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Current limiter // 2614389
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to electric circuits protection devices, and can be used for electric equipment protection against short circuit currents. Current limiter contains capillary channels, filled with liquid metal, formed by bushing inner surface and located in it cylinder with cutouts on side surface along cylinder entire length. Cutouts on cylinder side surface have shape of cylinder cross section segment. Cutout shape allows to control cutting tool vertical feed only, simplifies technological process and increases current limiter functional capabilities.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of technological process and improved functional capabilities of current limiter.1 cl, 2 dwg
Independent circulation thermal electrical pump for heating systems // 2614349
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: thermal electric pump comprises a feed pipeline (1) with thermoelectric unit (3), connected with electric wiring to an inverter (4), battery (5) and pump motor (6) mounted in pipeline (2). Block (3) consists of two semi-cylindrical shells with longitudinal slots in which ongitudinal ribs are inserted. Inside ribs over their entire length, zigzag rows are placed consisting of sequently plaved and interconnected thermionic converters consisting of a pair of segments made of different metals. The segments ends are flattened, tightly pressed against each other and located near the edges of the ribs pressed against the heating zone to the pipeline section (1) surface and in the cooling zone. The zigzag rows free ends of each rib pair at one end in the cooling zone are connected by bridges, and on the opposite are interconnected in the cooling zone through the condensers, forming thermoelectric sections. The condensers are connected through their bridges in series with each other, forming a thermoelectric unit provided with current terminals with the like charges, connected with wiring to inverter (4).EFFECT: increased efficiency and reliability of the heating system.8 dwg
ethod for liquid-phase synthesis of multi-component ceramic material in zro2-y2o3-gd2o3-mgo system for production of electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cell // 2614322
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention may be used for production of electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cell. Liquid-phase synthesis of multi-component ceramic material in ZrO2-Y2O3-Gd2O3-MgO system is carried out by selecting salts ZrO(NO3)2⋅2H2O, Y(NO3)3⋅5H2O, Gd(NO3)3⋅6H2O and Mg(NO3)2⋅6H2O as initial reagents. Above salts are used to prepare diluted solutions. Reverse precipitation of hydroxides from respective salts is carried out using aqueous ammonia solution NH4OH till complete precipitation of all hydroxides and occurrence of the precipitate. Gel-like precipitate is filtered and frozen at -25°C for 24 hours. Synthesized powder of solid solution (ZrO2)0.92(Y2O3)0.03(Gd2O3)0.03(MgO)0.02 is subject to thermal treatment at 800°C. Then compacts are formed by the method of uniaxial pressing under pressure of 150 MPa. Above compacts are burned at a temperature of 1400°C in the tube heater with isothermal holding for 2 h and heating rate of 350-400°C/h.EFFECT: invention allows to lower precipitate agglomeration degree, increase its dispersivity and homogeneity and also hydroxide precipitation completeness.4 dwg, 2 tbl

Electrochemical generator // 2614242
FIELD: electrochemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrochemistry, particularly, to power plants with electrochemical generators (ECG). Electrochemical generator includes a battery of fuel elements and its cooling system with liquid heat carrier circulation circuit, including a cooling heat exchanger, installed at output of said system, and electric pump. Electric pump is installed at its inlet and is electrically connected with battery of fuel cells. Liquid heat carrier circulation circuit additionally includes a gas turbine with electric generator, as well as gas-liquid ejector and connected to its output gas-liquid separator, installed at inlet of cooling heat exchanger. Fluid chamber of separator is connected to input of said heat exchanger, and gas chamber of separator - to input of gas turbine, output of which is connected to gas input of ejector.EFFECT: higher efficiency of ECG, especially if its power is significant.1 cl, 1 dwg

Integrated multijunction pile-like solar battery // 2614237
FIELD: batteries.SUBSTANCE: pile-like integrated multijunction solar battery with the first element of the battery, herewith the first element of the battery includes a layer of compound InGaP with the first constant array and the first energy of the forbidden zone, and the layer thickness is over 100 nm, and the layer is made as part of the emitter, and/or as part of the base, and/or as part of located between the emitter and the base area of the space charge, and the second element of the battery, herewith the second element of the battery includes a layer of compound InmPn with the second constant array and the second energy of the forbidden zone, and the layer thickness is over 100 nm, and the layer is made as part of the emitter, and/or as part of the base, and/or as part of located between the emitter and the base area of the space charge, and the third element of the battery, herewith the third element of the battery includes a layer of compound InxGa1-xAs1-yPy with the third constant array and the third energy of the forbidden zone, and the layer thickness is over 100 nm, and the layer is made as part of the emitter, and/or as part of the base, and/or as part of located between the emitter and the base area of the space charge, and the fourth element of the battery, herewith the fourth element of the battery includes a layer of compound InGaAs with the fourth constant array and the fourth energy of the forbidden zone, and the layer thickness is over 100 nm, and the layer is made as part of the emitter, and/or as part of the base, and/or as part of located between the emitter and the base area of the space charge, herewith for values of energy of the forbidden zone true is ratio Eg1>Eg2>Eg3>Eg4, and between two elements of the battery there is an area of circuit boards weld.EFFECT: invention enables to increase efficiency of the solar light conversion.17 cl, 6 dwg

Cassette for fusing elements of semiconductor power diodes // 2614202
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power electronics and can be used in fusing elements of power semiconductor devices. The cassette for fusing structural elements of semiconductor diodes comprises a base made of a carbon plate in which are embedded ceramic rods, on the latter a plate is mounted, wherein flat-topped cavities with depth equal to (1.5-2.5) of the diameter of the ceramic rods are formed on the outer edge circle of the ceramic rods. In the same plate on the inner edge of the ceramic rods there is a flat-topped cavity with a diameter equal to or greater than 10% of the diameter of a thermal compensator. In the region of the bottom of the cavity there is a through-hole, the lateral surface of which is inclined relative to the normal to the surface of the plate by an angle of 3-5 degrees to provide quality setting of elements of the semiconductor device in the cassette. The size of the diameter of the through-hole in the region of the surface of the ceiling of the flat-topped cavity is equal to the inner diameter on the edge of the ceramic rods.EFFECT: invention provides high efficiency of layout and recess of elements of semiconductor diodes, facilitates the process of setting structural elements of a semiconductor diode in manual and automatic mode.3 dwg

Electrical current conductor // 2614201
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: according to invention disclosed are electric circuits and electronic devices, which contain current-conducting channel, at least, part of which is formed by body from substrate material, at least, part of which is doped section on surface or below surface of which atoms are implanted, wherein, at least, part of surface forms low-resistance zone of current-conducting channel. At that, substrate is diamond and on diamond outer surface transverse conductivity occurs.EFFECT: invention enables to obtain low-resistance current-conducting channel, in which external electrons can freely move along substrate surface, such as substrate from oxygen doped diamond.12 cl, 11 dwg, 8 ex

Gradient periodically polarised lithium niobate // 2614199
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser engineering. Lithium niobate-based monocrystalline material with inhomogeneous lithium distribution according to a given law along an active laser element is characterised by the following structural formula: Lia(z)Nbb(z)O3 where: a(z)=p*F(z), where 0.99≤a(z)≤1; b(z)=a(z)/R, where R=Li/Nb, where 0.93≤b(z)≤0.96; F(z)=th(z); p=49.98 at % or 0.9996; R=k*x, 0.94≤x≤0.96, z is a spatial coordinate directed along the length of the crystal (cm) in a reference system originating at the input face. The disclosed material has high optical efficiency.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency of periodically polarised lithium niobate in the infrared spectrum.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Planar inductance // 2614188
FIELD: physics, instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the passive element base of radio and communications devices, and can be widely used in a variety of amplifiers, mixers and RLC-filters of HF and UHF bands, radio receivers and transmitters, etc. Essence: planar inductance comprises at least one coil (1) of a metal film of h1 thickness, located on an insulating substrate (2), the first (3) and the second (4) integrated inductor terminals for inclusion into the electronic circuit. An additional thin film (5) with a thickness h2 << h1 made of a material with specified electrical conductivity, having no electrical contact with the coil (1) of the planar inductor is inserted to the inner region of the coil (1) from the a metal film of h1 thickness.EFFECT: invention provides an increase in the numerical values of L planar inductance implemented in the form of at least one coil located on the insulating substrate.7 cl, 5 dwg, 3 tbl

Device for counting ions // 2614157
FIELD: physics, instrumentation technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement technology and can be used to measure ion concentration of atmospheric air. In the device for counting ions, comprising an aspiration chamber, the high-voltage electrode of which is connected to a high-voltage power source, and the collecting electrode, through a switch controlled by the signal of a control device, is connected to the input of the output device, and a display device, the novelty lies in that it further includes series-connected band-pass filter, analogue signal rectifier and low-pass filter, the output of which is connected to the input of the display device, and the input of the band-pass filter is connected to the output of the input device.EFFECT: invention provides high accuracy of measuring ion concentration by reducing the impact of interference.2 dwg

ethod of assembling conductors of flexible associated connecting (equipotential) layer, as well as crimping tools, connectors and wiring provided with such connectors // 2614152
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: for using in electric engineering. According to the method, the simultaneous crimping of connectors to wires by applying continuous uniform pressure in the crimping zone is provided. In the embodiment according to the invention crimping is carried out with a tool comprising two housings (21s, 21i), each of which has a base wall (P1) forming the inner side (F1) provided with transverse ribs (N1, N2, N3). Each housing (21s, 21i) comprises inturned edges (B1) as well, perpendicular to the walls (P1) to form an internal space (E1). In this space (E1) a connector of an uninsulated conductor (51) disposed perpendicularly to the ribs (N1, N2, N3) is introduced for the formation of transverse grooves through the compression (Ps) of the ribs (N1, N2, N3) on the walls (32s, 32i) of the connector (32).EFFECT: invention provides reproductible uniform and reliable connection for both intermediate and end connections with a flat multilayer wiring of conductors.10 cl, 21 dwg

Headphone jack, electronic device, electronic equipment and electronic system // 2614148
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: headphone jack includes an insulating base and a metal contact terminal located in the insulating base, herewith the insulating base comprises an upper and a lower projection attached one over the other to the connecting part that forms a slot to insert the audio plug; so that the insertable groove is formed between the opposit surfaces of the upper and the lower projection outside of the insulating substrate, which is intended for mounting the printed circuit board by its inserting in the guide path formed by the insertable groove. The metal contact terminal is electrically connected to the audio plug inserted in the socket, and the respective conductive paths on the printed circuit board, which is inserted into the insertable groove.EFFECT: providing the opportunities of independent connecting the headphone jack to the printed circuit board and improving the reliability of fixing the printed circuit board without any interaction with the external design.9 cl, 4 dwg
Electroconductive polymer composition // 2614145
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition contains polyolefin, carbon black with volume resistivity ρ= 10±6 Ohm⋅cm at content in the polymer base, carbon black with volume resistivity ρ= 5±3 Ohm⋅cm at content in the polymer, 4,4'-tiabis(6-tert-butyl-m-cresol),tetra-bis-methylene- (3-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)propionate), 3,5-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-hydroxy-2-[3- [3,5-bis(1,1-dimetietil)-4-hydroxyphenyl]-1-oxopropyl] hydrazide of benzopropione acid, zinc stearate, polyethylene wax and magnesium hydroxide.EFFECT: preservation of mechanical and electrical properties of conductive coating, as well as high mechanical strength and low flammability.2 tbl, 5 ex

Polymer composition for electric devices // 2614138
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cable, including a cross-linked cable, also to a method for production of a cable, more preferably, to production of a power cable. Cable includes a conductor enveloped by one or more layers, wherein at least one of the above said layers is made from a polymer composition, which contains polyolefin and an anion-exchange additive of hydrotalcite type in the amount from 0.000001 to less than 1 wt% with respect to the total weight of the polymer composition. Herewith polyolefin is an unsaturated polymer of ethylene of low density, which is selected from an unsaturated ethylene homopolymer of low density or an unsaturated ethylene copolymer of low density and one or more comonomers in an amount of at least 50 wt% with respect to the total weight of the polymer component(s) present in the polymer composition. Besides, the polymer composition, if necessary, additionally contains peroxide in the amount of less than 35 mmol -O-O-/kg of the polymer composition. Herewith the cable, probably, is ligated and then cross-linked.EFFECT: obtained cable has low conductivity and good mechanical properties.17 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl

Slewing bearings // 2614085
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the slewing bearings (SB), predominantly to the automatic systems of the mobile antenna and optical devices. The slewing bearing is proposed, in which the control station of the slewing bearing (CS-SB) are additionally introduced with corresponding connections with other elements, including the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth adders (Σ1-A, Σ2-A, Σ3-Y, Σ5-Y, Σ5-A, Σ6-Y), the first and the second integral link (∫1-A, ∫2-Y), the first and the second switches (SW1-A, SW2-Y), a correction link of the azimuth drive (CL-A), a correction link of the elevation drive (CL-E), a power amplifier of the azimuth drive (PA-A), a power amplifier of the elevation drive (PA-E), an information processing unit (IPU), as well as position sensors of the azimuth and elevation drives (PS-A and PS-E), terminal switches of the upper and the lower position of the elevation drive (TUE and TLE), terminal switches of the left and the right position of the azimuth drive (TRA and TLA), azimuth and elevation clamps of the transport position (CTP-A and CTP-E), sensors of the absolute angular velocity in the elevation and azimuth planes (SAV-E and SAV-A).EFFECT: increasing the operational capabilities of the device by ensuring possibilities of the guidance object precise position against the SB base, the high reliability of the claimed SB design from possible damage by limiting the pumping angles of the guidance object in the elevation plane, as well as during its transportation, increasing the SB operating convenience by ensuring possibilities of its remote control (guidance) and by automated operating, improving the quality of the guidance process (guidance smoothness, providing the given guidance speed), ensuring the stable retention mode of the guidance object in the predetermined position at the base SB fluctuations.1 dwg

Solid-state laser with diode pumping thermal stabilization and quality factor electrooptic modulation and its control device // 2614084
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to laser equipment. Solid-state laser with diode pumping thermal stabilization and quality factor electrooptic modulation comprises pulses generator and emitter with electrooptical shutter, provided with driver, equipped with master microcontroller, heaters, pumping elements thermal sensor, contour heat pipe, thermal sensors and thermal electric modules. Laser control device has optical pumping module, active element, thermal electric modules, thermal electric modules driver, master microcontroller and temperature sensors, which outputs are connected to master microcontroller inputs, which output is connected to thermal electric modules driver input, which output is connected to thermal electric modules input.EFFECT: technical result consists in enabling possibility of increasing resistance to external factors.2 cl, 3 dwg

Laser gun of solid-state laser with diode pumping // 2614081
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser equipment. Laser gun has an active element in the form of a rod, optical pumping sources located on holders around the active element, a system of cooling the active element and the optical pumping sources, flanges and an element connecting the flanges. Holders are located in coaxial holes of the flanges. Cooling system comprises a tube encircling the active element to form a radial clearance, an input, an outlet collectors and channels of the holders. Element connecting the flanges represents a frame containing parallel plates connected with ribs. Holders have on both sides limiters interacting with end surfaces of the flanges. One of the limiters of each holder is made with flats interacting with slots of the flange.EFFECT: technical result is enabling higher cooling efficiency.1 cl, 6 dwg
Silicon wafer surface passivation by magnetron sputtering // 2614080
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: silicon wafers surface passivation includes cleaning of crystalline silicon wafers, silicon sputtering using a magnetron with a silicon target. Silicon target sputtering is performed in argon (Ar) medium with addition of hydrogen (H2) or in argon (Ar) medium with addition of organosilicon compounds, or in argon (Ar) medium with addition of hydrogen (H2) and organosilicon compounds to obtain the passivation layer of hydrogenated amorphous silicon of high quality, to passivate the wafer surface and reduce the surface recombination velocity of charge carriers. At least one chemical reactant selected from the group consisting of silane (SiH4), Si2H6, Si2H4, SiF4, Si2F6 and other silicon-containing compounds is used as the organosilicon compound.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce defects and surface recombination of charge carriers, to increase charge carriers lifetime, to improve quality, technology and safety of the passivation process.2 cl, 1 dwg
Laser gun with diode pumping // 2614079
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser equipment. Laser gun with diode pumping comprises installed in a housing an active element in form of a rod, optical pumping sources, located on holders uniformly relative to active element, and cooling system, which comprises a tube, encircling active element to form a radial clearance, inlet, outlet pipes and manifolds, channels in housing and holders. Laser gun is equipped with reflectors, located on holders opposite each source of optical pumping, cooling system is in form of a single circuit for cooling active element and optical pumping sources and is equipped with channels made in clamps of tube. Inlet, outlet pipes are connected with housing channels, which are connected with channels of clamps, connected with manifolds.EFFECT: manifolds are connected with radial clearance and with additional channels of clamps of tube, which are connected with housing channels connected to channels of holders, manifolds are formed by clamps of tube and active element.3 cl, 3 dwg

Auxiliary lithium ion battery and production method for auxiliary lithium-ion battery // 2614057
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the auxiliary lithium ion battery and method of its production. The auxiliary lithium ion battery includes: a positive electrode sheet that includes a layer of a positive electrode active material comprising particles of positive electrode active material; a negative electrode sheet; and a non-aqueous electrolytic solution which comprises a compound containing fluorine, wherein the surface of the particles of the positive electrode active material includes a film containing fluorine and phosphorus, and the Cf/Cp ratio meets value of 1.89≤Cf/Cp≤2.61, where Cf represents the number of fluorine atoms in the film, and Cp represents the number of phosphorus atoms in the film.EFFECT: invention is designed to increase the battery capacity under the cyclical impact of charging and discharging.9 cl, 10 dwg, 5 tbl

Electric power supply device, transportation device and noncontact electric power supply system // 2614052
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention provides for the following: control unit for the noncontact electric power supply, supplying electric power in noncontact manner from the power transmission coil into the coil that receives electric power by means of at least a magnetic coupling, and which charges the transportation device battery; contact electric power supply unit, supplying electricity into transportation device battery by electrically connecting through a cable to a connecting terminal provided for in the transportation device; and a controller which controls the control unit for noncontact electric power supply and contact electric power supply unit. When the first transportation device battery is charged by one power supply system from among the noncontact electric power supply system of control unit for noncontact electric power supply and contact electric power supply unit, and there is request from the second transportation device for the electric power supply by another electric power supply system, electric power supply by one power supply system continues, while the electric power supply by the another power supply system is switched to standby mode.EFFECT: preventing limitations for charge of the battery charging by one electric power supply system in the presence of a request for charge by the other power supply system.3 cl, 7 dwg

Focusing-deflection system for electronic guns // 2614046
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a magnetic focusing lens [1] consisting of an excitation winding [2], a magnetic circuit [3], magnetic amorphous alloy rings [4] of a thin tape with the saturation induction not worse than the saturation induction of the magnetic material [3] and non-magnetic gaps [5], a bipolar deflective system of the toroidal type [6], an electron-optical gun axis [7], a beam guide [8], an electron beam crossover plane [9], an electron beam focusing plane [10]. The electron beam generated by the electron gun and the forming system, enters through the beam guide [8] in the focusing-deflection system along the electron-optical axis [7]. When applying current to the excitation coil [2], the magnetic focusing lens [1] carries the crossover of the electron beam in the plane [9] located near the accelerating gap, to the focusing plane [10] on the treated object. The deflection system [6] of the toroidal type at the current supply to its windings, deflects the electron beam within the treatment field according to the predetermined program, and the deflection center is located at the magnetic lens center. The rings [4] of the soft magnetic material shield the magnetic field of the external windings against the deflection system axis [6], and increase the induction amount of the deflection field on the system axis generated by the internal windings. Herewith the alternating rings [4] of the soft magnetic material and the gaps [5] provide a concentration of the focusing system magnetic field on the electron-optical gun axis [7].EFFECT: extending the scope of the focusing-deflecting system for the implementation of various technological material processings by the electron beam.5 dwg, 2 tbl
Gel polymer electrolyte for lithium current sources // 2614040
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: gel polymer electrolyte may be used in the manufacture of primary lithium and secondary current sources, and in supercapacitors. The method is performed by using amorphous perfluoropolyether as a polymer matrix.EFFECT: increase electrolyte homogeneity and increasing lithium diffusion coefficient in it, increased conductivity, high chemical and electrochemical stability.1 tbl

Portable radio stations power supply device // 2614036
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used as reliable DC power supply device of portable radio stations, vehicles, etc. Technical result is aimed at improvement of power supply systems storage batteries charge capacity. Technical result is achieved due to, that power supply device, containing storage batteries, electronic switches, connecting batteries with load, additionally comprises time relay, connected to electronic switches control inputs, logic element "AND", connected to time relay control input, voltage relays, connected to storage batteries outputs and with logical element "AND" inputs. When using storage batteries with smaller current take-off and at intermittent current take-off storage batteries charge capacity has larger value, than at high and continuous loads. Time relay in portable radio stations power supply device circuit performs storage batteries switching, increasing discharge time of each storage battery of device, which allows to increase service life of storage batteries by 10 % and thereby prolonging portable radio station continuous operation duration.EFFECT: proposed device has low power consumption.1 cl, 1 dwg

Electrically conductive connection of two cables // 2614031
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: disclosed technical solution relates to electrical measuring equipment and can be used in devices with cables permanent connections, used, for example, in thermal converters production. technical result of disclosed technical solution is increased efficiency, simplified assembly and providing two cables electrically conductive connection electrical insulation.EFFECT: technical result is achieved by fact, that in electrically conductive connection of two cables, containing protection sleeve and filling it dielectric sealant, connection is equipped with transition part from flat shaped electrically insulating material, coated with, at least, three electrically conductive paths, electrically insulated from each other, wherein to one of paths is welded sheath of, at least, one of cables, and to other paths are corresponding cables electrodes, wherein protection sleeve is made enveloping transition part and cables.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of forming stacked beam of self-focusing adaptive antenna array // 2614030
FIELD: physics, communications.SUBSTANCE: method of forming a stacked beam of a self-focusing adaptive antenna array, comprising weighted summation of signals, received by antenna array elements with a weight vector which is the resultant vector of the Hermitean form beam, corresponding to the maximum characteristic number of the beam, wherein the second Hermitean beam form selected is the average value of the beam pattern on power, wherein the resultant vector of the Hermitean form beam, corresponding to the maximum characteristic number of the beam, is determined using estimates of amplitude-phase distribution of the generated signal of radiation sources on elements of the self-focusing adaptive antenna array, and the first Hermitean beam form selected is the weighted sum of values of the average beam pattern on power, calculated based on estimates of vectors of amplitude-phase distributions, generated by signals of radiation sources on elements of the self-focusing adaptive antenna array.EFFECT: high efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

etal phosphates and method of producing them // 2613979
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to monophosphates or mixed metallic phosphate of type (M1, M2, M3, …Mx)3(PO4)2⋅aH2O, where 0≤a≤9, and process to obtain them. In this case (M1, M2, M3, …Mx) are metal monophosphates metal or several metals in the mixed metallic phosphates and metals are selected from Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Cu, Zn, Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Al, Zr, Hf, Re, Ru, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb and Lu provided that at least one metal in phosphate is selected from Mn , Fe, Co and Ni, wherein the phosphate comprises no more than 10 different metals M1, M2, M3, …Mx.EFFECT: invention is used to prepare the lithiated (containing Li) cathode material for Li-ion batteries and phosphates with high purity.17 cl, 8 dwg, 1 tbl, 20 ex

Red narrowband light emitting coated fluorosilicates for semiconductor light emitting devices // 2613963
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: lighting device includes a light source configured to generate light source light, and luminescent material in particulate form, adapted to convert at least a portion of the light source light into luminescent material light. The light source comprises a light emitting diode (LED). The luminescent material in particulate form comprises particles with cores. These cores include phosphor containing M'xM2-2xAX6 doped with tetravalent manganese, where M' is alkaline earth cation, M is alkali cation, x - 0-1, A is tetravalent cation containing at least silicon, X is monovalent anion containing at least fluorine. The particles further comprise a metal phosphate coating, where the metal is selected from the group consisting of Ti, Si and Al. A method for luminescent material obtaining is described.EFFECT: luminescent material provides improved long-term stability in water and moist air at effective absorption in the blue region and absorbed light transformartion into red.15 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Current conducting connection unit, method of manufacturing and set for housing containing carbon fibre reinforced material // 2613934
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular, to current conducting connections, intended for connection of housing electric structural network conducting areas. To increase housing durability current-conducting connection is disclosed, comprising conductive connecting element (1) with conducting braided material (B). Besides, to simplify electric structural network installation on housing (23) disclosed is set, containing, at least, two units (5) of conductive connection, made with different shape connection elements (1). Finally, in compliance with invention disclosed is method, which includes braided material (B) longitudinal ends (3, 4) converting stage.EFFECT: connection of housing electric structural network conducting areas.15 cl, 9 dwg

Superconductive circuit breaker // 2613840
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for creation of superconductive circuit breaker. Essence of invention lies that superconductive circuit breaker includes a breaking element, made of superconducting tape, laid in zigzag fashion in a stack with insulation between layers, inside bend of tape there are linings made of material with high relative magnetic permeability, separated from tape by insulation.EFFECT: technical result high operating current.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of making plate of textured electrical steel // 2613818
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy. To reduce losses in iron and provide small fluctuations of value of losses in iron method involves hot rolling of steel slab, containing, wt%: C 0.002–0.10, Si 2.0–8.0 and Mn 0.005–1.0, for producing hot-rolled sheet, if necessary annealing in hot zone conditions of hot-rolled steel sheet, single, or double, or repeated cold rolling with intermediate annealing between them for producing cold-rolled sheet of final thickness, primary recrystallization annealing in combination with carbon-removing annealing of cold-rolled sheet, application of annealing separator on surface of steel sheet and final annealing, fast heating is performed at rate of no less than 50 °C/s in range of 100–700 °C in process of heating of primary recrystallization annealing, steel plate is held at any temperature within 250–600 °C for 0.5–10 s 2–6 times.EFFECT: reduced losses in iron.9 cl, 4 tbl, 4 dwg

Plasmon pulse generator of terahertz frequencies // 2613808
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: plasmon pulse generator of the terahertz frequency includes a spaser in the passive Q-switching mode based on the active medium placed in the resonant structure formed in a thin metal film, placed on the substrate, an active medium pumping means, an output means of the generated plasmon pulses. The resonant structure is a channel with a rounded bottom, in which the active medium is placed in the form of quantum dots. The active medium pumping means is in the form of the ultraviolet radiation source. Herewith one part of the quantum dots is open to the said radiation source, and the other part is shielded.EFFECT: providing the generation possibility of the optical plasmon pulses with the terahertz frequency and the subsequent integration possibility into the advanced plasmon circuits.10 cl, 10 dwg

High-voltage device and method of producing high-voltage device // 2613686
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to high-voltage equipment and, in particular, to high-voltage devices having at least two electrodes separated by a dielectric cushioning material – a section. One of the above said electrodes can be located under a floating potential. Dielectric section comprises at least one turn from at least one unimpregnable electrically insulating film between two adjacent electrodes. Electrodes are connected to the adjacent turns from the unimpregnable insulating film, and the adjacent turns from the unimpregnable insulating film, if there are some, are connected to each other, so that the said turns from the unimpregnable insulating film and the said electrodes form a solid body. Invention also relates to a method of producing an electric device, where binding of at least one turn is performed during formation of the said turn, so that binding of the said turn with the underlying turn/electrode is started before the said turn is completely covered with the next turn.EFFECT: invention provides smoothing the distribution of electric potential between the conductor and the earthing plane, as well as reduces the time and costs for manufacturing.25 cl, 6 dwg

Screening element for medium voltage switchgear // 2613683
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: vacuum interrupter has at least two blades, arranged to move the path switching between the open and closed states. The shielding member is disposed around the location area of the vacuum interrupter contacts. At least the inner surface of the screen is provided with a relief structure with a rough surface or ordered. To achieve the technical effect relief structure is designed such that at a predetermined constant or approximately constant volume (Vi) of the screen housing area ratio (S2) Treated surface with an embossed structure to the area (S1) Without raw surface relief structure is greater than 1, i.e. the condition V1≈V2 and S2/S1>1.EFFECT: increase screening efficiency through the implementation of the screen with a surface that has a high energy absorption.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for production of gold-carbon nanostructured composite // 2613681
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the technology for preparing nanostructured composites based on highly porous carbon matrices filled with gold nanoparticles. A method for production of gold-carbon nanostructured composite includes preparation of highly porous carbon matrix by treatment of carbon material with alkali solution, recovery of nano-sized gold particles in pores of the obtained matrix by impregnation of a weighed amount of matrix with aqueous solution of precursor HAuCl4 with subsequent heating, washing and drying. While preparing the carbon matrix, carbon material is treated with saturated alkali solution in weight ratio alkali : carbon material of (2.5÷4):1, the obtained highly porous carbon matrix is impregnated with the solution of precursor HAuCl4 with concentration of 4.1⋅10-3÷1.07⋅10-1 mol/l.EFFECT: invention allows to produce gold-carbon nanostructured composite with high specific surface and low gold content.3 dwg, 3 tbl

Device for regulating voltage and method for its control // 2613679
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: for voltage regulation device comprising a transformer, one of whose windings comprises in each phase, are connected in series primary and an adjusting part, at least two switching units, one of which is connected with a branch regulating section, and the other switching node is connected to the extreme output adjusting part. Each switching node comprises a thyristor switch, and the ends of the switching nodes are interconnected to form a common point connected to the common points of the switching nodes of other phases. In each phase of the device there is a current transformer connected between the branch portion and the adjusting key thyristor; In addition, the device in each phase can be connected in series reactor and reactor trip unit connected in parallel with thyristor key connected to the output regulating section extreme. Thyristor key management unit is injected to each phase of the device and the other phases thyristor switches. In the method for regulating the voltage of one embodiment of the regulation is carried out by opening the thyristor keys, switching thyristors thyristor keys from one switching node to another is accomplished by pre-closing thyristor thyristor keys one switching node, followed by the opening of the thyristor thyristor keys of another switching node without interrupting passing through the reactor when switching operating current of the transformer. Alternatively, in the method of regulating the voltage, the regulation is carried out by opening the thyristor keys in phases at increasing voltage is performed as follows: in the rest position thyristor keys connected to the extreme terminals regulating section, left open in all phases, and then close the thyristor switch connected to extreme conclusion of the first phase adjustment portion, and open thyristor switch connected to a branch of this phase adjustment, then the keys sequentially switched thyristor in the other phases, similar to switching triac keys in the first phase; wherein the switching thyristor voltage drop on the key is carried out in reverse order.EFFECT: provision of rich functionality with the introduction of per-phase voltage control in complete control range by switching thyristor keys alternately in each of the primary winding phase.5 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicles power accumulation subsystem, containing, at least, one supercapacitors bank, power accumulation system with such subsystem and rail vehicle with such system // 2613628
FIELD: power engineering; transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to vehicle electrical traction system powered by own power supply sources. Power accumulation subsystem comprises metal housing, power accumulation system and electrical protective devices. Energy accumulation system is mechanically secured inside metal housing and includes capacitor modules with several supercapacitors. Supercapacitors are electrically connected in series to each other and located inside metal shell. Electrical protective device is made with possibility to open electric circuit so, that metal housing or supercapacitors bank were connected with electrical grounding. Power accumulation system comprises power accumulation subsystem. Railway vehicle contains accumulation system.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of supercapacitors banks protection in case of internal insulation fault.9 cl, 5 dwg

Providing transport vehicle, particularly rail vehicle or road car, with electrical energy by induction // 2613625
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the system for providing a transport vehicle with electric power. The system includes the conductive structure (11) of the primary side, the conductive structure (21) of the secondary side, the shield structure (13) of the primary side and the shield structure (23) of the secondary side. The conductive structures (11, 21) are made from conducting material. The screening structure (13, 23) of the sides are made from magnetizable material. The shielding structure (13) extends at the side of the structure (11) at the same level and to a height level above the lateral edge of the structure (11). Wherein the shielding structure (13) is also located within the gap between the structures (11) and (21). The shielding structure (23) extends at the side of the structure (21) at the same level and and to the level below the height of the lateral edge of the structure (21). Wherein the shielding structure (23) is also located within the gap between the structures (11) and (21). Also a vehicle comprising the said system and methods of providing the vehicle with electric power are claimed.EFFECT: invention provides protection of the environment from the electromagnetic field.5 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for increasing docking strength of crystals // 2613617
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the process of increasing the docking strength of the indium microcontacts LSI and MFS by squeezing the indium microcontacts located in the docked crystals, the microcontacts in both crystals are carried out in the form of the elongated rectangles arranged at the angle against each other, a plurality of rectangular microcontacts is formed on the matrix periphery in each crystal, which is combined in grids and create reference indium microcontacts of a large area.EFFECT: increasing the docking strength of the indium microcontacts.5 dwg
Passive wireless surface acoustic wave ultraviolet radiation sensor // 2613590
FIELD: physics, measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the field of microelectronics and regards passive wireless UV sensor. The sensor includes a piezoelectric substrate on the working surface of which in one acoustic channel a unidirectional transceiving interdigital transducer (IDT), and two reflective IDTs are located. A dielectric substrate transparent for UV-radiation and provided with a UV-sensitive semiconductor film is located between the reflective IDTs parallel to the substrate surface, at a distance not exceeding the length of a surface acoustic wave the central IDT frequency. The film is located on the surface facing the piezoelectric substrate. A transceiver antenna is connected to the transceiving IDT. Supports located outside the acoustic channel and on its both sides are arranged between the semiconductor film and the piezoelectric substrate to ensure clearance.EFFECT: invention provides a possibility of measurement without application of additional RF signal generation circuts and voltage sources.1 dwg

Passive hydrogen frequency standard // 2613566
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: frequency standard includes a quantum discriminator 1 with a coupling loop 2 of its resonator frequency tuning, a frequency converter 3, an amplitude detector 4, phase shifters 5, 13, synchronous detectors 6, 14, a crystal oscillator 7, a modulator 8, a modulating frequency oscillator 9, a frequency multiplier 10, a generator of harmonics 11, a tunable frequency synthesizer 12, a rectangular pulse oscillator 15 and a digital-to-analog converter 16, the output of which is connected with the coupling loop 2 for frequency tuning of the quantum discriminator resonator 1, and its second input is connected to the synchronous detector output 14 made by the digital and the second input connected to the second output of the rectangular pulse generator 15.EFFECT: reducing the temperature coefficient of the device frequency and improving the frequency stability of the time averaging 1 per day.3 dwg

Heat-insulating device for arrangement of, at least, one sofc-fuel elements system component and method of said device making // 2613527
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device (10) for arrangement of, at least, one component of SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells), including thermally insulating internal container (12) and external container (14) surrounding internal container (12), wherein inner container (12) includes bottom (16), cover (18) and side plates (20, 22, 24, 26), wherein external container (14) adjoins bottom (16), cover (18) and side plates of (20, 22, 24, 26) internal container (12) and compresses them, and wherein, at least, one component is located inside internal component (12). According to invention provided, that said bottom (16), cover (18) and side plates (20, 22, 24, 26) have, at least, partially oversizing, so, that internal container (12) can be assembled by press fit. Present invention also relates to such device production method.EFFECT: performance of SOFT system internal container assembly by press fitting method, reduces its heat losses and prevents formation of slots and gaps in insulation, which is technical result of invention.11 cl, 1 dwg

Electrode unit, layered storage battery and method of producing such battery // 2613525
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electrode unit of secondary current sources with a layered arrangement of electrodes structure. Electrode unit comprises: an electrode group having a layered structure with a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a separator located between them having the shape of a slipcover. Unit is equipped with covers arranged at two ends of the electrode group in the direction of a set of layers and the first holder attached to the outer surfaces of the electrode group and the covers, herewith the first holder is electrically connected to the first electrode, which is one of the positive and the negative electrodes, and is not connected electrically to the second electrode, which is the other electrode of the positive and the negative electrodes, herewith between the electrode groups there is a central through hole located in the center, wherein the second holder is located on the side of the through hole and is isolated from the first holder by the cover. Multiple formed thus electrode units can be arranged in series one after another and placed in an outer shell, after which in the through hole a current collector is inserted.EFFECT: higher reliability due to elimination of electrodes displacement, easier assembling of a storage battery, as well as higher efficiency of cooling the layered storage battery unit are the technical result of the invention.19 cl, 15 dwg

ethod for preparation of insb substrate surface for heterostructure growing using mbe // 2613487
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the semiconductor manufacture technology - for manufacture of focal diode photodetector arrays on InSb substrates. The method for preparation of the InSb substrate surface for heterostructure growing using MBE invlovs preliminary processing of the InSb substrate surface with modification of the oxide layer composition to provide further complete removal of oxides. Oxide layer composition is modified by exposing the substrate to a liquid medium with pH less than two. That provides dilution of most indium oxides and surface saturation with highly volatile antimony oxides. After oxide layer modification, the remaining oxide layer is removed in a vacuum chamber of the molecular beam epitaxy unit using heat treatment and antimony stream delivery to the substrate surface.EFFECT: invention provides adherence to vacuum hygiene during growing of structures layers, eliminates the possibility of contamination of the InSb substrate surface, reduces roughness occurring during substrate surface preparation, provides the desired smoothness.6 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of drop-free ion flow forming at analyzed electric spraying solutions in ions sources with atmospheric pressure // 2613429
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mass-spectrometry. Method of forming drip-free continuous stable ion flow during analytes solutions electric spraying in sources of ions with atmospheric pressure is characterized by absence of drops formation in the beginning of electric spraying process, which substantially simplifies process of continuous and stable mono-dispersed flow of charged particles in wide range of sprayed liquid volumetric flow rates and, consequently, stable ion current of analyzed substances entering analyzer, as well as ion source long-term operation without disassembly and cleaning. Method features are: presence of solid controlled sliding gate valve from conducting material electrically connected to counter electrode, wherein counter electrode in initial state is closed by shutter. Besides, gas flow value pumped through coaxial channel before the beginning of electric spraying process, is set more than needed to obtain stable drop-free ion flow. At ions to analyzer inlet axis horizontal orientation meniscus from vertices of which charged particles emission in mode of drop-free continuous stable ion stream takes place, is installed at an angle to horizontal plane on ions to analyzer inlet axis.EFFECT: enabling formation of drop-free continuous stable ion flow during analytes solutions electric spraying in ions sources with atmospheric pressure under normal conditions at the beginning and termination of solution spraying with taking into account of liquid meniscus deformation under action of gravity.1 cl, 2 dwg
Superconducting wire manufacturing method and superconducting wire made using said method // 2613355
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is superconducting wire manufacturing method (versions) and superconducting wire. Method of superconducting wire manufacturing, according to which providing superconducting tape, which external surface is formed by first surface, second surface, opposite to first surface, and two side surfaces connecting first and second surfaces; forming copper layer on superconducting tape outer surface and attaching first metal tape and second metal tape on superconducting tape first and second surfaces, on which copper layer is formed, wherein copper layer formation comprises copper protective layer formation by physical deposition method, so, that to cover first surface, second surface and side surfaces; and stabilizing copper layer formation on copper protective layer by electrodeposition.EFFECT: invention provides transfer of large electric current per unit of cross-section area and low power loss.23 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for scanning mass spectrum by linear ion trap with dipole excitation // 2613347
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the spectrum mass scanning process the amplitude Ve and the frequency Ωe of the exciting voltage are changed in time, and the amplitude V and the frequency ω of the high voltage u1 and u2 remain constant, wherein the time-change laws of the amplitude Ve(T) and the frequency Ωe(T) of the exciting voltage are chosen so that the absolute resolution Δm of the linear trap with the dipole excitation in the range of the masses mmin-mmax remains constant.EFFECT: simplification of the mass scanning system and the high-frequency power supply of the linear quadrupole ion traps with a resonance output of the ions.2 dwg

Inductor core, arrangement for press and manufacturing method // 2613331
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Inductor core is made of a compressed soft magnetic powder material and comprises a base core portion having a first surface and an opposite second surface; an inner core portion extending from first surface in a direction transverse to first surface; an outer core portion extending, in direction transverse to first surface, from first surface to an end surface of outer core portion. Outer core portion at least partly surrounding inner core portion, thereby forming a space around inner core portion for accommodating a winding. First surface comprises a recess for accommodating a connection portion of winding, said recess extending at least a part of a distance between inner core portion and outer core portion. Outer core portion has a slit extending from said end surface towards recess. Second surface comprises a first protrusion oppositely arranged to recess.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of efficiency.14 cl, 10 dwg

Polymer composition for electric devices // 2613330
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a power cable of direct current, which contains a polymer composition and, probably, is cross-linkable and then cross-linked, as well as a method of producing a DC power cable, including a high-voltage DC power cable. DC power cable comprises a conductor enveloped by an inner semiconducting layer, an insulating layer and an outer semiconducting layer in the specified order. Herewith at least the insulating layer contains a polymer composition, which contains an ethylene polymer and an inorganic ion-exchange additive of hydrotalcite type in the amount of 0.000001–0.7 wt% with respect to the total weight of the polymer composition.EFFECT: obtained cable has low conductivity and good mechanical properties.10 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 4 ex

Switching device protective disconnection device // 2613329
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: protective disconnecting device is intended for switching device (1), having contact elements (2, 3) movable relative to each other. Using transmission gear ensuring relative motion between these contact elements (2, 3). Transmission gear has locking latch (7), in order to control contact elements (2, 3) movement relative to each other. Provided are first and second disconnecting devices (11, 12), which act on same locking latch (7) and actuate said lock latch (7) into action.EFFECT: technical result is higher operational reliability.25 cl, 5 dwg