Devices accepting coins or paper currency, e.g. depositing machines (G07D11)

G   Physics(393877)
G07   Checking-devices(3849)
G07D11                 Devices accepting coins or paper currency, e.g. depositing machines (apparatus freed or actuated by coins or the like g07f; apparatus freed or actuated by paper currency g07f0007040000; complete banking systems g07f0019000000)(66)

Device for media protection and device for separating and placing media // 2638133
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for the media protection and the device of separating and placing the media, which avoids damaging of the media when moving the it along the guide. In the banknote cassette, the guide main body is attached to the circumferential side surface of the central body of the roller with the tabs in a range not provided with tabs. When displaying banknotes, the banknote cassette stops the roller with the tabs in the retracted position, thereby positioning the outer circular surface of the guide main part near the front upper surface of a curved fragment of the hole in the conveying guide, so that the hole can be placed in almost completely locked state.EFFECT: protecting the neighbourhood of the banknote corner from entering the hole, providing the possibility of preventing jams during transportation.10 cl, 18 dwg

ethod and system for reducing risk of banknote robbery/theft // 2637746
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a computer implemented method of reducing or eliminating the risk of robbery/theft, for example, during transport or during storage of banknotes, by scanning banknotes before transport/storage, and when receiving banknotes, and by verifying banknotes when they are used in treatment, including the stages, at which: inter alia, banknote reading devices/scanners used to authenticate banknotes, before/during transport from the sender, or storing by the sender registere/read/image a banknote subject to freezing, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID", after receiving transported/stored banknotes by the recipient, registere/read/image a banknote subject to freezing/re-freezing, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID", with an attempt to make a purchase with the banknote in the place of money circulation, where the banknote are operated/introduced into circulation, registere/read/image a banknote subject to be put into circulation, the banknote identification data are determined in the so-called "banknote-ID".EFFECT: solving the problem of reducing the risk of attacks and threats, and eliminating the need for special protective equipment, while reducing the need for safety personnel, when transporting cash.22 cl, 12 dwg
ethod and device for processing of valuable documents // 2634245
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: to separate different stacks of valuable documents, the container is divided by separating elements into several storage areas. Since the positions of the separating elements of the various containers for valuable documents may be different, detection is carried out for the container to be processed, in which positions along the container are the separation elements. Detection of the positions of the separation elements occurs independently of the grip by the time moment before the gripper is moved to the container. The data of the container positions of the separating elements is transferred to the gripper control system which is configured to control the movement of the gripper to extract valuable documents from the container.EFFECT: increasing the speed of retrieving stacks of valuable documents from the container, eliminating the need for a capture run on all possible positions of the dividing elements.18 cl, 5 dwg

Paper sheet processing device, control device and method of processing paper sheets // 2613782
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: paper sheet processing device, which is configured to process paper sheet, includes: recognition unit configured to recognise at least paper sheet recognition information; and a control unit configured to output in a memory unit paper sheet recognition information, recognised by recognition unit. During re-recognition when paper sheet recognition information is recognised by recognition unit, control unit is configured to correct – on the basis of recognition information – recognition information, stored in memory unit.EFFECT: aim of invention is to match paper sheet recognition information, stored in memory unit, and paper sheet recognition information, actually left for subsequent stage.11 cl, 14 dwg

Cash box with dual-roll storage system // 2609723
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cash box (100, 500) comprising housing (106) which accommodates two roll storage systems (102, 104) for storing banknotes.EFFECT: disclosed is a cash box with two roll storage systems.16 cl, 8 dwg

Banknote processing device and banknotes processing method // 2608357
FIELD: money.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to banknotes sorting and laying device. Banknotes processing device 100 comprises receiving unit 112, made with possibility to obtain banknotes numbers, recognition unit 113, made with possibility to receive banknote data, plurality of laying units 106a–106d and control unit 111. Control unit 111 performs normal mode to determine banknotes destinations based on banknote data and to control banknote transfer so, that banknotes are sorted and are laid in any of laying units 106a–106d, and to store banknote number in relation to sorting information. Control unit 111 also performs banknotes numbers mode for banknote destination determining based on of sorting information, associated with banknote number, obtained by receiving unit 112, and to control banknote transfer so, that banknotes were sorted and laid within any laying unit 106a–106d.EFFECT: technical result consists in enabling processing resuming in case of operation failure.15 cl, 8 dwg

Sensor for checking valuable documents // 2607780
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: sensor is made to download both adaptive data and software into sensor from outside of sensor. Valuable documents checking sensor includes: nonvolatile memory device, which is permanently installed into sensor and in which firmware is installed, but not stored neither valuable documents checking adaptive data nor valuable documents checking software, measuring device for valuable documents measurement data recording, processor for control over sensor, volatile memory device allowing temporarily store software for valuable documents checking and/or adaptive data for valuable documents checking, communication interface allowing to load valuable documents checking adaptive data and/or valuable documents checking software into sensor from device located outside of computer sensor, wherein sensor is incorporated. At that, valuable documents checking adaptive data and valuable documents checking software, obtained from computer, with which sensor is connected through communication interface, are loaded into sensor only when sensor must be used for valuable documents checking, and temporarily stored in sensor non-volatile memory device, but not stored in sensor permanently.EFFECT: invention relates to valuable documents checking sensor, as well as to device with sensor and method of sensor operation.23 cl, 8 dwg

Apparatus for handling value documents // 2605172
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: apparatus (1) for handling value documents, particularly banknotes, comprises a plurality of handling zones which have a cover for covering an interior of handling zone in question. Interior lighting is provided and at least one region of cover or adjacent to cover is semitransparent. As a result, interior can be viewed through semitransparent region only when interior lighting is switched on.EFFECT: if an error is detected during banknote handling, interior lighting in relevant handling zone automatically lights and thus takes operator directly to location of problem.14 cl, 2 dwg

Banknote processing device // 2604333
FIELD: money.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of banknotes with their sorting. Device includes gripping unit 10, configured to capture banknotes one by one; transfer unit 70, configured to transfer banknote, taken from gripping unit 10; recognition unit 20, configured to detect banknote, transported by means of transfer unit 70; control unit 50, configured to control transfer unit 70 so, that banknote, recognized by recognition unit 20, is transported into any of multiple laying units 60a to 60h, based on sorting template; and reception unit 40 for sorting by categories, configured to receive at least one sorting category. Control unit 50 is configured to create sorting template by determining types of banknotes to be laid in corresponding laying units 60a to 60h, based on number of laying blocks 60a to 60h and sorting category.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of sorting reliability to determine types of banknotes.12 cl, 10 dwg

achine for money handling, system for money handling and method of money handling // 2602379
FIELD: means of money transactions.SUBSTANCE: money handling machine (machine 1 for application and issuing banknotes) includes a unit 80 of a unique code formation, configured with a possibility to generate a unique code, that is used by the check recipient when evaluating whether the check is authentic or forged, based on at least a part or all inpayment information printed on the check by the a printing unit (printer 6). Printing unit is configured with a possibility to print the unique code on the check, formed by the unit 80 of a unique code formation, as well as inpayment information, which is information relative to money, loaded into the machine for money handling.EFFECT: technical result is in improvement of protection of performed operations.8 cl, 18 dwg

Device for handling of paper sheets // 2598305
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: present invention simplifies operation of removal of paper sheets, blocked on the path. Present invention includes a housing safe inside of which there is a box for storage of paper sheets; processing unit which is provided so that to be able to extend from or retracted in the main device; section of movement of a processing and forming path; transfer section, with which upper plate of the housing of a safe is supplied in order to transfer paper sheets between box for storage of paper sheets and path; and positioning section, which is positioned with possibility of connection of section of transmission and trajectory of movement together with a processing unit to the main device. Thus, when a processing unit to the main device transfer section and trajectory of movement are connected together to transfer paper sheets without blocking, and even if the paper sheets are blocked during movement, the place where paper sheets are blocked, can be limited by trajectory of movement of the processing unit.EFFECT: as a result blocked paper sheets may be removed from the path of movement by extended only processing unit from the main device, providing simple surgery blocked paper sheets on the path.12 cl, 34 dwg

Automatic transaction device and method for automatic transaction // 2589396
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to means of ensuring automatic transaction to avoid uneconomic operation of automatic transaction when problem with shutter occurs. Device performs transactions, related to cash, and includes: compartment for cash adding/withdrawal; opening/closing element, which during movement is made with possibility of opening and closing of openings for cash adding/withdrawal; opening/closing detection module reveals open/closed state of opening/closing element; and control module that opens and closes opening/closing component during reconfiguration of automatic transaction device to perform processing for verification of operation, provides detection of open/closed state of opening/closing element after processing for verification, and, if open/closed state is abnormal, aborts transaction.EFFECT: higher reliability.12 cl, 10 dwg

Apparatus for accumulation of carriers // 2584962
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of processing banknotes. Device has accumulation table on which accumulate carriers, elastic element, which supports accumulation table and accumulation table detector which detects accumulation table lowering, in which accumulation table position is detected, when accumulation table inclined relative to direction of lifting and lowering, drops below a predetermined position to define whether carriers accumulate on table.EFFECT: technical result consists in creation of a device that allows definition of carrier accumulation irrespective of medium position, which can be in accumulation table.4 cl, 35 dwg

Banknote handling device // 2568772
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes inputting information characterising counting batches, separating banknotes of each counting batch one by one, verifying said banknotes, and distributing according to verification results thereof into issuing units of the handling machine. Banknotes recognised during verification are added by a control device to the corresponding counting batch and moved into an allocated issuing unit. Banknotes not recognised during verification are divided by the control device into two groups, the first of which includes separate banknotes not recognised during verification, for which a measurement-converting device and the control device are capable of determining the identification feature characterising a specific banknote, and the second group includes banknotes not recognised during verification, the identification feature of each of which cannot be determined by the measurement-converting device and the control device.EFFECT: enabling pre-counting of reject banknotes and association thereof with a specific counting batch.10 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of monitoring transfer of banknotes // 2562766
FIELD: physics; control.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of monitoring transfer of banknotes in a transfer system. Using sensors placed along a transfer system for detecting transferred banknotes and a control device for monitoring and controlling the transfer system based on signals from the sensors, the control device determines the presence or absence of banknotes at the point of the corresponding sensor, wherein signals of all sensors are stored by the control device, wherein signals of all sensors are assigned a unique time indication or cycle indication. The control device assigns all transferred banknotes a unique object code which is associated with a unique time indication or cycle indication. The occurrence and type of errors are determined by evaluating the stored sensor signals, for which sensor signals provided with unique time indications and cycle indications are associated with banknotes denoted with object codes.EFFECT: monitoring and analysing transfer errors.9 cl, 5 dwg

Banknote processing // 2562765
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of banknotes with definition of their serial numbers. In compliance with this method, serial numbers are defined and compared with stored serial numbers for control over banknote processing with identification of several classes. Said classes characterise at least one property of banknotes with comparison of at least one of said classes with one or several serial numbers for comparison of banknote one property provided with appropriate serial number. Appropriate serial number and identified class or classes are memorised to control banknotes processing by means of stored classes related to appropriate serial numbers.EFFECT: accelerated banknote processing.9 cl, 3 dwg

Device for processing valuable documents and method for controlling operation thereof // 2549130
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valuable document processing means. The device and method employ multiple processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13) such as, for example, a loading module (2), an operator's module (3) and an output module (4). Upon detecting a fault which requires the interference of the operator in the processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13), each of the processing sections (2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13) has at least one cover (6) which, depending on such a detected event, opens automatically without the interference of the operator.EFFECT: faster determination of faults during processing.15 cl, 3 dwg

Storage container for paper sheets and device for handling of paper sheets // 2540821
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: container is fitted with an external case, a door, attached with a possibility of opening and closing to the external case, lock, which locks the door in the closed condition with reference to the external case, and a part for fixing a seal, which seals a door closed with reference to the external case, indicating, that the door is closed with reference to the external case, and locks a door in closed condition with reference to the external case. Respectively, it is easy to confirm, whether there is a probability that the door was open irrelevantly, depending on, whether a seal is still fixed to a part for seal fastening at the moment of lawful removal of the seal. The door interlocking with a seal can be also kept even when the door interlock by the lock has been removed irrelevantly.EFFECT: improvement of security protection of storage containers for paper sheets.6 cl, 65 dwg

Banknote transfer variable-path channel // 2538326
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of banknotes. Banknote transfer path comprises at least first inlet/outlet to receive or to discharge banknotes from pay system and can displace second transfer inlet/outlet to be connected with assemblies arranged over the transfer path length. Said second transfer inlet/outlet comprises moving carriage to displace in said path.EFFECT: continuous transfer of banknotes between transfer path and automatic pay system assemblies.11 cl, 8 dwg

Device and method for processing of sheets // 2535478
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sheet processing means. Proposed device comprises sheet gripping unit, first unit to define the type or state of sheet to gripped, unit for collection of data on processing volume for sheet types or states. It includes second unit for determination of final place of sheets distribution proceeding from the data on processing volumes. Distribution unit distributes the sheets on the basis of sheet distribution final place. Stacking unit consists of multiple cassettes for stacking of distributed sheets. Data collection unit receives the data on sheets processing volumes with the help of external sheets processing unit.EFFECT: change of store position in compliance with type and amount of sheets.14 cl, 11 dwg

Accumulator of carriers // 2532711
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of maintenance of data carriers such as banknotes. Proposed accumulator comprises carriers accumulation table, resilient element supporting said accumulation table and accumulation table detector to reveal accumulation table lowering. Detected is that accumulation table inclined to lifting and lowering directions lowers below preset position to define is carries are accumulated at said table. This carrier accumulator allows definition of carrier accumulation irrespective of accumulation table position.EFFECT: higher reliability of storage.15 cl, 35 dwg

Stacking and wrapping device // 2526748
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a stacking device (64a, 64b) with a predetermined number of sheets of paper on the stacking unit, the wrapping device (68) made with the ability to wrap a tape on the pack of stacked sheets of paper, and a transport carriage (80, 82) made with the ability of receiving and transporting the pack of sheets of paper to the wrapping device which comprises a gripping assembly, a driving mechanism of grippers made with the ability to open and close the gripping assembly in the position of stacking the pack of sheets of paper, as well as the reciprocating motion of the gripping assembly at right angles to the direction of stacking, and a taping device made with the ability of winding the wrapping tape around the pack of sheets of paper, retracted in the position roping.EFFECT: increase in speed of operation of the device.13 cl, 56 dwg

Apparatus for receiving means of payment in automatic machine for performing transactions // 2525741
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to payment terminals. An apparatus for receiving means of payment in an automatic machine for performing transactions, which receives unsuitable means of payment and means of payment not taken by a user, having a housing and a partition wall which divides the inner space of the housing into a first receiving chamber for storing counterfeit means of payment and a second receiving chamber for storing means of payment not taken by a user, wherein said partition wall has a stacking surface in contact with the bottom surface of the second receiving chamber and tilted to stack means of payment; and a protruding supporting surface which is joined to one end of the upper portion of the stacking surface to prevent means of payment currently being staked from colliding with already stacked means of payment; wherein the housing has a reflecting portion formed by a reflecting surface opposite the partition wall which is tilted downwards towards said partition wall and on which means of payment fall first when fed in the direction of the partition wall; said reflecting portion further includes a continuing surface which extends from said reflecting surface towards the bottom surface of the second receiving chamber, and a stepped portion is formed on the portion where the continuing surface is joined to the reflecting surface.EFFECT: higher capacity of the receiving compartment.8 cl, 6 dwg

Documents storage unit // 2525484
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unit for storage of documents such as banknotes in stack. The device contains a support plate assembly for the documents stack shifting towards the aperture in the body of the documents storage unit. The body may contain an auxiliary mechanism promoting the documents stack shifting in the process of a newly obtained document stacking. Additionally, the device includes a setting mechanism designed so that to enable motion between the closed and the opened positions while the closed position prevents the shearing mechanism from application of a shearing force.EFFECT: banknotes stacking convenience enhancement due to uniform stacking.15 cl, 16 dwg

Protection device // 2523966
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to valuables transportation means. Device for storage or transportation of valuables includes internal magazine (30) for accommodation of valuables and external casing (10) where internal magazine can be fitted (30). In this structure, the internal magazine (30) contains mean (102) for communication with external casing (10), mean (100) for detecting impact on the internal magazine (30) and valuables damage device (50), and the external casing (10) contains mean (82) for communication with internal magazine (30) and mean (80) for detecting impact on the external casing (10). In this system, valuables damage device (50) is made capable to be actuated in case when mean (100) for detecting impact on the internal magazine detects impact on the internal magazine (30) or in case when mean (80) for detecting impact on the external casing detects impact on the external casing (10).EFFECT: higher safety of transportation.12 cl, 6 dwg

odular document processing device // 2518956
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to document processing device being actuated by modular drive gear which can actuate multiple various modular actuators connected with possibility to be actuated and disconnected from drive gear. The modular device contains validator with conveyor to move document along passage, and housing to accommodate conveyor; packer containing carrier device; drive gear with driving unit consisting of drive, power transfer and displacement devices, intermediate channel, front and rear gear wheel, support frame and a pair of articulated joints, and housing to accommodate the driving unit.EFFECT: simplification of driving and actuating devices assembling, dismantling, servicing, checking and replacing; continuous feed of documents from validator using driving device to packer due to the fact that validator and packer are connected with possibility to be actuated and disconnected from driving device.13 cl, 33 dwg

Device and method for processing of important documents // 2510978
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed set of inventions relates to document processing device. This device incorporates important document detector and carrier to displace said documents by said detector. Opposite said detector (2) arranged is a guide element for passive guidance of the document. Said guide element can be displaced, at simultaneous displacement of several important documents, by said detector, for example, under action of force applied thereto.EFFECT: higher accuracy and reliability of document testing.18 cl, 12 dwg

Apparatus for depositing carriers and method of controlling said apparatus // 2503064
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: apparatus (100) for depositing carriers has a deposit transporting unit (120) which provides a deposit circulation path for a carrier, input by a carrier depositing unit (113); a temporary storage carrier transportation unit, which provides a temporary storage carrier circulation path which is in contact with the deposit circulation path for transporting carriers into a temporary storage unit, a temporary storage unit gateway which is situated between the deposit circulation path and the temporary storage carrier circulation path for selectively changing the carrier path for direction thereof towards the temporary storage carrier circulation path; and carrier transportation path which provides a carrier transportation path in contact with the temporary storage carrier circulation path for transporting carriers into a carrier storage unit, a carrier storage unit gateway which is situated between the temporary storage carrier circulation path and the carrier transportation unit for selectively changing the carrier path.EFFECT: providing selective change of the carrier transportation path, which increases operating reliability.14 cl, 10 dwg

Device for processing of valuable documents and method to reduce amount of dust in device for processing of valuable documents // 2497199
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a charging unit for valuable documens, a unit of dispensing and/or an accumulator for processed valuable documents, a transportation device for piece-by-piece transportation of valuable documents from the charging unit along the transportation unit to the dispensing unit, or the accumulator, an inspection device for inspection of valuable documents transported piece-by-piece bypassing it, and a system of suction pipelines for suction air, having a connection for a suction unit designed for suction of air with dust from the system of suction pipelines, and at least one section of manual treatment, connected to the connection, with the suction hole movable in the area of the inspection device in respect to it, and/or at least two pipeline sections connected with the connection, with suction holes, arranged on different sections of the transportation path and directed to this path with the possibility of moving dust through it from valuable documents that are transported along the transportation path.EFFECT: provision of device reliability due to reduction of contamination with dust.18 cl, 17 dwg

Banknote storage unit // 2491642
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: banknote storage unit comprises a banknote storage roller (17), two banknote conveyor belts (26, 27) and two collection sprockets (18, 19) of said belts, each belt (26, 27) being wound on one side to the storage roller (17) and on the other to one of the collection sprockets (18, 19), the two belts being arranged to come into contact with the banknotes respectively on opposite faces, a handling means being present to move the roller, the sprockets and the belts so as to alternatively realise the storage of the banknotes on the roller or their release from the storage unit. The said collection sprockets (18, 19) are installed at the same shaft (20).EFFECT: maintaining the correct tension in a belt used to issue banknotes.11 cl, 5 dwg

Paper sheet processing device // 2491640
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: paper sheet processing device includes a feeder device (11), which includes a support surface (11a) which varies inclination from the vertical direction, and a seating surface (11b) which is essentially perpendicular to the support surface and is configured to receive a plurality of paper sheets which vary inclination along the support surface and are stacked into a pile on the seating surface, a clamping mechanism (14) which clamps paper sheets on the side of the seating surface of the feeder device, a transportation channel (16) for transporting the clamped paper sheet, a control device (18) for checking the transported paper sheet and a storage device for storing checked paper sheets.EFFECT: high reliability of the device.14 cl, 31 dwg

Paper sheet processing device // 2480836
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bank note processing device 1 comprises service mechanism assembly 40 to output paper sheet or sheets, assembly 10 to count paper sheets, sheet or sheets store 20, sheet or sheets transfer paths 10a-10e, 40a, 40b to move sheets to service mechanism assembly 40, sheet or sheets counter 10 and store 20. Besides, this device comprises connection guides 51 arranged between transfer paths 10a-10e and stores 20 to feed paper sheet or sheets, motor 62, cam 59 and solenoid S to switch connection guides 51 in the state of connection with transfer paths 10a-10e and stores 20 to feed paper sheets, and in the state of disconnection to break the above said connection.EFFECT: ease of use.4 cl, 12 dwg

Device for reception and dispensing of banknotes // 2479043
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: device for reception, dispensing, accordingly, return of banknotes has a pocket, which is arranged as separated by a separating element into two compartments, the separating element comprises at least two parts not connected with each other, arranged as jointly moved inside the pocket for formation of two compartments in it, and every of which is installed as movable on one of the side walls of the pocket arranged oppositely to each other. At the same time there is at least one clamping element, which is arranged between parts of the separating element and is arranged as capable of movement that does not depend on the separating element inside the pocket for clamping of banknotes available in the pocket.EFFECT: simplified design and convenience of operation.9 cl, 12 dwg

Device to receive and issue bank notes // 2475856
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device has hopper divided by separation element into two compartments. For this, said separation element may displace inside said hopper. Besides, it has transfer-clamping unit that may displace irrespective of aforesaid separation element to lock bank notes there inside. Note here that said transfer-clamping element displaces in first direction inside said hopper to get in contact with bank notes and to displace bank notes to be issued or returned from, mainly, the area of separation element. Thereafter, said separation element displaces inside the hopper in second direction, opposite the first one, by said transfer-clamping element.EFFECT: ease of use, simplified design.7 cl, 12 dwg

Banknote processing device // 2461068
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: terminal device includes a testing module (100), a module for temporary storage and subsequent issuing of received banknotes (200) and a banknote storage module (300). The testing module determined whether banknotes have been received or not. Received banknotes are stored in the storage module. The module for temporary storage and subsequent issuing of received banknotes serves to move the temporarily stored banknotes into the testing module for issuing as change or moving the temporarily stored banknotes into the storage module.EFFECT: possibility of issuing change using cash received by a terminal.15 cl, 13 dwg

System to process money in cash // 2459263
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: system comprises terminals of cashiers, which are designed for operation with money in cash, a server of a retail enterprises, a sever of a bank that services this enterprises, and a controller tracking operation of cashier terminals. The controller role is played by an automated deposit machine (ADM) arranged in the form of a bank terminal for receipt of money in cash with appropriate reservoirs for storage of banknotes in the form of cash bags or cassettes installed inside a body arranged in the form of a safe, and protected against unauthorised access. In the upper part of the automated deposit machine the following components are installed: a printing device, a module to identify users and a module of control and indication, having an information link with the retail enterprise server, and also with the server of the bank that services this enterprise located in the zone of the bank.EFFECT: higher efficiency of processing and reliability of storing money in cash.2 dwg

ethod of controlling cash processing // 2454724
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: territory of a retail outlet is used as a confined territory; the ban server is located on the territory of the bank; a retail outlet server, which is connected to a control terminal, is further used. At first, incoming cash is received at casher terminals where it is verified and processed and then sent to the control terminal where it is further processed. The cash is put into cash bags located at the control terminal secure from unauthorised access and, depending on how the cash bags are filled, information of cash in the cash bags is sent to the retail outlet server and the bank server, and after receiving said information, the bank credits the amount to the account of the retailer.EFFECT: faster processing of cash and high reliability of online processing data.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device for receiving and issuing banknotes // 2452031
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device has apparatus for verifying received banknotes which are then fed into a system for transporting a case for arranging banknotes into a pile or a banknote accumulation module. Owing to improvement, a compact design is achieved, which enables to change the accumulation modules. The accumulation module lies under the case for arranging banknotes into a pile with possibility of its extraction and is made in form of a receiver with a rotating mechanism. The receiver with a rotating mechanism has several winding cassettes. The inlet and outlet openings of the corresponding winding cassette are turned into the transmission position of the transportation system by a servo driver.EFFECT: possibility of stacking banknotes in a sufficient amount with guaranteed issue at any time.7 cl, 2 dwg

Device to process paper sheets // 2450359
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device 1 to process banknotes comprises a unit 40 of a service mechanism for processing of a paper sheet or sheets, a counting processing unit 10 to count paper sheets, a storage 20 to store a paper sheet or paper sheets, and transport tracks 10a-10e, 40a, 40b for transportation of a paper sheet or sheets into the unit 40 of the service mechanism, the counting processing unit 10 and the storage 20. The device further comprises connecting guides 51, arranged between transport tracks 10a-10e and storages 20 to supply a paper sheet or sheets, an electric motor 62, a cam 59 and a solenoid S, which switch connecting guides 51 into a connected condition for their connection with transport tracks 10a-10e and storages 20 for provision of the possibility to supply a paper sheet or sheets, and into a disconnected condition to break the connection.EFFECT: increased convenience of use.12 dwg

Sensor and apparatus for inspecting sheet material and method for sensor prealignment // 2446474
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: each sensor has two components lying on opposite sides of a banknote transportation area. For high-precision and reproducible installation of oppositely lying sensor components into a position opposite each other, their relative positioning is set using a mating element for holding them in the given position relative the transportation area and each other.EFFECT: high accuracy and reproducibility, repeatability of aligning the position of sensor components.25 cl, 11 dwg

Document handler capable of protecting built-in sensor from extraneous substance // 2446473
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: document handler is provided with a housing (1) which comprises a lower case (6) which has a lower cover (7) for providing a bottom surface of a channel (5) and a lower tray (8) attached to the bottom of lower cover (7) to form a lower cavity (3d) in between, in which the lower optical sensing element (3a) of optical sensor is located. Even if liquid spilled on the main surface of a table, as is often the case, it will fall into channel (5) from the side of the bill inlet, there is no damage caused to electric instruments in lower cavity (3d) by extraneous substance which is discharged through a drainage (15).EFFECT: protection of document processing apparatus from extraneous substances, which increases reliability of operation of the equipment.2 cl, 50 dwg

Banknote accumulator // 2440921
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for banknote acceptance to be used venders. Banknote accumulator comprises box-like part. Box-like part is attached to rear side of banknote receiver. Accumulator comprises banknote retainer. Banknote retainer comprises support frame, banknote inlet, banknote feed rollers, banknote pusher and return interlocking device. The latter comprises at least one lock and at least one follow-up element.EFFECT: protection against unauthorised withdrawal.12 cl, 10 dwg

ethod and device for valuable items handling // 2427920
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: device to store valuable items (10) serves to receive and transfer valuable items/banknotes. The device (10) preferably includes an alarm device (12) and a breaking/colouring/marking device (13). The device (10) moves at least between two different terminals, where its ability is used to receive and/or release valuable items/banknotes. If required, several such devices (10) may be combined into a common packet of devices (1000), which is used in a pendulum mode in compliance with the invention concept. Two terminals, which, for instance, may be combined, are vending machines (3000) and ATMs (4000), in which banknotes are constantly protected, and the demand to ensure transportation security may be reduced.EFFECT: provision of valuable items protection.6 cl, 6 dwg

Device for processing valuable documents // 2422904
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: device has a verification device for verifying valuable documents with a sensor, intermediate storage for temporary storage of valuable documents, a transporting device for transporting valuable documents, an end storage device for safe storage of valuable documents, a housing for the intermediate section, having a first opening for feeding valuable documents into the intermediate storage, a second opening for transporting valuable documents to the end storage section, a housing element with possibility of moving in mutually opposite directions between open and closed positions and a locking device for locking the housing element in the closed position.EFFECT: protection of valuable documents from unauthorised access.26 cl, 7 dwg

Device to process valuable documents // 2419158
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a device to verify authenticity of documents with a sensor device to detect document properties, a body with a section to accumulate and protect the valuable documents, a transportation device for a piece-by-piece transportation from a loading device to a device for verification of valuable documents and from it to the section of valuable documents accumulation, and a protective jacket of processing section, having a barrier element, installed with the possibility of movement in mutually opposite directions between the closed and opened positions.EFFECT: provides convenience of operation and protection against unauthorised access.33 cl, 7 dwg

Device and method of storing and issuing banknotes // 2414000
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: automatic device for storing and issuing banknotes with given number of denominations has input apparatus for laying banknotes, apparatus for identifying the denomination of the entered banknotes, a plurality of LIFO type stores for storing banknotes, apparatus for issuing banknotes, apparatus for moving banknotes between the input apparatus, stores and the issuing apparatus, control apparatus suitable for controlling the movement apparatus when transferring banknotes from the input apparatus to stores during the laying step and when moving the banknotes from the stores to the issuing apparatus during the issuing step. The number of stores is less than the number of given denominations of the banknotes. The control apparatus have a device for storing the sequence of denominations stored in each store, and apparatus for controlling apparatus for moving the banknotes from one store to the other depending on the stored sequences and request for issuing coming into the device so as to move banknotes from the stores to the issuing apparatus in accordance with the request.EFFECT: fewer stores for storing banknotes with storage of the number of denominations of the banknotes.9 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for receiving banknotes // 2388055
FIELD: physics, signalling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for receiving banknotes. In the method the process of receiving a banknotes involves putting banknotes into a receiver, separation of the banknotes by a sheet-separating mechanism and movement of the separated banknotes by a transportation system for their verification using a sensor so that, depending on the verification results, the banknotes are directed to at least one container or returned if verification is not possible. The proposed method enables putting returned banknotes back into the receiver and enter a command for reception and storage of the returned banknotes, according to which the said banknotes are received and taken for storage to at least one container.EFFECT: possibility of receiving banknotes when it is not possible to properly check and identify the banknotes.10 cl, 1 dwg

Packing device and container for sheet-like objects // 2375752
FIELD: packing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to packing device (1) designed to pack bankrolls in container (4). Note here that device (1) comprises appliance (34, 35) that serve to determine cash value of notes to be packed in container (4) and radio-frequency device (52) to read/write aforesaid cash values into RFID-device (21) connected with container (4) to allow the latter to be repeatedly used.EFFECT: ease of packing and use.67 cl, 26 dwg

Universal casino kiosk for cash, tickets and cards, with function of card emitting // 2373578
FIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to self-service terminals. Casino kiosk is fit for money issue in response to acceptance and confirmation of authenticity of tickets inserted into device for reception of banknotes/tickets, for reading and confirmation of authenticity of cards inserted into device for reading/recording of cards, recording of data on card placed into device for reading/recording of cards or issued by device for card issue, issue of card for a client, which is given out by device of card issue, on which, for example data are recorded by device for reading/recording of cards.EFFECT: provision of independent registration of users, also presentation of services on hotel check-in/check-out, booking, sales and purchase of tickets, printing of coupons, and integration with network of financial services for presentation of bank services and credit card services.35 cl, 5 dwg

Packing device and sheet product container // 2369539
FIELD: packing industry.SUBSTANCE: packing device for packing of a sheet product pile comprises an input track and an opening for the withdrawal of the sheet products laid in the container. The device comprises also a docking mechanism to provide for the reception of the container so that the opening in the container is able of receiving the sheet products from the withdrawal opening. A drive mechanism transports the sheet products along the input track; the face surfaces of the said products pass through the said track to the withdrawal opening and are made so that to allow for the supply of the sheet products through the opening to the container to lay them in inside. A sealing device provides for sealing of the closing element at the container opening which is held by the docking mechanism and for sealing of the sheet products laid in the container. The drive mechanism is able of transporting the sheet products in the direction transverse to their face surfaces through the withdrawal opening in order to form a pile of sheet products in the container.EFFECT: packing device comprising a container which can be a disposable one and clearly indicates the fact of unauthorised access to its content.47 cl, 33 dwg