Educating and cryptography and display and advertising and seals (G09)

G   Physics(391163)
G09            Educating; cryptography; display; advertising; seals(11205)

ethod and device for colour adjustment // 2628532
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of colour adjustment is proposed, and it comprises: obtaining frame data from a frame buffer; converting the frame data from the original colour space to the linear original colour space by a reverse gamma correction process to obtain the frame data in the linear original colour space; converting the frame data in the linear original colour space to a linear target colour space to obtain frame data in the linear target colour space; and performing gamma correction of the frame data in the linear target colour space using the target gamma coefficient to obtain the frame data in the target colour space.EFFECT: in the invention by performing the inverse data frame gamma correction process from a frame buffer, transformation past inverse gamma correction on frame data in the linear target colour space and performing the frame data to gamma correction in the linear target colour space for receiving the frame data in the target colour space, solved the problem of inconsistent effects display of the same data frame to multiple devices, the effect is realised in accordance to coordinated display and the same data shot on different devices.9 cl, 5 dwg

ultilayer composition, film and corresponding methods // 2628388
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multilayer structure contains a printing film and a pre-pressable film. The printing film comprises a printing layer and a carrier layer. In one embodiment, the print film further comprises an adhesive layer. In another embodiment, the print film further comprises an anti-adhesive patch. The printing layer comprises a polymeric material and a silicone additive. The material to be pre-pressed contains a polymeric material. The material to be pre-pressed may further comprise a functional material.EFFECT: environmentally friendly multi-layer structure provides improved printing properties.15 cl, 1 tbl, 7 dwg, 1 ex

Image forming device // 2628371
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to display three-dimensional objects, particularly, in navigation systems, machine design and construction, for visualization of tomographic information and for complex operations in medicine, in modeling three-dimensional problems in science and technology, in computer simulators and games, advertising, entertainment, television broadcasting. The image forming device comprises a housing with an upper transparent casing (screen) mounted on it, a three-dimensional image (video signal) signal source consisting of odd and even fields connected to the video encoder and the video signal selector, a switch, a non-contacting motor with an automatic speed control system of the shaft, connectors installed in the walls of the housing for transmission of video signal and power supply of electronic devices from the external sources. Also, a reciprocating mechanism for scanning a three-dimensional image is introduced into it, the first and the second channels for the formation of the three-dimensional image consisting of odd and even fields, the corrector for line spacing of the vertical scanning in the reciprocating motion of the light-emitting matrices.EFFECT: providing the possibility of expanding the information and functionality of the three-dimensional display, increasing its efficiency.4 cl, 24 dwg

Devices and methods of optical data transmission in led screen // 2628230
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: when assembling segments, the positions of the LED modules with the unique identifiers of the LED modules are recorded in the central database, when turned on, the video controller asks the LED segment modules for their unique identifiers, if the positions of the LED modules with such unique identifiers are not in the video controller's memory, these positions are requested from the central database and stored in the memory of the video controller.EFFECT: providing the possibility to determine the position of the LED modules inside the LED screen during optical data transmission to the LED modules.5 cl, 13 dwg

atrix substrate, liquid crystal display panel and method of its excitation // 2628194
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the liquid crystal display panel, scanning is performed in the scanning direction. When there is a scan signal on the scan line associated with the pixel in the next row of the given pixel, the compensation circuit of this pixel on the subelectrode of the given pixel operates such that the ratio of the voltage difference between the subelectrode and the common electrode to the voltage difference between the main electrode and the common electrode during a power applying cycle with the case of positive polarity was equal to the ratio of the voltage difference between the subelectrode and the common electrode to the voltage difference between the main electrode and the common electrode during the power applying cycle with the case of negative polarity.EFFECT: reducing the colour distortion.10 cl, 7 dwg

icrocircuit goa for joint excitation of shell electrode and general electrode, excitation scheme and matrix // 2628188
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: microcircuit includes a trigger circuit, the first selective input circuit, the second selective input circuit that is used to pass the high level input signal for the common electrode and the high level input signal for the gate electrode to the trigger output of the trigger circuit in different time sequences to raise the voltage on the output terminal of the start-up circuit, the third selective input circuit used to select the level signals or front signals on the gate line n+1 and the gate line n+4 as a signal for restarting the trigger circuit, the fourth selective input circuit, which is used to lower the voltage therein, a selective output circuit, the input of which is connected to the output terminal of the start-up circuit, for selective output of the excitation signal of the gate electrode or the excitation signal of the common electrode.EFFECT: decreasing the through-voltage to improve the quality of the gray scale on the display.17 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for identification of geographical locations // 2628147
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: method is performed by selecting an area within the map data, dividing the area into the first plurality of cells, wherein each is uniquely addressed by the first-length identifier, selecting an area part, dividing that part into the second plurality of cells, wherein each is uniquely addressed by the second-length identifier, wherein the second length is shorter than the first length, selecting an additional area part, dividing the said additional part by the third plurality of cells, wherein each is uniquely addressed by the third-length identifier, wherein the third length is shorter than the first length and the second length, and the geographic location within both the said part and the additional part is uniquely identified by each of identifiers of the first length, the second length and the third length.EFFECT: ensuring that the identifiers are assigned to geographic locations within the digital map data.14 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for prediction of ecoli translocation from interstine in case of non-cultured type of infectious process in experiment with rabbits // 2628063
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: method involves infection of rabbits using a suspension of non-cultivated P. aeruginosa and S. aureus bacteria in concentrations of 105-106 microbial cells per 1 ml on a physiological solution of sodium chloride, which is administered subcutaneously. ALT and urea are examined in the blood serum on days 1-2 and 4-5. With ALT equal to 53.0-63.0 u/l on days 1-2, and 57.0-69.0 u/l on days 4-5, and urea concentration index equal to 4.6-6.6 u/l on days 1-2, and 1.3-1.9 u/l on day 4-5, development of E. coli translocation from the intestine to the internal organs of the animal is predicted.EFFECT: results allow to extrapolate the obtained data to humans in order to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients in case infectious processes caused by noncultured bacteria.2 ex, 1 tbl

ethod of estimation and analysis of flight technique using data of flight data recorders of parametric flight information // 2628031
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: for the analysis of flight technique they formalize combat training courses in a certain way, develop and enter methodological exercise schemes into the database, develop flight tasks based on a formalized course and methodical schemes, develop identification models for various flight elements, read the recorded information from the flight data recorders, identify the flight elements, compare the identification results with the flight task data, and estimate the completeness and sequence of its implementation, evaluate individual flight elements and the flight as a whole, analyze the flight technique detecting violations of the flight element procedure, record the results in a statistic database, obtain generalized data on the flight proficiency of aviation crews.EFFECT: reliability of the results of estimation and analysis of flight technique.5 cl, 1 tbl, 3 dwg

Source of led backlight and lcd device // 2627937
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: LED backlight source includes: an inverter for increasing the DC voltage input and for outputting an increased DC voltage; a number of LED strings connected in parallel, wherein each of the LED strings includes a number of series-connected LEDs and the first resistor, and each of the LED strings receives an increased DC voltage from the inverter; an overcurrent protection circuit for controlling the output power of the inverter according to the detected resistance and a short circuit protection circuit for adjusting the resistance detected by the overcurrent protection circuit according to the voltage across the two terminals of the first resistor.EFFECT: in the configuration, when one of the LED string resistors is short-circuited, the inverter output power is reduced to prevent burnout of the electronic parts of the former and increase safety and reliability.12 cl, 5 dwg

Display // 2627936
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: display comprises a flexible plate member including the first and the second surfaces, a frame member provided on the first surface of the plate member and extending in one direction of the first surface and a flexible display body disposed on the side of the plate member, on which the second surface is provided. Herewith the display comprises a reinforcing structure extending in a direction orthogonal to the direction, in which the frame member passes. The plate member includes the first protrusion extending in the direction orthogonal to the direction, in which the frame member passes, the first protrusion serving as the reinforcing structure. At the same time, the plate member includes a plurality of the second protrusions arranged parallel to each other. The second protrusions are arranged in the form of a grid in the direction, in which the frame member passes. In addition, the display body includes a liquid crystal panel, a light source and a heat plate dissipating heat, the heat plate being located on the recessed portion of the first projection.EFFECT: creating a reinforced flexible display, in which the probability of the curved shape loss of the plate element is reduced.5 cl, 21 dwg

Display device and method for backlight control // 2627641
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: control section controls alternately switching the control period, during which the backlight emits light, and the pause period, during which the backlight does not emit light, with a predetermined period. The control section controls the ratio of the control period and the pause period and controls the amount of the backlight control current during the control period. The control section sets the pause period as a predetermined period and controls the control current for the range, where the set point value is less than the set value, sets the control current to the predetermined value, and reduces the pause period duration less than the predetermined period for the range, where the set point exceeds the predetermined value.EFFECT: increasing the brightness adjustment range.9 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for simulation of lesser circulation hypertension // 2627463
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: male Wistar rats aged 10-12 months are used, that are subject to tracheotomy along the median line below the thyroid isthmus. Then, a silicone tube, 1 cm long, with the outside diameter of 2 mm with obtuse rounded ends is directed into the tracheal lumen. The upper edge of the inserted tube is compared with the lower edge of the tracheotomy wound, the conductor is removed while holding the tube, the tracheotomy is sutured by an U-shaped suture through the upper and lower tracheal semicircles with one-stage tube fixation to the inner surface of the tracheal wall. For this, the thread is conducted from the outside through the membrane portion between the 6th and the 7th tracheal cartilages with the needle exit into the tracheal lumen, then the needle is drawn along the upper edge of the silicone tube, the next injection is carried out from the inside outwards, through the membrane portion of the anterior wall of the trachea between the 8th and the 9th cartilages, pricking out on the anterior wall of the trachea. This manipulation is also carried out on the other side, in the reverse order. The knot is fixed on the inter-cartilage gap between the 6th and the 7th cartilages of the trachea. Sternohyoids are joined by a nodular suture, the skin is sutured continuously.EFFECT: method allows to obtain a model of lesser circulation hypertension with characteristic signs of the clinical course of the disease.1 ex, 4 dwg
ethod for simulation of subacute liver exposure to toxic formalin // 2627444
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: formalin (CH2O) is used, which is injected orally to male rats every day, at the rate of 0.1 ml per 100 g of animal weight, for 14 days. On day 14, animals are decapitate with subsequent laboratory tests and liver study. The model of subacute lesions caused by the oral introduction of formalin (CH2O) is obtained, represented by increased degenerative processes in the liver, evolving creatininemia, increased transaminase level, development of cholestasis, and histologically proven by expressed degenerative damages of almost all sites of the liver.EFFECT: method allows to obtain a model of subacute liver damage to be used in an experiment.2 tbl

ethod of system-dynamic representation of radioelectronic situation for professional training of radiomonitoring specialists // 2627255
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method represents a tool for elaborating various scenarios for the development of the operational environment and the formation on their basis of an appropriate model radio-electronic environment (REE) for the professional training of radio monitoring specialists (RM). The elaboration of the REE model is based on the use of three interrelated levels of the description of the operational and radio-electronic environment: an automaton-linguistic model of the formation of the structure, state parameters and the objects' activity of the operational environment; representation of the object of the operational environment in the form of a composition of automatic models of radio-electronic means (REM); logical-algebraic sequence of the parameters of the functioning of radio communication equipment and radio technical provision (RTP).EFFECT: creation of a system for modeling the radio-electronic environment, taking into account the cause-effect relationship between the state and activity of the objects of the operational environment and the parameters of the functioning of radio communication and radio technical provision in their composition.2 cl, 3 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod of modeling sensoneural hearing loss // 2627155
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: white mongrel rat is used as a test animal, which is immobilized once daily for 10 days. After 30 minutes, without removing the animal from the cell, it is exposed for 15 minutes to acoustic exposure to broadband noise in the frequency range of 355-5000 Hz at a sound level of 85-90 dB.EFFECT: method is simple in execution, shortens the implementation time of the model and provides an adequate reproduction of sensorineural hearing loss caused by acoustic impact on the hearing aid.2 ex, 2 dwg
ethod for simulation of remote impact of vibration on laboratory animals // 2626719
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: males of white outbred rats are subjected to vibrations with a vibration level at a fundamental frequency of 40 Hz by a vibration acceleration of 7.9 m/s2 continuously, 4 hours daily, 5 days a week for 60 days. Examination of the exposure effects in the long-term period is carried out for 30 to 120 days after the vibration exposure termination.EFFECT: creation of a model according to the regime and conditions of exposure, the most approximate to production conditions and allowing to study the post-exposure period of prolonged exposure to vibration.4 tbl
ethod for epithelial mesenchymal transformation of tumour epithelium during experimental gastric cancer // 2626717
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to study the mechanisms of gastric cancer metastasis and to develop new methods for treatment of this pathology, epithelial-mesenchymal transformation of tumour epithelium is simulated by intragastric administration of 1 ml of a solution obtained by mixing 0.05% calcium carbonate suspension in 0.4% formaldehyde solution and 0.4% hydrogen peroxide solution at a 1:1 ratio to rats on day 1 and 3 of the experiment. The proposed method allows to model the epithelial-mesenchymal transformation of tumour epithelium at induction of experimental metastatic stomach cancer, after 4 months from the beginning of the experiment, in 83.3% of animals, and after 6 months - in all animals.EFFECT: method improvement.9 dwg, 1 ex
ethod for legg-calve-perthes disease simulation // 2626567
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (LCPD) model, which can be used to test various treatments and osteonecrosis prevention agents. The simulation method involves introduction of 0.1% epinephrine in the periarticular tissues of the hip joint at a dose of 0.5 ml daily for 1 month. From the 15th day of preparation administration, tractions are applied additionally to the hip joint, including full flexion with limb subsequent extension, daily, 10 times of 3 repetitions, for 15 days.EFFECT: method increases the simulation reliability due to the effect on different parts of disease pathogenesis with decreased invasiveness and risk of animals death.1 ex, 4 dwg

Eye estimation simulator for determination of drilling rig position relative to face plane // 2626494
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: eye estimation simulator for determining drill rig position towards face plane consists of a plate with angular scale, drill rig simulator, comprising drill hammer with telescopic drill rod, which allows connecting the ball pivot of the ball joint fixed to face plane, telescopic support hingely connected to drill hammer connected with the base, as well as a cover provided at the top of the drill hammer, equipped with light source and angular scale in form of semicircle with a plumb. The light source is perpendicular to the drill hammer axis, the plate is flat and installed perpendicular to the face plane, and the angular scale placed on the plate is graduated by the formula: , where Lβ - length of the angular scale segment measured from face plane, corresponding to horizontal angle valueβ; Lst is the length from the ball joint to the light source axis; L is the length from the ball joint to the plate with angular scale; β - the value of the horizontal angle, deg.EFFECT: simplified design.2 dwg
ethod of applying film coating to complex surface // 2626431
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of applying a film coating to a complex surface includes the preparation step, the material cutting step, the mounting step, which fixes the cut piece on one side, leaving the opposite edge free, separating the substrate from the free edge to the middle of the part, cutting the substrate, putting the film down on detail, and fixing it at a certain distance from the cut line, rolling it down with squeegee, paying special attention to the corners and gateways, heating and pulling the film off so that there are no creases and folds.EFFECT: improving the contact of film with the surface to be coated.29 dwg

Light-signal panel // 2626215
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: light-signal panel contains a body in the form of an U-shaped element, inside which a pair of L-shaped elements is rigidly fixed to one of the edges with a pair of threaded holes in each of them, to which a cover and a cap with a viewing window are fixed which screws, at the opposite edge of the U-shaped element of the body, an electric insulating plate is installed with current-conducting elements inserted into the holes, an electrical insulation plate with a pair of parallel rows of leds arranged, over which a combined diffuser with a porous translucent element and a light-diffusing frosted lavsan film, an information stencil and a neutral density filter with anti-reflection coating are installed, and the LEDs installed in a couple of parallel rows are made in two options, the first of which contains four LEDs in each row, and the second option contains five LEDs in each row. In the first option, the LEDs are connected to the pair of groups so that, when direct electric shift is applied thereon, the first LED from the first row, the second and the third LEDs from the second row, the fourth LED from the first row are switched on in one group, and the first LED from the second row, the second and the third LEDs from the first row and the fourth LED from the second row are switched on in the second group, the terminals of which, through the current-setting resistors included in each group and the common terminal, are connected respectively to the conductive elements, and in the second option, the LEDs are connected to the pair of groups so that, when direct electric shift is applied thereon, the first extreme LED from the first row, the second LED from the second row, the third LED from the first row, the fourth LED of the second row and the fifth LED from the first row are switched on in one group, and the first extreme LED from the second row, the second LED from the first row, the third LED from the second row, the fourth LED from the first row and the fifth LED from the second row are switched on in the second group, the terminals of which, through the current-setting resistors included in each group and the common terminal, are connected respectively to the conductive elements.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the light-signal panel due to the redundancy of LEDs, improving the uniformity of illumination of the information screen, the comfort of presenting information about the status of the parameters of the on-board systems due to the implementation of a combined light-diffuser.2 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for implementation of global complex monitoring with functions of adaptive remote control of state of macro object with variable component parts composition and structure // 2626031
FIELD: tool engineering.SUBSTANCE: during monitoring of the state of macro objects, the distinguishing features of which include heterogeneity of their characteristics, large spatial and information dimensions, global complex monitoring is a set of organizational and technical measures, including monitoring the dynamic systems state using various means, estimating the state by the measured values of state parameters and forecasting changes in the state under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. At that, elements heterogeneity of objects of artificial and natural origin, which form the structure and composition, as well as the totality of environmental properties and characteristics, gives all grounds to consider it a dynamic system of the highest level of hierarchy. At that, the expansion of functionality means provision of adaptive remote control capabilities for the state of a macro-object with a variable composition, structure of its constituent parts, as well as forces and facilities that perform complex monitoring of objects of various spatial and information dimensions on a time scale close to the real one; increased protection against unauthorized exposure of transmitted data on the macro object state, and is achieved by introducing new actions and a new order of their implementation into a known method. A coordination center is introduced into the method implementation scheme, where an image of the entire macro object is formed, and several processing and control centers are used in the method implementation. A formalized representation of the state of a macro-object part is used in the form of a picture, detailed in accordance with the rank of the image processing and management center, divided into sectors by the number of objects to be monitored or their groups, unified for all processing and control centers, monitoring facilities. The control and object state data transmission channels are separated, parameter values regulators are introduced into the method implementation scheme. The unified rules for control matrices formation in centers with different ranks are used, and indicators of discrepancy between the actual values of the monitored parameters are introduced, and the dimensionless values of indicators of actual values compliance and noncompliance to the established norms of the monitored parameters as the initial data for the second echelon of transmitted messages closing.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.22 cl, 4 dwg

Image capturing system, image capturing device and method of controlling same // 2625954
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an image capturing device, capable of transmitting a captured image to an external side, and particularly to a method of superimposing information, such as an image or similar, on a captured image. Disclosed is a method of adjusting a display function (OSD) wherein, if a surveillance camera supports a plurality of superposition methods, the user is allowed to select one from the superposition methods by performing an undesired operation, and the image capturing device includes a receiving unit, configured to receive a request to acquire information, associated with the image superposition method of the image capturing device, and a transmitting unit, configured to transmit information associated with the image superposition method of the image capturing device, in the event of receiving a request to acquire information associated with the image superposition method of the image capturing device, through the receiving unit.EFFECT: invention enables to select a superposition method from a plurality of methods.12 cl, 39 dwg

achine-sensible information processing method // 2625936
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by creating and storing of one file, called the displayed information configuration, containing the information on the machine-sensible information source address with which the connection is made, the settings of the machine-sensible information processing electronic facilities, the software tools settings used in the method, the information display parameters in the window, the properties of the window, the location of the window, and the use of the displayed information configuration for processing the machine-sensible information by controlling the software settings, the information display facilities properties, the machine-sensible information display parameters, the properties of the active window.EFFECT: provision of the display, systematization, storage, search and processing of the data, the data recovery, the workstation status and the user settings during unexpected or expected interruptions of the user work.24 cl, 6 dwg
anagement method of interactive bulletin board system // 2625732
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: management method of interactive bulletin board system in which the request for adding an advertisement is obtained from the user, after which the advertisement parameters, its location and virtual grid of ads are determined, depending on the above request, then the advertisement is displayed along with the identifier of this advertisement in one of the sections of the interactive board ads virtual grid, and ultimately sent to the user a notice of the advertising status.EFFECT: improved ad distribution effectiveness, expanded scope and increased ease of use.21 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of testing and/or polling remote users // 2625554
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method involves creating a question database with the correct and incorrect answer options for testing and/or polling remote users, sending by remote users the results of answers to test and/or poll questions via data networks to the company server. Initially they set a probability limit for the fact that the values of behavioural parameters of two and / or more remote users coincide, and a probability limit for the fact that the values of the behavioural parameters of one remote user are different. The behavioural parameters of remote users, obtained during testing, are defined and transmitted to the database by querying through data networks. The received interaction parameters are analysed and, based on their distribution, the current probability value of the fact that the behavioural parameters of two and/or more remote users, including the one under study, coincide and the current probability value of the fact that the behavioural parameters of the user under study differ. The current probability values are compared to the limit values when searching for the current probabilities within the allowable limits and if the current probability values and are below the probability limits and , respectively, the results are considered authentic.EFFECT: increase of reliability of testing results.1 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for experimental periodontitis simulation // 2625295
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to determine the effectiveness of new treatments for the disease, periodontitis is simulated by introducing substances, providing immunodepressivne effect to mature "Wistar" rats, with subsequent imposition of tooth ligatures for 14 days, while feeding the animals with soft food. As a immunosuppressive substance, prednisolone is administered intramuscularly at the rate of 12 mg/kg of animal weight on the 1st, 3rd and 5th days of experiment. At that, the ligature is applied to the second molar of the upper jaw on the 5th day.EFFECT: ensured stability of traumatic factor action and facilitation of plaque formation by preventing ligature displacement at accelerated development of inflammation.4 dwg, 3 tbl, 1 ex
ethod for illustrative testing of preschooler knowledge // 2625084
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: simultaneously or after voicing a question visual information images are formed on the playing field as illustrations to the test question, where one of the images is the correct answer to the question. Images move along the playing field according to the given program, without intersecting with each other. The preschooler after listening and evaluating the question performs movements on the playing field into the area of the visual information image, which he considers to be the right answer, without getting into areas - wrong answers. Images with wrong answer complicate the movement of the preschooler. The video camera captures the movements of the preschooler and the areas and transmits data to the hardware and software complex for automatic processing, analysis and generation of an audio and/or light conditional signal indicating the correctness of the answer. Depending on the preparedness of the preschooler, the physical load, the test regime are varied programmatically by changing the area, number and speed of the image-illustrations movements.EFFECT: improved effectiveness of training and assessing the assimilation of information material.1 cl

Device for support of protected logical calculations // 2625049
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device contains a random number generation block, a block of the original logical data encryption, a logical data decryption unit, 2n channel for transferring the values of the coefficients, n a channel bus for transferring the values of the logical variables, a 5-channel bus for transferring the values of the delimiter modules, k a channel data transmission line of the values of the first system of k modules, q a channel data transmission line of the second system q modules, a 3-channel bus transfer of random numbers, 2nkq channel data transmission line of encrypted coefficients values, knq channel data transmission line of encrypted logical variables, kq channel transmission bus of polynomial calculation values, s channel bus of Boolean function calculation transfer values.EFFECT: increasing the performance of the device supporting secure of logical calculations.8 dwg

Procedure trainer with engineering support system for aircraft technical operation // 2624890
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: procedure trainer with an engineering support system for aircraft technical operation contains a simulator complex with an automated system of training in a classroom with automated workstations (AWS) of trainees on the basis of personal computers with 3D models of the aircraft and its assemblies and units, an engineering (information) support system for specialists of aviation engineering service, deployed in places of the aircraft technical operation with portable AWS of the specialists based on tablet computers.EFFECT: theoretical and practical training of aviation technical engineers.1 dwg

"quantum contour" teaching model // 2624588
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: teaching model is a physically continuous contour formed by spiral structures with four masses attached to them. In this case, the spiral structures are designed with the possibility of elastic deformation, bending in the mass center of the model and alignment of the turns without mutual engagement.EFFECT: possibility to demonstrate weak energy bonds of the elements and the spatial distribution of the mentioned bonds.4 dwg
Logopedic game "letters and sounds" // 2623915
FIELD: games.SUBSTANCE: letters of the set are made volumetric. The thickness of the letters, the inner filler sonant/dull, the hardness of the material from which the letters are made, and the surface treatment depend on the sound of the sound that they designate. Inside all consonant letters, the filler is placed in a sleeve made of a solid material.EFFECT: providing sound analysis of warehouses and words when demonstrating the effect of convergence of letters.11 cl, 24 dwg
onitor numbering method in mult-monitor system // 2623797
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of numbering monitors in multi-monitor computer configuration involves assigning numbers to monitors in multi-monitor system by displaying its serial number on each monitor and receiving the user input indicating the serial number of a particular monitor. The numbering starts with one. When the user selects the indicator number of a corresponding monitor, the monitor is assigned the serial number which is displayed at the moment. The indicator number on other screens changes to the next number in sequence. This sequence of actions continues until all the monitors have been assigned a unique serial number.EFFECT: reduced time of setting the sequence order of monitors and reduced probability of wrong number assignment to the monitor.3 cl
ethod for simulation of increased stability of rat myocardium to ischemic-reperfusion damage // 2623727
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: rats are preliminarily subjected to continuous exposure to cold at a temperature of +2°C for 4 weeks with a standard diet and light. Then a 45-minute coronary occlusion is performed followed by a 2-hour reperfusion.EFFECT: method allows to conduct research aimed at studying of the receptor and molecular mechanisms of the infarct-limiting effect of adaptation to chronic continuous cold exposure.2 tbl

Image displaying method and device // 2623725
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image displaying method contains stages, at which: in the state, in which the target image is displayed on the screen, when it is discovered, that the screen is exposed to displacement, the displacement direction is determined. Herewith the determination comprises a stage, on which the displacement component direction is determined along the plane, where the screen is located, as the first direction, and the displacement component distance is determined along the plane, where the screen is located, as the first distance; the target image is shifted on the screen according to the displacement direction. Herewith the shift comprises a stage, on which the target image is shifted on the screen in the direction opposite to the first direction according to the first distance; wherein the shift distance is equal to the first distance remoteness subjected to the linear transformation.EFFECT: providing various target image area displaying on the screen by moving the mobile terminal.13 cl, 5 dwg
obile complex for informing and notification of population in fields affected by flood // 2623657
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: method of transmitting information for its visual and audio (auditory) perception is based on the installation on the vehicle (hovercraft) of the information carrier, which forms a systematized video and audio series. The range of guaranteed reception and information recognition can vary depending on the number of people present, local and climatic conditions. This is achieved due to the fact that in a mobile complex for informing and alerting the public in hard-to-reach areas consisting of a vehicle and a full-colour LED screen; the vehicle comprises a built-in video screen and audio devices that carry information, control device, screen protection device, power supply system, video and audio information sources, as well as an additional system of counter and control the operation of the video screen through a control unit, a computer and a high-speed digital channel and containing an additional computer for the preparation of information clips, digital, audio, text and video information.EFFECT: increasing the effectiveness of alerting the public about emergencies in hard-to-reach areas that have been flooded, through rapid delivery to the place of use and ensuring the multifunctional work of the mobile complex.5 dwg

ethod and device for image transmission // 2623502
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of requesting and receiving an image is proposed, comprising: obtaining a first image having a first permission from the mobile terminal; sending a request for a second image to the server, in accordance with the identification of the first image; and receiving a second image having a second resolution from the server, the second resolution being greater than the first resolution, where the second image is selected by the server among a plurality of images having different resolutions, as having the resolution nearest to the device resolution, and content that is the same content of the first image, the method comprising displaying a first image on the device; and replacing mentioned first image with mentioned second image after receiving mentioned second image by the device in the mode of updating the screen of the device with a smooth transition from the indicated first image to the specified second image.EFFECT: improving the effect of image display.9 cl, 8 dwg
Assessment method for protective potency of pertussis vaccines // 2623314
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: pertussis vaccines are introduced intranasally followed by intranasal inoculation of virulent B. bronchiseptica, B. parapertussis or B. pertussis bacterium in lethal doses and the survival rate of vaccinates is determined.EFFECT: method provides for a realistic pattern of pertussis immunity and reliable determination of quantitative characteristics of protective potency.4 cl, 3 ex, 4 tbl
Kochetov's stand for modeling emergency situation // 2622791
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: stand for simulation of an emergency situation contains a mock-up of an explosive object, a protective cover and a pallet. The cover with the pallet is a single closed structure formed around the mock-up of an explosive object located in the test box. The model is equipped with transport and suspension systems. The protective cover is multilayered and consists of an inverted aluminium layer inside the model, as well as the rubber and percale layers. The model of the explosive object is equipped with the object to be examined on the stand: an explosion-proof element installed above the hole in the upper part of the layout, which consists of an armoured metal frame with armoured metal lining and filler-lead. In the upper part of the layout, at the aperture, symmetrically with respect to its axis, four support rods are inserted, telescopically inserted into the fixed pipe fittings embedded in the panel of the explosion-proof element, and to fix the limit position of the panel, the stop sheets are welded to the ends of the support rods.EFFECT: increased efficiency of protection of the process equipment and people against emergencies by possibility of forecast of the emergency development during accident at the explosion dangerous object.2 dwg
Chronic traumatic osteomyelitis simulation method // 2622369
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to simulate traumatic osteomyelitis of long bones in aseptic conditions, a cavity is created in the metaepiphyseal area of the laboratory animal bone under anesthesia. A turunda moistened with 1% Aethoxysklerol solution and fragments of autologous bone are placed into this cavity, with subsequent cavity infection with the Staphylococcus aureus culture. Infection is performed on day 7 by introduction of a piece of an overnight Staphylococcus aureus culture in 2% solution of agar-agar into the resulting cavity. At that, the hole in the bone is sealed by ercodont cement, and the wound is poured by amoxiclav powder.EFFECT: method provides simulation of a long, rapidly flowing osteomyelitic process, accompanied by fistulas, and the ability to maintain it for such a long time, which is necessary for the study and objective evaluation of the process using the means and methods of its treatment.
ethod for localized metaphyseal chronic osteomyelitis simulation in rabbit // 2622209
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to examine the characteristics of the osteomyelitis course, formulate and evaluate the effectiveness of various methods of treatment, the localized metaphyseal chronic osteomyelitis is simulated in a rabbit. In the area of the proximal metaepiphysis of the tibia, a bone defect is formed where a previously prepared sterile haemostatic sponge is placed with size corresponding to the defect size. After that, it is infected by introduction of a 0.5 microbial suspension of a daily culture of Staphylococcus aureus, containing 106 Cfu/ml. Then the wound is sutured and the animal is kept under normal conditions for at least 21 days.EFFECT: creation of a localized focus of chronic metaphyseal osteomyelitis due to arrested bleeding and restricted spread of the infecting agent to adjacent segments, which leads to a low risk of infectious process generalization and lethal outcomes development for the experimental animal as a result of sepsis.6 dwg, 1 ex
ethod for formation of bone defect model // 2621947
FIELD: medicine, surgery.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental surgery and can be applied for formation of bone defect model. Transverse osteotomy is performed on forearm of small laboratory animal at two levels to cortical plate, bordering with interosseous membrane. Osteotomy lines are connected in longitudinal direction. Bone fragment is removed. Bone substance is bitten out to cortical plate.EFFECT: method makes it possible to reduce trauma, reduce impact of secondary factors.

Led-backlight system and display device // 2621883
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: LED backlight system includes an LCD module and a LED lighting control circuit. The LCD module includes LED strings. The LED illumination control circuit includes a current module, a comparator unit, a control switch block, and a resistance unit, wherein the input of the comparison unit receives voltage from the negative terminal of the LED string, and when the voltage at the negative terminal is greater than a predetermined threshold voltage, the comparison unit translates the control switch unit in the "Enabled" position, while the resistance unit is connected in parallel with the current module to reduce the voltage at the negative terminal.EFFECT: reducing the flicker of the backlight system by reducing the instability of the closed circuit.20 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for stimulation of electrovibrary neuronal cells // 2621841
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method involves placing the cell cultures on a microelectrode array cup made in the form of an array of metal microelectrodes formed on a substrate with perimeter contact areas connected via conductive paths to microelectrodes. The viability of cell cultures is maintained under conditions of CO2-incubator. Generate electrical signals using a stimulator, transfer the generated signals from the stimulator to cell cultures on MEM, record the spontaneous activity of cell cultures. New is that MEM is pre-installed in a connector placed in an incubator. Moreover, in the connector above the microelectrode matrix (MEM), a board with an aperture is installed, with a projection, with pressure spring contacts connected by conductive paths. Install in such a way that the bowl with a culture of cells protrudes through the hole of the board, and the pressure spring contacts of the board are located coaxially with the contact areas of the MEM with the possibility of interacting with them. The connector and MEM are connected to the stimulator by means of a loop of wired connections. Generation of electrical signals is carried out in the form of a sequence consisting of a series of 5 pulses with an inter-pulse interval of 20 ms and an interval between the 200 ms series. In this case, the transfer of generated bipolar stimuli from the stimulator to the cell cultures is carried out by means of a loop from the wire connections connected to the connector at the output of the stimulator from one side and to the external connector of the connector on the other hand through the pressure spring contacts along the conductor tracks of the board to the contact areas of the MEM and along the conductive paths of MEM through microelectrodes.EFFECT: possibility of continuous and prolonged stimulation of the culture of electroexcitable neuronal cells, the improvement of the physiological conditions necessary for its development, and the enhancement of the reliability of the experiment.8 cl, 5 dwg, 1 ex

Software-hardware simulator of the equipment for encryption of telephone information // 2621833
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: software-hardware simulator of equipment for encryption of telephone information is intended for teaching the principles of working with equipment for encryption of telephone information (E11S equipment) and ensuring joint work with a set of training tools in the part of voice exchange. The simulator is designed as a rack, which contains a block of telephone information encryption via digital communication channels, two switching devices per channel, which is formed by an encryption unit, connected to a personal computer via a USB interface via a USB-Hub, and handsets.EFFECT: external and functional conformity of the declared simulator to the equipment for encryption of telephone information.5 cl, 2 dwg

Led screen with tight pixel pitch // 2621776
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of devices for displaying an image. LED screen with tight pixel pitch includes a lower frame, a node board mounted on a side of a lower frame, and a small module mounted on the other side and connected electrically to a node board. Small module includes main module housing and a drive control unit which is electrically connected with the main module housing to actuate and control the main unit housing. Transition board is installed between a small unit and a node board, a node board is electrically connected to a transition board, and drive control unit is installed on a transition board.EFFECT: invention provides a reduced pixel pitch and a decrease in proportion of rejected small modules.7 cl, 1 dwg

System and method for augmented and virtual reality // 2621633
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system contains: a computer network containing computing devices; the first computing device that has a component in the form of a wearable custom display, the first computing device is connected with ability to interact to the computer network; the first virtual world data portion contains a virtual object displayed in response to a physical object that is local respecting to a review field of the first user that is associated with the first computing device, and the computer network is designed for transmission of this first virtual world data portion to the second computing device associated with the second user, a component in the form of a wearable custom display visually displays a virtual object to the second user, a virtual view of a physical object that is local respecting to a review field of the first user, is visually presented to the second user in the first user location.EFFECT: transfer of virtual data reproducible from observable physical objects.18 cl, 17 dwg

Installation for investigation of electric capasity of conductors on the model made of electric conducting paper // 2621599
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rectangular plate is laid on the conductive paper sheet (CPS) provided with a rectangular coordinate system in the form of mutually perpendicular lines. At the edge of the left side of the CPS sheet, the rectangular stationary electrode is set, and the right half of the CPS sheet, the rectangular movable electrode is set. Near the fixed electrode on the CPS rectangular sheet of a removable conductor of circular cross section tightly pressed against the CPS sheet by the first screw with a nut. A detachable wire with a marking and installed on a sheet of CPS and is installed on the removable conductor. The movable rectangular electrode is pressed by the second screw with a nut using a metal strip mounted at one end on the support, and the other end on a movable rectangular electrode. The potentiometer is connected to the DC source by terminal contacts, and its movable contact is connected to the first input of the ammeter. The second input of the ammeter is connected to the common contact of the first switch in two positions. The contact of the first position of this switch is connected to the fixed rectangular electrode, and the contact of the second position with a removable conductor of circular cross section. The first input of the voltmeter is connected to the negative terminal of the DC power source and a metal rail, and its second input - to the common terminal of the second switch has two positions. The contact of the first position of this switch is connected to the second input of the ammeter, and the contact of the second position is connected to the upper end of the probe.EFFECT: expansion of the field of research.3 dwg

Electric circuit assembly method // 2621442
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: neodymium magnets are glued on the mounting plate, which are the contact platforms, to which the radioelements contacts are installed, made of steel wire.EFFECT: provision of the possibility of potential drop lack in the circuit, easy installation and dismantling of the circuit with the time reduction for the above mentioned activities upto 4-20 seconds.2 dwg