Educating and cryptography and display and advertising and seals (G09)

G   Physics(388509)
G09            Educating; cryptography; display; advertising; seals(11043)

Universal simulator of surdologist, audiologist // 2615686
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: result is achieved by the universal simulator of the surdologist, audiologist (hereinafter the USSA), representing a hardware-software complex that contains a processing unit, a memory unit, input/output interfaces, input/output devices combined by the data bus and characterized in that, at least, one input/output device is a touch screen, and the USSA further comprises, connected to the memory unit: a knowledge database unit on diseases and hearing loss, a simulator base unit of the audiological equipment adapted to generate a virtual simulator of the audiological equipment selected by the user, and a practical development unit of the interaction procedures with the simulators of the audiological equipment adapted to simulate the work of the audiological equipment selected by the user, and the choice of the interaction mode with the simulator of the audiological equipment.EFFECT: improving the quality of education.5 cl, 2 dwg
Display device and method, and program // 2615330
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stereoscopic image display. Display device comprising a display unit, a separating unit, an allocation control unit, a generating unit, allocation control unit includes a viewed position calculating unit, a boundary position calculating unit, wherein allocation control unit further includes a mixing ratio calculating unit.EFFECT: easy display of a high-quality stereoscopic image.3 cl, 24 dwg

Advertising element, method for creating advertising element and method for capturing advertising images on advertising element // 2615264
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: advertising element (2) having a bottom side adapted for placement on the surface, and a top side having the advertising surface with advertising information, characterized in that the advertising surface containss a plurality of projections (12), herewith each projection (12) contains the first display surface (14) with graphics applied to the surface. The said surface and the said graphics are oriented toward the first predetermined point (4) of observation, and the second display surface with graphics applied to the surface, herewith the said surface and the said graphics are oriented toward the second predetermined point (6) of observation, and herewith advertising information contains the first image (8) consisting of the combined graphics on the first display surfaces (14) , and the second image consisting of the combined graphics on the second display surfaces. Also, the method for creating the said advertising element (2) and the method for capturing the advertising images are proposed.EFFECT: improved method.20 cl, 33 dwg

Led display mask and led display // 2615214
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: display LED mask comprises, at least, two matrix first strips and, at least, two matrix second strips. Said matrix first strips and second strips are perpendicular to each other and form part of rectangular grid. Two adjacent matrix first strips, overlapping two adjacent matrix second strips, are defining cell. Said part of rectangular grid is attached to LED module framework base and has, at least, two open sides, wherein matrix strips ends, perpendicular to open sides, exit beyond strips outside of matrix, parallel to open sides. Matrix strips ends length is equal to or less than half of cell each side length.EFFECT: technical result is elimination of masks heaving and creation of blackouts at installation.9 cl, 6 dwg

Simulator for estimation of directions of penetrated drill holes relative to plane of face // 2615193
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining engineering and is designed to determine the spatial position of blasting drill holes. There is proposed a simulator for estimation of directions of penetrated drill holes relative to the plane of the face consisting of a plate in the form of an arc with an angular scale, simulator of drilling machine comprising a drilling hammer with a telescopic support, telescopic drill rod adapted to be connected to the ball end of a ball joint fixed on the face plane, and a light source connected with the drilling hammer being located in the same vertical plane of the axis of the light source, a hammer drill, a drill rod and a ball joint. And a light source is disposed coaxially with the drill rod, a plate is equipped with telescopic uprights, consisting of cylinders with rods, with metric ruler placed on rods, and the goniometric scale is placed on a plate and graduated according to the mathematical expression provided.EFFECT: proposed design of the device provides increased accuracy in determining angles of vertical drill holes and reduces the labour intensity at training drillers' skills for visual determination of the direction of drilling holes.8 dwg

Simulator for visual estimation of drill rod position regarding face // 2615190
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining engineering and is designed to determine the spatial position of blasting drill holes. A simulator for visual estimation of drill rod position regarding a face consists of a simulated drilling machine comprising a drilling hammer with a drill rod made telescopic to be connectable to the ball end of the ball joint fixed to the plane face attached to the drill hammer with pivot telescopic support connected with the base placed at the top of the drill hammer parallel to the axis of its goniometer equipped with goniometric scale in the form of a semi-circle with an arrow, as well as an indicator of horizontal angles with a linear angular scale thereon, while the simulator is further provided with a holder fixed to the drilling hammer along its longitudinal axis, as well as a ranging mark on a plane face, and the ranging mark and the holder are interconnected with an indicator of horizontal angles and angular linear scale is graduated according to the formula EFFECT: invention allows to simplify the design of the device.2 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of displaying marker in map service // 2615059
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and a device for determining a marker to be displayed in the map service. In the method detected is a distribution range corresponding to the user significance among a plurality of distribution ranges, set is a distribution range for the given user using the detected distribution range, differentially displayed are multiple markers, each of which represents information within the set distribution range, and displayed as the uppermost one is a marker, which represents information of the highest significance, when the multiple markers are displayed overlapping.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of accuracy of determining the most significant information displayed using a marker on the map.19 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for eye tissue hypoxic damage simulation with apoptosis activation // 2614937
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to simulate the hypoxic damage of eye and retina surface tissues, which leads to apoptosis activation, the experimental animal is exposed to the physical factor. Histological eye tissue samples are obtained and cells being in the apoptosis state are identified therein. The animal is placed into a sealed 0.10-0.15 m3 chamber, where nitrogen gas is delivered at a rate of 2.0-2.4 liter/min, until seizures begin in the experimental animal.EFFECT: possibility of selective activation of apoptotic processes simultaneously in the eye and retina tissues to assess hypoxia among the factors that cause dry eye syndrome and retinopathy.6 dwg
odels of spinal cord ischemia of laboratory animals // 2614885
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: for simulation of spinal cord ischemia in laboratory animals, anesthetic preparation "Propofol" is administered. The abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava are selected, ligatures are placed below the point of origin of renal arteries. Collaterals are destroyed by a scalpel, the inferior vena cava is tied up below the renal vessels, and then ligatures are removed from the place of their application.EFFECT: method provides a persistent ischemia in laboratory animals by intraperitoneal injection of drugs, reduction of animals trauma during operations, a possibility of longer observation of patients without ischemia of the intestine, the lower libs and circulatory disorders of mesenteric veins.1 ex
Interactive method of teaching young children // 2614636
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: given number of the mobile and/or stationary visual-information images are formed on the playing field at the given distance from each other by the software and hardware complex containing a system of light illumination, a camera, a computer and a sound system, located at the distances given by the complex program apart from the student located on the playing field. In addition, each of the visual-information images is a right or wrong answer to the relevant question, which is given to the student by the sound system simultaneously with the projection of the visual-information images on the playing field. The trainee task - after listening and evaluating the question to perform movements on the playing field into the area of the visual-information image, which he considers to be the right answer. A video camera mounted above the playing field, captures the trainee movements and transmits the data about his location to the software and hardware complex for video analysis, automatic processing of the statistical data and generating the sound or light conditional signal - indicating the correct answer of the student and/or changing the video content on the playing field. The complex program is given for presenting an additional physical activity to the student, which forms the mobile visual- information images moving away from the student within the boundaries of the playing field at the predetermined maximum speed, depending on the actions, direction and movement speed of the trainee.EFFECT: increasing the effectiveness of teaching a child and evaluating his assimilation of the information material by the interactive gaming forms with dosage increase of his motor activity and a favorable emotional background.
obile complex for population informing and warning in remote areas // 2614622
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method of transmission (communication) of information for its visual and audio (hearing) perception is based on installation of a information carrier on a vehicle (hovercraft), which forms a systematic video and audio series, wherein the distance range of guaranteed information acceptance and recognition may vary depending on number of people present, and local and climate conditions. Mobile complex for population informing and warning in remote areas consists of a vehicle and a full-colour LED screen, a hovercraft with a built-in video monitor and audio devices that are carriers of information, a control device, a screen protection device, a power supply system, sources of video and audio information, is used as a vehicle, and it is additionally provided with a video monitor control system via a control unit, a computer and a high-speed digital channel and contains an additional computer for preparetion of infomercials, digital, audio, text and video information. Wherein seat in passenger vehicle version are supplied with vibration isolation system consisting at least three vibration isolators fixed respectively on a seat frame and on a superimposed vehicle housing base. Each of the said insulators of vibration isolation system of vehicle seat in passenger version is made in the form of washer mesh insulator which comprises a base made of a plate with mounting holes, a mesh elastic element resting with its the lower part on the base and anchored with a lower washer rigidly connected to the base, and fixed by the upper part by the upper thrust washer rigidly connected to a centrally located piston covered with a gap by a coaxially disposed sleeve rigidly connected to the base, and an elastomer of polyurethane is located between the piston lower end of the and the sleeve bottom.EFFECT: increased efficiency of population informing in remote areas by timely delivery and provision of mobile complex multi-functional operation.2 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for dystonia simulation in rats by hypotensive type // 2614521
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: for vascular dystonia simulation in rats by hypertensive type, Wistar male rats intraperitoneally receives multiply modified low density lipoproteins, prepared from the blood serum of patients with carotid arteries atherosclerosis at a dose of 200 mcg in terms of protein. The development of hypotonic type vascular dystonia is ascertained with a steady decrease in blood pressure down to 80-85 mm Hg.EFFECT: method provides creation of an easily-replicated, simple and rapid dystonia model in rats, which can be used both in basic research of endothelial dysfunctions and for screening of drugs with endothelium protective action.1 ex, 5 dwg
Three-dimensional advertisement sign and its manufacturing method // 2613867
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: proposed are a three-dimensional sign and its manufacturing method. Three-dimensional sign includes: the upper and the lower units, which are connected to each other; the upper unit includes the main part to reflect the identified shape of the 3D sign; the lower unit comprises a side wall connected with the main part, where the side wall envelopes the main part to support, and a cavity is formed between them, herewith the lower part of the side wall is equipped with a mounting plate, onto which there is a light-emitting element. Between the main part of the upper unit and the side wall of the lower unit there is a connecting part, where the connecting part has the shape of stages and includes multiple stepped layers arranged one onto the other, and each stepped layer comprises a plate of the upper stage and a plate of the lower stage, which are connected to each other, herewith the upper stage plate edge of the lower stepped layer from the multiple stepped layers is connected to the lower stage plate edge of the upper stepped layer connected with the lower stepped layer, and the upper stepped layer connected with the main part has the minimum size, while the lower stepped layer connected with the side wall has the maximum size, and each stepped layer between the upper layer and the lower layer has a larger size than the one located above. Main part is made of plexiglass.EFFECT: sign has explicitly expressed three-dimensionality, is durable and easily recognizable and using the presented method is simple to manufacture.8 cl, 1 dwg
Pemphigus simulation method for mice by immunoglobulin g administration // 2613718
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method comprises administering of immunoglobulin G (IgG) preparation, taken from patients with pemphigus vulgaris to newborn mice. Here IgG is taken from at least 5 patients. The resulting preparation is administered in a dose of 30 mg of IgG/mouse followed by animal euthanasia after 48 hours. The method can be reproduced in 100% of cases and provides clinical, histological and immunological features of pemphigus, which is important for the study of pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease and the development of new methods of severe autoimmune dermatosis diagnosis and treatment.EFFECT: method is effective for establishment of an experimental pemphigus model in order to obtain the possibility of pathogenesis study, development of new methods of pemphigus diagnosis and treatment.1 ex, 1 tbl, 3 dwg

ulti-monitor system and computer program and display used therein // 2613532
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a multi-monitor system, which includes a plurality of displays (for example, liquid crystal displays). A multi-monitor system, which includes displays, comprises a processor which, based on corresponding information values of brightness of a certain display and arbitrary user-determined brightness setting of a certain display, is configured to calculate the brightness setting of another display so that the brightness level of said other display is substantially equal to the brightness level of said certain display. The system also includes a transmitting unit for transmitting the brightness setting calculated by the processor to an ancillary display.EFFECT: invention enables to equalise brightness levels of displays contained in a multi-monitor system without the need for preliminary visual equalisation of brightness levels by the user.22 cl, 14 dwg

Device for controlling light-emitting crystals in led // 2613529
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for controlling light-emitting crystals in light-emitting diodes of electronic devices, matrix screens and other visual data display means. Substance of invention consists in that device comprises light-emitting crystals, a comparator module, a counter, pulse generator, register, a decoder, wherein output of register is connected to input of a memory module, output of pulse generator is connected to input of memory module, output of memory module is connected to input of decoder, output of which is connected to input of memory module. Invention provides branching of part of current flowing through light-emitting crystal, proportional to coefficient in memory cell, which provides adjustment of brightness of light-emitting crystal.EFFECT: simplified circuit for controlling light-emitting crystals in a two-component LED, which leads to unloading of control electronics.1 cl, 1 dwg

Display control device and display method // 2613479
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices and methods of controlling display. Display control device which controls display of a new image obtained by photographing using an imaging device, connected via a network, comprises a receiving unit and a control unit. Receiving unit is configured to receive through network said image. Control unit is configured to select from plurality of images, displayed on first display screen, an image which must be displayed on second display screen, on which a plurality of images can be displayed, and to display first display screen and second display screen with possibility of switching in response to user operation so that selected image is taken away from first display screen and displayed on second display screen. Said new image is displayed on first display screen when said new image corresponds to a predetermined condition and a predetermined number of images is already displayed on first display screen.EFFECT: invention enables to accelerate and simplify control of inspected images.16 cl, 16 dwg

Device for practical training in operations with syringe // 2612932
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to training devices in medicine. Device 1 for practical training in operations with syringe is intended for detection of sampling operation or injections by plunger 120 of syringe 100. Female connector is connected with tip 116 of syringe cylinder 100. Male connector is connected with bush 132 of needle 130 of syringe. Connecting container is arranged between female connecting part and male joint part to provide continuity relative to each other, when closed from outside. Detector for detection of pressure, flow rate or fluid flow rate of medium flowing in it, is placed in any of following elements: connecting container, enclosing connecting part or male joint part. Display shows in real time signal from detector, which enables to determine correctness of operation with syringe.EFFECT: device for detection of operations with syringe provides possibility of using actually used syringe and objective assessment of sampling or injection.14 cl, 9 dwg

Interactive automated training system // 2612929
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automated training means. Interactive automated training system consists of a database of primary information on the analyzed object, which is the input of the system, an object parametric data processing module, an object physical characteristics processing module, an object mechanical properties module, an object dynamic properties simulating module, an integral assessment and decision taking module, a design module, an industrial equipment module and a final result visualization module, which is the output of the system.EFFECT: technical result is providing the possibility of studying a design and inner connections between components of equipment during training in complex technical systems, as well as training students in skills of maintenance and repair of electrical and process equipment and their component parts.1 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for creation biological model of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis in experiment // 2612843
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of medicine, namely to experimental modelling. To create biological model of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis with characteristic systemic manifestations realized is intradermal introduction into the sole of right back paw on 0 day to male rats Wistrar at age of 8 month of 0.1 ml of solution of complete Freund adjuvant 5 mg/ml and simultaneous intraperitoneal introduction of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) solution in dose 5 mcg/kg of animal weight with the following repeated intraperitoneal introduction of LPS solution on the 18 day in dose 10 mcg/kg of animal weight and activation on 39 day of system of immunobiological supervision of organism by repeated intradermal introduction in sole of left back paw of 0.1 ml of solution of complete a Freund djuvant 5 mg/ml and simultaneous intraperitoneal introduction of LPS solution in dose 10 mcg to each animal.EFFECT: method makes it possible to maximally approximate created model to systemic form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in humans.
ethod for persistent venous plethora creation in pelvis of laboratory animals // 2612832
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to experimental urology, and can be used to study the effects of resistant venous pelvis hyperemia on the pelvic organs and tissues during experiments on rabbits. To do this, the method comprises transection of the median sacral vein additional intramuscular administration of 0.2 ml of 1% progesterone solution. The drug is administered daily for 30 days, starting the day before the median sacral vein transaction.EFFECT: invention provides persistent venous plethora for at least 6 months, due to the hormone effect during acute hemodynamic adjustment in the pelvis.

Power supply device and image forming apparatus having same // 2612651
FIELD: electrical equipment; image forming apparatus.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a power supply device and an image forming apparatus having a power supply device. Power supply device include an input unit to input alternating current (AC) power, a converter to convert input AC power to direct current (DC) power having a preset level and to output DC power and a sensor to be connected to input unit in parallel and to sense whether AC power has been input. Sensor includes a transformer to receive AC power and to output a sensing signal having a level reduced more than a level of AC power, and a resistor unit connected to transformer in series so that a current of AC power input into transformer is lower than or equal to a preset current.EFFECT: power supply device and image forming apparatus comprising same are disclosed.15 cl, 9 dwg
Stand for acoustic testing sound absorbers // 2612558
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: metal body is made with a removable front cover. Its walls are lined with the investigated sound absorber. The control noise source is fitted at the body bottom through the elastic-damping pad, the control of which is carried out on the sound volume and the signal frequency with the signal power amplifier and the oscilloscope. The microphone is mounted at the distance of 1m from the body lid, the sound pressure level signals of which are fed to the frequency spectrum analyzer and then to the computer for processing the received information.EFFECT: expanding the technological capabilities of testing the sound absorbers by the stand researches with subsequent processing on the computer.2 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for primary pharmacological estimation of specific anti-hypoxic activity of medication // 2612266
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to pharmacology, and can be used for primary pharmacological estimation of anti-hypoxic activity of newly synthesised substances. Method consists in the fact that sexually mature earthworms of equal size are subjected to hypoxia with hypercapnia in hermetic space. Hermetic space is filled with boiled tap water of room temperature for animals of control group and solution of medication to be analysed, prepared with application of the same water, for animals of experimental group. Not less than 40 individuals are used in each group. Earthworms are kept at temperature 24°C for 20 hours. Conclusion about anti-hypoxic activity of medication is made basing on the number of individuals that survived in both groups.EFFECT: method ensures objective primary selection of prospective anti-hypoxic medications, is simple and economical in application.1 tbl, 1 ex

Laboratory kit for laboratory works and experiments to study laws of optics // 2611982
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means for studying optical phenomena and can be used for laboratory works and experiments to study laws of optics. At the bottom of the casing with a cover there is a lodgment with a plane-parallel plate, screen, mirror, means to study optical phenomena. Means for studying optical phenomena are mounted in the riders. Optical bench is in the form of inequilateral channel bar, on the inner side of the wide base of which there is a fixed scale-line from magnetic material, and on the outer side - plastic dampers for installation of the optical bench. Each rider is formed by a post, made of a plate with a slot for fixing on the optical bench and interaction with at least one side of at least one narrow base of the channel bar and the post of the channel bar of the optical bench. Magnets are secured on the rider base to fix the rider on the optical bench. Screen is made of a plate with a slot for fixing on the optical bench. Lenses are rigidly connected to the riders. Light source has a light-emitting diode, which is connected to a constant voltage source through a resistor.EFFECT: technical result is higher accuracy of experiments.11 cl, 30 dwg

High dynamic range image signal generation and processing // 2611978
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to techniques for processing an image signal comprising high dynamic range pixel values. Disclosed is an image signal generating device, in which pixels are encoded in N-bit words which encode at least a luma per pixel. Device comprises a receiver, first and second generators. Receiver receives high dynamic range pixel values in accordance with a first colour representation in M-bit words. First generator includes high dynamic range pixel values in said image signal in N-bit words according to second colour representation.EFFECT: high efficiency of encoding an image signal due to combined encoding in signal of an HDR type indicator.19 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for simulation of hypogonadism caused by metabolic disorders // 2611936
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: dose of 200 mg/kg of streptozotocin is administered subcutaneously to male mice of C57Bl/6 line once, on the next day after birth. Then, on the 28th day after birth, the animals are transferred to a diet rich in saturated fats. This diet is maintained until hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, glucose tolerance disorders, spermatogenesis depression and fertility disorders occur.EFFECT: method provides simulation of hypogonadism caused by metabolic disorders, designed to find effective medicines correction of male reproductive system disorders in case of metabolic syndrome.2 dwg, 6 tbl, 5 ex
ethod for preventing anthracosilicosis in modelling in experiment // 2611935
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental biology and medicine and can be used for prevention of anthrasilicosis. The method includes modelling of disease by daily poisoning of experimental animals with coal-rock dust with simultaneous application of preventive medication. As such preparation biologically active additive Cyto-Reactor dihydroquercetin is introduced into animal diet in dose 3 mg/kg of animal body weight. Duration of the experiment constitutes 12 weeks.EFFECT: method ensures reduction of expression of dystrophic and sclerotic changes in tissues, normalisation of parts of lipid metabolism, including ratios of blood lipoproteids, as well as general metabolism due to elongation of phase of long-term adaptation.2 tbl

Device for training in diagnostics of pathology of internal organs by echo-contrast method // 2611905
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment and can be used for training specialists for echo-contrast ultrasound analysis and assessment of pathology of internal organs. Device comprises container with transparent elastic cover and system formed by bifurcations and fistulas tubes arranged in center at middle of height, diameter of which is reduced from 10 mm on periphery to 2 mm in center, with metering device at inlet and outlet shut-off valve by forming two independent circuits. One circuit is vascular reproducing blood supply of parenchymatous organs and it is made in form of pairwise connected series of elements formed by tubes connected in form of hexagon, formed by third-order bifurcations of vascular circuit supply tube and fistulas of first order of vascular circuit discharge tube. Second circuit is pathological simulating blood supply of pathological centers and it is made of two elements, formed by tubes connected in form of hexagon, formed by 2nd-order bifurcations of pathological circuit supply tube and fistulas of first order of pathological circuit discharge tube and arranged so, that their adjacent walls contact along entire length and movement of echo-contrast substance occurs in opposite directions. Blood supply of pathological centers is modelled in form of three tubular loops arranged on pathological circuit discharge tube. Loop, modelling aneurism, forms ellipsoid expansion in middle. Loop, modelling metastasis, is coiled tube in form of ball, wherein tube entering it passes in center of ball, and extends at its outer surface. Loop, modelling hemangioma is also coiled tube in form of ball, wherein tube entering it passes along external surface of ball, and projects from its center.EFFECT: invention provides fast and simple method of training.1 cl, 2 dwg

Volume element and leaf for its production, connector of such elements and leaf for its production, construction set "yohocube" containing said volume elements and connectors, and also its application // 2611874
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: set comprising a volume element (or leaf for its production) made as a hollow thin body with flat sides separated by edges, characterized by the following: the said body is provided with paired elongated slots formed in one side with a short distance from edges and/or with overlapping at an edge and/or at the other side, the said body has at least two paired slots not parallel to the said edges, and a volume elements connector (or leaf for its production) comprising two flanges and a connection strap forming together a trough type profile characterized by two longitudinal slots to the distal edge in each of the said flanges, width of the said slots is from 0.8÷1.4 of double thickness of the said elements, thickness of the said flanges is 0.8÷1.4 of width of the slots of the said volume elements.EFFECT: strong releasable connection of volume elements on their sides, connector does not slide out of volume element and does not sink into it.25 cl, 5 dwg

Device for training operational personnel of power equipment // 2611669
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for training the operational personnel of the power equipment comprises job groups for training operational, non-operational, technical and maintenance personnel, network switches, a calculation computer of the equipment model, a workplace computer of the training control, a core switch, a database computer of the automated process control system (PCS), a unit of modeling alarms, a database computer of warning alarms, a warning alarm unit, a unit of the early emergency diagnosis, a processing and switching module of the simulation results, a model management unit, a training and methodological support unit, a unit of fuel quality pre-indexation, a security and lock module, a PCS database, a maintenance personnel training unit, a module of telephone conversations, a module of thermal, mechanical, hydraulic, aerodynamic, electrical simulation, a simulation module of chemical water treatment, a module of step-by-step programs, connected in a certain way.EFFECT: increasing the training efficiency of the power equipment operational personnel.4 cl, 1 dwg

Automated stand for personnel training in oil field equipment operation // 2611275
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: personnel training is carried out with the use of interactive equipment and operating equipment placed on the training range. Operating equipment of the training range and 3D-simulator includes a pumping unit (PU) with a control station, installation of electrical centrifugal pump (ECP) with shut-off valves and a control station, a screw pump sucker rod (SPSR) with shut-off valves and a control station, automated group metering stations (AGMS), the local automation unit (LAU), a bullit container, a centrifugal sectional pump (CSP) with an input filter and shut-off valves.EFFECT: provision of training opportunities with the use of virtual and operating oilfield equipment.2 dwg

ethod and apparatus for providing graphical user interface // 2611024
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to display means for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) with an active matrix of organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED). Method includes displaying a plurality of icons in corresponding initial position on screen of a display device. Screen is switched off in accordance with a predetermined condition. Command is received at input to connect display for switching on screen. At least one of icons is shifted by a predetermined distance from initial position on screen, so that distance between icons is preserved, without overlapping each other once icons are shifted.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of image sticking effect.22 cl, 11 dwg

Unit using operating system and image forming device that uses it // 2611014
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to unit, comprising built-in central processing unit (CPU), and images forming device, using built-in central processor. Disclosed is image forming device. Device comprises main housing, which includes main controller for image forming device operations, replaceable unit, which is mounted on main housing for communication with main controller via serial interface, and customer replaceable unit module (CRUM) control chip, which is formed on replaceable unit. CRUM chip has memory unit, which stores initialization program, provided separately from operating system (OS), executed in main controller, replaceable unit unique information and status information relative to use of replaceable unit.EFFECT: technical result is higher reliability of data stored in memory unit built-in into images forming device.54 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for correcting gradation and device or method for determining thresholds for epsilon-filter // 2611005
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: each value of the discrimination threshold corresponding to each obtained luminance value, which is intended to be assigned for each panel gradation unit, is received by the gradation correcting method. The pixel value corresponding to each discrimination threshold value is obtained for each panel gradation unit. The threshold epsilon-filter value is obtained by the inverse gamma-correction of the relationship between the distinct values of the discrimination threshold corresponding to the panel gradation units and the maximum panel output value. Based on the linear approximation function, they are obtained by the method of the least squares. The threshold epsilon-filter value is defined as the increasing function of the pixel value on the basis of the permitted number of steps of the discrimination threshold values and is changed according to the central pixel value.EFFECT: reduction of the image distortion caused by the halo effect.12 cl, 9 dwg

atrix display, variants thereof and method for manufacturing same // 2610809
FIELD: electronics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to displays for displaying visual information, for example, as self-illuminated screens: for cinemas (without film projection), video display and television information in theatres, concert halls, video and conference halls, television studios, as television screens, home theatres, computer displays and other purposes. Proposed matrix displays comprise a screen which is provided with a device for supporting same. On screen are one or more independent video matrices with discrete electron-optical light emitters and transistor switches (brightness control of said light emitters), bus matrix for electric switching of said light emitters with electronic switches, power supply and controller (for formation of a certain independent matrix of corresponding full-screen image). On each screen band there are one or more independent video matrices of light emitters. All bands are suspended on a ledge configured for transformation of full screen width by turning and separation of said bands into required area and screen format or shifting part or all screen bands in idle state (similar to louvers). Display provides maximum power saving enables public and/or private viewing of identical or different screen image different by different viewers from different viewing sectors on a common screen. Proposed method of making such displays is most effective for accelerated industrial mass production at standard equipment with minimum costs using standard integrated and hybrid technology.EFFECT: possibility of multiple fast transformation of formats, geometric shape of screen with possibility of complete folding of display matrix into minimum volume in non-working state.5 cl, 17 dwg
Instruction technology complex for training of all-arms units at combat training centre // 2610725
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to instruction technologies and may be used for training of an all-arms unit under conditions of combined use of different armed forces. An instruction technology complex for training of all-arms units at a combat training centre contains range automated equipment complex, automated range equipment set of the system for video surveillance and result control of driving combat vehicles, tanks and motor cars, technology complex for tactical exercise using laser firing and destruction simulators, trainer complex, technological complex for training of control bodies, technological complex for training control headquarters, activity organization technology complex, technology complex for training rooms, computer network technology complex for the combat training centre. The claimed complex is based on combined use of three modeling types for carrying out combat training, the above three modeling types being as follows: combat actual situation modeling including the use of actual armament and actual military men in tactical exercise of different levels, virtual modeling including the work of actual people with simulated weapon systems in artificial medium and design modeling including the use of models of people, military units, weapons and military equipment.EFFECT: invention provides for complex training of control bodies and armed forces, it becomes not necessary to instruct the trainees additionally using standard weapons.1 dwg

Generator of acoustic field in solid body // 2610570
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and can be used as a generator of graduated acoustic pulses when testing diagnostic high-frequency sensor equipment. Generator of acoustic field in a solid body includes balls having the possibility of collision with the surface of a radiator for excitation of elastic waves in it, interconnected chambers, in one of which there are metal balls of equal diameter able to be transferred into another chamber by gravity and affecting the end of the radiator in the form of a cylindrical waveguide, which is installed coaxially in each chamber on the side of the base able to move along its axis, herewith the other end of the waveguide is coupled with the analyzed object, and the chambers are formed in the housing, between which and the analyzed object there is an element of control over the waveguide displacement height in the chamber, herewith the ratio of the length of the waveguide to its diameter is more than five.EFFECT: technical result is the possibility of formation in a diagnosed (analyzed) object in normal, as well as explosion-fire conditions, of successive acoustic pulse of dosed amplitude and duration without any devices with a drive providing collision, and without any energy sources for this purpose.1 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for simulating acute liver disease in pregnant women // 2610536
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to experimental pathophysiology, and can be used for simulating acute liver disease in pregnant women. For this purpose, pregnant female rats are administered intraperitoneally with tyloxapol water solution in dose of 300 mg/kg daily for four days from 15 to 18-th days of pregnancy.EFFECT: method enables to obtain model, most close to clinical course of disease, at simplicity, efficiency in design and high survival rate in laboratory animals.1 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for estimation of protective action of pharmacological preparation in case of acute sensorineural hearing loss in experiment // 2610409
FIELD: medicine; pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: to estimate protective action of pharmacological preparation in case of acute sensorineural hearing loss (ASNHL) in experiment under conditions of ASNHL models of different genesis before and after introduction of tested pharmacological preparation determined are amplitude and time characteristics of total electric response of cat's auditory analyser cochlea from round window membrane to short sound signal "click" with duration 3.1-0.2 ms with click intensity 30 dB above threshold of response detection. Content of glucose and lactate in labyrinth fluid of cochlea is also determined. If after introduction of preparation values of all determined indices approach values of such in cats in normal physiological state, protective action of pharmacological preparation is estimated as positive.EFFECT: method makes it possible to objectively estimate different pharmacological preparations by their impact on cochlea function in suggested pathological models and identify single mechanism of ASNHL development at any pathological impact.6 tbl, 4 dwg
ethod for experimental modelling of autotransplantation of splenic tissue into liver // 2610361
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, in particular to experimental surgery and deals with modelling of autotransplantation of splenic tissue into liver. For this purpose after laparoscopic splenectomy and fragmentation of decapsulated splenic tissue homogenate is prepared by addition of physiological solution to crushed splenic tissue in ratio 2:1. After that, obtained homogenate is introduced subcapsularly into anterior-outer surface of right liver lobe in volume from 1/14 to 1/20 of initial splenic tissue mass.EFFECT: method makes it possible to study viability of autolientransplant under liver capsule to prevent postoperative hyposplenism with possibility to use such transplantation technique in laparoscopic surgery.2 ex, 4 tbl, 8 dwg
ethod of safe gas-plasma contact monopolar electrocoagulation of organs and tissues of small rodents in experimental surgery and veterinary science // 2610338
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, in particular to experimental surgery, as well as to veterinary science, and concerns gas-plasma contact monopolar electrocoagulation of tissues of small rodents. During such electrocoagulation animal under anaesthesia is arranged so, that its back is in 100 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride solution in tray of stainless steel. Wherein tray is placed on plate of neutral electrode with layer of electroconductive contact gel between them, as well as with coating with cut-out in middle of tray bed of non-conductive material.EFFECT: method provides secure execution of electrocoagulation due to scattering of taken high-frequency current, as well as due to larger contact surface with neutral electrode by means of contact with it relative to wide bottom of metal tray through layer of contact conductive gel.1 cl, 1 ex, 4 dwg

Pilot training simulator // 2610318
FIELD: transportation; aviation.SUBSTANCE: pilot training simulator comprises a centrifuge, a 3D system of virtual information transfer and display, a system of motion parameters control, coordination and positioning of working cabins, a system of centrifuge driving, motion parameters control and automatic stop, working cabins of pilot trainers and a central dispatcher's station, which contains a network server, a centrifuge start and stop button. Trainers' cabins are equipped with a monitor for video surveillance of the pilot, two-way radio communication with the team pilot and the dispatcher, a monitor of operating environment in the highway. The mechanical centrifuge is rigidly installed on a foundation, comprises an electric motor with a gear and at least four booms located on a rotary part. On each boom there is a movable platform, to which a fireball pilot cabin is fixed at the bottom, and a software-controlled retractable wheel located at the base of the centrifuge foundation. In the foundation there is a bottom flange with inner and outer diameter, on the motor gear there is a conical gear transferring rotation to the vertical shaft of the centrifuge. The centrifuge drive comprises a 3-phase electric motor, the drive of cabin rotation also includes electric motors energized from the base of the centrifuge via trolley ducts. The system of motion parameters, coordination and positioning of working cabins comprises a rotation control and electric motor unit, an electric motor of cabin movement along the beam of the "X" centrifuge, motors of cabin rotation around axis "Y" and "X1", sensors of sliding and overload, located in the pilot's cabin. The system of centrifuge driving, motion parameters control and automatic stop comprises an electric motor and a gear of centrifuge electric motor, located on the unit of the centrifuge foundation. The system also comprises a unit of rotation control and electric motor control, a system of sensors of angular speeds located on movable and fixed parts of the centrifuge, and sensors of sliding and overloads located in each pilot's cabin.EFFECT: increased efficiency of user preparation as a result of achieving the same physical feelings and loads as under real operation conditions.10 dwg, 1 tbl

Paratrooper's dynamic simulator // 2610261
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: dynamic paratrooper's simulator includes a tower trunk, cantilever jibs and rotator. It is provided with foot support, upper and lower lifting gear of cantilever jibs, overrunning mechanism, the upper and lower operating mechanism, the upper and lower cantilever jibs guide, the dome simulator of the main parachute, the upper and lower simulators of the main parachute, the execution unit, the device for the spatial arrangement of the student, follow-up and the monitoring and control panel. The tower trunk is connected to the rotator, which is mounted on the foot support. The lower, middle and upper cantilever jibs, are installed on the tower trunk, with the possibility of vertical and horizontal movement. The guide is located along the upper cantilever jib, with the possibility to move the upper operating mechanism, interacting with the steering lines of the upper simulator of the main parachute. The average cantilever jib is provided with a lower lifting mechanism. The device for spatial arrangement of the student is installed at the free end of the cantilever jib , under which the dome simulator of the main parachute, connected to the execution unit, is located. Above middle cantilever jib the follow-up, monitoring the student's arrangement, is placed, it is capable to transmit video information to the control and monitor panel, as well as transmit the sound-and-light comands.EFFECT: extension of the range of perceptual skills and paratrooper's adequate actions.4 dwg
obile complex for informing and warning of population of regions suffered by flood // 2610230
FIELD: medicine, rescue appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the complex for warning of population about emergencies in hard-to-reach regions. The mobile complex contains of an amphibian vehicle with integrated video screen and audio alarm units. Additionally, the complex contains an interior with packages of sound-vibration-heat-insulation components.EFFECT: mobile complex increases efficiency of warning of population about emergencies in hard-to-reach regions by means of its quick delivery to the place of usage and provision of its multifunctional operation; decreases noise and vibration in a vehicle.7 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for modelling pulmonary embolism in rats // 2610212
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental medicine and can be used as model for studying pathogenesis of various forms of pulmonary embolism and for pre-clinical tests of potential antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants and thrombolytics. To model pulmonary embolism blood flow in inferior vena cava of rat is blocked. To cause development of embolism of small branches of pulmonary artery at the level of segmental arteries occlusion is preserved for 1.5-3.0 hours. To form embolism at the level of lobar arteries vein occlusion is preserved for 3.1-6.0 hours with the following opening of blood flow.EFFECT: method provides increase of modelling accuracy due to formation of pathogenetic model of pulmonary embolism from the level of small branches to lobar arteries of pulmonary artery with development of massive embolism.16 dwg, 4 ex

ethod for armored vehicle object operators actions remote monitoring and control during their training and remote monitoring during object demonstration in real time // 2609822
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to armored vehicles and can be used during of armored vehicle (AV) crews training and demonstration of objects tactical-technical capabilities. Method consists in installation of video cameras in crew workplaces area and radio broadcasting equipment, wireless transmission, in process of training, of data from video cameras and television and thermal observation and aiming equipment channels, to remotely located unit, containing receiving device, display and recording equipment unit, request from said unit wireless receiving. Trainer, which is located in remotely located unit, monitors and controls trainees actions in real time. By trainer command trainees, are correcting their actions. Accumulated in recording equipment unit information, is used for operators actions analysis and video copies creation. During object demonstration spectator, by means of display, views operators actions and these actions results in real time mode.EFFECT: increasing in AV objects crews training quality and efficiency, reducing training costs, as well as higher information value of objects tactical-technical capabilities demonstration during their presentation.1 cl, 1 dwg
Kochetov's method of emergency simulation on explosive hazardous objects // 2609389
FIELD: fire-prevention facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safety systems preventing the emergency situation development. The explosive object model is mounted on racks and equipped with explosion-proof elements to be studied. Inside the model, the explosion initiator is set. On the outer side of the model, around explosion protection elements, video cameras in the armoured embodiment are installed. Between the additional elements attached to the butts of the abutment sheets and the metal frame with the armoured metal plating, bushings of quickly-destroyed material are mounted on the support rods. The security indicator is fixed on top of the explosive object covering, near the aperture intended for dumping excess pressure. The security indicator is, e.g., a strain gage, the output of which is connected to the signal amplifier, e.g. a strain amplifier. The strain amplifier output is connected to the input of the emergency alert system device.EFFECT: invention improves the efficiency of the protection of technological equipment and human resources from emergencies.4 dwg
ethod of simulating secondary posthypoxic immunodeficiency of disregulatory type with transient failure of cd4-positive lymphocytes // 2609281
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medicine, namely to experimental pathophysiology, and concerns simulating of secondary posthypoxic immunodeficiency of disregulatory type with transient failure of CD4-positive lymphocytes. For this purpose, animals are placed for 40–45 minutes in conditions of interval normobaric atmospheric hypoxic hypoxia with hypercapnia until occurence of pre-agonistic state. Specified action is performed for 17 days every 24–48 hours.EFFECT: method provides significant disturbance between cells of main T-lymphocyte subpopulations with primary failure of CD4-positive cells in peripheral blood, most frequently occurring in structure of secondary immunodeficiency states.1 cl, 3 tbl, 12 dwg

Display device and principle // 2608976
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: display device has a layer of light radiation and display and a supporting layer. Layer of light radiation and display is arranged above the supporting layer and is used to display an image due to light radiation. Supporting layer contains a matrix formed by a photovoltaic material, which is arranged horizontally and directly under the circuits of excitation in the layer of light radiation and display. Matrix formed by the photovoltaic material forms a channel for absorption of light emitted from the layer of light radiation and display and conversion thereof into current. Layer of light radiation and display has a cathode, a reflector, a conducting layer and an anode in the order from the top to the bottom.EFFECT: longer operation.21 cl, 24 dwg