Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof casings (H01H9/04)

Case with extended range ambient temperature // 2563886
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to electric engineering, to electric equipment operated in an explosive atmosphere. A case is made with one of explosion protection types as per requirements to explosion safety and is complete with a temperature mode maintaining device that consists of a coil coupled thermally to at least one wall. When required, a fluid is fed by a circulation pump through the coil in order to maintain the temperature mode, depending on the goal to increase or to reduce the temperature.EFFECT: enhanced reliability due to ignition protection and expanded range of ambient temperatures.10 cl, 1 dwg

Trigger switch // 2492543
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: trigger switch has a switch lever for forward and reverse rotation; a housing is made with a chamber for accommodating a velocity control unit, a chamber for accommodating a turning axle for mounting the switch lever and a chamber for accommodating a contact board next to the chamber accommodating the turning axle with a protective element in between; the chamber for accommodating the turning axle has an opening for mounting the turning axle, and a waterproof means for closing at least the gap between the switch lever and the opening for mounting the turning axle to avoid water entry.EFFECT: high reliability.2 cl, 14 dwg

Vessel for electric equipment // 2483502
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vessel is designed for electric equipment and has side walls and a cover, surrounding an explosion-proof inner space for arrangement of electric/electronic modules. A reinforcing element is built into side walls and spreads upon the cover. Due to this the body is designed for high pressure of explosion. Availability of the reinforcing element in side walls and the cover guarantees that side walls and the cover under pressure of the explosion do not expand and are not deformed, and also not destroyed. The body may have larger dimensions, since due to reinforcement its high compressive strength is ensured.EFFECT: higher resistance to high pressure of explosion with preserved simplicity of its manufacturing and design.27 cl, 9 dwg

Splashproof button switch with built-in highlighting // 2383958
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, particularly to switching hardware that complies with high splash- and waterproof requirements and can be used in I/O devices at aircraft and vehicles operated in high humidity conditions. Proposed device comprises button 1, case 2, membrane 3 and return spring 4. Membrane 3 is clamped in slot of case 3 depressed by button 1 and return spring 4. Light emitted by LED 6 gets in button 1 and indirect light modulator to highlight signs of said modulator. Proposed device reliably protects circuit board 7 against splashes at minor travel of button 1 to operation of switch 5.EFFECT: splash protection of button switch with built-in highlighting.4 cl, 5 dwg

Device in control facility of production machine // 2373595
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to method of removal dirt from control facility of production machine and to control facility. Control facility (1) consists of trackball (4) wherefrom dirt can be washed off. Washing medium and impurities accumulated under the trackball can be discharged via a drain channel outside the control device. The disclosed method facilitates prevention of impurities intrusion in space (10a) affecting components containing electronic devices. The drain channel can contain collecting funnel (11) to accumulate impurities and to direct them to connecting part (15) via hose (14); the connecting part has conic conjugated surface (16).EFFECT: invention facilitates preventing malfunctions in operation due to eliminating impurities intrusion inside case of facility.13 cl, 7 dwg

Explosion-proof push-button element // 2290710
FIELD: electrical engineering; push-button switches.SUBSTANCE: switching chamber mounted in explosion-proof push-button element case is formed at point of intersection of blind opposing cylindrical holes; open parts of these cylindrical holes perform auxiliary function and are closed upon assembly by means of end caps or lids so that normally arcing parts (fixed contacts and contact bridge) are enclosed in explosion-tight shell made by using cylindrical explosion-tight joints.EFFECT: enhanced degree of protection against mechanical damage, ability of taking explosion pressure and preventing its escape to environment.1 cl, 2 dwg

The electric switch // 2208862
The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely, electric switches, and can be used as a switch for reversing light vehicles

The electric switch // 2208861
The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely, electric switches, and can be used as a switch for reversing light vehicles

The device for switching an electric circuit // 2030006
The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used to switch the phase rotation

Explosion proof compact electric apparatus // 2028019
The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely to explosion-proof electric apparatus management and protection, electromagnetic contactors, circuit breakers, control stations, designed to control the power-consuming equipment, mainly, three-phase electric motors installed in hazardous industries