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agnetic field screen for electromagnetic fields and vehicle with integrated magnetic field screen // 2614239
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: magnetic field screen consists mainly of a bimetal sheet (1) formed with, at least, three layers stacked one over another (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.1, 1.21, 1.22, 1.31, 1.32). Herewith, at least, one of the layers consists of the electrical sheet steel or electrical steel strip steel, at least, one of the layers consists of a steel sheet and, at least, one of the layers consists of a polymer material and/or an elastomer. Herewith, at least, one layer (1.3, 1.31, 1.32) of the polymer material and/or the elastomer, interconnects cohesively, at least, one layer (1.1) of the electrical sheet steel/electrical strip steel and, at least, one layer (1.2; 1.21, 1.22) of the steel sheet.EFFECT: creating the magnetic field screen characterized by the good shielding properties, being a structural element of the body or the chassis of the vehicle, and performing such functions as sealing the vehicle interior space against the environment, improving the sound insulation and the body rigidity.16 cl, 6 dwg

Calibration method of alternating force converters // 2613583
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for measuring the force applied to the alternating force converter till its subsequent calibration, is proposed. Herewith the alternating force, excited by the alternating force exciter 8, is converted by an elastic element 4 to the elastic deformation, which is measured by the laser interferometer 1.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.2 dwg

Electronic device // 2612414
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronic device, suitable for displaying. Achieved by fact, that electronic device includes: housing having two sides facing each other, having accommodation space inside it and having opening on one of two sides; and electronic device contained in accommodation space. Housing is made from first and second elements, which are separated in direction of housing opposite sides plane, and has opening for device insertion, at least, on one of first element and second element opposite sides.EFFECT: increasing strength and reducing weight of device.8 cl, 17 dwg

ethod for determining temperature characteristics of tree-component magnetometer and device for its implementation // 2610932
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to magnetic measurements and can be used for measuring components and full vector of the Earth field density. Substance of the invention consists in suggested method for determining thermal characteristics of three-component magnetometer (TM), by heating or cooling TM within the given temperature range and exposing TM to temperature until the temperature inside TM will be equal to the required number of temperature range values and defining at each value parameters of TM transforation characteristics by via orientation of its geometrical axes relative to axes of the reference coordinate system. Then, based on results of parameters determination at corresponding temperatures, TM thermal characteristics are measured. Herewith the measurement of parameters of TM transformation characteristic is performed via orientation of its geometrical axes in the Earth magnetic field relative to axes of base plane with the help of non-magnetic rotary device having rectangular shape, and thermal effect on TM is ensured by heat absorbing body of the rotary device, which is thermally isolated from outer sides after its heating or cooling. Also device for determining thermal characteristics of three-component magnetometer (TM) is disclosed, which contains non-magnetic rotary device, heating and cooling chamber, personal computer connected to the output of tested TM, temperature sensor and connected to its output temperature measuring device, the output of which is connected to the second input of personal computer. Herewith the rotary device having rectangular shape is made of nonmagnetic material in the form of heat absorbing body ribs of which are collinear to the corresponding axes of its own orthogonal coordinate system. Surface of the rotary device location in working position is the basic plane, oriented with its own axes relative to the vector of the Earth field density, provided that major part of surface of each rotary device edge has uniform rectangular recess, where heat insulating pad is inserted, and the remaining ribbed part of the edge surface in the form of narrow strips along the whole perimeter of recess, adjacent to the ribs of rotary device, is coated with thin layer of low-conductivity coating (paint). Inner part of heat absorbing body of rotary device is equipped with temperature sensor and has place and fixture for installation and fixation of tested TM with its own axes collinearly directed along the corresponding axes of rotary device coordinate system.EFFECT: technical result – simplification of means for determining thermal characteristics of TM, ensuring accuracy of their temperature calibration.2 cl, 1 dwg

odular system for data processing centre (dpc) // 2610144
FIELD: computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to modular computer system for data processing centre (DPC). Achieved by that, modular computer system includes one or more DPC modules, comprising rack-mounted computer systems. At least one electric module is connected to DPC modules and provides power supply of computer systems, located in DPC modules. One or more air conditioning modules are connected to DPC modules. DPC module may include two prefabricated parts, each of which includes a row of racks, including two or more rack-mounted computer systems, common passage on front side of a row of racks, rear passage on rear side of a row of racks, air inlet in a common passage and return air outlet in rear passage. Two parts of computer module, relating to DPC modules, can be connected to each other to form a computing space.EFFECT: technical result is providing initial DPC of computational power or its expansion, high efficiency of heat removal, providing protection from fire.14 cl, 10 dwg

Capillary device for display indicator of fluid medium and method of connection of fluid limiter with capillary tube (options) // 2608062
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: capillary device for displaying indicators of fluid medium containing fluid limiter and capillary tube. Limiter comprises through hole of small diameter. Capillary tube is made with possibility of filling of at least two immiscible additives fluid media. Fluid limiter is tightly connected with at least, one end of the capillary tube thus to communicate inner and outer surfaces of the capillary tube through the through hole fluid limiter. Inner surface of the capillary tube is preliminarily processed and is resistant and hydrophobic.EFFECT: proposed device ensures high degree of controllability of boundary surface or meniscus in between, at least two enclosed in a capillary tube fluid media with prevention of mixing.20 cl, 18 dwg

Device for air cooling of radioelectronic devices // 2605930
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling fuel elements, in particular, of radio-electronic devices, and can be used for intensive heat removal from microchips or other small-size radio-electronic items installed on printed circuit boards. Achieved by that, in the air cooling device of radioelectronic devices comprising a closed housing accommodating radioelectronic elements installed on radiators, between ribs of which there are parallel channels, and at least one exhaust fan moving air inside the housing the fan is located next to the housing wall located perpendicular to the said channels. On the opposite wall of the housing opposite to each channel there is at least one pair of two parallel slots with the length of not less than 10 mm and the distance between them of not less than 5 mm, herewith a formed by the slots rectangular plate is curved along its long side out of the housing in the form of an arch, and the total size of holes formed by the slots is proportional to the fan power.EFFECT: technical result is the increase of efficiency of cooling and improved weight and dimension characteristics.1 cl, 1 dwg

Electric device // 2605443
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric device, and more specifically to electric device with cooling unit for cooling of component, which needs cooling. Enabling by that side wall plate 18 closes side wall hole 16 in housing 2. Requiring cooling components 42 are installed in heat sink 32, located in housing 2. Heat sink 32 has rectangular opening 34, opening towards side wall hole 16. Ventilation holes 54 are formed through side wall plate 18. Ventilation path forming element 44 is mounted on side wall plate 18 inner surface so, that air flowing through ventilation holes 54, also passes through ventilation path forming element 44 inner space. Ventilation path forming element 44 cover rear wall 46 covers heat sink 32 rectangular opening 34.EFFECT: technical result is provision of electronic devices, which components, requiring cooling, are protected from dust, when they are cooled, and, at same time facilitating access to components for examination and maintenance.7 cl, 4 dwg

Device for heat removal from heat-generating objects // 2602805
FIELD: heat engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat engineering and can be used for providing heat-generating objects with efficient heat removal, for example, from electronic components, installed on one printed-circuit board in electronic module. Achieved by that, device comprises heat receiving element in form of plate from heat-conducting material with outer surface adjacent to heat-generating object, and heat-removing element in form of plate from heat-conducting material with outer surface adjacent to external heat sink, as well as heat-conducting element arranged between plates tightly to their inner surfaces. At that, heat conducting element is made in form of thermal grease layer, plates are made from flexible heat-conducting foil and equipped with through holes with diameter 0.1-2 mm evenly placed on their area, formation of through holes is performed by alternatively piercing heat-conducting foil from its inner and outer sides, and at through holes outputs produced by piercing, forming projections in heat-conducting foil in form of truncated cone with height of 0.1-2 mm and with generatrix inclination angle of 15°-90°.EFFECT: technical result is increase of heat removal efficiency.3 cl, 2 dwg

Housing for a portable electronic device // 2599149
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to portable electronic devices and can be used in designs of housings and removable panels for cellular phones, smart phones, USB flash drives, laptops, etc. In the housing of portable electronic device 1 consisting of external walls, inside the housing there are electronic components 2. There are process openings 3 in the housing, at least, one of external walls of the housing is raised and made according to electrotyping at electrochemical method during deposition of metal layer. There is additional support core 5 under deposited metal layer 4, support core is made of material of the non-metals group, support core is rigidly connected to the inner side of deposited metal layer.EFFECT: technical result is wider range of portable electronic devices, reduced cost, weight of the housing and production time, designing a new technology for making structural equipment using electrotyping method.11 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for compensation of systematic components of drift of gyroscopic sensors // 2598155
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to instrument-making and can be used in designing single- and three-axes meters of movement parameters - angular velocities and linear accelerations for inertial navigation systems and flight control systems for mobile objects. Disclosed is a method for compensation of temperature dependence of systematic components of drift of gyroscopic sensors, including measurement in factory conditions in the process of debugging sensitive elements of values of systematic components in the form of zero signals and scaling factors at fixed values of a row of temperatures within the operating range, description of piecewise linear or polynomial approximation of dependence of zero signal and scaling factor from the temperature. Herewith the measurement of systematic components in the form of zero signals and scaling factors at fixed values of the row of temperatures within the operating range is carried out during at least two runs of the sensitive elements. Calculated are average values of zero signals and scaling factors at fixed values of the row of temperatures within the operating range obtained during the runs. Obtained average values are used to determine coefficients of piecewise linear or polynomial approximation of temperature dependence. Then those coefficients are recorded into a microcontroller for the possibility of algorithmic compensation of the temperature dependence of zero signals and scaling factors during operation.EFFECT: technical result is the increase of accuracy characteristics of gyroscopic sensors.1 cl, 3 dwg

Control panel for measuring instrument // 2597072
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to control panels for measuring instruments. Proposed control panel (1) includes housing with at least one viewing and control window and at least one optical key (2) to be actuated by a finger through said window and having a transmitting element (3) and receiving element (4). Additionally there is at least one result processing unit for detecting actuation of optical key (2) and a mechanical keys (6), and control panel (1) in addition to optical key (2) configured for actuation by a finger has at least one corresponding finger-actuated mechanical key (6). Result processing unit deactivates optical key (2), as soon as mechanical key (6) is actuated, in particular in presence of multiple optical keys (2) configured for actuation by a finger and corresponding mechanical keys (6) configured for actuation by a finger, result processing unit deactivates all optical keys (2), if mechanical key is actuated.EFFECT: proposed panel provides possibility of reliable and fast control, including for open panel.13 cl, 2 dwg

Cooling system, method of operating such system and backup cooling device // 2592883
FIELD: cooling. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling devices, in particular to cooling devices for rooms and equipment. Cooling system comprises a main cooling device and a main cooling unit, in liquid communication with a heat exchanger, also main cooling unit is configured for cooling liquid coolant to be used in heat exchanger. Cooling system further comprises a backup cooling device, which includes a cooling reservoir, having a plurality of independent cold accumulators of small size, an auxiliary cooling unit is configured to cool a plurality of cold accumulators of small size during charging phase, valve, configured for selective connection of reservoir with main cooling device during output phase so that, plurality of cold accumulators of small size provides heat sink for cooling liquid coolant for main cooling device. EFFECT: technical result is providing continuous cooling, in particular, of computer equipment, to ensure uninterrupted data processing and integrity of computer equipment and servers in case of power supply failure. 40 cl, 2 dwg

Device for compensation of hypomagnetic conditions // 2592736
FIELD: space. SUBSTANCE: invention represents device, compensating negative action of hypomagnetic conditions on biological objects and systems, in particular, to astronaut at long-term flights outside of Earth magnetosphere. Device consists of dielectric frame volume comparable to that of torso, head and limbs astronaut, with located on frame of multilayer coating. Coating is formed wound on frame of alternating conducting and dielectric layers, for example, foil and polyethylene. Coating is equipped with leads for connection to current source. Inside volume confined by frame, while passing electric current through coating is created artificial magnetic field, which imitates Earth, thereby is protection against hypomagnetic conditions. EFFECT: device has relatively low power consumption and small weight. 5 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and measuring system for ascertaining density of a fluid // 2592043
FIELD: measuring equipment. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used for ascertaining liquid density. In the method and measurement system according to the invention, vibration body (10) contacted by a fluid (FL) can vibrate in such a manner as to at least proportionally perform mechanical vibrations (resonance vibrations) at a resonance frequency depending on the density of the fluid contacting first surface (10+) of the vibration body and on the temperature of the vibration body. Vibrations of the vibration body are detected by means of a vibration sensor (51) in order to generate at least one vibration measurement signal having at least one signal component that has a signal frequency corresponding to the resonance frequency dependent on the density of the fluid. In addition, a temperature sensor (61) is used to generate a temperature measurement signal representing a time curve of a variable vibration body temperature. Temperature measurement signal determined by the thermal conductance and a heat capacity of the vibration body can follow a change in the vibration body temperature from an initial temperature value Θ10,t1 to a temperature value Θ10,t2 only with a time delay. Density measurement values representing the density are generated on the basis of the vibration measurement signal and the temperature measurement signal, any discrepancies between the time curve of the vibration body temperature and the temperature measurement signal occurring in the process are taken into account or at least partially compensated. EFFECT: technical result is improved accuracy of obtained data. 13 cl, 8 dwg

Temperature compensation device cmut // 2590938
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used for temperature compensation in CMUT devices. CMUT devices are used in many applications, for example, for ultrasound imaging and pressure measurement. Said devices operate by sensing a change in capacitance caused by deflection of a membrane (32) comprising one of a pair of electrodes in device by ultrasound exposure of, or pressure applied on, membrane. CMUT device may be susceptible to effects of changing temperature.EFFECT: technical result is improved accuracy of obtained data.16 cl, 14 dwg

Device for heat removal from fuel components // 2586620
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electronics and electrical engineering and can be used for providing efficient heat removal from heat emitting components located mainly on single board made, for example, in form of metal sheet or metal printed circuit board. Proposed device comprises metal plate, made with possibility of heat emitting components fixation on it. At that, in metal plate at least one through hole is made forming channel for heat removal in space above metal board. At that, at least one through hole is equipped with tubular ventilation insert, made in lower part by size of through hole in form of nozzle for warm air intake, and in upper part is made by height of not lower than height of heat emitting components placed near it.EFFECT: higher efficiency of heat removal.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for correction of intrinsic temperature dependence of silicon photoelectric converters // 2585613
FIELD: instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of correction of natural temperature dependence of silicon photoconverters and may be used during thermal vacuum tests (TVT) of spacecraft (SC) or component parts thereof using solar radiation simulator. In disclosed method for correction of temperature dependence of silicon photoconverters, nonlinear temperature dependence of a specific photoconverter is determined directly before thermal vacuum tests by measuring temperature and illumination of photoconverter at different levels of illumination, plotting and approximation of curves of obtained data, analysis of angular dependence coefficients with subsequent construction and solution transcendental equation. Following results are achieved: correction of temperature dependence of silicon photoconverter is performed by analytical method, excluding use in vacuum chamber of additional heat-stabilising devices. During TVT, method comprises correcting deviation of photoconverter readings from actual installed illumination within a range of ± 12 %.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of method for correction of temperature dependence of silicon photoconverters.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of measuring pressure and calibration based on tensobridge integrated pressure transducer // 2585486
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for precision measurement of pressure based on tenso-bridge integrated pressure transducer in wide range of operating temperatures. Disclosed is method of measuring pressure and calibrating, in which calibration additive and multiplicative temperature error is carried out at continuous measurement of stresses with diagonals of tenso-bridge separately for minimum and maximum values of pressure at temperature change from minimum to maximum operating temperature and back, and non-linearity of converter from estimated pressure at pressure change in well and extreme points of working temperatures. Pressure is calculated by coefficient calculated during calibration, by sequential additive and multiplicative temperature error, as well as non-linearity of converter from pressure.EFFECT: higher measurement accuracy due to compensation of additive, multiplicative errors and nonlinearity tenso-bridge integrated pressure transducer in whole range of working temperatures and pressure at reduced time and labour intensity of calibration.1 cl, 4 dwg

Circular cover and body for field device // 2584873
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to explosion-proof field devices with detachable covers and technologies of their production. Proposed field device includes a body; a first circuitry assembly mounted on housing and located at least partially within housing; mounting support of first cover having a collar; interfaced limiting structures of fireproof tracks on mounting support of first cover and housing; first threaded connecting ring in place under mounting support of first cover and provides rotation relative to it; and second circuitry assembly attached to mounting support of first cover. First threaded connection ring is engaged with housing and includes structure engaging with flange mounting support of first cover for its attachment to housing. First circuitry assembly includes electric connector for plug-in connection with connector in housing for electric connection of units of first and second circuit.EFFECT: technical result is prevention of disorder, damage or destruction of sensitive circuits in physical contact with them or associated structures (for example, glass display carrying BIS circuit).20 cl, 9 dwg

Electronic device cooling // 2581654
FIELD: electronic equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling of electronic device containing electronic compartment formed by housing and at least one electronic board fitted in housing. Proposed board (1) is made for installation with possibility if dismantling in housing (10) by its movement along slot (13, 13a) till operating position is reached, whereupon installation of board is carried out through surface (17) of housing insert (10). Device comprises heat sink (20) of elongated shape, arranged along slot (13, 13a) ensuring withdrawal of heat emitted by components (12), and facility (25, 30) for heat extraction withdrawn by heat sink (20), besides, facilities (25, 30) of withdrawal are located outside of electronic compartment, or at the level of insert surface (17), or at the level of rear surface (18) opposite to insert surface (17).EFFECT: ensuring the same reduced time for replacement of board, whether it is equipped with or not special cooling means.11 cl, 7 dwg

Cooling device for heat dissipating equipment // 2580675
FIELD: cooling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling devices and can be used in electric power elements with high heat release. Disclosed cooling device includes housing 7, dielectric plate 2, mounting platform 3 with inner hollow shape at cooled element 1 (device), radial fins 4 with heat exchange intensifiers, fan 8 installed in upper part of housing. Between radial fins 4 are provided removable chamber 10 with liquid low-boiling coolant, wherein radial fins 4 are components of stationary 21 and removable fins 22 and each removable chamber 10 is provided with a viewing window 16, filler 11 and drain neck portion 14 with sealed screw cap 12, outlet tube 13 and side flanges 18 with holes for bolting. In said stationary radial fins 21 are integrally formed with mounting platform and on ends of each stationary fin, a groove for installing removable radial fins 22 and holes 18 for bolting stationary edges and two removable side flanges of adjacent chambers.EFFECT: technical result is improving efficiency of device by means of heat exchange intensification, increasing device reliability.3 cl, 11 dwg

Device for automatic control of position of object in two mutually perpendicular directions // 2579781
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: device for automatic adjustment of object position in two mutually perpendicular directions relates to instrument making and can be used for automatic adjustment of object position in two mutually perpendicular directions. Set task is achieved due to the fact, that the device contains a moveable object, lead screws, electric motors, reduction gears, drives control unit, absolute encoders of the turning angle, digital output of which is connected to measuring and computing complex. Measuring and computing complex, via power modules, controls the drive operation modes: acceleration, rated motion, braking, stop. Measuring and computing complex performs measurement of radio-technical parameters coming from the controlled article.EFFECT: technical result consists in expansion of functional capabilities and exclusion of manual control by the operator from the process of mouthpiece positioning.3 cl, 1 dwg

Corner element for front side of metal housing // 2579163
FIELD: electrical appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used particularly in production of electric heating devices, particularly convectors, radiators and other radiating devices, and relates to a corner element of front side of a metal body. Element of corresponding face side of a metal body, forming a corner on front side, wherein front side comprises bend of material on its rear surface and at least one corner hole, closed by element of front side, characterised by that it comprises a positioning device (2, 3, 4) for interaction with contours of front side, for which there is an element, and at least one latching lug (5, 6) to rest against bend of front side to bring positioning device (2, 3, 4) into contact with corresponding contours of front side.EFFECT: aim of invention is to design a novel corner element of front side, which prevents formation of scratches during assembly, while achieving improved aesthetic assembly taking into account presence of possible gaps when making front side by bending.11 cl, 4 dwg

Support stand for x-ray apparatus // 2578398
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: support stand for an X-ray apparatus comprises two identical holders, each of which is configured attachable to the body of the X-ray apparatus and coupled to at least one magnet configured detachably coupled to the surface of an X-ray examination object. Each holder is movably connected to a U-shaped handle configured rotatable about an attachment point to the holder.EFFECT: more reliable service of the X-ray apparatus.2 cl, 4 dwg

Display device, software, record medium and method of temperature assessment // 2578266
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: display device is proposed, which provides for the possibility of the accurate assessment of ambient air temperature around the display device, as well as a record medium and the method to assess the ambient air temperature. A sensor 10 of panel temperature and a sensor 20 of a switching circuit board temperature are located in different places of a display device 100. A control unit 30 sets information about the ratio, which indicates the ratio between the first difference ΔTp of temperatures between the temperature Tp, measured by the sensor 10 of panel temperature and temperature Te of the environment, and the second difference ΔTs of temperatures between the temperature Ts, measured by the sensor 20 of the switching circuit board temperature, and temperature Te of the environment. The control unit 30 evaluates the temperature Te of the environment on the basis of the specified information about the ratio of also about temperatures Tp and Ts, measured by the sensor 10 of the panel temperature and the sensor 20 of the temperature of the switching circuit board.EFFECT: increased accuracy of produced data.6 cl, 10 dwg

Device for fixation and protection of submersible telemetry system units // 2578017
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas production industry and can be used for protection of submersible telemetry systems. Technical result consists in improvement of reliability of protection of submersible telemetry system units, reduction of costs of lowering-lifting operations in case of a failure of a submersible telemetry system unit. Device for fixation and protection of submersible telemetry system units includes a housing with two submersible telemetry system units. At that, the body represents a tubing string conduit with two inclined holes and props under them, while on top of this conduit there is fixed a plate and at the two ends of the tubing string conduit there are located threaded parts.EFFECT: for attachment of submersible telemetry system units there are used fixing collars in one of which there is a slot.1 cl, 1 dwg

Facing material for antenna measurements in unadapted room // 2577796
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for antenna measurements in an unadapted room. Invention presupposes that facing material, made in the form of a structure based on cardboard coated with carbon-containing compound, characterised by the fact that it is made on the basis of corrugated cardboard cells for placement of hen's eggs, and, as the carbon-containing compound, there is used is a mixture of finely dispersed carbon, received by SHF pyrolysis of methane, and zapon in the ratio from 1:8 to 1:12, at that, the surface density of the applied carbon is from 30 to 50 g per square metre.EFFECT: lower labor input and reduced cost of material.1 cl, 2 dwg

Device for determining orientation of object based on stars // 2577558
FIELD: astronautics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to space navigation and can be used for rapid accurate determination of spacecraft orientation relative to inertial coordinate system. Device for determining celestial orientation of object includes a housing, an optical system, a lens hood, a matrix radiation receiver, a computing device, electronic memory with onboard navigation catalogue stars. Well arrangement of the sensor is used, wherein the optical system and blind are combined into central module, partially located inside the housing of the sensor, the blind is holder of the optical system, and central module is the housing cover. Around the central module there is a single electronic board which is fixed to side walls and case base with screws. Board comprises flexible sections, at which the Board is bent so that the main fuel elements are pressed to side walls of the housing and matrix radiation receiver to case base. Note here that heat release from the walls and base of the housing is conducted by heat exchange due to heat conductivity through at least three fastening lugs of the body base and partially by radiant heat exchange with inner surface of the built-in blind. In the board under lower surface of the radiation detector array is arranged thermoelectric cooler Peltier in contact with housing base through a heat-conducting paste or gasket.EFFECT: reduced weight and overall dimensions, as well as high heat removal.3 cl, 6 dwg

Composition for producing radiation-proof phenol formaldehyde foam plastic // 2576640
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in three engineering fields which require light, non-combustible, heat-insulating radiation-proof materials, which are resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and aggressive gaseous media, for example aviation, space exploration, shipbuilding, machine building, transportation, civil and industrial construction. The composition contains phenol-formaldehyde resin FRV-1A, acid catalyst VAG-3 in amount of 40-80 pts.wt per 100 pts.wt and carbonaceous radiation-absorbent filler in amount of 30-70 pts.wt per 100 pts.wt resin.EFFECT: obtaining fire-resistant and light radiation-proof material.6 cl, 2 tbl, 8 ex

Squeezing device and container comprising such device // 2576527
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: container has at least one main housing having a hole surrounded by a rib, and a lid which can be placed on the rib of the hole or inserted into it. For opening the container in a simple manner without causing damage, a squeezing shoulder is made on the main housing or the lid, at least in a portion in the circumferential direction of the container. In addition, at least one squeezing part is provided on the lid or the main housing with the possibility of its rotation between the squeezing position and the passive position. In the squeezing position the squeezing part rests on the squeezing shoulder to separate the lid from the main housing with creation of the gap.EFFECT: creation of the squeezing device of the respective container, in which the container can be opened in a simple manner without causing damage.18 cl, 3 dwg

Noise-reduction housing for electronic equipment // 2574608
FIELD: physics, acoustics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a noise-reduction housing for electronic equipment and a method of making same. The structure interacts with equipment located within for defining the inlet plenum and the output plenum. External air passes through the inlet opening of the housing in the inlet plenum, through equipment in the outlet plenum and comes out of the structure through the outlet opening of the housing. The inlet and/or outlet opening have partition walls. The partition walls consist of an elastic material which forms openings which are linked by a fluid medium with the internal chamber and the space outside the housing. The partition walls are arranged such that they prevent direct visibility from the inside of the structure to the outside or reduce visibility, while keeping ventilation channels between the partition walls open.EFFECT: reduction of noise while improving heat exchange of the equipment is achieved due to that the noise reduction housing formed inside has a structure which defines an internal chamber, having ventilation openings for inlet and outlet of cooling air.15 cl, 18 dwg

Collapsible screened chamber with double screen // 2573722
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: chamber comprises rectangular modules, each having a frame from a dielectric material. Each frame is coated at two sides by webs from an electroconductive material, adjacent side edges of neighbouring modules are electrically and mechanically connected to each other, forming solid inner and outer screens, galvanically disconnected from each other. The frame is made of a timber of a square cross section of two types, in the timber of the first type along the middle of one of the sides there is a symmetrical stepped slot, and in the timber of the second type along the middle of one of sides there is a ridge, at the sides of which there are adjoining slots. The specified web on each side of the module is extended to the edges of the module, bent and inserted into the slots of timber of both types, in the slots the web is pressed by a metal strip.EFFECT: development of the chamber design using standard joiner's elements, making it possible to manually assemble or disassemble, without the limitation of the minimum area and height of a room for the chamber, and also without the loss of screening efficiency.3 cl, 21 dwg

agnetic and electromagnetic display // 2572059
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: magnetic and electromagnetic display consists of the films of amorphous metal alloy with magnetic permeability not lower than 103. Said films are composed of the tabs with the maximum-to-minimum crosswise size ratio not exceeding at least one order of magnitudes. Said tabs are arranged with overlap of their edges along the perimeter and secured with resilient sheets abutting on their surface in section located outside the tabs overlap zone at tolerable display surface deformation magnitude.EFFECT: preservation of the display protective properties at 3D surface deformation.3 dwg

ethod to compensate for amplitude drift in spectrometer and spectrometer realising specified method // 2571185
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of spectral measurements and relates to method of amplitude drift compensation in a spectrometer. The method includes performance of standardisation process, including measurement of standardisation sample spectrum and zero material amplitude spectrum, and calculation of a double-beam spectrum related to standardisation sample. The produced double-beam spectrum will be compared to predetermined desired spectral values, and mathematical transformation is formed to correct the measured data. The method also includes periodical performance of standardisation process during service life of the spectrometer, and production of reference single-beam zero material spectrum in the spectrometer. In the intervals between performance of standardisation procedures they measure zero material spectrum, and mathematical transformation is modified with the help of a function based on comparison of produced spectrum with reference zero material spectrum, and describing length of optical path via the sample holder.EFFECT: increased accuracy of measurements.4 cl, 1 dwg

easurement module // 2570216
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: measurement module is proposed, the body of which consists of a base and a cover. The base of the body is made flat, and its external surface is equipped with a magnet plate, on the inner surface along the contour there is a guide element, and location beds are fixed for power supply sources, and between location beds there are tubular stands with a threaded axial hole, on which a printed circuit board is fixed, connecting wires of which are connected to an input socket and/or a sensitive measurement element, and which includes a port for connection to the computer. The cover is made as lenticular and comprises two parts, nose and main part interacting along the detachment line, besides, the nose part is equipped with at least one window, for exit of the sensitive element and/or input socket, in the rear area of the main part of the cover there is a window for connection of the port with the computer USB. The contour of the main part of the cover is equipped with a guide element interacting with the support element of the nose part of the cover and the guide element of the flat base.EFFECT: convenience of operation and provision of measurements of a whole row of physical values.7 cl, 8 dwg

Blast anti-fragmentation protective structure // 2569978
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the protective structure including a solid protective barrier. The latter is made from the rear side opposite the blast effects, in the area of filling with the nearing structural element. The latter can be composed of several thrust knee-pieces with circular edges and common guide sheet welded thereto or several similar knee-pieces with separate guide sheets. Aforesaid thrust structural element is arranged so that the guide sheet is directed toward the barrier.EFFECT: higher blast resistance owing to higher strength of the barrier.4 dwg

ethod for reducing negative effect of cell phone on individual // 2569726
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: in a method for reducing the negative effect of a cell phone on an individual, during a telephone conversation, an ear auricle touching the phone is exposed to a flicker magnetic field, a maximum density of which within the auricle is specified within 2-5 mcT; the flicker magnetic field is generated by a flat multilayer inductance coil arranged in the cell phone on the side attached to the auricle; when calling or answering the call, the inductance coil is connected to a flicker current generator provided in the cell phone and having working frequencies specified within the range of 0.005-100 Hz.EFFECT: reducing the negative effect of the cell phone on the individual as compared to known analogue methods.3 cl, 4 dwg

Electromagnetic shielding system for protected room // 2569393
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic shielding system for the protected room with constructive and engineering solutions selected from the list (a-e) stipulated by architectural and/or process peculiarities of the above room including the following: a) pipeline inlet node, for example, heat supply pipeline, hot and/or cold water pipeline, sprinkler system pipeline; b) input node for air channels of combined extract-and-input system of ventilation and air conditioning system; c) input node for electric mains both low-current mains and power supply mains and grounding systems; d) translucent structures in window apertures of building envelopes; e) entry groups of rooms in door apertures, and the following shielding facilities are envisaged: cutoff waveguide with potential usage of dielectric insert for pipeline inlet unit (a); channel of polymer material for air duct input node (b); braided shield and cutoff waveguides for input node of the electric mains (c); electromagnetic shield, for example, of woven metal mesh for the translucent structure (d); door panel manufactured with usage of shielding material, for example, of woven metal mesh or metal sheet for door aperture (e).EFFECT: invention allows increase in efficiency factor of electronic countermeasures system in the protected rooms.5 cl, 1 dwg

Infrared measurement of temperature, and its stabilisation // 2567095
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used for temperature measurement of the object. The invention presents versions of an infrared (IR) temperature measurement system. This invention performs active stabilisation of temperature of objects nearby and on the way between an infrared (IR) sensor and the target object. In order to control the power supplied to resistive temperature transducers (RTD), a temperature meter and control that controls current force supplied to RTD is used. As a result, temperatures of objects visible in IR range can be stabilised in an active manner at changes, for example changes in environmental temperature, which leads to effective and accurate readings of temperature.EFFECT: improving accuracy of obtained data.15 cl, 16 dwg

Casing with deformation area to balance pressure and system of sealing element installation in casing // 2566088
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the casing, in particular, out of plastic to receive at least one technical functional block. The casing contains at least two parts tightly connected with each other in the contact plane along the sealing surface. The first part (1) of the casing is connected with the second part (8) of the casing by means of the sealing element (7) along the sealing surface (3), to which at the external side the binding face abuts being entirely connected with it. To balance pressure oscillations at least one part (8) of the casing has the elastic deformed area of deformation made with possibility of deformation to release the hole for gas exchange between the internal space of the casing and environment. Thanks to this the part (8) of the casing together with the sealing element (7) can move in the contact plane from the sealing surface (3) to the binding face such that using the slot-like recesses of the biding face ensuring leakage under the sealing element (7), the pressure is balanced. At that the sealing element (7) along its external periphery is closed by the shoulder (9) of second part (8) of the casing supporting the sealing element (7) return after movement.EFFECT: assurance of possibility of pressure oscillations balance in relation to the internal space of the casing relatively to the environment without significant design changes and without additional structural elements.9 cl, 4 dwg

Climatic screened camera // 2558706
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: climatic screened chamber comprises the screened housing, the screened door, the screened input unit with electric connectors, the sealing screening gaskets and air sealing gaskets, low-frequency filters, the device for control of climatic effects inside the test space. The external walls of the screened housing are coated with the radio absorbing material, into the screened housing the test container is inserted which is implemented in the form of TEM-cell the lower wall of which is implemented as a test table, in the walls of the screened housing the electric sensors, heat exchanger tubes, the screening layer from tapes of magnetically soft alloys are embedded. Just near the chamber the temperature and electromagnetic field sensor is located. The screened door is made demountable, its inner side is implemented in the form of test table, and into its internal cavity the electromechanical lock, heat exchanger tubes screening a layer from magnetosoft alloys, and also the screened input unit with protective covers and noise-suppressing filters are inserted, in the cut slot of the screened door the sealing screening, air and sealing gaskets are provisioned, which when closing a door are pressed to the screening groove placed in the screened housing, the door is opened and closed by means of the worm elevator and above the named electromechanical lock the pressing force of which is monitored by above-mentioned electric sensors.EFFECT: improvement of efficiency of screening of the test container from external electromagnetic radiation and climatic effects.5 dwg

Combined substrate with liquid cooling and manufacturing method of combined substrate with liquid cooling // 2556020
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a metal-ceramic fixed substrate, and namely to a combined substrate with liquid cooling, and to its manufacturing method. Combined substrate 1 with liquid cooling, in which metal mounting plate 15 made from aluminium or an aluminium alloy, is connected to one surface of ceramic substrate 10, one surface of plate-like metal base plate 20 made from aluminium or an aluminium alloy is connected to other surface of ceramic substrate 10, and radiator 30 of a liquid cooling type, which consists of extrusion material, is connected to other surface of metal base plate 20, in which the ratio of thickness t1 of metal mounting plate 15 to thickness t2 of metal base plate 20 meets t2/t1≥2, where thickness t1 of metal mounting plate 15 is 0.4 to 3 mm, and thickness t2 of metal base plate 20 is 0.8 to 6 mm.EFFECT: reduction of costs for materials and production, reduction of bending (deformation of shape), and improving strength and heat-radiating productivity.19 cl, 21 dwg, 3 tbl, 5 ex

Electronic unit // 2554113
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used in radio-electronic equipment blocks in which plug-in electronic modules are installed and which operate in conditions of high heat release by radio-electronic equipment components, significant mechanical loads, as well as aggressive weather conditions during field use. An electronic unit includes channels which form a coolant stream. Through said channels, which are located in the walls of the unit, the coolant stream can reach electronic modules and can also reach the inside of said modules through an opening in the housing. Other openings in the housing of the unit link said channels with the outer space. Any of the openings can be made while ensuring air-tightness.EFFECT: providing an electronic unit with a new functional capability of cooling electronic modules by directing a coolant stream into said modules when installed in the unit, as well as improving efficiency of removing heat released by radio-electronic equipment components while saving the coolant.3 cl, 9 dwg

Computer unit // 2554089
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in a railway automation system equipment having high requirements for moisture and dust protection. The computer unit includes functional cells in the form of printed-circuit boards with electronic components mounted on guides and connected by electrical connectors at their ends with a motherboard and protected by a casing. The casing consists of side walls, front and rear frames which form a chassis, to which a cover, a base and front and rear panels are mounted. On the inner side of the side walls there are stiffening ribs, along the upper edges of which there are grooves; at the ends there are openings for mounting the front and rear frames, and their sides adjoin protrusions to which rails are mounted, and guides are mounted perpendicularly. Around the inner periphery of the front and rear frames there are mating surfaces, on the outer side of which there are grooves under elastic spacers, on the corners of the opening for mounting side walls to the stiffening ribs, and on the inner side along the upper and lower edges there are horizontal protrusions which form grooves which, when assembling the chassis, form a closed loop of grooves on its upper and lower surfaces under elastic spacers. The functional cells are inserted into the chassis and are attached by one end to the mating surface of the front frame, and by the other end to the motherboard, which is mounted across the chassis and is mounted to the rear rails. Functional cells with high heat dissipation are fitted with heatsinks. The front panel has radiators and functional cells with heatsinks are mounted under the radiators. On the inner side of the front panel around openings for connectors there are grooves for elastic spacers.EFFECT: high reliability of protecting the unit from electromagnetic radiation, external vibrations, moisture and dust penetration and providing effective heat removal from electronic components with high heat dissipation.3 cl, 4 dwg

Protection device // 2551397
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of screening and may be used in structures exposed to pulse loads of high intensity. The device comprises an explosion-proof screen damaged under action of external pulse load, a base fixed rigidly with the help of stands on the body of the protected structure. The screen is installed on the base at the side of direction of external pulse action with the help of fixation elements, which are chosen with the condition of their damage at the moment of impact of the external load at the screen. The surface of the protected structure between stands at the side of action of the outer load is equipped with a damping coating made of hardened polyurethane foam applied by means of foaming directly onto the protected structure. Thickness and density of the coating are determined on the basis of provision of protected structure strength determined by calculation of its dynamic model.EFFECT: possibility to ensure high level of protection under minimum size and mass limitations at a structure.1 dwg

Core-type radiator (versions) // 2549337
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heat-removing equipment, can be used in heat exchange systems of gas and liquid cooling, as well as for removal of heat from heat-loaded solid elements. A core-type radiator made from heat dissipating material includes a base and a lot of hollow cells. Ribs connected to each other with transverse plates are fixed on the surface of the base; the transverse plates are connected to each other with binding plates, thus forming a honeycomb structure. The ribs are fixed on the external surface of the base.EFFECT: improving heat dissipation efficiency.17 cl, 6 dwg

ultichannel fluid cooling system for mobile object // 2548215
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: system is intended for fluid cooling of phase-locked antenna of mobile radio location station. Each cooling module of the system is lifted from container by turning horizontal coaxial axles by multilink lever-cam mechanism driven by electric device, its rod moving reciprocally to produce alternating movement of its links, thus allowing for fixation of the unit in end points of turns after movement completion and for unlocking of the unit first for further shift to farthest opposite position and fixation there.EFFECT: improved heat exchange due to increased number of forced-draught fans and heat exchangers with enhanced efficiency due to positioning fans and heat exchangers close to each other outside of container, allowing for unit maintenance and repair after operation.5 cl, 14 dwg

Sealed electronic unit // 2548124
FIELD: instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: sealed electronic unit comprises cup-shape case 1, cover 2 tightly jointed therewith, chassis 4 arranged inside said case and bolted 3 to said cover 2. This unit includes suspension 8 and sealed lead-in 5 secured by nut 7 in the case cup bottom, on its outside. Said sealed lead-in 5 is rigidly fastened with chassis 4. Nut 7 is arranged in sleeve 9 rigidly secured to case 1. Said sleeve 9 is provided with limiting elements to prevent nut 7 translation over thread of sealed lead-in 5. For ease of nut 7 rotation, it is rigidly coupled with suspension 8, for example, welded thereto.EFFECT: enhanced performances, simplified design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device to remove heat from heat releasing components // 2546963
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of electronics and may be used to provide for effective heat release from printed circuit boards with electronic components placed on them. In the device comprising two plates from highly heat conductive materials the first plate is fixed on the printed circuit board with heat releasing components placed on it. At the same time the first plate is fixed on the frontal side of the printed circuit board with heat releasing components placed on it and at the side facing the heat releasing components placed on the printed circuit board is made in the form of a replica of the frontal side of the printed circuit board with heat releasing components placed on it, and the second plate from highly heat conductive materials is fixed on the back side of the printed circuit board.EFFECT: increased efficiency of heat removal.9 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl