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ethod for increasing effective signal accumulation time in inspection systems forming images of hidden items // 2615516
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for increasing the effective signal accumulation time additionally uses video from the optical range video channel with the known correspondence between the channel pixels of the inspected person electromagnetic radiation and video from the optical range video channel. Herewith the information about the inspected person movement path is used for the frame formation in the channel of the inspected personelectromagnetic radiation, received from the optical range video channel. The accumulation is made by summing the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation in the segment pixel, which is present in one or more frames of the optical range video channel.EFFECT: obtaining the image of a suspicious object hidden under the person's clothing and classification of its type during the registration of the electromagnetic radiation change with the moving inspected person.6 dwg
Universal system of emergency service call // 2615315
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system consists of an ERA-GLONASS unit, a speaker, a receiver antenna GLONASS/GPS, a user interface unit installed inside the vehicle and containing the operating mode indicator, an emergency call button "SOS" with a protective cap, a self-diagnosis activating body, and additional services, a microphone, a position lock. The user interface unit is installed inside the vehicle by the locking nut with buttress thread and locking elements, that have a mate on the unit body, consisting of a pair of threaded projections and grooves. The device state indication is integrated into the emergency call button "SOS", the protective button cap is made with the increasing limb. The self-diagnosis activating body and the additional services are integrated into the button "SERVICE". The unit is adapted to be mounted vertically or horizontally on various elements of the car interior by changing the orientation of the label "SOS" on the emergency call button. The rear body panel is covered with a damping gasket.EFFECT: expanding the field of use.5 dwg

Traffic light signalling control device // 2615255
FIELD: roads.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road traffic control, namely, to traffic light signalling devices. Main control section determines traffic light control unit from plurality of traffic light control units, on which instruction signal should be output, based on fact, whether pedestrian has provided request on movement resolution, and traffic light control unit, at which signal instruction was previously output, and outputs signal instruction to specific traffic light control unit. At signal-instruction input from main control section traffic light control unit performs displaying control process with respect to traffic light signalling unit, which is control object according to colors displaying sequence, specified by serial displaying control data stored in it. In particular, at signal instruction input traffic light control unit is spontaneously performs displaying control process with respect to traffic light signalling unit, which is control object, according to colors displaying sequence stored in it.EFFECT: providing unlimited signal control parameters variation and changing order of traffic light signalling displaying.6 cl, 9 dwg

Building complex computer control system // 2615025
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: building complex computer control system comprises dispatching geotic point with GPS-signals receiver and an antenna that transmits radio, two-way radio. Each truck and trailer is equipped with two-way radio, two receivers with antennas. Between each truck and trailer there is paging and two-way radio communication. Each building module and block is provided with a radio frequency tag as a piezoelectric crystal with aluminium thin film interdigital transducer of surface acoustic waves applied to its surface, and a set of reflectors. Microstrip transceiving antenna is mounted on the surface of a piezoelectric crystal.EFFECT: noise immunity and reliability of analogue and discrete information exchange between dispatching geotic point and trucks.7 dwg

Atmosphere parameters monitoring device // 2614831
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: atmosphere parameters monitoring device, comprising a housing, a display, an information collection and processing module, containing a database of dangerous gas concentration limits, a gas composition measuring module with dangerous gas sensors, sound and light alarm. The housing is made explosion-proof, and the device further comprises an information transmission module, a module to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and the gas composition measuremen module is provided with a sampling pump, a measuring chamber and the gas mixture flowrate sensor, transmitting signals to the information collection and processing module and controlling the work of the sampling pump; dangerous gas sensors are built into the measuring chamber. The second device embodiment comprises a remote measuring unit with a gas composition measuring module and the module to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and operates without sampling pump.EFFECT: increased efficiency of atmosphere parameters monitoring by increasing the measured values number and reducing their error.5 cl, 4 dwg

System for detecting and monitoring body excretions using gas releasing substance intended for interactive inurement to toilet // 2614589
FIELD: medical equipment.SUBSTANCE: system for detection and monitoring of body excretions is disclosed. It comprises absorbent product and first gas releasing substance able to release first gas at first contact of absorbent product with liquid impurities. Wherein system additionally comprises second gas releasing substance able to release second gas, when absorbent product is close to state of maximum saturation. Wherein system comprises at least one device associated with absorbent article comprising at least two gas sensitive compositions and capable of changing its appearance in first way, when contacting with first gas, and in second way, when contacting with second gas. Signalling device is also disclosed. It comprises at least one gas sensitive composition. Signalling device can be changed by contact with gas, released by substance located in absorbent product releasing gas as a result of contact of absorbent product with liquid impurities. Besides, it comprises contact-free gas sensor configured to monitor concentration levels of at least one gas, and controller configured to detect changes in area above limit concentration of at least one gas as a result of contact of absorbent product with liquid impurities and with possibility of continuous monitoring of location of absorbent product in dry condition. Wherein signalling device is able to notify user of absorbent article and/or caregiver on presence of liquid impurities in absorbent product, on degree of saturation of absorbent product and on duration of period, during which absorbent product was continuously in dry state.EFFECT: method of transmitting information to user of absorbent article and/or caregiver based on operation of signalling device is also disclosed.18 cl, 9 dwg

Alarm system for wireless remote control detection means // 2614565
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a central security post, a plurality of the detection means adapted to generate a number of the boundary protection area, and a group of the mobile checkpoints ensuring access to each remote-controlled detection means through the protected boundary interface line and performing decentralised controlling by the detection means. The mobile control point consists of a portable console in form of the portable computing means with the transceiver and a communication adapter designed to relay signals to the radio coverage area.EFFECT: providing the capabilities of wireless remote controlling the detection means forming the security alarm system.1 dwg

Warning system for driver of the vehicle when approaching traffic congestion // 2614435
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system warning the driver about vehicles approaching traffic congestion comprises means for registration of vehicles, signal transmission unit for a vehicle, radar detectors, radio speakers. The system is able to transmit a warning signal to a predetermined frequency range to radar detectors, and using the signal transmission module transmits a signal about the number of vehicles at an intersection in the machining center traffic management (TSODD) via GSM module transmission, while the GSM module does not require the consent of the cellular operator and is capable of sending messages at high speed not only in the GSM band, but also in GPRS range that enables reception signal GSM module navigation systems.EFFECT: regulation of the density of traffic flow at the intersection and alert approaching vehicles of the approaching traffic congestion.2 dwg

Automated bus stop // 2614159
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: automated bus stop comprises a stop site for buses, a crossing-speed lane for braking and speeding up, a boarding place, a waiting place (passenger pavilion), sidewalks and crossing paths. It is additionally equipped with a device of automatic regulation of entrance to the bus stop comprising a video camera recording a state license plate number of the entering vehicle, a control unit processing a video camera signal, comparing with the ones available in its data base, and with matching letter and digit combination, with the help of an actuating element providing for free entrance of the vehicle to the stop site of the bus stop. After passage of the bus, a movable unit with a protruding part having a light reflection label and "STOP" inscription is lifted and prevents entrance to the bus stop.EFFECT: safety of people waiting for a bus at a bus stop, as well as boarding on and off a bus, increased throughput capacity of the city street and road network.4 dwg

Objects monitoring system, objects monitoring method and monitoring target selection program // 2614015
FIELD: telecommunications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to facilities video surveillance and monitoring system. Disclosed is facilities monitoring system, containing: first image forming device generates state image by capturing state, appearing in first zone; second image forming device generates monitoring target image by locking monitoring target, located in second zone; specific state detecting device detects characteristic state from state image; monitoring target analysis tool analyses monitoring target status, using state image, based on which characteristic state is detected; and monitoring target distinctive feature selection device selects from monitoring target image distinguishing feature, used to set monitoring target based on monitoring target status.EFFECT: technical result is provision of monitoring target selection, using which object can be automatically selected, which, is supposed to be reason for specific state based on images recorded by cameras.15 cl, 8 dwg
ethod for determining efficiency of explosion protection // 2613986
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: monitoring system is used together with processing of the received information about a danger zone in the test box, where the explosive object layout is set. Video cameras are set in the inner and outer perimeters of the layout to video monitor the development of an emergency. Changes in the technological parameters of the explosive object layout are recorded via the system of analyzers of conducting processes recorded oscillograms, and an opening is made on the layout ceiling part. A triaxial explosion-proof pressure sensor is set between the explosive fragmentation element and the opening. Temperature and humidity sensors are mounted on both sides of the pressure sensor. Internal and external surface of the layout fencing is pasted with strain gauges. An information data base of the emergency development is created and a mathematical model is configured predicting emergency prevention in the accident.EFFECT: increase efficiency of technological equipment protection from explosions via increasing speed and reliability of explosive elements operation.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for detecting metallic conductor disturbance // 2613774
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method for detecting disturbance in the metal conductor (34) comprises the stages of receiving the inductance sensor circuit (12) mechanically and electrically connected with the metallic conductor (34) with the monitored inductance value, the inductance sensor circuit (12) setting based on electromagnetic field applied externally to the metallic conductor (34), and on the internally generated circuit oscillation, and outputting the alarm in case of settings loss of the configured output signal from the configured inductance sensor circuit (12), caused by the change of the inductance value of the metal wire (34) while adding or removing at least a portion of the metallic conductor (34). The device (10) for detecting the metallic conductor disturbance according to said method is proposed as well. The device (10) comprises the inductance sensor circuit (12) made with the possibility of configuring the amplitude and/or frequency, and the alarm signalization circuit (16) for outputting an alarm signal based on the output signal of the inductance sensor circuit (12).EFFECT: increasing the sensors sensitivity.31 cl, 8 dwg

Capacitive device for detecting intruder // 2613759
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for protecting the perimeters of objects, stretched terrains, using a capacitive sensor as a sensitive element. New in the capacitive device for detecting an intruder, is the introduction of units of the phase discriminator and oscillator controlled with voltage.EFFECT: expansion of functionality, increased sensitivity, reliability and accuracy, ease of use.2 dwg
ethod of coordinated traffic control // 2613550
FIELD: transportation; data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to traffic control and can be used in automobile transport systems, in particular, for coordinated traffic control, for example, within town settlements. Method of coordinated traffic control within the control system action is based on measuring intensity of traffic on input and output traffic light signalling indicators, installed at boundaries of the control area territory at each main line, and using identifiers of vehicles, making it possible to determine their location according to the external request, for example, from the traffic light signalling indicator. According to the measurement results, continuous monitoring of vehicle occupancy of the control area territory taking into account entry and exit through all input and output traffic light signalling indicators of the control area territory with delivery of information to all input traffic light signalling indicators of the control area territory. If the vehicle occupancy of the control area territory exceeds critical values, entry prohibition signal is being installed on the input traffic light signalling indicators of the control area territory with indication of the predicted prohibition time.EFFECT: invention provides higher reliability of coordinated traffic control on the control territory.4 cl

ethod of mooring vessel using laser system // 2613465
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the safety of ships maneuvering means at the approach to the pier and can be used for mooring vessels. Mooring the vessel by a laser system (1), laser distance meters (2) and (3) to the mooring facility with transmission-reception device, mounted on the ends of the vessel. The measuring instruments have a tilt angle sensor of the laser beam (4) and (5) respectively. The information from all the devices in the form of signals are injected into a processing unit (6), that calculates and outputs and displays the horizontal distance of the horizontal velocity of the extremities of the vessel which is used in its approach to the quay.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the safety of maneuvering and expanding the types of transmitted measured data.2 cl, 1 dwg

Optic smoke sensor // 2613274
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: smoke sensor contains a light source with the power unit and a reflector optically coupled to the light source, a support receiving channel optically coupled to the light source, the output of which is connected to the input of the power supply, a measuring receiving channel optically coupled to the light source through the reflector. The smoke presence in the measuring channel is determined by the exceeding of the threshold value Δ, the difference between the current signal value Φc of the measuring channel and the dynamic signal value F0, where , *Φ0 - the initial signal level; Φi - the instantaneous signal value; , i - the sample number; n - the number of samples for averaging the dynamic signal level; k - the number of samples for averaging the current signal level.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.1 dwg

ethod and apparatus for imaging and visualization of environmental conditions near obstacle approached by commercial vehicle // 2613036
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to visualisation of environmental conditions. Using an image capture device, data on a commercial vehicle approaching an obstacle are recorded in form of an image and through a transmitter wirelessly transmitted to a receiving unit, located in commercial vehicle and displayed by a display device, image capture device comprises one camera installed on one obstacle so that it forms a two-dimensional image of environment near obstacle together with commercial vehicle approaching one obstacle, image is transmitted in real time to receiving unit and displayed by a display device, transmitter is a WLAN component, setting an access point (hot spot), through which automatically or after inputting an identification code, a wireless connection of receiving unit of commercial vehicle with transmitter is established.EFFECT: higher safety and reliability when cargo vehicle approaches an obstacle.18 cl, 4 dwg

ultilevel navigation and information vehicle monitoring system // 2612943
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: information separation is based on the nationality of means of transport principle to a specific region, each regional server stores electronic maps of the region, workstations are connected to the regional servers, each regional center is equipped with a backup GSM communication channel for receiving SMS messages with information on the location of the vehicle mobile terminal directly to the workstation. Moreover, data storage and processing server of the main data collection and processing center has a communication module to an external automated information management system of the unified state system of emergency situations prevention and liquidation, and predictor of emergency situations of technogenic and natural character connected to it, and connected computation module of the forces and means grouping in the case of threats and emergency situations of technogenic and natural character configured to calculate the time of vehicles arrival to the emergency zone.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.8 cl, 2 dwg

Data translation system and method // 2612619
FIELD: communication equipment; optics.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to optocoupler signal transmission systems and can be used to control signal transmission through an optocoupler transmission medium. Device comprises an optocoupler and a controller coupled to optocoupler and configured to receive a transmit attempt from a first device, determine if a second device is already transmitting through optocoupler, determine if receiving transmit attempt is outside a deadband period after a power-up occurrence, and transmit from first device through optocoupler if second device is not transmitting and if deadband period has elapsed.EFFECT: preventing simultaneous connection of two devices through an optocoupler transmission medium.10 cl, 11 dwg
Kochetov's explosion-proof valve with alert emergency system // 2612519
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: explosion-proof valve comprises a valve body and a thermally insulating discontinuous elements lined cargo shutter movably connected to the valve body. Movable cargo compound is lined with a base shutter valve body is in the form of three rods vertically installed in the holes formed in the peripheral part of the housing shutter lined cargo. Lower part rods are fixed at the base of the valve body and the top have a damping device. A damping device made of vibration damping material such as hard "Agat". The base unit is connected to the damping of the elastomer sleeve and has a central hole through which the rod passes. The sleeve has at least three openings, coaxial with the bar, in which there are elastic elements, such as coil springs, the upper-end face of which, by means of fastening elements, are connected with the base, and the bottom is in unpressed condition and stands for the lower sleeve plane to the distance, determined by the forces developed by the shock wave. Inside the elastic elements coaxially to them, there are additional elastic elements. Their upper end is connected to the base of the damping device, and the bottom - in a free state and acts as the lower plane of the elastic elements on the distance determined forces developed by the blast shock. To the base of the dampener, the sleeve, made of the fast-destroying material, is attached. The security indicator is attached to the outer surface of the sleeve is responsive to the occurrence of an emergency. The indicator is designed as a sensor that responds to a deformation, such as strain gage, whose output is connected to a signal amplifier strain amplifier. Yield strain amplifier is connected to the input device in the system notification of an emergency.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of the protection of technological equipment from explosions by increasing the damping lined cargo gate.3 dwg

Kochetov's method for explosion protection with initial emergency phase alert system // 2612489
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for explosion protection of the process equipment in case of an emergency situation (ES). The method for explosion protection with the initial emergency phase alert system consists in that the lined load shutter is movably connected to the gate valve housing by at least three flexible ties. The explosive element is made as a membrane safety device. On one of the diametrically arranged bars of the membrane assembly of the membrane safety device a security indicator in the form of a sensor responsive to deformation is fixed, the output of which is connected to a signal amplifier, and the signal amplifier output is connected to the input of the personnel emergency alert device. In the valve housing, in its cylindrical part adjoining the conical valve portion, a circular aperture with the central opening and at least three openings arranged in the peripheral portion thereof is installed. At the upper part of the lined cargo shutter, axisymmetrically to the valve housing, a rod is fixed, the upper part of which is arranged in the central opening of the aperture. The bushing of a quickly-collapsing material in the form of "triplex"-type glass is mounted between the lower part of the circular aperture and the upper part of the lined cargo shutter, on the support rod coaxially to it, the strength of which is calculated for a certain excess pressure in the valve. On the lateral surface of the bushing of a quickly-collapsing material the additional security indicator in the form of a strain gage is installed, the signal from which by the communication line is sent to the strain amplifier, and from it - into the emergency mode alert system unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency and reliability of the process equipment protection from explosions in case of an emergency by recording the moment of the initial emergency phase by the personnel alert means.6 dwg

ethod signaling cover of fork in road // 2612327
FIELD: physics, measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to methods for remote security area monitoring and can be used in cases of single point detection means (DM) application, based on the principles of radio-beam or infra-red detection, for signaling coverage of road forks. The method includes deployment of single point radio-beam or infra-red DM at a road fork, so that its detection area (DA) passes the road fork, DA axis lies along one of the two divergent roads, the section of this road is covered by at least 8/10 of DA length; fixation of the alarm and its duration, determination of the movement direction of the detected intruder according to the algorithm establishing the DM alarm duration attribution to one of the two time ranges calculated analytically for a group of two directions, moving along which an intruder crosses the DA axis, and a group of four directions, the moving along which an intruder crosses the DA along its axis, taking into account the possible speed range of the intruder moving across the fork, DA width and length. The method comprises the preparatory stage including DM deployment as per the statutory scheme and the main stage, which starts with the appearance of the intruder at the fork and intruder entrance to the DM DA. During the main phase, the direction of movement is determined by the developed algorithm.EFFECT: invention provides the opportunity to clarify the movement direction of the intruder detected on a road fork using only one DM.8 dwg

Unregulated pedestrian crossing // 2611642
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: unregulated pedestrian crossing includes the road surface area, perpendicular to the road axis, with artificial "humps" installed on the borders of the oncoming traffic lanes, equipped with reflective semistuds-pillars at the ends on the road axis, and the sign stand 1750 mm high with telescopic collapsible cassette-frame with pocket sections, in which the original reflective signs are inserted, is installed at the opposite end coaxially with the axis of the artificial "hump" on the outer sidewalk side.EFFECT: increasing security.4 dwg

Integrated system of fire safety and information warning about fire in electric train cars and depot supervisor notification when train is in layover // 2611476
FIELD: communication; transportation.SUBSTANCE: system comprises train communication line, locomotive driver unit, cars units, fire detectors, car doors and loudspeaker limit switches. At that, every locomotive driver and car unit is made in sealed housing, locomotive driver unit includes power supply unit, random-access memory and processor providing for exchange via communication line and generating information messages, and car unit is electronic microprocessor device installed in each electric train car and performing fire detectors communication lines power supply, measurement of current in communication line and on locomotive driver unit request generating code parcel, containing information on its operability and connected circuits state, wherein each car unit polling by locomotive driver unit is performed via dedicated communication line. At that, locomotive driver unit is connected with train radio station through matching device and in case of fire hazardous situation signals supplies electric power to radio station via two pairs of relay contacts and generates radio station control signals.EFFECT: higher efficiency of fire alarm operation.12 cl, 1 dwg

Controlled light-emitting diode traffic light // 2611475
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a controlled light-emitting diode traffic light. Controlled light-emitting diode traffic light has a light-emitting diode matrix, consisting of N series-connected light-emitting diodes. Matrix is connected through front signal relay contact with current source. Also traffic light comprises field-effect transistor, pulse generator, rear contact of signal relay, standard dynamic element and control relay. Control relay is connected to output of standard dynamic element. Gate of field-effect transistor through rear contact of signal relay is connected to output of pulse generator. Source of field-effect transistor is connected to light-emitting diode matrix and with common leads of pulse generator and standard dynamic element.EFFECT: higher reliability of traffic light.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for signaling splashdown and take-off of amphibian aircraft from water surface and device // 2611466
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: for signaling splashdown and take-off of the amphibian aircraft, the vibration level and the level of hydrostatic pressure on the hull of the amphibian aircraft boat are measured, the measured values are compared with the threshold values, the landing gear is controlled , the splashdown is decided in excess of the thresholds values, as well provided that the landing gear was not made, otherwise the air location of the amphibian aircraft is decided. The signaling device of the amphibian aircraft splashdown and take-off contains a vibration sensor, a unit of digital signal processing, a hydrostatic pressure sensor, a landing gear sensor. The digital signal processing unit contains a digital bandpass filter, a standard deviation calculator, two threshold devices, "OR"- "AND"- "NOT" circuits, a digital lowpass filter, an expectancy calculator connected in a certain way.EFFECT: accuracy of determining touch and lift-off points of the amphibian aircraft from the water surface .2 cl, 2 dwg
Travelling vehicle positioning system // 2611455
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: in the travelling vehicle positioning system, comprising a mobile communication device located in the vehicle cab according to the invention a road sign is installed complemented with a special information panel located on a base shared with it which is marked with QR-code that contains information on longitude and latitude of the place where the road sign is installed, and at least one reference to the "Traffic Rules", conforming to interpretation of the function of the traffic sign; a mobile communication device located in the vehicle cabin, designed as a smart phone equipped with a video camera and equipped with the special software that recognizes the QR-code.EFFECT: alternative possibility of locating the vehicle and improvement of safety of its travel.1 dwg, 1 tbl

Automated system for monitoring transportation of cargo on rolling stock // 2611452
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and telemechanics on railway transport for monitoring long rail bars during transportation. The system includes a mobile monitoring station with an automate workstation, an uninterrupted power source and a system of cargo monitoring equipment, which includes sets of sensors, wire and wireless communication channels, as well as storage batteries. The system further includes a car-to-car communication module, designed to monitor integrity of the wire communication channel, a first set of sensors mounted on bars transversely installed on a latching platform, a second set of sensors, placed on a passage platform and configured to interact with ends of a large-size U-shaped bar, a third set of sensors, mounted on the radio channel module for car-to-car communication with a transceiving antenna configured to interact with support bars, pressed between guide shoes and the end of the long cargo.EFFECT: high reliability of monitoring overall state of transported cargo.9 cl, 9 dwg

System for vehicles positioning and direction // 2611289
FIELD: transportation; data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles positioning on roadway. Vehicle driver direction system comprises photosensitive sensor made with possibility to receive and detect light from plurality of light sources and processor. Each light source has light characteristic, which differs from light characteristic of rest of multiple light sources. Processor is made with possibility to determine vehicle position on roadway based on of detected characteristics obtained from detected light.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing more accurate and fast determination of vehicle position on roadway.21 cl, 12 dwg

ethod and system for detecting urine and/or faeces // 2611283
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of detecting urine and/or faeces, involving: determination of concentration of at least one gaseous component, indicating urine and concentration of at least one gaseous component, indicating faeces. Method involves recording – for each gaseous component – of characteristic (10, 11) corresponding to change in concentration of each gaseous component in time; comparing of said recorded characteristics (10, 11) with given characteristic (12, 13) for corresponding gaseous component; indication of presence of urine, if registered at least one characteristic of gaseous component indicating urine mainly corresponds to specified characteristic of same gaseous component; and indication of presence of faeces, if registered characteristic (10, 11) of at least one gaseous component indicating faeces mainly corresponds to preset characteristic (12, 13) of same gaseous component. Invention also relates to system for detecting urine and/or faeces.EFFECT: method and system for detecting urine and/or faeces are proposed.17 cl, 2 dwg

N-digit traffic lights // 2611052
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the regulatory or warning devices positioned along the route of the locomotives or trains, namely, the traffic lights regulating the movement of the trains. According to the invention, M multi-colour LEDs are inserted into the N-digit traffic light, the device inputs are the control inputs and the common input. Each control input is connected to the M anodes of the multi-colour LEDs of the same colour, the common input is connected to the M cathodes of the multi-colour LEDs. Light indication is determined by the result of mixing K colours of the switched-on LEDs that make up the multi-colour LEDs.EFFECT: design of the traffic light is simplified, and the quantity of its signal indications is increased.1 dwg

Busbars combination for hazard management system // 2611025
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to combination of busbars for hazard management system. Busbars combination comprises field bus, configured, to connect, at least, two hazard management system units and send alarm signals from hazard management system units, busbars combination also includes broadband bus, separate from field bus, configured, to connect at least two hazard management system units so, that these units may exchange data through broadband bus, said broadband bus is configured so, that to implement stream transmission of audio and/or video data from one unit to other hazard management system units or deploy software updates among system units.EFFECT: technical result is increasing system reliability.14 cl, 1 dwg

Intelligent radioray alarm sensor // 2610549
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: sensor contains a transmitter and a receiver of the directional radio emission placed at the opposite sides of the transmitting and receiving protective boundaries. The transmitter includes a power amplifier, a microwave generator, a microwave transmitting antenna, the first signal processor, the first temperature sensor, the first thermostat, and a clock transmitter. The receiver consists of a receiving microwave antenna, a microwave amplitude detector, a low frequency amplifier, a filter, the second signal processor, a clock receiver, the second temperature sensor, the second thermostat, and an actuator. Each of the microwave antennas generates narrow beam patterns oriented in space toward each other. The first signal processor is adapted to control the radiation frequency stability with temperature. The first and the second signal processors are adapted to provide the sensor performance in the extreme temperatures (-70…60)°C. The second signal processor is adapted to provide the interference-free clocking on the radio beam and the wireline, and also to use the intelligent algorithm of the signal processing based on the movement speed of the intruder in the detection area and the time analysis of his arival in each of the Fresnel zones.EFFECT: use of the intelligent software features of the sensor work in the difficult climatic conditions in the presence of the high levels of natural and man-made interference.9 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device for driver's aid // 2610295
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle parking place searching. Method of first vehicle driver's aid in searching for parking space includes stages, at which receiving at first vehicle signal transmitted from second vehicle, indicating first available parking space position, detected by second vehicle using external sensor, located on board of second vehicle; receiving at first vehicle second signal, transmitted from third vehicle, indicating second available parking space position, recently vacated by third vehicle; assigning to each of first and second available parking spaces corresponding using possibility quality factor, such as possible parking place for first vehicle; informing driver on, which of first and second available parking spaces is assigned with higher quality factor.EFFECT: technical result is enabling higher efficiency of parking space searching using quality factor of possibility of parking space using.15 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of work of lens traffic light with double-stranded lamp and device for its implementation // 2610155
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the railway automatic systems and telemechanics. The device, that implements a method of operating a lens traffic light comprises a source of alternating voltage, a transformer, three diode OR gate, two elements AND a switch, one of which is polarized with two windings, one end of which is connected to the ground, and the other - to the outputs of the elements AND, some inputs of which are respectively connected to the cathodes of the first and second diodes, whose anodes are respectively connected to the closed and open contacts polarized relay changeover contact is connected to the ground, while others are combined and connected to the output of the first element OR the one, whose first input through normally closed contacts a third switch is connected to the cathode of the diode. Wherein the relay coil and the primary winding of the transformer are connected in series and connected to an AC voltage source. The device is further provided with a second element OR the one, whose inputs are respectively connected to the outputs of gate elements AND, an output connected to the first data output device, with a second input of the first element OR gate and the cathode of the third diode.EFFECT: invention enhances the performance characteristics of railway automatic system.11 cl, 1 dwg

Radio-wave method for detection and identification of moving objects and device therefor // 2609877
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to security means and can be used for detection and recognition of moving objects on a secure boundary. Radio-wave method for detection and recognition of moving objects (humans and animals) involves, in order to determine presence of movements of foreign objects, carrying out analysis of electromagnetic field in control zone of radiator, in particular standing wave ratio. Based on two-dimensional space of features of data on amplitude of standing waves and distance to object via a linear discriminant, decision on classification of object detection is made. Device which realises disclosed method for detection and recognition of moving objects comprises a standing wave meter, device for measuring incident and reflected waves, radiator, directional coupler, two amplitude detectors, two low-pass filters, switch, two direct current amplifier, circuit for calculating standing-wave ratio, threshold device, transmitter, power amplifier, amplitude modulator, driving generator, system of determining range, classifier, decision circuit, actuating device.EFFECT: technical result is achieved by sharing single-position radio-wave detection method and system for determining range with subsequent classification of a moving object based on two features: standing wave ratio and distance from radiator to object.2 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of transmitting information and system therefor // 2609747
FIELD: physics, communications.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to telemetry, communication engineering and can be used in systems for transmitting information via digital communication channels. The method and system for improving rate of conversion of values of telemetered parameters employ substitution operations, having binary code properties using a confined data presentation bit grid when transmitting and processing measurement information.EFFECT: invention improves noise-immunity of transmitted information; provides inspection and correction of errors caused by noise of different origin.3 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of organising air traffic based on on-board glonass/gps equipment and gsm/gprs networks in class c, g air space // 2609625
FIELD: physics, navigation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of organising air traffic. To organise air traffic, method includes installing on each small aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) GLONASS/GPS controllers, mobile telephony elements with a SIM card containing information on the aircraft, determining geographical coordinates of the aircraft and the flight altitude, forwarding the obtained data along with identification information of the SMI card to telematic servers of air traffic controllers for processing, displaying the processed information on monitors of air traffic controllers for identification of aircraft and monitoring authorisation to use glass C and G air space.EFFECT: ensuring flight safety in glass C and G air space.1 dwg

Door hinge // 2609400
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: door hinge is offered. It comprises the first wing with knuckles for fixing to the door frame, the second wing with knuckles for fixing to the door leaf, the rod is mounted in axial bores of knuckles with the possibility of rotation of wings around a common axis, and the voltage generator, arranged in the housing, mounted on the first wing from the fastening to the door frame. It comprises the lighting module connected to the voltage generator and mounted on the first wing from its mounting to the door frame on the side surface of each knuckle of the second wing the teeth are provided. The voltage generator is implanted in the form of at least one piezoelectric generator, which is mounted against the respective knuckle with the teeth of the second wing and comprises a piezoelectric plate by one end fixed in the housing and by free end mounted with the possibility of engagement with the teeth of the respective knuckle of the second wing during the door hinge turning.EFFECT: design improvement.3 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for preventing collision of aircraft during flight in zones of low density of air traffic and absence of air control support // 2609152
FIELD: radio engineering.SUBSTANCE: relates to radio engineering methods of locating objects in air space and can be used to prevent collision of aircraft, in particular, light aerobatic aircraft having minimum instruments and positions in zones of low density of air traffic in absence of air control support. Said result is achieved due to that as per a measured value of distance to the aircraft, which is a danger for the flight, formed is a zone of air space, which is displayed on the air picture indicator in the form of circles with evenly arranged on them radial arrows, herewith the diameter of the displayed circle corresponds to the distance to the aircraft, which is a danger for the flight, the arrows length and direction are the speed and direction (approach/departure) of the aircraft subject to the risk of collision. As per the specified value of altitude interval between flight levels and the pressure difference of altitudes of the protected and the threatening aircraft on the air picture indicator displayed are the aircraft, for which the difference of altitudes or the estimated time to a dangerous approach exceeds a preset threshold. Depending on a degree of danger changed is the colour of displaying and audio signals are generated. When the threatening aircraft is in the coverage area and when the previously established value of dangerous approach distance is reached the pilot of the aircraft subject to the risk of collision communicates via the standard radio phone with the pilot of the threatening aircraft and matches the divergence maneuver.EFFECT: technical result is generation of information for detecting by the pilot the presence of a potential danger of collision with another aircraft.4 cl, 1 dwg

Potential-free optical switch // 2608691
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polled switchable device, which includes housing, arranged in housing optical conductor, arranged in housing deflecting device for optical conductor and starting device, which starts device switching process and, at least, periodically actuates deflecting device. Deflecting device is made so, that at deflecting device actuation in specified manner optical conductor deflects so, that optical conductor bending radius changes in specified way. According to invention polled switchable device additionally has return mechanism for deflecting device, and return mechanism has return delay device, which after starting device returning returns deflecting device in its initial position with specified delay.EFFECT: thus, enabling possibility of larger number polled switchable devices analyzing.10 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for control to protect alarm system // 2608273
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a method and a device for control to protect an alarm system at a controlled object. Readiness of the alarm system to transmit an alarm signal from the object is controlled by the system control device, by means of which, at least, connections for transmitting data from the object are checked repeatedly in order to ensure the alarm signal transmission via one or more auxiliary alarm communication channels in case of disruption of the main alarm communication channel. Control device contains at least two control devices (1, 1'), which continuously monitor electrical connection/readiness of the object (K) with at least two of the following means:- a data transmission channel operating on a free frequency (within the ISM ranges), such as WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee networks and/or similar, – a mobile telephone network, such as NMT, GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G networks and/or similar, – an electric network, – Internet, – one or more other control devices (1, 1'), – a communication connection operating on a free frequency (within the ISM ranges), such as channels with frequency of 902–928 Mhz, 2.4000–2.4835 Ghz, 5.728–5.850 Ghz and/or similar, – an alarm device as part of an alarm system, – a wire connection, such as ground telephone communication lines, ground communication lines between control devices and/or similar.EFFECT: providing protection.12 cl, 4 dwg

Detection and determination of metal tool position // 2608269
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: it includes following stages. At first radio frequency identification mark (RFiO) is connected with heavy machine tooth. Then, radio frequency identification marks reader is installed for radio frequency identification mark reading. At that, radio frequency identification marks reader gives indication that heavy machine tooth is separated from heavy machine. Also disclosed is heavy machine ladle tooth monitoring system. It contains heavy machine tooth made with possibility of installation on heavy machine ladle, active radio frequency identification mark, connected with tooth, and radio frequency identification marks reader made with possibility to read data from radio frequency identification mark. Invention also discloses other tooth monitoring systems based on said method.EFFECT: disclosed is heavy machine ladle tooth monitoring method.40 cl, 9 dwg

Aircraft landing multistage system // 2608183
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly to aircraft (AC) landing multi-position systems under complex terrain relief. Achievement of said technical result is enabled in system, containing ground transmitting requester and, at least, three ground response signals receivers, wherein ground response signals receivers are connected to aircraft (AC) coordinates calculating ground module output through signal connection lines and its deviations from landing path, included into ground-based control computer, which control output is connected with aircraft control on-board equipment through AC landing control radio line, wherein on-board transmitter-responder, included into AC control on-board equipment, is connected to ground transmitter-requester via radio line "request-response", on-board AC altitude meter output is connected to onboard transponder (OT) of on-board transmitter-responder input, wherein two ground response signals receivers are arranged by sides of runway axial line in its center area with displacement from axial line of not less than five hundred meters, and at least one receiver is on side opposite to aircraft landing approach, and at distance of not less than four hundred meters from runway end, besides, system contains at least two ground transmitters, connected with high-frequency outputs to corresponding said ground receivers input, made as multi-channel, connected with low-frequency outputs to corresponding input of aircraft coordinates and its deviation from landing path calculating ground module, wherein each of said transmitters and corresponding multi-channel receiver are connected to each other and structurally combined into receiving-transmitting module, wherein ground transmitter-requester is connected to aircraft coordinates calculating ground module by bidirectional bus, wherein onboard AC control equipment comprises onboard aircraft coordinates calculating module, wherein on-board transmitter and receiver are made multichannel, interconnected and connected with onboard AC altitude meter.EFFECT: higher reliability of safe AC output for landing.1 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of vehicles traffic controlling at transport lines intersection // 2608123
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of traffic control, specifically to methods of vehicles movement controlling on intersection of transport lines located at same level. Method consists in incremental traffic control using corresponding signal system and additional control. Additional control used is red traffic light signal, which is with calculated absence of traffic interferences generated by opposite and lateral direction oncoming vehicles, is switched on into flashing mode, permitting U-turn before intersection, and/or passage in forward direction to vehicles located in front of said red signal.EFFECT: enabling higher intersection throughput capacity.1 cl, 3 dwg

Control method in image capture system, control apparatus and computer-readable storage medium // 2607774
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to imaging and a method of controlling an image capturing system, comprising first and second image capture apparatus. Method includes determining whether likelihood of a recognised object in an image captured by image capture apparatus exceeds a predetermined likelihood. If likelihood of recognised object does not exceed predetermined likelihood, area of visual representation of second image capture apparatus is controlled so that area of visual representation of second image capture apparatus becomes wider than when likelihood of recognised object in image captured by first image capture apparatus exceeds a predetermined likelihood.EFFECT: technical result is shorter time for searching for a target object.12 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of orientation by laser beam // 2607723
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to orientation during vehicles movement. Method of orienting by laser beam comprises fact, that generating laser beam elongated cross section with large and small axes lengths ratio of 2…5, turning laser beam about its lengthwise axis until establishing beam cross-section larger axis in plane, passing through beam longitudinal axis and specified path, and directing laser beam towards vehicle in parallel or at small angle to preset travel path. Vehicle deviation from preset travel path is determined according to laser beam position and additionally determining deviation value by increasing of laser beam lateral dimension.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing of visual orientation informativity.1 cl, 3 dwg

Control over one parking space use for several vehicles by applying plurality of cameras // 2607043
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is one place of destination for plurality of vehicles monitoring method and, at least, one location with limited conditions of use. First, receiving plurality of vehicles images, captured by means of plurality of cameras. Then determining time intervals, when first vehicle starts using and stops using said one place of destination for plurality of vehicles. Finally, determining, that second vehicle has stopped in said, at least, one location with limited conditions of use within limits of said one place of destination for plurality of vehicles.EFFECT: enabling automatic control over parking space.15 cl, 9 dwg

Wireless sensor reader // 2606696
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means and device for measuring the wireless signal from the sensor. Disclosed is a group of inventions includes method of producing measurement of remote location, as well as system for getting measurement from remote location. Feature of the disclosed method is identification of a set of possible frequency values of wireless sensor for individual reading from individual measurement, related to the said measurement obtained from said remote location, said individual measurement is a pressure of the environment. Feature of the disclosed systems is the fact that they include the reader containing the second sensor which measures the parameter related to the said one perceived parameter, to detect the specified resonance frequency band.EFFECT: high efficiency of tracking the status of remote sensor.14 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for controlling retroreflectivity by application of printed pattern to retroreflective film and sheeting produced thereby // 2606598
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: retroreflective sheet material, which can be a beaded retroreflective sheet or prismatic retroreflective sheet, has a base, having a first surface and a second surface, with a plurality of retroreflective elements, located on second surface of base to form retroreflective sheet material, corresponding to initial level of retroreflectivity. Material also comprises a printed image, arranged on opposite surface to change level of retroreflectivity. Image occupies an area making up 30 % to approximately 100 % of area of second surface. Material of printed image also enables to select length of transmitted wave.EFFECT: proposed solution consists in improvement of inspecting and improvement of retroreflectivity of both beaded and prismatic sheet materials without need to combine different types of reflecting materials.18 cl, 6 dwg