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H01C - Resistors(1950)
Radio-absorbing diffraction grating-based coating // 2628455
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: diffraction grating-based coating is made of electroconductive or dielectric material, containing radio-absorbing elements. Coating includes groups containing, at least, four slots, each slot in the group is parallel to each other, each group is perpendicular in relation to the other group. Slots have a distance between adjacent elements from one sixteenth to one quarter of the length of the incident electromagnetic wave. Inside the slot there are not less than four layers of aramid fabric that are not interconnected, with a magnetron sputtered film of hydrogenated carbon with nanoclusters of metal atoms. The coating is protected from below from external exposure by metal foil, and from above - by means of a radio-transparent layer with a thickness of, at least, 0.1 mm. The above layers of aramid fabric with a magnetron sputtered film of hydrogenated carbon with nanoclusters of metal atoms are radio-absorbing elements.EFFECT: increasing the stealth and reducing the likelihood of detecting objects of sea, land, aviation and space equipment by radar, ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of radioelectronic and radio engineering devices and units, increasing the efficiency of absorbing electromagnetic radiation over a wide range of wavelengths.1 dwg
ethod of manufacturing multi-element ir photodetector // 2628449
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multi-element photodetector based on indium antimonide includes a photosensitive element matrix (FSEM) with an antireflection coating on the illuminated side of photosensitive elements (FSE) connected by microcontacts to the readout circuit. The proposed method includes passivation of the illuminated surface of the FSE before the formation of an antireflection coating, which consists in that before removal of the antireflection coating from the FSE surface by ionic etching, the oxide layer is removed without depressurization of the vacuum chamber, which reduces the rate of surface recombination of the photogenerated carriers and thereby increases the quantum efficiency and eliminates the capture of carriers by slow states.EFFECT: increasing the sensitivity, improving the uniformity of the photodetector array parameters in mass production by improving the quantum efficiency of the photosensitive elements.3 cl, 1 dwg

Single wire termination method with electrical connector contact by crimping method // 2628410
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: connector is designed for mounting the multiwire conductors by crimping, to create the core deformation during the crimping and to achieve the required mechanical strength of the connection. The single wire, which end, protected from the insulation, bends to form the loop and provides the loop width exceedance over the doubled core diameter at 5-20% and it is serviced with the space inside the loop filling with solder. The equality condition of the loop width and the contact shank inner diameter is fulfilled.EFFECT: possibility to repair and modify the cable network in the part of the soldered connectors replacement for crimping ones.4 dwg

Techniques and device for 3d biocompatible batteries production // 2628336
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: 3D biocompatible batteries production techniques and devise, which is made in line with the indicated method, are offered. The offered equipment functional area may involve different medical devices, for which batteries are obligatory elements, for example, in implantable devices. The conductor lines are shaped on the 3D surfaces in the 3D biocompatible batteries production technique. These surfaces comprise two or more unparalleled planes with the batteries active materials application on the conductor lines, and with the application of the battery acid on top of at a minimum anode and cathode part, succeeded by the anode, cathode and battery acid insaccation with the use of the biocompatible material.EFFECT: biocompatible battery safety, reliability, compactability, power capacity improving.20 cl, 5 dwg, 3 tbl
Insulation composition, insulating product, method of their manufacturing and component product for the electrical cable on their basis // 2628332
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: insulating compound is proposed, mainly for the manufacture of components for the cable industry, which contains: 70-100 parts by volume of a polymer material, 5-30 parts by volume of a ceramic filler (2), the surface of which is treated with a bifunctional coupling agent in an amount of 0.1 wt % to 4 wt %, based on the ceramic filler, 0.1 to 5 parts by volume of the crosslinking agent, 0 to 6 parts by volume of the conductive carbon powder (3); And 0-6 bulk fractions of whiskers (4) ZnO. The method of manufacturing an insulating composition comprises surface treatment of a ceramic filler with a bifunctional coupling agent, followed by its mixing with a polymeric material and a crosslinking agent in the presence of ZnO.EFFECT: improvement of dielectric strength, heat resistance, durability and reliability of cable products manufactured from material declared insulation composition.24 cl, 4 dwg, 5 tbl, 19 ex

Antenna grid of elliptic polarization // 2628300
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna contains four identical symmetrical vibrators mounted on the mast support and tilted at the same angle with respect to the plane. Each symmetrical vibrator contains a radiator, a balun device and a coaxial cable. The emitter is made of two identical coaxial conductors, between which there is a gap. The symmetrical device is made in the form of a short-circuited two-wire line and includes two identical parallel conductors that are connected on one side to the conductors of the radiator in the gap, and on the other side are combined by a shorting third conductor that is connected to the mast. The coaxial cable is connected by its external conductor to one of the conductors of the radiator in the gap, and its internal conductor is connected to the second conductor of the radiator in the gap. An additional L-shaped conductor is inserted into each symmetrical vibrator, which is located between the parallel conductors of the two-wire line. The long arm of the additional L-shaped conductor is oriented along the two-wire line. Between the one end of the long arm of the additional L-shaped conductor and the short-circuiting conductor of the two-wire line there is a gap. The second end of the long arm of the additional L-shaped conductor is connected to one of the parallel conductors of the two-wire line by means of a short arm of an additional L-shaped conductor.EFFECT: achievement of a small level of oscillations in the antenna pattern of the antenna array with elliptical polarization in the horizontal plane while providing a low level of the standing wave coefficient for the voltage at the antenna input.4 dwg
ethod of nanowires array on stepped surface cu2si formation // 2628220
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: in conditions of ultrahigh vacuum on the preformed stepped surface of copper silicide, make the uniform single-crystal nanowires of the specified width by the metal deposition at low tilt angles in the interval of 10°÷30° to the substrate plane with the metal coating thickness equal to 20 nm.EFFECT: provision of the possibility to create the ordered metal nanowires array with the specified geometry and the block monocrystalline structure.5 cl, 3 dwg
anufacture method of thin-film chip resistors // 2628111
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: manufacture method includes the windows etching in the workpiece dielectric layer from the lacquer foil dielectric up to the copper foil layer, the galvanic copper depositing in these windows, vacuum deposition of the resistive and conductor layers on the dielectric layer of the substrate, forming the resistive elements and contact pads for them in the windows area in the workpiece dielectric layer, which are the multi-layer structure from the copper foil, the galvanic and vacuum copper, inside which the electrical contact is made of conductive and resistive layers along the entire perimeter.EFFECT: increase of the resistors reliability due to increasing the maximum possible contacting surface of the conductive and resistive layers along its perimeter in the area of the resistors contact pads and location of the resistors contact pads on both substrate surfaces.3 dwg

Solid oxide fuel cell // 2628104
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: solid oxide fuel cell or solid oxide electrolytic cell contains several cathode-anode-electrolyte blocks, each CAE block comprises the first electrode for the oxidizing agent, the second electrode for a combustible gas and a solid electrolyte between the first electrode and the second electrode, and inter-block connection between the CAE blocks. Interblock connection comprises an oxidizing agent inlet side and an oxidizing agent outlet side, the first gas distribution element. The gas distribution element is connected with the second electrode of the CAE block. The oxidizing agent inlet side and the oxidizing agent outlet side determine the flow direction of the oxidizing agent flow, channels extend parallel to each other in the oxidizing agent flow direction and the bypass channel extends along the side seal and extends parallel to the channels. The bypass channel is in direct contact with the side seal.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to obtain more reliable and efficient solid oxide fuel cells.23 cl, 16 dwg

Full-duplex antenna and mobile terminal // 2628015
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: claimed full-duplex antenna includes a receiving antenna, which is an omni-directional antenna; the first transmitting antenna located on one side of the receiving antenna. The first transmitting antenna is a directional antenna, and the reverse direction of the main beam of the first transmitting antenna indicates the receiving antenna; and the second transmitting antenna located on the other side of the receiving antenna. The distance between the second transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna is equal to the distance between the first transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna, the second transmitting antenna is a directional antenna, and the reverse direction of the main beam of the second transmitting antenna indicates the receiving antenna, and also a signal generator configured to create two channels of the transmission signals having the same amplitude and opposite in phase.EFFECT: saving the distance set between the antennas, when the used frequency is changed.10 cl, 8 dwg

Lighting module for modular lighting system // 2628006
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting module comprises a board (21) with a central portion (24) and a peripheral edge (22) adapted to be connected to the peripheral edge of the other lighting module board and a plurality of light sources (23) arranged on the board, so that the increment near peripheral edge is larger than one near the central portion. The increment between the board light sources can be reduced while reducing perception of any dark areas between adjacent lighting modules as interruptions (or breaks) of illumination.EFFECT: increased uniformity of lighting.9 cl, 3 dwg

Antenna in the form of the corner ultra-high frequency range reflector with pin diodes for discrete information transmission // 2627983
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: in antenna, made in form of a corner ultra-high frequency reflector with pin diodes for discrete information transmission, while diodes are opened the conductive surfaces are connected to each other and the corner reflector receives and re-reflects the radio waves back to the same direction from where they were directed. If the pin diodes are closed, the conductive surfaces are isolated from each other and become transparent to incoming radio waves. As a result, these radio waves will not be reflected back. An antenna, made in form of orthogonal planes as three-dimensional spatial angle consisting of lattice metal conductors connected through pin diodes, is capable of transmitting discrete information in the direction of the radio wave transmitter in passive mode on reflected electromagnetic oscillations.EFFECT: organization of discrete information transfer by turning on and off pin diodes in order to create or disable surfaces in the form of corner reflectors.4 dwg

Slot aircraft antenna // 2627982
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna contains a cylindrical cavity open at one end, partially filled with a dielectric, on which an emitter, a coaxial connector, the first tuning element installed in the dielectric, are rigidly fixed. The emitter is made in the form of a printed circuit board, in the metallized layer of which a radiating slot of the H-shape is made. In addition, the second tuning element, a cover and an exciter made in the form of the printed circuit board, are provided, in the metallized layer of which strip conductors are made, the driver and the second tuning element are located in the dielectric. Herewith the first and the second tuning elements are installed under the exciter strip conductors, the central conductor of the coaxial connector is elongated into the dielectric and connected to the exciter strip conductors, and the additional cover is made of radiocarbon material and fixed to the cylindrical resonator above the radiator.EFFECT: increasing the manufacturing processability and expanding the functionality of the slot aircraft antenna.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for active control by reflected radio emission // 2627973
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device is a set of electrical circuits in an alternating electromagnetic field, made in the form of flat electrical conductors located in layers, each of which is closed at its ends through control devices with active resistance, electrical capacitance and wave dimensions of circuits that change their absorption, resonance tuning frequency and wave dimensions, respectively. Each electrical circuit is an elementary antenna designed to receive electromagnetic waves (EMW) and their further controlled absorption. The control signals of the device allow modulating the amplitude, spectrum, phase and polarization of the reflected EMW.EFFECT: electric control of the electromagnetic wave absorption independently on different sections of the protected surface of objects, control of the directional pattern and polarization of reflected electromagnetic waves, modulation and fragmentation of reflected signals.18 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for forming direction diagram by digital antenna array // 2627958
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna direction transmitting diagram (DTD) of the cosec2 form by elevation and needle in azimuth is formed with the subarray of the digital antenna array (DAA), and a probing signal is emitted. To achieve the technical result, the emitted signal is received by each subarray of the DAA, the receiving multi-beam DTD by elevation and needle by azimuth is formed by means of digital diagram forming in such a way that its rays over elevation overlap the width of the transmitting DTD cosec2, an array of complex amplitudes of the emitted signals received for each beam of the DTD, is formed.EFFECT: expanding the antenna functionality, increasing the antenna gain factor for reception.3 dwg

Antenna module and mobile terminal // 2627942
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna module, used in the mobile terminal, contains the first antenna and the second antenna. At that the first point of the first antenna grounding is electrically connected to the first section of the mobile terminal metal casing through the first connection point and the first power point of the first antenna is electrically connected to the first section of the metal casing through the second connection point. The second antenna is electrically connected to the second section of the mobile terminal metal casing through the third connection point, the hub opens between the second section of the metal casing and the first section of the metal casing, and the second section of the metal body is electrically connected to the grounding point of the mobile terminal through the first contact point. At that the first contact point is electrically connected to the grounding point of the mobile terminal through the metal casing of the terminal mobile device earphone.EFFECT: reduction of the crosstalk noise for the first antenna through the second antenna and provision of encoupling between the first and the second antennas.7 cl, 7 dwg

Thin-film transistor, matrix substrate and display panel // 2627934
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: thin-film transistor TFT includes a gate, a first insulating layer located above the gate, a second insulating layer located above the first insulating layer, a semiconductor layer, a source and a drain, located between the first insulating layer and the second insulating layer, an ohmic contact layer located between the semiconductor layer, the source and the drain, the ohmic contact layer including an opening passing through the ohmic contact layer by means of a gap between the source and the drain in order to open the semiconductor layer, and the second insulating layer is connected to the semiconductor layer through this opening, and a conductive layer located above the second insulating layer. The conductive layer and the gate are electrically connected to each other, so that when the TFT is in the on-state, the switching current generated in the conductive channels of the semiconductor layer is increased. When the TFT is in the off-state, the tripping current generated in the conductive channels is reduced.EFFECT: the ratio of the making current to the tripping current is increased.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of adjustment of a liquid crystalline display and device for its implementation // 2627930
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes: changing the voltage on the load in the source circuit of the liquid crystal display and measuring the transmission coefficients of the liquid crystal display at various voltages on the load; determining the voltage on the load corresponding to the maximum transmittance of the liquid crystal display, according to the corresponding relationship between the voltage on the load and the transmittance; and determining the operating voltage of the source circuit in accordance with the voltage on the load corresponding to the maximum transmittance and adjusting the voltage on the load in the source circuit to the operating voltage.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the transmittance of the liquid crystal display by adjusting the operating voltage of the source circuit to a voltage corresponding to the maximum transmittance of the liquid crystal display and then increasing the brightness of the liquid crystal display, whereby the brightness of the liquid crystal display can be increased without changing the structure of the liquid crystal display.9 cl, 8 dwg

Device for visualization of radiation and system of detection of radiation // 2627929
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: radiation imaging device for detecting the presence or absence of radiation irradiation and determining a dose of radiation comprises a sensor assembly including a pixel array configured to receive an image signal indicative of detected radiation and a plurality of detection elements arranged in a pixel array and configured to detect radiation; a circuit configured to read an image signal from the sensor assembly, wherein said circuitry processes a first signal for detecting the presence or absence of radiation irradiation, and a second signal for determining the radiation dose. The first signal corresponds to a combination of the signals of the first subset of the plurality of detection elements provided by a joint electrical connection to mentioned circuit and the second signal corresponds to a combination of signals of a second subset of the plurality of detection elements provided by a joint electrical connection to mentioned circuit and the number of discovery elements included in the first subset, greater than the number of detection elements included in the second subset.EFFECT: increased spatial resolution of the resulting image.9 cl, 16 dwg
Electroconductive composite substrates coated with compositions of electrodepositable coatings, and methods of their production // 2627867
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a coated substrate comprising: A) an electroconductive composite substrate comprising a resin matrix reinforced with fibers, and B) a cured coating layer electrophoretically applied to, at least, a portion of the substrate surface, wherein the cured coating layer is deposited from the composition of the curable electrodepositable coating comprising: (1) a resin component comprising a cationic or anionic resin with active hydrogen, comprising acrylic, polyester, polyurethane and/or a polyepoxide polymer; and (2) a hardener. The invention also relates to the method for coating a plastic electroconductive substrate, including electrophoretic deposition on the substrate of the curable electrodepositable coating composition described above, and heating the coated substrate to a temperature of less than 250°F for a time period sufficient to cure the electrodepositable coating on the substrate.EFFECT: improving the composition properties.20 cl, 1 tbl

Thermoelectric device for thermal cosmetic procedures // 2627798
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: thermoelectric device for thermal cosmetic procedures includes a high thermal conductivity base as a mask repeating the contours of a human face with holes in the area of eyes, nose and mouth. From the side of contact with the face surface, the base has a thin silicon layer, and is connected with affecting thermocouples junctions on the opposite side. The thermocouples are connected to a programmable DC power source that implements various operation modes. The reference thermocouples junctions are coupled with an air radiator. The base is provided with a fastener for dense device fixation on the human face, it is a sealed container filled with granulate and formed by a solid film from the side of contact with the human face surface and by a flat rigid plate from the opposite side. The plate and granulate are made from a material with high thermal conductivity.EFFECT: increased efficiency of thermal cosmetic procedures due to consideration of individual human face geometry.1 dwg

Energy storage modules containing plurality of energy storage devices // 2627740
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an energy storage module (10) comprising of a plurality of electrically connected energy storage devices (12). The module comprises of an outer casing (40) in which energy storage devices (12) and at least one heat exchanger (24) are disposed. According to the invention, energy storage devices (12) are arranged side by side at, at least, two different levels (N1, N2). The heat exchanger or at least one of the heat exchangers (24) is between two adjacent levels, which are in thermal contact with at least one energy storage device of each of the two adjacent levels on the two respective opposite contact sides (26A, 26B) of the heat exchanger. Said heat exchanger or at least one of said heat exchangers (24) is fixed to the module casing (40) at a level of at least one mounting wall (28) different from the contact sides (26A, 26B). The mounting walls of the heat exchanger and casing are designed so that the module contains a space between the respective walls (28, 44) for fixing the heat exchanger and the casing in at least one location different from the mounting point (70).EFFECT: increasing the uniformity of heat removal from the energy storage device.15 cl 3 dwg

Contact clip for connecting jack of electrical wire and connecting jack of electrical wire containing it // 2627738
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: clip contains: a cutting fastener; an engaging projection and a central connecting strip. The cutting fastener comprises: a plurality of mounting elements disposed along the longitudinal direction of the wire, having blades thereon that face each other; and a connecting element connecting the lower portions of the mounting elements. The engaging projection arranged between the mounting elements projects from the upper surface of the corresponding connecting element. The central connecting strip interconnects at least two cutting fasteners.EFFECT: improved resistance to axial tensile force of wires.15 cl, 4 dwg

Tilting plate and a device for deviation of charged particles // 2627732
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: deflecting plate (210) for deflecting charged particles is made in the form of a metal-coated printed circuit board, the deflecting plate (210) having a recess (300) formed in the metal coating.EFFECT: generation of an electric field with an improved spatial characteristic.16 cl, 6 dwg

Smoothing reactor of filter-device of rail-power type substation // 2627730
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: filter-device smoothing reactor of the traction substation contains at least one block including an inductor (1) located in a non-magnetic medium (2). The unit further comprises a closed radial-cylindrical magnetic system (4) of ferromagnetic material comprising at least one shaft (5), coaxially installed at the center of the coil, sectioned by non-magnetic gaps (7), and a yoke portion having a cylindrical shell (8) coaxially installed around mentioned coil (1), and end elements (9). In the junctions of the cylindrical shell (8) and the end elements (9), non-magnetic gaps (7) are made.EFFECT: reduction of dispersion, reduction of dimensions and weight of the reactor, energy losses.5 cl, 1 dwg
Polishing etchant composition for chemical-mechanical polishing of cadmium-zinc telluride // 2627711
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition includes sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, water, ethylene glycol and glycerin, with the following ratio of components, volume fractions: sulfuric acid (98%) - 7, hydrogen peroxide (30%) - 1, water - 1, ethylene glycol - 3,5, glycerol - 3.5.EFFECT: invention provides polishing etching of cadmium-zinc telluride with the formation of a homogeneous surface with an average roughness of not more than 7 nm.3 dwg
ethod for producing cathode alloy based on metal of platinum group and barium // 2627709
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method for producing a cathode alloy based on metal of the platinum group and barium includes pressing a weighed portion of a platinum group metal powder, cleaning the barium surface from oxides, combining the arc alloy of the compact and barium in an argon atmosphere using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. Before pressing the weighed portions of the platinum group metal powder, (25-70)% of the powder weighed portion is mechanically activated for 5-20 minutes, and the remainder of the powder weighed portion is mixed.EFFECT: improving the homogeneity of the intermetallic compound phase distribution in the platinum group metal matrix.2 tbl, 2 ex
ethod of producing pressed metal-alloy palladium-barium cathode // 2627707
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: intermetallide Pd5Ba is produced by melting, is ground in an atmosphere of inert gas or CO2 to obtain a powder, the resulting powder is mixed with palladium powder and mechanically activated by the planetary or vibrator mill for 5-15 minutes. The powder obtained after mechanoactivation is compressed, and the compact is sintered in an argon atmosphere in a beam of fast electrons at a temperature of (700-800)°C for 25-40 minutes.EFFECT: increasing the coefficient of secondary electron emission of the pressed metal-alloy cathodes Pd-Ba.2 tbl, 2 ex
Carbon composition for electrode of supercapacitor element, the electrode, method of its production and element containing it // 2627699
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to carbonaceous composition suitable for production of supercapacitor electrode in contact with aqueous ionic electrolyte, wherein the composition is based on carbon powder capable of storing and releasing electric power and includes a hydrophilic binder system. Said system comprises: according to mass fraction in composition from 3% to 10%, at least one first cross-linked polymer having average molecular weight Mn greater than 1000 g/mol and containing alcohol groups, and in accordance with mass fraction in composition from 0.3% to 3%, at least one second polymer, at least one acid having pKa from 0 to 6 and average molecular weight Mn is greater than 500 g/mol, wherein said at least one first polymer is crosslinked in presence of said, at least one second polymer. The invention also relates to porous electrode, method for producing the electrode and supercapacitor element.EFFECT: ensure energy efficiency by optimizing capacitance and potential of the supercapacitor.17 cl, 5 tbl, 10 ex

Optocoupler with catadioptric lens // 2627565
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optocoupler contains a light source in the form of a spherical xenon lamp, a photoconverter in the form of a solar cell battery, and a casing in the form of a tube of dielectric material, on the outer side surface of which there are potential distributors. The optocoupler also includes a spherical mirror and a lens with a catadioptric nozzle. A spherical mirror, a lens with a catadioptric nozzle, and a solar cell battery are located on the same optical axis coinciding with the axis of the casing in the form of a tube, in one end of the tube there is a lens with a catadioptric nozzle, a spherical mirror and a spherical xenon lamp located between the spherical mirror and the lens with the catadioptric nozzle. In the second end there is a solar cell battery.EFFECT: expansion of the technological capabilities of the optocoupler by increasing its power and electrical strength.1 dwg

ultifunctional rotating device // 2627554
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional rotary device comprises a series of connected cable entry boxes, a rotating contact device and a coaxial-optical rotating joint with a fixed part and a rotating part. In the coaxial-optical rotating joint is built an optical rotating transition, the input, and output of which is on a common axis of rotation.EFFECT: providing the possibility of simultaneous transmission of high-frequency, low-frequency energy and a digital signal from the fixed to the rotating part of the radar station's antenna station, tightness, compactness and versatility of the structure, enabling convenient placement of the device in the antenna station design and connection of high-frequency and low-frequency and optical cables through the input box.1 dwg
Fiber lightguide for amplifying optical radiation in spectral area of 1500-1800 nm, method of its manufacture and broadband fiber amplifier // 2627547
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: fiber lightguide for amplifying optical radiation in the spectral range of 1500 - 1800 nm contains a core of oxide glass containing bismuth oxides in the amount of 10-4-10-2 moll. % and erbium in the amount of 10-4-10-1 moll. %, germanium and silicon oxides with the concentrations taken together or separately in the amount of 90-99.9 moll. %, oxides of phosphorus, boron and aluminium, taken together or separately, in the amount of 0.1-9.9 moll.%. Herewith the core of the fiber lightguide provides for the amplification of optical radiation in a band width of more than 200 nm in the spectral range of 1500-1800 nm, when pumping with one wavelength radiation in the range of 850-1000 nm and/or 1400-1500 nm, at least, one shell of quartz glass and protective coating.EFFECT: amplification of optical radiation in the spectral range of 1500-1800 nm.8 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

icrowave switch-divider // 2627541
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: microwave switch-divider contains a ring transmission line, to which a input and two output lines are connected at a distance of a quarter wavelength from each other, wherein the wave resistance of the ring line is in the range of Z0 to √2×Z0, where Z0 - the wave resistance of the input and the output lines. The first and the second switching diodes are included in the output lines, at a distance from the connection point to the ring line, less than one eighth of the wavelength, parallel to the ring transmission line. The third switching diode is connected to the middle of the ring line between the connection points of the output lines, to the other end of which a line segment is connected, shorted at the other end, and with a length of less than one eighth of the wavelength.EFFECT: ensuring good alignment over a wide frequency range in both modes.3 dwg

Plug connector module // 2627500
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: plug connector module (1) is provided for electrical contact with the mounting frame. The housing forming the plug connector module (1) is made of metal and can be connected to the mounting frame by means of fasteners by a mechanical and electrically conductive connection. The module has a housing which is made of electrically conductive material and is in electrically conductive contact with the contact element (3).EFFECT: increased reliability of contacting the electrical contact element with the mounting frame.14 cl, 6 dwg
Dispersions of graphene carbon particles and method for their production // 2627411
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: dispersions of graphene carbon particles are obtained using a polymeric dispersant. The polymeric dispersant includes an anchor block containing glycidyl(meth)acrylate, 3,4-epoxycyclohexylmethyl(meth)acrylate, 2-(3,4-epoxycyclohexyl)ethyl(meth)acrylate, allyl glycidyl ether and mixtures thereof reacted with a carboxylic acid comprising 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid, paranitrobenzoic acid, hexanoic acid, 2-ethylhexanoic acid, decanoic acid and/or undecanoic acid. The polymeric dispersant also includes at least one tail block containing at least one (meth)acrylic acid alkyl ester.EFFECT: provision of increased electrical conductivity.20 cl, 3 dwg, 5 tbl

Ultra-wideband antenna // 2627285
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: ultra-wideband antenna comprises seven webs that are mounted in the holder to provide electrical communication between them, are of different lengths and are connected through a flexible element, and an impedance transformer with a high-frequency connector. The webs are formed with a curved transverse profile and are arranged in parallel to each other so that between the two webs of the longest length five webs of shorter length are placed, and on each side of one web with the shortest length all the remaining webs are arranged in increasing length.EFFECT: increasing the width of the operating frequency range and ensuring high elastic properties and bending strength.7 cl, 3 dwg

ultibeam combined mirror antenna // 2627284
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna consists of an axisymmetric primary mirror-reflector having the shape of a paraboloid and an auxiliary mirror-counter-reflector in the form of a coaxial ellipsoid concave towards the reflector, and irradiators in a plane orthogonal to the focal axis and passing through the focus of the counter-reflector, close to the reflector. Herewith one or more irradiators are additionally installed in a plane orthogonal to the focal axis passing through the focus of the counter-reflector remote from the reflector.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of antenna while simultaneous receiving two frequency bands.2 dwg

Semiconductor plate and method of its manufacture // 2627282
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in a plate subdivided and separable into a plurality of crystals, each crystal comprises of an array of cells of a microprocessed capacity transducer. Each cell includes a substrate comprising of the first electrode, a membrane containing the second electrode and a cavity between the substrate and the membrane. Each cell of at least a portion of the crystals contains a compensating plate on the membrane, with each compensating plate having a configuration for influencing the deflection (h) of the membrane.EFFECT: ensured possibility of uniform deflection of the membrane and increased yield of suitable products.15 cl, 16 dwg

Storage battery control system and vehicle control system // 2627240
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: storage battery control system is presented. It is connected to a storage battery equipped with an explosion-proof mechanism to interrupt the electric current, when the battery is overcharged, and controls the battery conditions. The system comprises of: a cell voltage sensor that detects the voltage of the battery cells; a storage which stores the information relating to the battery conditions; an overcharge decision unit that decides whether the battery is in an overcharge condition; a storage control unit that instructs the storage to store the overcharge information regarding the overcharge condition of the battery when the overcharge decision unit decides that the battery is in an overcharge condition; and explosion protection decision unit which decides that the explosion-proof mechanism of the battery should be activated if, when the battery control system is started, there is overcharge information stored in the storage, and the cell voltage, detected by the cell voltage sensor, is lower than the low limit value.EFFECT: ensured reliability of the decision to activate the explosion protection mechanism in the battery system.6 cl, 9 dwg

odular reconfigurable multiphase power transformer // 2627235
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: AC transformer has a cylindrical core and is made with single or poly phase inputs and/or outputs power. Transformer core is made with the ability to provide single or multiphase inputs or outputs configuration change primary and secondary windings of the transformer. Additional ways to minimise the number of transformer cores winding wire core necessary for the production of transformer.EFFECT: expansion of the field of application.13 cl, 12 dwg

ethod for obtaining laser radiation with low divergence and diode laser for its implementation // 2627192
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes carrier excitation in at least one quantum well in the active region enclosed in the heterostructure between the confining layers formed on the substrate as a p-i-n or p-n-junction and generation of radiation with an increased aperture of its output, wherein for expansion of the mentioned aperture in the direction normal to the plane of the heterostructure, and radiation parallel to the mentioned plane, the partial output of the generated fundamental mode to the substrate is provided by selecting a sufficiently thin confining layer on the substrate side and controlling excess of the effective refractive index of the generated fundamental mode above the refractive index of the substrate by an amount not exceeding 0.0011.EFFECT: providing the possibility of improving the radiation divergence.3 cl, 4 dwg

Ultra-wideband antenna // 2627186
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: antenna includes a holder (5) placed therein a piece of a cable (4), a conductor (9) connected to the central conductor (8) of the cable (4), a hollow cylinder (7) connected to the braid (6) of the cable (4) and placed coaxial to the conductor (8), a high-frequency radiator (2) connected to a conductor (9), a low-frequency radiator (1) located above the high-frequency radiator (2), and an autotransformer (10) having an input (13) connected to a conductor (9), the common terminal (15) connected to the hollow cylinder (7), and the output (17) connected to the low-frequency radiator (1).EFFECT: broadening the band of operating frequencies, increasing the coefficient of amplification, simplifying the design.6 cl, 2 dwg
esastructural photodiode based on heteroepitaxial structure of ingaas / alinas / inp // 2627146
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to photodetector array (FDA) based on photodiode (FD) fabricated by the meza-technology in heteroepitaxial III-V InGaAs/AlInAs/InP semiconductor structures converting radiation in the short-wave infrared region of the spectrum (0.9-1.7 mcm). According to the invention, an additional layer with a gradient composition change is introduced into the heteroepitaxial InGaAs/AlInAs/InP structure between the absorption layer and the barrier layer to eliminate the discontinuity in the region of the valence structure band. At the edges of the gradient layer, two delta-doped layers are formed to equalize the energy level of the valence band and to increase its homogeneity.EFFECT: ability to eliminate the barrier in the valence band and thereby to increase the quantum efficiency, and the sensitivity in the matrix photodetector devices based on these compounds.4 dwg, 1 tbl

Broadband antenna // 2627144
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: broadband antenna contains four antenna curtains that are electrically interconnected in the holder, are made of different lengths and are connected through an impedance transformer with a high-frequency connector. The antenna curtains are made with a curved transverse profile and are installed parallel to each other, so that two longer antenna curtains are installed with their curved surfaces outward, and each of the two smaller antenna curtains closest to them is installed with its curved surface similar to the corresponding antenna curtain with a larger length.EFFECT: device allows to increase the width of the operating frequency range, to provide high elastic properties and bending strength.6 cl, 3 dwg

Device and friction stir welding of power storage device // 2627135
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: each sealed housing (14) of the capacitor or supercapacitor comprises of a tubular element (16) and at least one cover (18) covering the tubular element at its end. There is a connecting strip (30) on the two covers (18) of the two adjacent bodies (14). The dimensions of the strip allow it to contact the cover (18) of each of the bodies. A rotating welding device (50) is engaged with the cover (18) and/or the strip (30). The said device is moved translationally along the axis running along the normal line to the cover (18), with its penetration into the material of the cover (18) and/or the strip (30). The strip (30) is welded to the cover (18) by friction stir welding forming at least one weld seam.EFFECT: maintaining the tightness of each of the connected energy storage devices.11 cl, 5 dwg
ethod for producing multilayer high-temperature superconducting material // 2627130
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of technologies for the production of epitaxial oxide superconducting coatings on a metal substrate previously coated with a biaxially textured oxide layer and buffer oxide layers or on a biaxially textured metal substrate previously coated with oxide buffer layers and can be used to produce the second generation superconducting wires. The method for producing a multilayer high-temperature superconducting material comprises applying to, at least, one epitaxial oxide buffer layer from a precursor produced from a sol of oxide and hydroxide nanoparticles of selected elements in an aqueous solution of a temperature-dependent polymer, by heating at a temperature above the phase transition temperature of the temperature-dependent polymer. The sol of the oxide and hydroxide nanoparticles of the selected elements is pretreated for 100 or more seconds in an alternating rotating magnetic field with an amplitude of not more than 0.10 T and a frequency (10-40) Hz followed by heat treatment of the buffer layer and deposition one epitaxial layer of a superconducting material on the buffer layer, at least, and its heat treatment.EFFECT: producing a multilayer high-temperature superconducting material with an improved crystal structure of epitaxial buffer layers produced from precursors in the form of hydrosols of oxide or hydroxide nanoparticles.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Transducer cable unit and flowmeter using such transducer cable unit // 2627064
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: cable unit for connecting a transducer comprises of a body of a socket part having a front portion with a front end, a rear portion with a rear end opposite to the front end and a means for holding the cable which is closer to the rear end. In addition, the cable unit comprises of a cable having the first end, the second end, a signal conductor and a flexible fixing member. A portion of the flexible fixing member is disposed in the means for holding the cable and extends at least partially around the body of the socket part to restrict movement of the first end of the cable relative to the body of the socket part.EFFECT: creation of a cable unit, which is designed for installation in a flowmeter and in which the transducer and cable connector are covered or otherwise used in a relatively small space, and also has design features which simplify the assembly of transducer and flowmeter blocks or simplify the manufacture, assembly or transportation of these blocks.22 cl, 9 dwg
Card holder // 2627044
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: card holder comprises: a card tray, a card obturator comprising a card latch and a control button, a connector comprising a leaf spring in a card slot adapted to transit from the compressed state to the normal state, when the card latch is set into position for card tray extraction using control button, as a result of which the card tray is pushed outward from the first hole, extending along the card obturator housing, and to transit from the normal state to the compressed state while moving the card tray inward from the hole, extending along the card obturator housing, as a result of which the card obturator and the card tray are in the locked state. The connector comprises the first body, wherein an open triangular recess is formed extending along the first body and the triangular leaf spring in the card slot is formed in the open triangular recess. A part of the first inclined side of the leaf spring in the card slot is bent inwardly to form the second inclined side, and the first inclined side forms an acute angle with the second inclined side, while a part of the third inclined side of the leaf spring in the card slot is bent inwardly to form the fourth inclined side, wherein the third inclined side forms an acute angle with the fourth inclined side, top surface, bottom surface, left surface and right surface of the first body accordingly pass in the direction opposite to the direction of the leaf spring compression in the card slot at a predetermined length which is less than the length of the card tray or equal to it.EFFECT: simplified replacement of the card in terminal with irremovable battery due to connector design, comprising a leaf spring in the card slot.7 cl, 13 dwg

ethod of adjusting thermal conditions in wireless charging system // 2627034
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method refers to the process of inductive charging of a device to be charged using an inductive charging device. The method provides adjusting the amount of electricity supplied to the device to be charged from the charging device based on the detected temperature indicators. In addition, the temperature parameters relating to at least one device to be charged are stored in the database. If it is found that the device in the inductive charger is also connected to a wired charging source, disconnecting the inductive charger is provided.EFFECT: increased security.18 cl, 9 dwg

ixtural active mass of positive electrode, positive electrode, battery with anhydrous electrolyte and method of manufacture of accumulatory battery with anhern electrolyte // 2627027
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the step (S1) of manufacturing a positive active mixed weight mixture, the positive active compound mixture (10) is made by adding an acid (15) in addition to the active material (11) of the positive electrode, the conductive material (12), the binder (13), the phosphate of lithium (14) and solvent (16). When a portion of the lithium phosphate (14) dissolves in the active compound mixture (10) of the positive electrode, a good dispersion of lithium phosphate (14) is achieved in the active mixture.EFFECT: increasing the working potential of the positive electrode.7 cl, dwg, 7 1 tbl