physics; computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering for determining and reducing parametres of video cameras to given values, where the video cameras operate in a machine vision system consisting of three video cameras, two of which provide a detailed image and the third is for scanning. The result is achieved due to that, a device is proposed for automatic adaptive three-dimensional calibration of a binocular machine vision system, which has a first video camera, first image input unit, first orientation unit, second video camera, second image input unit, second orientation unit, system controller and control unit. The device also includes a third video camera, third image input unit and a third orientation unit. Accuracy of calibrating the machine vision system is achieved due to successive pairwise calibration of different pairs of video cameras.EFFECT: calibration of a machine vision system consisting of three video cameras which, after calibration, should be placed on a single line straight line and directed perpendicular this line, where the two outermost video cameras have a narrow view angle and different focal distances and the third video camera which is placed in the centre between the outermost video cameras has a wide view angle.4 dwg

Surveillance camera device, method of controlling surveillance camera device and program for surveillance camera device // 2376725
FIELD: physics; video technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video surveillance devices. The result is achieved due to that, a camera (16) and a receiver (28) of a swiveling base are connected to each other so as to transmit a video signal. A web-server (50) sends a video signal beyond the border to a camera (16) and receives a signal from outside for remote control of the camera and a signal for remote control of the swiveling base. A control unit (40) controls the camera (16) in accordance with the signal for remote control of the camera. The signal for remote control of the swiveling base is superimposed on the video signal to be transmitted to the receiver (28) of the swiveling base using the video signal circuit (52). The receiver (28) of the swiveling base extracts the signal for remote control of the swiveling base from the video signal and controls rotation of the base (14) in accordance with the signal for remote control of the swiveling base. The given configuration can be used for transmission with superposition, and the camera and the swiveling base can be easily controlled through communication with the external environment.EFFECT: controlling swiveling base of a camera through a remote control signal.10 cl, 6 dwg

Underwater television control system // 2374781
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for underwater shooting, provision of surveillance, visual inspection and control of underwater shooting parametres and diver actions from surface in process of underwater-technical or diagnostic works at a depth under water. Underwater television control system comprises video portable camera block installed under water in leak-tight box and video camera fixed on helmet of diver's suit and installed in leak-tight box, leak-tight sources of light for illumination of video filming object, the following components installed under water - control unit, monitor, units for power supply of light sources, unit of communication with diver, unit of audio-video recording, terminals of video-audio recording unit are connected to information inputs of monitor, unit of system power supply, accumulator and unit of accumulator charging.EFFECT: improved efficiency of underwater-technical works control, monitoring over divers' work under water due to increased reliability and validity of information obtained in process of underwater shooting.14 cl, 5 dwg

Adaptive image stabilisation // 2350036
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: method and the device for stabilisation of the image containing set of shots is offered, and estimates motion vectors at level of a shot for each shot, and is adaptive integrates motion vectors to yield, for each shot, the vector of a motion which is subject to use for stabilisation of the image. The copy of the reference image of a shot is biased by means of the corresponding is adaptive the integrated vector of a motion. In one version of realisation of the invention, the perimetre of the data unit of the image is supplemented with the reserve of regulation which is subject to use for neutralisation of images, in other variant vertical and horizontal builders are handled independently, and plans of motion evaluation related to the MPEG-4 coder, used for evaluation of vectors at level of macroblocks, and histograms.EFFECT: possibility to delete astable motions at maintenance of a natural motion of type of scanning of the film-making plan, with the underload requirement for additional specialised plans and the underload magnification of computing complexity.26 cl, 4 dwg

Device for recording and reproducing an image, device for reading an image and method for correcting a chromatic aberration // 2321964
FIELD: devices for reading, recording and reproducing images, and method for correcting chromatic aberrations.SUBSTANCE: processing of correction is performed with consideration of diaphragm aperture size and object image height in image reading lens. The output signal of the camera signal processing circuit (4) by means of switch (5) is sent to block (6) for correction of chromatic aberration. Value of aperture of diaphragm (31) in lens (1) for reading image, and coordinates of pixel, relatively to which correction processing is performed, from the block (6) for correction of chromatic aberration is sent to block (10) for computation of transformation ratio. The length of focal distance of approach or withdrawal of lens (1) for reading image and camera trembling correction vector are sent to block (10) for computing transformation ratio, then transformation ratio is produced for each color to be dispatched to chromatic aberration correction block (6), where the signal, corrected in block (6) for chromatic aberration correction is compressed in data compression circuit (15) for transmission to record carrier in device (17) for recording and reproduction and unpacked in data unpacking circuit (18) for transmission to switch (5).EFFECT: increased quality of image, such as color diffusiveness.6 cl, 10 dwg

ethod (variants) and image stabilization system // 2308816
FIELD: engineering of systems for analyzing television images, in particular, for stabilizing an image in television images.SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, first digital image and at least second image have a set of pixels, and each pixel has associated address for display and is represented by color. System user sets a color matching interval, or system uses a predetermined color matching interval, then in first digital image a pixel is selected, for example, representing an element in an image, which is either fuzzy because of element movement, or appears trembling due to camera movement, and is matched within limits of interval with a pixel of second image. The interval ensures compensation, required during change of lighting. After selection of a pixel in first image, it may be matched with all pixels in the second image, where each pixel of the second image, having matching color within limits of matching interval, is stored in memory, and pixel color is selected, closest to pixel of first image. Then pixel addresses are changed in second image so that the address of pixel positioned in second image, closest color-wise to the pixel in the first image, is assigned the same address on the display as the pixel of first image and the resulting rearranged second image is dispatched into memory for storage.EFFECT: creation of efficient image stabilization method.9 cl, 11 dwg

A method of automatic focusing in the system capture images using symmetric fir filters, and device for its implementation // 2222113
The invention relates to the field of digital imaging, in particular to the automatic focusing system imaging