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H03            Basic electronic circuitry(47506)

ethod of exapanding dynamic range in radio systems // 2614345
FIELD: physics, electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic engineering and audio equipment, designed for expanding a dynamic range and can be used in audio equipment and radio systems for different purposes. Expansion of the dynamic range of equipment is achieved by including N blocks of operational amplifiers, having different gain coefficients, as well as a set of K1.N switches, which connect their own amplifier. When transmitting/recording a signal in random-access memory, they are connected so as to reduce the dynamic range of the recorded (or transmitted) signal. When processing (or receiving) a signal, a dynamic range expander also has N blocks of operational amplifiers, which are connected by K2.N switches, and restore the initial signal by connecting the corresponding blocks of amplifiers. Therefore when recording a signal, its dynamic range is reduced, and restored again when reproducing the signal, while preserving the initial dynamic range of the processed signal.EFFECT: expansion of dynamic range of radio systems.1 dwg

Printed circuit boards with reserve circuits arrangement method // 2614156
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in the printed circuit boards arrangement method, comprising a mutual arrangement of redundant and backup boards, redundant and backup boards arrangement and trace, the reference conductor is in the form of separate layers on the redundant and backup boards; the redundant and backup boards are glued with a dielectric layer having a relative dielectric capacity higher than that of the dielectric substrates of the redundant and backup boards; corresponding to each other routes of the redundant and backup circuits are arranged parallel to and under each other in the gluing dielectric layer; redundant and backup radio-electronic components are placed on the opposite glued sides of the redundant and backup printed circuit boards. In case of failure of a redundant circuit, the same technical result will be achieved in the backup circuit.EFFECT: reduction of redundant circuit sensitivity to external conductive emissions and reduction of the conducted emissions level from the redundant circuit.5 dwg

ulti-input logic element "i" // 2613853
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: multi-input logical element "I" comprises the pre-charging 1 and the logic 2 transistors of p-type, the clock 3 and the additional 4 transistors of n-type and the key circuit 5 consisting of series-connected logic transistors of n-type, whose gates are connected to the logic device inputs 6, the first terminal 7 of the key circuit 5 is connected to the gate of the logic transistor 2 of p-type, which is switched between the device output 8 and the power bus 9, the second terminal 10 of the key circuit 5 is connected to the gate of the clock transistor 3 of n-type, which is switched between the output device and the earthing bus 11, the additional transistor 4 of n-type, the gate of which is connected to the device output 8, is switched between the first 7 and the second terminals 10 of the key circuit; the pre-charging transistor 1, the gate of which is connected to the output device 8, is switched between the first terminal 7 of the key circuit 5 and the power bus 9, and the second 10 output of the key circuit 5 is connected to the clock bus 12.EFFECT: simplification of the device.1 dwg

ethod for converting analog signal to digital quadrature code and device for its implementation // 2613843
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for conversting the analog signal at the intermediate frequency (IF) down to the digital quadrature code, is characterized in that the sampling frequency is set equal to the quadruple signal frequency after dividing the original frequency by the stroboscopic coefficient. The device, implementing the method, includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a digital oscillator with digital control (DODC), two multipliers (MUL), a cycle delay line (CDL), two adders (ADD) and a subtractor (SUB).EFFECT: reducing the sampling frequency against the processed signal frequency at the IF by the stroboscopic effect, increasing the identity of the quadrature components by the linear approximation of the discrete sampling amplitudes.4 cl, 8 dwg

Differential operating amplifier with low power supply voltage // 2613842
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of radio electronics and can be used as a precision device for broadband signals amplification. The device includes an input differential stage, an overall supply chain, two power supply buses, the two main inputs of the input differential stage, two current outputs of the input differential stage transistors, two-pole current stabilizers, a dynamic load circuit, device current output, resistors.EFFECT: invention allows to extend the range of the device output voltage variation to the levels closest to on the positive and negative power buses voltages.6 cl, 11 dwg

Device for majority decoding reed-solomon code in k-element sections of code combination // 2613760
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device comprises of a processing unit for the input sequence, evaluation unit for data units, which is configured to evaluate data combinations based on the dual basis, a storage unit for evaluated units consisting of n identical memory blocks, and a decision block configured to decide if there is an unrecoverable error in the accepted code combination.EFFECT: provision of error correction, even outside the guaranteed correctable error multiplicity, while maintaining quick processing of the code combination.6 cl, 10 dwg, 1 app
Passive wireless surface acoustic wave ultraviolet radiation sensor // 2613590
FIELD: physics, measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of microelectronics and regards passive wireless UV sensor. The sensor includes a piezoelectric substrate on the working surface of which in one acoustic channel a unidirectional transceiving interdigital transducer (IDT), and two reflective IDTs are located. A dielectric substrate transparent for UV-radiation and provided with a UV-sensitive semiconductor film is located between the reflective IDTs parallel to the substrate surface, at a distance not exceeding the length of a surface acoustic wave the central IDT frequency. The film is located on the surface facing the piezoelectric substrate. A transceiver antenna is connected to the transceiving IDT. Supports located outside the acoustic channel and on its both sides are arranged between the semiconductor film and the piezoelectric substrate to ensure clearance.EFFECT: invention provides a possibility of measurement without application of additional RF signal generation circuts and voltage sources.1 dwg

Passive hydrogen frequency standard // 2613566
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: frequency standard includes a quantum discriminator 1 with a coupling loop 2 of its resonator frequency tuning, a frequency converter 3, an amplitude detector 4, phase shifters 5, 13, synchronous detectors 6, 14, a crystal oscillator 7, a modulator 8, a modulating frequency oscillator 9, a frequency multiplier 10, a generator of harmonics 11, a tunable frequency synthesizer 12, a rectangular pulse oscillator 15 and a digital-to-analog converter 16, the output of which is connected with the coupling loop 2 for frequency tuning of the quantum discriminator resonator 1, and its second input is connected to the synchronous detector output 14 made by the digital and the second input connected to the second output of the rectangular pulse generator 15.EFFECT: reducing the temperature coefficient of the device frequency and improving the frequency stability of the time averaging 1 per day.3 dwg

Shifter // 2613533
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: shifter comprises a bidirectional shift matrix of dimension NxM, where M=log2N, from M elements cascade 2AND-2AND-2AND-3OR and 2AND-2AND-2OR, block for shifts number modification comprising a group of (M-2) OR elements, the first group of (M-1) AND elements and a group of (M-1) EXCLUSIVE OR elements, shift direction control unit comprising the second group of the (M-1) AND elements, a group of (M-1) AND elements with prohibition input, a group of (M-1) NO elements and the third group of (M-1) AND elements, zero result flag forming comprisng the first, the second and the third AND elements with prohibition input, the first and the second OR element and AND-NO element, four control inputs of direction set and the shift type.EFFECT: increased speed, possibility to set the amount of logical shift in the bits range between 0 and N or more than N.1 dwg, 3 tbl

Device of forming double-channel pulse-modulated signal // 2613522
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pulsed technique and can be used in the stabilized secondary power sources, electric machine control systems, devices, measuring technology and automation. This object is achieved by generating the pulse-modulated control signal, which is proportional to the magnitude of the constant component of the feedback current that changes the angle of inclination of the sawtooth voltage across the capacitor. The width of the pulse signal is determined by the duration of the rise ramp until it reaches the reference voltage. The device of forming the double-channel pulse-modulated signal consists of a back connection voltage converter into the current, which is formed on an operational amplifier, a resistor, the MIS transistor, which provide high gain and thermal stability.EFFECT: invention provides improving in voltage quality and current stabilization by increasing the thermal stability.5 dwg

ethod for coding and decoding messages // 2613021
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method for coding and decoding messages, comprising receiving information bits, after which at least two messages are formed, wherein each contains above information bits coded by the error-correcting ZigZag code, to which a group of check bits is added, and then at least, two coded messages are transmitted, wherein each message is transmitted at different frequencies; thereinafter at least one above coded message is received, and finally at least one coded message is decoded, each message being decoded separately, and in case of failure, all undecoded messages are decoded together.EFFECT: increasing the information transmission interference immunity.11 cl, 3 dwg

Volume equalizer controller and control method // 2612728
FIELD: acoustics; electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronics, particularly to audio signal volume adjusting devices. Device contains classifier for audio signal content type identification, control unit to adjust volume in continuous mode. Control unit is made with possibility of volume equalizer dynamic amplification factor positive correlation with audio signal information content types and volume equalizer dynamic amplification factor negative correlation with audio signal interfering content types. At that, classification is performed by calculation of reliability values weighting factors taking into account information significance. Device also contains dialogue amplifier, ambient sound virtualize, volume equalizer, equalizer, type and parameter smoothing units, timer. Classifier comprises audio content classifier and context classifier. Content classifier consists of objects short-term signs selector and short-term classifier. Context classifier includes statistical data selector and long-term classifier. Dialogue amplifier comprises signal minimum tracking unit.EFFECT: increasing audio content clarity and audibility.60 cl, 41 dwg, 2 tbl

Code scale // 2612622
FIELD: physics, measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to measuring equipment, in particular to analog-to-digital conversion, and can be used in digital angle converters. The device comprises the first information code track made in accordance with the binary sequence symbols with a period length of N = 2l, the second and the third information code tracks made in accordance with the binary sequence symbols 0011, at that, the second information code track is made in accordance with symbols of the binary sequence 0011 N periods, and the third information code track is made in accordance with the symbols of binary sequence 0011 4N periods, two double-input module two adders, l+6 reading elements, the first multiplexer with three inputs, the second multiplexer with l+1 inputs, a decoder with l outputs.EFFECT: invention provides simplification of the code scale.6 dwg, 6 tbl

Pwm data processing method and device // 2612595
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to PWM data processing method and device. Method includes: determining pulse width of each convergence point, where pulse width converges around an identical pulse width in identified PWM-data; replacing each pulse width converging around corresponding identical pulse width, with a pulse width corresponding to convergence point; forming pulse width request table containing pulse width of each convergence point; and presentation of PWM-data through each index of each pulse width in pulse width request table. Determination of pulse width of each convergence point includes steps of marking each pulse width in identified PWM-data on pulse-width coordinate of a one-dimensional form; determining each region on pulse-width coordinate, in which density of mark is equal or greater than preset density, and determining pulse width in region as pulse width converging around identical pulse width; calculating average value of pulse width in region; and determining average value as pulse width of convergence point, in which pulse width converges around identical pulse width.EFFECT: reducing the size of PWM-data.8 cl, 8 dwg

Device for parallel decoding of cyclic codes on programmable logic integrated circuits // 2612593
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of communications, and may be used to implement cyclic codes decoders (Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem codes, Reed-Solomon codes) on programmable logic integrated circuits. The device comprises syndromes calculation units, syndromes multiplexer, unit for error locator equations generation, error locator distributor, position error calculation units, error values calculation units, correction vectors distributor, code words data pieces correction units, RAM.EFFECT: invention provides reduced hardware complexity and reduced decoding time.1 dwg

Audio encoding device, audio encoding method, audio encoding software, audio decoding device, audio decoding method and audio decoding software // 2612581
FIELD: acoustics; information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to audio encoding and decoding devices. Audio signal transmission device for audio signal encoding includes audio encoding unit, which encodes audio signal, and supplementary information encoding unit, which calculates and encodes supplementary information from predicted signal. Audio signal receiving device for audio code decoding and audio signal output includes audio code buffer, which detects packet loss based on audio packet reception status, audio parameters decoding unit, which decodes audio code, when audio packet is received correctly, supplementary information decoding unit, which decodes supplementary information code, when audio packet is received correctly, supplementary information collecting unit, which collects supplementary information obtained by supplementary information code decoding, missing audio parameters processing unit, which outputs audio parameter, when audio packet loss is detected, and audio synthesis unit, which synthesizes decoded audio from audio parameter.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of delay in audio recovery after packet loss when encoding.8 cl, 43 dwg

Device for equivalent multiplying condenser capacity of pll loop filter // 2612573
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device of the equivalent multiplying the condenser capacity, comprises three resistors, a condenser, an operational amplifier, a controlled switching point and a power source.EFFECT: eliminating the current leakage influence of the controlled switching point for the charge storage by the condencer at the stage of the transient completion, and at the steady mode while maintaining the possibility of rapid condenser recharging at the stage of the initial mode transient acceleration.6 dwg

Transversal microwave analogue filter // 2612297
FIELD: physics, radio.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and can be used in radar and data transmission devices. The transversal microwave analogue filter comprises proportional links, elementary phase loops, adders, a symmetrical transformer, power dividers included in the proportional links, connected to arms of said transformer depending on the sign of the weight coefficient and divide the input signal into a number of equivalent in-phase channels equal to the filter order, and elementary phase loops comprise, in their own channel, flat-topped attenuators and transmission lines, connected to outputs of the proportional links.EFFECT: design of a microwave filter with a predicted type of the obtained amplitude-frequency characteristic and elimination of adjustment operations.3 dwg

Detector of frequency-modulated oscillations // 2611987
FIELD: physics, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reception of signals with frequency modulation. The LC-circuit with varicap as a tracking filter, as well as two diodes connected successively with the existing diodes forming a ring-balanced multiplier, are further introduced in the coherent detector of the FM signals.EFFECT: reception of the signals with high noise coherent reception immunity of the FM signals, reducing of the harmonic distortion.3 dwg

Packets transmission and reception device and method in broadcasting and communication system // 2611975
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and packets initial unit encoding device in broadcasting system. Method of packets initial unit encoding in broadcasting system includes stages, at which: dividing input source unit into plurality of subunits; converting plurality of subunits into plurality of data units, respectively; generating plurality of first errors correction symbols units by encoding each of information units using first direct error correction code (FEC); and generating second errors correction symbols unit by means of all information units encoding using the second FEC code.EFFECT: technical result consists in enabling of data losses restoration occurring in system.6 cl, 1 tbl, 30 dwg

Adaptive switching device // 2611261
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics, can be used in higher reliability discrete control equipment, having limited access to control, for example, for automatic space crafts. Adaptive switching device contains power supply bus, n of same-type redundant relay cells, made on three double-contact remote switches, which contacts are connected into contact groups, information controller, second controller, first and second groups of power switches, first and second groups of isolating diodes, two relay cells state control units, in series with first current sensor second current sensor is connected, which output is connected to second controller data input, second controller input/output is device second input-output.EFFECT: technical result is increase of remote switches relay cells reliability during redundancy.1 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of preparation, storage and transfer of operational and command information in telecode control complexes // 2611257
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: selected message on the transmitting side is encoded with binary positional code that determines the presence or absence of selected message at a removable set of messages, in the absence of the selected messages at a removable set of messages the selected message is written to the array of compressed data, then the parameters of the message are centered relatevely to mathematical expectations of messaging parameters, and after that entropy lossless encoding of compressed information is performed when restoring messages to the receiving side after entropy lossless decoding using positional message code, the message is found in the interchangeable set of messages and written to the array of recovered information, if the message is absent in the interchangeable set of messages, the message is read from the compressed information array, and the message and its parameters are written to the array of recovered information when the check is performed.EFFECT: increased reliability, integrity and information security of data transmission.5 cl, 2 tbl

Entropy modifier and method to use it // 2611249
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: entropy modifier is proposed, configured to bitwise encoding or decoding of a stream of input data bits characterized by the first value of entropy, to generate corresponding output data with modified entropy characterized by the second value of entropy, wherein the entropy modifier is adapted to process input data stream for processing groups of identical bits and the first bit value, and one or more maximum length sequences of groups of identical bits. Optionally, entropy modifier is configured to control one or more maximum length sequences of groups of identical bits with control code.EFFECT: increased efficiency of data compression.46 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl

Energy efficient low voltage cmos trigger // 2611236
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention offers energy efficient low voltage CMOS trigger including the input and output cascades, each of which is built on two identical CMOS inverters, and also has a key NMOS transistor connecting the output of inverters which is "common" with a general power bus, wherein the circuit additionally includes third and fourth key pMOS transistors, and the source of third key pMOS transistor is connected to the positive supply bus, drain thereof - to the joint power supply inputs of the first and second input cascade inverters, while its gate is connected to inverted trigger synchronization input; the fourth key pMOS transistor's source is connected to the positive supply bus, and drain is connected to joint supply outputs of the first and second output cascade inverters, while its gate is connected to direct trigger synchronisation input.EFFECT: expansion of the range of allowable supply voltages, improving performance and reducing power consumption of synchronous triggers.5 dwg

ethod of joint arithmetic and protective coding (versions) // 2611022
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: check symbols on transmitting side are selected by allocation of a sub-interval for each check symbol among current zero symbol encoding sub-interval and current single symbol encoding sub-interval, including the middle of initial interval of arithmetic coding, and check symbols sets the symbol corresponding to the selected current sub-interval, next part of encoded sequence is transmitted on the receiving side, wherein, if the current decoding subinterval of each decoded check symbols includes the middle of initial interval of arithmetic coding, the absence of transmission errors is concluded.EFFECT: joint arithmetic and noise protective coding of redundant binary information sequence providing reduction in requirements for transmission speed of encoded sequence through transmission channel and reduction in capacity of devices for its storage.3 cl, 26 dwg

Device for majority decoding of reed-solomon code on k-cell sections of code combination with threshold of determining uncorrected error // 2610684
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telecommunication systems and computer engineering and can be used in devices for receiving information from a transmission channel or reproduction of information with high level of errors. Proposed device comprises a unit for processing an input sequence, a unit for calculating information elements, configured to calculate information combinations based on a double basis, a unit for storing calculated elements and a decision unit, comprising unit for searching for maximum value of counters, a unit for outputting decoding result, a unit for calculating difference between values of counters, a unit for comparison with threshold.EFFECT: technical result is possibility of correcting errors, including outside guaranteed corrected error frequency while maintaining possibility of fast processing of code combination.5 cl, 6 dwg

Universal logic module // 2610678
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: universal logic module contains six module inputs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, the first element AND 7, a majority element 8, the first element OR 9, the second element AND 10, the second element OR 11, a multiplexer 12 with three address inputs and eight data inputs, a module output 13.EFFECT: extension of functionality by allowing the implementation of simple symmetric functions and repetition-free Boolean functions depending on four variables.1 dwg, 3 tbl

ajoritarian module for systems with reconfiguration // 2610676
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: majority module, which includes four information module inputs 1, 2, 3, 4, two tuning module inputs 5, 6, module output 7, majority element 8, AND elements 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, OR elements 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, two NOT elements 20, 21, is proposed for systems with reconfiguration.EFFECT: creation of majority module ensuring implementation of majority functions depending on three arguments, with four information module inputs.1 dwg, 1 tbl

Coding of samples array for low delay // 2610668
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of samples array coding. Entropy coding of the current part of a predetermined entropy slice is based not only on corresponding estimates of probability of predetermined entropy slice, which adapt using previously encoded part of the predetermined entropy slice, but also on the estimates of probability, which are used at entropy coding of spatially adjacent, by the order number of entropy slices, previous entropy slice in its adjacent part. Therethrough, the estimations of probability used at entropy coding are adapted to actual statistical information of a symbol more closely, thus reducing the coding efficiency reduction usually caused by concepts of lower delay. Time correlations are used additionally or alternatively.EFFECT: possibility of reducing delay when coding arrays of samples.21 cl, 20 dwg, 4 tbl
ultichannel reflective delay line // 2610415
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to acoustoelectronics devices, in particular, to multichannel reflective delay lines (RDL) operating on surface acoustic waves (SAW). In multichannel reflective delay line, containing substrate from piezoelectric material, on which surface input transducer is made, consisting of “n” interdigital transducers (IDT), arranged on common axis, each of which forms individual acoustic channel, in which reflecting elements are mounted on each side of interdigital transducer, input transducer is made in form of units, containing, at least, two interdigital transducers, connected in series, and units are connected in parallel to each other.EFFECT: technical result is increase in information signal pulses amplitudes, which allows to increase information signal receiving and transmitting range.1 cl, 4 dwg

Controlled switch of voltages carrying information // 2610298
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to information-measurement equipment, automation and industrial electronics. Controlled switch of voltages carrying an information comprises an input voltage source, a load resistor, an output voltage and a control voltage. First output of the input voltage source is connected to the first output of the load resistor and their common output is grounded, the second output of the load resistor forms the output of the controlled switch relative to the “ground”, it includes a set of elements: a non-inverting voltage repeater on an operational amplifier, two controlled electronic switches, two DC voltage sources of the positive and the negative polarities. Output of the last generator is connected to the control input of the second controlled switch, the input of the control voltage generator for the controlled switches is fed with the control voltage, the common bus of this generator is grounded.EFFECT: technical result is providing the possibility of maintaining the switch in the closed state for a long time without deterioration of the parameters: residual voltage of the switch and its reverse resistance.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of detecting low-rate encoding protocols // 2610285
FIELD: physics, acoustics.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for detecting low-rate speech encoding (LRSE) protocols . The technical result is achieved by increasing the number of dimensions of a measured vector of redundancy factors Z to L, L=Z+2 and accounting for the shifting effect of vector elements L by forming a quadratic reference matrix Lj et for all J known LRSE protocols, j=1, 2 , J. To this end, a digital stream Y is received during a given time interval T. A rectangular information matrix YKL is formed, rows of which are information units arranged in series one below the other. The vector of redundancy factors L is calculated, followed by element by element comparison of the measured vector L with rows Lj et(l) of all J quadratic reference matrices Lj et, determining deviation Pj(l) between the measured vector L and rows of all J reference matrices Lj et, making a decision in favour of the j-th LRSE protocol, for which is ensured minimum deviation Pj(l)min of the measured vector L from the l-th row of the j-th quadratic reference matrix Lj et.EFFECT: method of improving accuracy of detecting LRSE protocols.3 cl, 9 dwg

ethod and device for hybrid polar code generating // 2610251
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid polar code generation techniques. Disclosed is hybrid polar code generating method. Method involves a step, on which producing first matrix of N×N and sequence including N bits wherein N rows of first matrix correspond to N bits in sequence in mutually unambiguous compliance, and N is positive integer. Then, according to method, determining N bits reliability and each row weight in first matrix N rows. Besides, selecting, in compliance with N bits reliability and weight of each row in first matrix N rows, and selecting K bits from N bits, as information bits, or selecting in accordance with N bits reliability and weight of each row in first matrix N rows, K rows among first matrix N rows, to construct second matrix with size K×N used for encoding.EFFECT: technical result is improved polar code performance due to bit reliability and row weight consideration.22 cl, 17 dwg

ultifunction logic device // 2610247
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: multi-function logic device contains data inputs, range set inputs, input for set of number of variables, two tuning input, output device, adder, EQUIVALENCE element, comparison circuit, NOT elements and multiplexer.EFFECT: provision for the implementation of any number of arguments of Boolean functions, symmetric Boolean functions with direct and inverse argument entering in conjunction.1 dwg, 3 tbl

Universal majority module // 2610246
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used for building automation equipment and functional units of control systems. The technical result is achieved through a universal majority module, which comprises five module inputs , 2, 3, 4, 5, majority element 6, XOR element 7, first AND element 8, second AND element 9, OR element 10 and module output 11.EFFECT: invention widens functional capabilities of the majority module by enabling execution of all majority functions, which depend on three arguments, with five module inputs.1 dwg, 2 tbl

Device for generating random signal with fractal properties // 2609754
FIELD: radio engineering and communications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and can be used in radio measuring equipment and in radio systems of various purposes as a reference generator of random signal with fractal nature of distributing probability properties. Device for generating a random signal with fractal properties contains series-connected: an electric signal source in the form of a fractal signal source, a preamplifier, the main amplifier, which performs amplification and decreasing output resistance of the generator, as well as a correcting filter, herewith the fractal signal source consists of a light-emitting diode of visible radiation, to the cathode of which a controlled precision DC voltage source is connected, and to the anode – a loading resistor.EFFECT: generating a random signal with controlled fractal size and level.1 cl, 1 dwg

Logic module // 2609743
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to computer engineering. A logic module is proposed comprising four information module inputs, two tuning module inputs, module output, a majority element, an AND, an OR, at that, the output of the majority element is connected to the module output, the first information input connected to the first input of the majority element, the second information input is connected to the second input of the majority element, the third information input is connected to the third input of the majority element, the fourth information input is connected to the fourth input of the majority element, the first tuning input is connected to the fifth input of the majority element, the first OR input and the first AND input gate, the second tuning input is connected to the second OR input and the second AND input, the OR output is connected to the sixth input of the majority element, the AND output is connected to the seventh input of the majority element.EFFECT: logic module reduces hardware expenses and improves performance.1 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod and apparatus for transmitting and receiving information in broadcasting/communication system // 2609067
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to communication and can be used for transmitting and receiving information in broadcasting system/communication system. Method comprises comparing a number of bits of an information word to be transmitted with a predetermined threshold value; determining a first parameter pair if number of bits of information word is less than predetermined threshold value; determining a second parameter pair if number of bits of information word is not less than predetermined threshold value; determining a number of bits to be punctured based on one of first parameter pair and second parameter pair; and puncturing determined number of bits to be punctured, with respect to parity bits of a codeword generated by encoding information word.EFFECT: providing system stability.14 cl, 12 dwg

ultiband radio frequency identification mark on surface acoustic waves // 2609012
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to piezoelectric devices, in particular to passive marks on surface acoustic waves for radio frequency identification systems. Core: the device consists of an antenna, a piezoelectric substrate and at least two acoustic channels with different ranges of working frequencies. Each acoustic channel is located onto the piezoelectric substrate and consists of an IDT and at least one reflector. IDT of all acoustic channels are interconnected in series to form with the antenna a single microstrip line.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of distortion of a code signal generated by the mark and reduced signal losses due to the series connection of interdigital transducers (IDT) of the different acoustic channels and the antenna into a single microstrip line.4 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of encoding and decoding block code using viterbi algorithm // 2608872
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used for correction of errors during transmission, storage, reading and recovery of digital data. Method comprises feeding an initial message with code rate R=k0/n0 to a coder containing k0 shift registers with the length of K bits each, the cells content of which in accordance with the used code is transmitted to inputs of n0 adders via mod2, from the outputs of which code symbols in subblocks of n0 symbols each are sent into a data transmission channel, from which they are fed in subblocks of n0 symbols each to the input of a decoder operating as per Viterbi algorithm, herewith the encoded data sequences are divided into blocks, which are additionally divided into k0 smaller blocks, which are placed in k0 coder registers for the same code, but with an increased length of registers up to value K+U, U≥K, herewith all k0 registers after the input of information symbols are rolled in cyclically by connecting outputs of the last cells of each of those registers with their inputs, then performed are K+U synchronous shifts of all obtained cyclic registers, during which formed are K+U code subblocks of n0 code symbols each, which are directed into the channel, and then are fed in subblocks of n0 code symbols each to the Viterbi decoder input.EFFECT: technical result is the possibility of using in encoding systems block codes with matched speeds of encoding and decoding.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of broadband composite radio signal generating and device for its implementation // 2608680
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering. For this purpose, initial periodic signals are generated with known initial time shift, then periodic signals shape is changed by means of computers, involuting initial signals into specified degrees, then signals are amplified in accordance with their shape, then forming broadband signal form them, summing up amplified periodic signals, then broadband signal is involuted into degree by means of resulting computer and then this signal is finally amplified.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing spectrum width independence from chaotic pulses sequence, absence of pulse generators and possibility of using generators of any periodic signals with symmetric fronts.2 cl, 4 dwg

Transport stream packets headers compression // 2608355
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering. Method of headers compression by a transmission device, wherein a data stream is generated from the transport stream including one or more data packets and one or more NULL packets, herewith the data stream includes only one or more first data packets, each of which has a header, which includes a packet identifier as the first value, and one or more NULL packets, each of which has a header, which includes a packet identifier as the second value; the data stream is compared with the first main stream of the physical level with compression of headers among a plurality of main streams of the physical level comprising a physical level frame; generated are one or more first data packets with compressed headers, one or more NULL packets with compressed headers and information of the packet identifier, herewith the headers compression includes processing for replacement of the packet identifier included in the packet header into a single-bit NULL packet identifier showing whether the packet identified by the packet identifier is a NULL packet.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of efficiency of transmitting and receiving digital broadcasting data.4 cl, 20 dwg

Nuclear oscillator and method of polling population retention resonance in coherent state // 2608167
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: nuclear oscillator includes a cell with an alkali metal, where the alkali metal atoms are enclosed in, a light source, which irradiates the atoms in the cell with the alkaline metal by laser beams, a photodetector to detect the amount of laser beams light passing through the cell with the alkali metal and falling onto the photodetector, as well as a controller, which generates side bands, including a pair of laser beams with different wavelengths, by performing frequency modulation of the carrier with the light source, makes the pair of laser beams with different wavelengths enter the cell with the alkaline metal and controls the frequency modulation in accordance with characteristics of optical absorption of atoms by effects of quantum interaction of a pair of resonance laser beams, herewith the side frequency bands include side bands of the second order or a higher order.EFFECT: reduced power consumption.11 cl, 3 tbl, 11 dwg

ethod and device for identifying and compensating for inversion of input bit stream when decoding ldpc codes // 2607993
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to encoding and can be used in systems for receiving and processing signals. Device comprises buffer memory, inversion unit, LDPC decoder, unit for analysing syndrome convergence.EFFECT: high noise-immunity of transmitting information.4 cl, 4 dwg

Device with feedback for clipping alternating-sign signals (versions) // 2607934
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and serves to convert analogue alternating-sign signals into rectangular pulses and can be used in designing digital devices for processing signals and measuring their parameters. Peculiar feature of the device is presence of a delayed feedback making it possible to block the appearance of short false pulses in the vicinity of the generated pulses fronts. Herewith formation of the lead front of the output pulse is performed strictly in the moment of the first crossing by the zero level signal when switching from negative to positive values, and of the rear one – when switching from positive to negative ones, provided that the input voltage has exceeded the threshold of possible interference. Device is based on two comparators, two triggers and a delay element, in a simplified version – one comparator, one trigger and a delay element.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using the present invention is mainly the possibility of obtaining pulses of an undistorted duration in absence of interference and reducing distortions of pulses in presence of interference.8 cl, 3 dwg

Automatic control over quality of quartz generators operation, duplication at failures, indication, suppression of higher harmonics of signal // 2607414
FIELD: physics; technology of manufacturing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automatic control over a quartz generator operation and can be used at frequency hopping for switching over quartz generators in various equipment. Automatic control over quality of quartz generators operation is provided by availability of the first and the second quartz generators with two quartz resonators in each, a diode, an automatic control circuit with relay contacts, a power supply source and a load.EFFECT: absence of retuning into a false generation frequency, suppression of higher harmonics of the signal frequency at the output of the quartz generator, duplication of the quartz generator at termination its generation or at the generation frequency hopping.1 cl, 4 dwg

Reversible magnetic amplifier // 2607360
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for power supply of excitation windings of electric machines. Reversible magnetic amplifier comprises two three-phase amplifiers with self-magnetization, in each phase of which two power windings with their leads are connected in series to electrodes of diodes, the second electrodes of triads of which with their leads are combined and form poles connected to diagonals of a bridge, two opposite arms of which are formed by resistors, and the other two – by half-windings of the electric machine, and the other leads of the power windings are combined and are intended for connection to an AC network. Amplifier has control windings. Herewith, parallel to the poles of each amplifier with self-magnetization there is a diode connected.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.1 cl, 1 dwg

eander micro-strip delay line, protecting against ultrashort pulses // 2607252
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for protecting electronics from ultrashort pulses. Delay line, consisting of one support conductor, two parallel to it and to each other signal conductors interconnected at one end, and dielectric medium, is characterized by fact, that line cross section parameters are chosen so, that simultaneously provided: average geometric value equality of even and odd modes wave resistances to wave impedance path, in which line is included; even and odd line modes values of minimum of linear delays, as well as their difference module, multiplied by line length, larger than sum of front, flat top and supplied to line decay pulse durations; minimum signal amplitude at line output.EFFECT: technical result is ultra-short pulse decomposition to smaller amplitude pulses.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of detecting presence of preset type noiseless coding discrete sequence // 2607235
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio monitoring of radio systems of information transfer, which use noise-immune encoding. Core of this method is successive performing procedures for decoding and encoding a detected sequence with further estimation of coefficient of symbols mismatches between the said detected sequence and the obtained result, then by comparing the mismatches coefficient with the threshold a decision is taken upon presence or absence of noiseless coding a discrete sequence of a preset type.EFFECT: ability of detecting presence of noiseless coding of a preset type in real time in presence of errors in the analyzed discrete sequence.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and apparatus for interlaced amplitude pulsing using hard-tube type pulse generator // 2607234
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pulse generators. Method to facilitate interlaced amplitude pulsing using a hard-tube type pulse generator, having an energy-storage unit each comprising at least one energy-storing capacitor, characterised by that method comprises controlling an amount of energy withdrawn from energy-storage unit and provided to an output load, to obtain a series of productive interlaced amplitude electric pulses. Device to facilitate generation of interlaced amplitude pulses using a hard-tube type pulse generator comprises a capacitor – energy storage and selective control circuit.EFFECT: controlling amount of energy withdrawn from energy storage for generating at output load a series of productive interlaced amplitude electric pulses.30 cl, 7 dwg