Arrays of individually energised aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart (H01Q21/06)

esogenic compounds, liquid crystal compositions containing these compounds and devices for high-frequency equipment // 2633578
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to liquid crystal (LC) media for high frequency devices such as phase shifters, antennas, tunable filters, switching devices, for example, operating in the microwave range. The LC medium contains, at least, one mesogenic compound I and II; or contains, at least, one mesogenic compound II and III; or, at least, one mesogenic compound I, II, and III. Structural formulas of the mesogenic compounds I, II, III are indicated in the formula and description. The method for producing the said LC medium, its use in a microwave antenna array and as a component of high frequency equipment such as a phase shifter, are also described.EFFECT: invention provides liquid crystal media with a high optical anisotropy coefficient (Δn), positive dielectric anisotropy (Δε) and a wide temperature range of nematic phases.14 cl, 1 tbl, 19 ex

Antenna // 2607769
FIELD: antenna.SUBSTANCE: antenna (100) includes antenna layer (1), connecting layer (2) and feeder circuit layer (10). Antenna layer (1) includes horn antennae (51-53). Horn antennae (51, 52) are arranged so, that their centers are aligned in direction (C). Horn antenna (53) is arranged so, that horn antenna (53) lies separately from horn antenna (51) in direction (D), and centers of horn antennae (51) and (53) are not aligned in direction (D).EFFECT: waveguide is formed in connecting layer (2).7 cl, 7 dwg

Antenna device with electronic beam scanning // 2586023
FIELD: radio engineering and communications.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to provide high-speed connections such as "point to point" in operating relay stations in a millimetre wavelength range. Device comprises a dielectric lens having a flat surface, primary radiators and transmission line and switching circuit for supplying electric power to at least one primary radiator, with primary radiators and a transmission line formed on high-frequency dielectric board installed on a flat surface of lens, and switching circuit electrically connected to primary transmission lines and radiators mounted on a high-frequency dielectric board.EFFECT: high radiation efficiency and reduced signal losses.18 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for applying action on broadband radio communication means based on generating sequence of ultrashort electromagnetic pulses // 2581018
FIELD: radio engineering and communications.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with varying amplitude and frequency of repetition of pulses and simultaneously registered consequences of their action, wherein a pulse packets with the same amplitude and intensity of electric field, following with the same frequency of repetition, the number of pulses and time delay between pulses in the packet to simulate the state of the useful modulated signal, and repetition frequency packets imitates character speed of transmitted information, the efficiency of action on the broadband reaches maximum values at the following conditions: the number of pulses is comparable with maximum number of states of phase-modulated signal.EFFECT: improving efficiency of action of supershort electromagnetic pulses on the broadband radio communication means without increasing intensity of electromagnetic field.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of discharging power from gyro of spacecraft with creating the magnetic moment // 2580593
FIELD: spacecraft.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to controlling the angular movement of the spacecraft. For unloading the system of power gyroscopes from angular momentum current loops of a phased array (PAR) are used. According to the magnetic moments of these circuits the total value of the magnetic moment of the PAR in each mode of its operation is determined. Then the unloading point is calculated, generated by the interaction of the magnetic moments by PAR with Earth's magnetic field. When the condition of discharge is met determine the appropriate mode of operation PAR with the required discharge point and conduct discharge.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is to improve the efficiency of discharge of power gyroscopes.1 cl, 5 dwg

Use of transfunctions to solve antenna tasks // 2580443
FIELD: antenna.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antenna engineering, primarily, in microwave range. For this purpose, method of determining parameters of antenna multichannel radar signals arriving on each of channels, digitized and parameter of antenna is found, defined as sum of actual (imaginary) part of ratio of two beam patterns, obtained from different sections of antenna, and absolute value of this part is called trans-function and with help of trans-function by multiplication is limited to required value of investigated area. Using trans-function can be, in particular, to produce from antennae with opening data equivalent of beam pattern width in 4 times more narrow than width of classic angular pattern on half value of power with uniform phase distribution of field in aperture.EFFECT: technical result is high resolution of antenna and high accuracy of direction-finding of targets.1 cl, 21 dwg

Antenna post for radio relay station // 2488203
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna post for radio relay station comprises: a base made of steel in form of a base plate, a telescopic mast shaft consisting of one fixed section and four movable sections made from duralumin tubes of different diameter, a latch and a reading scale on the base plate, a cross-over winch built into the fixed section, having a drive and a double steel cable wounds on its drum, revolving rings with three lugs made in the top part of the fixed section and each of the four movable sections, a cantilever beam mounted at the top of the fourth movable section, the cantilever beam being fitted with an antenna unit having two antennae, a telescopic mast mounting consisting of six winches, on the axis of each of which there are two drums isolated from each other, on each of which is wound a steel cable of the corresponding guy-wire, six steel poles hammered into the ground at a small angle, on each of which is mounted the corresponding winch; a feeder cable, which is connected through the antenna unit to the first and second antennae, is mounted on the shaft of the mast by braces.EFFECT: providing stable operation of the device in different climatic conditions and shorter time for unfolding the mast.3 cl, 1 dwg

Bipolarisation dipole ready-to-operate array of vhf band with wide-angle scan and method of calibration thereof // 2333579
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to antenna engineering and can be used for production, at manufacturing plants, of dipole, phased or digital arrays (A) for signal reception/transfer within VHF range with various polarisation within wide single-beam scanning sector, that is in production period and cost, less by a factor of ten than production of conventional large-dimensioned arrays. The invention consists in that design of ready-to-operate array includes carrying submodule trusses whereon are fixed and galvanic ally coupled in either square or orthogonal curtain the identical prefabricated antenna modules representing vibrator arrays of coherent parameters, with orthogonal arms (cross-vibrators) inclined at an angle 45° to screen plane of single standard dimension-type, with arm length of horizontally polarised vibrator Lhor=0.463λo and vertically polarised vibrator Lvert. = 0.452λo, their height being equal h=0.226λo over conducting screen. Cross-vibrators are placed in array curtain along triangular mesh in the form of isosceles triangles with angularly placed vibrators, coordinate distances between their columns being dx=0.45λo and between their lines dy=0.32λo. Array is calibrated by experiment-calculated method with scattering matrix evaluation and VSWR calculation within its small fragment from 37 cross-vibrators of adjustable dimensions for fine adjustment until optimum dimension-type of required VSWR is attained. To provide ready-to-assembly array in-site in short terms, fit-up and adjustment of array curtain is carried out at a manufacturing plant.EFFECT: extended scanning sector with matching of completely built-up array within whole scan sector up to ±60° at considerably reduced of time of array calibration and its setting into operation.5 cl, 4 dwg

Waveguide-slot antenna array and its power splitter // 2321112
FIELD: microwave radio engineering; radars.SUBSTANCE: proposed antenna array incorporating power splitters and array of waveguide-slot stripline radiators (strips) has its power splitter made in the form of two boards; it has slow-wave structure in the form of E-plane folded serpentine waveguide and members providing coupling with strips. Coupling members are essentially coupling windows and matching projections. Coupling windows are made in waveguide narrow wall of one power splitter plate and matching projections, against coupling members on other waveguide narrow wall of other power splitter plate. Power splitter longitudinal axes incorporating even- and odd-numbered strip coupling members are spaced apart through integer number of quarter-wavelengths in power splitter waveguide. Each strip is essentially rectangular waveguide whose narrow wall has alternately inclined slots. Even-numbered strips have their slots inclined in specular direction relative to that of odd-numbered strip slots and difference in lengths of even- and odd-numbered strips equals amount of displacement of power splitter longitudinal axes.EFFECT: reduced side-lobe level and standing-wave voltage ratio at normal-frequency power splitter input, amplifier gain, directive gain, and antenna sheet utilization factor.6 cl, 2 dwg

Frequency-scanned antenna arrangement // 2321111
FIELD: microwave radio engineering, route surveillance radars.SUBSTANCE: proposed antenna arrangement incorporating power splitters and array of waveguide-slot stripline radiators (strips) has its power splitter disposed in plane parallel to that incorporating strips; it is made in the form of E-plane folded serpentine waveguide that has coupling members with strips. Power splitter longitudinal axes incorporating even- and odd-numbered coupling members with strips are spaced apart through integer odd number of quarter-wavelength in power splitter waveguide. Power splitter waveguide line section between adjacent coupling members is twice bent through 180 deg. and its length is chosen to be a multiple of integer odd number of half-waves in power splitter waveguide. Even- and odd-numbered strips are different in length. Half-wave phasing section affording phase shift required for matching even- and odd-numbered outputs of power splitter is inserted in input section of each strip by changing size of strip waveguide wide wall.EFFECT: reduced level of side lobes, standing-wave voltage ratio at normal-frequency power splitter input, enhanced amplifier gain, directive gain, and antenna sheet surface utilization factor.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device for transforming electromagnetic wave polarization // 2316857
FIELD: antenna engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed device has radio-transparent insulating layer and helical components forming lattice structure which are equally spaced apart therein. Axes of all helical components are positioned unidirectionally and lie in insulating layer plane; axis and ends of each helical component form plane perpendicular to direction of reflected wave propagation. Each helical component has following characteristics: Nt turns and helix pitch angle α found from formula where α is angle of helix pitch angle; Nt is turn number of helical component. Length of conductor forming helical component equals half the length of electromagnetic wave.EFFECT: ability of transforming linearly polarized electromagnetic wave into circularly polarized wave irrespective of plane position of incident linearly polarized electromagnetic wave at desired direction of incident wave propagation.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for generating and receiving super-short carrier-free electromagnetic pulsed signals // 2313870
FIELD: short-range radio communication and radar systems.SUBSTANCE: proposed method includes storage of electric field potential by means of storage capacitor, avalanche discharge of storage capacitor, reception and radiation of electromagnetic wave by means of receiving-radiating element, concurrent generation, transmission, and radiation of pulsed signals. Electric field potential is stored by storage capacitor simultaneously with its storage at receiver input from current waves formed by pulses of receiving electromagnetic wave across two separated conductors of transceiving element; avalanche discharge of storage capacitor is conducted simultaneously with generation of current waves in same conductors producing radiated electromagnetic wave pulse. Device implementing proposed method has sawtooth current pulse generator connected to storage capacitor, avalanche diode, receiving-radiating element, and receiver. Receiving-radiating element is made in the form of two separated conductors shorted out on one end; they are series-connected with avalanche diode and storage capacitor at input and parallel-connected with receiver input through controlled limiter.EFFECT: enhanced antenna efficiency and gain, as well as noise immunity, reduced power loss.4 cl, 2 dwg

Highly directive annular phased antenna array // 2310956
FIELD: radio engineering; radio direction finding and radio communication systems.SUBSTANCE: proposed highly directive annular phased antenna array has N identical nondirectional antennas, N-channel controlled phase shifter, and adder. Array antennas are equidistantly disposed over circumference with radius R0 affording short admissible width of synthesized directivity pattern main lobe at maximal operating-band wavelength and at equal angular pitch relative to array center. Number of antennas is chosen from formula N = 4l + 2, where l =1, 2, 3, ... are integer numbers other than zero. Distances chosen between array center and phase centers of antennas compared with radius R for array antennas bearing odd sequence numbers are enhanced and for array antennas bearing even sequence numbers, reduced.EFFECT: reduced level of synthesized directivity pattern side lobes, in average twice as broad operating band of antenna array. 1 cl, 30 dwg, 2 tbl

Excitation mode of a wide-band antenna array and a wide-band antenna array (variants) for its execution // 2295180
FIELD: the invention refers to the field of radio technique namely to antenna technique.SUBSTANCE: it may be used at designing antenna arrays for communication systems, location and electronic warfare. The technical result is in increasing the coefficient of efficiency of an antenna, range of action and efficiency of a radio system due to providing possibility of excitation of electromagnetic field in the shape of a bi -polar ultra short impulse signal that increases directivity of an antenna array. According to the proposed technical solutions an informative signal is transformed into an electromagnetic field in transmission lines and received electromagnetic field is divided along n horn oscillators with a tone-modulated electro magnetic wave antenna array. After division of the electromagnetic field along horn oscillators one part of the unipolar monoimpulse electromagnetic field is delayed in time for the half of the duration of the informative signal, the phase of this part of the electromagnetic field is transformed on the opposite and is interfered with the other part of the electromagnetic field. The wide-band antenna array for execution of the mentioned mode has an excitation system on n outputs and connected with it a radiating aperture fulfilled out of n horn oscillators with tone-modulated electromagnetic wave.EFFECT: increases coefficient of efficiency.4 cl, 7 dwg

Active antenna with compensation (its variants) and antenna array composed of active antennas with compensation // 2292613
FIELD: antenna engineering, possible usage as receiving antennas in radio broadcasting, radio communications and radio direction finding.SUBSTANCE: antennas consist of working electrode, connected to input of antenna amplifier, isolated compensating electrode, connected to additional output of amplifier and positioned between working electrode and counterweight. On compensating electrode, signal transfer coefficient close to one in terms of voltage is provided for relatively to working electrode. Various elements of surface shape may be used as working electrode. Antenna array consists of N≥1 pairs, working electrodes of which are connected to inputs of amplifiers, and compensating electrodes - in crisscross manner and mutually are connected to additional outputs of amplifiers of pair. On these outputs, signal transfer coefficient by voltage relatively to working electrode close to one is enforced.EFFECT: high frequency receipt mode, high efficiency of antenna array.3 cl, 5 dwg

Frequency-controlled antenna // 2284079
FIELD: microwave radio engineering; radar frequency-controlled antennas.SUBSTANCE: proposed antenna is made in the form of flat array of linear radiators connected to power splitter in the form of sine-wave configured line. Components coupling power splitter with linear radiators are divided at antenna input into two groups so that longitudinal axis incorporating all even-numbered coupling members is offset relative to axis incorporating all odd-numbered coupling members by integer odd number of quarter-wavelengths in sine-wave line of power splitter. Phase mismatch occurring in this case is compensated for by respective difference in input section lengths of even- and odd-numbered linear radiators.EFFECT: reduced space requirement, improved matching and performance characteristics of antenna and radar as a whole.2 cl, 2 dwg

Double-polarized array // 2279742
FIELD: microband microwave arrays for use in radars, microwave imagers, medical apparatuses, information receiving and transmitting systems.SUBSTANCE: the radiators are positioned in the points of the hexagonal grid with a horizontal pitch determined by the required band of absence of the combination lobes in the directivity pattern, antiphase exciting elements of orthogonal linear polarizations are connected to the plate in antiphase on the orthogonal diagonals of the square.EFFECT: reduced level cross-polarized components of the signal induced at polarizationally orthogonal outputs of the array for the band of electronic scanning exceeding +-45 deg.3 dwg

onopulse antenna device // 2236729
The invention relates to monopulse antenna units (AU) from the total differential signal processing in radar systems accurate automatic tracking and review monopulse radar systems

Broadband antenna array // 2180150
The invention relates to the field of radio engineering, in particular to antenna technique and can be used when designing antenna arrays (AR) for communication systems, locations and electronic warfare meter wavelength range

Underground phased array antenna // 2170997
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used as a receiving and/or transmitting underground phased antenna array (PPAR)

Annular phased array antenna // 2159488
The invention relates to the field of antenna technology and can be used as underground or surface receiving or transmitting antenna with controlled directivity (NAM)

icrostrip antenna array // 2156525
The invention relates to a microstrip antenna arrays, microwave range and can be used in polarimetric radar, radioastronomy, medical electromagnetic applicators, systems transmit and receive information

icrostrip antenna array // 2156524
The invention relates to the field of radio engineering, in particular to planar microstrip gratings microwave, and can find application in radioastronomy using microwave waves for measurement matrix for testing in construction, medical diagnostic microwave electromagnetic applicators

Antenna-mast system // 2012111
The invention relates to antenna technology, mainly to radio antennas VHF DTV moving objects, such as marine vessels and ships

Antenna // 2010406